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  Some Early NC Marriage Bonds
 Davidson Co.
 Groom  Date  Bride  Bond #  Bondsman
 John SURRATT  05 Sep 1826  Mrs Mary (DAVIS) PORTER  # 037479  John DAVIS
 Whitson H. SURRATT  10 Feb 1852  Nancy LOFLIN  # 037480  Lewis Surratt
 Wiliam M. SURRATT  09 Aug 1853  Margaret KINNEY  # 037481  Daniel L. Surratt
 G.W. SURRATT  03 Oct 1865  Martha BADGET  # 037478  Daniel L. Surratt
 G.W. SURRATT  03 Oct 1865  Martha BADGET  # 039636  Wit: I.K. Perryman
 By J.C. Skeen. JP.
 Daniel L. SURRATT  21 Jan 1867  Mary WARD  # 039635  T. S. Surratt
 Daniel L. SURRATT  21 Jan 1867  Mary WARD  # 039635  Wit: I. K. Perryman
 By J.C. Skeen. JP.
 Rowan Co.
 Spouse 1  Spouse 2.   Date  Remarks
 Honor SERATT  James Frasier   06 Jun 1785  
 Rachel SERAT  John Davis   16 Dec 1789  
 Nancy GERRATT  Henry Davis   07 Oct 1791  
 Kizzy SERRATT  Edward Davis   09 Jan 1795  
 Elizabeth SURRATT  Willian LAX   26 Mar 1815  Not in m. IDX. See: s/o John,4 SURRATT & 1st Wife

Anson Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Date: 02 Mar 2003 4:39:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Source: [email protected] Subject: [DAVIS ] Davis in North and South Carolina 1750 In NC, Anson Co. is formed from western Bladen Co. [western Anson Co. is uninhabited by Europeans].
Due to unsurveyed boundary between NC and SC, Anson Co. extends well into SC. Corbitt (1950: 8) ca. 1750
Philadelphia to South Carolina Joseph DAVIS moves w/brother, Evan DAVIS, Jr. Barb (1971: 501) 1753 In NC, Rowan Co. is formed from northern Anson Co.
However, the boundary between Rowan, Mecklenberg, and Tryon was not authorized for survey until 1770, so it wasn't until some time after 1770 that people were necessarily accurate with regard to their location. Corbitt (1950: 185)
10 Jul 1754 South Carolina Joseph DAVIS marries Mary WHITE Sarrett (undated) 14 Feb 1756 NC/SC: Anson Co.
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

See: Buncombe Co., NC.

Cabarrus Co., NC.
Cathryn Yates
Mollie (Surratt) JEFFRIES
Dated: Jan 01, 1998

Cabarrus Co, NC GenWeb - Jan 1998 Queries; MSG #272
Robert Jeffries married Mollie Surratt, in Cabarrus County NC 1909. He listed his parents on the marriage certificate, as G.H. and Rebecca Jeffries.† No further info. on the certificate.† He left town shortly after marriage? Unknown direction of travel. His son "Ernest Jefferies(sp?) was my grandfather.
While Robert "Bob" Jeffries was in Cabarrus County/Concord? he worked in a mill?† Any help is greatly appreciated.† I have hit a brick wall with this elusive ancestor. SUBMITTED BY Cathryn Yates
We believe your Mollie Ann Surratt, is our Eighth Generation SFA
(1st d/o See: Linden & Sarah C. (Jackson) SURRATT) ...prs


Cleveland Co., NC. (See also Rutherford Co.)
Gwendolyn Coley
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 2:30:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Surratt/Surratte/Surrette help Greetings:
All leads point to you. I've just begun my ancestral search for surname Surratt/Surratte/Surrette. In my online searching so far, I have come across your name/address as" THE de facto authority on this clan." So, if you don't mind, I'd like to pick your brain--or tree in this case--for information.
Of particular interest is finding birth, death and marriage dates of Henry SURRATT(E) and wife Rosana Blanton, my maternal gggrandparents, and their children. Both ggggrandparents were born into slavery, him in Cleveland County, N.C.;
her in Cherokee County, S.C. They had 12 children:
1. Nancy m. Berry Hardin;
2. Nettie m. James Young;
3. Harriet m. Curage Lattimore;
4. Alice m. Riley Green;
5. Nervie m. Charles McBrayer;
6. Susie;
7. Ardenia m. Major Robbs;
8. Jocie m. Schofield Whisnant;
9. Texas (may have been Texia or Texanna) m. Tom Carson;
10. Thomas;
11. Johnny died as infant; and
12. Augustus James. *1865-1963 a98y
Do any of these names ring a bell? The only known information from SSDI is that Augustus James SURRATTE was born 6 Jan. 1865 and died __ December 1963. N/A NC. SSD# 240-62-6387, NC.
Mrs. Texas/Texia/Texanna (SURRATTE) CARSON was my ggrandmother, and my grandmother, Alice Carson Guthrie, always said her mother's name was Texanna. Her headstone has Texia, and my great-aunt apparently told a great-cousin (and family historian) that Tex's name was Texas. Such confusion.
Anyway, just yesterday, I subscribed to your listserv digest and have begun reading the family Web site--an incredible undertaking, no doubt, but one full of wonderful information for those of us just starting out. Thanks for paving the way.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Gwendolyn Coley, Atlanta, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the kind words, but for some reason I don't have Henry & Rosanna (BLANTON) SURRATT family in my database? Do you know where they were living and in what year Census? Do you have any more dates? Please get back to me to see what I can find out. ...prs
2nd E-Mail: Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2000 2:30:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
Unfortunately, I don't have any other dates. My research is only about six months old, and it's taken me that long to get names. I am planning a trip to North Carolina early next week and hope to gather more information. Part of my problem (and I suppose yours initially) is with the variant spellings of the name. Most of the information I have so far has Surratte, but I can't seem to find much with that spelling. Even Augustus' name was listed in SSDI withouth the "e" at the end. Living family members use the "e" and swear their parents and siblings do, too. One great-uncle even changed the spelling altogether to Surette.
Once I'm back from North Carolina, I hope to be able to provide more dates.
Gwendolyn Coley, Atlanta, E-Mail: [email protected]
David Strickland
1st E-Mail: Dated: Sunday, August 24, 2008 4:59:43 PM
Attachment: Ira Sarratt & Revis Dawson killed each other.doc (25KB);
Dear Paul Sarratt:
Thanks for the information you just recently sent to my brother Larry Strickland. I looking at one of the sites you provided and I came across the listing of our great great grandfather Ira Phillip Sarratt 7th generation. I would like some help about another daughter that Ira & Frances had, name Wattola Sarratt born 1879 who is our great grandmother. She is listed as a daughter with Ira & Frances in the 1880 census of Rippys, Cleveland, North Carolina.
I have come across many times in other family trees where they don't list Wattola as a daughter of Ira & Frances which leads me to wonder why. Wattola marries my great grandfather Avery Glenn Dawson about 1895 so that is why Wattola is not listed again with the other children of Ira & Frances in the 1900 census. She later marries a Leon Branham in SC but leaves him to live with a daughter in San Diego, California where she died in 1961. Her death certificate list her mother as Byars so I know she is connected to the Byers and I also have a picture of Frances Byers Sarratt that my grandmother Wattola Juel Dawson had. Of other interest to you is that Wattola sister Dora Ann Sarratt married a Albert Hedrick Moore of NC and they both died in California too.
Our grandmother Wattola Juel Dawson, daughter of Wattola & Avery had always told us that there ancestry line had Indian blood and that the name Wattola was of Indian decent. So was wondering if maybe Frances had an daughter by an Indian man before marring Ira or Ira had Wattola by an Indian woman? Would be nice to know where the name Wattola came from if you would have any info on that.
I have a bit genealogy done on the Ira Sarratt line and would like to clear up who Wattola parents are and any information that you may have would be very grateful. I've also attached another interesting article on Ira Sarratt and his grandson Bevous who is Wattola's 1st born to Avery Glenn Dawson for your pleasure.
I have a tree on ancestry if you would like an invite just let me know.
Thank you for your time,
David Strickland, 210-332-8542, San Antonio, TX. [email protected]
Thanks, for the E-Mail.
Give me a few days to "get up to speed" on your Gr-Gr-Grandfather See: Ira P. SARRATT.
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

2nd E-Mail: Dated: Monday, September 1, 2008 12:29:47 PM
Hi Paul
Thank you for your reply. When looking at you Sarratt site I have found another mystery to help solve. Here are my findings. Let me know what you think.
     1. The Ira Phillip I have in my tree was born in Cleveland , NC , May 19, 1855 and died Nov 21, 1920. His death certificate list his father as Tillman Sarratt and mother as Amelia Turner both of NC. His death certificate also states that he died form a gun shot. I also find them Tillmann, Amelia & Ira listed in the 1860 census in Cleveland , NC . We donít find Tillman Sarratt in any other census records because thereís a Civil War record of him dyeing during the civil war in 1864. Ira and Frances then appear together in the 1880 census of Cleveland , NC with Wattola with an Avirlona McByine listed as a household member age 9. The newspaper article verifies that Ira had a grandson name Bevous (Revis) Dawson who is the son of Wattola. Also my grandmother had always talked of Dora Ann, Wattola sister and her other siblings, Tillman and Maude. The 1900 Census, June 13, Rippys, Cleveland , NC . Census listed Ira and Frances being marred for 23 years with 4 children Marian, Tillman, Maude, Dora and her husband Hedrick in household. Ira was farming for a living. Francis had 5 children and all 5 were living at time of census.
     2. Then there's Ira P Sarratt born 1858 in Limestone Springs, Spartanburg , SC. Heís listed in the 1860, 1870 and the 1880 census as being single living with his parents in Limestone, Spartanburg , SC. I donít see how he can be the wife of Frances Byars since he is listed as single in the 1880 census and living at home with parents.
     3. Thereís an Ira Phillip Sarratt, B Jan 16, 1857 and D Jan 17, 1892 buried in Oakland cemetery, Gaffney , SC. I think this is the 2nd Ira who was born in Limestone Springs, Spartanburg , SC because I cannít find him listed in the census records anymore after the 1880 census.
Just wandering what your thoughts are this too
Thank you, David Strickland, 210-332-8542 [email protected]
You are right, we have the two Ira's mixed up!
Thanks, to you we now feel we we have corrected these two families!
We had not worked on this family since March 24, 2002.
See: Ira P. SARRATT.


