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[NI001105] In the early 1860,s Sidney was a teacher in a grade school in Leroy Twp., Calhoun Co., MI. One of the students was a Miss Carrie Louisa Gore. On the first of Dec. 1861 they were married in Carrie,s fathers home. They rented a farm there for a short time. The Dakota Territory was opened for homesteading, so Sidney packed up and moved to Union Co., SD near the town of Elk Point, where he opened a claim for land. Carrie went to stay with her sister Minerva in West Leroy, MI until her first child, Minnie was born. Caroline's father, Isiah GORE, moved to Union Co. with his family at about this same time. During the first two years in South Dakota the grasshoppers wiped out the crops. On 13 Sept 1864 their second child, Nettie Minerva was born. She supposedly was the first white baby born in Union Co. In the next year a severe frost destroyed the crops. Isiah GORE almost froze to death during one of the harsh winters. This area was so remote that all supplies had to be shipped to the residents by wagon and team as far as Booryear Valley from the railroad that then ended at Boone, IA. By 1866 Sidney had enough of South Dakota so he and his father-in-law moved their families to Boonesboro, IA. Sidney built a cottage across the street from the Eastern Star Home. In this town Bertha, Florence, Addie and Orma were born. Carrie's parents lived with them in their old age and when they died there in 1876 and 1878 respectively were buried in the local Woodland Cemetery. In 1872 Sidney moved his family to a farm where they lived only for a year before moving back into Boone. He established a draying business and operated it until 1878. They moved to the Garst farm in 1875 where there was feed for the dray horses and there they remained until the Spring of 1877. Carrie's sister Ida Gore (Cobb) was teaching at the local school at this time and was boarding with them. In 1877 they moved back into Boone and later that year Sidney took a job as a night watchman for the Northwestern Railroad and remained employed as such until mid year of 1881. That same year they moved to the Thrift House in Boone.
Sometime after this but before Christmas of 1888 Sidney moved his family to Correctionville, IA where on the 25th of December his youngest child Zaida was born. He and his wife lived there for the rest of their lives and are buried in the local cemetery.

[NI001123] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Emma Dussinger State: PA Enumeration District: 0069 Color: W Age: 53 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0239 Co.: Lancaster, Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01030845 Other Residents:
Dau. Mary Hartnig 24, PA
Son Frank Dussinger 19, PA
Dau. Emma 15, PA
Son Charles 12, PA
gDau. Ana M Harting 06, PA

[NI001128] Civil War Enlisted Mar 6 1865, discharged Dec 6 1865. Served 77th PA vol. This unit was part of Gen. Shermans march to the sea. Samuel did not particapate in the march as he did not enlist until Mar 1885. He went to east TN then to TX via Indianola 27 Jul 1865. He marched to Green Lake, at Green lake he developed chronic Diaherra & Malaria. Then he marched to Victoria, TX remained till Dec 6 1865. Started for Philadelphia arriving Jan 16 1866.

[NI001130] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levi Dussinger State: PA Enumeration District: 0020 Color: W Age: 66 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0118 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01030928 Other Residents:
living alone

[NI001140] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Dussinger State: PA Enumeration District: 0089 Color: W Age: 53 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0034 Co.: Berks, Reading Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01030900 Other Residents:
Wife Annie 49, PA
Dau. Grace Luigard 25, PA
gson Edward 05, PA

[NI001150] Served in The Great War (WW1) d in France in flu epidemic at Soisons France was in Co.309 Engineers 79th Inf.

[NI001175] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Lyman Leisey State: PA Dist: 0047 Color: W Age: 26 Birth Place: Iowa Visit: 0162 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02630797 Other Residents:
Wife Lillie 23, PA
Dau Anna 04, PA
Son Levi 02, PA
Dau Lizzie NR, PA

[NI001193] SEBASTIAN ROYER came to America in 1720 to find a new home, & brought with him his 4 sons. The first settlement was made by the family on the bank of a fordable river, & hence came the name of the settlement which grew up in that part of Montgomery Co., known as ROYERSFORD. 2 sons settled there permanently, but the father seems to have been of more roving disposition, & with his 2 younger sons went on into Lancaster Co. & settled in what was Elizabeth Twp., & on the site of the present village of BRICKERVILLE. Here Sebastian d., after settling his son, AMOS, who was the youngest, on a farm in what was then Cocalico Twp., but now Ephrata.

[NI001209] Jonathan was b 25 Jan 1798, Stoney Creek Twp, Somerset Co, youngest of 10 chdn of his parents Jacob & Mary (HOFFMAN) Kimmel. For several yrs he was a wagoner on Pittsburgh & Bedford turnpike. He was elected Co. commissioner in 1855 & served 1 term. He m Sussanna Meyers 24 July 1818 & was the father of Michael, Josiah, John N., Daniel, Noah (deceased), Jonathan, Mary (Walker) and Susan (Gashaw). Michael was a German Baptist minister. Josiah lives in Stony Creek twp. His 2nd son, Joseph L., lives on the old Glessner farm, and is a German Baptist preacher.. They had 6 sons & 3 daus. Both are bur on his father's farm N of Berlin, PA. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Co.s, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
252 144 KIMMEL Jonathan 57 M Farmer PA
KIMMEL Susanna 50 F PA
KIMMEL Daniel 21 M Farmer PA
KIMMEL Noah 18 M Farmer PA
KIMMEL Jonathan 11 M PA
KIMMEL Susanna 14 F PA
MILLER Caroline 7 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 26 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
3 268 272 Kimmel Jonathan 72 M W Retired farmer 2,500 PA
Kimmel Susan 71 F W Keeping house PA

[NI001212] Michael was born in Lebanon Co., PA. He resided for a time at the head of Quittapahilla Cr. next to Jacob Light. In his youth he emigrated to Brotherhood Valley of Somerset Co. In 1806 he was ordained to replace Elder Keagy of the Sandy Creek Brethren and was consequently the second elder living in the valley. He presided over an extensive membership for 30 years. He died in the Spring of 1836.

