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Three Brothers from Ireland
Apparently this "3 Brothers Story" originates from the "Surrett Association" of Oklahoma in 1974 President Ray Surrett (dec'd) this "ssociation is presently (1990) called "The Surrett Followship" and is ran by Jim Parker. (no E-mail available, that I know of. ..prs)

Major Record Problem!
"Three Brothers from Ireland"
"In the 1820 Census of North Carolina, a John SARRATT is noted in Buncombe County. By 1830, John Jr. and John Sr. are listed and this time the last name is spelled "SURAT." The descendants of this family have an association under the name of the "SURRETT Family Association." Portions of a letter from Ray SURRATT, president of the association, base in Oklahoma, (1980) quote follows: "There were three brothers, David, John, and Obediah SURRETT who came to North Carolina from IRELAND. I don't know the year they came. I was told David and Obediah Sr. settled in Transylvania County. John, who was my great grandfather, with his nephew, Obediah Jr. moved to Buncombe County and lived in the "Sandy Mush" area. Henry Allen SURRETT, with his wife that he married in Missouri, raised fourteen Children. (Henry was the son of John & Kissie (WORLEY) SURRETT and was born in 1830." Ray Surrett, 1980
(REF:#90 Pg 190]
Another family member, Mabel S. KING writes in part:
"Mrs. Dorothy Hyde of Chandler, North Carolina did a research project at Duke University Medical Center in Durham on this family. Her research shows that three brothers came to Transylvania County, North Carolina from IRELAND." There names Johnny, David, and Obed, Sr. Johnny and his nephew, Obed, Jr. settled in the "Sandy Mush" section of Buncombe County, North Carolina.
There are more SURRETTS in Oklahoma than any where else." Mabel S. KING, 1980
[REF:#90 Pg191]

  We at SFA do NOT believe the 3 brother's from Ireland" story. We believe 2 brothers (John S. 1782-1862 and Obediah SARRATT (1792-1855) born in the old Tyron, NC (present-day Cherokee Co., SC.) came to Buncombe Co., NC some time between 1804 and 1806.
 Fact 1.  No "Passenger List" record has been found.
 Fact 2.  No "Emigration/Immigration" record has been found.
 Fact 3.  No "Declaration of Intention" (for U.S. citizenship) record has been found.
 Fact 4.  John S. SARRATT, a68y in See: 1850 Census list he was born in "SC"
 Fact 5.  John S. SARRATT, a80y in See: 1860 Census list he was born in "SC" (d. 1862)
 Fact 6.  Obediah,1 SARRATT, a58y in See: 1850 Census listed he was born in "SC" (d. 1855)
  The 3 brothers as mentioned by Ray Surrett above are (3 of 6) sons of John,7 SURRETT
 list all born in NC. for 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Census.
 Fact 7.  5. 3rd Son: Son John,Jr. 1880 Census, list mother b. NC. father b. NC
 Fact 8.  7. 4th Son: Son Obediah W. SURRET was killed in 1849 age 34yrs
 Fact 9.  9. 6th Son: Son David A. 1880 Census, list mother b. NC. father b. NC/SC

This writer has "Not" found any "Proof" of the 3 brothers of Ireland story, in ALL the Census records indicate this family came from the old Spartanburg District in SC. ..Paul R. Sarrett

Two brothers John Samuel SARRATT, (1782-1862) and Obediah Hillory SARRATT, (1792-1860)
sons of Samuel,4 SARRATT, III & Frances BONNER of Spartanburg Dist. of South Carolina, both came to Buncombe Co., NC. in the early 1800's.

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