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Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911


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The Wall of Immigrants with Manhattan in the distance

The Wall of Immigrants is located in the gardens behind the Registry Building on Island 1 with a great view of Manhattan.

The Film Crew

This is the crew who filmed the ANCESTORS television series. They are a great bunch of people and it was great fun following them around New York City and filming with them. My thanks to Rob, John, Jim Tyrrell, Matt Whitaker, Eric Young, MaryJo Condor, Gene Ashbrook, and Craig Steiner for a memorable experience.


This is Catharina Spiegel's tombstone where she is buried with her husband Joseph Spiegel in Saint Gertrude's Cemetery in Lebanon, PA. They died never knowing where Apollonia was buried.

Certificate for the Wall of Immigrants

Upon requesting that Apollonia Spiegel's name be added to the Wall of Immigrants on Ellis Island, I received the above certificate.

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