[NI001215] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
254 160 KIMMEL Josiah 26 M Farmer PA
254 160 KIMMEL Susanna 20 F PA
254 160 KIMMEL Catherine A. 1 F PA
254 160 CARVER Caroline 10 F PA
254 160 SHANK Jacob 11 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 26 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
29 266 270 Kimmel Josiah 45 M W Farmer 5,000 1,500 PA
30 266 270 Kimmel Susan 42 F W Keeping house PA
31 266 270 Kimmel Jacob 19 M W PA
32 266 270 Kimmel Ellen 16 F W PA
33 266 270 Kimmel Joseph 14 M W PA
34 266 270 Kimmel Milton 10 M W PA
35 266 270 Kimmel Ida 5 F W PA

[NI001216] 1850 Census , Jefferson Twp., Somerset Co., PA
23-5 Kimmel John 24 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 24 F PA
Mary 1/12 F PA

[NI001217] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 8 Jul Pg 26 Christian Streng
2 171 175 Kimmel Daniel 41 M W Farmer 5,480 2,143 PA
Kimmel Emiline 41 F W Keeping house PA
Kimmel Jacob 17 M W PA
Kimmel Sarah E. 14 F W PA
Kimmel Mary Jane 10 F W PA
Kimmel Emma S. 7 F W PA

[NI001221] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 26 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
36 267 271 Kimmel Jonathan G. 30 M W Farmer 5,000 1,100 PA
37 267 271 Kimmel Elizabeth 28 F W Keeping house PA
38 267 271 Kimmel Mary J. 9 F W PA
39 267 271 Kimmel Harvey 7 M W PA
40 267 271 Kimmel Jane 5 F W PA
1 267 271 Kimmel Ida 3 F W PA
2 267 271 Kimmel Samuel 7/12 M W PA Oct

[NI001222] He was an elder of the Ch. elected in 1836, ordained elder in 1838. His house was the meetinghouse for the Breth. living in & near Berlin before the Old Grove Ch. & the Dr. John Beachley house were built.
1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
353 170 Moyer Jacob 55 M Dunkard Minister PA
Hannah 53 F PA
Jacob 20 M PA
Emanuel 14 M PA

[NI001226] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
352 164 Moyer Samuel 46 M Farmer PA
Lena 43 F PA
William 18 M Laborer PA
John 16 M PA
Sarah 14 F PA
Elizabeth 11 F PA
David 9 M PA
1870 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 24 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
13 220 224 Meyers Samuel 67 M W Farmer 20,000 3,770 PA.
14 220 224 Meyers Magdalena 64 F W Keeping House PA

[NI001229] According to a 1912 Marshall co., Iowa, history Elizabeth & Abraham Meyers had 5 chldn

[NI001230] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 11 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
16 88 89 Moyer John B. 40 M Farmer 2,000 PA
17 88 89 Moyer Barbara 33 F PA
18 88 89 Moyer David 14 M PA
19 88 89 Moyer Abraham 11 M PA
20 88 89 Moyer Jacob 9 M PA
21 88 89 Moyer Catherine 7 F PA
22 88 89 Moyer Samuel 5 M PA
23 88 89 Moyer Malon 4 M PA
24 88 89 Moyer Sarra A. 2 F PA
25 88 89 Moyer Elisabeth 3/12 F PA
26 88 89 Shoemaker Abraham 22 M Labourer PA
27 88 89 Lentz Caroline 14 F PA

[NI001231] 1880 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA J. R. Boose Pg 27, 17 Jun 1880
3 27 242A 46 252 270 Bear Jonathan W M 38 Farmer PA PA PA
Bear Sovina W F 33 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Dively Benjamin F W M 12 Adopted Works on farm PA PA PA

[NI001235] Philip Kimmel was one of the first settlers in this Twp. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 515.]

[NI001238] Orman Goucher was born at Ticonderoga, NY on May 30, 1810. About 1811 his father moved the family to Upper Jay, NY. Here Orman met and married Melissa E. Beach of Jay, NY. Their first two children were born in Upper Jay, NY. In Oct of 1837 they moved together with Melissa's father, Ahira Beach and his family to Marshall, MI. They resided in this area until 1850 when they then moved to an unimproved farm in Convis Twp. Orman remained there until his death on Feb 18, 1888.

[NI001257] William Goucher was born somewhere in NJ (Sussex Co. maybe). He is first discovered in 1800 as a married man w/o children in Litchfield Co., CT. He was in VT by 1806 where his son Sidney was born. In 1810 he had moved to NY where his son Orman was born on May 30 of that year at Ticonderoga. In 1826 he bought 38 acres from Pollaus Newall for $500. Considering the price of the property, it probably consisted of a house and barn and at least 10 cleared acres. This land was part of Lot #12 of Mallory's Grant, located on the road between Upper Jay and Keene, approximately 1 mile south of Upper Jay, NY. He sold part of his land in 1851 which he and his son Sidney owned. That same year he transferred the original 38 acres to his daughter-in-law Jane LANGDON Goucher, Sidney's wife.

[NI001284] Valentine came to America with his brother Johann Jacob Kimmel in 1751 landing at Philadelphia. He located on the Bermudian Creek in York Co., PA. After the arrival of his brother Johann Philip in 1755 to whom he sold his farm he removed to a place three miles West of Harrisburg, PA (Oyster Point), on the Carlisle road. Here the descendants of his only son Philip resided for many years and some are still in the neighborhood.

[NI001286] Leader of "Gimbsheim awakening" with Johann Heinrich Lohman in Germany Res. in Bermudian Creek area of York Co. PA. Lived at Ephrata Cloister after wife's death

[NI001292] Bought 311 Acres from Penn at Oyster Pt.

