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This birth of this "new" generation led to the consistent use of the spelling change from Bauman to Bowman.

 Joseph Bauman and "Fanny" Steffler 

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Joseph, Fanny and son Anthony (click to enlarge)

    Joseph was born in the state of Ohio or Pennsylvania in 1818-1819. He came to Canada with his mother and father in about 1824 residing in Waterloo first(1826) and then Puslinch (1833-1877). On Dec.31, 1839 he was married to Franciska Veronica Steffler (marriage record). They lived the rest of their lives on Lot 28 Con.7 (land record) (map) in Puslinch (1841 onward).  "Fanny" was the daughter of Anthony Steffler and Catherine Fritz.

    If you travel east on the Brock Rd., past Paddock's Corners you will come to a tee intersection which is Concession 7. If you turned right,  the  farm would be the 1st on the left ( Lot 28). The 401 Highway now runs through the back of this property. It was considered one of the best mixed farms in the Puslinch area. The original farmhouse was abandoned and the new house was built in the early 1900's.

Bowman Farm Lot 28 Con 7 Puslinch.jpg (281765 bytes) 

    Franciska Veronica Steffler was born Dec. 19, 1818 in Kaidenbourg, Bas Rhin, France. (Steffler Origins). She died on May 18,1900 and is buried with Joseph. 

    Joseph died of cancer of the stomach and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Morriston. The attending doctor was McIntyre of Hespeler. The informant was Joseph Bauman Jr. of Morriston.

    Burials in the Marian Cemetery just outside of Morriston started in at least 1868. There is a map dated 1868 with the present location of the cemetery listed on the map. A Kelly stone located in the grave yard lists the death date as 1859 so perhaps burials started earlier. Joseph and Fanny's headstone is one of the few remaining markers. Alex Ochs owned the present property of the Cemetery in 1845 so it is conceivable that burials started around that time on his property.

Children of Joseph and Fanny

 Colenia Bauman b: Abt. 1843 - no more known

Catherine? Bauman b: Abt. 1845 - no more known

 Christian Bauman b: May 25, 1851 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada - no more known

 Sarah Bowman b: Abt. 1852 in Morriston, Puslinch Twp., Ontario, Canada d: January 16, 1873 in Morriston, Puslinch Twp., Ontario, Canada

 Solomon Bauman b: Abt. 1859 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada - no more known

 Veronica Bauman b: December 01, 1860 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada - no more known

 John Bauman b: Abt. 1856 - no more known

 Anthony Bowman b: September 18, 1858 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: March 1954 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

 Jacob Bowman b: March 07, 1848 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: November 02, 1897 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada

 Elizabeth Bowman b: October 27, 1846 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: January 17, 1936 in Hespeler, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

 Catherine Bowman b: May 24, 1857 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: March 26, 1914 in Twp. of Waterloo

 Joseph Bowman b: January 04, 1842 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: August 10, 1915 in Galt, Ontario, Canada

Anthony Bauman b: July 27, 1853 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada d: Before September 18, 1858

1851 Puslinch Census

Name Occupation Birthplace Religion Age Gender Marital Status
Bowman Joseph Farmer U. States Roman Catholic 33 M M
Bowman Frany Wife  Germany Roman Catholic 30 F M
Bowman Colenia Daughter Canada Roman Catholic 8 F S
Bowman Cathrine Daughter Canada Roman Catholic 6 F S
Bowman Elizabeth Daughter Canada Roman Catholic 4 F S
Bowman Sarah Daughter Canada Roman Catholic 3 F S
Bowman Joseph Son Canada Roman Catholic 9 M S
Bowman Jacob Son Canada Roman Catholic 2 M S
Bowman Christopher  Son Canada Roman Catholic 1 M S
Munch John Geo.* Labourer Germany Roman Catholic     S

* see Catherine and Sarah Bowman 



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