Peter,1 MORGAN, c1789-1851
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Peter,1 MORGAN, c1769-1851 SC.

Fourth Generation!
Peter,1 MORGAN [SFA#385; FG 97]
(4th Son of Anthony,3 & Mary (WILSON?) MORGAN of VA & York Co., SC) [FG 98]
(Gs/o Anthony,2 & Anna (DUNCAN) MORGAN, of Farnham Parish, VA. [FG 595]
(GGs/o Anthony,1 & Elizabeth (TAYLOR) MORGAN of Bristol Parish, VA [FG 593]
b. c1769, Brunswick Co., VA.;
d. bfr 15 Sep. 1851 age 82, York Co., SC.; (W&T REF:#2)
Buried Location Unknown; (to me) York Co., SC.
At a 26y he married bfr 1795 in York Co., SC. to the
26 year old Miss "Noal" DAFFRON; [REF: #7]
(d/o Michael DAFFRON and Wife Unknown) [REF:#155]
b. abt 1769, in Randolph; Co., NC.
d. Unknown date, in York Co., SC.; (No Proof)
Buried Location Unknown; (to me) York Co., SC.
  They had at least 10 Children born to this Union: [REF:#001]
Rank Click on Name for more Info. b. - d. Married Ch.
 1. 1st Son:  John,2 MORGAN,  c1795-18??  m. 1st c1816 Wife Unknown (to me)  2Ch.
" " "  m. 2nd c1834 Louisa A. SARRATT,  fg 103
 2. 1st Dau:  M. "Polly" MORGAN,  *1796-1868 a72y  m. 1st c1818 Thomas CAMP,   6Ch.
" " "  m. 2nd *1848 Rev. Stephen WILLIAMS,   0Ch.
 3. 2nd Dau:  Unknown MORGAN,  c1797-1810 a13y  Not in 1810 Census!  
 4. 2nd Son:  Anthony,4 MORGAN,  c1799-18??  m. c1830 Wife Unknown (to me)  fg 108
 5. 3rd Son:  Spencer G. MORGAN,  c1802-1869 a67y  m. 1st c1835 Rutha M. (Unk. to me)  fg 114
" " "  m 2nd *1861 S. A. McQUIRE  
" " "  m. 3rd *1866 Millie A. STAPP,  
 6. 4th Son:  Elias,2 MORGAN,  1804-1881 a76y  m. c1832 Delilah GILMORE,  fg 110
 7. 3rd Dau:  Delilah A. MORGAN,  c1807-18??  m. *1828 Samuel R. LISTER,  fg 109
 8. 4th Dau:  Louisa,1 MORGAN,  c1813-19??  m. c1838 Wm. C. GRIFFIN,  fg 1040
 9. 5th Son:  Samuel G. MORGAN,  c1815-1857 a42y  m. c1841 Martha L. Unknown (to me)  fg 111
 10. 5th Dau:  Narcissa A. MORGAN,  *1817-18??  m. *1828 Noah H. DAFFRON,  fg 118
In the 1790 Census for York Co., Peter age 21, can be identified living with his "Widowed" father Anthony3 MORGAN See [1790 Census, York Co., M-637, Reel 011, Pg. 028, F.G. 2-1-0-0-00] H/H Anthony MORGAN, b. c1738 age 52 (16 Over Free Male) Peter MORGAN, b. c1769 age 21 (16 Over Free Male) Male (Under 16 Free Male) A Peter MORGAN & family can be Identified in the 1800 Census for York Co., SC (Brother's John1 & Samuel were living on the same page ..prs) [1800 Census, York Co., M-32, Reel 049, Pg 966 F.G. 20110-20101-00] H/H Peter Morgan, age 31 b. 1769 (26 to 45) Wife: Noal (DAFFRON), age b. (45 Over) Female age b. (16 to 26) Male age b. (16 to 26) Female age b. (10 Under) Female age b. (10 Under) Male age b. (10 Under) Male age b. (10 Under) Our Peter MORGAN Family 1800 Census 1. 1st Son: John, age 05 b. c1795 2. 1st Dau: M. Polly, age 04 b. c1796 3. 2nd Dau: Unknown, age 03 b. c1797 4. 2nd Son: Anthony4, age 01 b. c1799 A Peter MORGAN & family can be Identified in the 1810 Census for York Co., SC (Brother's John1 & Samuel were living on the same page ..prs) [1810 Census, York Co., M-252, Reel 061, Pg 259 F.G. Need Record!] H/H Peter Morgan, age 41 b. 1769 Wife: Noal (DAFFRON), age b. A Peter MORGAN & family can be Identified in the 1820 Census for York Co., SC does not match enumerator numbers. ..prs [1820 Census, York Co., M-33, Reel 121, Pg 170 F.G. 120201-21110] Our Family--------->111101-21001] H/H Peter Morgan, age 51 b. 1769 (45 Over) Wife: Noal (DAFFRON), age 51 b. 1769 (26 to 45) <--Note age! 4. 2nd Son: Anthony4 age 21 b. c1799 m. c1830 Wife Unknown (to me) 5. 3rd Son: Spencer G. age 16 b. c1804 m. 1) c1835 Rutha M. (Unk. to me) 6. 3rd Dau: Delilah A. age 13 b. c1807 m. *1828 Samuel R. LISTER 7. 4th Son: Elias, 2 age 11 b. c1809 m c1832 Delilah GILMORE 8. 4th Dau: Louisa age 7 b. c1813 m. c1838 Wm. C. GRIFFIN 9. 5th Son: Samuel G. age 5 b. c1815 m. c1841 Martha L. Unknown (to me) 10. 5th Dau: Narcissa A. age 3 b. c1817 m. *1828 Noah H. DAFFRON [Not living in the 1820 Family Unit] 1. 1st Son: John2 age 25 b. c1795 m. 1) c1820 Wife Unknown (to me) 2. 1st Dau: M. Polly" age 24 b. c1796 m. 1) c1818 Thomas CAMP