Craven Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Wennis E.
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 8:28:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [VACARROL] Carroll News Obits--Friday, October 5, 2001
Carroll News Obits--Friday, October 5, 2001
Clara Virginia Dillard, 80, of Woodlawn, died Sept. 27, 2001, in Pulaski Co. Community Hospital. She is survived by her husband, Daulton J. Dillard; two sons, Bobby Lee Richardson of Palm Harbor, FL and Wennis E. Surratt of New Bern, [Craven Co.] NC; two brothers, Raymond Richardson of Hillsville, Ray Richardson of Palm Harbor, FL; six sisters, Berta Jennings, Coleen White, Oneida Bell Chrisley and Freida White all of Hillsville, Maxine Allison of Hampton, Gertrude Akers of Pulaski; 20 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, five great-great-grandchildren, one great-great-great-grandchild. Funeral was Sept. 30 at 1:30 p.m. in Vaughan-Guynn-McGrady Chapel conducted by the Rev. Harold Loucks and the Rev. Lud Zerbe. Burial was in Liberty Hill Cemetery.
Would like to exchange infomation on this family! ...prs

See: Davidson Co., NC.

Franklin Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: 01 Nov 2003
The Gaston Gazette, Franklin Co., NC.
MOUNT HOLLY, Franklin Co., NC.
Jonah Thomas Surratt, age 14yrs, 105 Crest St., died Nov. 27, 2001. He was a native of [b. 1987] Mecklenburg County, student at East Gaston High School, played baseball for Mount Holly Hawks Optimist.
SURVIVORS: Parents, James "Jim" and Susan McBrayer Surratt, the home;
sister, Sarah Ann Surratt, Boone, [Watauga Co., NC.]

paternal grandmother, Ellen B. Surratt, Charlotte, [Mecklenburg Co., NC.]
maternal grandmother, Mary B. McBrayer, Avon, Conn.;
aunts and uncles,
Jane E. Surratt, Charlotte, [Mecklenburg Co., NC.]
John G. Surratt, Matthews, [Mecklenburg Co., NC.]
Joel B. Surratt, Matthews, [Mecklenburg Co., NC.]
Jeffrey A. Surratt, Nashville, [Davidson Co.] Tenn.,

Ann S. McBrayer, Avon, Conn.;
Jane and Robyn Gangi, Bethel, Conn.
Maternal grandfather, John Albert McBrayer Jr.;
paternal grandfather, John G. Surratt Jr. [m. Ellen B.]
b. 03 Mar 1929, [SSD# 240-36-5952 NC]
d. 26 Aug 1995, a66y Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC.

MEMORIAL SERVICE: 4 p.m. Friday, First Baptist Church, Mount Holly, Drs. Dennis Knight, Robert Winecoff VISITATION: After the service, church BURIAL: Private
MEMORIALS: First Baptist Church, 300 S. Main St., Mount Holly 28120 or to N.A.M.I., care of the family, 105 Crest St., Mount Holly 28120
ARRANGEMENTS: Carothers Funeral Home, Mount Holly
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Gaston Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Jan 01, 1998 Looking gor information on:
7.4 John D. SARRATT;
(3rd s/o G.B SARRATT & Mother: Betsy VINCETTE)
(Gs/o Samuel,7 & M. Peggy (QUINN) SARRATT
b. c1858, Limestone Springs, Spartanburg Co., SC.
d. after 1920 Cemsus. a62y Gaston Co., NC. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) in Caston Co., NC. He married twice, first (a20y) bfr 1878 Spartanburg Dist., SC.
to 22 year old Miss Sarah Unknown, 2Ch.
b. c1857, Spartanbirg Dist., SC.
d. c1886, a30y Cherokee Co., SC. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown to me) They had 2 Children born to this 1st Union: After the death of his first wife, he married 2nd a28y (bfr 1886) to Miss Lottie Elizabeth Unknown; [SFA-FG 681] b. c1863, Spartanburg Dist., SC.
d. after 1920 Census, a75y in Gaston Co., NC. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown to me) Theu had at least 1 daughter born to this 2nd Union:
   7.4.1 1st Son: Oliver I., b. c1878- Not Traced!
   7.4.2 1st Dau: Edna B., b. c1881- Not Traced!
   7.4.3 1st Dau: Emaline, b. c1886- Not Traced!
Would like to exchange info. on this Family....prs


Haywood Co., NC.

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRETT, James Tyler
26 Apr 2003
Asheville, [Buncombe Co.,] NC. "Citizen Times Newspaper:  Obit. # 3238
Canton, Haywood Co., NC. 28716 - James Tyler Surrett,
age 20yrs, died Saturday, April 26, 2003.
He was a son of James Edward Surrett and his wife Amee McConnell and Shawn Medford Surrett.
He was preceded in death by a brother, Joseph Benjamin Surrett, who died in 1988. He was a member of Long Branch Baptist Church.
In addition to his parents, he is survived by two brothers,
Justin Gabriel Surrett, of Canton, Haywood Co., NC.
Colton Patrick Surrett, of Canton. Haywood Co., NC.

maternal grandparents,
J.R. Medford and his wife, Vickie, of Waynesville and
Carol Williams and her husband, Ernest, of Canton;
maternal great-grandmothers,
Jane Liner of Hazelwood and Thelma Medford of Waynesville;
paternal grandmother,
Freida Surrett of Canton, Haywood Co., NC. and
stepgrandparents, Tom McConnell of Sylva, Linda Gail McConnell and
Wilburn Nelson, both of Maggie Valley.
The funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, May 1, at the Canton chapel of Wells Funeral Homes with the Rev. R.G. Garland officiating. Burial will follow at Center Pigeon Baptist Church.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Published: 2003-04-29
James T. SURRETT, was b. 29 Mar 1983, [SSD# 245-39-2689 NC]
Joseph B. SURRETT, was b. 26 Feb 1985; d. 29 May 1988, a3yrs
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
11 Sep 2003
Asheville, [Buncombe Co.,] NC. "Citizen Times Newspaper: Obit. #6927
Clyde, [Haywood Co., NC] - Dean Surrett, 30, of 7558 Panther Creek Road, d Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2003. The funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at White Oak Baptist Church. The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the church. The body will be placed in the church at 6 p.m. and remain until service time.
Memorials may be made to the Dean Surrett Fund, c/o Wells Funeral Home, 296 N. Main St., Waynesville, [Haywood Co.] NC 28786. Published: 2003-09-11
Dean Surrett was b. 21 Feb 1973, NC. per SSD# 242-21-7534 NC
Who are Deen's Parents?, any Siblings?
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRETT, Lucius G.
31 Oct 2004
Asheville, [Buncombe Co.,] NC. "Citizen Times Newspaper: Obit. #18608  Obit. #18662
Canton, Haywood Co., NC. - Lucius Gaye Surrett, age 80yrs, of 492 Scruggs Circle, passed away Sunday, Oct. 31, 2004, at the VA Medical Center in Asheville.
A native of Madison County, [b. 16 Jun 1924] he was the son of the late
Isaac Lucius and Zurry Trantham Surrett [SFA#]
and husband of the late Minnie Mae Stockton Surrett, who passed away in 1993.
Mr. Surrett was an Army veteran of World War II where he served in Naples, Rome, southern France, Rhineland and central Europe. Sergeant Surrett was awarded the Purple Heart with one Bronze service star, the Bronze Arrowhead Medal and the EAMET medal with seven bronze service stars and the Victory Medal.
He had resided in Nashville, Tenn. before returning to Haywood County in 1993. Mr. Surrett was employed with Broyles Sheet Metal in Canton, Precision Parts Corporation in Nashville, Tenn. and was also an independent paint contractor. He was a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and attended Ridgeway Baptist Church. "Gaye" enjoyed playing the guitar and "making music" with his many friends.
Surviving are his son,
Stephen Surrett and his wife, Donna, of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.
sister, Athelen Dunsford of Candler, Buncombe Co., NC.
three brothers,
Robert Surrett of Canton, Haywood Co., NC.
Rev. Claude Surrett of Candler, Buncombe Co., NC.
James Surrett of Candler, Buncombe Co., NC.

and six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the chapel of Crawford/Ray Funeral Home with the Revs. Claude Surrett and Jimmy Trantham officiating. Burial will be in Crawford/Ray Memorial Gardens in Clyde. Military graveside rites will be conducted by the United States Army Honor Guard from Ft. Bragg and the VFW Post 5202.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at Crawford/Ray Funeral Home and Cremation Services.
Published: 2004-11-01  Published: 2004-11-03
See: Isaac L. SURRETT of Haywood Co., NC.
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Henderson Co., NC.

