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Bexar Co., TX.
  City Cemetery #5, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.
 Edwin O.  SARRATT  08 Aug 1871  16 Jul 1944  a72  s/o Anthony A. & Mary P. (Walker)
 Charlotte J.  SARRATT  06 Jul 1881  02 Oct 1953  a72  w/o Col. Edwin O., 4Ch.
  Fort Sam HOUSTON National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.
 Charles Starr  SARRATT  24 Sep 1917  09 Dec 1985  a68  Capt.,USA, Plot 14-860
 Sharran C.  SARRETT  02 Jan 1956  28 Oct 1980  a24y  Lt. Col. USAF, Plot 5-294 bd 30 Oct 1980
 Sarrat T.  HAMES  24 Apr 1901  03 Apr 1970  a69y  Col. US Army Plot X-0-1532 bd 06 Apr 1970

Bowie Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Luther F.
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 2:09:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Bowie County TX marriages 1888 to 1930
Submitted by the New Boston Genealogy Society, Bowie County Texas
Luther F. SURRATT married 14 Nov 1925 to Miss Pauline CAMPBELL
Would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs

Carson Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 9:54:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [TXCARSON-L] Obit -- Margaret SURRATT
[Panhandle, Carson Co., TX. 79068]
Source: Amarillo Globe-News; Sunday, March 9, 1997.
Panhandle pioneer dies
PANHANDLE - Margaret Surratt of Panhandle, a longtime civic leader, rancher and co-founder of the Carson County Square House museum, died Friday, March 7, 1997.
Services for Mrs. SURRATT, 92, will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the First United Methodist Church of Panhandle with the Rev. John Wagoner, the Rev. Lynne Faris and the Rev. Norman Patton officiating. Burial will be in Panhandle Cemetery by Minton/Chatwell Funeral Directors of Panhandle.
Mrs. SURRATT was the daughter of pioneer ranchers Carroll and Kate Irwin Purvines and was a descendant of Methodist circuit rider and abolitionist Peter Cartright. She was among the oldest native residents in Carson County. She was a rancher in Carson County and owned one of the largest individually-owned ranches in Kansas.
Mrs. SURRATT received a Distinguished Volunteer Award from the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce as part of the chamber's 1994 Golden Nail Awards. The chamber's arts committee sponsors the annual event to recognize financial, in-kind and volunteer contributions to the fine arts in Amarillo and surrounding communities in the Texas Panhandle.
Mrs. SURRATT helped found the Carson County Square House Museum in 1965 and was a longtime volunteer. She also was an active member of the Carson County Historical Committee for 35 years. Mrs. SURRATT was vice chairman of the committee which published four volumes of area history, ``A Time to Purpose,'' in 1967.
Mrs. SURRATT had served as vice chairman of the museum board and had been a member of the American Association of Museums Trustee Committee. A video, ``Three Sisters,'' about Mrs. SURRATT and her two sisters growing up on a remote Panhandle ranch, is used in many Texas schools.
Mrs. SURRATT was a charter member and past president of the 1926 Erudite Club and was a founder of the Carson County Library, where she served as a board member for many years. She was a member of the Erudite-Fine Arts Club and the Panhandle Parent Teacher Association, where she had served as president and was chosen a Texas Honorary Life Member. Mrs. SURRATT had served as a volunteer teacher in the Panhandle schools during a teacher shortage caused by World War II.
Mrs. SURRATT received the West Texas State University Distinguished Woman's Award and was named Outstanding Citizen by the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce.
Mrs. SURRATT graduated from Panhandle High School and West Texas State Normal College, now West Texas A&M University. She was a teacher in Panhandle before her marriage to Robert Fred Surratt in 1929. He died in 1955.
Mrs. SURRATT was active in the Methodist church and had served as a trustee, Sunday school teacher and administrative board member. She had been president of the United Methodist Women and had served on the Building Committee for the construction of Panhandle's current Methodist church building in 1968.
Mrs. SURRATT also was preceded in death by a son, Robert Surratt, in 1973
Survivors include
a son, William Carroll ``Bill'' Surratt of Panhandle;
a daughter, Alice (Surratt) Dawson of Panhandle;
a daughter, Mary Kate (Surratt) Rittman of Orinda, Calif.;
a sister, Allis Chapman of Midland;
and nine grandchildren.
Robert Fred SURRATT, b. ? d. 1955 No SSD# m. 1929
Margaret (PURVINES) SURRATT, SSD# 464-63-1943 TX. d. Panhandle, Carson Co., TX. 79068
Son: Robert SURRATT, b. 25 Jul 1944 d. __ Dec 1973, a29y Panhandle, TX. SSD# 465-94-1969
Son: William SURRATT, b. 08 Dec 1931 d. 28 Sep 1998 a67y Panhandle, TX. SSD# 462-60-7545

See: Cass Co., TX. "Pappy" SARRATT

Childress Co., TX.
Charlene (Beierschmitt) Clouse
William Henry (Pappie) Sarratt
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 8:23 AM
I have been trying to email you but they keep coming back to me as undeliverable...maybe this one will reach you..if it does please let me know...I am the great granddaughter of William Henry (Pappie) Sarratt... I have some family tree info to share with you and would love to get more that you may have...please let me know if you get this..
thanks Charlene Clouse. E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks, for the E-Mail would love to exchange info. on this family
See Wm. Henry SARRATT "Pappie" Family Profile!

2nd E-Mail: Date: 18 Jun 2002 6:53:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul, how can I get the information you have on the family tree also... I have my info listed in a family tree maker on my computer.. I don't know how to send just a few pages... it will send the whole thing if I try to email it.. .do you have an address I can that I can mail it to?
Thanks for the E-Mail, Would love your info, on William Henry (Pappie) Sarratt ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 18 Jun 2002 7:07:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time
This is just some of the information I have on our family... I know some may be incorrect, because my grandmother was so old when she tried to remember a lot of this... she was 94 years old when she passed away...please let me know if this helps you and also please give me all the information you have so I can update my family tree... I'm not too good at the computer but getting better, so if theres some place I don't have to be a member to go to get the information, please let me know, and if I have to be a member please let me know how to do that too..I would love to update what I have on the family and really was happy to see someone out there doing the same as me...please let me know... thanks...Charlene(Beierschmitt) Clouse, E-Mail: [email protected]
We have made additions/correction to the See Wm. Henry SARRATT "Pappie" Family Profile!
 SFA©-Guestbook, 2002
Name: Charlene Clouse <[email protected]>
Date: 20 June 2002
Hi, just new to all this...not sure how to download info into my Family Tree Maker on my computer...I am a grandaughter of June(McNabb) Sarratt...she is the daughter of William Henry(Pappie) Sarratt.
See Wm. Henry SARRATT "Pappie" Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ..prs
Charlene (Beierschmitt) Clouse
Subj:Family Tree...
Date: 18 Jan 2004 1:31:55 PM Pacific Standard Time
My name is Charlene Clouse...
My mother is Ruby (McNabb) Beierschmitt...
Her mother is June McNabb, wife of Joe Herb McNabb... You have him listed as joseph....I have a lot of family tree info also.
Most of ours is the same but some is different..it was given to me by my grandmother , june mcnabb before she passed away at 94 yrs of age.
please contact me so we can compare out records so that we have them all correct...... I appreciate all the family tree info you share...maybe I have some that can help you too.
Thanks Charlene, E-Mail: [email protected]
See your early E-Mails,
Dated: Jun 18, 2002 (8:23am)
Dated: Jun 18, 2002 (6:53pm)
Dated: Jun 18, 2002 (7:07pm)
You do know you are sendind them to me? Right?
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Charlene (Beierschmitt) Clouse
Irvinson G. Sarratt

5th E-Mail" Date: 07 Jun 2004 11:55:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I'm June Sarratt's grandaughter..her father is William H. Sarratt.
In doing the family tree papers...she told me before her death that Irvinson G. Sarratt Born 1842 was married to a Sarah Canady and gave me their childrens births and all she knew...
In your family tree it shows him married to a Mary E. A. Unknown.... can you help me figure this out? the children seem to be the same.... thanks Charlene Clouse. E-Mail: [email protected]
p.s. I show him marrying Sarah Canady in abt. 1868 and her passing away in 1903... was he married twice. His first son shows to have been born in 1866.
Thanks, for the E-Mail, Carlene, Haven't heard from you since 19 Jun 2002
I.G. SARRATT (1842-1910), a67y married in Aug. 1865, Spartanburg Dist., SC. to Miss Mary "Molly" Elizabeth A. KENNEDY, (1845-1903, a58y) Not
Both are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Cherokee Co., SC. where a headstone marks their Grave.
See Irvinson G. SARRATT Family Profile!

6th E-Mail: Date: 09 Jun 2004 3:04:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:June McNabb Family Tree Info.
File:GranMc'sBirthCert.jpg (343613 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 3 minutes

I'm not sure how clear the above document will show up when you pull it up... but its a copy of my grandmother ( June (Sarrett) McNabbs) birth ceretificate and it shows her to have no middle name of Tyson...how did you come by that middle name for her...?
Heres the info she gave me and I may have more of interest to you... She called her
father Ivy G. Sarratt
Born Aug. 29, 1842. Said he died May 29, 1910. She says he fought in the Civil War.
He married Sarah Canady and that Sarah Canady died in the spring months of 1903 and that shes buried in Gaffney South Carolina, in the Limestone Cemetary.
Says she had One brother named John Canady at Gaffney S.C.
Says that Ivy remarried but not sure of second wifes name.. she thought her first name was Ida, but that he married her between 1903 and 1910 at Gaffney S.C.
I have other info I wrote down before she died ...and some tapes of her I recorded giving some family info... I will be happy to share all I have with you...you've been so great at shareing with all of us.... hope you can read this...I really enjoy doing this..if its unreadable I will be happy to mail it to you if you will tell me where to send it...
can't wait to hear from you again...thanks charlene. E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks, for the E-Mail, Carlene,
1. June SARRATT, was called "Tryson" in the See: 1900 Census!
2. You mean "Grandfather" See: Irvinson G. SARRATT Family Profile!

7th E-Mail: Date: 10 Jun 2004 2:42:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks...I'll get a copy and mail it to you of her birthceretificate and also a wedding picture of them...I can't wait to send you stuff you may need that I have.... charlene.
Charlene, Great, Info. I am down with my daughters family, until Sun. All my records are back home, but will compare my records when I get home.
Amy Wright
Subject: Jim Hugh Sarratt

1st E-Mail: Dated: Mon, 5 May 2008 7:03 pm
Hi Paul,
My name is Amy Wright. I just so happened to run into the family tree that you have going on the many generations of the Sarratt families. It looks great. I did notice, however, that you were missing information on Jim H. Sarratt
(son of William H. Sarratt and Nancy Ann Avery Sarratt).

I am Jim H. Sarratt's granddaughter.
I would love to tell more about him. If you would like, you could contact me at home @ (469)879-1131.
My mother (Jim's youngest of three daughters) has most of the information on him and his family.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerly, Amy Wright, E-Mail: [email protected]
So nice to get your E-Mail
Your Grandfather James Hughs SARRATT, is the youngest child, & 7th Son of
William Henry SARRATT & Mother: Nannie A. AVERY
We would love for you to proveide us with more information on this Family!
      See: SFA-ID# James Hugh SARRATT,
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

prsjr 2nd req to Amy: May 15, 2008
Was woundering if you have any Genealogy/Family History on your Grandfather Jim H. SARRATT?
Do you know the death date of your Great-Grandmother Nancy Ann (Avery) SARRATT?
We don't have her death, place or Burial location?
If you can find any "Obits" on your family, we would love to see them.
Also if you have any Photos of your family, we would like to include then on your Photo page.
See URL: Your Grandfather Jim H. SARRATT

2nd E-Mail: Friday, May 16, 2008 6:27:10 AM
Hi Paul,
I have gotten together with my mother on our family history.
Still getting the information together. Just want to be accurate with the information that I gather. I pretty much know alot about my grandfather Jim Sarratt, but I dont know a whole lot about my great- grandmother Nancy Ann Avery Sarratt.
My mother should know a little more about her than I do.
I will get back with you soon on the information and photos.
Thank You, Amy Wright, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks Amy, we will be looking forward to your Info...prs,
 See: SFA-REF:0687.003  This May 2008, was the Last E-Mail we got from Amy, prs.
Jim Fulton
Lola May (Howard) Sarratt Family Research

1st E-Mail: Dated: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 2:25 pm
Hi Paul.
I saw your posting on Rootsweb World Connect and have a question. I would appreciate any help you could furnish me. I am researching my wife's side of the family. Her mother was a Howard. So I am coming in your back door--I think.
I found a death certificate for Lola May (Howard) Sarratt, the daughter of Jesse Howard and Clara D. Weger. These are confirmed.
According to her death certificate, she was born Dec-2-1905 in Colbert, OK which is in Bryan Co, OK. She died on Nov-14-1951 in Quanah, Hardeman Co, TX. Her informant was W. B. Sarratt. This is where I hope you can help.
You have a William Boyd Sarratt who married Lola H. Howard. However, the birth and death dates you have for Lola are different than the dates I have for my Lola on her death certificate.
Are we talking about the same Lola Howard, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
If they are not the same, do you have another W. B. Sarratt married to another Lola Howard? Sarratt is not a real common name so this would be a big coincidence.
Thank you, Jim Fulton, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, give me a few days to get upto speed on your Lola May (Howard) Sarratt Family and I will get back to you. ..prs
      See: Mrs. Lola May (Howard) Sarratt, SFA-Profile!