[NI001346] From: HISTORY OF BEDFORD, SOMERSET, & FULTON CO.S, PA. 1884 p. 336 Isaac Grove settled on Broad Top Mountain before 1798. His son Francis was b. in Broadtop Bedford co. in that yr. His other chldrn were: Elizabeth (Fought), Joseph, Frances (Anderson), William, Thomas, Julia (Bollman), Jesse, Jane (Livingston), John, Sarah (Rinard), & James. All were living in 1884 except Elizabeth, Joseph, & Jesse.

[NI001359] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Wilson Lape State: PA Dist: 0164 Color: W;W Age: 14 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0076 Co.: Somerset Relation: Hired man ImageNum: 02590426 Other Residents: Husband Ross Mangus

[NI001372] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
30 174 180 Spangler Aaron 42 M W Farmer 3,000 650 PA
Spangler Harriet 45 F W Keeping house PA
Spangler William 18 M W PA

[NI001488] Sir William Johnson, british colonial administrator in America b. in Ireland

[NI001566] Last Will & Testament In the name of God, Amen. I, Justina Senseman of Silver Spring, twp. & Cumberland Co. & the State of PA, widow, being weak in body but of sound mind, memory, & understanding, calling to mind my mortality, do make this my last will & testament in manner & form. viz: It is my will that my wearing apparel shall be equally devided among my chldn who may survive me, the remainder of my personal property I allow & order to be sold as soon as convenient after my decease, my funeral expenses & all claim against me to be paid. It is my will that whatever remains of my estate after payment of the aforesaid expenses & the expense of settlement, shall be divided into 9 equal parts or shares, which I bequeath & direct to be distributed in the following manner, to whit: To my sons John, William, & Samual, each one full share. To my dau.s Rebecca Weaver, Hannah Hauk, Lydia Lutz, & Sarah Trovinger, each one full share. To my son Daniel Senseman's chldn (to be equally divided among them) one full share, & to my gdau. Hannah Withers, & to my gson George Oberlin, 1 share( or the 1/9th part) to be equally divided among them. & lastly I do hereby nominate & appoint my 2 sons John & Samuel Senseman executors of this my last will, hereby revoking all former wills by me made & declaring this & no other to be my last will & testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal the 1st day of Aug 1837. Signed by the testatrix & declared by her to be her last will & testament in our presence, who in her presence, & at her request subscribed our names thereon as witnesses, Jno. Clendenin, Johnister, Cumberland Co. This 21st day of Sep 1843 before me, Jacob Bretz Register for the probate of Wills, etc. in & for said co. personally came John Clendenin, Esq. & John Chromister the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will & testament of Justina Senseman late of the twp of Silver Spring deceased & being duly sworn according to law, depose & say that they were present & saw & heard the Testrix Justina Senseman.

MUHLENBERG, Reverend H.M., d a wk ago today.

[NI001582] Abraham lived & d on the place where his father settled. He m Elizabeth Heiple, & his Chdn were Benjamin, Abraham, Henry, Philip, Elizabeth & Sarah (Will), of whom Philip & Sarah are living. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 515.]
Buried on the Clayton Hoffman farm, RR#2 in Berlin, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co.,PA. Also called the Hauger Burial Ground or the Old Rodamer Farm.

[NI001593] 1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
600-89 Beal Owen 35 M Farmer PA
Elizabeth 39 F PA
Lydia 16 F PA
Sarah 13 F PA
Mary 12 F PA
Catharine 9 F PA
Elizabeth 5 F PA
Andrew 4 M PA
Rachel 2 F PA
Lenah 1 F PA
David 32 M PA
Yr 1870 No. 26 BEAL, Owen. Late of: Greenville twp. Date of death: (blank) Date of Letters of App't: Oct 8 1870. Name of Ex.,Ad.etc: Joseph J. Lint.

[NI001606] Jacob Kuhns, whose father was an early settler, d near Berlin, in 1875. Jacob b Brother's Valley. He m Mary Brubaker, & was father of John, Mary (Beachley) & Eliza (deceased). [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 517.]
1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
336 58 Kuhns Jacob 51 M Farmer PA
Mary A. 45 F PA
Alex M. 18 M PA
Mary A. 15 F PA
Brubaker Anna 35 F PA

[NI001609] Buried on the Clayton Hoffman farm, RR#2 in Berlin, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co.,PA. Also called the Hauger Burial Ground or the Old Rodamer Farm.

[NI001647] Johannes Pickert was born at Little Falls, NY on 28 May 1760. He married Magdalena Gerlock, the daughter of John Adam Gerlock. He died at Ellery, NY on 30 Aug 1827.

[NI001654] Nicholas Pickert was baptised 23 Feb 1701 at Schennectady, NY the son of Bartholomeuw Pickard, an immigrant from Leicester, England in 1697, and his Dutch wife, Eechje Claasz. Nicholas married Anna Barbara Weiser, the daughter of the German leader, John Conrad Weiser and sister of the Indian Interpreter Conrad Weiser about 1724. On 6 Apr 1742 he was named heir-at-law for the property of his father at Stone Arabia, NY.

MUHLENBERG, Frederick Augustus, d Thu the 4th in Lancaster, Pa.

[NI001659] Sidney Alzena Goucher was born in VT in 1806. By 1810 the family had moved to Essex Co., NY where he would remain for the rest of his life. He owned a farm south of Upper Jay, NY fairly close to his father William's farm. In 1851 Sidney and his wife inherited his father's 38 acre farm. In 1882, two years before his death, the original 38 acres was sold to Ashley Prime, a local store owner and speculator, for $600. This price was well below the going rate of the time and may indicate that Sidney was in finacial distress with a large unpaid store bill and the sale of the farm was the only way to erase it. Mr. Price made many similar transactions for this reason. Sidney died on 20 Sept. 1884 and was buried at Mountain Veiw Cemetery, Upper Jay, NY.