  In [REF:#002] N. Dale MORGAN, 1987 Writes:
Peter MORGON farmed on land south of Kings Mountain, between Buffalo Creek and Broad River. He lived a long life there.
Several of Peter & (DAFFRON) MORGAN children migrated to Alabama.
First was his daughter 2. 1st Dau: Mary, with her husband, Thomas Camp, accompanying them was her sister Delilah MORGAN.
Delilah married in 1828 to Samuel R. Lister in St. Clair County, Alabama.
Then came 9. 5th Son Samuel G. & 5. 3rd Son Spencer G. [bfr 1850] 7. 4th Son: Elias, & 4. 2nd Son: Anthony, 8. 4th Dau: Louisa, and 10 5th Dau: Narcissa Adeline.
Elias and Anthony settled in other counties of Alabama.
Finally son 1. 1st Son: John came to Alabama after the death of father Peter in 1851.
Of the later bunch, Samuel, Spencer and Narcissa settled in St. Clair County, AL.
Written June 05, 1849,     Probated Sep. 25, 1851,     
State of South Carolina, York District
In the name of God Amen. I, Peter Morgain of the state & District before mentioned being infirm in body & of a good old age, but of sound & disposing mind and memory, do hereby, constitute, and appoint the following, my last will and Testiment in Maner and form following: To Wit.

Firstly; I will and bequeath that my Executors herein after appointed, shall as soon after my death as may be convienient, pay all my Just debts.
Secondly; I will and bequeath that my Executors, (and soon after my demise, as may be consistant with the best interest of my Estate), shall sell all my property of every discription both real and personal, at publice auction, on a credit of Twelve months, and they are hereby authorised & directed to make good & sufficient titles for the same and then my Executors shall collect the monies due me, from all other sources, and have paid all my just debts, as above directed, they, shall divid the whole balance constituing the neat amount of my whole Estate both real & personal Equally between my nine children, share and share alike; namely Equally between my children:
1. Mary Morgan, the wife of Thomas Camp,
2. John Morgan,
3. Anthony Morgan,
4. Delilah Morgan, the wife of Samul Lister.
5. Elias Morgan,
6. Spencer Morgan,
7. Louisa Morgan, the wife of Wm. Griffin,
8. Samuel Morgan and
9. Adeline Morgan, the wife of Noah Daffin.
but I will and bequeth, that my Executors in dividing my whole Estate, amonst my children above named, shall so divide, my Estate among them, as to Justly & Equitably, Equalliee amongst all my said children, all advancement made by me, or on my account during my life to them.
Thirdly; I also will and bequeath that my Executors in paying out the legatees, shall pay of John Morgan; and she the said wife of John Morgan (Luisa A. Morgan) shall hold the said share for the children of John Morgan, and She shall permit the said John Morgan to receive an (sic) enjoy the profits of said share during the Joint lives of herself & the said John Morgan, thenthe saidshare, be the same "choses in action," or property Either real or personal shall go absolutely and unconditionally to the children of the said John Morgan, and it is my Express will and bequeth (sic), that my Executors so arrang, and convey this share, in that, to the wife of John Morgan, for the children of the said John Morgan that the present or future creditors of the said John Morgan, shall not, be able to reach it for the (illegible) of the (illegible) of the said John Morgan.