2nd E-Mail: Dated: Thursday, April 16, 2009 8:17:15
Hi Paul.
I appreciate your quick response.
The more I have dug into my question to you the more I believe that all of your information is correct except that I think you have the wrong Lola.
I found Bill Sarratt in the 1930 TX Census with Lola M. as wife. He is 29yo and she is 24yo, so she would have been born about 1905--1906. Her death certificate indicates that she was born Dec. 21, 1905.
This census also shows one son, Billy, and a brother, Curtis Sarratt. The son Billy would be William Boyd Sarratt, Jr. Census shows Billy to be 3-9/12yo, which would indicate he was born abt 1926. Bill, Jr was born August 25, 1926 in Childress. The census indicates that the brother, Curtis, is 22yo so this would mean he was born about 1908. William Boyd Sarratt's brother, Curtis, was born Dec-16-1906.
This all ties together which indicates to me that I have the correct census record for William Boyd Sarratt, Sr.
I indicated above that I think you have the wrong Lola. However, I have not researched the Sarratt family.
It is possible that William Boyd Sarratt remarried after his first wife died in 1951.
He may have married another Lola.
I would appreciate further response from you concerning Lola. I believe the Lola in the census is Lola May Howard, daughter of Jesse Howard and Clara Weger of Achille, [Bryan Co.] OK.
Thank you and good hunting.
Jim Fulton, E-Mail: [email protected]
I have been up-dating the Wm. Henry "Pappie" SARRATT, SFA-Profile!
Wm. "Bill" Boyd SARRATT, Sr. is the 2nd Son of Wm. H. & Nancy A. (Avery) SARRATT. We had Bill, married 1st to a Miss Faye SCHRIVINER, based on Researcher Charlene (Beierschmitt) Clouse, a Great-Grandaughter of Wm. Henry & Nannie A. (AVERY) SARRATT We have "corrected" Bill's wife to be Lola May Howard, a daughter of Jesse Howard and Clara Weger. Check out our SFA-Profile URL:       See: Mrs. Lola May (Howard) Sarratt, SFA-Profile! We would like any Corrections/Additions the this Family!..prs

 Source: Jim Fulton, is our See: SFA-REF: 0687.004]

Cherokee Co.
Michael Dunning
SURRATT, Joseph "Gene"
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 8:14:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
I just came across your Surratt information on the WorldConnect Page at Rootsweb. My Grandfather was (and still is!) Robert Donald Surratt.
Robert is a son of Joseph Eugene Surratt and Annie Leona King. If you are interested in our line of the Surratt family I have the complete line down to me. Sincerely, Michael Dunning, shadoclord Dunning
Thanks for the E-Mail, We would love to correct/add information to your SFA family. Just send me what info and I will update file.
J. Gene SURRATT is 2nd s/o James Henry SURRATT, II & Harriett Unknown of Wythe Co., VA., Knoxville, Knox Co., TN. and Young Co., TX.
GrandSon of James Henry SURRATT, I & Nancy WARNER, of Wythe Co., VA. & Knox Co., TN.
Gr-GrandSon of (See: Leonard SURRATT & Nancy HARNOUS of Wythe Co., VA. ...prs

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 1:27:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
Thank you for taking the time to email me.
I believe you already have the information on Joseph Eugene's immediate family.
Michael Dunning, shadoclord Dunning (Attached: Descendants of Joseph Eugene Suratt)

Coleman Co.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Jan 06, 1994
Publication Date: January 06, 1994
Source: The Press-Enterprise Riverside, CA Page: B05
Riverside, CA. Merle Seratte
Graveside services for Merle Leonard Seratte, 41, will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside. He died Dec. 18 at Kawai Delta Hospital in Visalia, Tulare Co., CA. of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.
Mr. Seratte, who was born in Porterville, [Tulare Co., CA.] lived in Riverside for 19 years before moving to Clovis, [Fresno Co., CA.] five years ago. He was a construction worker. He was a 12-year member of the Elks Lodge in Riverside. Mr. Seratte is survived by a daughter,
Natalie Seratte of Seaside, Ore.;
his mother and stepfather, Inez and Al Pimentez of Clovis;
his father and stepmother, J.C. and Lucille Seratte of Coleman [Coleman Co.], Texas;
a sister, Sandra (Seratte) Hobbs of Irvine; and
two brothers,
Earl Seratte and Clifton Seratte, both of Riverside.
By: Hemet Frank Guzik
 See our SFA© Families of Tulare Co., Calif. ...prs

Collin Co.
David Surrett
Thank you!
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 11:53:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
I want to thank you for the information that I have just come across in the RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project. Less than 2 hours ago I couldn't trace my family tree 3 generations back; now I can trace it to the 1600's.
My name is David Surrett. My grandfather was Jessie Burton Surrett, your ID# I2325.
I will be glad to send you information on his death and place of burial, children (1 of which is my father), marriages(2), and whatever else you would like.
Thanks again. I never dreamed that I would ever be able to find my ancestry this easily; but I could because of your work.
In Christ, David W. Surrett, [email protected]
Thanks for the kind words. We believe your Jessie Burton SURRETT, []
(3rd s/o (See: Henry E. & 1w Sarah (STANDIFER) SURRETT, [FG 1705, 1680]
See Attached! Need info on J.B. FGS. ...prs
Brenda Smithey
SARRATT, Effie (Bradley) Mrs.

1st E-Mail: Date: 08 Aug 2001 4:02:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Donnie Sarratt told me about your site and gave me your email address. I'm sorry but I can't seem to get to the site so I thought I'd email you. Could you tell me how to get to the site?
I am doing research on my gggrandmother, Julia [STONE] Bradley, whose daughter, Effie Bradley, married Manson E. Sarratt in Ok in 1898.
Do you have these names in your database? I would really like to track down some decendants of Effie's so that I can ask them some questions. I have almost no info on my ggrandmother, Alice [BRADLEY] Thomas, who was Effie's half sister. I am hoping to find someone who remembers something about her.
I would really appreciate any help you can give me with Effie's family.
Thank you so much. Brenda Smithey, E-Mail: [email protected]
Manson Eugene SARRATT is the 2nd son of Leonidas D. & Sarah E. (Wolf) SARRATT of Carter Co. OK. he married Effiee May BRADLEY, bfr 1899 and had 9 Children, only 5 growing to maturity.
We would like to exchang info on this family.
See: Mrs. Effie May (BRADLEY) SARRATT, SFA-Profile!
Or our GEDCOM Web site is See URL" I6194 Manson E. SARRATT

2nd E-Mail: Date: 10 Aug 2001 12:55:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I guess I'm a little confused. Your note says you don't have a record of Effie and Manson Sarratt. But the site gives their information. ??
I am trying to find decendants but since most of the children died young, maybe there aren't any.
Where did you get your info about them? Montana's name is at the end of the page. Is that who gave it to you?
Thanks for your help. Brenda, E-Mail: [email protected]
Sorry, I don't know what URL you are looking at the above SFA URL's are working fine.
See the Source & Reference Notes [REF:] this gives you where we recieved the information. ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 7:48:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Billy Smithey Jr.
I am a decendant of Julia's thru her child by her first husband, Alice Thomas Henderson. I have some info on Julia if you are interested. I have some info on her family - parents and grandparents. Would be glad to share with you. I would love to correspond with you.
I am, of course, most interested in Julia and Alice. I have lots of info on Julia STONE's children with Adam H. Bradley but I know almost nothing about Alice. Do you have anything on her? Do you have any pictures? I have a picture of Julia and Adam and some "paper" copies of pictures of their children. I have a couple pictures of Effie. It's funny cause I think several members of our family (including me) look like her. I think she looked like her mother who I also think we look like.
I see where you listed Effie's name as Ef-Fi-Ee. Is that her Indian name? Do you know anything about their Indian heritage? Can you give me any help in researching it? I have been trying to trace it but without much luck. I understand our heritage comes thru Julia but can't find proof. In the past few days I have found some new info and maybe someday will luck into something great.
Hope to hear from you soon. Brenda Smithey, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, Brenda
We have not heard back from you since your 2nd E-Mail 10 Aug 2001
We believe that the Native american, also comes from Effie BRADLEY's side of the family, It's not from the SARRATT's side.
See: Mrs. Effie May (BRADLEY) SARRATT,
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Cooke Co.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: May 21, 1991
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Page: 3
J.D. Surratt, Limousine service operator
GAINESVILLE, Cooke Co., TX - J.D. Surratt, a longtime resident of Gainesville, died Monday from a possible heart attack at a Dallas hospital. He was 61. Masonic graveside service will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Fairview Cemetery in Gainesville. Geo. J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home in Gainesville is in charge of arrangements.
Mr. Surratt was born in Linden, [See Cass Co., TX.] and had lived in Gainesville for 36 years. He was a retired operator of Brown Limousine Service for area railroads. He formerly was employed at Baker Oil Tools and Brown Oil Co. He was a member of Vivian Masonic Lodge in Vivian, La.
Survivors: Wife, Bobbie Surratt of Gainesville;
son, Michael Surratt of Callisburg, [McMullen Co., TX.]
brother, Jerry Surratt of Marshall, [Harrison Co., TX.]
three sisters,
of Searcy, [White Co.] Ark., and
Marshallene Surratt and
Nancy (surratt) Bombar, both of Houston, [Harris Co., TX.]
and four grandchildren.
J.D. SURRATT, was b. 14 Jan 1930, Linden, Cass Co., TX. d. 20 May 1991, a61y
We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs

Dallas Co., TX.
Hilda Johnson Franklin
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 9:02:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [TXDALLAS] Sandra Sarratt Pharo
Posted on: Dallas County, Tx Query Forum Message #11741
Looking for information on Sandra Sarratt Pharo
Hilda Johnson Franklin, [email protected]
If you have more info. (Time Frame) we may be able to help you! ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Kathy (Wilson)
Publication Date: March 02, 1995
Source: The Daily Oklahoman, Page: 28
Region: Oklahoma Mother Obituary: WILSON Mary Lockhart, born October 13, 1930 in Lawrence County, Chesapeake, Ohio, died Tuesday, February 28, 1995. She is survived by husband, John Wilson;
4 children,
John Wilson, II, Philip Wilson, Karen Hartronft, all of OKC
and Kathy Wilson Surratt of Dallas, Tx.; and 5 grandchildren. Mary and John established the Shoe Box in 1965 until retirement in 1986. She was active in Lakeshore Neighborhood Association, Aid for Individual Development and Cherokee Hills Christian Church. In lieu of flowers, donations are requested to Cherokee Hills Christian Church Landscaping Fund. Services will be 2:00 p.m. Friday, March 3 at Cherokee Hills Christian Church. ..prs
SURRATT, R.L. "Cigarette"
Date: 10 Sep 2002 8:30:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Robert Leslie "Cigarette" Surratt formerly of Dallas, Texas Obituary
To: [email protected] Message # 244
The Dallas Morning News; Tuesday, September 5, 1996; page 26A:
Robert Leslie "Cigarette" SURRATT. Born June 5, 1930 and died September 3, 1996 in Tyler, [Smith Co.] Texas. Formerly of Dallas, Texas. He was a used car dealer and wrecker driver since 1943. Survived by one sister,
Betty (SURRATT) Armstrong of Killeen, [Bell Co.] TX;
wife Rachel Ann;
2 daughters, Mrs. Robert Grinrod (Lana Gayle Surratt) of Chandler, [Henderson Co.] TX and
Mrs. Richard Smith (Rena Lynn Surratt) of Cape Coral, FL;
granddaughter, Tammy Jo Stefanick, CA; grandson, Leslie Eugene Robb of Trinidad, TX; granddaughter, Atina Kristen St. John; son-in-law, John St. John of Dallas; one great-grandson, Derrick Alan Stefanick, CA;
ex-wife and mother of his children, Joy Jean Swann of Dallas;
stepchildren, Robert Wayne, Charles David, and Babara Ann Melton; one step-granddaughter, Katy Bridges of Hickory, N.C.
Services 4:00 P.M. Friday, September 5, 1996. LAUREL LAND MEMORIAL CHAPEL. Interment Laurel Land Memorial Park. The music will be provided by his grandson.
LAUREL LANDS. Thornton at Laurel Land Rd.
SFA-Records show:
Mrs Nellie (Unknown) SURRATT, b. c1905 Unknown Co., GA.
Adopted-Out these Children in Atlanta, [See: Fulton Co.] GA.
    1. Robert L. SURRATT; 1930, SSD#459-38-3582 Issue: TX.
    2. Barbara SURRATT; c1932
    3. Sylvia SURRATT; c1940
    4. Dawn Dew SURRATT; c1944
    5. Brenda Star SURRATT; c1944
We would like to exchange information on these families! ...prs

El Paso Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Mrs. Howard (NASH)
Date: 2/12/01 4:46:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
Source: GC- Ontonagon Co. Mi Obituaries Obit #13
Subject: Mrs. W.B. Prothro (1966)
Surname: Prothro, Nash, Surratt, Bradley, Stoop, Dalton
Daily Corinthian Newspaper, Corinth, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi July 15, 1966
Services for Mrs. W.B. Prothro, the former Miss Jewell Nash of Corinth, were held Wed. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Mrs. Prothro had resided. Mrs. Prothro, who was 43, died Monday in Grand Rapids. She leaves her husband, Dr. W.B. Prothro of Grand Rapids; two daughters, Miss Nelda Prothro and Miss Mary Prothro, both of Grand Rapids; a son, Winston Prothro of Grand Rapids; her mother, Mrs. W.P. Nash of Corinth; 4 brothers, G.W. Nash of Nashville, Willis Nash of Corinth, W.F. Nash of Memphis and Clifford Nash of Clint, Texas; and 4 sisters,
Mrs. Howard (NASH) Surratt and Mrs. Carlie Bradley, both of Clint, [El Paso Co.,] Texas, Mrs. Wayne Stoop of Paris, Tennessee, and Mrs. Fred Dalton of Corinth.
This is Lilly NASH, b. c1905 that married c1929 Alcorn Co., MS. to See: Howard SURRATT, SFA-Profile! ..prs
Subj: Re: mother's obituary,

Date: 19 Jan 2004 4:40:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul,
Her maiden name is Gilbert. She passed away on Jan. 17, 1999 in Austin, Travis County, Texas. Also listed on the page was Lillie Surratt, maiden name Nash. She is my father's mother.
She passed away in 1998, I believe, in El Paso Texas. Her husband is Howard, John Howard Surratt I think. He died in El Paso in 1969, or there about.
My dad, Don Surratt, also passed away in Austin in 1997.
I don't know a lot about the family, but I would like to learn. Howard's father was John Surratt, moved from Mississippi to west Texas when Howard was a young man. They lived in or around Corinth Mississippi prior to that.
Let me know if I can help,
Rusty, E-Mail:
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Ellis Co., TX.
 Paul R. sarrett, Jr.
 James Preston SURRATT, (dec'd)
  Date: April 26, 2001
b. Jan. 18, 1927 d. April 26, 2001, age 74yrs, 3mths & 8 days
Funeral services for
James Preston SURRATT, 74 of Wilmer, were held at 4 p.m. Saturday, April 28, 2001 in Laurel Land Funeral Home.
Born on Jan. 18, 1927 in Shamrock, the son of Johnny and Rose Eller (Grimes) SURRATT, he passed away April 26, 2001.
He is survived by wife Ruby SURRATT;
daughter Pat (Surratt) White of Italy, Ellis Co., TX.
1. James Earl SURRATT and his spouse of Wilmer, Ellis Co., TX.
2. Kenneth SURRATT, of Ferris, Ellis Co., TX.
seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Interment followed in the Laurel Land Cemetery under the direction of Laurel Land Funeral Home.
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs

Fannin Co., TX.
D'Ann Green

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 6:02:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
I have just found out that William F. & Mary M. Surratt are my husband's great grandparents. Their daughter Minnie SURRATT married John Henry Bell in Fannin County, Texas on Oct. 23, 1897.
I have been looking at your site and trying to figure out how to connect them. William & Mary SURRATT and children show up on your census index list. Thank you for sharing your information and if you would like what information that I have on John Henry and Minnie (Surratt) Bell, I will be glad to share with you.
D'Ann Green, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail
The following is what I have on Wm. F. SURRETT's family.
Do you have any Info on Minnie sisters Florence & Lizzie?
Would like to exchange Info. on this family. Sent See: William F. SURRETT, [VA-FG 337] ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 6:00:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I went to the Hunt County, Texas court house today and found this information.
J. A. Surratt m. July 13, 1913 in Greenville, Hunt Co. TX. to Miss Nora Ella Traylor (d/o L. W. Traylor and Mary Ann Trimble) She d. Nov 24, 1947 in Commerce, Hunt Co., TX.
Lewis Surratt m. 20 Nov 1918 in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX. Miss Marie Helton
Jonas Wilson Surratt s/o Levi Surratt and Frances Stairs d. 09 Mar 1944 in Commerce, Hunt co., Texas.
William Jackson Surratt s/o John Surratt & Nancy Willingham died 08 Feb 1946 in Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas
Did not know if you had this info or not. I do not know how they tie into the
William F. & Mary (Lumpkin) Surrett line who are my husband's gg grandparents.
D'Ann Green, E-Mail: [email protected]
d'Ann, They Don't
J.A. is John Allen SURRATT, s/o Wm. H. & Mary J.F. (LILES) SURRATT [TX-FG938]
Lewis is Louis W. SURRATT, s/o Jonas W. & Nora Etta (Unknown) SURRATT [TX-940]
Jonas Wilson, is s/o Levi W. SURRATT & Frances STYERS [TX-345]
Wm. Jackson SURRATT, d. 08 Aug 1948 is a s/o John W. & Annabellie STYERS [TX-FG471] The John & Nancy WILLINGHAM is John Middleton SURRATT (1844-1899)
Who married 1st Nancy E. WILLINGTON, [TX-FG 933]
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Date: 03 Mar 2001 3:21:01 PM Pacific Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [TXFANNIN-L] Richardson/Satterfield
BRIAN, EMMA J. E. MEADE Married: Oct. 7, 1903 W. R. SURRETT Pg16, Bk. P X
RICHARDSON, R. W. GEORGIA A. BAILEY, Married: Apr. 3, 1904 W. R. SURRETT Pg179, Bk. P X

Would like to exchang info. on this family! ...prs
Date: 19 Apr 2002 7:55:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [TXFANNIN-L] Re: Simon Preston Bell Message #1377.1
I also have a "Bell" with Fannin County ties. My GG Grandfather's name was John Henry Bell. He was born around September 1875, so he might be the son of your Simon Preston Bell.
My John Henry Bell was married in Fannin County on October 24, 1897 to Minnie Lutecia Surratt. He died in Dallas on September 12, 1962 and is buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery, Fannin County Texas.
John Henry Bell lists birth place on the 1900 Census as Illinois, the 1910 Census as Missouri and his daughter gave Arkansas as his birth place on one of her son's birth certificates in 1958.
His obituary says Illinois. His death certificate says he was born in Illinois and "unavailable for parents names". He is listed on the 1900 and 1910 censuses for Fannin County Texas. If any of this fits with what you have please contact me and let me know.
Thanks for the E-Mail
She is a doughter of Wm. F. SURRETT's family.
Do you have any Info on Minnie sisters Florence & Lizzie?
Would like to exchange Info. on this family. See: William F. SURRETT, [VA-FG 337] ...prs

Grayson Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Dec 15, 1999
Looking for the Grave site Daniel Walton SARRETT he died on 29 Apr 1936, age 74yrs at 1029 Chestnut St., Denison, Grayson Co., TX.
He was married for 37 years to Johnnie "Irene" ROSS, of Hinds Co., MS. They had 9 Children and over 30 Grandchildren.

