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Old Photographs and Documents of the THEYS, BERO & Related Families


Theys side of the family

You can thank Beverly Theys (aka aunt Bev) for providing many of the Theys photographs for this page.

Marriage Register from 1815 for Jean Joseph's Parents
Joseph & Marie Theys Baptism records,1828-1829,Dion-Le-Val, Belgium
Birth Register for Marie Sidonie Denis (Theys) 1831

From Andre & Xavier Theys in Belgium

Jean Joseph testament 1855 Legal document. I believe he's giving up his right to inheritance because he's going to America
House where Jean Joseph was born
Adolphe Theys & Family, little brother of Jean Joseph
Joseph Theys and family (son of Adolphe)
Marie-Henriette Theys funeral card
Wife of Jean Joseph Delmez, sister of Jean Joseph Theys
Letter from Lambert Brice in America to J.J. Delmez in Belgium, 1855
Passenger list from the MILTON, 1855( Theys family)
Jean Joseph Theys-Letter of Intent to become a U.S. citizen,25July 1855
Jean Baptist Bouillion-Letter of Intent to become a U.S. citizen,20 May 1856
First Land purchase,Joseph Theys
Sale of first land purchase,Joseph Theys
Holy Cross Catholic church records on Beaver Island Michigan
Mary Theys born 1864
Mary Theys born 1868
Marie Sidonie Theys death register 1868

Joseph Theys
Joseph and Rosa Theys
Rosa (Poulin) Theys
Church marriage register, Joseph & Rose
Jean Joseph Theys's Will-30 December 1874
Rosa (Poulin) Theys,church death register
John Theys
John Baptiste Theys
John B. Theys & Julia Lefevbre church wedding register St. Mary's, Namur, Door co.Wi.
John (Joseph Theys), newspaper clipping,1878
Julie (Lefevbre) Theys, Peter Sr. and Rose
Julia Theys with four children (holding Peter Sr)
Rose Theys, church baptism register
Peter Theys, church baptism register
Joseph Theys lawsuit-accused Louis G.Schiller of pulling
up poles in the bay that held his Pound nets for fishing.
Mary Matilda (Lefebvre) Thays lawsuit for Adultry
Newspaper clipping of Alex lefebvre,bigamy charge
Adrian & Philopine DeGroot
George Thays Sr. & Family
Peter Theys Sr. as a young child
Alex Lefebvre prison record
Alex Lefebvre(Bertillion) prison record
Jerry Joseph, Mary (Devos) Bouillion
Jerry Joseph, Mary (Devos) Bouillion & daughters
Mabel holding John R., Peter Theys Sr. holding Peter Jr.
Peter Theys Sr with Peter Jr,Mabel Holding John R.
Joseph and Mary ( Devos) Bouillion and Mabel and Rose
Mabel Theys
Peter Theys Sr. with Peter Jr.
Peter Theys Sr.
Theys family on the farm in Tipler,Wi.
Peter Theys Sr. in Tipler,Wi.
Louis Bouillion, Mary Fabry and daughter Rose.
Louis Bouillion and Mary Fabry with children Rose and Gregory.
Octavia Bouillion
Theys family census records
Bouillion family census records
Olsen family census records
1900 census John Liptack
Patricia Gee provided photographs of the Lafaves's , Peter Biemeret & Louise Theys

Peter Biemeret & Marie Louise Theys, Wedding Day, June 1904
Alice ( Hannon) & Peter Lafave [tintype]
Charles Lafave
Emily (Prue) & Clarence Lafave
Joseph, Joyce & Laura (Guillette) Lafave
Joseph Lafave
"Little Theys Girl"
Marie Louise (Theys) Biemeret
Peter & Alice (Hannon) Lafave
Rose (Poulin/Foley, Lafave) Theys
Rose (Poulin/Foley, Lafave) Theys #2

Photos provided by Robert Herlache
Peter, Louise (Theys) Biemeret and family. House fire on Christmas day 1926
photo and history provided by John Clevette for
Louis & Charlotte Poulin

Bouillion Family photos provided by Joanne Vopicka

Bouillion family
Photos from Grandma's photo albums

Grandpa & Grandma DeVos
Vernil Devos, John Bouillion & Rose Bouillion
Mrs. Mary Bouillion & Shirley
Jerry Bouillion
5 Bouillion sisters
Peter & Louise (Theys) Biemeret
Five generations with Peter Theys Jr. as a baby

