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The database of people who died in Quarantine in New York Harbor contains the names and information of over 420 individuals — 85% of whom were children under the age of 13 years old — who died in Quarantine at the two hospitals located on Hoffman Island and Swinburne Island in Richmond County, New York. Most of these individuals were new immigrants en route to Ellis Island and, since they were ill with contagious diseases, they were removed from the ships in the outer harbor of the port of New York by the New York State Medical Inspectors and transferred to these two hospitals. Their families would likely have continued on to Ellis Island where they were probably detained while awaiting the sick child. Eventually, their families would have been released from detention on Ellis Island and traveled on to their new homes, never knowing where their children or family members were buried.

To compile this list, I reviewed the Death Certificates from November 1909 through June 1911 registered in Richmond County (Staten Island), NY, for those deaths having occurred on either Hoffman or Swinburne Island. Both islands are located east of Staten Island and south of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in the outer harbor of the port of New York. Also included on the list are two or three deaths registered as having occurred on either the Quarantine Landing or the Health Officers' Boat.

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Death Certificates

Since the original certificates were written by a number of different people, it was often difficult to decipher their handwritings as well as the exact spelling of the names of those who died. You can also check the NYC Vital Records Death Index for Richmond county at the Italiengen.org web site.

If you are interested in any of these individuals, I've included in the listing both the year in which the death was registered and the Death Certificate number. Using both of these pieces of information, you can then obtain the individual's Death Certificates by mailing your request to the NYC Municipal Archives/DORIS. For their address and information concerning their fees, see the DORIS web site located at: New York City Archives

Ships Passenger Arrival Records

Besides the vital record for deaths in Richmond County, I hope to eventually trace all of these individuals back to their respective Ships' Passenger Arrival Records. I intend to verify their names from this second set of records while at the same time establishing their family connection. If you can identify the ship's passenger arrival record for any of the individuals on the attached list, I would greatly appreciate your contacting me with the specific information for that record. Cathy Horn

See the Immigration video!

If you saw the second PBS television series, ANCESTORS, which was shown during the summer of 2000, you may remember the episode relating to Immigration Records in which I was portrayed and told of my research to locate my own relative who died in quarantine on Hoffman Island. Both this list of people on this web site and any subsequent research into New York's Quarantine Station are the results of my own family history research. If you haven't see the program, check out both the videos on Roots Television and the program series web pages. Links to both are shown on the ANCESTORS page of this site.

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