Mud Creek Bapt. Church Cemetery; Henderson Co., NC.  
 Marker  L Name  F Name  Born  Died  Age  Remarks
   SURRETT  Hattie (ANDERS)   - -1859    04 -Jan -1891   32   2nd w/o John E. Sr., 1Ch
   SURRETT  John P.   -Nov -1854    18 -May -1907   53   m.1)*1878, 4Ch 2) *1892 1Ch
   SURRETT  Lula (HILL)   - -1874    06 -Oct -1901   27   1st w/o John E. Sr., 4Ch.
Queries - Henderson Co., NC.
Mark Klass
SURRETT, John Edward
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 11:57:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
My mother's maiden name was Surrett and her father was from the mountains of North Carolina. I know he lived in Henderson county (Flat Rock area) and that his father's name was John Edward Surrett.
John was married twice. I don't know the name of his first wife but they had two daughters and two sons. They were
1. Ella,
2. Annie,
3. John Edward II, and
4. Charlie, m. Bertha DAVIS (sis of Hester)
His second wife's name was Mary. That was my great-grandmother.
Their first and only son was my grandfather, James Elbert Surrett, m. Hester DAVIS (sis of Bertha)
He would have been born around 1890-91(?). An interesting side note. Charlie and James (half brothers) married sisters. Bertha and Hester (my grandmother) Davis.
Do you have any record of this branch of the family? If so, I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, G. Mark Klass ([email protected]
Mark, Thanks for the E-Mail.
This family, has had me confused for some time! I have just "bits & pieces" of this family.
See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!
Would love to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

Bert J. Sitton
Mud Creek Bapt. Ch. Cemetery, Hendersonville, NC.
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:20:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Henderson County, NC Query Forum URL: Message #1106
Subject: Great=great grandfather Surrett
In the Henderson County Cemetery Book, there are three Surrett's buried in the Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, which is just outside of Hendersonville. They are
Lula Surrett, no birth date, died Oct 6, 1901,
John P. Surrett, 54 years old, died May 18, 1907, and
Hattie Surrett, 31 years old, died Jun 4, 1801.
I am sure that this is an error and probably should be 1891. Hope this will be of some help.
Bert J. Sitton, [email protected]
See: Mud Creek Bpt. Ch. Cemetery Record! ...prs

John Surrett
SURRETT, John Edward, III
1st E-Mail Date: 10 Jan 2001 3:03:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
Dear Paul,
I am John Edward Surrett III. I live in Charlotte, (Mecklenburg Co.) NC via High Point, (Guilford Co. ) NC. I am 39.
My father was John Jr. He was Born in 1922 and died in 1988. I have just become interested in searching for my ancestry. I dont really know where to start except to gather as much info as I can from living relatives and go from there. When I have more info I will write back.
If you have any ideas I would really appreciate them. Thank You,
John Surrett, [email protected]

See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!
Would love to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

2nd E-Mail Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:33:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: RE: John Edward SURRETT, Jr. b. 26 Sep 1922, NC. d. 17 Apr 1988, a66y
Dear Paul,
I have written my uncle, (H. Clifton Surrett),and my great aunt, (Alice Kenimer), of Baldwin, GA, for more info.
John Edward Surrett jr. 1922-1988 <--should be, III not Jr. had one brother Harold Clifton Surrett of High Point (still living) and a half brother named Paul.
His mom's name was Mae (Louise)? Wall. I appreciate your help!
John Surrett, [email protected]
p.s. Sorry I left this out. This is not an African American Family.
See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!
Would love to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

3rd E-Mail Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 10:51:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your help! I have just received some info from my uncle (Howard Clifton Surrett SR).
My grand father was John Edward Surrett(1883-1933). I'm not sure all of the dates are correct. He was married the first time to Anna Belle Scott(1887-1913), from Spartanburg SC. They had one son Arthur Paul Surrett.
He then married Mae Louise Wall (1901-1972). They had two children,
2. Harold Clifton Surrett (1925-), and
3. John Edward Surrett, Jr (1922-1988), (my father).

My Great grand father was John P. Surrett (1853?-1907), His second wife was Hattie (last name not known to me). (This must be the John Edward Surrett of Henderson Co. that you suspected). Their children were:
1. John Edward Surrett (Married Anna Scott and Mae Wall)
2. Annie Surrett (Married Charlie Hanes)
3. Charlie Surrett (Married Bertha Davis)
4. Ella Surrett (married ? Freeman)
5. Louisa Surrett (married Ben Horne)
6. Elbert Surrett (married Ester Davis)
My Great Great Grandfather was Billy Surrett and his wife was Susie Jones Last name not known to me. They lived below east Flat Rock On a farm. My Grand father moved from, I think, the flat rock area to Union SC and then to High Point, NC in the 20's or maybe before that. He had just started his own hosiery mill when he was killed in an auto accident in 1933.
My uncle sent me a copy of the news paper article about the accident My Uncle also sent me a copy of a Surrett Association news letter that he had. It is dated 1976. It states that it is composed of the descendents of John, David, and Obediah Surrett who came to the US from their native Ireland. Their ancestors came to Ireland from France in the year 1064.
I do not know if these are my ancestors too. Do you happen to know how to get in touch with this Association?
A lot of the information you sent confirms what my Uncle has told me. I will find the "how to " family group sheet and fill it out, I assume it is at the rootsweb site. Does this information help any? Has the information already been compiled that could link me to more of my ancestors? Thank You so much!
John Surrett, [email protected]
John, Thank's for the Info. We have a litle bit difference info. than you,
See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!
Would love to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

4th E-Mail Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:14:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Henderson County, NC Query Forum Message # 1104
Subject: Great great grandfather
I am looking for my great great grandfather who I believe had a farm below East Flat Rock, Henderson county, in early-mid 1800's. His name was I believe, Billy/William Surrett and his wife's name was Susie/Susannah/Susan?
Mygreat grandfather was also from Henderson County. His name was John Surrett and me married twice, once to Hattie and once to Mary/Lula. Could be Surratt, Surret etc.
John E. Surrett, [email protected] (New E-Mail Address)

John, Thank's for the Info. We have a litle bit difference info. than you,
See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!
Would love to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

6th E-Mail Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 4:10:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
Paul I have a little more information now.
My gggrandfather was William Surrett, b March 1817 in South Carolina. Maybe Union or Spartanburg County. He married Julian or Julie Ann ? He Married Susan Jones abt. 1864, daughter of Wiley Jones and Patsy Hollingsworth. Susan was born March 1829 in NC, and died 1924 in Henderson County. Children of William and Julian are;
ii. Jane Surrett, b. Abt. 1844
iii. G.W. Surrett, b. Abt. 1846
iv. Susanna Surrett, b. 1849
+i. John P. Surrett, b. Nov. 1854, NC; d. May 18 1907, Henderson Co. NC
Children of William and Susan are;
v. Samuel Franklin Surrett, b. Abt. 1867, Henderson Co. NC; d. Oct. 2 1934 Henderson Co.
vi. Joseph T. Surrett, b. June 1879, Henderson Co. NC
John P. Surrett is my great grandfather. He was born Nov. 1854 in NC and died may 18, 1907 in Henderson Co. He married Harriet E. Anders March 7, 1878. She was born abt. 1859 and died June 4, 1891 in Henderson Co. He married Lula Hill Jan. 21, 1892. She was born abt. 1874 in Henderson Co. and died October 6, 1901 in Henderson Co. Children of John P. and Harriet Anders are;
iii. Louisa Surrett, b. July 1876
i. John Edward Surrett, b 1883; d. 1933 Guilford County NC (My Grandfather)
ii. Anna Surrett, b. March 1887
iv. Charles Surrett, b. April 1890
v. Ella Surrett
Child of John P. and Lula Hill is;
vi. Elbert Surrett, b. 1892
Susan, John P., Harriet, and Lula are all burried in the Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Henderson County, NC
This is all I have found so far to go with what I had before. I havent been able to locate William in South Carolina. I have heard Union and Spartanburg County SC mentioned by relatives in the past.
Thanks, John Edward Surrett, [email protected] (New E-Mail Address)

John, See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!

7th E-Mail Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 3:14:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
I spoke with Homer Suttles 73yrs, Henderson County who is a descendent of John7 Sarratt(1782-1850). John7 Sarratt had children:
1. Dau: Unknown 1802
2. Son: Unknown 1804
3. Dau: Unknown 1806
4. Son: Joseph 1810
5. Son: John16 Jr. 1812-1894 (Homer's Branch)
6. Dau: Margaret 1813
7. Son: Obediah W. 1815-
8. Son: David A 1820-1902
9. Dau: Sarah 1825
Homer told me about all of John Sr's children and stated that JohnJr. had a younger brother Will (William). Homer also stated that when he was 6 yrs old his older brother asked "old man Sam Surrett" (Samuel Franklin Surrett 1867-1934), how he and Sam were related, and Sam said that he and Homer were 5th cousins. Samuel Franklin and my gggrandfather (John P. Surrett 1854-1907) were half brothers. Their father being William Surrett 1817-190?. Do you believe it likely that William was a son of John7 Sarratt? I can find no census evidence of William in SC. The 1900 census states that William was born in SC and where it shows parents place of birth it was blank for his father and mother was born in SC.
Thank You, John E. Surrett, [email protected] (New E-Mail Address)

John, See: John E. SURRETT, Sr. 3rd Son of
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT Family Profile!