We would like to exchange Info. on this Family
See: Daniel W. SARRETT, SFA-Profile! ....prs


Hill Co., TX.
Inez Walker [email protected]
SURRETT, Stephen L.
Dated: Nov 16, 1996
Inez Walker, sent this writer E-Mail 16 Nov. 1996. That she received some info from Elizabeth (SURRETT) RUSSELL [email protected] regarding S.L. SURRETT of Wythe Co., VA. that married Sarah HUGHES and had children: 1. Crockett, b. 1880 VA 2. Stuart, b. 1882 VA 3. Frill b. 1885 VA 4. Worley b. 1890 TN 5. Lee b. 1893 TN 6. Floyd b. 1891/5 TN 7. Della b. 1897 TN
See: Elizabeth (Surrett) Russell..prs
Bertha Bailey [email protected]
Obediah Washington Surrette, Sr. b. c1790 NC
Date: June 06, 1999 at 14:26:49
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #140
In Reply to: obediah washington surrett Sr 1790 nc/sc by blanche surrette Msg#46
I'm looking for information on the Surrett family. My mothers maiden name was Surrett. We knew very little about her family. Her fathers name was John Stewert Surrett. He was born in Va. He was born either 1881 or 1883. Died Nov. 1925. He married Rea Holland. I believe she was born in Ms. Died Dec. 1918. No followups yet
Your John "Stwwert" SURRETT, (1882-1925) has no connection to the Buncombe Co., NC. SURRETT's. He is the 1st Son of See Stephen L. SURRETT & Mother: Sarah Hane HUGHES, of Hill Co., TX.. We would like to exchange info on this family. ...prs

Dawn Bailey [email protected])
SURRETT, Stephen L.
Dated: Feb 11, 2000
Source: GC-NC Cherokee Reservation Query Forum Message # 1966
Subject: researching family history
I have a long list of names.....on the Bradford part, the first name I'm looking for is William.
What SURRETT, families are you looking for? May be we can Help! ..prs

2nd E-mail Dated: Feb 15, 2000
Looking for info. on: John Surrett, Sarah Jane Surrett, S. L. Surrett....born 1845, died 1911, May 13. Annie and Floyd Surrett. Freel Surrett, W.L. Surrett, Charlie Surrett, J. C. Surrett, Lee Surrett, Mrs. F. M. Surrett. Annie and Flyod were in California. The rest were in and around Texas and Alabama.
This is part of Stephen Leonard "S.L." SURRATT family Would like to exchange info. on the "Unknown" & "Not Traced" I lost this family after the 1900 Census in Jefferson Co., AL. There is no "Proof" as to the parents of Stephen Leonard "S.L." SURRETT, but this writer feels that they were George & Platam (Unknown) SURRETT of Wythe Co., VA. based on 1860 Census (See Father's George SURRATT F.G. 737) also it is believed that Stephen middle name was "Leonard", named after his Grandfather Leonard SURRATT, (1794-1860) ..prs

3rd E-mail Dated: Feb 16, 2000
Thanks you so much.....we've been looking for this info for a long time. We have a little bit of info on Della Surrett, because my mother knew her. She lived in Peoria, (Hill Co.) Tx. and was married to (?) Leggett.
Ans: Do you have b.,d. m. Children on LEGGETT, family?
They still have kids that live around in that area, around Hillsboro, TX (Hill Co.) And also Sarah Jane Surrett (my mothers Great Grandmother) lived around Hillsboro, TX. and died there, we know she died somewhere around 1939. We have some letter, she had written to my grandmother.
Ans: How are you "Connected" to Sarah Jane (HUGHES) SURRETT? Your mothers G-Grandmother! Would like your FGS (Family Group Sheets)
And again thank you so much for this info. On your web pages it says something about books and articals you have written, are they in book stores? I would really like to read them. And is there any relation between your side of the Sarratt (Surrett) family to my side? Thank you Dawn
Ans: You are welcome! I published a series of items on the Sarratt/Surrett/Surratt called "Family Profile", in the early 1980's Several of the large Genealogical librarys' have copies as well as Library of Congress. All of this Info. has been Up-dated and is called Sarratt/Surrett/Surratt Families of America! All is available at Rootsweb World-Connection (GEDCOM format) S.L. is not from my "Branch" see prsintr.htm for my Branch. Would still like any additional info. on these families. I see Sturat Jno.SURRETT, a28y Boarder of Wm. T. HOLLAND, in the 1910 Census for Benton Co., MS. any connection?

4th E-mail Dated: Feb 16, 2000
Stuart Jno. Surrett, was my mothers grandfather. He was married to a Rea Holland, but we've never had much info on her. I'm hoping this WM. T. Holland is a part of that family. Since I know that they lived in Pots Camp (Marshall Co.) Mississippi. I thinnk he and his wife are buried, somewhere around Memphis (Shelby Co.), TN.
What is a FGS (family group sheet)?
This is really exciting, we've never been able to find anything on this side of the family. We just live a few miles from Birmingham (Jefferson Co.), AL.
We're trying to remember some of the names on the Leggett side, but we don't have any dates. The man Della Surrett was married to was Albert Leggett.
We'll send more info when we find it. I think I may have an obituary for S. L. Surrett, but I never knew who he was.
Thanks, Dawn
Clifford "Steve" Surrett [email protected]
SURRETT, Stephen L.
Dated: Feb 26, 2001
My name is Clifford Steve SURRETT, and I live in Alabama. My Dad is Clifford Leon SURRETT, My Grandfather was Steve Daniel SURRETT. My Great Grandfather was James Crocket SURRETT and my Great-Great Grandfather was Stephen Leonard SURRETT.
I know that James Crocket & Stephen Leomard were both born in Wythe Co., VA. and later moved to TN. In the 1900 Census of Jefferson Co., AL. they spelled their name SURRATT. Can you tell me is they are linked with Samuel Sr. Samuel Jr.& Joseph and Katherine. If so, Can you tell me who Stephen Leonard's father was. I noticed their is a James Crocket who lived in Sevier, Tennessee who died in 1932. this would have to be a different James Crocket since I know for sure my Great-Grandfather is buried in Calhoun Co., AL. Any information would be appreciated. Also, their is several books you mentioned about the SURRATT'S (all spelling's) that are out of print. Would you know where I might buy a copy.
Thanks Steve,
Most of my books are now ont he Net! Would like any of the Unknown's Not Traced! corrected. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Dated:
Feb 27, 2001

Thank yo very much for your information. If George SURRATT was his father, then I lould link all the way back to Joseph SARRATT who came from the South of FRANCE, the way you connected it on ANCESTORY.COM. am I Correct on this analysis?
James Crocket SURRETT came from Tennessee to Jefferson County, Alabama with his father Stephen Leonard and the whole family around 1897.
He married 5 times and I have located all 5 marriage CERTIFICATES. He had children with at least 3 of these wives. My Great-Grandmother, his 2nd wife was Purnie CLINE and they married in 1915. She was born on July 4,1900 and died in March 1918. She is buried in a Church Cemetery in Oxford, Alabama. Theur only son STEVE DANIEL SURRETT is my Grandfather. he was born on Jan. 11, 1917 and died Sept. 20, 1996.
James Crocket and his father Stephen worked in the Coal mines. James Crocket and Friel are both buried somewhere in Calhoun County Albabama and I'm in the process of trying to locate and mark their graves. I am told they are buried in Unmarked graves. I know that James Crocket died around 1948, and I'm in the process of getting a copy of the Death CERTIFICATE. I will continue to correspond with any new information and hope you will do the same. I would like to link myself as far back as possible. Especially any REVOLUNTARY WAR AND CIVIL WAR RELATIVES.
Thanks Steve, Would like copy of any "Certificates" and/or any of the Unknown's Not Traced! corrected. ..prs
Elizabeth (Surrett) Russell [email protected]
SURRETT, Stephen L.
Dated: May 11, 2001
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #441
This Stephen SURRATT married Sarah Jane HUGHES about 1878 in Wythe Co. Virginia. Showed up in Jefferson Co. Alabama 1900 Census shows a name change to SURRETT. In 1910 the children of this marriage: JAMES CROCKETT, JOHN STUART, FRILL MONROE, WORLEY, LEE, FLOYD, AND DELLA
Anyone have info on this Family.
Thanks Elizabeth, we have E-Mailed before. See URL. Stephen L. SURRETT Family Profile (This page)
Would like any of the Unknown's Not Traced! corrected. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Dated: Jun 07, 2001 2:19:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time


3rd E-Mail: Dated: Jun 06, 2001

Information on James Crockett SURRETT Son of Stephen Leonard SURRATT and Sarah Jane HUGHES. (AKA) J.C. SURRATT (AKA) J.C. SURRETT J.C. SURRATT and Mary THOMAS married April 28,1900 Jefferson Co., AL. Children:
1. 1st Dau: MATTIE JANE SURRETT, b. JUNE 14,1902 Jefferson Co AL.
2. 1st Son: W.L. (AKA) WILLIE LEONARD SURRETT b. __ OCT. 1904 Jefferson Co. AL.
3. 2nd Son: CHARLIE CEPHUS SURRETT b. MARCH 01,1906 Jefferson Co. AL.
J.C married several timesc and had two more sets of Children. I can furnish all rge marriages and children names most of the birth and death dates. Stephen Leonard SURRATT is my Great Grandfather. James Crockett SURRETT is my Grandfather and Charlie Cephus SURRETT is my Father. I will send you more Information. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Elizabeth (Surrett) Russell ( [email protected])
Thanks Elizabeth, we have E-Mailed before. See URL. Stephen L. SURRETT Family Profile (This page)
Would like any of the Unknown's Not Traced! corrected. ..prs

4th E-Mail: Dated: Jun 08, 2001

Paul, How do you want me to send you the information I have varified?
Just send to you through E-Mail. We got Back a Marriage CERTIFICATE today on Stephen Leonard (SERATT) (could not make out for sure if it was an (E OR U) in SERATT) to Sarah Jane HUGHES marriage dated Feb. 19, 1879 Wythe County, Virginia. He was 20y she was 18y old. His father was George SERATT. Her father was John HUGHS. No mothers names were listed. I live in Anniston, Alabama, so the information on the children of Freel SURRETT and James Crockett SURRETT I can help. They have all died except one daughter of Freel SURRETT.
That would be fine!, look forward to receive your information! ..prs

Houston Co.

Wanda Purcell
SURRETT, Margaret (Bales) Mrs.
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 3:41:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Roger Mills Co. OK Obits URL: Message #1647
Subject: Foshee, Lillian G.
Surname: Foshee, Young, Surrett, Bales, McMichael, Gordon, Heinchel, Fanshier,Dodd
Lillian G. (Young) Foshee was born May 4, 1912 in Sayre, OK to Anna Lela and James Dow Young and passed away March 27, 1996 in the Sayre Memorial Hospital at the age of 83 years, 10 months and 23 days.
Lillian grew up in the Berlin and New Liberty communities. On December 26, 1928 she married L.F. Bales. She lived in the Berlin community and married Lonnie David Foshee on October 25, 1950 in Cheyenne, OK. They made their home in the Berlin community. After Lonnie passed away she moved to Sayre in 1980 to make her home. She was a member of the Sayre Church of Christ. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband Lonnie, 1 brother and 1 grandson. She is survived by 1 daughter/son-in-law,
Margaret (Bales) and Walter Surrett, of Lovelady, Houston Co., TX.
1 son/daughter-in-law, George and Helen Bales, Sayre; 1 step-son/daughter-in-law, Lemuel and Juanita Foshee, Edmond, OK; 4 sisters, Loretta McMichael, Thelma Gordon, Ruth Heinchel all of Oklahoma City and Juanita Fanshier of Elk City, OK; 3 brothers, wayne dodd, Tulsa, OK, Guy Dean Dodd, Denver, OK and Lee Vaughn Dodd, Oklahoma City, OK; 7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
Services were at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 30, 1996 at the Rose Chapel officiated by Kevin Ballard, and assited by Ray Smart. Interment was in the Berlin Cemetery, Berlin, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma under the direction of Rose Chapel Funeral Service.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Robert Leslie "Cigarette" Surratt formerly of Dallas, TX
Date: 10 Sep 2002 3:14 AM GMT
Surratt Board Message # 244
The Dallas Morning News; Tuesday, September 5, 1996; page 26A:
Robert Leslie "Cigarette" SURRATT. Born June 5, 1930 and died September 3, 1996 in Tyler, [Houston Co.] Texas. Formerly of Dallas, Texas. He was a used car dealer and wrecker driver since 1943.
Survived by one sister, Betty Armstrong of Killeen, [Bell Co.] TX;
wife Rachel Ann;
2 daughters,
Mrs. Robert Grinrod (Lana Gayle Surratt) of Chandler, TX and
Mrs. Richard Smith (Rena Lynn Surratt) of Cape Coral, FL;
granddaughter, Tammy Jo Stefanick, CA; grandson, Leslie Eugene Robb of Trinidad, TX; granddaughter, Atina Kristen St. John; son-in-law, John St. John of Dallas; one great-grandson, Derrick Alan Stefanick, CA;
ex-wife and mother of his children, Joy Jean Swann of Dallas;
stepchildren, Robert Wayne, Charles David, and Babara Ann Melton;
one step-granddaughter, Katy Bridges of Hickory, N.C.
Services 4:00 P.M. Friday, September 5, 1996. LAUREL LAND MEMORIAL CHAPEL. Interment Laurel Land Memorial Park. The music will be provided by his grandson.
LAUREL LAND S. Thornton at Laurel Land Rd.
See: Mrs. Nellie Surratt Would like to exchang info. on this family ...prs

Hunt Co.

