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Cabell Co., WV.
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:50:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
(Sorry I don't know your name)
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Yes, we would like information on this branch of SURRATT's. ...

Clay Co., WV.
Susan Cruikshank Hanna
DORSEY, Franklin M.
Dated: November 09, 1999 at 08:36:09
Genform.com: Dorsey Family Genealogy Forum Message #538
In Reply to: Re: Dorsey Family Tree by Vadine Bryant Monroe
Hi Vadine,
It appears we are very distant cousins, having Samuel and Nancy Nutter Dorsey as a common ancestor. Here is the info that I have re: the Dorseys:
John Dorsey m. Airy Stockdale (dates unknown) Children:
1. Benjamin B. b. __ ___ 1794 d. __ ___ 1843 m. Jane Neil 9 Feb 1819
2. Cornelius b. __ ___ 1797 d. 25 Mar 1862 m. Hannah Fitzwater
3. Nancy b. 24 Jan 1798 d. 08 Apr 1859 m. Bernard Hendrick
*4. Samuel c1799-1875 m.1) *1823 Nancy Nutter; m.2) c1850 Miriam Fitzwater
5. John b. __ ___ 1800 d. after 1870 m. Catherine Fitzwater
6. Elizabeth b. 07 Nov 1802 d. 27 Jun 1870 m. William Sims, Jr.
7. Andrew b. 13 Oct 1808 d. after 1870 m. Charity Fitzwater 10 Dec 1828

2nd generation
Children of Samuel and Nancy Nutter Dorsey
1. Samuel W. b. 1822/3 m. Dianna Knight
2. Mary (Polly) b 1824 m. Christopher Eye 1866
3. Airy Jane b. 1825 m. David Nutter
*4. Franklin M. c1827-1877 a50y (sawmill accident) m. c1856 Nancy Adeline Surratt
5. Christena N. b. 23 Apr 1828 d. 27 Feb 1917 m. Felix Lewis O'Dell
6. Cornelius C. b. 1830 m. Rachel Pitzenbarger 13 Jul 1881
7. Rachel b. 1832 m. James Madison Hypes
8. David Nutter b. 1834 m. 1. Mary J. Bennett m. 2. Sarah Margaret Suttle
9. John Addison b. 1835 m. Virginia Legg
10. Jacob H. b. 1839 m. 1. Mary Jane Ewing m. 2. Mary C. Eye m. 3. Ella Beckner
11. Wm. Alexander b. Mar 1841 d. 1930 m. Adaline V. Ewing

