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Missoula Co., MT. was created in 1865, from Original County. The County Seat is Missoula, MT. 59801. It is located in the West part of the State. Bounded by Mineral Co. on the Northwest; Lake & Flathead Co.'s on the North; Powell Co. on the East; Grante Co. on the Southeast; Ravalli on the Southwest; with Clearwater & Idaho Co.'s Idaho on the West.
(First Census 1860; Co. Clerk has b. & d. & Land records; Clerk of Court has m. Div., pro & Civil rec)
Teresa (Seratt) Raner
Rev. James SERATT
Dated: Sunday, September 12, 1999
The Serratt Surname Message Board Message #276266
Message: I am currently researching my family tree of the surname(Seratt). Listed below is all of the information that I have, if anyone can add to this, I would be very greatful.
Teresa (Seratt) Raner, [email protected]
See Teresa info. at: Rev. James SERATT
We would like any Corrections/Additions to this SFA-Branch ..prs

2nd Query Dated: 06 Nov 1999 2:26 AM
I am looking for information on the following, with the surnanme Seratt.
Grandfater-James Seratt-Wife-Effie Seratt.
Father-Willard Cleo Seratt.Wives-1-Dorothy Seratt-
Children-Willard Cleo Jr.-Teresa.3-Helen-4-Evelyn-
Children-Lyle ?-5-Margie-Siblings-Kenny Seratt (of-Kenny Seratt and the Texas Ledgend Band), (several others, now living in Arkansas.
I would greatly appreciate any information available, and gladly share my information with those interested. Other siblings of mine with the surname Seratt- Randy-Jimbo-.
Thank You, Teresa Raner (Seratt) [email protected] (New)
3rd Query Date: 20 Nov 2000 2:40 AM GMT
Seratt Family Reunion: July 4, 2001. Trout Creek, MT.
Seratts related to- James Effie Seratt, MT.
Son Willard Cleo Seratt, OR/TX
Son:. Kenneth Seratt, TX
Earl Seratt, ? etc
thanks, Teresa [email protected] (New)