[NI001682] Minnie Luella was the first born child of Sidney and Caroline GORE GOUCHER. She was born in West LeRoy, MI while her father was away filing a land claim in South Dakota. The family moved to a homestead near Union, SD shortly after her birth where they lived for three years. They moved to Boonesboro, IA where they lived for the next 15 years. Minnie and Robert W. Harrison were married on August 31, 1881 probably in Boone, IA. The couple had a daughter named Edna. In 1900 Minnie and Edna lived for a year in the home of her sister Bertha and her husband Fred WATSON in Gillittes Grove Twp., Clay Co., IA. Minnie had a teaching job at the nearby Hopewell School. It is not known what had become of her husband at this time. It has been told that he ran off with another woman.
Minnie died in December of 1927 at a place unknown.

[NI001683] Nettie Minerva Goucher was born on September 13, 1864. She has the distinction of being the first white baby to be born in Union County, South Dakota. Her parents and grandparents were struggling to make a living from the land, but the grasshoppers seemed to be beating them at every turn. She married Hiram Heart Shadle on April 10, 1884.

[NI001685] Addie May Goucher was born in Boone, IA on September 2, 1869. She was married to Oscar Dwight Castle on December 28, 1892 in a double wedding ceremony where her older sister Bertha was also married to Frederick WATSON. Their marriage took place in the home of their parents in Correctionville, IA.
Her husband Oscar ran a jewelry store with his twin brother, Orson, in Correctionville until a few months before his death. Two children are known to have been born to this union: Lynn who moved to Hollywood, IL and Beth who married Oscar Kilbourn and resided in San Bernardino, CA. Addie died on Mar 23, 1947.

[NI001686] Orma Melissa Goucher Was born in Boone, IA on May 2, 1871. She moved with the family to Correctionville, IA before the Christmas of 1888. She married Charles H. McSparran on March 9, 1892. The couple eventually settled in Nebraska. Orma died September 2, 1955.

[NI001687] Edith Errington Goucher was born in Boone Co., IA on june 25,1877. She received her schooling at Correctionville, IA where her family moved sometime after 1881.
In 1893 while Edith was visiting her sister Bertha and her husband at their home in Gillettes Grove Twp., Clay Co., IA she found a teaching job at a school only four miles from them. She boarded at a home near the school. Bertha's brother-in-law, Charles Watson took a fancy to Edith and on November 21, 1900 they were married. An open house was given at Bertha and Fred's home to honor the newlyweds. Charles and Edith lived in Greenville, IA in 1905. When Charlie's brother became sick with typhoid that year they took the three youngest children into their home to live until Fred got well. Edith died three years later on September 1, 1908.

[NI001688] Asa Raymond Goucher was married somewhere after he moved from home. The name of the woman is not known. He became sick and returned to the home of his parents at Correctionville, IA where he died. He never told his folks who she was but he had two children. Their names are also a mystery.

[NI001689] Sidney Orman Goucher (Uncle Brownie) served in the U.S. Army in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. After the war he worked for the railroad. When he retired he frequently traveled to visit his many sisters, neices and nephews who were scattered through out the west and midwest.

[NI001690] Zaida Marguerite Goucher was born the youngest of ten children on December 25, 1888 in Correctionville, IA. One year after her father's death she married Asael Oscar Despain on June 25, 1913. This couple settled out west. In October of 1916 they were living in Clifton, ID and had four children. By July of 1920 they had settled down in Chino Valley, AZ. with five children. Zaida died on October 22, 1948.

[NI001864] Esther Betts was a person of great talents in many areas. She was a poet, a painter, craft person, & more importantly a person that other family members such as bro.s, sis.s, nieces, neph.s, grandchldrn, etc, went to, to discuss their problems & find a straight forth answer in return. Had no children. Book of Poems Published 1993. Protestant. 119 Tillman Ave., Johnstown, PA.

[NI001866] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
James H Betts State: PA Enumeration District: 0128 Color: W Age: 33 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0106 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00250381 Other Residents:
Wife Carrie H 24, Pennsylvania
Daughter Katherine N 04, Pennsylvania
Daughter Beatrice I 03, Pennsylvania
Son Paul E 01, Pennsylvania

[NI001867] 08 November 1965--Lived at 321 Pansy Ave when she died. Might be born 1885 per Giesel Funeral Home

[NI001871] Newspaper article , circa WW II SGT BETTS HURT FOR 2ND TIME Sgt Huber C. Betts, 26, of 1341 Franklin St, a member of the famous 2nd Armored (Hell on Wheels) Div. of the 9th Army, was wounded for the 2nd time Apr 10 in Germany. His injuries are minor, according to a War Department telegram to his wife, Mrs Ann (Hovraluck) Betts. Sgt Betts was wounded slightly Nov 21 near Aachen, but was able to return to duty within a few wks. He is a son of Mr & Mrs James Betts of 1341 Franklin St., formerly of Berkley Rd. In a letter received today he stated that he is now in a Hosp. in England.

[NI001874] Obit for William Betts per Johnstown Trib Newspaper; Willliam Betts, aged about 66 yrs, died at 3 am Wed. at his home near Kantner after an illness of several months. THe deceased was the fater of George R. Betts, of Dale, who went to Kantner to attend the funeral, which took place this morning. (Died 3-23-1904, Newspaper dated 3-25-1904, Friday--- DDB 5-8-93)

[NI001875] Oct 3, 1912 (Thur.) Obit of Mrs William Betts Special to the Trib Mrs William Betts, 76 yrs old, died at 2 am at her home in Kantner following an illness with dropsy. Her husband died 8 yrs ago. The following chldrn survive: Charles near Stoystown; G. R. Betts, James Betts, & William Betts, all of Johnstown; John Betts of Kantner; Sara, wife of Wesley Snyder of WV; She was a sis of Challncey Miller of Johnstown & Ms Divilla Betts of Jenners Twp. Funeral serv.s will be held in Stoystown Luth. Ch., Sat. afternoon, internment to follow in the Odd Fellows Cem. here. Ms Olive Miller & father W. H. Miller have returned home from a visit to Battecreek, MI P. V. Schlag & dau., Miss Hazel Schlag are home from Pittsburg.