My family then descends via Franklin M. Dorsey. If you wish any further info re: that line, please e-mail me. If you have anything farther back than John and Airy Dorsey please share -- I'm stuck!
Susan Cruikshank Hanna [email protected]
See: Mrs. Nancy Adaline (SARRETT) DORSEY SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs
Gene Shannon
Re: Dorsey Family Tree
Date: May 20, 2000 at 21:28:19
Genform Dorsey Msg. #733
In Reply to: Re: Dorsey Family Tree by Susan (Cruikshank Hanna) of Genforum Dorsy Msg. #538
Dear Susan Hanna:
I have just come across your posting. My mother is a Dorsey and my grandparents were from the Oak Hill-Mt. Hope, WV area. She had no idea of her lineage further than her grandfather Benj. Franklin Dorsey of Clay Co., WV. Using the internet and census records I found that his father was Franklin M. Dorsey who was the son of Samuel Dorsey and Nancy Nutter Dorsey of Nicholas Co., WV. Thus, we are distant cousins. I did not know Franklin M. Dorsey's date of death or that it was a sawmill accident. I would appreciate any info you have on him and his family.
Like you I am stuck at John and Airy Dorsey. From the Morman site I do have that John and Airy married 28 Sept., 1791 in Baltimore, Md. John Dorsey was born circa 1760 in Baltimore Co., Md and his bride Arah(Airy) Agnes Stockdale was born in Baltimore Co., Md. and both died in Nicholas Co., WV. I am sure that John Dorsey is tied into the Anne Arundal Co., Md. Dorseys but do not have the specifics. Ironically, this family was descended from Edward Dorsey who first lived in Norfolk Co., Va.(now the City of Chesapeake, Va.) where I live.
Please write me with any info on Franklin M. and Benj. Franklin Dorseys of Clay-Nicholas Co., WV.
Thanks! Gene Shannon 809 Spruce Forest Ct. Chesapeake, VA 23322
Re: Dorsey Family Tree Lindsey Bourne 5/28/00
Re: Dorsey Family Tree teresa Shortridge 5/27/00
See: Mrs. Nancy Adaline (SARRETT) DORSEY SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs
Ginny Cracraft
Subj: Wiley Surratt
1st E-Mail: Date: 19 Nov 2003 1:17:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul
My great,great grandparents were Wiley Surratt and Hannah Coltrane. They lived in Clay Co., WV.
I am unable to go back any further on Wiley's family but have the complete history on the Coltranes.
I will be happy to send you what I have on Wiley's family.
Can you send me forward on his line?
The info will be greatly appreciated.
thanks Ginny Cracraft, [email protected]
See: Wiley, 1 SARRETT SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 15 Oct 2004 8:16:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I am the great grand daughter of Nancy Adeline Surratt who married Franklin Dorsey. My grand mother was Maria Adeline Dorsey who married my grand father William Harrison Coon. I can provide info on this side of the family, if you want it. Let me know
Ginny/Virginia Cracraft, [email protected]
Thanks Ginny,
We still have not received your info. from your Nov. 2003, E-Mail
See: Mrs. Nancy A. (SARRETT) DORSEY SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 16 Dec 2007 at: 1:11:27 PM Pacific Standard Time
My grandmother on my father's side was Adaline Dorsey, daughter of Nancy A. Surratt and Franklin Dorsey.
Her parents were Wiley and Hannah Surratt.
Would you be interested in my line from there?
Ginny Cracraft, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks Ginny,
We still have not received your info. from your Nov. 2003, E-Mail
We still have not received your info. from your Oct. 2004, E-Mail
See: Mrs. Nancy A. (SARRETT) DORSEY SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

We still have never received any info. from Genny...prs
CL Dorsey
Subj:Wiley Surratt/Hannah Coletrane
1st E-Mail: Date: 31 May 2004 11:27:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I read your findings with great interest.
Wiley and Hannah (Coletrane) SARRETT were my Xgrandparents.
We have two books written by our family members with several stories about Grandpa Wiley SARRETT. He died in his 90's [c1902] with a full set of perfect teeth.
He is buried in out family (Dorsey) graveyard in Lizemore, [Clay Co.] West Virginia. I'll double check this with the family today.
One of our "Authors" is still living. The book he helped with was compiled in the 1930's and published in 1963. I don't think anyone has copies except family. The other book has a copy to lend and is at Southern State Community College in Ohio.
I wish I could give you the link but I just deleted it when I cleaned up the computer....I located it by search so my sister could check it out. "Tales of the West Virginia Hills" by Charles V. Dorsey.
There is a family web site where I have tried to stir some interest in finding out if we were related to Mary (Jenkins) Surratt.......... the Dorsey family is also related to Abe Lincoln. Ironic, if we are also related to Mary. So far I've been talking to the wall. Maybe your site will stir things up.
Relationship: Wiley Surratt/Hannah Coletrane, children:
1. Austin
2. Ben
3. Adeline Surratt married Franklin Dorsey
Basically how the Dorsey's tie into this.....We share a grandfather Dorsey with Abe Lincoln (Michael Dorsey married a Todd)
Our family books state that Wiley and Hannah came into western Virginia from old Virginia before the war.
It was Nicholas County, then, but after the war Nicholas County got carved up. Lizemore is in Clay County West Virginia.
Again, Thanks for your web site
Sincerely CL Dorsey, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail,
The SURRATT's of Prince George's MD., and the SARRETT's of Virginia are two complete different branches.
Your "Branch" comes from The Duke of Mont SARRET, of Virginia - Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source "The Duke of Mont SARRET" of Virginia.
The Prince George's Maryland, "SURRATTS" decend from Joseph SARRAT, of Maryland - Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source Joseph & Katherine SARRAT branch.
No "Connection" has ever been made of these two branches.
You list only 3 Children of Wiley & Hannah, our records show Wiley & Hannah (Coletrane) SARRETT - Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source 6 Children!
You list Wiley, died in his 90's that would be after the 1900 Census, and we can NOT find him living in this Census?
The 2 DORSEY books you are refering to are: "TALES FROM THE WEST VIRGINIA HILLS", By Charles V. DORSEY, PS3537.T92516 T28, Published 1997. and "BRIEF HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF THE DORSEYS, HOLCOMBS,NEALS, SURRATTS, MORTONS, BROWNS" By James B. DORSEY, TD195.C58 B74, Published 1999.
We would like to exchange info. on your family.
See: Mrs. Nancy A. (Sarrett) DORSEY SFA-Profile!
Any additions corrections would be appreaciated.
C.L. DORSEY is our REF:#004, Family Source & Reference Notes ...

