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Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911


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Source: The New York Times, January 30, 1910, page 16

A disconsolate-looking man, whose weeping attracted the attention of many, stood on the end of the Hamburg-American Line pier yesterday morning and watched the steamer President Lincoln sail for Hamburg. He was Stanislaus Bialeski, a laborer living in Brooklyn. He was straining his eyes for a sight of his wife and two children, who had crossed the Atlantic to be with him, only to be deported by the immigration officials.

The family came from Hungary, arriving here a week ago on the President Lincoln. On examination by the health authorities it was found that the two children were suffering with a contagious scalp disease, and they were taken to Hoffman Island. On the report of the medical officers they were ordered deported. There is no appeal in a case of this kind. The mother was sent back to care for the children, who are young.

the ship, President Lincoln

The children, with their mother were brought up from Quarantine on Friday night and put on the President Lincoln. The father went to Ellis Island, and there learned what had happened. His only chance to see his family was in Hoboken before the vessel sailed. Even then he was disappointed, for he was not allowed on board. So the man stood on the pier yesterday morning, in the hope that he might at least get a glimpse of his loved ones as the big liner backed slowly out from her pier.

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