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Toni's Family
Here are a few of the names that I am researching. If you think that we may have a link~email me. This is only a very small portion of the names that I research as I do my husband's and my side of the family. I may not answer the same day because I am a wife, mother, genealogist & I sell on an online auction site. Rest assured that I will answer you as soon as possible.

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Badgley, Ryder, Bookhout & Allied Families

BADGLEY & RYDER Family Bible Records
Family from New York which includes birth & death records for Anthony Badgley & wife Mary Bookhout along with their son Egbert & wife Elizabeth Ryder's records. This also has dates for Elizabeth Ryder's parents & her siblings. Her parents were Caleb Ryder & Sarah McCord {not sure of her maiden name as it was hard to read in the Bible transcription}.
Biographies for: Jerome B. BUTLER, William COCHRANE, Peter P. DAWSON, Rev. James ELLIS, Josiah FIRMAN, Mrs. Sally Ann FISH, William H. GIDDINGS, Mrs. Eliza GILES, James HAMILTON, David KURTZ, Timothy LOWTHIAN M.D., George D. MARTIN, Edward A. MURPHY, Ransom C. MYERS, Charles L. NORTON, William D. PENOYER, Manson P. PERRY, Romain PUTNAM, Mathew RUSSELL, Almon A. THOMPSON, Goodenough TOWNSEND, James M. SHEPPARD, Samuel L. STALEY, Harmon VanBUSKIRK, Edwin J. YOUNGS
Birth Records
Various sources of birth records that have been found on an online auction site and transcribed here.

Cemetery Records
Not all cemeteries are completely indexed. Some only contain partial records
Clear Creek Cemetery
Dayton Cemetery In Mayville, MI.
Friends Cemetery Newburg, Oregon
Added 5-29-02. Thanks to Charles Rees.
New River Cemetery In Port Austin Township, Huron County, MI.
Powell Grove Pioneer Cemetery In Portland, Oregon
Added 6-5-02. Thanks to Charles Rees.
Riddle Cemetery In Missouri
Disasters & Other Important Events:
Great Fire Of 1881 {Michigan}
Family Bible Records:
Here you will find transcribed Bible Records. Please know that you should always verify secondary information.
DAY Family
EARL Family Bible
GLINES Family Bible

Contributed by: Susan Stice.
LOVELL Family Bible
MARR Family Bible
PALMER Family Bible
ROBINSON Family Bible
Stice/Seybold Family Bible
Contributed by: Susan Stice.
Miscellaneous Family Bible Records

Found Family Items
Items that others have and are willing to reunite with rightful family members. If you are looking for an item or have an item that you would like to reunite with family this is the place to look.
Links to other sites of interest.
Lookup Volunteers
If you would like to contact me with a resource that you have and are willing to do look ups from please email me and give me as much information as you can about your resources. I am happy to post these here. We all need to help each other in our genealogical hunt. Please remember to follow up and thank the volunteer that you are getting information from.
Lost Family Items
Please take the time to look over the submissions in this category to see if you may have or know the where abouts of these lost family items. If you have lost a family item and are looking for it you can email me and I will post it here in hopes that you are reunited with it.

Marriage Certificates
Marriage Certificates that I own or those submitted by others.
Marriage Records
Information on Marriage Records that were found on an auction site.

Newspaper Clippings
Thanks to Susan Stice July 29, 2002
Remembrance Cards

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