Main Index for Putnam County, Florida History.


The primary purpose of this site is to provide historical information on Putnam County, Florida in particular and on northeast Florida in general. Among these pages one will find information on postcards, stereoviews and historical photographs, and bibliographic and historical textual information.


Contents of the Putnam County Bibliography.  This will provide the researcher with textual source material on the history of Putnam County.  Included are such sources as newspapers, manuscripts and other primary sources, scholarly journal articles, city directories, etc.

"The Checklist" of Florida postcards by publisher.  This is primarily drawn from my collection so much of it is focused on Putnam County, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine postcards and publishers.

Stereoviews and photographs.  This includes images of Putnam County subjects and images by Putnam county photographers.  As one can see other areas are also included.

Transcripts of primary source material.   I'm trying to scan a few printed sources I've deemed worthy enough to include in their entirety on this site because of their rarity and/or the  historical value of their content.

Areas of Interest:

Please accept my apologies for the lack of updates but most of my free time has been spent working on the website of the Putnam County Historical Society.  Please direct questions and comments to me here.