2nd E-Mail: Date: Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 10:16 pm
Hey Paul, just a note to let you know my "new" e-mail address. Seems 2004 has been a million years ago now. I hope to get back to digging one of theses days.
My mother came down with alzheimer's and I had to move everyone a 1000 miles for what turned out not a good reason..
Anyway....here is something that came my way and I have not even had time to think on it enough to see if it is feasible.
Back in 2004 the Surratt Museum put Wiley "AND" Hannah SARRETT on their web site as the missing brother. Which would make Mary (Jenkins) Surratt our Great Aunt. In 2009 it had been removed. I sent an e-mail and the guy said it was never there. Hum!
I'm a paper freak so when I get time I'm going through my box of papers and I'll bet I find it. Anyway, he did acknowledge that this line needed more research. He also said someone out in California was working on it. I'll try a cut and paste of his e-mail.
Take care and good luck to you. E-Mail: [email protected] <--New Address!
>From: C L Dorsey [[email protected]]
>Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 2:27 AM
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: wiley surratt >I haven't been on the internet in several years. Around 2003-4 this web site listed
>Wiley Surratt / Hannah Coletrane as the missing brother. What happened?
>Wiley was my GG Grandfather. Thanks C. Dorsey

>From: Surratt Society Web Page ([email protected])
>Sent: Monday, 08 Dec 2008 at: 8:34 PM
>To: 'C L Dorsey' ([email protected])
>I do not remember our ever listing Wiley Surratt/Hannah Coltrane
>on our website since they have no ties to “our” Surratt story.
>While there may have been a very distant relationship between them and the husband of Mary Surratt,
>Wiley and Hannah were both residents of VA. & then WV. when the split came between the two states.
>However, they were married in Surry County, North Carolina, in 1829.
>They are mentioned in the genealogy compiled by Dr. & Mrs. Norman Sarratt of California in 1980,
>entitled Surratt/Sarratt Families, 1715-1980, and listed as one of the branches that needs more study.


Lewis Co., WV.
Jo Clark
2 Surratt boys,
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 11:05:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [Lawson List] Benjamin Lawson
Things sound familiar with your family and mine. I have a copy of Benjamin Franklin Lawson b. 3-28-1831 and Mary Elizabeth Ross Lawson b. 1-4-1835. Families came from Highland Co., Va. Calhoun Co., WV and Harrison Co., WV and also mentions just Va. (no county). States in this Bible that Benjamin's father was Alexander Lawson and mother Mary (?) Lawson, both born around 1801. My G Grandmother was Alice Florence Lawson that married a Jeffries. They lived in Gilmer Co., WV, Harrison Co., WV. and Weston, Lewis Co., WV.
The other thing that sounded familiar was the Surratt name. When my Grandmother passed away, my family received alot of pictures. In these picture were 2 Surratt boys that lived next to my Grandparents Alice Florence Lawson Jeffries. Did any of the Surratts in your family live near Murphys Creek in Weston , Lewis Co., WV?
I could send you a picture of the 2 Surratt boys. My mother remembers them. Picture taken around 1924. Let me know.
Thanks, Jo Clark [email protected]

McDowell Co., WA.