Bero side of the family

Bertha ,Sam & Lois Bero provided photographs for the Bero side of the family

J.J.Bero and J.B.Bero,Letters of Intent to become U.S. citizens
Carpieaux's on the Henry Reed passenger list,28 Oct 1855
Civil War draft list
Jules & Mary (Massart) LeCaptain
Jules Bero-four generations
Antoine Bero & Leonia Carpieaux, church marriage register
Louise (Fabry) LeCaptain
Jules and Celina (Alberts) Bero
Celina Alberts
Ida Lecaptain
Mary( Hanquet) & Emil Fabry
Emil Fabry and Mary Hanquet Marriage Registration
Dewey & Sadie Bero , Feb 1958
Bertha(LeCaptain) Bero as a young girl
Bertha as a young girl #2
Bertha as a young girl #3
Raymond Bero as a child
Raymond Bero as a child standing by chair
Raymond Bero as a child sitting by fireplace
Raymond Bero in a sled, being pulled by a dog
Raymond Bero & Bertha Lecaptain,early 1930's
Raymond Bero, early 1930's
Bertha Lecaptain, early 1930's
Bertha Standing by a roadside fence, early 1930's
Raymond and Bertha sitting on a car,early 1930's
Raymond & Bertha Bero,1934
Bertha's school class, about 1930
Another of Bertha's school classes
Dhuey,Moreau,Fronsee,Lecaptain,Streubing-Sept 1959
Fronsee, Lecaptain, Streubing-Sept 1959
Bertha Lecaptain at Normal school
fourteen kids, about 1940's
Charles & Ida (Lecaptain) Fronsee's Anniversary newspaper clipping
Carl, Louise(Fabry) & Bill Lecaptain
Jules & Mary (Massart) Lecaptain, Allen & John
Don Alberts & Henry Lecaptain
Louis (Fabry) & Henry Lecaptain, July 1968
Lecaptain family
Henry & Louis Lecaptain,Alice Moreau,Ida Lecaptain
Alice Moreau
Ida Lecaptain
Hazel Liptack
Lois Ann Liptack
John & Sopia Liptack's 60th Wedding Anniversy
Bero farm 1950's
Henry Lecaptain Undated newspaper story

Laise Family photo's

provided by

Cathy Popour & Mary Betty (LeCloux) Tassoul

Surnames: Laise, Francois, Neuville, LaCourt, Armstrong, Deviley, Neuman, Bouillion, Geniesse, Vanderzanden.
Provided by Terry Maloney. From a collection owned by Henriette Fabry (Hannon) photos taken at Ahnapee,Wi. Green Bay, WI. Menominee, Mi. Iron Mountain MI. Wausaukee, Wi. & places unknown Possible families Hannon, Fabry, Looze, Bouillion...etc. relatives & friends ?

Aux Premiers Belges, memorial in Champion Wi.
St. Joesph Church in Champion,Wi.


Joseph Theys 1916
John Liptack-1955
Louise (Theys) Biemeret 1957
Peter Biemeret 1950
Peter Theys Sr.-1962
Mrs Glen (Rose Theys) Wilson-1974
Mary (Devos) Bouillion-1944
Mary (Devos) Bouillion-from Algoma Record Herald
Joseph Bouillion-1965
Victor J. Thays-1922
Clarence Lafave-1964
Bertha (LeCaptain) Bero
Mabel (Bouillion) Theys - Zeman

Map of Theys plot in Allouez Catholic cemetry
Theys and Olsen Graves in the Allouez Catholic cemetry
Allouez Cemetry plot receipt

St. Marys in Namur,Door co.
St. Marys cemetery
Rose (Poulin)Theys

Allouez Catholic cemetery, Green Bay, Wi.
Theys Family Stone
Joseph Theys 1828-1916
John Baptiste Theys 1875-1914
Victor (Theys) Thays 1852-1922(actual birth date 1854)
Peter & Louise (Theys) Biemeret
Peter Biemeret, SP AM War marker
Mary & Charles Theys
John R. Theys
Glen & Rose (Theys) Wilson
Clarence & Agnes (DeGroot) Olsen
Glen Olsen
James Herlache, Vietnam War marker
Polydore & Roselia (Theys) Nellis

Thays grave stone photos provided by Robert Gartz

George & Bertha Thays / Sellhausen
Alsteen & Grace Thays
Arlinton cemetery map, Milwaukee


History Books That Mention The Theys & Bero Families

"From Grez-Doiceau to Wisconsin", by Mary Ann Defnet,Jean Ducat,Thierry Eggerickx & Michel Poulain.ISBN 2-8041-0915-1
"Belgian Laces",(Magazine of Belgian genealogy and history)
"Door County Marriages",By The Peninsula Genealogical Society (Vol. 6 Pg.4 & Vol.1 Pg.28){Theys}
"17200 Belges Devenus Americains 1620-1920",by Marcel Lacourt
Migration Compilation 1996
"History of Door County, Wisconsin",by Chas I. Martin,1881
"Our Marchant Relatives", by Jeanne and Les Rentmeester
Port of Antwerp,Belgian Emigration 1855. from original registers, by Charles Hall & Heritage International
"Brabancons au Nouveau Monde", by Jean Ducat
"The way it was", Stanley Floyd (Beaver Island, Mi. history-lists baptisms)(Theys)

History Books That Mention The Olsen & Rentmeester Families
"The Flemish in Wisconsin",by Jeanne and Les Rentmeester 

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