Isaac "Enoch" Sarrett, 1879-1957
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Isaac "Enoch" Sarrett, 1879-1957
Eighth Generation!
Photo of I. Enoch SARRETT - Click Isaac "Enoch" SARRETT; 1/8 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) [SFA-ID#]
 7th Gen: (6th s/o Samuel H. SARRETT & Martha Ann ATCHLEY of Sevier Co., TN., "Civil War Soldier, USA"
 6th Gen: (1Gs/o...JAMES D. SARRETT & Mrs. Fannie (WATERS) HAGGARD, "Poor Tobacco Farmer"
 5th Gen: (2Gs/o...TYRE SARRETT & Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SARRETT of Cherokee Nation East
 4th Gen: (3Gs/o...ALLEN,2 SARRETT & ELIZABETH (Unknown) "The American Revolution Soldier"
 3rd Gen: (4Gs/o...SAMUEL,2 SARRATT & ELIZABETH Unk., of Prince George's Co., MD. "Large Plantion Owner"
 2nd Gen: (5Gs/o...SAMUEL,1 SARRATT & ANNA Unknown, of Prince George's Co., MD., "Large Plantion Owner"
 1st Gen: (6Gs/o...Joseph,1 SARRATT & Katherine Unknown, of France, "The American Progenitor!"
b. on Fri, 10 Oct. 1879, in Sevier Co., Tennessee;
d. on Thur., 19 Dec. 1957, age 78yrs, 2mth, & 9 days, Knoxville, TN. [REF:#136]
He is buried in Alder Branch Cemetery Sevier Co., Tennessee;
At the age of 36 years, and living in Middlesboro, KY. he was married on the 19 Jul. 1915, in Hendersonville, (Henderson Co.), North Carolina [REF:#58] Officialated by K. W. COUTH0N, M.G. to the
25 year old Miss LUCY SHAW, of Louisville, KY;
Marriage Witness by R. C. McCALL; Mr. & Mrs. K.W. COUTHON
b. 01 Feb. 1890, at Eminence (Morgan County), Indiana; [SSD# 415-12-9512 TN.]
d. 31 Aug. 1975, age 85yrs, in North Augusta, SC. [REF:#136]
Buried Location Unknown; (to me)
 They had 3 Children born to this Union: (2 Sons & 1 Dau) Click on Redball for More Info.per[REF:#58]
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Son:  Samuel Enoch SARRETT,  TN. *1918-1964 a46yrs IL.  m. *1952 KY. Sallie PRICE,   3Ch.
 2. 2nd Son:  William Owen SARRETT,  TN. *1921-2009 a88yrs TN.  m. *1946 CA. Frances BAILEY,   2Ch.
 3. Only dau:  Margaret Logan SARRETT,  TN. *1924-19?? a??yrs  m. *1946 IL. Arthur W. HODAN,   2Ch.
  7 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

 Chronological Timeline!
 Isaac "Enoch" SARRETT
 Item  Date  Age  Description (Click on Date for more Information!)  Living in Co.
 Born  1879     in the home of his Parents,   Adlerbranch Homeplace  Sevier Co., TN.
 Census  1880    8mth  in the home of his Parents & 5 Siblings  Civil Dist. #7  Sevier Co., TN.
 Death  1890   11yrs  13 May, when Father Samuel H., dies age 44yrs  Civil Dist. #7  Sevier Co., TN.

In the 1st. Record of his Fathers Estate Settlement, SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd 133 dated 26 Sep. 1893, ISAAC ENOCH SARRETT, age 14, as a Minor Heir he was credited with $23.97 after all expensed was paid by the Admin. J. CROCKETT SARRETT; On 01 Aug. 1897, at 18 years of age he owed the Estate Admin. A. J. KYKER, $41.32 some of the expenses the Estate paid for him was College Tuition, of $16.90 on 22 Aug. 1896 to the G. and N. College as well as $28.00 to W. S. BRYAN for room and board.