Raleigh Co., WV.
Some Raleigh Co., VA. Marriage Records 1863-1900 (Source: Ancrestry.com)
 SARRETT  Julian  16 Aug 1866  COOK  James T.  [ID#5.04.05] 5th d/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Joseph A.  08 Aug 1867  PETRY  Manerva A.  [ID#5.04.07] 2nd s/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  John H.  07 Feb 1867  CANTLEY  Jranette R.  [ID#5.04.08] 3rd s/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Eveline  13 Nov 1867  CLAY  William K.  [ID#5.04.03] 3rd d/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  John H.  04 Feb 1868  CANTLEY  Janetia  [ID#5.04.08] 3rd s/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Lucy A. Mrs.  20 Sep 1868  RUMBERG  Jessee  [ID#5.06.4] Widow of Wm. H. SARRETT
 SARRETT  Viola  __ ___ 1872  THOMPSON  Perry H.  Record Not Found! 7th d/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Cassie C.  20 Mar 1873  HUNTER  Jacob  [ID#5.04.09] 6th d/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Viola  26 Apr 1878  HONAKER  William  [ID#5.04.10] 7th d/o James T. & Nancy (Combs)
 SARRETT  Anna L.  08 Dec 1886  MILLER  Bryson F.  (2nd d/o Eldredge P. & Dicy (Combs) Sarratt
 SARRETT  Alonzo P.  12 Aug 1887  SHUMATE  Harriett E.  (1st s/o Eldredge P. & Dicy (Combs) Sarratt
 SARRETT  Nancy Ann R.  05 Feb 1890  GREEN  Andrew Johnson  Not Traced!
 SARRETT  Cynthia Cora  30 Oct 1890  PRICE  Elihn  [ID#] 3rd d/o Joseph A. & Dove (Pettry)
 SARRETT  Belle M.  __ ___ 1991  LILLY  Jas. Mcasky  Record Not Found (1st d/o Eldredge P. & Dicy (Combs) Sarratt
 SARRETT  Celia  10 Mar 1892  LEMON  Burman  [ID#] 1st d/o Joseph A. & Dove (Pettry)
 SARRETT  Cynthia Mae C.  21 Apr 1892  HONAKER  William B.  [ID#] 2nd d/o John H. & Jeanette (Cantley)
 SARRETT  Maggie  13 Jul 1893  WEBB  W. K.  [ID#] 4th d/o Joseph A. & Dove (Pettry)
 SARRETT  Nancy  12 Dec 1894  COOK  Clark  [ID#] 2nd d/o Joseph A. & Dove (Petty)
 SARRETT  Martha Evaline  11 Aug 1895  FALKNER  Henry  [ID#] 3rd d/o John H. & Jeanette (Cantley)
 SARRETT  Cora  02 Dec 1896  CLAY  Colbert  Not Traced!
 SARRETT  William P.  25 Dec 1896  HONAKER  Flora B.  [ID#] 1st s/o Van L.S. & Viola F. (Sarrett)
 SARRETT  Arizona Bertha  19 Nov 1897  DANIEL  Wm. Jessee  Not Traced!
 SARRETT  Owen Aden  14 Jul 1898  HONAKER  Lela  [ID#] 1st d/o Joseph A. & 2)M.A. (Gardner)
 SARRETT  Calvin  28 Dec 1899  WORLEY  Rosa May  (2nd s/o Eldredge P. & Dicy (Combs) Sarratt
Raleigh Co., VA. - Queries
Jo Ann Nichols
Sarrett, Blanche (Davis)
Dated: Apr. 18, 2000
Mrs. SARRETT Died At 97yrs; Once a Teacher
Mrs. Blanch (Davis) SAARRETT, a97y of 1048 Monroe Ave. died Monday in a Huntington Hospital after a three-week illness.
Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 2:00 p.m. at the King-Carpentier Mortuary by Pastor Don M. DONOHOE of the first Advent Christian Church in Charleston. Burial will be in Oaklawn Memorial Park.
A Schoolteacher in Fayette County in her youth, she was born there on Jan. 10, 1872 , a daughter of the late Samuel and Frances (Ellison) DAVIS, and was educated in public schools.
Her husband James T. SARRETT, a retired construction contractor, died about five years ago [Apr 1963] In the early years of their marriage, they lived on a farm in Fayette County. They raised cotton, flax and sheep and she prepared fibers, spun thread and wove cloth which she made into clothing and linens for her household. Food was raised, prepared and cooked in the home.
Mrs. SARRETT was a descendant of early Virginia settlers and her husband was descended from the "Duke of Montserrat" Who came from France with the Marquis de Lafayette to ansist the colonist in the American Revolution.
The SARRETTS cane to Hunting in 1922. She was a member of the Advent Christian Church in Fayette County.
Survivors include four sons:
Russell SARRETT, [a41yrs, b. c1910] of Gallipolis, OH.
Porter SARRETT, [a70yrs, b. c1899] of Miami, FL.
Kemper SARRETT, [a67yrs, b. c1902] of Huntington, WV.
Robert SARRETT, [a60yrs, b. c1909] of Painted Post, NY.

