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Notes: John Quarles [ca 1773- 1835] Prevailing judgment holds that John was Moses’ youngest son, half-brother of Thomas, Hubbard and David. It is possible John was the son of Thomas and therefore Moses’ grandson.

Spartanburg County, SC, Deed Book B, pages 427,428: Deed Book F, pages 191,192. Francis Ward bought 150 acres in 1789. Nancy Ward sold her widow’s third of that land [50 acres] in 1797. The Wards were early settlers in Spartanburg County with land along Wards Creek, south of Spartanburg.

Spartanburg County, SC, Deed Book K, page 232. John Quarles gave Nathan Ward a cow and calf to hold in trust for Samuel Ward, 1800. This is a pretty good indication John had married the widow, Nancy Ward, and that Samuel Ward was her son.

Spartanburg County, SC, Deed Book L, pages 119,120. March 3, 1800, John Quarles bought 100 acres just west of the Pacolet River, lying between the lands of David Quarles and Nathan Ward. David Quarles witnessed the deed.

David Quarles’ Bible. A notation, dated 1804, in the margin of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians recorded that David had lent John Quarles money with which to pay taxes.

[Before 1810 Nancy Ward Quarles apparently had died. See record of 1810 census, below.]

[Family tradition says John Quarles married Frances Winters in 1816.]

Spartanburg County, SC, Deed Book X, page 105. John Quarles sold the 100 acres in Spartanburg County March 25, 1825.

Habersham County, GA, Deed Book D, page 38. July 29, 1825, John Quarles of Pendleton District, SC, bought land in Habersham County, GA. John Quarles, Jr. witnessed the deed. “Junior” in this case probably means the younger of two men named John Quarles. John Quarles, Jr. is most likely David’s son.

1827 Georgia Land Lottery. John Quarles got two draws.

[John died about 1835]


1810, Pendleton District, SC, 1 male 26-45 [John], 1 female 10-16.

1820 [Not found]

1830 [Not found]

1840, Habersham County, GA, Frances Quarles, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 40-50 [Frances]

1850, Habersham County, GA. Page 281, house 76. Frances Quarles, widow, age 52, born in NC [listed with an 18 year old female and an 8 month old male child]

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