[NI001876] Obit for Charles Irvin Betts- Johnstown Trib Newspaper BETTS- Charles I., 79, Hooversville: 3:30 p.m., Aug 10, 1948, in Memorial Hospital. Ill one wk. Born Oct 10, 1868, in Shade Twp., a son of William & Lavina Betts. Was painter by trade. Survived by widow, Grace (Metz) Betts, & following chldrn: Mrs. Hazel Boyer, Hooversville; Frank, at home; Mrs. Lavina O'Leary, Johnstown; Mrs. Thelma Bossik Windber; Mrs Wanda Stevens, Windber; Mrs Margaret McGregor, Johnstown; & Wade, Hooversville. Also, 2 bro.s, James & William, Johnstown, & sister, Mrs. Sadie Snyder of CA. Leaves 14 grandchldrn. Serv.s: 3:30 p.m. Fri. at late home, Rev. Norcliffe. Burial Otterbein Cem., WIlbur. Berkebile Funeral Home, Hooversville. Friends received after 3 p.m. Wed. in late home.
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Charley I Betts State: PA Enumeration District: 0159 Color: W Age: 41 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0037 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00250200 Other Residents:
Wife Grace 36, Pennsylvania
Daughter Hazel E 17, Pennsylvania
Son Frank E 15, Pennsylvania
Daughter Pauline V 10, Pennsylvania
Daughter Sylvia M 08, Pennsylvania
Daughter Vina D 05, Pennsylvania
Daughter Thelma D 02, Pennsylvania
Son Wade A NR, Pennsylvania

[NI001877] Obit for George Royal Betts- J-Town Trib Newspaper George Royal Betts, 55, Expires in Philadelphia. Deceased was Local Painter & Had Been in Hospital there for 10 Days. George Royal Betts, of the rear of 1311 Franklin St., 8th Ward died at noon today at Jefferson Hosp., Philadelphia, where he had been a patient for the last 10 days. His wife & son Walter Betts, accompanied him to Philadelphia. Word of his series illness was received here Sat. morn & a long distant message was received this afternoon stating that he passed away at 12:30 o'clock. The body will be brought to this city for burial. The deceased is survived by his widow, Mrs. Grace (Zimmerman) Betts, 3 sons & 2 married daug.s, Mrs Ruth Hill & Mrs Edith Hamor. The deceased was about 55 yrs of age & was a well known local painter.

[NI001883] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 15 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
112 117 MILLER William 46 M Carpenter 700 acres PA
Susan 42 F W PA can't read or write
Jonas 18 M Farmer PA
Rosian 16 F PA
Chauncey 11 M PA
Lavenia 7 F PA
Drusilla 6 F PA
Belinda 2 F PA
HORNER George 45 M Laborer PA Insane
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
135 149 MILLER William S. 56 M Master Carpenter 1000 1450 PA
Susana 52 F PA
Rosyann? 25 F PA
Chauncy 20 M Carpenter PA
Lavina 16 F PA.
Trusilla 14 F PA.
Lewis 9 M PA

[NI001887] Insane

[NI001899] Article in Trib Apr 18 1898 Mrs. Sarah Rose, relict of Jacob Rose, expired at the home of her dau., Mrs. George W. Miller, 318 Cliff St., Dale boro, 4:15AM after illness of 3 wks of dropsy. b. 1826 in Somerset Co. d/o Emanuel Seese, deceased. Sis. of Wm. Seese, KS, Gillian, Paint Twp, Som Co.; Mrs. Elizabeth Berkebile, Con Twp, Camb. Co., & Mrs Barbara Jumber, who resides in OH. Jacob Rose, hus. was murdered by John J. Seese in the vicinity of Scalp Level, 22 yrs ago tomorrow. A quarrel between Seese & one of MR Rose's boys took place at the former's sawmill. When the old gentleman stepped between them, & Seese dealt him a severe blow on the head with a club, fracturing his skull. He d. a few hrs later. Seese serv. 6 or 7 yrs in the penitentiary for the crime & d. some yrs after his release. Mrs. Rose is survived by following sons & daus; Susanna, w/o Frederick Young, Krings station this co.; David, Paint Tp, Som Co; Emanuel, 635 Bank St., Dale; George J., 151 Horner St., 7th ward; Barbara, w/o George W. Miller, mentioned; Sarah, w/o Josiah Lehman, Con Twp, Som Co.; & Daniel, 7th Ward.

[NI001943] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Ira J Livingston State: PA Dist: 8154 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0143 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head ImageNum: 02610116 Other Res:
Wife Lena 28, PA
Dau Velma R 09, PA
Son Alfred T 07, PA
Dau Elsie P 06, PA
Dau Mabel E 04, PA
Dau Ethel F NR, PA

[NI001968] Obit: Johnstown Trib Shaffer - William Irvin, 77, of 210 Arthur St., d. morn of Apr 4 1955, at home. B. Feb 2 1878, Conemaugh Twp., son of David J. & Martha (Custer) Shaffer. Preceded in death by wife, former Effie Swartzentruver, who d. June, 1939. Survived by these chldrn: Norma, w/o John Small, 206 Fronheiser St.; Howard, 1719 Linwood Ave.; Ruth, w/o H.W. Tyson; & Grace, w/o A.M. Gunderson, both of Cleveland, OH; Esther w/o Paul E. Betts, 1004 Beckley Ave.; Lois, w/o C.E. Furlong 264 Spruce St., Franklin Boro; Clara, Mrs. Martha Gordon & Paul, all at home; 12 gchldrn & 5 ggchldrn. Bro. of Mrs. W.H. Ream, Arthur St.; J.E. Shaffer, Lemon St.; Mrs. G.B. Stormer, Varner Ave.; A. W. Shaffer, Johnstown R.D.2. Mem. of Beulah EUB Ch., Beulah Breth. Bible class Nd junior Order United Amer. Mechanics. Friends received Geisel Funeral Home, Dale. Service there at 2 p.m.. Wed., Rev Arthur Moffit. Interment, Mt. Hope Cem.