Bert J. Sitton
Mud Creek Bapt. Ch. Cemetery, Hendersonville, NC.
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:20:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Henderson County, NC Query Forum URL: Message #1106
Subject: Great=great grandfather Surrett
In the Henderson County Cemetery Book, there are three Surrett's buried in the Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, which is just outside of Hendersonville. They are
Lula Surrett, no birth date, died Oct 6, 1901,
John P. Surrett, 54 years old, died May 18, 1907, and
Hattie Surrett, 31 years old, died Jun 4, 1801.
I am sure that this is an error and probably should be 1891. Hope this will be of some help.
Bert J. Sitton, [email protected]
The Hattie is Mrs. Harriet E. (ANDERS) SURRETT, (1859-1891 a32y) 1st Wife of John P.
Lula is Mrs. Lula (HILL) SURRETT, (1874-1901 a27y) 2nd Wife of John P.
John P. SURRATT, (1854-1907 a52y is the 4th son of:
See: Wm. "Bill" SURRETT & 1st Wife Julie Ann!

Sharon Taylor
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 1:45:52 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Henderson County, NC Query Forum URL: Message #1124
My husband, Karl, is descended from Robert Taylor, who was born in Henderson County in 1908. A story that has been passed down verbally is that the family surname was originally Surrett. Someone changed his name to Taylor, to evade taxes. I've often wondered is this is true, and if so, wouldn't it be interesting if we're related?
My father-in-law, Raymond Taylor, was killed in action, and over the years since then, contact with the Taylor family has been lost. My husband would be overjoyed if aunts, uncles and cousins could be found and contacted. I met his grandparents, Robert (SURRETT) TAYLOR and Alta Taylor, only once, 20 years ago.
If you or anyone knows anything about the Taylors', please let me know.
Sharon Taylor, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have a See: Alexander Robert SURRETT
2nd s/o See: Samuel Franklin & Bell (JUSTUS) SURRETT
We would like to exchange Info. on this family. ...prs

Date: 09 Jan 2003 4:17:29 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: We are related to you! (through Samuel Franklin Surrett)
Dear Paul,
This letter is in regards to Samuel Franklin Surrett, who was married to Isabelle Justus. You have them in the family tree on Ancestry.com.
Samuel and Isabelle had at least 2 sons: Alexander Robert Surrett, b. May 27, 1905, d. October 20, 1988., and Raymond. Raymond married Evelyn and had at least 2 children.
When he was fifteen years old, Alex changed his name to Robert Alexander Taylor and joined the Army. When the Army discovered that Alex was underaged, they discharged him. He was 17 years old when he was discharged.
He kept his new identity, married, and had 5 children. The family surname has been Taylor ever since. Although the family knew the names of Alex's parents, the entire lineage was lost--until now. I began researching my husband's line as a gift to him several years ago.
Robert Alexander Taylor married Alta Lee Harkins. One of their sons was Raymond Taylor.
Raymond Taylor married Edith Rosa Hollon and had 3 children. Karl Edmond is the oldest. I am married to Karl Edmond Taylor. We have one son, Justin. Raymond Taylor was killed in action while serving the US Army when Karl was very young and this only deepened the lack of information concerning the Surrett lineage.
Please accept my thanks for placing the family tree on Ancestry.com. My husband and I are grateful for helping us find our lost family.
I have begun adding your information to our family lineage. If you'd like to see the progress and get better acquainted with this branch of the family, go to
Btw, are there any Surrett family reunions for us to go to, so we can become acquainted with family members?
Looking forward to hearing from you, Paul.
Sincerely, Mrs. Sharon Taylor, [email protected]
Wanda Case
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 8:30:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
My name is Wanda Case, and I am from Hendersonville, NC. I am trying to find my information on my 3rd Great Grandmother. Her name was Martha Ann Surrat Condrey, born 4-25-1806 and died 8-11-1862. Her husband's name was Clayburn Condrey. I have no idea where they were from, however, yesterday while I was at the Henderson County Gen. Society working, one of the directors told me that she believes Alexander Surrat to be Martha's Father. She never told me where she got this information. Have you any information on these people? Martha and Clayburn's son David Calvin Condrey and wife Susan G. Brown Condrey are buried in Gramling area (Spartanburg Co., SC.) at the Gramling Methodist Church Cemetery on Hwy. 176. This leads me to believe that I should be looking in Spartanburg Co., SC. Can you help?
Wanda, E-Mail: [email protected]
Wanda, Thanks for the E-Mail,
Sorry, we have no Martha Ann (Surrat) Condrey, born 4-25-1806 and died 8-11-1862. who married Clayburn Condrey., in our data base.
We have no Alexander SURRATT (b. 1781) that could be her father. With Martha Ann marring before 1850 she will not be in a SURRATT Census household. We will add this to oir SFA database. ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Subj: Seret=Saratt=Sarrets=Serrats=Surrats=Surrets
Date: 24 Feb 2002 9:37:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Mr. Sarrett,
A cousin just refered me to your Web Page. As it turns out I am doing a lot of work on this family in Henderson Co and Buncombe Co. [NC.] I have contact with a lot of the family descended from Obidiah WASHINGTON and Polly (Mary Ann) Allison Surrett.
I DO NOT want my address given to Anyone else PLEASE. I have had bad luck with that. BUT I will gladly share info with you and you may feel free to share it with any one. just not my name or address. O.K.?

We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

GLOVER, Alzie/Algie (SURRETT) Mrs.
Date: 22 Jun 2004 1:21:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: William H. Glover - NC, SC, VA, Space??
I'm gonna make one more attempt to locate this ancestor and I'm hoping there may be someone new to the list who might know who his parents were or where he was born. I've been to Henderson Co. Genealogical Society and they have absolutely nothing on him except that he is buried there and was married there. If anyone has run across him (or someone with a similar name), please let me know as I have no idea which direction to look in......
William H. Glover - b 29 Jan 1855, place unknown d 19 Jul 1906, Henderson Co, NC (before they started using death certificates). Married 24 Dec 1877, Henderson Co, NC to
Alz(g)ie Surrett (Surratt)
b. 11/13 Mar 1857, place unknown, NC.
d 25 Jan 1951, age 94yrs, Henderson Co, NC

Children of William H. Glover and Alz(g)ie Surrett (Surratt):
*All children were born and married in Henderson Co, NC
1. John Henry - 13 Jan 1879 - 20 Oct 1945 (married Orgie Isabella Beddingfield)
2. Susan Marie - 14 Sep 1882 - 14 Nov 1967 (married Delmont Edwin Greer)
3. Dovie Gardenia - 18 Apr 1885 - 04 Dec 1974 (married Joe Sephus King)
4. Edward - 04 Sep 1886 - 21 Feb 1962 (married Adele Steadman)
5. Jeff Davis - 03 Jun 1888 - 02 Sep 1974 (married Ethel Jamena Wood)
6. Mary Kathleen - 03 Sep 1892 - 21 Sep 1951 (married William Edwin Young)
7. Robert Lee - 14 Feb 1896 - 08 Jul 1966 (married Ethel Keith)
8. Luther Bryant - 13 Jul 1898 - 22 Dec 1928 (Married Margaret Edomond Greer)
9. Sara Georgenia - 30 Sep 1901 - 15 Mar 1976 (Married Maynard McKinley Hoots)
Thanks a billion, Lisa [email protected]
We can NOT find a Alzie/Algie SURRETT, b. 1857, in NC. that would match this person?
We received info. 28 Apr 2006 on Alisa (SURRETT) GLOVER, that was born in 1859, (at the death of her mother) that married Wm. H. GLOVER, and had 9 Children.
See: Mrs. Alizie (SURRETT) GLOVER SFA Profile!

Subj:Surrett ancestors
Date: 28 Apr 2006 6:18:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Mr.Paul Surrett, I have additional information on William "Bill" Surrett.
The infant listed as the seventh child born was named Alzie Surratt.
Her mother died after childbirth. she was born in 1859 and died in 1951. Buried at Mud Creek Baptist Church in Flat Rock N.C. I have pictures of the grave yard and head stone, I'll try to e-mail if you are interested. She married William Henry Glover December 24th ,1877. Her mother's name was Julia Ann Beddingfield.
William Glover and Alzie had a daughter on Sept 3,1892 Mary Kathleen Glover Who married William Edwin Young December 22,1910. They had 5 children: First born Helen Louise Young April 1,1913. Helen married Louis Otto Roper b Dec 18, 1914 d Apr 29, 1986. He was the 6th son of Kelly Leander Roper and Julia Louise Brookshier. Helen and Louis had three children Charles Louis b.Sept4,1933dFeb12,1996. Married Betty Jean Lowery married June 24,1954. Two children David Christopher, and Me, Wanda Gale Roper Meadows. I have been reschearching my genes for several years.
Wanda Gale Roper Meadows, E-Mail: Wm86vette.aol.com
Thanks for the E-Mail, Wanda
Would love to recieve photo Headstone of Mrs. Alizie (SURRETT) GLOVER,
Do you know anything about Alisie SURRETT's sisters?
1. 1st Dau: Jane/Janie SURRETT, b. c1844, living with Parents in 1850 Census.
3. 2nd Dau: Lucinda/Laura SURRETT, b. c1849, Living with Parents in 1860 Census.
5. 3rd Dau: Susan SURRETT, b. c1852, Living with Parents in 1860 Census.
We have a lot of "Unknown's & Not Traced" on the
See: Wn. "Bill" SURRETT SFA Profile!
See: Mrs. Alizie (SURRETT) GLOVER SFA Profile!
Also See: Lisa above researching this same family. ..prs


Lincoln Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SERATT, Susannah
Dated: Jul 20, 2001
Ancestry.com - North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
County: Lincoln Bond Date: 03 Nov 1803 Record #: 01 003 Bond #: 000070636
Bride: Susannah Seratt
Groom: George Willfong
Bondsman: John Earwood
Witness: John Dickson
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Madison Co., NC.
Denise Mauck
12/31/99 8:24:37 PM Pacific Standard Time
Source: GC-Madison County, NC Query Forum Message #958
Subject: Ducketts in Madison Co. NC
Am looking for Ducketts, Surrett (Surratt), Mauck, Solesbee in Madison County. I know William Greenberry Duckett and his wife Lorena Surrett Duckett are buried in Madison County, NC. I believe around Marshall. Haven't been able to locate info. All help appreciated. Denise Mauck.

