Ellis Island Quarantine, NY: Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911

Flying the Quarantine flag

Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911


A Short Bibliography and Selected Readings

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A Short Bibliography for Quarantine and Ellis Island

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The Atlantic Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia
Deadly Malaria Spread By Sting of Mosquitoes
The Atlantic Monthly
"Welcome, Stranger! A Tribute to Ellis Island By a Guest." by Agnes Miller. August 1927, pages 157-166.

Extracts from the Congressional Record
Views of Charles W. Eliot and Andrew Carnegie Opposing Restriction of Immigration; Remarks of Hon. William S. Bennet of New York, [Washington, 1911]

Geddes, Sir A.C.
Despatch from H.M. Ambassador at Washington reporting on Conditions at Ellis Island Immigration Station Presented to Parliament by command of His Majesty, written January 18, 1923

Bulletin of the History of Medicine
" 'The Eyes Have It': Trachoma, the Perception of Disease, the United States Public Health Service, and the American Jewish Immigration Experience, 1897-1924." by Howard Markel. Fall 2000, Volume 74, Number 3, pp. 525-560.
Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital
"A Brief History of Quarantine", by W.W. Ford, M.D.; Vol. XXV, No. 277 [Baltimore, MD, March 1914] pp.81-86.

Ciba Symposia
  • "Quarantine", Volume 2, Number 6, September 1940. [Summit, NJ: Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.]

ELLIS ISLAND, A Historical Perspective
By Andrea Temple and June F. Tyler. The article with photos is in PDF format and can be slow to load into your web browser. The article provides a historic overview of Ellis Island and also discusses the historic photographs of Augustus Sherman, William Williams and Lewis W. Hine which were taken at Ellis Island during the immigration years.
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly

"Barriers Against Invisible Foes", by Frank Linstow White, Vol. XXXIII, January to June 1892; Pages 662–672
Harper's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization

Hunt's Merchants' Magazine
"Removal of Yellow Fever Quarantine to Sandy Hook" by E. Meriam, Esq, of NY. Volume XXXVI. January, 1857. Number 1. See a copy at Google Books, page 42.
The New York Times Newspaper

The 1892 Cholera Panic
The North American Review
The following articles from this periodical have been scanned and placed on Cornell University's Making of America site:

Popular Science Monthly

Success Magazine

Treasury Department, Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service
Quarantine Laws and Regulations of the United States. Revised Edition: October 1910. Document No. 2475. [Washington: Government Printing Office, 1910] See the 1920 edition on Google Books.
Treasury Department, Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States
A Word to Ship Captains About Quarantine: An Open Letter to Ship Captains, by L.E. Cofer, Assistant Surgeon General, Chief, Division of Foreign and Insular Quarantine of the Bureau of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service. Public Health Bulletin No. 55, July 1912 [Washington D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1912].
Cholera: Its Nature, Detection, and Prevention, by A. J. McLaughlin [Washington D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1910] v. 25 pt. 2 no. 26-52, 1910. See a copy on Google Books
Handbook for the Ship's Medicine Chest, by George W. Stoner [Washington D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1904] See a copy on Google Books
Treasury Department, United States Public Health Service
Quarantine Procedure to Aid Masters of Vessels in Complying with the United States Quarantine Regulations, by L.E. Cofer, Assistant Surgeon General, US Public Health Service. Public Health Bulletin No. 64, February 1914 [Washington: Government Printing Office, 1914].
Supervising General, U.S. Marine Hospital Service
Reports on the Sanitation of Ships and Quarantine, prepared by the Supervising General, U.S. Marine Hospital Service for the Use of the International American Conference. Reported to the U.S. Senate, 51st Congress, 1st Session, 1890. February 13, 1890, – Referred to the Committee on Epidemic diseases and ordered to be printed. [Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1890] Ex. Doc. No. 58.
Report on Trichinae and Trichinois. Prepared, under direction of the Supervising Surgeon-General, by Assistant Surgeon, Marine Hospital Service, W.C.W. Glazier, [Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1881]
Yellow Fever: Its Nature, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prophylaxis, and Quarantine Regulations relating thereto, by Officers of the U.S. Marine Hospital Service [Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1899]
Western Reserve Medical Journal
"The Cholera Quarantine Conducted by the U. S. Marine Hospital Service in 1893", R. M. Woodward [Cleveland, 1895]

The Washington Post
"WHEN LINERS GET IN – Troubles for the Passengers Begin at Quarantine", March 19, 1905, page 5. This article details the process from when the ship first arrives at the port of New York through the quarantine process.

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