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Thanks to Trevia Wooster Beverly for all her hard work in helping to preserve and commemorate Texas' cemeteries, for her outstanding compilation of Harris County Cemeteries and for her permission to use the information from that work without all of which this site would not have been possible.

Thanks to all of the other volunteers, especially DZumparelli, Madlyn & JECastillo who have gone out of their way to help me with this project. who work silently and invisibly to help document, protect and preserve Harris County's cemeteries.
Finally, thanks to the wonderful people of geocaching.com who have pinpointed cemetery locations with their GPS units.



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Cemeteries throughout the country are being razed, vandalized, robbed and slowly being reclaimed by nature. 
We are losing our valuable resources and our heritage in the process.  Here in Harris County, dozens of
cemeteries are simply gone and others are threatened.  Check out the vandalism we experienced at The Bottoms
Cemetery by clicking on the camera icon below.

If you feel the way I do, I encourage you to take on one of our fading treasures.  There is much you can do to help and
there is much information to help you.  You can find a great deal of information on restoring and preserving cemeteries
at the

Most of our older, endangered cemeteries can qualify for designation as a Texas historic cemetery (check the above link
for more information). 
  If you think your cemetery qualifies, however, you must apply through the local county commissions.

Those interested in cemeteries located within Harris County can come directly to the
HCHC for applications and further informatioin:

Harris County Historical Commission
Patrick Van Pelt, Chairman
Trevia Wooster Beverly, Secretary
(2507 Tannehill Drive, Houston 77008-3052. 713.864-6862
or e-mail  treviawbeverly@houston.rr.com)

Follow our progress as a group of concerned citizens and local organizations 
clean up and refurbish
The Bottoms Cemetery of northwest Harris County

. . .

Disaster at the Bottoms!. . .


The Information in this database was obtained from various internet and text sources. 

I would be remiss, however, if I did not give special thanks to Trevia Wooster Beverly for her tireless effort and selfless sacrifice in the research and preparation of her wonderful Harric County cemeteries compilation. Without her groundbreaking work, my site simply would not exist.  Great job, Trevia!


Published by Tejas Publications & Research
2507 Tannehill Dr.
Houston,TX 77008-3052



  Gloria Mayfield's  Cemeteries of Harris County Texas
  Transcriptions and gravestone pictures may be found under Harris County cemeteries at  WWW.FINDAGRAVE.COM
  Historic Texas Cemeteries (Harris County)
  Kindred Trails™ Worldwide Genealogy Resources - Linking the World Together with Roots
  Rootsweb's Harris County Tombstone Transcription Project





Bibliography of Harris County, Texas Cemeteries

Including some general books of interest ….
Prepared by and reproduced here with the permission of
 Trevia Wooster Beverly ©
2507 Tannehill Drive. Houston,  Texas 77008-3052

Based on the book At Rest: A Historical Directory of Harris County, Texas, Cemeteries (1822-2001) Including Burial Customs and Other Interesting Facts, With a Listing of Past and Present Communities, Funeral Home and Monument Companies. 2nd Edition enlarged from 307 to 509 cross-indexed listings. Compiled by Trevia Wooster Beverly (Tejas Publications & Research, Houston, 2001).  Note: There is much additional information on these and other cemeteries in this “directory.” In a few instances, marker inscriptions are given. Anyone with an interest in Harris County cemeteries will find that this book is considered “the bible,” and includes many references for further research and includes many newspaper citations. While this book will not be revised for a third edition, an  Addendum to At Rest is currently being prepared. A library or individual with particular interest in Harris County will not want to miss the opportunity of having this 2nd edition, and add the Addendum when it is published.

The WPA Guide to Texas With A New Introduction by Don Graham, The Federal Writers’ Project Guide to Texas. Texas supervisor of the original Guide was J. Frank David. See “Houston” and other related chapters. (Texas Monthly Press, Houston, 1986; originally published NY 1940).

Brinley, Loraine. Cemeteries of Harris County, TX, 2 vol, 1985

Crawford-Gould, Sharry. Texas Cemetery Inscriptions: A Source Index  (Limited Editions, San Antonio, 1977).

Jordan, Terry. Texas Graveyards, A Cultural Legacy (University of Texas Press 1982).

Milburn, Douglas with photographs by Paul Hester. Our Ancestors' Graves: Houston's Historic Cemeteries.  28 pp published by Houston Public Library (1980).  53 cemeteries, most within the 610 Loop.

Milburn, Douglas. The Soul of the City by Douglas Milburn, HOUSTON METROPOLITAN magazine (Oct 1988).

Muir, Andrew Forest. Tombstone Inscriptions and Burials in Early Houston Cemeteries (Houston 1938).

Parson, Kim. Miscellaneous Cemeteries of Texas (privately published, Humble TX 1958).

Teter, Gertrude M. and Donald L. [statewide] Texas Jewish Burials (Texas Jewish Historical Society 1997).

Death Records of Baytown, Texas (Baytown Genealogical Society, Baytown, 19--).

Death and Cemetery Records, Highlands, Texas Crosby, Texas, Baytown Genealogical Society 19--.

Klein Funeral Home Records 1929-1960 Tomball, Northwest Harris County, (Chaparral Genealogical Society, Tomball) Notation made of a number of small cemeteries in the area.

The Heritage of North Harris County [committee], North Harris County Branch, American Association of University Women (1977). There are an extremely large number of cemeteries in north Harris County, many began on family farms; listings noted (not all), as well as for background material on families and communities.

This list is prepared as a convenience.  It is not exhaustive and the reader is encouraged to contact the various entities indicated, their local library, etc.  Also, More information may be found in the individual cemetery listings.



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