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Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911


Nine Steerage Passengers on Italian Steamer ill — Two Died at Sea
One Surely of Cholera

San Giorgio's Sick Sent to Swinburne Island — Rest of 630 Third-Class Passengers Quarantined on Hoffman


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Source: The New York Times, November 17, 1910, page 7

The Sicula Americana steamship San Giorgio, which got here yesterday from Naples and Palermo, was held in Quarantine because of two deaths which occurred during the voyage, and the fact that she has nine sick in her hospital. The deaths were described as being due to gastro-enteritis, but Dr. Doty, Health Officer of the Port, announced after a preliminary bacteriological examination of evidence in both cases that cholera had caused the death in one case, and that there was reason to suspect that the other death had been due to the same cause.

The San Giorgio arrived at Quarantine early in the day. The steamer is one of the first vessels to arrive from Naples since the embargo against that city was raised.

The bodies of the two victims, one a child of two years, who died on Nov. 12, and the other, the child's mother, who died early Tuesday morning as the vessel was nearing port, were buried at sea.

Dr. Doty at first refused to give an opinion as to the cause of the deaths, and it was the child that he finally decided had died of cholera. The symptoms of some of the sick on board also seemed suspicious to the Health Officer.

All the cases of sickness were in the steerage, where the deaths occurred, and the steerage passengers, with the exception of the sick, were transferred to Hoffman Island for observation. The sick were taken to Swinburne Island for Treatment. The crew will be examined today and the vessel disinfected.

The San Giorgio left Naples Nov. 1 with 22 cabin and 221 steerage passengers. Of these last 55 were from infected districts, and were held in quarantine at Naples on the steamer Marsala for five days, while 68 passed through the city from the interior and were isolated in a building near the water. They were sent on board the steamer at anchor in the open bay.

On Nov. 2 the San Giorgio stopped at Palermo, where she took on 5 cabin and 409 steerage passengers.

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