[NI001969] June 28, 1939 Obit of Effie Swartzentruver. Mrs Shaffer, 59 of Dale Succumbs. Mrs. Effie (Swartzentruver) Shaffer, 59, w. of William I. Shaffer, 715 Messenger St., Dale boro., d. at Mem. Hosp. at 12:30pm today. She had been a med. pt at the hosp. since Jun 16. B. in South Fork, she had resided in Johnstown since her m. about 39 yrs ago. She was a member of the Bedford St. Ev. Church. Surviving are her husb. & 9 chldrn: Norma, w. of John Small, Fronheiser St.; Ms Clara, at home; Howard, intermarried with Elmira Sheriff, rear Bedford St.; Ruth, w. of Howard Tyson, Cleveland, OH; Martha, w. of Ray Gordon, at home; Esther, w. of Paul Betts, Johnstown; & Grace, Lois & Paul Shaffer, at home. Funeral arrangements in charge of Barefoot Mickle, are incomplete.

[NI001971] Obit Johnstown Trib: David J. Shaffer, a retired farmer & rural letter carrier, d. yesterday morn at his home in Conemaugh Twp, 2 1/2 mi.s east of Franklin Boro., along the Clapboard Run Rd. Death followed an extended illness of a complication of ailments. He was b. 82 yrs ago in Conemaugh Twp, where he spent his entire life. For many yrs he was a carpenter & in 1903 accepted the position of rural letter carrier on Rte No. 3, later transferring to Rte No. 2, from which he retired in 1920. For a period of 35 yrs, he was a member of the Conemaugh Twp School Board & served for some time as Auditor & Clerk. He was 1 of 7 chldrn of Mr. & Mrs. John Shaffer & is the last of them to pass away. He was a bro. of the late Mrs Elizabeth Masters, w/o Judge Joseph Masters; Mrs Barbara Wissinger; Mrs. Mary (Unclear); & Henry, Daniel, & Jacob Shaffer. They settled in Conemaugh Twp many yrs ago. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Martha (Custer) Shaffer, to whom he was m. 55 yrs ago, & the following chldrn: Mrs. W.H. Ream, H.E. Shaffer, & J. H. Shaffer, Dale.; W.I. Shaffer, 1308 Angus Ave. & Walter Shaffer; Mrs Gilbert Stormer & Ralph Shaffer, Conemaugh Twp. 3 chldrn preceded him to the grave: Emery Cloyd Shaffer, M.E.(or H.) Shaffer & Mrs. Wendell Myers. 36 gchldrn & 11 ggchldrn survive. Funeral serv.s will be conducted tomorrow pm in the Mt Hope Ev. Ch., of which he was a longlife member, by Rev. W.W. Hall of Scalp Level, a former Pastor & Rev. R.R. Doverspike Pastor. Interment in the church cem. The funeral party will leave the Shaffer home at 3 pm.

[NI001972] Obit: Martha Jane Shaffer (Custer) - Johnstown Trib MRS SHAFFER, 81 CALLED BY DEATH Conemaugh Twp. Resident Was ill many mo.s; Funeral Mon. Mrs. Martha (Custer) Shaffer, aged 81, widow of David Shaffer, d. at 9 am at the home of her son-in-law & dau, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Stormer, Johnstown, Conemaugh Twp. She had been in poor health for several mo.s, suffering from a complication of diseases. The deceased was a dau. of Harry & Phoebe Custer, both deceased, former residents of Richland Twp, b. Aug 7 1853. Martha Custer & David Shaffer were m. in Johnstown, May 8 1873,the ceremony being performed by John Fisher, a Justic of the Peace here at that time. They spent their entire m. life in Conemaugh Twp. Mr. Shaffer d. in Jan 193l. Mrs Shaffer is survived by the following chldrn: Mrs. W. H. Ream, 209 Strayer st., Harry E. Shaffer, 708 Messenger St., William Irvin of Conemaugh Twp, Jacob E. Shaffer, 931 Lemon St., Walter A.Shaffer, Conemaugh Twp, Mrs. Gilbert Stormer, at whose home she d.; Ralph Shaffer, Conemaugh Twp. 3 chldrn preceded her to the grave: Lizzie, Ezra, & Emory Cloyd Shaffer. Surviving are these bro.s & sis.s: U.G. Custer, Richland Twp, Mrs. Rosanna Grumbling & Mses Lizzie & Ella Custer, South Fork; A.M.Custer, 331Strayer St. & Cyrus Custer; also 36 gchldrn & 19 ggchldrn. She was a member of the Mt. Hope Ev. Ch., where funeral serv.s will be conducted Mon. pm. The cortege will leave the Stormer home at 2 pm & serv.s will be held at the church at 2:30 pm. Rev. R.R. Doverspike, pastor, will officiate. Burial in the church cem. in care of Howard Barefoot, Salix mortician.