 Hunt Co., Texas Marriages, 1851-1900 (MyFamily.com Inc.)
Given NameSurname Given Name Spouse Surname Spouse Marriage Date County State

Donna Chapman
SURRATT, John Rice

1st E-Mail: Date: Apr 23, 1999 9:10:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Paul - I just found your web page and I wanted to ask you if you have ever come across any information on the John Rice Surratt family from Somervell or Hunt Co., Texas. My children are descended from John Rice Surratt and his third wife Margaret Jane (Clark) Surratt.
Their youngest child was William Claudia Surratt(a female), and my children are her gg grand daughters. I sort of have the family traced from Claudia down, but I'm trying to find the parentage of John Rice Surratt.
He died about 1880 in Hunt Co., Texas I believe. According to some records the family had, he was born in Bedford Co., Middle Tenn. about 1815. Any help you could give me would help tremendously.
Thank you, Donna Chapman, E-Mail: [email protected]
We have John R. SERRATT, (b. 1813 or 15, d. 1879 age 66yrs m. 3 times!
We have his death as August 1879, at Hills Point, (See: Van Zandt Co., TX.
See John R. SERRATT Family Profile!
We would like any corrections/additions to this Family. ..prs See: Donna Chapman our SFA© REF:#0191.003

2nd E-mail: Date: 25 Apr 1999 9:19:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time
File: SurrattF.mim (768969 bytes) DL Time (26400 bps): < 8 minutes
This message is a multi-part MIME message and will be saved with the default filename SurrattF.mim
Hi Paul - thanks so much for your information. I have attached a GEDCOM of William Claudia's family on down to present day. I've been e-mailing Linda Surratt and she's been kind enough to give me all of her info, which I won't send, since you probably already know all of it. I'm also attaching some pictures of William Claudia, her husband, and two sons. I have them of the rest of the family, but I think that would get very close to boring you to death. I've noticed that pictures do not transfer with a GEDCOM so I'm sending them separate as jpeg files. I hope you can get them.
One question, do you know if John Rice had any brothers or sisters? Whoops, mistake, two questions. How in the world did he end up in Texas? Thanks again for all your help.
Donna Chapman, E-Mail: [email protected]
See Samuel,6 & Martha (Rice) SERRATT Family Profile, his Parents and 7 Siblings.
I have no idea why they moved to Texas. .
(Never received Photos)...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 26 Apr 1999 11:16:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Paul - One more questions. I'm just full of them aren't I? How can I get a copy of the family Kinology Charts for Sarratt? If you sell them, please let me know, and I'd love copies if they pertain to my daughters' line.
Also, do you sell the Sarratt Family Profile? I'd like to get a copy of that too. Please let me know, and also if you got the GEDCOM file. I have a picture of John Rice Surratt coming to me, but you may already have one from Linda. Thanks again for any info you can give me. I want copies of anything I can lay my hands on for my girls. They love all this, but don't like to do the work.
Donna Chapman, E-Mail: [email protected]
You can order the "Kinology Charts" from me.
The SFA Profiles are on-line, and are "Free" just down-load the Chapters of interest or print them off per Chapter, place in Notebook, ola' instant Family History Book.
You can down-load the "Free" SFA©-GEDCOM at the Rootswebb.com "World Connection"
My Mother told me many years ago the part of Genealogy & Family History is Sharing!!!! that's what I have been trying to do! (Never received Photos)...prs

4th E-Mail: Date: 07 Jan 2003 5:11:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hello Paul -
I've corresponded with you before on the descendants of John Rice Surratt in Texas. My daughters are descended from him through their great grandmother, William Claudia Surratt Deason. I was looking at your web page, and wanted to give you a couple of updates.
My own e-mail address has changed, and it's [email protected], and Linda White who you have listed, passed away a few months ago from a stroke, so you might want to remove her address.
I've been doing a lot of corresponding with a lady in Longview who is descended from the second wife of John Surratt, Alabama Surratt, who married a man named Embree. She's given me a generalous amount of pictures of John Rice, his wife, Cynthia, and their three children.
If anyone else is researching this line, I'll be happy to share what I have. She's done quite a bit of research in her day, but is now in failing health and so I've typed up every single letter she's sent me, so I'll still have them on the computer. I've gleaned quite a bit from her letters.
Also, my children's grandmother Claudia's grand daughter, passed away in 1998. Ruth Embree, the lady in Longview, recently wrote me and related a story to me about when Claudia's third son, Amos B. Deason, Jr., died at the age of 4. Up until now, I've only had my ex-mother-in-law's version of the story, but this was a woman who knew the child. So that makes me believe he existed. He died before they had death certificates in Texas, and his burial place is unknown, but it's enough for me to believe it credible.
I'm still trying to find further proof. I've been very ill this last year, and have been unable to do any on-site research, which I miss. Hope-fully in 2003, I'll be able to get back to it.
If you or someone you know is interested in these pictures, they are scanned, and I can e-mail them to whomever.
She is beginning to trust me with some of the old ones, so I've been lucky. I'm printing your gedcom out and sending it to her. I'm sure she'll like it. She's been wanting to see it for some time, but I haven't been physically able to get it to her. Good luck in your research.
Donna M. Chapman New Address [email protected]
Family Historian
6440 Everhart, #13F Corpus Christi, Texas 78413 Phone-Home: 361-992-4585, Cell, 361-658-3890
Donna, Long time no hear! As always would like ant corrections/additions to
See John R. SERRATT Family Profile, ...prs

Sheila Rogers Brown
Dated: May 10, 2001
Source: GC-Hunt County Texas Queries Message #10640 F.A. Rogers was a state representative for Hunt County, TX in 1931 and 1933. He was married to Velma Florence Surratt. This couple were my grandparents who both died before I could meet them. Would appreciate any info on them or any of their relatives. I have some info on the Rogers' line back to F.A.'s grandfather, Richard-that's where I hit a dead end. Thanks!!!
If you can give me some b., d. dates on above, I may be able to help, you on the SURRATT, side ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 7:20:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Paul, I have already visited your site several times and was able to obtain quite a bit of info on my grandmother's side of the family. I really appreciate the information on them. You have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into your research. It looks like Florence Surratt's line goes back to Elisha Sarrett. Again, thank you so very much for all your help. Take care and God bless.
Sheila Rogers Brown [email protected]
D'Ann Green
SURRATT Hunt Co., TX.)
2nd E-Mail: Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 6:00:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I went to the Hunt County, Texas court house today and found this information.
J. A. Surratt m. July 13, 1913 in Greenville, Hunt Co. TX. to Miss Nora Ella Traylor (d/o L. W. Traylor and Mary Ann Trimble) She d. Nov 24, 1947 in Commerce, Hunt Co., TX.
Lewis Surratt m. 20 Nov 1918 in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX. Miss Marie Helton
Jonas Wilson Surratt s/o Levi Surratt and Frances Stairs d. 09 Mar 1944 in Commerce, Hunt co., Texas.
William Jackson Surratt s/o John Surratt & Nancy Willingham died 08 Feb 1946 in Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas
Did not know if you had this info or not. I do not know how they tie into the William F. & Mary (Lumpkin) Surrett line who are my husband's gg grandparents.
D'Ann Green, E-Mail: [email protected]
d'Ann, They Don't
J.A. is John Allen SURRATT, s/o Wm. H. & Mary J.F. (LILES) SURRATT [TX-FG938]
Lewis is Louis W. SURRATT, s/o Jonas W. & Nora Etta (Unknown) SURRATT [TX-940]
Jonas Wilson, is s/o Levi W. SURRATT & Frances STYERS [TX-345] Wm. Jackson SURRATT, d. 08 Aug 1948 is a s/o John W. & Annabellie STYERS [TX-FG471] The John & Nancy WILLINGHAM is John Middleton SURRATT (1844-1899) m. 1st Nancy E. WILLINGTON, [TX-FG 933]

Johnson Co.
Ed Kadleck
SIRATT, Jefferson
Date: March 19, 1999 at 18:38:06
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 89
Seeking info as to the original spelling of this name. See: William Riley Henry Siratt, born in Mo 11/27/1868 to Jefferson Siratt and Malinda Smith. It is said Jefferson changed the name.
Ed Kadleck, E-Mail: [email protected]
Msg#258 Re: Siratt - original spelling Wade Wallace 2/19/00
Msg#090 Re: Siratt - original spelling Blanche Surrette 3/20/99
See Jefferson SIRATT Family Profile!
We would like to exchange information on this family. ..prs

Ed Kadleck
Jefferson SIRATT, 1846-1898
Dated: Feb 20, 2000
Son of Walter T. & Anna (RIDGEING) SIRATT He m. c1867, MO. to Miss Malinda L. SMITH, 6Ch. Paul, Thanks so much for the ton of info you sent. This is really great. Ed Kadleck
You are Welcome!
See: Walter T. SURRATT of Alexander Co., IL.
See: Wm. Jefferson SIRRATT of Johnson Co., TX. ..prs ..prs
Ed Kadleck
SIRATT, Jefferson

2nd E-Mail: Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 12:11:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: Wade [email protected]
CC: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., [email protected]
Hi Wade Wallace, Nice to hear from you.
Jefferson Siratt is my g-gf. Here are the notes I have on him.
JEFFERSON SURRATT/SIRATT was born March 04, 1846 in Missouri, and died August 23, 1893 in Grandview, [Johnson Co.] Texas.
He married MALINDA L SMYTH, August 01, 1867 in Dunklin Co, Mo, daughter of HUGH SMYTH and ELENDER BROWNING. She was born August 05, 1845 in Illinois (according to death certificate), and died December 21, 1934 in Grandview, [Johnson Co.] Texas.
Both are buried in the Old Grandview Cemetery.
Civil War pension records for Jefferson Siratt, invalid's pension, 8/12/1881 from Ark, App #427330/3422330; Widow's pension for Malinda Siratt from Texas 11/22/1893, #586134/1166139. He appears in the 1890 Surviving Soldiers and Widows schedules for Johnson Co, Tx, ED 96, Pg 1. He served in Co C, 2nd Reg of Mo Light Art. Medical records show he left for treatment of Conjunctivitis on 9/13-15/1864 as Jefferson Surratt and returned to duty as Jefferson Siratt.
Children are:
What is your relationship to Jefferson? Where do you live? I live in Dallas, Texas.
Any help/info you can give will be appreciated. Ed Kadleck
Blanche Surrette
SIRATT, Jefferson
Date: March 20, 1999 at 17:38:17,br> Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 90
In Reply to: Siratt - original spelling by Ed Kadleck of Msg# 89
The original spelling in France is Suret, Sarat, and Sarot it is derived from the name Severenius. The first use of the spelling with Siret was used n England after 1025 and there are many variations there and in the US. Please contact me, [email protected]
Thanks Blanche
No followups yet
This "branch" used the spelling of SARRATT in MD., SERRATT in TN. & IL. and SIRRATT in Mo. & TX. ...prs
Wade Wallace
SIRATT, Jefferson
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 11:49:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 258
To: [email protected] (Ed Kadleck) Message #89
CC: [email protected] (Paul R. sarrett, Jr.)
Anyone ever heard of Jefferson Siratt b. 4/4/1846 - d. 8/23/1893 married Melinda Smith b8/5/1842? We are related and seeking any info esp Jefferson's siblings and parents etc... Name spelling is questioned. Thanks
Wade Wallace, E-Mail: [email protected]
You did not indicate what County, State you are looking in, but I believe this is "Jefferson" Wm. SERRATT's family, of Johnson Co., TX.. Would like to exchange Info. on these families! ...prs
Bev Baird
BAIRD, Lalla V. (SURRATT) Mrs.

1st E-Mail: Date: 19 Feb 2003 at: 7:42:31 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hello Paul:
I just started last night looking for the genealogy of the Surratt's and found your wonderful sites with an abundance of information.
I am looking for more information on Lalla V. Surratt, b. 1870 according to one source or 1879 according to another census record for 1880 that I found where she is living with John Mitchell in Johnson Co., TX and his wife Eugenia (SURRATT).
Lalla SURRATT m. Walter Lee Baird June 14, 1893 in Johnson Co., TX. I am a BAIRD descendent, through Walter L's fathers other son, Jarrett Leroy BAIRD.
I have been told that "Lalla was a niece to Mary E. Jenkins Surratt" and wonder if you can help with making this connection. Perhaps one of Mary's sisters married a Surratt?
You live only a short distance from me. I am in Sacramento now but lived in Grass Valley for 5yrs. and then Auburn for about one year.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Bev, [email protected]
     Thanks for the E-Mail,
     We don't have much on the "Step-Daughter" Lalla SURRATT, of Johnson Co., TX.
     We don't think she was a "Niece" of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT.
<---See: Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT & Conspirators
     Give me a few days and I will check our records for more info. on Lalla /Lilla SURRATT. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 28 Jul 2003 8:13:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Additional Correction: Lalla V. Surratt -- AL/TN/TX Connections