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 4:45:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
The News Bulletin of McDowell County, Wednesday July 25, 2001
Patsy Lee (Surratt) Hutchins, a58y, of 6th Street, died Monday, July 23, in The McDowell Hospital. Born [1943] in McDowell County to the late William H. and Nell (Woody) Surratt,
she was a nurse's aide and a member of Trinity Hill Freewill Baptist Church.
Survivors include her husband, Gene A. Hutchins;
two sons, Bryan Hutchins and Steven Hutchins, both of Marion;
two brothers, Jack Surratt and Billy Surratt, both of Marion;
one sister, Barbara (Surratt) Hefner of Spartanburg, SC;

and several nephews and nieces.
The funeral service will be held Wednesday at 2 P.M. in the McCall Memorial Chapel of Kirksey Funeral Home, Marion. The Revs. Jerry McClain and Carl Roland will officiate and burial will be in Trinity Hill Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends Wednesday from 1 until 2 P.M. prior to the funeral service at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to Trinity Hill Freewill Baptist Church. Kirksey Funeral Home is assisting the family.
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Nettie (Surratt) Beachboard
Dated: Nov 23, 2001
Source: [email protected]
Classification: Obituary
Message Board URL #1313
Nettie (Surratt) BEACHBOARD, a90y, of Marion, [McDowell Co., NC] died Friday, November 2, 2001 at her residence. Born October 10, 1911, in South Carolina to the late William F. and Barbara (SARRATT) SURRATT, she was a homemaker and was of the Baptist faith. She is preceded in death by her husband, Oscar BEACHBOARD.
She is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 3 pm on Sunday, November 4, 2001 at Westmoreland Chapel. The Rev. Roger Haley officiated and burial was in McDowell Memorial Park.
The family received friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. Westmoreland Funeral Home assisted the familywith arrangements.
The News Bulletin of McDowell County, Wednesday November 7, 2001 Volume 7 # 45
Would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs
See: Mrs. Nettie L. (Surrett) BEACHBOARD SFA-Profile!
She is the 1st Daughter of See: Wm. Franklin & E. Barbara (Sarratt) SURRETT,

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr/ Lucy (McKinney) SURRATT
Dated: Jan 02, 2002
Source: [email protected]
Surnames: McKinney, Collis, Surratt, Freeman, Hoppes Classification: Obituary
Message Board URL: Message #1469
Lucy (McKinney) Surratt, 96, of Nebo, died Tuesday, December 25, 2001 at McDowell Nursing Center.
Born September 13, 1905 in Mitchell County to the late Briscoe and Esther Collis McKinney, she was a retired Registered Nurse, having worked at Marion General Hospital. She was a member of Turkey Cove Baptist Church. She is preceded in death by her husband, Carl Surratt.
Survivors include a brother, Russell McKinney of Marion;
two sisters: Bernice Freeman of Little Switzerland and
Muriel Hoppes of Nebo;
and a number of nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held at 2:00 pm on Thursday, December 27, 2001 at Westmoreland Chapel. The Revs. Scott Hollifield and Clifford Early officiated and burial was in Collins Cemetery. The family received friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations should be made to Alzheimer's Association WNC Chapter 3 Louisiana Avenue Asheville, NC 28806-3419. Westmoreland Funeral Home assisted the family with arrangements.
The News Bulletin of McDowell County, Wednesday January 2, 2002 Volume 8 # 1

Would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs
See: Mrs. Lucy M. (McKinney) SURRETT SFA-Profile!

Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRATT, Lawson Lewellyn
Dated: 08 Mar 1996
He is the # 7th (4th Son) of 13 Children of James Madison SARRATT, & Mother: Julia Ann LIPSCOMB of presant-day Cherokee Co., SC.
L.L. SARRATT came to Charlotte, Meckenburg Co., as a young man in the late 1870's he was a Grocer Clerk in his future Father-In-Law Richard B. ALEXANDER, where he met & married his wife the 22 year old Miss Banna V. ALEXANDER, on Oct 3rd, 1883.
They raised 4 Children to this Union:
    1 1st Dau: Nellie, *1887-1959 a72yrs m. c1907 Daniel S. CALDWELL, Dr. 4Ch.
    2 1st Son: James Baxter, *1891-1951 a60yrs Never Married, bd San Francisco
    3 2nd Son: Alex. Reed, *1892-1981 a89yrs m. c1917 Jonice HUTCHINSON, 3Ch.
    4 2nd Dau: Elizabeth, c1901- Not Traced!

We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs
ALEXANDER Family, Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Richard Baxter ALEXANDER
(s/o William Franklin & Rebecca Adeline Alexander, of Mecklenburg Co., NC.
b. c1850, d. 1913, age 73yrs, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC.
He married 3 times, first at age 20yrs on 19 Sep 1860, Charlotte, NC. to
20 year old Miss Amanda Cornelia WILSON,
b. c1840, d. c1865, age 25yrs, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC. He married 2nd, age 1864, Charlotte, NC. to
1st Wife Sister: Miss Jane Permilla WILSON,
b. c1835, d. bfr 1901, age 66yrs, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC. He married 3rd time, age 61yrs Charlotte, NC. to
Miss Minnie T. ABERNATHY,
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRATT, Alex. Reed Jr.
Dated: 08 Mar 1996
See: http://www.ibiblio.org/journalism/ncnewspeople.html
Reed Sarratt, a native of Charlotte, [Mecklenburg Co., NC.] and 1937 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC-CH, was managing editor of The Daily Tar Heel. He worked as a reporter and city editor at The Charlotte News before joining the Baltimore Evening Sun in 1946 as an editorial writer. In 1952, he moved to the Winston-Salem Journal and the Twin City Sentinel as editorial page editor, executive editor and then executive assistant to the publisher.
During the 1960s, Sarratt was executive director of the Southern Education Reporting Service in Nashville, Tenn., and director of the journalism project of the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta.
Sarratt was executive director of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and its Foundation. After his death, his family and friends created the Reed Sarratt Lecture Series [See hot link to Reed Sarratt Lecture Series] series in his memory in 1987.
See: Alexander Reed SARRATT, Jr. He was the only son of Alexander Reed "Dewey" SARRATT (1892-1981) and Jonice HUTCHINSON (1893-1942) Interment-Elmwood, Charlotte North Carolina
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Richard "Dick" B. Alexander
SARRATT, Banna (Alexander) Mrs.
1st E-Mail: Dated: Mar 12, 1998, Thur at 1:36 o'clock P.M.
Mecklenburg County, NC Query Forum Msg. # 317
Banna Alexander, born 14 Oct 1861, dod unknown, was a child of his first marriage.
She Married Llewellyn L Sarratt, date unknown. Marriage was probably in Charlotte, NC.
Both she and L.L. Sarratt are mentioned in R. B. ALEXANDER's will when he passed away in 1913.
They had at least three children, some or all adopted. I was able to contact one of the adopted children who said that he had not had any contact with them after he left their home and knew nothing more about them.
Does anyone have a clue as to when and where Banna died, when she married L.L. SARRATT? When he was born and where he died?
Were there any natural children from this marriage? To my knowledge, there were no other surviving children of R.B. ALEXANDER at the time of his death except those from his marriage to Minne T. Abernathy. I recall hearing, when I was a child, about a "Sister Banna" and it is possible that my father had cousins, children of Banna, who lived across the line from Charlotte in South Carolina. In my mind, I associate these cousins with Society Hill, S.C.
Dick Alexander - [email protected] (Old Address 2000)
Ph:(815)227-1169, Fax: (815) 227-1591.
We don't know of any "Adopted" Children, we only know of 4 Children!
See: Lawson L. SARRATT, SFA - Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Source: [SFA-FG #658.002]
2nd E-Mail: Posted: 19 Jan 2000 5:00AM
Ancestry.com Mecklenburg Co., NC. Board, Msg. #1792
I have several dates of the marriage of Banna Viola ALEXANDER with Lawson Llewellyn SARRATT.
All are in the month of October of 1883 - they range from 2 Oct to 16 Oct. 'Tis a puzzlement!
The family bible says 2 Oct but this was written on or after 1901 so it is open to error.
Would appreciate any help.
Dick Alexander, (520) 882-7516 [phone&Fax], Tucson, AZ.
[email protected] (New address)
Seeking Banna & Bettie Alexander
Dated: Posted: 07 Apr 2000 5:00AM
Ancestry.com Surname ALEXANDER Board, Msg. #2455
Searching for any information on BANNA (ALEXANDER) SARRATT (b.1861), and her sister,
BETTIE JANE (b.1864) ALEXANDER of Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Parents were Richard Baxter (1840-1913) & Amanda Cornelia (Wilson) ALEXANDER.
Amanda's parents were Albert & Elizabeth (nee) WILSON.
Children of BANNA and husband Llewellyn L. Sarratt included 1. Nellie, 2. Elizabeth, 3. Reed, 4. Baxter and 5. John SARRATT.
Richard Baxter Alexander is the son of William Franklin & Rebecca Adeline Alexander of Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Thanks for any clues. Mac. (No E-Mail address)
Where did you get the 5th Child John SARRATT, we have no record of Him? See: Lawson L. SARRATT, SFA - Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Source: [SFA-FG #658.003]
Ezra Alexander
ALEXANDER, Banna & Bettie
Dated: 07 Apr 2000, 10:54:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time
GC-ALEXANDER Queries #104
Seeking Banna & Bettie Alexander
Children of BANNA and husband Llewellyn L. Sarratt
included: Nellie, Elizabeth, Reed, Baxter and John SARRATT.
Ezra Alexander, [email protected]
We only have records of only 4 Children? John SARRATT, not encluded!
See: Lawson L. SARRATT, SFA - Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Source: [SFA-FG #658.004]
Annie Skilling
Subject: Family Tree question?
1st E-Mail: Dated: Sent: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:06 pm
Hello there Paul,
I hope this email finds you happy and well.
My name is Annie Skilling and I am searching for a Banna Viola Alexander who I believe married a Lawson Lewellyn Sarrat.
Banna was born I believe about 1861. Her father was Richard Baxter Alexander and her mother was Amanda Cornelia Wilson, who passed away young. Richard Baxter then married Amanda's sister Jane Wilson.
Banna I belive had a sister as well.
Eventually Jane Wilson passed away and Richard Baxter Alexander married a Minnie Tululah Abernethy and had four children.
My grandmother was one of those children.
I had heard stories about sister Banna.
I am hoping you can help me locate Banna.
I appreciate any leads you might have, and can be reached at [email protected] or 707 592 1458. Again, I am Annie Skilling.
Thank you so much! Annie Skilling,
Thanks for your E-Mail!
We have Banna V. ALEXANDER, as wife of Lawson Lewellyn SARRATT
They were married on 02 Oct 1883 Charlotte, Mcklenburg Co., NC.
She was b. 14 Oct 1861, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC. d. 14 Apr 1950, age 88yrs, at home 1320 Elizab St., Charlotte, NC Both are buried Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC.
They had 4 Children born to this Union:
L.L. was a longtime Grocories Merchant in Charlotte, NC.
See more info. on this family at SFA-ID#
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Source: [SFA-FG #658.005]
2nd E-Mail: Dated: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 7:13:53 PM
Dear Paul,
I'm so happy to have this information!
My maternal grandmother's name was Nancy Isobel Alexander. She was the daughter of Richard Baxter Alexander. After Amanda Cornelia passed away, RB married her sister Jane. There were no children from that union, however, after Jane passed away, RB married my great grandmother Minnie Tululah Abernathy.
There were four children from that union... Richard Baxter Alexander Jr., Andrew William Alexander, Adeline Alexander, and Nancy Isobel Alexander.
I have sent out some letters to Sarratts in the Charlotte area trying to find descendants of Banna.
My grandmother referred to her as "Sister Banna" Apparently Banna was very close to her father through the years.
With this information that you emailed to me, I now know who Nellie is.
I have a photograph of Nellie, and of Baxter Sarratt, and of Reed Sarratt as a baby. I would be happy to email them to you if you would like to have them.
I also have a good photograph of Banna Viola Alexander. Just let me know.
I'm so excited to have this information! I can't tell you!
I will continue to search for her descendants.
Would you be one them by any chance?
Thank you so much Paul!
Annie, [email protected]
Sorry, I'm not related to this "branch" You can see my "Connection" at URL: Prsjr - Introduction
I would live to recieves Photos of this branch, I can add them to L.L. SARRATT, SFA-Profile!
I'm still trying to find L.L. SARRATT, Death certificate or photo of Headstone in the Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC.
Attached is the Death Certificate of Banna (Alexander) SARRATT for your info. the Informat was her Daughter Nell (Sarratt) Caldwell. If you find out any more info. on Banna's children let me know.
I can also put a note on the Profile, that you are interested in the Alexander branch., OK? ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Dated: Saturday, September 20, 2008 1:12:50 PM
Attached are Photos!
 Banna Viola Alexander.jpg (24KB) [sc/sarratt/gifiles/fg0658_02.jpg]
 BaxterSarratt.jpg (33KB) [sc/sarratt/gifiles/fg0658_03.jpg]
 JohnAlexanderFathersBrother.jpg (41KB) [sc/sarratt/gifiles/fg0658_04.jpg]
 ReedSarratt.jpg (32KB) [sc/sarratt/gifiles/fg0658_05.jpg]
 ScannedImage006_0024_011.jpg (34KB) [sc/sarratt/gifiles/fg0658_06.jpg]