two daughters:
Mrs. Cynthia (Sarrett) HICKS, [a64yrs, b. c1905] of Corning, NY.
Mrs. Ruth (Sarrett) Carl BOSTER, [a62yrs] of Huntington, WV.
17 Grandchildren; 29 Great-Grandchildren and 5 Great-Great-Grandchildren
Friends may call at the mortuary after 4:00 p.m. Wednesday.
James C. SARRETT, 16 Nov 1868 KY. d. __ Apr 1963, a95y SSD#405-01-4754 KY See FG 357
was s/o John H. SARRETT & Jeannette CHANTLEY [SFA-VA 356]
See: URL GrandSon of John Tinsley SARRETT & Nancy COMBS
Gr-GrandSon of Elisha,2 SARRETT & Jane JENKINS
Gr-Gr-GrandSon of Duke of Mont Sarrett...
Jo Ann Nichols
Dated: 26 Mar 2004 3:22:26 AM Pacific Standard Time
File: (Headstone) John H Surrat.jpg (73816 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute
Hello Again,
After checking records I found a marriage record for John H. Surrat and Janetta Cantley in Raleigh County WV on Feb. 4, 1868.
That would have made Nettie, born Sept. 14, 1853, 15 years old rather than 14 when she married.
[Source: Ancestry.com - West Virginia Marriage Records, 1863-1900]
I have death date for her as around 1919.
Picture of John H Surrat's tombstone attached.
I do not have records for their children. If I happen to see info on them as I research, I will forward it to you.
Jo Ann Nichols HHecjo.aol.com
Jo., Thanks for the E-Mail & Headstone.
We would like info. on these Children.
Rev. John H. SURRATT SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

3rd Query: Date: 09 Jul 2005 8:38:50 AM PDTime
Subj:Jeanetta Cantley Surratt
File:Jeanetta.jpg (394004 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 4 minutes
Hello again,
I am the one who sent you the picture of Rev. John Surratt's tombstone.
Jeanetta's is worn and this picture is not as clear but thought you might want to add it to the other one. They are in the same cemetery.
Best Wishes,
Jo Heck HHecjo.aol.com
Jo., Thanks for the E-Mail & Headstone.
We would like info. on these Children.
Rev. John H. SURRATT SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
BRAGG, Charles W.,
Dated: Jan. 17, 2000
Source: GC-Raleigh County Obituary Forum URL: Message #1893
Subject: Obit: Charles Wayne Bragg - 1956-2000
Charles Wayne Bragg LEWISVILLE, [Marion Co.,] Tenn. -
Charles Wayne Bragg, 43, formerly of Abraham, died Friday, Jan. 14, 2000, in a Maryville, [Blount Co.] Tenn., hospital following an apparent heart attack. Born Sept. 9, 1956, in Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV. he was the son of Charles W. Bragg and Helen Arthur, of Pluto Road, Shady Spring, Raleigh Co., WV.
Mr. Bragg was an employee of NAPA Auto Parts in Maryville, Tenn. and had made his home in Maryville for the past five years. He was a graduate of Shady Spring High School and was of the Freewill Baptist faith. Other survivors include two sisters, Drema Martin and her husband Kyle of Leivasy and Staff Sgt. Marilyn Kosturko and her husband Dennis of Irwin, Penn.; two brothers,
Gary Paul Surratt and wife Linda of Shady Spring [Raleigh Co.,] and
James Floyd Surratt and wife Ida of Riverside, Calif.;

