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 Civil War - General
  1.0.0  NARA -Rolls, Civil War CAS - USA
National Archives Records Adminastration (NARA)
Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Civil War.
  1.2.0  Introduction, Civil War Tenn.
  1.2.1 Tennessee Army, Confederate (C.S.A)
39th. Tenn. Inf. Regt. (Mounted)
  1.2.2 Tennessee Army, Union (U.S.A)
2nd. Tenn. Inf. Regt. Vol.
6th. Tenn. Inf. Regt. Vol.

 Civil War - Biography
Flag  HAGGARD,  Name  Dates  My Comments
 HAGGARD,  Ezekiel L.  1838-1907, a69y  (Step-Son of James D. Sarrett)
(CAS) "A" Co., 39th. TN., Mounted Inf.
 HARDIN James S.  1843-1911, a68y  (Son-in-law of James D. Sarrett)
(USA) "G" Co., 6th. TN., Inf. (Federal)
 SARRETT  James D.  1819-1864, a45y  (s/o Tyre Sarrett) Civilian, Captured by Rebels 25 Feb. 1864, at his home, taken to Andersonville Prison, Ga. where he died on 04 Sep. 1864
 SARRETT,  Samuel H.  1846-1890, a44y  (Youngest Son of James D. Sarrett)
(USA) "B" Co., 6th. Tenn., Infantry, Vol.
Soldier's Pension Application
Widow's Pension Application
 SARRETT  William J.  1843-1863, a20y  (Son of James D. Sarrett)
(USA) "K" Co. 2nd. TN. Infantry Vol.
Dec. 1862, was shot and Killed on 03 Jan. 1863, "Battle of Murfreesboro" in Stone River, Rutherford Co. Tenn. (Union)
See: Pension of a Mother's Application
 SERAT,  George,1  1828-1883, a54y  (Nephew of James D. Sarrett)
(USA) "A" Co., 1st. Reg., AR. Calvery
Soldier's Declartion for Original Invald Pension Application

 Civil War - Chronological History
   2.01  Major Events A Civil War Chronology of "Major Events" covering late 1860 to mid 1865
   2.02  Chronological Summary & Records
 By Mathew BRADY, Illustrated History of the Civil WAR 1861 to 1865
  Civil War - Hospitals
   3.01  USA-Hospitals A list of over 175 USA Hospitals in use during the Civil War.
 The List includes the Hospital name, City, Bed Capacity, and the Surgeon in Charge of the Hospital.
   3.02  USA-Interments A list of some 85 National Cemeteries throughout the country with number of Civil War buriels.
  Civil War - Photos
  4.0.1 Names Index Some 261 Photos from Library of Congress or National Archives Record Service.
  4.0.1 Places Index Some 299 Photos from Library of Congress or National Archives Record Service.
  Civil War - Prisons
  5.0.1 Prison Index Civil War Military Prisons & P.O.W. Camps
  5.0.2 Anderson Stockade Andersonville, GA.
  5.0.3 Cemetery Index Anderson Stockade
  Civil War - (SFA) Roster
  6.0.1 U.S.A. Name (United States of America)
  6.0.2 U.S.A. State (United States of America)
  6.0.3 C.S.A. Name (Confederate States of America)
  6.0.4 C.S.A. State (Confederate States of America)
  6.0.5 National Guard East Tennessee
  6.1.0 South Carolina - Civil War Roster

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