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Trevor Jacob
Publication September 15, 1998
TREVOR JACOB SURRATT Trevor Jacob Surratt, infant son of Jeff and Amy Surratt of 118 West Westwood Road, Wilmington, [New Hanover Co.] NC, died Sunday, September 13, 1998, in New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Trevor was born on June 4, 1998, in Wilmington, NC. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Joseph Cecil Surratt, and his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Judy Stallings.
He is survived in addition to his parents, by a twin sister,
Amanda Surratt of the home;
a brother, Christopher Surratt of the home;

maternal grandfather, Joe Stallings of Wilmington, NC;
paternal great-grandparents, Clarence and Nellie Carter of Wilmington, NC;
a maternal great-grandmother, Marie Murray of Wallace, NC;
an aunt, Debbie Robertson;
and a special aunt and uncle, Jerry and Jo Ann Painter of Asheboro, NC.
Graveside services will be held 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 16, 1998, in Greenlawn Memorial Park with the Rev. John Misenheimer officiating.
The family will receive friends at their residence between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. Tuesday, September 15, 1998. Coble Ward-Smith Funeral Service, Oleander Chapel, (910) 791-4444. by: MR. GEORGE THOMAS McDOWELL JR.
Joseph Cecil SURRATT, b. 27 Oct 1937 NC. - d. 08 Oct 1982, a45y New Hanover, NC. SSD# 239-54-4111. ...prs
We would like to exchange info. on this family!

Bob Fisher
Jan 18, 2001
Hello, in your Sarratt research have you found any connection to Tinch Carter in the 1700s in Orange County, NC? My ancestor Tinch Carter owned 640 acres adjacent to Samuel Serat on Hico Creek in Orange County, NC. in the year 1755. In 1760 Tinch Carter owned 210 acres on a fork of Double Creek adjacent to Samuel Sirrat. Tinch Carter was married before 1770 and we do not know his wifes maiden name but suspect it was Sarratt. He moved to See: Randolph County, NC. His great grandson was named Tinch Surett Carter. A great grandson was named Serett Carter. Any clue at all would be appreciated. Thank you.
Bob Fisher. email [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail.
This is quite interesting! the SERAT/SARRATT family was in Orange/Pearson Co's during that time period, but I have no "Connection" to the CARTER Family.
If Tinch CARTER, married in abt 1770 his wife would have been born around 1745 (25 year rule)
Which would/could put her in our Samuel SARRATT, Sr. (Same as above) (c1708-1775) and 1st wife Anna Unknown Maiden name. (c1708-1749) our records show they had at least 6 Children, 1 Dau and 5 sons. Married 2nd Miss Honour (Unknown Maiden name) They had one son.
1. 1st. Dau: Rebecca, c1730-1801 a71y m. c1750 Benj. Arendell, Jr. [FG 591
2. 1st. Son: JOSEPH,3 c1732-1801 a69y m. c1754 Miss Anna Unknown, [FG 568
3. 2nd. Son: Abraham,1 c1737-1784 a47y m. c1762 Wife Unknown, [FG 2139
4. 2nd. Son: ALLEN,1 c1740-1810 a70y m. c1765 Keshia SUCREE, 11Ch. [FG 2548
5. 3rd. Son: Samuel,2 c1742-1805 a63y m. c1759 Miss Elizabeth Unknown
6. 4th. Son: RICHARD,1 c1743-1784 a41y m. c1775 Miss Frances Unknown, 2Ch [FG 689
6. 5th. Son: THOMAS,1; c1750-1895 a55y m. c1769 Wife Unknown, 10Ch. [FG 540
For more Information on this family, check out URL: Samuel,1 SARRATT, Sr. ...prs

Subj: Re: Sarratt Family
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 8:41:03 AM Eastern Standard Time

Thank you for the Sarratt information. I have just returned from a short trip and will need some time to go over this data and compare it to my Carter genealogy. There are three Tinch Carter names which I think are father, son and grandson. The last of which was born about 1777 in Randolph County, NC where his father owned land in the far south east corner of the county bordering Montgomery County. Tinch was married about 1797 in Montgomery County, NC to Sarah Gibson and they lived there the rest of their lives except for three years in Indiana then returning to Montgomery Co. NC. If I come up with any new information I will get back to you.
Thanks. Bob Fisher.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Date: 26 Jul 2002 9:59:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [McGee] Walter McGee
I am looking for the parents of Walter McGee born 1801, Orange Co.,NC who married Sarah Hunt and later Mrs. Mary (Surratt) Shupe. I have documented his descendents, but can't find his parents. Some online sources say his father was George, but the birthdate doesn't make sense (doubt he was a father under age 11). If anyone wants descendents for Walter, I can help.
Jan [email protected]
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs


C. "Warren" Zibelin
Subj: Zibelin Family Genealogy
1st E-Mail: Dated: 10 Jun 2002 12:04:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time<
CC: [email protected], Sallydel
Attached: File: Zibelin Geneology.doc (26624 bytes) DL Time (57600 bps): < 1 minute
Paul, I ran across your Sarrett Family Genealogy on line and found it interesting, since I am in the process of doing one for the Zibelin family.
For your information, I've attached a copy of what I have done thus far. I've still got slips of paper, shadings of tombstones and notes written on everything from napkins to business cards of the children of the great aunts and uncles attached, that I have yet to get around to adding.
You will note that Laura Eugenia Sarratt had eight children instead of seven. I, also, find it interesting that I not only have a Great Grandfather who fought for the North, but now find (after reading your Family Group Sheet) that I have a Great Great Grandfather who was killed while fighting for the South.
The family story goes, that John Jacob Zibelin met Laura Eugenia Sarratt working in a hospital for wounded southern soldiers and to show is Yankee contempt, he intentionally knocked over a pile of clean linens she was folding and she slapped the pudding out of him. Evidently, they hit it off since they got married on August 23, 1864.
By the way, I'm the son of Cedric Vollers Zibelin (91) and grand son of Charles Henry Zibelin Sr. I would find it interesting conversing with any of the Sarratts/Kilpatricks.
C. Warren Zibelin, 2636 S. Whitestone Drive, Florence, S. Carolina 29505; 843 662 3235 E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, Warren
I have added/corrected your ZIBELIN information to the SFA Family Profile!
See: A.A. SARRATT Profile!
See: Mrs. Laura E. (Sarratt) ZIBELIN, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 23 May 2004 9:45:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:Photo of John Jacob & Laura E. Surratt Zibelin Tombstone
Attached File: Pattie Minor Zibelin Smith & Capt John Jacob Zibelin.doc (50688 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute
Paul, I noticed on your Website you were looking for a photo of the tombstone for John Jacob and Laura Eugenia Surratt Zibelin. You will find it attached along with a photo of John Jacob sitting beside, who I believe is his daugher, Pattie Minor Zibelin.
He lived with she and her husband until is death. If you can't read the wording on the stone, it reads as follows:
Rock of Ages Mamma & Papa Capt. J. Zibelin Died Sept 12, 1913 Age 86 yrs His Wife Laura E. Zibelin Died May 1, 1886 Age 42 yrs
[email protected]
Thanks Warren

See: SFA-REF:#003]
Anna Long
Subject: I am the daughter of Nathaniel Winsor Long
Dated: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 4:51 PM
Theresa Zieblin was the daughter of Laura Eugenia SARRATT
The Granddaughter of Thomas Bryant Long and Theresa Zieblin
I did not know a single relative on my father's side of the family and am interested in possibly getting in touch with my relatives.
Can you tell me where you fit into my family tree?
Thank you. Anna Long [email protected]
By the way, Nate Long (deceased) was married to Tomasa Chavez (living) and they had 6 children (all living):
Thomas Winsor Long Phillip Myron Long John Gary Long Sheryl Anna Long (aka Anna) Susan Rebecca Long Christina Victoria Long
Thanks for the E-Mail Anna
You can see more info. on your branch at URL:
Mrs Theresa (Zibelin) LONG, SFA-Profile!
Rootsweb.com Worldconnect ID.#7273
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs


Martha Bradsher Spencer
Bradsher/Sarratt Famliy
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 10:27:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
I've spent the evening looking at Bradsher entries at rootsweb's worldconnect project and came across your Unice Bradsher/Elisha Saratt. This gives me some information about her children that I did not have. I have a lot of information about her family if you are interested. My information may be found at:
The correct name of the county where they were born is Person County.
Martha Bradsher Spencer, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail!
Thanks for correcting spelling of Person County!
I see by your worldconnect site, that you don't have Eunice/Unice Bradsher (c1779-1806) m. 01 Jan 1797 to Elisha SARRATT Do you know who her parents are?
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Larry Foster
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 8:49:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: BROADAWAY of Dorset, Eng, Delaware, NC, and TN
[email protected] wrote:
My family goes back to Jesse Broadaway who married Unity Serratt about 1800 in North Carolina and moved to Tennessee. My GGGrandfather was Yancy Broadaway who moved to Arkansas in 1841 as a pioneer setler just West of what is now Jonesboro. Going back from Jesse to Swanage Broadaways is vague, but indications are that his Father was John and that he came to NC from Maryland, Virginia or Delaware before1800 and probably after the Revolution.
I am leaning toward his being a decendent of Nicholas Broadaway who came from Swanage around 1650 but this is not for certain. Larry McCoy in the Huntsville area has a good Website for many of the Broadaways back to the above mentioned persons.
I once exchanged email with a Bob Broadway in Swanage via their website, butdid not follow up in the past two years. Also exchanged email with a Mrs Aiken(SP) near Springfield MO and Pat Priest Hacker in Michigan and the had considerable data on the Broadaway line.
Hello Cousin,
Your Jesse BROADAWAY is the oldest brother of my GGG Grandmother, Sarah "Sally" BROADAWAY. I can help you take it back four more generations. Some of my info is from, Pat HACKER.
Larry Foster, [email protected]
We believe Unity SERRATT, [FG 2343]
b. c1768, old Orange Co. (presant-day Pearson Co., NC)
(2nd d/o See: Joseph,3 & Mary SARRATT of Prince George's Co., MD. [FG 568]
(Gd/o Samuel,1 & Anna SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD. [FG 9]
(GGd/o Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT of France (The American Progenitor!)
At age 31y she married on 10 Dec 1799, in Person Co., NC. to Jesse BROADWAY.
Would like information on her children! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Jul 20, 2001
Ancestry.com - North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Bond Date: 03 Sep 1794 County: Person Record #: 01 015 Bond #: 000106767
Bride: Marey Seratt [2nd d/o Joseph,3 & Mary ..prs]
Groom: David Brechen
Bondsman: John Sarrett [Mary's Brother ..prs]
Witness: J Womack
See: Joseph,3 SARRATT Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs


UNION Co., NC. Monroe, NC. 28110
Pam Surrett
Whitson Surratt's third son William (b.11 Oct 1861)
1st E-Mail: Dated: Monday, Dec 1, 2008 7:46:43 AM
Hi Paul,
I am doing research on my Dad's Surratt family and find that you do not have listed the descendents of William Crawford Surratt (11 Oct 1861 - 8 Mar 1932) son of Whitson Surratt (1827 - 1865).
If you are interested, I have some of William's descendents information. I was also sent a copy of William's marriage license (m. Elsie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jackson) by Julie Hampton Ganis who maintains a Union county, NC genealogy website (rootsweb).
The license shows William's parents as Whitson Surratt (deceased by 1882) and M. N. Surratt (living) who would have been Nancy M. Loflin/Loftin.
I believe the person who filled in the marriage certificate simply reversed the letters N M and M N.
I also wish to express my thanks for all the hard work you have obviously done over the years on your website.
Have a nice Christmas!
Pam Surrett, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail & kindwords. It's people like you that help us keep our records straight.
We don't think your Wm. C. SURRATT is of the Davidson Co., SURRATT, but of the Buncombe/Henderson SURRETTS
The See: Wm. C. SURRATT of Whitson H. & Nancy M. LOFLIN is: General William Clark SURRATT, (a.k.a. "Wm. Clark", "Wm. C." & "G.W.C.") (2nd s/o Whitson H. SURRATT & Mother: Nancy M. LOFLIN)
We think your See: Wm. C. SURRATT is 2nd s/o Wm.,17 SURRETT & 1st Wife: Julie Ann (BEDDINGFIELD)
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Monday, Dec 1, 2008 8:04:56 PM
Surratt-Jackson_Marriage_License.jpg (90KB)
Surratt-Jackson_Marriage_License.jpg (1093KB)
Hi Paul (?)
Thank you for the quick reply. I wasn't sure if anyone was still "at the helm". : )
According to the marriage certificate for William Crawford Surratt and Elsie Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jackson, his parents are Winston Surratt and M.N. Surratt (whom I believe to be Nancy M with the initials reversed) and Elizabeth's parents are Gaston Jackson and Charlotte Jackson. I am going to send it as an attachment. Please have a look at the certificate and let me know what you think.
I noticed you have on your website your William C was married b1874 but the marriage certificate shows a marriage date of 1882. Also, the children you have listed don't seem to match the children I have found. I am thoroughly confused at this point. I hope we can figure this out. If you would like to see my documentation, I would be glad to invite you to see my tree at ancestry. Just let me know and I will send you an invitation.
Thanks again!
pam E-Mail: [email protected]
p.s. I have embedded a copy of the marriage license as well as sending an attachment. I never know if I am doing this right ; )
Thanks for the 1882 Marriage License, this in no doubt makes Wm. Crawford SURRATT, the 3rd Son of Whitson H. SURRATT & Nansy M. LOFTIN!!!!
We are Wrong!, we will start correction our records to be as accurate to yours.
We would love to have acces to your Ancestry.com "Family Tree" and would like to use you as on of our SFA-Sources...prs

3rd E-Mail: Wednesday, Dec 3, 2008 6:56:39 PM
Dear Paul Sarrett,
Iíve just added you to our family tree, Our Family Tree, on Ancestry.com, a place where we can learn more about our history and share what we discover, together. You can view and print this family tree as well as historical records, images, stories, etc. that are attached to it. You can also participate by:
Commenting on people, images or stories Adding photos or stories Our family tree already has 541 people, 20 photos, 1 story and 697 historical records. Come check it out.
Hope you enjoy our tree,
Pam Surrett, E-Mail: [email protected]

 Pam is our [SFA-REF:#002]

Dated: Sat Oct 16 1999 21:04:37
Rootsweb GEDCOM ID: I3620
Brent Campbell HILLEARY s/o William Campbell HILLEARY & Mother: Evelyon Marie VANDERPOOL
Married to Miss Margaret "Meg" Virginia SURRATT
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Victor Cruz
Dated: Thursday, December 07, 2000
FamilyHistory.com Message #129
Subject: Surratt Family in N.C.
Message: Hi! I had asked about Surratt's in North Carolina... I don't know who your father is so I don't know if he could be family. My great-aunt Clara (Surratt) Hunter lives in Belmont [Gaston Co.] North Carolina... and I also have family in Charolette...so you might be family.
I am a Surratt from my mom side of the family.
My Grandfather Paul H. Surratt was born and raised in N.C.
If you can be of help in answering my question or finding out if were family...
e-mail me back at [email protected]
If you can give us more info. we might be able to help locating your SFA Family. ...prs

SURRATT, North Carolina
Dated: May 11, 2001
I hear you have alot of information on the Surratt family. would this happen to be the Surratts from NC? If so do you mind giving me a history lesson? Thanks
CLARISSA L JOHNSON E-Mail: [email protected]
Clarissa, Thanks for the E-Mail,
We have several thousand SFA in North Carolina Most of my connection to the SURRATT/SARRATT family, NC can be seen on Rootsweb World-Connection
See: SFA - Family T.O.Contents.
See: SFA - GEDCOM On-Line!