paternal grandmother, Bertie Meadows of Beaver; and several nieces and nephews. Services will be 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Rose and Quesenberry Peace Chapel in Beckley with the Rev. Harold Taylor officiating. Burial will follow in the Goodson Family Cemetery No. 1 at Bragg. Friends may call 6 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. Family members and friends will serve as pallbearers. Arrangements by Rose and Quesenberry Funeral Home, Beckley.
Register-Herald Online Obits - 17 January 2000
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRETT, Brenda, (Sobeski) Mrs.
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 1:06:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Carole L. Carr" [email protected]
Source: GC-St Joseph Co., Mi Obits Forum Obit. 6706
Burr Oak; James SOBESKI, 61, of 515 E. Main St., Burr Oak, Mich., died Sept. 21, 2000, at his home after a short illness.
He was born Oct. 1, 1938, in Bronson, Mich., a son of Roman and Agnes (Otto) SOBESKI. He was a 1956 graduate of Bronson High School and made Bronson his home, coming to Burr Oak in 1968. On June 11, 1967, in Burr Oak he married Barbara CASE.
He was employed by Transogram, ATL Trucking Co. of Coldwater and for the last 15 ½ years he was employed by Rahua Plastics Inc. He liked deer hunting, fishing, bowling, golfing and family golf outings, hunting partridge with his wife, spending time with his family, and was an avid Notre Dame supporter.
Surviving are; his wife, Barbara;
a daughter and son-in-law, Cassandra (CASEY) and Steve ALTIMUS of Sturgis;
a daughter, Tricia SOBESKI of Coldwater;
a son and daughter-in-law, Mickey and Deb SOBESKI of Roebuck, [Spartanburg Co.] S.C.;
a daughter, Brenda (Sobeski) SARRETT of Beckely, [Raleigh Co.] W.V.; <------
three granddaughters and three grandsons; a sister, Barbara OLMSTED of Union City; a sister and brother-in-law, Linda and Phil PARSHAL of Coldwater; a brother and sister-in-law, Don and Carol SOBESKI of North Carolina; several nieces and nephews; one great nephew and two great nieces. He was preceded in death by his parents and one daughter, Karen.
According to his wishes, cremation has taken place. A memorial service and celebration of his life will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Rosenberg-Schipper Funeral Home Ltd. of Sturgis with Rev. Alan Mettler officiating.
Also, according to his wishes, the family requests no flowers. Memorials may be directed to the family.
Transcribed from an original newspaper clipping from the 'Sturgis Daily Journal', which serves the St. Joseph Co., Michigan area. Copy provided by Sturgis Public Library.
David Wills
WILLS, Elsie Mae (SARRETT) Mrs.,
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:43:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Duke Mont Sarrett Hello Paul,
I logged onto the site concerning Duke Mont Sarrett yesterday and was very happy to find it as I am a direct decendant of his.
My name is David Wills and I currently live in Quincy, Mass. but I was born and raised in Arnett, WVa where my family still lives. I grew up hearing about the Duke and I managed to obtain bits of information over the years, some of which I hope may be of use to you.
I would like to tell you the burial location of John Tinsley and Nancy (Combs) Sarrett, they are in the Sarrett-Wills cemetary in Arnett (Marsh Fork district) West Virginia.
John T. and Nancy's son Van SARRETT married Wm. Baxter Honaker's sister (?) [Laura Josephine HONAKER, FG 415] and John T. and Nancy's daughter (?) [Viola Frances SARRETT, FG 438] married Wm. "Baxter" Honaker.
Van's son [Malona Roy SARRETT, FG 416] married Baxter's daughter [Flora B. HONAKER] and their union (though double first cousins) resulted in a son named Loney. [1904-1960] His daughter Elsie Mae SARRETT married Tom Wills
and they had my father Joe Roy Wills (still living in Arnett).