[NI001979] Johnstown Trib-Democrat SHAFFER - Ralph Newton, 57, 415 Napolen St., d. at 12:37 am Aug 29 1954, at home. b. Sep 3 1896, Cambria Co., s/o David J. & Martha J. (Custer) Shaffer. m. Elleanore Fetterman. Survived by widow & 2 stepsons, Richard A. & Dudley A., both at home; bro.s & sis.s: Mrs. W. H. Ream, 209 Arthur St.; W, I. Shaffer, 210 Arthur St.; Jacob E., 709 Lemon St.; Walter, Johnstown R. D. 2, & Mrs. G. B. Stormer, 1369 Varner Ave.; also several nieces & nephews. Foreman in electrical dept., Bethlehem Steel Co. Mem. Mt. Hope EUB Ch., Conemaugh Valey Lodge 692, F & AM, & TCL. Friends received from 7 - 9 pm Mon & 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Tue H. M. Picking Sons Mortuary, serv. 2 pm Wed Rev. Charles Heitzel & Rev. Elmer A. Schultz. Bur. Grandview Cem.

[NI001986] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 12 Oct by Henry Cook
31 19 19 Shaffer John 45 M Farmer 300 Pa
32 19 19 Shaffer Maria 44 F Pa
33 19 19 Shaffer Henry 21 M Laborer Pa
34 19 19 Shaffer Elizabeth 16 F Pa
35 19 19 Shaffer Jacob 14 M Pa
36 19 19 Shaffer Barbara 12 F Pa
37 19 19 Shaffer Catherine 10 F Pa
38 19 19 Shaffer Daniel 7 M Pa
39 19 19 Shaffer Mary 5 F Pa
40 19 19 Shaffer David 2 M Pa

[NI001988] from Bio. & Portrait of Cambria Co., PA, Philadelphia, PA, 1896 Source found at Cambria Co. Historical Society, Ebensburg, PA, Henry R. Shaffer, an old & highly respected citizen of Conemaugh twp, who has served as a justice of the peace for a quarter of a century, is a son of John P. & Maria (Lehman) Shaffer, & was b. in Richland twp, Cambria co., PA December 11, 1828. His paternal great- grandfather, George Shaffer, was a native of Germany, who came to this country prior to the Rev. war, in which he served as a soldier in the Amer. army. He settled in the Kishacoquillas valley, in the eastern part of PA, where he lived until his death. His son, Henry Shaffer, emigrated from the valley to Richland twp, where he followed farming as an occupation. He served as a soldier in the War of 1812, & his son, John P., who lived for some time in Richland twp, was b. on the old valley homestead in eastern PA July 19, 1804, & in 1848 removed to Conemaugh twp, where he d. Nov. 30, 1875. John P. Shaffer did not enjoy very good educational privileges, as his father died when he was 14 yrs of age, & he was then busied with many cares. He was a farmer & a democrat, & held membership in the Reformed church for many yrs. He m. Maria Lehman, whose father, Christian Lehman, was a resident of Richland twp. Mrs Shaffer d. Feb. 1861, aged 56 yrs. Their family consisted of 5 sons & 4 dau.s. Henry R. Shaffer spent his boyhood days on the farm, received a good English education in the schools of his day, & commenced life for himself as a repair hand on the old Portage RR. He afterwards taught 4 terms of school, & then learned the trade of carpenter, which he followed for 10 yrs. At the end of that time, in 1861, physical disabililty caused him to abandon his trade, & also prevented him from entering the Union army. Not desiring to be idle, he took timber contracts for the Cambria Iron Co., & was thus engaged until 1866, when he removed to his present farm in Conemaugh twp, which he tilled up to 1894. Since that yr, he has been engaged in introducing improved & modern farming implements into the Co. His farm, which is 5 mi.s from Johnstown, contains 143 acres of good land, 1/2 of which is cleared & improved. In matters of national import & issue, he has always suppported the Dem. party, but in local affairs is independent, supporting men instead of parties. He has been honored with all of his twp offices, served as Co. auditor in 1867, 1868, & 1869, & has been justice of the peace for 25 yrs, serving continuously from 1869 to 1896, except 2 yrs. 'Squire Shaffer is a member & trustee of Mt. Carmel United Breth. Ch., & ranks as one of the oldest & most representative citizens of his section of the Co. On May 7, 1857, 'Squire Shaffer m. Elizabeth Strayer, dau. of Jacob P. Strayer, of Yoder Twp. To 'Squire & Mrs Shaffer have been b. 8 chldrn: Anna Matilda, w. of William Giffin, a farmer of Adams twp; Charles, who d. young; George W., who died April 11, 1894, aged 32 yrs; William B. F.; Mary E., w. of Edward H. Boytes, of near Somerset, Somerset Co.; Ellen, who m. A. C. Rively, of Richland twp; Effie Etta, w. of Harry Gilman, a farmer; & Robert H., who is at home with his parents. One died in infancy. The Shaffer family is one among the old families of the western part of the State, while its members have always been known as respectable & reliable people. Obit in the Weekly Trib Fri. 11-1-1907 Column 3 Page 6 Henry R. Shaffer, a prominent farmer of Conemaugh Twp, this co., d. suddenly at his home about 5 mi.s from Johnstown, between 10 and 11pm, Tue., in his 79th yr. His health began to fail last May, but he was able to be about until a wk ago. His condition changed for the worst, after 10pm Tue. & he expired before a physician could be summoned. The cause of his death was a complication of diseases. Henry Shaffer was b. in Richland Twp this Co. Dec 11, 1828, being a son of John & Maria (Lehman) Shaffer, deceased. He was a bro. of Mrs Joseph Masters of Feeder St., this city, & David & Jacob Shaffer, both of Conemaugh Twp. He was a carpenter by trade having served an apprenticeship during his boyhood days. After working at his trade for 8 or 9 yrs, he engaged in farming & for 41 yrs had resided on his farm in Conemaugh Twp, where he owned some of the best cultivated land in this vicinity. On May 7, 1857, Henry R. Shaffer & Ms Elizabeth Strayer were united in m. at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. & Mrs Jacob P. Strayer, who lived in what was then Conemaugh Twp, but is now a part of Lower Yoder. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Mr Swope, at that time Pastor of the Luth. Ch. They pleasantly celebrated their golden wedding ann. at the Shaffer home last summer. He was a lifelong Dem. & filled a number of offices in the twp in which he lived. He had been Justice of the Peace of Conemaugh Twp for the past 25 yrs, was assessor for a number of terms, & was also at times, school director & twp auditor. He served once as Co. Auditor. In religion he was a United Brethern, being at the time of his death one of the officilas of the Mt Carmel Ch. in Conemaugh Twp. He was one of the oldest members of Conona Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Conemaugh. Beside his wife, sis. & bro.s, he is survive by 4 dau.s, 2 sons, 12 grand chldrn & 10 great grand chldrn. The sons & dau.s are: Annie, w. of William Given, of Adams Twp; Mollie, w. of Edward Boyts, of Somerset; Ella, w. of A.C. Rively of RIchland Twp; & Frank & Harry Shaffer, at home. The funeral will take place at 10:30am tomorrow from the Mt Carmel Ch., where serv.s will be conducted by other ministers of the U.B. denominations. The remains will be laid to rest in the church cem. This info was written down as published in the Trib & taken from a microfilm source in Ebensburg at the Cambria Co. Historical Society.
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 17, 1860
423 15 2772 2807 Shaffer Henry 25 M farm laborer 200 PA
423 16 2772 2807 Shaffer Eliza 20 F PA
423 17 2772 2807 Shaffer Matilda 5/12 F PA