Forthly; I will and bequeth that my Granddaughter, Vinee, the wife of Hiram Mayner, shall not receive any part of my Estate;
Fifthly; I will and bequeth that the share of my daughter Luisa, the wife of Wm. Griffin shall go to (illegible) during her natural life and at her death to her children, and in default of children living at the time of her death then absolutely to her brothers and sisters in fee share and share alike.
Sixthly; I will and bequeth, that the share of my daughter, Adeline the wife of Noah Daffin, shall go to her during her natural lfe, and at her death to her children abosolutely.
Seventhly; I hereby constitute my two sons John Morgan and Elias Morgan, the executors of this Will.
hearen under my hand & seal this 5th June 1849.
Peter X Morgan (Seal)

Signed, sealed and declared in presence of:
    W. C. Black
    L. Nance and
 T. M. White
[Source: Will Book "3" P-240
Case No. 16 File No. 1584
Probate Records of York Co.., SC.
Fifth Generation! 1. John,2 MORGAN (1st s/o Peter,1 MORGAN & Mother: Noal DAFFRON) b. c1795, York Dist., SC. d. Unknown, St Clair Co., AL. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) SC. He married twice, first age 21yrs, in York Dist., SC. to Wife Unknown b. c1794, York Dist., SC. d. bfr 1834, age 40yrs, York Dist., SC. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) SC. They had 2 Children born to this 1st Union: [SFA-FG 1034] FIRST MARRIAGE: c1816 SC Wife Unknown, 2Ch. 1.1 1st Son: Unknown MORGAN, b. c1816, York Co., SC. 1.2 2nd Son: Unknown MORGAN, b. c1818, York Co., SC. 2. Mary "Polly" MORGAN [SFA-FG 99, 100] (1st d/o Peter,1 MORGAN & Mother: Noal DAFFRON) b. 27 Jan 1796, York Dist., SC. d. 08 Aug 1868, age 72yrs St Clair Co., AL. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) AL. She married twice, first age 22yrs, in home of Parents, York Dist., SC. to 37 year olf Thomas CAMP (s/o William CAMP & Mother: Rebecca WOFFORD) b. c1781, old Rutherford Co., NC. d. c1837, age 56yrs, St Clair Co., AL. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) AL. They had 6 Children born to this 1st Union: (All born in York Dist., SC.) After the death of her 1st Husband, age 52yrs, she married 2nd on 05 Dec. 1848, St Clair Co., AL. to Rev. Stephen WILLIAMS, Not Traced! FIRST MARRIAGE: c1818 Thomas CAMP, 6Ch. (All born in York Dist., SC.) 2.1 1st Son: Saul,3 CAMP, c1818- Not Traced! 2.2 1st Dau: Dowager CAMP, c1820-1890 a70y m. *1842 James ASHCRAFT, 2.3 2nd Son: George CAMP, c1822-1856 a34y Never Married? 2.4 2nd Dau: Nancy E. CAMP, c1824- m. *1854 1st Samiel ESTES, m. *1869 2nd John A. JOHNSON, 2.5 3rd Dau: M. Polly CAMP, c1826- Not Traced! 2.6 3rd Son: Wm. S. CAMP, c1827-1863 a36y m. *1848 Mary FRAZIER, SECOND MARRIAGE: *1848, Rev. Stephen WILLUAMS, 0Ch. No Issue! 3. unknown MORGAN (2nd d/o Peter,1 MORGAN & Mother: Noal DAFFRON) b. __ ___ 1797, York Dist., SC. Was age 3yrs living with Parents in See: 1800 Census, York Dist., SC.
  Source and Reference:
 [REF:#000]   Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.   [email protected]
Sarrett/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)
 [REF:#001]   N. Dale Morgan   [email protected]
Livied 117 Verna Lane; Grants Pass, Oregon 97527-9040; Phone 541-476-7681.
Various corespondence ftom Mar. 27, 1993 to 2000
dec'd Saturday Feb. 15, 2003, age 66yrs. Buried: Eagle Point National Cemetery, Medford, OR.
 [REF:#002]   Probate Bk.   Will of Peter Morgan, Probate Records of York Co., SC.
 [REF:#003]   Rev. J.D. Bailey,   "Commanders at Kings Mtn." Pg 310
 [REF:#005]      REF: #5 Notes from:
N. Dale Morgan;
Elene Kottal;
Roma Lenehan;
Delores Henderson
& Wm. Zickgraf.
 [REF:#006]   Catherine Mann   "Camp/Kemp Family" , Vol. I, Pg 221
 [REF:#007]   Chuck W. Hite   [email protected]
Wife Noal Daffron as per AOL [email protected]
(Chuck W. Hite) to this writer Aug. 15, 1995; 1995-2000 E-Mails
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