Message Board URL: Message #40.113.1
1880 Census shows a Lalla V. Surratt living in Johnson County, Texas (probably Cleburne) with a stepfather,
John D. Mitchell (b. Va. circa 1844) and his wife,
Eugenia B. Mitchell (b. TN circa 1852).
Lalla later married Walter Lee Baird in Johnson County on June 14, 1893.
Anyone have any information on Lalla's parents? Census record states that her mother was from TN and her father was from AL. My guess is that Eugenia Mitchell may have had a prior husband from AL whose last name was Surratt.
Bev BAIRD, [email protected] <---New Address!
See: SFA© Profile: <---Lalla V. (Surratt) BAIRD Family!
   Bev BAIRD is our SFA©[BAIRD-REF:#002]
Timothy Baird
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 01 Aug 2003 at: 5:52AM  Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
1st Message #259
Surnames: Baird, Surratt, Mitchell
1880 Census shows Lalla V. Surratt living in Johnson County, Texas (probably Cleburne) with a stepfather, John D. Mitchell (b. Va. circa 1844) and his wife, Eugenia B. Mitchell (b. TN circa 1852). Lalla later married Walter Lee Baird in Johnson County on June 14, 1893.
Anyone have any information on Lalla's parents? Census record states that her mother was from TN and her father was from AL. My guess is that Eugenia Mitchell may have had a prior husband from AL whose last name was Surratt. Any likely suspects? T. BAIRD, [email protected]
   Tim BAIRD is our SFA©[BAIRD-REF:#004]
Dac Crossley, Jr.
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 06 Jun 2004 at: 8:48PM GMT   Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
2nd Message #259.1
Lalla V Surratt was my grandmother. Would really like to know what you've found out -- who you are --etc. etc.
Incidentally, "V" was a name -- not an initial.
Talk to me, Dac Crossley [email protected]
Tim Baird
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2004 At: 2:14AM GMT   Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
3rd Message #259.1.1
Thanks for the message.
I assume, from your name, that your father was D. Ashton Crossley, who was married to Eugenia Baird, my great-aunt. My grandfather, Julian T. ("J.T.") Baird, Sr., was her younger brother. I actually visited your mother and father with my grandparents, many years ago, at their house in Brownsville (I think), when I was a boy.
I would be interested in learning what you know, as I have no idea who Lalla Surratt's biological parents were, only that John D. Mitchell was her stepfather. (I also know that my grandfather's brother, Mitchell, was named after her stepfather.
I would be glad to share with you whatever I know. For example, you may or may not know that Lalla was graduated from Martha Washington College in Abingdon, VA back in 1892. Although the college no longer exists, it is now the Martha Washington Inn.
Regards, Tim Baird, E-Mail: [email protected]
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 04 May 2009 At: 5:33AM GMT   Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
4th Message #
Hello fellow Bairds!
My name is Sam Hickerson. My grandmother is Betty "Baird" Beasley. She is the daughter of Lalla and Walter's son Sydney Surrat Baird. This means that we are all related!
As to Lalla's parents. I can assume that Eugenia is her mother. I have also found a bible in my grandmother's house that belonged to Lalla. In which she wrote this bible belonged to my father. On the front page, in large print, it reads J.E. Surratt. I can only assume this is her father. I am not sure what J.E. stands for, but this is her father.
Also, our main goal is to find the connection to Mary Surratt if there is one. Do you know of any link?
Dac Crossley, Jr.
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 04 May 2009 At:1:01PM GMT   Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
5th Message #
Sam -- Betty -- I'm D. A. Crossley, Jr.
Lalla (Surratt) Baird<.b> was my grandmother. i do have some further information I'd be pleased to share with you. Glad you found her bible. Is Betty Lou Baird no longer with us? Or Nancy?
Reach me at Dac Crossley [email protected]
Bill Simmons
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 04 May 2009 At: 7:49PM GMT   Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
6th Message #
I am Bill Simmons (son of Betty Baird Beasley). My mom is still alive and she would very much like to know any info you may have on her grandmother (Lalla Surratt). I appreciate anything you can share., Bill
Bev Baird
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 29 May 2009 At: 5:25AM GMT  Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
7th Message #
If you use Google and search for "Eugenia Bertt" (including the quotation marks), you will find an interesting biography of John Mitchell that refers to his wife as "Eugenia Bertt Surratt" of Marshall, TX, although census info reflected her state of birth as TN. Same source says they married 3/19/1879 and were survived by 3 daughters and a son, although none are named.
Bev Baird mailto:[email protected]
Ancestors for Lalla V. Surratt -- TX/AL/TN
Date Posted: 29 May 2009 At: 9:43PM GMT  Rootsweb.com SURRATT Board,
7th Message #
I have discovered that Lalla's father's name is John Edward Surratt
Corrections for Walter Lolla V Baird - 1910 United States Federal Census Add a Correction
Contributed On: Date: 03 Mar 2007 
Ancestry.com Board: Message #122172867 <---Broken Link! 2010
Given Name: Lalla V. Surratt
Explanation: Born Dec 6, 1870 in Texas. Maiden name "Surratt."

 To: ShadowHorn41a
Her name is Lalla Vee SURRATT,
Only Daughter of John Edward SURRATT and Mother Eugenia B. MOORING she married on 14 Jun 1893 in Johnson Co., Texas to 26 year old Walter Lee BAIRD, Sr., They had 8 Children only 6 grew to maturity....prsjr
See: SFA© Profile: <---Lalla V. (Surratt) BAIRD Family.!
Glenda Wyatt
Date: 27 mAY 2003 1:59:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time
To: [email protected]
CC: & [email protected]

Hello Paul,
I need your help!
On your RootsWeb's WorldConnect entry ("Surratt/Sarratt/Sarrett Families of America"), I found my son-in-law's Sarratt (Sirratt) line. Then, while searching for MY Acker line, I found it included with your Sarratt information. Can you tell me the connection between the Sarratts and the Ackers?
My son-in-law is Thomas SCOTT Hollimon. This is his Sirratt direct line:
Joseph Sarratt & Kathrine
Samuel Sarratt, Sr. & Anna
Joseph Sarratt & Mary
Elisha Sarratt & Eunice Bradsher
Walter Thompson Surratt & Anna Ridgway
See: Jefferson William Sirratt & Malinda L. Smith
See: William Riley HENRY Sirratt & Annetta Nellviney Benton
Almedia Elizabeth Sirratt & Aubrey Drew Hollimon
Thomas SCOTT Hollimon
My daughter is Robyn Wyatt Hollimon. This is her Acker direct line:
William Acker, Sr. & Unknown
Peter Acker, Sr. & Jane Sutherland
Joseph Acker & Ruth Alexander
Alexander Acker & Nancy Moses
Baylis Grace Acker, Sr. & Elizabeth Frances Clardy
Mary Jane Acker & Lewis Banks Rodgers, Sr.
Oris Edwin Rodgers & Willie Mae Matthews
Glenda L. Rodgers & Robert E. Wyatt
Robyn D. (Wyatt) Hollimon
I'll keep trying to find the link, but I would certainly appreciate your help.
Glenda Wyatt, [email protected]
Baytown, TX
Thanks for the E-Mail. See See: William Riley HENRY SIRRATT Family Profile. We have a lot of "Unknowns" & "Not Traced" on this family.
We would like to exchange info. on this "branch"
The ACKERS familiy is of Up-Country, SC. and can be found at SFA-GEDCOM site. ...prs
Brenda Hunt
Subj: Winnie S (Surratt) McBRIDE, HUTCH
Date: 10 Apr 2005 11:51:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I found out that Winnie died on 19 March 1925, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was buried on 20 March 1925, in Cleburne, [Johnson Co.] Texas.
I have a copy of her obit from an Oklahoma City newspaper and her death certificate. Her last name when she died was Kutch. She had only lived in Oklahoma City for a short time before she died. I know she was in Cleburne in 1920, because she was listed with my grandfather, her youngest son, Sanford Gilmore McBride.
I also found her as living with a Smith family as a boarder. I have not found Sanford in 1900, yet. Thanks,
Brenda Hunt, [email protected]
Thanks, Brenda
See: Winne Sans SURRATT
(3rd d/o John,37 SARRATT & Sarah Jane HANKS)
She married twice, 1st 24 Nov 1872, Pontotoc Co., MS. to Sanford G. McBRIDE, b. 18 Jan 1853, died Jul 1884, age 31yrs They had 5 Children born to this 1st Union:
After the death of her 1st husband, she married 2nd to Mr. KUTCH; We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Lamar Co.
Greg & Carole Applegate
Family Cicero A.S. Surrett
Dated: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:02:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Thank you for replying to my message. I have been in touch with Terry Martin and saw his postings and your reply, and was going to write to you. Thanks to Terry, I was able to fill in some blank spots on my family tree, but I believe you added an additional generation. I really have appreciated having someone to finally help me in my quest. I am descended from C.A.S. Surrett through his third daughter, Josie. I was also sent, about 20 years ago, the pages from the Surrett/Ezzell Bible, althought it is mainly Ezzell. It was here that I finally got the initials for Cicero. Up until that time I had been told his name was "Tink". Terry asked me in one of his letters if I knew my gr. grandfather had the nickname of "Tank". He also told me he had been killed by a tornado that came through Texas. A half brother of mine had said our grandmother, Josie, walked with a limp because she had been injured by a tornado in Alabama, and that's why the family moved to Texas. I knew Josie had been born in Texas, so hadn't paid much attention to the "story" until Terry wrote me about Cicero. Now I'm sure she was injured when the father was killed.
The information from the Bible pages is as follows: [FG 2505]
Ciceroe A.S. Surrett: b 29 Jan 1862, d. 2 Feb 1901
md. 23 Nov 1882 to Cynthia A. Ezzell: b 8 Dec 1853, d. 19 Sep 1899
d/o Joseph T. Ezzell & Cynthia Stephens

      1. Dora Tibitha Surrett, b. 2 Oct 1883, d. 30 Jun 1956, md. Tolbert
      2. Anna Ella Surrett, b. 6 Apr 1886,
      3. Josie Daisy Surrett, b. 23 Feb 1888, d. 19 Aug 1916
      4. James Wilson Surrett, b. 19 Mar 1890, d. 14 Oct 1902
      5. Clarra Cornelias Surrett, b. 7 Mar 1894, d. 20 Jul 1895
The Bible also gives the parents and siblings of Cynthia A. Ezzell, when they were born, died, and who & when they married. If you want this information I will be glad to forward it on to you. I have not found any other source that lists the youngest daughter, but I'm sure I won't since she was so young when she died, and wouldn't be listed in any census.
A Paula Brooks Fowler submitted some information to the Salt Lake Gen. Lib. stating there was a daughter, Christeen Surrett, born abt 1892 in Texas. Since the birth falls between the two that were listed in the bible, but is not listed, I have not added this daughter to my family record.

Add'l information I have gathered on this family is as follows:
Cicero married in Heflin, Cleburne Co., Ala.; died in Roxton, Lamar Co., Texas. (poss b. 1863)
Cynthia born Edwardsville, Benton, Ala.; died Roxton, Lamar, Texas.
      1. Dora b. Heflin, Cleburne, Ala.; md. Charles P. Tolbert
      2. Anna b. Heflin, Cleburne, Ala.; d. 10 Mar 1971, Covington, Kenton, Kentucky, md. Robert Cantrell
      3. Josie b. near Cooper, Delta, Texas, died 19 Aug 1916, Blue, Bryan, Okla.; md. 11 Dec 1904, Peerless, Hopkins, Texas to Walter Edgar Bryant
      4. James Wilson Surrett d. 14 Oct 1902

When the father, Cicero, was killed in 1901, according to probate records, W. R. Surrett, oldest brother to Cicero, was named as guardian to the three minor children, Anna, Josie, and James. Not sure if Dora was married, or just not considered a minor because she had turned 18 the beginning of Oct. and the record is dated 30 Oct 1901. The probate record was recorded in the county of Delta, so I also wonder if Cicero was killed in Delta or Lamar Co. The probate records state that Wilson Surrett died 14 Oct 1902 and in 1905, a settlement is made when Josie is married. It also refers to a sister in Alabama, Dora. Also, in 1905, guardianship of Anna is transferred to A.L. Severs, uncle of Anna and husband of Oma Surrett, because W.R. Surrett moved out of the jurisdiction of the court in 1904.
Now for a couple of questions of Sarah Jane Clay Surrett. In searching the 1900 census for Lamar Co., Texas, I found Sarah J. living with her son William R. Surrett (a44). Also in the household is his wife, Emma (a 48), and 2 children, James W. (a21) & Julia B. (a18). On Sara J. it states, "mother of how many children - 11; number of those living - 8". In the 1910 census for Pushmataha, Okla. is states the same number of children, but only 7 living; this because C.A.S. died in 1901. I showed 8 children in the family but gained one more when you told of L.E. Surrett who died at about 12 yrs of age. I showed a Francis A. who married Franklin D. Miller. You showed a Francis M. In the death notice for Sarah J. it lists a Mende Miller. Would this be Francis or possible another daughter who also married a Miller? In the 1870 census of Floyd Co., Ga., she is listed as Francis M, age 12. In the 1880 census of Cleburne, Alabama, Township 15, Range 11, she is listed as Francis A. (a23) with her husband, Franklin D. Miller (a28), 2 children, William H. (a2) and Franklin A. (a11/12). Also living in the household is Arthy N. Surrett, sister-in-law, (a10). Arthy is also listed 3 days later in her mother's household. Terry Martin gave me the children of Mende as Eric, Mae, Cope, & Lena. The records of Mrs. Kay (Brown) Black, which Terry sent me, lists a J.C. Miller, as a son of Mende/Minnie, who died at age 25. If Francis and Mende are different individuals, that would give us ten children. However, since Mende is never listed, as far as I've found, in any census, I'm assuming at this point that it is Francis Mende Surrett.
Sorry this ended up so long. I have also copied off of the Internet your Sarrett Families of America posting of Cicero "RED" Surrett, c1835-1875. I have been out of town and haven't really been able to study the information, but hope to do so before company comes this Wed. As I stated, I come through Josie Daisy. She and Walter had a daughter and 4 sons. My father, Sherman Rhodes, was the 2nd son and 3rd child. Josie died when he was 6 yrs old and this is one reason I've had a hard time finding any info., she being an orphan when my grandfather married her. My father, who was born in Texas, enlisted in the Army before he was of the right age, worked several jobs, and eventually ended up in Calif. He met and married my mother, and had my sister and myself. I grew up in Calif., marrying and having our 1st child there. My husband was employed by Del Monte Foods in San Francisco, when they transferred him to their plant in Ogden, Utah. He is no longer employed by them, but we found we liked the life-style here, and it was a good place to raise a family, so we remained in Utah, moving to South Jordan, which is south of Salt Lake. It has been nice have the Genealogy Library so close, but I still don't get up there as often as I would like. Thank you for your help and input. If there is anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to future communications.
Carole & Greg Applegate [email protected]
Gaylord Mohler
Thackerson, Hayze, Surrett, Waits, Morris
Dated: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:36:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC- Dekalb Co. Al Queries Message #272
Joseph T. Ezzell (1822-1891 AL)
married 30 May 1844 Cynthia Stevens (1822-1903 AL)
1. Thomas J., (c1846-
2. Mary Ann, (1847-1929 TX) m. 14 Jan. 1869 Thomas Hall Priesley Thackerson (1847-1929 TX),
3. Nancy Jane, (1849-1939 AL) m. 02 Feb. 1873 George Richard Thackerson (1850-1923 AL),
4. Sarah E. , c1852- m. 12 Feb. 1880 Henry J. Hayze,
5. Cynthia Adeline, c1854-1899 TX) m. 23 Nov. 1882 Cisian Anderson Sanford Surrett (c1858-1899),
6. Lucinda E., c1856-1951 AL) m. 01 Mar. 1880 Samuel J. Waits,
7. Susan Louvinda (1861-1934TX) m. 16 Sept. 1880 Henry Asberry Morris (1857-1937 TX).
William T. Thackerson (son of Mary Ann) married 18 Jan. 1894 DeKalb Co., AL to Eliza Emilie Carlisle.
Oscar Beason Thackerson (son of Mary Ann) married 26 Mar. 1896 DeKalb Co., AL to Doxie Evaline Carlisle moved to Texas 1902.
Nancy Jane and family lived at Hytop, AL on Sand Mountain.
Gaylord Moher, [email protected]
We are interested in your Cisian Anderson Sanford SURRETT, b. c1858, d. 1899, a41y married a24y to the 28 year old Miss Cynthia Adeline EZZELL, b. c1854.
Do you have any more info. on this family?
I can't find Cisian in the 1870 or 1860 census with any SURRETT parents, he d. before the 1900 Census, but I can't find the "Widow" Cynthia A. (EZZELL)
See: C.A.S. SURRETT SFA-Profile! ..prs

Lamb Co.

Kennth W. Serratt,
Amarillo, TX.
SERRATT Family Tree, Lamb Co., TX.

Dated: 19 Feb. 1996 16:05 EST

I know there was 12 children in the Serratt family. This list has 9 of the 9th grn. 2 of which I know nothing about, Leslie and Ora. Then there are 3 of a later birth date. I'll add them to the botten of the list, guessing at date.
1st Dau: GENEY "May" SERRATT; b. c1889, BORDON Co., TX (Known as oldest, and MAY. May lived a long life. 90+ years)
1st Son: COLUMBUS "Lance" SERRATT; b. c1891 BORDON Co., TX (Known as "Lum" and Christopher, Columdus, He had a son, C.C. Jr.
5th Dau: JOSIE SERRATT; b. c1907 WILLIAMSON Co., TX (I think this would be "JESSIE". She m. Arthor Jorden & had 3 girls and 2 boys
(This should be) JOHNEY JAY SERRATT; b. c1909 WILLIAMSON Co. TX Mar: abt 1929, Coleman Co., TX to Miss Louzell Brown, b. c1911 (Unkn)
Kenneth W. Serratt, E-Mail: [email protected]

Thanks Ken,
     See: John Monroe SERRATT. SFA© Family Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Dated: Feb. 26, 1996,

with corrections and additions to family members of 19 Feb 1996
Jimmy Dell Serratt
Samuel Y. SERRATT, of Lamb Co., TX.

