Old Wars Pension, 1815-1926
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Old Wars Pension, 1815-1926

 Pvt/Sgt  SARRATT  Joseph    Daugherty's Regt.  Terr. S. of Ohio  1783-1784

The index to the Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926 Transcribed by Virgil D. WHITE, in 1987. Published by the National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboror, TN. this infromation was obtained from microfilm records located at the National Archives. The "Old Wars" files are primarily for claims based on death or disability incurred in the military service between the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783 and the beiginning of the Civil War in 1861. The claims are for service in the US Army, US Navy and the US Marine Corps. Some of the claims are for service during the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War and some claims are for Civil War service, while other claims are based upon death or disability incurred by accident or illness and not due to any hostile action.

The information in each entry varies considerably. All entries are indexed under the name of the veteran and contain all or part of the following;
name of veteran and any aliases used,
name of widow and surname if remarried and in some cases the name of 2nd husband,
names of minors,
numbers for certificates,
applications and files,
state or country from which claim was made,
date claim was filed,
war and or dates served,
in many of the Navy claims the name of the ship or ships served on are listed, several of the claims have the date and place of death of the soldier or sailor and a few list the widows death date. Cross-references to files in other series are included when appropriate.

Reproductions of specific pension records corresponding to entries in the index may be obtained from the National Archives for a fee. Requests for such reproductions should give the name of the series "Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926" as well as the information provided in the index.

Extensive use of abbreviations were used to save space and to reduce the cost of the index. A list of these abbreviations is included and should be referenced when ordering copies of pension records. Copies of pension records can be obtained by mail using Form NATF 80, which may be ordered from the References Services Branch (NNIR), General Services Adminstration, Washington, D.C. 20408.

The microfilm from which this index was prepared was clear for most of the entries, however there were some that were very dim, some were blurred and in a few of the entries the handwriting was illegible, hopefully the mistakes have been kept to a minimum. If you wish to review the microfilm from which this index was taken, order Microfilm Publication #T316 for which there are 7 rolls, from the National Archives.

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