On the 13th. of Sep. 1897, I. ENOCH SARRETT, appeared before the Clerk & Masters Wm. A. BOWERS, of Sevier Co., and filed a Deposition regarding Case #732, of his brother J. CROCKETT SARRETT, VS his mother MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, etal

In the 7th. Settlement 135 Record of 26 May 1899, the 20 year old ISAAC ENOCH SARRETT, owed the Estate $56.21

 I. Enoch SARRETT, moves to Texas!
It is not known what exact time Enoch SARRETT, left the Sevier Co., Homeplace.
In the Click on Redball for More Info. 1900 Census, for Sevier Co., TN. his brother Peter W. SARRETT, was Head of Household (H/H) and his mother Martha A. (Atchley) SARRETT, was living and farming on the "SARRETT HOMEPLACE" Click on Redball for More Info. [See: Mother in 1900 Census]
Uncle Enoch SARRETT, can be found in the 29th. of Jun., 1900 Census, for Coleman Co., Texas, as one of three Ranch Hands for the Robert & Rosa ASHFORD Family, Coleman County is located in the middle of the state of Texas, formed in 1858, from Travis and Brown Counties.
Click on Redball for More Info. See: 1895 Coleman Co., MAP!
U.S. Federal Census  Dated: 29th June, 1900, F.M., Justice Precinct, #1
 1900 Census Coleman City, Coleman Co., Texas
 [T-623, Roll 1620, E.D. 20, Page 15b, F.Visit: 237]

ROBERT ASHFORD, age 52, b. Feb. 1848, Mo., Ranch Manager
2nd Wife: ROSA E. ASHFORD, age 35, b. Aug. 1865, TX.
Son: ROBERT F. ASHFORD, age 18, b. Jul. 1882, TX.
Dau: FAY W. ASHFORD, age 6, b. Aug. 1893, TX.
Dau: JEWEL ASHFORD, age 5, b. Feb. 1895, TX.
Son: HERBERT ASHFORD, age 3, b. Aug. 1896, TX.
Dau: MATTIE ASHFORD, age 1, b. Nov. 1898, TX.
Servant: ENOCH SARRETT, age 19, b. Oct. 1880, TN., Ranch Hand. <--Our Subject!
Servant: ANTONIS COY, age 35, b. May 1865, TX., Ranch Hand.
Servant: JUAN RODERDIS, age 35, b. 1865, Mexico, Ranch Hand.
 Enumerated on 29 & 30 June, 1900, by JAMES WILLIAMS.
 Source: [See: SFA©-FGS# 129]

For the 1910 Census, [REF:#30] this writer has researched the states of TN., TX. KY. for the location of I. ENOCH SARRETT age 31, but none could be found. (The search goes on...prs

A record shows on Friday, the 26th of June, 1914, ISAAC ENOCH SARRETT, single and age 35, was present 121 at his sister DELLA (SARRETT) SMITH wedding. This took place at his brother J. CROCKETT SARRETT' s home at 2123 Laurel Ave., Knoxville, TN. His future wife Miss LUCY SHAW, age 24, of Louisville, KY. was DELLA (SARRETT) SMITH's Brides Maid, this indicates to this writer, the two young girls were close friends.

In the 1920 Census, for Knoxville, Knox Co., TN. I. ENOCH SARRETT age 41yrs
can be found with his wife LUCY (SHAW) SARRETT and 1st Son SAMUEL E. SARRETT, age 1.
Wife: LUCY (SHAW) SARRETT, age 30

 Bad Blood in the SARRETT/ATCHLEY Household!
 Of the 11 children of Samuel H. and Martha Ann (Atchley) SARRETT: only 6 grew to maturity: J. Crockett, Peter Wilson, Hugh E., M.E. Betty, I. Enoch, and R. Dora Sarrett. It is apparent to this writer that this family had its "trials and tribulations over the ATCHLEY/SARRETT Homeplace Property", from my communications with my Grandfather Hugh SARRETT.
Father Samuel H. SARRETT,a sick man since his return from the Andersonville prison in 1865. He died at a young age of 44 years in 1890, leaving the widow Martha Ann (Atchley) SARRETT, age 41yrs with 8 children.
Oldest 1. J. Crockett, age 21 to the youngest Samuel George, age 2yrs.
Two children later died at young ages John H. in 1899, age 26 and young Samuel George in 1901, age 14yrs.
The remaining 6 children all married, but only Peter Wilson, sister Betty (Sarrett) Douglass and sister Dora (Sarrett) Smith seamed to have had a happy family life and remained in contact with each other.
It has been reported that the last family reunion that was held on the Sarrett Homeplace in the Adler Branch area of Sevier Co., TN. was in the early 1900's. It was not until July 21, 1990, some ninety years later, due to the organizational skills of Mrs. Marie (Matthews) Ottinger and sister Miss Ruth Matthews, both granddaughters of Peter W. and M. Fanny (Atchley) SARRETT did the descendants of Samuel H. & Martha Ann (Atchley) SARRETT gather for the purpose to meet lost cousins and renew old friendships.
Click on Redball for More Info. See: 1990 Sarrett Reunion Photos!
1. 1st Child 1st. Dau: Mary F. SARRETT; 1866-1866, d. Infant
2. 2nd Child 1st. Son: William A. SARRETT; 1867-1868, d. Infant
3. 3rd Child 2nd. Son: J. "Crockett" SARRETT; 1868-1932, d. 64yrs; m. Annie L. BALLARD, had 3 Ch.
4. 4th Child 3rd. Son: Peter W. SARRETT; 1870-1952, d. 82yrs.; m. M. Fanny ATCHLEY, had 5 Ch.
5. 5th Child 4th. Son: John H. SARRETT; 1872-1899, d. 26yrs.
6. 6th Child 5th. Son: Hugh E. SARRETT; 1874-1954, d. 80yrs.; m. MaryAnn SMITH, had 3 Ch.
7. 7th Child 2nd. Dau: Mary E. "Betty" (SARRETT) DOUGLASS; 1877-1949, 71yrs.; m. Ribt. M. DOUGLASS, had 6 Ch.
8. 8th Child 6th. Son: I. Enoch SARRETT; 1879-1957, d. 78yrs.; m.: Lucy SHAW, had 3 Ch.
9. 9th Child 3rd. Dau: Anna L. SARRETT; 1882-1887, d. 4yrs.
10. 10th Child 4th. Dau: Rachel D. (SARRETT) SMITH; 1885-1972, d. 87yrs; m. Albert B. SMITH, had 2 Ch.
11. 11th Child 7th. Son: Samuel G. SARRETT; 1887-1901, d. 14yrs.
22 Grandchildren