E-Mail: Dated: 07 Jul 1996; at 11:45:49 EDT

Hello prsjr&aol.com
I have never used e-mail before so if you get this drop me a line.
I am Jimmy D. Serratt child, number of Samual Y Serratt
I have been interested in the family tree for a number of years but, haven`t had the time or resourses to persu it. I would apprwciate iny help you could give me.
My address is [email protected]
Glad to get your E-Mail. I have documents that traces your family back to 1665 in Prince George's County Maryland. That is if you are the 1st child of Samuel D. & 2nd Wife Minnie "Ola" (FURGERSON) SERRATT of Truth of Consequences, New Mexico.
His 1st son James Dell "Jimmy" Serrett, was born 01 Nov. 1938 and married a Miss Jo Annie McGerwen and had at least one daughter Sandra Serratt.
If this is you, I need information on your mother Minnie and your brothers and sisters Sammie and Lola Kay. I am attaching a Family Group Sheet (FGS) which is in a "TXT" format (ASCII) and can be read or printed with a Text Editor. One should be filled out for each of your brothers and sisters.
See the following FGS on your fathers family.
As you know you can save this as a "File" and edit it as you deemed required.
     See: John Monroe SERRATT. SFA© Family Profile!
We would like ant corrections/additions to this Family....prs

Jeanette Horn
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 3:33:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: RSL Submitter: JDHJR
What "SERRATT" branch 1830 to Now Texas are you looking for? Do you have any first names, b. or d. dates, what County did the live in? etc ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 12:25:34 AM Eastern Standard Time
My Great grandparents are Samuel Serratt and Minni ola Ferguson I found the list but wanted to add on my extended branch from my father Allen Ladd Serratt son of Samuel Ray Serratt and Cecil A Ladd.
Can you help me?
Jeanette Horn, [email protected]
Samuel D. SERRATT (1912-1993) married 2nd on 13 Jan 1938, in Amherst, Lamb Co., TX. to Minnie Ola FURGERSON. They had 6 Children.
1st Dau: Sammie Ray SERRATT b. 01 Dec 1940 married 23 Mar 1956 to Cecil A. LADD, they had 3 Children.
See: John M. SERRATT SFA-Profile for more info. on this family. ...prs
Lowell & Connie Green
Loucindy (Bowen) Rainwater
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 9:50:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
Mr. Sarrett,
My name is Connie Yancy Green.
Stephen Archibald and Loucindy Bowen Yancy were my 3rd great-grandparents. I was interested in the name "Rainwater" that appeared in an entry you submitted.
I would certainly appreciated any information regarding this. I would be happy to share any of my information with you. I have been researching our family for a short period of time, but spend much of my spare time in the library, cemetery hunting, or on the internet. I am truly addicted.
Thanks in advance,
Connie Yancy Green, E-Mail: [email protected]
Mary Jo Yancy
Subj: Serratt-Yancy
Date: 02 Dec 2002 2:41:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul,
My husband is a descendant of the Yancy line through Steven Archibald Yancy, and of course, is related to Mrs. Annie (Yancy) Serratt. Would be interested in talking with you on this line. Also I wonder if you know the Email address of Jeanette Horn. I have a lot of blanks in my data base, and of course, would be glad to share with you.
Sincerely, Mary Jo Yancy ([email protected]
Mary Jo.
See: Mrs. Sarah "Annie" (YANCY) SERRATT SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family!
We havn't heard from Jeanette Horn, since See Feb. 2000 Query ...prs
Lubbock Co.
Date:16 Mar 2003 8:25:48 AM Pacific Standard Time
On one site "32776" by unknown contact; at [email protected]
list Cletes Oran Surratt b. Feb 12, 1891, father of
Sallie Lola Goodwin b. 2 Oct 1892 mother of:
Sarah Maurice Surratt b. Oct 3, 1912; She married 1st to Holly Smith on Oct 3, 1931; married 2nd to Chester McDermett on November 20, 1948, both having one living child.
a post up says Chester McDermett had also been married prior to and had a couple of children.
I am looking for information about Sarah Maurice Surratt and Chester McDermett.
Social Security records and an Obit of this Chester's brother in July 1, 1951 places him to be residing in Lubbock, [Lubbock Co.] Texas.
Any help would be appreciated Teressa [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We do not have any more info. on the McDERMETT family.
We would like to have your McDERMETT info. for this family. ...prs

Milam Co.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Billy Sarrett Mitchell
Date: 30 Sep 2002 7:27:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [TXMILAM] Caudle, Ada Fern Hill - obit

Message Board URL: Message #5477
Rockdale Reporter, Thur., 26 Sept 2002
Private family services for Ada Fern (Hill) Caudle, 93, will be held at a later date. She died Monday, Sept. 23, 2002 in the Richards Memorial Hospital in Rockdale. [Milam Co., TX.]
Ms. Caudle, Rockdale resident the past six years, formerly of San Antonio, [Bexar Co., TX.] was born April 10, 1909 in Crystal Falls.
She was a graduate of Mercedes High School, attended Weatherford Junior College and was a teacher. Ms. Caudle was a member of St. Johns United Methodist Church in Rockdale.
Preceding her in death were: Grandson, Alfred Whitmire; son, A.C. Whitmire Jr.; brother, C.T. Hill; sisters, Irene Davis and Olive Stanfill.
Surviving are:
Sister, Helen (Hill) Mitchell and husband Billy Sarrett Mitchell of Rockdale. [Milam, Co., TX.]
We would like to exchange information on this family. ...prs

Palo Pinto Co., TX.
New Gordon Cemetery Dated: Jan 05, 2002
Palo Pinto Co., TX. Cemeteries (by www.flash.net)
Sarrett, Thomas W., 1844 - 1919, Double stone; married to Lula M. Sarrett; Father
Sarrett, Lula M., 1866 - 1958 Double stone; married to Thomas W. Sarrett; Mother
Sarrett, Thomas Emmett, 16 Mar 1899 - 20 Feb 1951, a52
  This is Thomas George Washington SARRETT's Family
He is the 2nd son of Samuel Gold & Sarah Elizabeth (Brock) SARRETT of Habersham Co., GA.
Grandson of ARW Soldier Samuel,3 SARRETT & Nancy JOHNSTON of Person Co., NC.
T.G.W. as he was called married twice, first on on 20 Jan 1877, in Catoosa Co., GA. to 25 year old Miss Sarah Frances TIERCE, she bore two children and died 2 years later on Jan 1880, in Jack Co., TX. He married 2nd in 1888, Palo Pinto Co. to 22 year old Miss Louisa Marie PRICE, and had 8 more Children, only 6 grew to maturity.
1. Sarah Irene SARRETT, 1890-1983 age93yrs m. W.W. MITCHELL,
2. Bulah Annie SARRETT, *1892- Not Traced!
3. Lou Isabelle SARRETT, *1895- Not Traced!
4. James Angie SARRETT, *1897-1979 age 81 m. Caroline M. GREENE (Moved to CA.)
5. Thomas Emmett SARRETT, *1899-1951 age 51yrs Never Married?
6. Bennie E. SARRETT, *1904-1982 age 78yrs (Moved to Austin, TX.)
Would like to exchange info. on these families.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. [email protected]

Potter Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRETT, Laverne (CAMP)?
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 1:25:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
PITTMAN DATA BANK: Now 2,250 depositors, and growing!
Subject: [Pittman] Mona Janelle Pittman, Amarillo
Amarillo Daily News, July 20, 2000 Obit. #072000
Mona Janelle [CAMP] Pittman, 61, formerly of Amarillo, [Potter Co., TX] died Friday, July 14, 2000, in Rockwall. [Rockwall Co., TX.] Memorial services will be at 2:30 p.m. today in Memorial Park Funeral Home, 6969 E. Interstate 40, with the Rev. Terry Tamplen, of Kingswood United Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Citizens Cemetery at Clarendon. [Donley Co., TX.]
Mrs. Pittman was born in Roaring Springs. [Motley Co., TX.] She was a homemaker and a resident of Rockwall. She married Keith Pittman in 1967 at Amarillo. He preceded her in death. Survivors include a daughter, Denise Niesz of Dallas; two sons, Dirk Pittman of Rockwall and Darren Pittman of Amarillo;
a sister, Laverne (CAMP) Sarrett of Amarillo; [Potter Co., TX]
a brother, Virgil Van Camp of Amarillo; and three grandchildren.
We have her as was See: Mrs. Letha Lavenia (LIVELY) SARRATT wife of Robert "Moody" SARRATT
(Daughter of Charlie B. & Leta LIVLEY) ...prs
Ms. Bernadette Sarratt
Date: 26 Feb 2001
SFA Guest Book
Which "Branch" do you belong to? French i believe
What County, State are you researching? Tx.
Do you have a HomePage to Link to? no I am so very enthuistiastic about finally finding somthing about "SARRATT" I am 35 and have always wanted to help my father find our ancestors.... for when he last saw his father Mr. Earl Sarratt he was only 5 yrs. old. I really believe that our familly is of french or spanish mabye even italien leaneage for we are very passionate, and verbal ha.....mabye even related to this webpage's master "Paul R. Sarratt....thank you and do please email me!!
Ms. Bernadette Sarratt
Most of my records are before 1920 (privacy act), but I do have a "Earl" W. Henry SURRATT, b. c1899 in McNairy Co., TN. He is the 1st son of Duke C. & Cora L. (Wilson) SURRATT) Earl was 1 year old living with the family unit in the 1900 Census for McNairy Co., TN. By the 1910 Census, a11y was living with his family unit in Wise Co., TX. By 1920 Census, a21y still living with parents in Jackson Co., OK. That's the last record I have of "Earl" W. Henry SURRATT. (parents are buried in Potter Co., TX)
If you have some Family Group Sheets (FGS) maybe I can help you. See URL: FGS
Or Goto my "Howto" research Census records at URL Howto

Rusk Co., TX.
Patsy (Hudson) Hughes
SURRATT, Annie (KING), Mrs.
Date: 13 Apr 2003 10:01:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
my name is patsy hudson,hughes. aunt annie was my grandfather's sister. I have given michael some infomation & I gave him some one night when i was half- asleep. aunt annie king, surratt died & is buried in rusk, tx. ** cherokee indian county**
I corrected it with him & i just got in to yours. i'm sorry for the mess up & i'll be glad to help on the King side if you need any.
I gave Michael uncle gene's & his wifes & parents. that was all i had on the surratt family & he gave me what he had.
hope this helps!
thanks, patsy, John (Jay) king's granddaughter, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, but we can't find Mrs. Annie (KING) SURRATT in our database. Can you gives us more information? ...prs

Scurry Co., TX.
Wallie Sue Dicks
SURRATT, Eugene Milton
Date: 31 May 2000 12:49:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: GC-Scurry County, Tx Query Forum; URL: Message #228
My grandfather was Eugene Milton Surratt, born in Scurry Co. My mother Susie Surratt was also born in Snyder . I was born there to Susie and john Szoyka. I have very little Surratt family history, but would like to hear about them.
Wallie Sue (Szoyka) Dicks, [email protected]
Wallie Sue Dicks,
We believe your Grandfather Eugene Milton SURRATT & Wife Nellie Arietta BELL are the following, I have traced this branch to the American Progenitor "Joseph & Katherine SARRATT of France, Prince George's Co. MD.
We would like to exchange Info. on these Families!
Gr-Grandfather: Andrew Newton SURRATT & Eula Mae GLEGHORN, of Van Zandt Co., TX. [SFA-210]
Gr-Gr-Grandfather: James Lemuel SURRATT & Marinda R. PARKER, of Parker Co., TX. [SFA-209]
Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather: John R. Serratt Family Profile!

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 11:49:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: GC-Scurry County, Tx Query Forum URL: Message #231
Eugene Milton Surratt and Nellie Arietta Bell were my grandparents and their daughter Susie was my mother. My mother,myself, and my grandfather were all born in Scurry County. I do have more info on my aunts and uncle than was listed in the message I read. I also know where you can find more info on the Bell family. My father was John Szoyka. Ther is someone else who tells me she has info on the Surratt family.
Wallie Sue (Szoyka) Dicks, [email protected]
Wallie Sue Dicks,
See my response to your May 31 2000 Query. ..prs

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 5:25:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I don't know who your main interest is on. I have very little info on my fathers paternal family. I have some info on his maternal side. I also have info from other family sources on my mothers family. My grandparents were Eugene and Nellie Surratt. My mother was Susie Mae, their second daughter. If you will let me know what it is you want I'll be happy to give you the info if I have it.
My father, John James Szoyka, was the son of John James Szoyka and Ailene Alma Hardt. I have info from my great-grandmother Edna Hardt. How accurate it is I have no idea, but it all goes back on the maternal side.
I am new to this computer business, and don't know all the things I can do with it yet, but if you have patience with me, I'll be glad to let you have the info I have.
Let me know--Wallie Sue
Wallie Sue Dicks,
Our interest is the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA) I have studed these various spelling surname for over 30 years, and enjoy documentation this family history.
(Wallie sent us her FGS on her Granparents Eugene Milton SURRATT & Wife Nellie Arietta BELL [SFA-1707