Albert Otis SERATT
Date: 1 Apr 2000 3:07 PM
I am replying to Teresa Raner Seratt. Your grandfather, James Seratt, was my father's brother. My father was Albert Otis Seratt. He lived in Missouri and died in 1987.
My name is Jim D. Seratt. I would like some info on the SERATT family tree in Arkansas if you have it. If you would like to know more post it on the board.
Albert Otis SERATT
(s/o Fred Lee SERATT & Mother: Maude (ROBERTS) b. 14 Jul 1909, nr Hector, Mississippi Co., AR. [SSD# 430-24-0280 AR]
d. 09 Nov 1987, a78y Summersville, Texas Co., MO. 65571
Married: c1929, Mississippi Co., AR. to:
Miss Helen J. Unknown b. c1912, AR. ..prs
Gail Renz
Subj: Reverend James Seratt
Date: 22 Jul 2003 4:56:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time Hi Paul,
I have been researching the line of Reverend James Seratt who lived in Missoula Montana for several years. He was my three son's paternal great grandfalther.
I have also consulted your web pages many times and agree with someone that said you are the czar of Sarrat research.
However some of the information you have listed on the page for Reverend James Seratt is contrary to the research I have done. I can also fill in some of the unknowns you have and would be willing to send you copies of any documentation I have.
Some of the unknowns -
Rev. James Seratt was married to Effie Veach.
His father and mother were Fred Lee Seratt and Maud Roberts of Mississippi County, Arkansas. (I don't believe they ever lived in Searcy County).
(I am also the coordinator for Mississippi County for rootsweb so I have lots of info in that area)
Mrs. Effie (Veach) Seratt was from a well known pioneer family from Mississippi County Arkansas and not from Montana at all.
I have some other corrections and info if you would like them.
That said I can't thank you enough for all your valuable research and time and effort to make it available to researchers. It saved me so much time on census research etc.
Best regards, Gail Renz E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, and kind words.
We would love your corrections/additions on this family.
Most of this info came from Teresa (Seratt) Raner in 1999 and has not been updated since.
See: Rev. James SERATT Family Profile. ..prs
Debbie (Seratt) Cassaro
Subj: Seratt info
Date: 06 Sep 2004 10:50:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I am looking for information on my Dad's family. I was looking around and found a web page that has my name on it, I am Deborah Suzette Seratt 8/7/1953,
my father's name was Willard Cleo Seratt b.2/18/30 d.7/6/2004,
his father's name was James Edgar Seratt b.9/25/1906 d.9/4/1985,
his father was Fred Lee Seratt.
Do you have more information? Thanks! Debbie (Seratt) Cassaro E-Mail: [email protected]
Debbie, Thanks for the E-Mail,
We would love your corrections/additions on this family.
Most of this info came from your half-sister Teresa (Seratt) Raner in 1999
See: Rev. James SERATT Family Profile. ..prs
Earl Wayne Seratt
Subj: Rev. James Edward SERATT family
Date: 06 Apr 2007 6:36:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time
CC: [email protected] <--Not a complete address
Hello paul, i believe i emailed or called you a few years ago but never got back to you with corrections for the children of Rev. James Edward SERATT.
anyway the correct sequence of children is as follows:
1st son= Earl Edward Eeratt (my father) born March 1,1928 in Manila, Mississippi Co., Arkansas. in fact all of the children of rev. james edward seratt were born in manila , arkansas with the exception of wayne seratt who was born in burnnet ,texas while the reverend seratt was on the road preaching.
2nd son is Willard Cleo Seratt born 1930.
3rd son is Kenneth Seratt born 1935.
4th son is Jerry Lamar Seratt born 1938.
5th son is Wayne Seratt born 1940. Burnet, Burnet Co. TX. 78611
1st dau is Wanda Seratt born 1942.
2nd dau is Patricia Seratt born 1944.
my father is Earl Edward Seratt the first born. he had a son (James Seratt) with his first wife.
then he married my mother Beverly Ann Seratt(maiden name THOMPSON) they had 3 sons and 1 daughter.
1st son = Earl Wayne Seratt born July 11th,1954 in Riverside, CA.
2nd son= Dennis Ray Seratt born 1955
3rd son= Doyle Gene Seratt born 1957
1st daughter= Jennifer Ann Seratt born 1970
Feel free to use this information to update the Rev. James Edward SERATT geneology web page. in fact i hope you do cause i would enjoy seeing a more accurate list.
and Paul I want to thank you for digging up and organizing this most extensive SERATT geneology and putting it out there on the web for our enjoyment.
your freind and distant relative,
Earl Wayne Seratt, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words Earl,
We wouldn't have very much infomation if it wasn't for people like you, who submitt the addations & corrections se we can tell the correct story. I have added your info. on the See: Rev. James SERATT Family Profile. ....prs


Stillwater Co., MT. was created in 1923 from the larger Sweet Grass, Yellostone & Carbon Co.'s. The County Seat is Columbus, MT. 59019. It is located in the Southern central part of the State: Bounded by Golden Calley Co. on the North; Yellowstone Co. on the East; Carbon Co. on the South; with Sweet Grass on the West.
(First Census 1920; Co. Clerk has b. & d. ftom 1913; Clerk Dist. Court has m., div., pro & Civil rec.)
Robert Greeley
William Spencer SERRETTE,
Date: 25 Apr 2003 6:06:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time
A quick search for a question my Mom had today led me to your website and a quick answer for her.
I am the grandson of Azel M. Serrette and Mary Hart who appear on one of the pages of your web site as decendants of William Spencer Serrette. My Mom is Letha Mae Serrette Greeley, daughter of Azel and Mary, born 1-21-1921. I would be happy to provide some additional Fourth Generation information from the Serrette and Hart family records, though it appears we are off one of the shoots of your family as everyone I know on the Serrette side spells it with the final "e".
Both my grandfather and his sister married Hart siblings. Both the families still have ties to the Stillwater Valley - Columbus Mont. area. Over the last 10 years, a couple of family reunions and a thanks to a couple of dedicated scribes the family has captured more names, dates and places. If you want that information let me know what format would be best for you at present it is in hard copy, I can send a copy, or do data entry to a form as time permits.
In any case, I appreciate your work on this and I enjoyed the site.
Bob Greeley, Carmichael, CA [email protected]
Bob, Thanks for the E-Mail,
We would love to exchange info. on this branch.
Most of our info. came from Mrs. Leslie A. (Rafferty) Alden, back in 1993 & 95
See: Azel M. SERRETTE SFA-Profile! We have a lot of Unknowns, or Not Traced! Just send any corrections/additions in a e-mail or Snail-Mail me at: (Just up the road from you in Placer Co.!) ..prs

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