The following are the children of:
Isaac "Enoch" and Lucy (SHAW) SARRETT:
Ninth Generation!

1. Samuel Enoch SARRETT, 
(1st Son of I. Enoch & Lucy (Shaw) Sarrett)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Samuel Enoch Sarrett, named 
after his Grandfather SAMUEL H. SARRETT and his father ISAAC ENOCH SARRETT,
The young Samuel Enoch Sarrett was born on the 15th Jan. 1918 Knoxville, TN. [REF:#58]
He died on the 29th Dec. 1964, at the young age of 46yrs 11mth & 14 Days, 
in a Chicago Hospital, cause Unknown; 
He was buried in the Bowling Green, Cemetery, Bowling Green, Kentucky; 
He was raised in the Knoxville, TN. area where he attended Fair Garden Elementary School; 
Graduated from Knoxville High School _____ year; 
Attended and Graduated (____) University of Tennessee; Degree Unknown; 
At the age of 32 years he relocated to Louisville, Kentucky.
At the age of 34yrs he married on the 05 ___ 1952, in Bowling Green (Warren County) KY. to 
(d/o M/M PRICE Parents)
b. Unknown, in Conway Arkansas; [REF:#58]
d. Unknown, [REF:#58]
Samuel Enoch Sarrett was the Manager of the Pollock (Now Butler's) Shoe Store; 
Both were members of the Church of Christ in Louisville, KY; 
Reported to have had Three children born to this Union: [REF:#58]
   1.1. Only Son: SAMUEL ROBERT SARRETT;   b. 1952
   1.2. 1st  Dau: LINDA SUE/GAIL SARRETT;  b. 1958
   1.3. 2nd  Dau: GENA LOU SARRETT;        b. 1965

The following are the children of SAMUEL ENOCH SARRETT and Wife SALLIE (PRICE) SARRETT

	(Son of Samuel E. & Sallie (Price) Sarrett)
	(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Born 08 Dec. 1952, 
	Louisville, KY.; Samuel "Robert" Sarrett lives at 10304 
	La Plaza Ave., Louisville, KY 40272
	Need more Information.

	(Dau of Samuel E. & Sallie (Price) Sarrett)
	(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Born 18 Dec. 1958, in 
	Louisville, KY.
	Need more Information.

	3. 2nd Dau: GENA LOU SARRETT;
	(Dau of Samuel E. & Sallie (Price) Sarrett)
	(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Born 05 Jan. 1965, in 
	Louisville, KY.; 

	Gena Lou Sarrett, was NOT listed as one of the children 
	of Samuel E. & Sallie (Price) Sarrett, in his Obituary in 1964, her 
	birth was given as 1965, a year after her fathers death?..prs	
	Need more Information.