Tarrant Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Liddie C.
Publication Date: January 02, 1991
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Page: 15
Region: Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro, Texas
FORT WORTH - Liddie C. Surratt, a retired restaurant employee, died Monday at her Fort Worth home. She was 84.
Funeral will be at 3 p.m. Thursday at Greenwood Funeral Home. Burial will be in Resthaven Park Cemetery in Phoenix, Ariz.
Mrs. Surratt was born in Perry County, Tenn., and moved to Fort Worth in 1987. Survivors:
Three sons,
J.B. Surratt of Fort Worth, [Tarrant Co.] TX.
J.R. Surratt of Panola, [Latimer Co.] Okla., and
Dean Surratt of Sacramento, [Sacramento Co.] Calif.;
daughter, Hazel (Surratt) Cordell of Phoenix AZ.;
15 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. By W. Clifford Hogg, Army veteran
Franklin "Frank" SURRATT,
(s/o M/M John SURRATT & Cora Unknown
(1Gs/o Jerrett N. SERRATT & Sarah E. Unknown)
(2Gs/o Isaac SURRATT & 1st Wife: Rebecca Unknown
b. 24 Mar 1899, Wayne Co., TN.
d. __ Apr 1987, a88y AZ. 85323 [SSD# 489-25-2600 MO.]
Buried: Resthaven Park Cemetery in Phoenix, Ariz.
Married bfr 1925, Perry Co., TN. to
Miss Liddie C. Unknown; [SSD# 487-30-2809]
b. 11 Apr 1906, Perry Co., TN.
was raised in MO., Lived in Phoenix Moved to Ft. Worth in 1987
d. 30 Dec 1990, a84y at her home in Ft. Worth, TA.
Buried: Resthaven Park Cemetery in Phoenix, Ariz.
They had at least 6 Children born to this Union:
1. 1st Son: Walter B., b. c1925
2. 1st Dau: Vaughn H., b. c1927
3. 1st Dau: Hazel M., b. c1929, m. Mr. Cordell of Phoenix AZ.;
4. 2nd Son: J.B. Surratt of Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.
5. 3rd Son: J.R. Surratt of Panola, Latimer Co., OK.,
6. 4th Son: Dean Surratt of Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA.
We would like to exchange info. on this "Branch" ..prs ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRATT, Lavenia (Lively) Mrs.
Publication Date: June 07, 1996
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Page: 4;5
FORT WORTH - Louise Basham, 78, a retired Texas Employment Commission manager, died Wednesday in Fort Worth. Funeral: 10 a.m. Saturday at First United Methodist Church. Entombment: Greenwood Mausoleum.
Louise Basham was born Oct. 1, 1917, in Grapeland, [Houston Co., TX.] She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Woman's Club of Fort Worth and the Petroleum Club.
She was preceded in death by her mother, Leta Lively; her father, Charlie B. Lively; and a brother, Charles A. Lively.
Survivors: Husband, Roy C. Basham of Fort Worth;
brother, Henry Lee, and wife Dorothy Lively of Fort Worth;
sisters, Mrs. Lavenia (Lively) Sarratt of Amarillo,
Ima Dell Carroll of Graham, and
Jewel and husband Jimmy Hester of Fort Worth;
and many nieces and nephews. Greenwood Funeral Home 3100 White Settlement Road, 336-0584 Lila F. Boyd
Would like to exchange information on this family! ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRETT, George D.
Publication Date: January 26, 1997
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Page: 8;9
FORT WORTH - Virgil (Smokey) Shelton Jr., 77, a retired Air Force chief master sergeant, died Saturday, Jan. 25, 1997, in Fort Worth. Funeral: 2 p.m. Tuesday at Chapel of Chimes, Laurel Land Fort Worth, with full military honors by members of the Air Force. Burial: Laurel Land Memorial Park in Fort Worth. Visitation: 7 to 8 p.m. Monday at the funeral home.
Honorary pallbearers: Retired Master Sgt. Harry Copper, Sam Bailey Sr., Retired Master Sgt. George D. Sarrett, <----- Michael D. Curtis, Brad Maverick, and C.W. Eakin.
"Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." --Gen. Douglas McArthur.
Retired Chief Master Sgt. Shelton was born June 15, 1919, in Winona, to J.V. and Willie Shelton. Sgt. Shelton enlisted in the infantry at Fort Sam Houston in 1936. At the outbreak of World War II in 1941, he transferred to the Army Air Corps. He served with the 7th Air Force in the Pacific companies. Later, he was transferred to the 8th Air Force. Sgt. Shelton served his country at various duty stations including Roswell Air Force Base, Carswell Air Force Base, Offutt Air Force Base (SAC), Barksdale Air Force Base and Newberry Joint Military Base in New Berry, England. After retirement from the Air Force, in the spring of 1969, "Smokey" was employed at Al's Formal Wear in Fort Worth and was store manager at the Berry Street store for 16 years. Virgil was a member of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Fort Worth for 20 years and a member of the Air Force Aquisition and of the American Legion.
He was preceded in death by his parents, J.V. and Willie Shelton; brothers, Morris and Luther Shelton; sister, Daisy Close; and half-brother, John P. Kilpatrick. Survivors: Wife, Nereca Shelton of Fort Worth; son, James V. Shelton III and his wife, Judy of Denison; sister and brother-in-law, Shirley and Watt Graham of Gladewater; grandchildren, James V. Shelton IV and Judy Deniese Curtis, both of Denison, and Carol Bernice Shelton of Tulsa OK.; and four great-grandsons, Justin, Glen, Michael and Cameron. Laurel Land Funeral Home of Fort Worth 7100 Crowley Road, 293-1350 Edward C. Sheridan Jr.
Would like to exchange information on this family ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: March 16, 1997
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Page: 6;7;8
Obituary: ARLINGTON, Tarrant Co., TX.
Janice H. Surratt, 65, a retired secretary, died Friday, March 14, 1997, at a local hospital. Funeral: 3:30 p.m. Monday at Moore Funeral Home. Burial: Moore Memorial Gardens. Visitation: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. Janice Suratt was born Jan. 17, 1932, in Tuckerman, Ark. [Jackson Co., AR.]
She passes away after a prolonged battle with cancer and related illnesses. She graduated from Corning, Arkansas High School and attended the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Ark. where she met and married Robert D. Surratt on July 1, 1950. She has been on medical retirement from Northrop Gruman for the last two years, where she was secretary to a computer group manager. She was employed at Chance Vought Aircraft from 1951 to 1956, then quit work to help raise three sons. She returned to work at LTV in 1960, where she worked until her retirement.
Pallbearers: Roger Surratt, Patrick Surratt, Eason Brown, Bill Jennings, Ralph Jennings Ralph Hughes and Ross Lanier.
Husband, Robert D. Surratt of Arlington;
1. Robert D. Surratt, Jr, of Arlington,
2. Donald O. Surratt, of Arlington,
3. Stephen G. Surratt of Coppell, [Dallas Co., TX.]
Mrs. Beverly Jean (HENDERSON) SHEPARD of Corning, [Clay Co.] AK.
Moore Funeral Home 1219 N. Davis Drive, 275-2711; By: Pete Wall
Mrs. Janice H. SURRATT, SSD# 429-54-8164 b. 17 Jan 1932, AR.
d. 16 Mar 1997, a65y Ft Worth, Tarrant Co., 76111
We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SHEPHARD, Therman A.,
Date: 13 Apr 2005 6:03:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Clay County Courier, Corning, Clay County, Arkansas.
Therman A. SHEPHARD was born December 25, 1918 in Reyno, son of John Arnol SHEPHARD and Minnie Mae COCKRUM SHEPHARD. He was 86 years of age. An electrician, he was a veteran of the United States Air Force having served during World War Two. He was a member of First Baptist Church and died January 14, 2005 in Arkansas Methodist Medical Center. He married Beverly Jean HENDERSON on June 7, 1947 and she survives.
He is also survived by one brother, Van SHEPHARD, Corning. Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon, January 16, in Ermert Funeral Home chapel with Reverend David RICHEY officiating. Burial in Corning Cemetery.
Pallbearers were Bobby, Don OWEN and Steve Truman MOORE, Terry RAPERT and David BROWN of Hardy. Tommy and Mark GEORGE were honorary pallbearers. Relatives who were here for the services were,
Mr. and Mrs. T.A. BROWN,
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey HENDERSON, all of Tuckerman;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. SURRATT, Arlington, [Tarrant Co.] Texas;
Mr. and Mrs. Steve SURRATT, San Antonio, [Bexar Co.,] Texas and their son, Jonathan SURRATT;
Don and Marcie SURRATT, Pantego, [Tarrant Co.] Texas;
Boby and Kalynn SURRATT, Arlington, [Tarrant Co.] TX.

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: January 04, 1999
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Page:
FORT WORTH [Tarrant Co.] - Robert E. Biggs, 77, a retired crop duster, died Friday, Jan. 1, 1999, in Fort Worth. Memorial service: 1 p.m. Tuesday at Friendship House, 1901 E. Seminary Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76119. Robert E. Biggs was born July 13, 1921, in Erath County. He was an Army Air Corps pilot in World War II. Survivors: Sister-in-law, Elizabeth Louise Biggs of Arlington; niece and husband, Beverly and Edward Stebbins of Arlington; nephews, Ben Sarrett of Austin <----
and Terrell B. Biggs; great-nephew, Marc Alan Biggs of Fort Worth; and great-niece, Cynthia Biggs Boren of Stephenville. Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel 7301 E. Lancaster Ave., 451-3333 Corinne Britt
Would like to exchange information on this family
Bennie SARRETT, (s/o Thomas W. & Lula M. SARRETT)
b. 18 Feb 1904, TX. d. __ Jul 1982, a78y in Austin, TX. 78723 [SSD# 456-03-2102] ...prs
Paul Surratt
Date: 14 Nov 2001 10:50:51 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Hello to all Surratts'
To: [email protected]
Message Board URL: Message # 140.151
I am a Surratt. I live in McKinney, TX. I grew up in Ft. Worth, TX. I am the son of JB & Dorothy Surratt,
Grandson of Frank and Liddie Surratt of Arizona (moved there from Missouri. I think my Great Grandfathers name was John Surratt.
I would sure like to get started looking up the family tree, but don't know where to start. My grandparents have passed and my Dad doesn't know a great deal about all of this!
Paul Surratt, [email protected]
Please Check out our URL at: "Howto" Research your Family History.
If you get a copy of your Grandparent's Death Certificate, they will help in determine who your Great-Grandparents are.
Start your FGS and work your way backwards to your Progenitor.
We can be some help, if you get back before 1920 (Privacy Act)
See: Frank M. SURRATT (above Query) ...prs

Date: 15 Nov 2001 7:56:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subj: Re: Hello to all Surratts'
Message Board URL: Message #140.151.2
Hi Paul,
My name is Michael Serratt. My father was Samuel Serratt, my g-grandfather was John Monroe Serratt.
I had an aunt and uncle named JB and Dorothy Serratt. Could be the same ones. Did you once live in Lubbock?
I can't remember if I ever met you though, maybe when we were kids.
I lived in Lubbock for a short time with my parents.
Michael Serratt, [email protected]
Michael Ted Serratt, b. 21 May 1952
See: 5th s/o Samuel D. Serratt & 2nd Wife: Minnie O. FURGERSON
See: 1Gs/o Samuel Rankin Serratt Family Profile!
See: 2Gs/o John R. Serratt Family Profile! (Not John Monroe?)
(No Uncle & Aunt by the name of JB and Dorothy Serratt...prs

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 10:58:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: [email protected]

Subject: To: Michael Serratt
Classification: Query Message #
No, I never lived in Lubbock. I do have ken-folk in Arkansas, and California, Arizona. Missouri. My Grandparents named all of their boys in kind of a wierd way the only used Initials. My Dad is JB, An uncle JR and an uncle Dean, an Aunt Hazel, and Aunt Vauhgn. I look forward to hearing more from all of you!
Paul, [email protected]
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 10:27:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected]
Subj: To Ludean Kidd
Classification: Query Message #
No this doesn't sound familiar, but that doesn't mean anything though because my Grandparents were so old begore I became interested that they couldn't remember anything solid about family members. Paul, [email protected]

Taylor Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: September 19, 1997
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Page: 7
ABILENE [Taylor Co.] - Mabel L. Welch, 90, died Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1997, at a hospital.
Funeral: 2 p.m. Friday at Elmwood Funeral Home. Officiating: Pastor David Cason of Broadview Baptist Church. Burial: Elmwood Memorial Park. Memorials: Broadview Baptist Church, 2500 S. 27th, Abilene 79605. Mabel Welch was born in Heidenheimer, Texas, on April 22, 1907. She married Dellon O. Welch in Heidenheimer. She moved to Abilene in the 1930s. She was a member of the Eastern Star and Broadview Baptist Church. Survivors:
Daughter, Mary K. (Welch) Sarrett of Alto, N.M.;
sisters, Louis Herndon of Abilene and Glendia Bunker of Little River; and grandson, Pike Lilley of Fort Worth. Elmwood Funeral Home Abilene, (915) 692-0655 Frances Wetherbee
Would like to exchange information on this family ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Apr 29, 1998
Looking for information on:
Noel Davis SERRATT b. 07 Feb 1935, at Albine, Taylor Co., TX.
Married (bfr 1955) Witchita Falls, Witchita Co., TX. to
Miss Norma Carolyn SNIPES; b. 04 Aug at Clinton, Custer Co., OK.
They have at least 3 Children born to this Union: (All born at Witchita Falls, Witchita Co., TX.
1. 1st Son: Dennis Wayne SERRATT, b. 26 Nov 1955 m. 1st Debra J. BURNS, 2nd Betty BUCHAM
2. 1st Dau: Laura Denise SERRATT, b. 19 Jan 1959 m. Robert B. CARLTON
3. 2nd Dau: Gail Renee SERRATT, b. 18 Jun 1962

Would like to exchange information on this family [JOHN3-FG 7]...prs,/font>
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Vernon H., Sr.
Date: 03 Oct 2002
Vernon M. Surratt a77yrs, died October 04, 2002, at an Abilene medical center. [Taylor Co., TX]
Born to Ennis Harmon Surratt and Lena Bell Henderson Surratt on November 11, 1925, in Linden, [Cass Co.] Texas. He married Adelia Hanks Surratt on May 13, 1946 in Bossier City, Louisiana.
Vernon owned and operated Abilene Cattle Company for several years. He lived in Arkansas for ten years where he built and ran Eudora Livestock Auction. He and his family then moved to West Texas where he lived in Rotan, and along with his son Carroll, built their feedlot. Vernon then owned and operated Ranchers and Farmers Livestock and Ranger Livestock Auction. Vernon was also a longtime Auctioneer. He was associated with the West Texas Re-Hab Round-Up. Mr. Surratt was a Army veteran of WW II and a member of Rotan First Baptist Church.
He was preceded in death by his parents and his son, Vernon Surratt, Jr.
Survivors include his wife, Adelia Hanks Surratt of 56 years, a son Carroll Surratt, of Lampasas, [Lampasas Co.] Texas; two daughters, Barbara Ann and her husband Eddie Sanders of Clyde, [Callahan Co.] Texas, Phyllis and her husband Scott Thane of Odessa, [Ector Co.] Texas; seven grandchildren, Nikki Gray, Codie Surratt, Amy Gregory, Tasha Starks, Dustin Thane, Bryan Brown, Ashlee Thane; one great-grandson, Tate Starks; brothers, Earl Surratt, of Abilene, [Taylor Co., TX.] Curtis Surratt, of Mabank; [Kaufman Co., TX.] Sisters, Mattie Lou Brooks, of Marshall, [Harrison Co.] Texas and Ruth Ann Pope of Terrell, [Kaufman Co.] Texas.
Funeral services will be 11:30 a.m. on Monday at Elliott-Hamil Chapel of Faith, 5701 Highway 277 South. Reverend H.B. Terry, Jr. and Reverend Tommy Larner officiating. Pallbearers will be Randy Carson, Garin Tidwell, Jerry Merritt, Tommy Milliron, Tommy Clay and Ikie Taylor.
Burial will be in Elmwood Memorial Park directed by Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home. The family will receive friends at a visitation from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Hospice of The Big Country, 3113 Oldham Lane, Abilene, Texas 79602.
Vernon Malvin SURRATT, Sr. is the 1st s/o Ennis Harwood SURRATT & Lena Belle HENDERSON
Grandson of Samuel National/Newton SURRATT & Sallie Louvella McADAMS;
Gr-Grandson of Jones E, SURRATT & Lucinda HIGGNS
Gr-Gr-Grandson of J.M. "Pappy SURRATT & Mary Polly POWELL
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Terrell Co., TX.
William Perhealth
SURRATT, Chester L.
Date: 06 Jun 2003 1:14:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Is the following family connected to your tree. Chester L. Surratt born 1892 (Tenn.?)-died 1960 buried Cedar Grove cemetery Sanderson, Terrell Co., Tx. married Ada Jones (1894-Dec.3, 1975) buried Cedar Grove.
Had a least one child born abt. 1927 named Harold?
Who are Chester's parents, etc.? Any info appreciated.
William Perhealth My e-mail is
Thanks for the E-Mail,
We have Chester L. SURRATT (1892-1960)
2nd s/o Alex,5 SURRATT & Mother: Mary J.S. Unknown [SFA-FG 3197]
1Gs/o McGraffee SURRATT & Elizabeth M. (HIGGINS)
1Gs/o James,4 SARRATT & Wife Unknown of McNairy Co., TN.
How are you "Connected" to this family. Alex. SURRATTFamily Profile!
We would like to exchange info on ths branch. ...prs