See: Randolph Co., NC.

Rockingham Co., NC.
Glenna Prather
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 9:14:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Hello all:
I am new to this list. I have been researching an Andrew Hall who lived in the Guilfor/Rockingham county area. I have a feeling that he is the father of my great grandfather, Amos W. Hall, who was born in Rockingham County about 1801. There was an Andrew Hall in Rockingham County census in 1790 and 1800; he was the only Hall there in those years. An Andrew Hall (believed to be the same person) was listed in several deed records of Guilford from the 1770s through the 1780s. Also an Andrew Hall is mentioned with a Mary Hall (maiden name Sarratt (Starrett) in some records. Does anyone on this list have knowledge of these people or are researching them? Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you, Glenna Prather Waxahachie, TX
Rutherford Co., NC. (See also Cleveland Co.)
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Jul 20, 2001
Ancestry.com - North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
County: Rutherford Bond Date: 12 Jul 1813 Record #: 01 092 Bond #: 000133441
Bride: Polly Seratt
Groom: James Fortenbury
Bondsman: D Lyles
Witness: James Morris, D
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
John Wunsche
WILSON, Charles C.
Date: 29 Dec 2000 9:26:32 AM Pacific Standard Time
where did you get the info on Charles Crayton Wilson being buried in sweetwater...he died there during the war but has a stone in Coopers Gap, N.C. Is there more to the story??? why does his stone say he died in the war and you have him years later???? I know I have the right Charles C Wilson as my family line through Thomas Nesbit Wilson....please let me know any info you have and contacts on this side.
Charles Crayton WILSON, [SFA-FG 2082] 2nd s/o Thomas,1 & Mary A. (SIMMONS) WILSON [SFA-FG 2081]
Grandson of Sarratt & Nancy (ELLIS) WILSON. [SFA-Fg 153]
dates came from: See: [REF:#90, Pg 5,6. and "The BOLICH Family Genealogy, 1998 ...prs

A.S. Wilson
WILSON, Sarratt
Date: 20 Aug 2002 5:49:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: genealogy please help
need to find the parents of sarratt wilson I.D. 1620 title guu married nancy ellis i belive it will be a wilson man marring a surratt lady ha ha, please help if can
e.mail [email protected] sincere thanks
We do not have the parents of Sarratt "Guy" WILSON, [SFA-FG 153] b. c1766 old Rutherford Co. (now Cleveland Co.)
m. c1791, Rutherford Co., NC. to Miss Nancy ELLIS;
(d/o James ELLIS, Sr. & Mother: Margaret HOPPER)
They had at least 4 Children born to this Union:
1. 1st Dau: Nancy, Jr. b. c1791
2. 1st Son: Ephriam, b. c1793 3. 2nd Son: Thomas, *1797-1854 a56y m. *1828 Mary A. SIMMONS,
4. 2nd Dau: Kizzie, b. c1799
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs

Rowan Co., NC.
Karylon Russell
Date: 29 Sep 1999 8:46:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I am interested in what you know about the SERRATT females who married into the DAVIS family in Rowan Co.NC.
I am especially interested in the Edward Davis marraige, although I suspect these Davis men are all brothers, or at least first cousins.
Mrs. Kizzy (SERRATT) DAVIS MAY have died early, possibly during childbirth, as there is another marriage recorded for Edward Davis to Rachel Williams 1-18-1797. ANY help would be appreciated.
Karylon A. Russell, [email protected]
Box 823, Llano, TX 78643 [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail on the DAVIS/SARRATT's of Rowan Co., NC.
My Information comes from the [REF:#90] SURRATT Families, by Laura & Norman SURRATT, Pub. 1980 (Pg. 48 & 143)
Rachel & Kizzy were daughters of Allen & Keshia (SUCREE) SARRATT
Mrs. Honour (Unk) SARRATT, was 1st) m. c1749 to Samuel,1 SARRATT after Samuel,1 d. in c1775, she m. 2nd 06 Jun 1785 to James FRASER.
Do you have any Info. on a Mary "Polly" (DAVIS) PORTER, b. c1785, NC. that m. 05 Sep. 1826, Davisdson (old Rowan) as 2nd wife to to John,4 SARRATT?
Would like to Exchange Info. on these families! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SERATT, Honnour Mrs.
Dated: Jul 20, 2001
Ancestry.com - North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
County: Rowan Bond Date: 06 Jun 1785 Record #: 01 139 Bond #: 000124892
Bride: Honnour Seratt
Groom: James Fraser
Bondsman: Darby Henley
Witness: Hu Magoune
See: Samuel,1 SARRATT Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs


Stanley Co., NC. County Seat: Albemarle, NC. 28001
Charles Spencer Surratt
SURRATT, Charles Spencer
Date: 09 Oct 2002 6:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time
My father was Arlie Ingram Surratt
Twin of Charlie Surratt
Looking to see if can find His Father
His mother was a BOYSWORTH
Spencer Surratt, [email protected]
We have your Father as Ninth Generation SFA-ID#
See: Arlie Ingram SURRATT, (1912-2000 a88yrs SFA-Profile!
He is the 3rd son of Charles H. SURRATT & Laura Jane BASWELL/BARWARTH/BOSWORTH (We have seen various spellings) He was a "Twin" to Charlie SURRATT, (1912-1919, age 7yrs) d. of "Meningitis" We would like to exchange info. on this family ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 11 Oct. 2002 4:49:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Arlie Surratt b.01 Oct 1912 D. 01 Feb Stanley County ssd# 242 03 7375-NC was my Father
Had 3 sons
Larry Ingram Surratt (Deceased)
Charles Spencer Surratt .. Greensboro, N.C. (me)
Tommy Neil Surrat...Albemarle, N.C.
1 Daughter
Elizabeth Dianne Surratt ( Archer)..Albemarle, N.C.
Hope this helps
Thanks Charles Spencer Surratt, [email protected]

Surry Co., NC.

Some Surry Co., NC. Marriages  
 Groom  m. Date  Bride  Bond #  Bondsman
  DICKENS, Bedford  N/ -N/A -1816   SURRATT, Alicey E.  N/A  Not Found
  SURRAT, Joseph M.  27 -Aug -1828   SLATER, Elizabeth  147742  Hampton HUDSON
  SERAT, Wiley  23 -Nov -1829   COLETRAIN, Hannah A.  147743  James SPENCER
  SURRATT, John T.  27 -Feb -1830   COMBS, Nancy  147745  Wm. Carter, Jr.
  BOND, Pleasant Blansett  14 -Jun -1837   MATNEY, Nancy  001017  Vinson SURRATT
  SURRATT, Vinson  29 -Mar -1838   McMILLAN, Tempy  147744  Joseph McMILLAN

Swain Co., NC.
SURRATT, Charley
Date: 01 Sep 2002 1:29:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time
i very much would like to share inf do youhave any inf on a charley surratt english name stewart or steward as being his indian name his daughter is my great grand mother thank you Jean, [email protected]
You didn't give us enough information to see if Charly SURRATT id in our records. What County, State did he live in? Do you have a "Time-Frame" b. m. d. dates? What was Wife and your Gr-Grandmother siblings names? ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 04 Sep 2002 4:38:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time
my great grandmother name is canzada (SURRATT) womble her children: maydell, anna, joe james, david, sula, mary. charles, her father name charley surratt-steward mother mary jane steward ,cherokee, [Swain Co.] .n,c children richard, henry, canzada, i can get you a little more inf if you need it thank you.
Jean, [email protected]
Sorry, we have no SURRATT's in Swain Co., NC. from 1790 to 1920. Most of our records are before 1920. ...prs

Translyvania Co., NC.
Blanch Surrette
Surrett & Allison family buried Translyvania Co
Date: January 05, 2001 at 07:12:03
Regional: U.S. States: North Carolina: Transylvania County Message # 130
Does anyone have the phone number for the Enon Cem on Hwy 64 in Translvania Co? I am searching for the grave of Mary Allison Surrett b 1800 d 1885 and I know David and Rebecca Allison Surrett are buried in the Enon Cem. and since Rebecca was her sister I am hoping she is also.
Thanksb Blanche Surrette, [email protected]
No followups yet
What "proof" do you have (Photos?) that David A. & Rebecca C. (ALLISON) SURRETT are buried in Enon Cemetery, Translyvania Co., NC.
We would love to have photos of headstones for David A. SURRETT SFA-Profile! ...prs


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