2. William Owen SARRETT, 
(2nd Son of I. Enoch & Lucy (Shaw) Sarrett)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) "Bill" O. SARRETT 
b. 25 Apr 1921; at (Bearden) Knoxville, Knox Co., TN; [REF:#135]
d. 01 Sep 2009, age 88yrs, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN.
1990 Retired from Navistar, Knoxville, TN.  
At the age 24 years he married on the 2nd of March 1946, [REF:#135]
at the Balboa Presbyterian Church, in San Francisco, CA. to 
the 23 year old Miss FRANCES BAILEY;
b. 03 Feb. 1923, Boaz, (Marshall County) AL;
d. Living, 1990, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN. 
They had two daughters born to this Union: 
Last known address (1990): 3107 Hill Rd. NE, Knoxville, TN  37938
   2.1 Dau: Pamela Owen SARRETT;  *1950-1979 a28yrs Killed Car Accident.
   2.2 Dau: Donna R. SARRETT;     *1953-            m. Richard W. OGLESBY
   Need more Information.

Bill O. Sarrett's Family Jul 21, 1990 - Click on Thumbnail Larger Photo!  Bill Owen Sarrett's Family July 21, 1990
 At the Sarrett/Atchley Homeplace, Reunion
<----Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!
 Source: Photo from the Personal collection of Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., 1990