Travis Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: January 19, 1999
Source: Austin American-Statesman -
Suzanne (Jones) Surratt, age 67, of Lago Vista, [Travis Co., TX.] died Sunday, January 17, 1999.
Mrs. Surratt was a member of the Decedents of the Battle of San Jacinto and the New Mexico Cow Belles, a women's auxiliary group to New Mexico cattle growers. She loved to play golf and was a member of the Lago Vista Golf Association, NMMI Ladies Golf Association, and was past President of Faben's Women's Club. She was dearly loved and will be missed by her family and friends. She was preceded in death by her husband, Don Surratt.
Survivors include her children,
Lynda, Rick, Leanne and Rusty;
grandchildren, Krista, Zach, Amanda, Ali, Kyle, Kacee, Shawna, Trevor and Teryn; and
sisters, Valerie Baker and Gail England.
A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, at the Rolling Hills Community Church.
The family wishes to express its appreciation to the Lago Vista EMS, Star Flight and the Austin EMS. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Lago Vista EMS.
Arrangements by Amey Funeral Home, 7811 Rockwood Lane, two blocks east of Mopac, south of W. Anderson Lane, 452-4001.
Donald R. SURRATT, SSD# 465-34-075 b. 26 Oct 1929, TX. - d. 09 Sep 1997, at Leander, Travis Co., TX.
(s/o SFA-ID# Howard SURRATT & Mother Lilly NASH of El Paso, TX.)
(1Gs/o SFA-ID# John Thomas SURRATT & Jessie STRATCHEN of Cornith, Alcorn Co., MS. [SFA-FG 3279]
(2Gs/o SFA-ID# George Thomas SURRATT & Isabella C. ANDREWS of Alcorn Co., MS.)
Married: Suzane JONES, SSD#460-46-0091, (d/o Joseph J. JONES & Mother: Johanna Unknown)
b. 20 Jil 1931, TX. d. 17 Jul 1999, a68y at Leander, Travis Co., TX.
They had 4 Children born to this union: We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: February 15, 1999
Source: Austin American Statesman (Texas),
Joseph Jay Jones died on February 12, 1999. He was born on June 29, 1908, in Peru, Nebraska. In 1935, he and his new bride, Johanna, came to Austin [Travis Co., TX.] where he began a 40 year career teaching English at The University of Texas. During sabbaticals he taught and compiled bibliographies of British Commonwealth writings in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, and England. He wrote many books, some of them co-authored by his wife. Joe spent ten years writing and rewriting Life on Waller Creek, his best known book. It was closely associated with a lifetime of observation and stewardship on the creek itself, although the scope of the book is far broader than the watershed of Waller Creek. After retirement, he also spent many enjoyable hours exploring combinations of poems and hymn-tunes as songs, and published them in manual-and-cassette form.
Professor Jones is survived by his two daughters,
1. Judy (Jones) Holden and husband Don, and
2. Suzie (Jones) Sarrett. [dec'd] <-----prsjr
He is also survived by seven grandchildren: Kley Jones and wife Roz Kutler, Scott Holden and wife Cheree, Chris Jones, Brian Holden, Julie Holden, Carrie Mouser and husband Carl, and Joanna Sarrett, <------
as well as one great- grandchild, Davis Holden. He was preceded in death by his wife Johanna, and their son, David. Joe's family extends their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Julie Waid and all of the staff of Piney Woods Personal Care Home where he spent the last few years of his life. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Waller Creek Natural Science Park Scholarship/Fellowship Fund at The University of Texas or to First English Lutheran Church. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 20, 1999, at 2:00 p.m. at First English Lutheran Church, 30th Street at Whitis Avenue.
Would like to exchange information on this family ...prs

Van Zandt Co., TX.
Linda (Surratt) White)

1st E-Mail: Date: April 23, 1998 at 18:17:37

Genforum: Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #2
In Reply to: James L. Surratt by B. J. Boyd (Msg#1)
Hi, Billie,
I am also researching the Surratt Family, I have quite a bit of information, I live in TX.
I sent an e-mail to Paul R. Sarratt, Jr. at the following address: [email protected] he has been researching the Surratt/Serratt/Sarratt families for years and can probably give you some info.
Please let me know, we may be related.
Sincerely, Linda Surratt-White [email protected]
Genforum: Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #67
Posted by: Linda Surratt- White

2nd E-Mail: Date: December 09, 1998 at 06:25:54

My gg-grandfather was John Rice Serratt b. abt 1815, Bedford Co., TN, d. 8/1879, Wills Point TX, VanZandt Co., TX, he
m.(1) a woman with the initial "M" she was b. est. 1812 in TN, d. est. 1867 TX, m. bef. 1847, est. Bedford Co., TN, they had 2 children,
Samuel Rankin Serratt b. 3/1847
and James Lemuel Surratt b.10/1856, d. 1925 in Porterville CA.
(James Lemuel was my g-grandfather)
John Rice Serrats 1st wife died and he m. (2) Cynthia Wyatt b. abt 1840 AL d. abt 1874 unknown m. abt. 1868 Parker Co., TX John and Cynthia had 3 children:
1. Alabama Serratt b.8/1869
2. John Riley Serratt b. 2/18/1872
3. Lavida Jane b. 9/16/1873
Cynthia died and John Rice Serratt then m.
(3) Margaret Jane Clark 2/20/1875 in Hunt Co., TX. b. est. 1846 John and Margaret had 2 children:
1. Orlene Elizabeth Serratt b. 8/22/1876
2. William Claudia Serratt (a female) b.8/6/1878
John Rice Serratt died in 1879 in VanZandt Co., TX or Sommerville Co., TX, there is supposed to be a will filed but it is not in VanZandt Co., I have not been to Sommerville Co., yet.
Margaret Jane Clark-Serratt moved to Sommerville Co., TX to be near her family and raise the 5 youngest children of John Rice Serratt.
I have always thought John Rice Serratt was named after his mothers father or a combination of his father and her father. On Samuel Rankins side of the family there are children with the names of Riley, Jane John Hannah, Lydia, as well as on John Rice Serratts side of the family as you can see by his childrens names.
If you think there is a connection please contact me. I have lots more information. Thanks, Linda Surratt-White
As we have corresponded before we would like to exchange info. on this family!
Please check out our SFA© Profile page at: John R. Serratt Family Profile!

3rd E-Mail: Date: 15 Nov 1999 at 7:43:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Paul,
The father of James Lemuel Surratt and Samuel Rankin Surratt is John Rice Serratt, their mother which we have always known of as just "M" was called Millie, we found a deed that referred to her as Millie. We think her name could have been Millicent or Margaret.
I have a lot of updated information since I sent you the information in 1997 and 1998.
Researcher and Descendant of John Rice Surratt. Linda (Surratt) White, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the info. Would like your "Updated" info on this family so I can update the RootsWeb "World Connection" GEDCOM...prs

 Source: Mrs. Linda G. (Surratt) White, is our [SFA©-REF:#0191.002]
 Mrs. Linda G. (SURRATT) WHITE (dec'd)
Date: 13 Aug 2002 10:25:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: [email protected] (Charlene Beatty Beauchamp)
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [TXGENWEB] Linda White Scurry county Volunteers Passed away
Need Photo! Mrs. Linda G. (SURRATT) WHITE   Hi lists, it is with sadness that i pass along this obit of my volunteere for scurry county texas. she was a great person and was always willing to go the extra mile in researching for folks. Charlene Beauchamp,
ARLINGTON - Tarrant Co., TX.
Linda White, a native of Snyder, died Friday, Aug. 9, in an Arlington hospital after a suffering a stroke. A memorial service for Mrs. White, 59, is set for 10 a.m. Tuesday in the St. Alban's Episcopal Church under the direction of Moore Funeral Home.
Born Sept. 28, 1942 in Snyder, Scurry Co., TX. Mrs. White was reared in Snyder. After she married Paul D. White, they moved to Dallas in 1960. They later moved to Houston and then to Arlington.
Survivors include her husband of 42 years, Paul White; two daughters, Kelli White and Lisa Ireland, both of Arlington; a son, Bryan White of Arlington; two brothers,
Jerry Surratt and Morris Surratt, both of Snyder;
eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
 Mrs. Linda G. (SURRATT) WHITE
Was a 10th Generation SFA© Member!
Only d/o Charnel Hubert SURRATT & Mother: Amner Florence LEWIS
1G/d of Andrew Newton SURRATT & Eula Mae GLEGHORN, of Van Zandt Co., TX.
2Gd/o James Lemuel SURRATT & Marinda R. PARKER, of Parker Co., TX.
3Gd/o John R. SERRATT & 1st Wife: Millicent M. WARRINGTON, of Bedford Co., TN.
4Gd/o John,9 SERRATT & Wife Unknown, of Spartanburg Co., SC.
5Gd/o James,1 SARRATT & Wife Unknown, of So. Hyco River, Person Co., NC.
6Gd/o Samuel,2 SARRATT & Elizabeth, of Prince George's Co., MD.
7Gd/o Samuel,1 SARRATT & 1st Wife Anna of Prince George's Co., MD.
8Gd/o Joseph & Kathrine SARRAT, "The American Progenitor"
 Linda, was a major contributor to the SFA©, since 1997, which I enjoyed her correspondence immensely and she will be truely missed! ...prs
Michael Serratt
SERRATT, John Rice
Date: 16 Jan 2002 2:22:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
Has anyone found or do they know where John Rice Serratt (Surratt) is buried? I believe that he is the father of Samuel Rankin Serratt. I noticed that he is listed as died in Van Zandt County Texas, but there is no cemetery listed. I am going to be in that area for a few days and wanted to look around.
Also I have chanced my email address again.
[email protected] Thanks Michael Serratt,
See: Samuel Rankin Serratt Family Profile!
See: John R. Serratt Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on these families! ...prs

Wise Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Philman Loyd
Publication Date: March 17, 1992
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram , Page: 17
Philman Loyd Surratt NEWARK - [Wise Co., TX.]
Philman Loyd Surratt, a carpenter, died Sunday at a Decatur hospital. He was 60.
Funeral will be at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at Shannon North Funeral Chapel. Burial will be in Dido Cemetery in Dido, [Unknown Co., STA.?]
Mr. Surratt was born in Jacksboro, [Unknown Co.] and lived in Newark for 22 years. Survivors: Two sons,
Phil Surratt and Tommy Surratt, both of Newark;
daughter, Sandra (Surratt) Coble of Fort Worth, [Tarrant Co., TX.];
two sisters, Dorothy (Surratt) Bone of Athens, Henderson County, and
Lillian (Surratt) McDonald of San Antonio;
seven grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.
SSD# has Philman L. Surratt, b. 13 Feb 1832, TX. d. 15 Mar 1992, Newark, Wise Co., TX. SSD# 456-44-0878. ...prs

Wood Co., TX.
Jennifer Fennell
SURRATT, John Williams

1st E-Mail: Date posted: Thursday, March 12, 1998
Wood County, Texas, Posted Queries
Seeking information on family and ancestors of John William SURRATT,
born June 14, 1876 in Hawkins, (Wood Co.) Tx.
(Only Dau of: Roy, Jr. VERNER & Diane MAULDIN;
(Only GrandDau of Jewel Percy MAULDIN & Dixie SURRATT;
(Only Gr-Grandau of: John Wm. "Dadoo" SURRATT, Jr. & Mattie Lee MOBERLY;
(Only Gr-Gr-GranDau of: John Wm. SURRATT, Jr. & Mary E. "Polly" STARR;
 "I knew JW SURRATT well ("Dadoo", to me) as a child, and my Great-Grandmother Mattie Lee MOBERLY SURRATT had died before I had the opportunity to know her, I have both fond memories and many picturies of them, their home, and their descendants."      Jennifer Fennell. [email protected]

We believe your John William SURRATT, Jr. our [SFA©-ID#]
was the 2nd s/o John William Sr. & Mary "Polly" E. STARR of Ellis Co., Texas.
He was born 14 Jun 1876, in Cass Co., TX. <--[Not Wood Co. ..prs]
d. 07 Oct 1962, age 86yrs, 3mths, & 23 days, Tyler, Smith Co., Texas
He married on 11 May 1902, in Waxahachie, Ellis Co., Texas to:
to 18 year old Miss Mattie Lee MOBERLY;
They had at Least two Children born to this Union:
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

Young Co., TX.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Wm. Buford
Date of Import: Apr 29, 1998
Source: http://www.jandmcont.com/tellup/genealogy/genlog.htm
William Buford SURRATT (
b. 21 Sep 1881, [Prentiss Co., MS] - d. 28 Apr 1974 [Young Co., TX]
Buried: Restland Cemetery, Olney, Young Co., TX.
m. 4 Oct 1903, Greenville (Hunt Co.), TX Miss Lelia LUTTRELL
b. 23 Feb 1886, Fannin Co., TX. d. 15 May 1973, Onley, Young Co., TX.
They had 8 Children: born to this Union:
1. 1st Son: Lewis F., *1900-1973 a73y m. c1929 Dorothy BRUMLEY, ?Ch.
2. 1st Dau: Opal Inez, c1906-1909 a 3y d. young!
3. 2nd Dau: Nellie I., c1908- m. c1933 Fred STRICKLAND, ?Ch.
4. 2nd Son: Roy Ed., *1908-1962 a54y m. c1934 Connie WOOLDRIDGE, 2Ch.
5. 3rd Son: George R., c1911- m. *1930 Juanita WOOLDRIDGE, 3Ch.
6. 4th Son: Glenn C., *1913-1991 a77y m. c1937 Grace BRUMLEY, ?Ch.
7. 3rd Dau: Dorothy M.,c1914- m. c1939 Forest SARTAIN, ?Ch.
8. 4th Dau: Helen M., *1919- m. *1938 Harvey E. SEGLEGEL, 5Ch.

See: Wm. Buford SURRATT Family Profile! [VA-348]
See: 1st Son: Wm. F. SURRATT & Mother: Mary M. LUMPKIN Family Profile! [VA-337]
We would like to exchange info. on this Virginia SFA© Families!..prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: October 16, 1991
Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Page: 19
Obituary: OLNEY - Young Co., TX.
Connie (Wooldridge) Surratt, a former Graham [Young Co., TX.] resident, died Monday at an Olney nursing home. She was 81. Funeral will be at 2 p.m. today at Lunn Funeral Home in Olney. Burial will be in Restland Cemetery in Olney.
Mrs. Surratt was born in Rockwall County and lived in Graham for 17 years before moving to Olney in December 1990. She was a homemaker and a member of Southside Baptist Church in Olney.
Survivors: Two daughters,
Cherry (Surratt) Bossert of Azle, [Parker Co., TX.] and
Sandy (Surratt) Alexander of Hurst, [Tarrant Co., TX.]

brother, Carthy Wooldridge of Graham, [Young Co., TX.' and five grandchildren. By James Moreland Sr., Dispatcher
Mrs. Connie (Wooldridge) Surratt, SSD# 467-74-3428, b. 23 Feb 1910, TX. - d. 14 Oct 1991, Olney, Young Co., TX. She married our Roy E. SURRATT; [SFA-VA-FG 438]
See 2nd Son of: Wm. Buford SURRETT & Mother: Lelia LUTTRELL) b. 15 Jan 1908, TX. - d. __ Feb 1962, a54y Graham, Young Co., TX. [SSD# 458-07-4083]
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

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