Doniphan County 1882 Historical Plat Book
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1882 Historical Plat Book, Doniphan County, Kansas
Detailed Section and Town Maps, Histories, Biographies, Residence and Business Lithographs.

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Range and Township Nos. along edge
1878 map courtesy of KSGenWeb
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"Sunflower Rag"

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My name is Roger Pyle, and many of my ancestors lived in
Doniphan County, beginning around 1857.

I have scanned in 15 Town Maps, 6 Tables listing County, Township
and Town Officers year-by-year, 14 Section Plat Maps with owners'
names, and 64 illustrations of residences and businesses, as well as
about 320K of historical and biographical text.

Section Maps are here in 3 sizes:10x13in 14x18in 41x54in
giving file sizes of about        160KB   360KB    3MB

Other graphics are approximately screen size, or about 150 KB.

All of the individual farm owners can be read easily, especially on the medium
and large size maps. Almost all names can be read on the small maps.

NOTE: Links from the list of lithographs to the biographies and
then to the pictures of houses and businesses, etc. have been added.
(click on the map above to open the Plat Book)

Modified 9 June 2004