Bill O. Sarrett, died  - Click on Thumbnail Larger Photo!  Bill Owen Sarrett, died September 1, 2009
 Knoxville, Tennessee
<----Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!
WILLIAM OWEN "BILL" SARRETT, age 88, of Knoxville passed away in the early morning of September 1, 2009
at St. Mary's Medical Center. He was a very devoted husband, daddy, grandfather and great-grandfather as well as an
extremely faithful servant of the Lord.
Bill graduated from Knoxville High School and then proceeded to attend the University of Tennessee.
Thereafter he enrolled in the Army to serve in the Pacific making him a veteran of World War II.
He was employed by International Harvester Company and retired after 42 years of service.
He held numerous jobs after retirement, but was currently employed by the Knox County Property Assessor's Office
where he acquired the nickname "Mr. Bill - The #1 Filer."
Bill was a very active member of Church Street United Methodist Church where he touched many lives through his
fellowship and personal ministry throughout the years.
He helped organize and oversee the Church Street Soup Kitchen where he was the last surviving member
of the original volunteers. For his continuous services on behalf of the Soup Kitchen, Mayor Bill Haslam declared
May 28, 2009 "Bill Sarrett Day". The family would like to thank the doctors at St. Mary's Medical Center
as well as the ICU staff and nurses on Tower 2 for all of their hard work and passionate care.
Preceded in death by his parents, Enoch and Lucy Sarrett;
brother Sam Sarrett and wife Sallie;
sister Margaret Sarrett Hoden and husband Art;
daughter, Pamela Owen Sarrett and great-grandson Brodee William Stout.
Survived by his loving and devoted wife of 64 years, Frances Bailey Sarrett;
daughter Donna Sarrett Hall and husband Steve;
granddaughters Renee' Oglesby Porter and husband Drew and
Emily Oglesby Stout and husband Jeremy;
two precious great-grandchildren, Bailee Suesanne Stout and Owen Andrew Porter
along with several loving nieces and nephews.
Family and friends will gather Friday, September 4th at 10:45 AM at Highland Memorial,
5315 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919, for an 11:00 AM interment service.
Honorary pallbearers will be Don Bailey and Mac Sprouse.
Pallbearers will be Bob Columber, Steve Hall, Drew Porter, Jeremy Stout, Jerry Varner and Frank Word.
The Celebration of Life service will be held on Friday at 1:30 PM at Church Street United Methodist Church,
900 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN 37901 with Senior Pastor Reverend Andy Ferguson, Reverend Jan Buxton-Wade,
Reverend Darryll Rasnake and Reverend Sarah Moody officiating.
The family will receive friends immediately following the services at the church.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Church Street United Methodist Church Soup Kitchen,
900 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN 37901 or to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America,
Online: (click on the donate link),
Mail: 322 Eighth Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001
(please make check or money order payable to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America),
Phone: 1-866-232-8484, & 1-866-232-8484 or to any charity of your choice.
Friends may call at their convenience anytime on Thursday at the mortuary.
Arrangements by Rose Mortuary Broadway Chapel.
 Source: Click on Redball for More Info. Obituary from Knoxnews Newspaper,
1 Dau: PAMELA OWEN SARRETT; (Dau of William O. & Francis (Bailey) Sarrett) (1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 30 Nov. 1950, Knox Co., TN; [SSD# 411-88-2534 TN.] d. 12 Jun. 1979, age 28yrs, 6mth & 13 Days, at Highland Memorial Hospital; Was killed in a auto accident, in Knoxville, TN; Buried Location Unknown. (to me) 2 Dau: DONNA RUTH SARRETT; (Dau of William O. & Francis (Bailey) Sarrett) (1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 26 Jul. 1953, at Ft. Sanders Hospital, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN [REF:#135] Schooling Unknown; She is a Teacher and Homemaker; At the age of 21 years, she married on the 7th of Dec. 1974 at the United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN. to the 22 year old RICHARD WAYNE OGLESBY; (s/o CHARLES FRANKLIN OGLESBY, & Mother: RACHEL SUE WHITE) b. 05 Aug. 1952, Knoxville, TN.; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; Lives in Knoxville, TN; They had Two Children born to this Union: [REF:#135] 1 Dau: PAMELA RENEE' Born 13 Mar. 1980, Knoxville, TN. 2 Dau: MARY EMILY Born 05 Mar. 1983, Knoxville, TN. 3. Margaret Logan SARRETT, (Only Dau of I. Enoch & Lucy (Shaw) Sarrett) (1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 26 Aug. 1924 [REF:#136] Boyds Creek, Sevier Co., TN.; d. Living, 1990 857 Old Edgefield Rd., North Augusta, SC. 29841; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; At the age of 21 years, she married on the 31st of March 1946, [REF:#136] at the Magnolia Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tenn. to the 28 year old ARTHUR WILLIAM HODAN; (s/o JAMES MARTIN HODAN, & Mother: ANNA MARIE HRABAK) b. 08 Mar 1918 136, in Chicago, IL.; [SSD# 320-14-6658 IL.] d. 11 Aug 2001, age 83yrs, at 857 Old Edgefield Rd., North Augusta, SC. 29841; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown, Retired; They had Two Sons born to this Union: [REF:#136] 1 1st. Son: MARTIN WILLIAM HODAN; Born on 21 Jul. 1952 2 2nd. Son: JOHN ARTHUR HODAN; Born on 02 Mar. 1955 The Following are the Two Sons of MARGARET L. (SARRETT) and ARTHUR W. HODAN 1. 1st. Son: MARTIN WILLIAM HODAN; (Son of Margaret L. (Sarrett) & Arthur W. Hodan) (1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Born on 21 Jul. 1952, Atlanta, GA; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; Married 31 Jul. 1976, Aiken, (Aiken Co.), SC. to Miss KATHERINE "Kathy" ELIZABETH PEKKALA; b. 12 Dec. 1955, Aiken, SC; She was the Daughter of RALPH OLAUI PEKKALA and Wife DOROTHY ELIZABETH (FRAZER) PEKKALA; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Housewife; Last Known Address: MARTY & KATHY HODAN Rt. 2, Box 498 C, Ahiquippa, PA. 15001; They had Two [REF:#136] Children born to this Union: 1 1st. Dau: ELIZABETH HODAN; Born on 20 Feb. 1983, Parkersbough, W.VA. 2 2nd. Dau: ALLISON HODAN; Born on 14 May. 1986, Evansville, IN. Marty Hodan states: "I was best of friends of the two Pekkala brothers and their father Ralph Pekkala in 1964, for about 6 years, and never met his future wife Kathy Pekkala until 1975. They must have hid her from me. " [REF:#136] 2. 2nd. Son: JOHN ARTHUR HODAN; (Son of Margaret L. (Sarrett) & Arthur W. Hodan) (1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Born on 02 Mar. 1955, Augusta, GA. [REF:#136]; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; Married on 13 May 1978, [REF:#136]at the )Trinity United Methodist Church, Chesnee, (Spartanburg Co.) SC, to Miss ELIZABETH BROWN; b. 22 Apr. 1955, Spartanburg, SC; Daughter of GEORGE EDGAR BROWN and VIRGINIA ANN (DAVIS) BROWN; Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; They had One [REF:#136] Son born to this Union: Last Known Address 4 Glenwood Circle, Arden, NC 28704 1 1st. Son: JAMES ARTHUR HODAN; Born 01 Aug. 1985, Anderson, SC. End of I. ENOCH SARRETT Chapter. For other related information see: the "Four Brothers of Sevier Co., TN. See Biographical Profile of Son #3. 2nd Son: J. CROCKETT SARRETT See Biographical Profile of Son #4. 3rd Son: PETER W. SARRETT See Biographical Profile of Son #6. 5th Son: HUGH E. SARRETT See Biographical Profile of Son #8. 6th Son: I. ENOCH SARRETT See Biographical Profile of Father Samuel H. SARRETT See Biographical Profile of GrandFather James D. SARRETT

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