I am at work right now and do not have all of the names and dates with me but I can provide them to you if you wish.
I hope to hear back from you.
E-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] or call me at 617-472-4983. Do not worry about the time difference, I don't go to bed till 11PM anyway.
Sincerely David G. Wills
Thanks for the E-Mail, and kind words.
Would love the receive your Info. on the John T. SARRETT branch.
See: URL John T. SARRETT, Family! ...
CLAY, Mrs. Eveline (SARRETT)
Date: 09 Sep 2002 9:21:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [WVRALEIG] James Perry Clay & Lura Opal Clay
In a message dated 8/27/02 8:43:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Can anyone tell me how James Perry Clay b. 11/4/1867 d. 2/19/1938 or Lura Opal Clay b. 3/12/1897 d. 7/24/1986. might be related to any of the following?
William Sanford Clay (son of William Kemper & Eveline (Sarrett) Clay)
b. 6/7/1872 d. 1/28/1941, William's wife Lure Jane (Cook) Clay b. 9/5/1875 d. 10/27/1913
William's & Lure's son, Ula Addison Clay b. 2/11/1896 d. 3/11/1946.
Thanks , Terry-Lynn [email protected]
We have Elvira "Eveline" SARRETT b. 19 Oct. 1835, Fayette Co., VA.
3rd Dau of John T. SARRETT & Mother: Nsncy COMBS
Nyla Creed
CLAY, Mrs. Eveline (SARRETT)
Date: 09 Sep 2002 10:20:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [WVRALEIG] James Perry Clay & Lura Opal Clay
I have James Perry Clay and William Sanford Clay were second cousins, once removed.
Mitchell Clay Sr & Mitchell Clay Sr
Mitchell Clay Jr & Mitchell Clay Jr brothers
Meredith Clay   & Charles Lewis Clay 1st cousins
Jackson Clay    & William Kemper Clay 2nd cousins
James Perry Clay     2nd cousins, once removed
I have Lura Opal Clay as the daughter of James Perry Clay.
Robert Wood
Date: 01 Feb 2003 9:04:10 AM Pacific Standard Time
I am a descendant of Viola F. and William Baxter Honaker. Would you like to correspond? Bob, [email protected]
Sure Bob,
we have a little bit on the HONAKER Family (Viola Frances SARRETT, 2nd Marriage) We would like to exchange info. on this family.! ...prs

Date: 20 Feb 2003 6:05:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
Sorry I for not responding sooner. Long hours at work. Let me give you my lineage. You probably know most of this already, but William Baxter Honaker and Viola F Sarrett had several children. One was Minnie Honaker (My Great Grandmother who I met once in 1963). She married David Willoby Miller of Crab Orchard, Raleigh County Virginia (Near Beckley). They had a daughter Edith Florence Miller (My grandmother who died before I was born) who married Robert Dickenson Wood. They had a son named Robert Dickenson Wood, Jr. (My father).
I went to your website, which I already had bookmarked. I looked through the John T Sarrett lineage and saw some unkown areas. Let me tell you what I remember. As you know, John T. lived in Arnett, WV. So did Baxter (as he went by) Honaker. I was at that Honaker home in Arnett in the early 70s. It was still owned by Honaker descendents, and I suspect still is.
I asked the question about the burial place of John T. and the Honaker that lived there told me that he was buried in the Arnett area, but houses were now built on top of the cemetery. Seemed a little strange to me, but who knows.
Maybe the laws weren't as strict back there and back then. I live in the Northern Virginia are near Washington D.C. and would like to get back there in the near future to do some more research. From which line do you descend? Bob, [email protected]
We would like to exchange info on this family.
See: 7th Dau of Viola F. SARRETT & Mother: Nsncy COMBS

Dan and Mary Beth Shorts
Subj: Jane Elizabeth (Sarrett) WILLS
Date: 13 Feb 2005 3:43:57 PM Pacific Standard Time
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We have been gathering alot of information from your website and thought we would send you this bit of information if you do not already have it. This picture/article is of Joseph Wills the husband of Jane Elizabeth Wills. We do not have it confirmed, but we have his parents as William Wells and Sarah Combs.
Dan and Mary Beth Shorts, [email protected]
Dan & Mary Beth,
Thanks for the kind words and .jpg article of Joseph WILLS
See: Mrs. Jane E. (SARRETT) WILLS SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange infromation on this family! ...prs

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