[NI001996] Aug 28 1906 Henry CUSTER, 1 of the oldest & best known res.s of Richland Twp, d. 6:30 am this morning at the family res., after a brief illness, 88 yrs, 6 mos, 17 dys. b. in this section & lived here practically all his life. The funeral is to be held from the late residence Thu 9:30 am bur. Mt. Hope Cem. wife, Phebe HUEY, survives, with sons & dau.s: Jacob, Sarah, Martha, Aaron, Grant, Cyrus, Albert, Rose, Lizzie, & Ella. mem. of Evan. Ch. & the funeral serv.s will be conducted by a minister of that denomination. Several bro.s & sis.s are also left. Trib Sep 1 1906 Funeral serv.s over the remains Henry Custer, aged & respected res. Richland Twp., this Co., were conducted Thu this wk Rev. Daniel Poling, Dale Ev. Ch. Bur. Mt. Hope Cem.. approaching his 89th yr, d. of acute dysentery, from which he had suffered only a few dys. b. Somerset Co., & wife, Ms Sarah Huey, also a native of that Co. Besides wife, survive chldrn: Jacob, Croyle Twp.; Ezra, Martha, & Albert, Conemaugh Twp.; Rose Ann, Adams Twp.; Lizzie & Ella, at home, Aaron & Cyrus, Johnstown; & Grant, Richland Twp. 52 gchldn 21 ggchldn. lifelong Rep., having cast his 1st Pres. ballot for William Henry Harrison in 1840. For over 50 yrs he had been a mem. of the Evan. Ch.
Census, 1850, Richland Twp, Cambria Co PA page 152 house 150 family 156
Henry Custer 26 M farmer $600 Pa
Phebe 28 F Pa
Jacob 1/12 M
John Campbell* 7 M Pa
Census, 1860, Richland Twp, Cambria Co PA page 472
Henry Kuster 37, farmer, $2500 of land, $1000 of property
Phebe 30
Jacob 10
Israel 8
Martha 6
William 3
Rosanna 1
Humel John 17 M farm laborer
Allen Clinton 24 M farm laborer
Huey Ruth 60 F Penna
Census, 20 Aug 1870, Richland Twp, Cambria Co PA page 319, house 161, family 155
Custer, Henry 47 farmer $6000 of land, $500 of property
Phebe 41 house keeping
Jacob 20
Israel 18
Martha 16
William 14
Roseanna 11
Aron 9
Mary 7
Ulysses G. 4
Soundex, 1880, Richland Twp, Cambria Co PA 20 189 19 44
Custer, Henry 57
Rebecca 53
Aaron 18
Lizzie 16
Grant 14
Cyrus 9
Albert 7
Ellen 4
Soundex, 1900, Richland Twp, Cambria Co PA 54 156 6 82
Henry Custer Feb 1820
Phoebe Apr 1823
Lizzie d Oct 1864
Ellen d May 1874
Merl C gs Dec 1889

[NI001999] John enlisted in Rev War abt 1781, PFC in Capt John Moore's 2nd Bat Lancaster Co. Militia in which he serv as a substitute for Abraham Sebolt. This tour of duty went to the Bucks Co. according to the Muster Roll of the 5th, 6th, & 7th classes dated 1781. Abt 1783, he enrolled in Capt. Wendel Weaver's 7th Co 2nd Bat Lancaster Co. Militia. {WILL} dated Jul 13 1811 & proved on Aug 24 1812: I, Johannes Kustert, of Strassbache, write this will for the benefit of my housewife, Margretta. Margretta is to have my house & stable as long as she wants it or lives there or can hold it, & any 1cow that she wants. 1 bed, 1 large kettle, 1small kettle, 1spinning wheel, all kitchen utensils that she brought, 1 large chest & all that is in it, 12 pewter spoons. Witness this, my hand & seal this day, Jul 13 1811. If she leaves the farm she is to have $300 cash, with the above mentioned articles. Johannes Custert (seal); Christian Blauch & Jacob Blauch. To Frederick Custer -- Take notice that the last will & Testament of John Kuster decd has this day been proven in the Register's Office for said Co. & you are hereby cited to appear at the next Orphans Court to be held for said Co. on the last Mon in Aug inst at Somerset to show cause if any you have why the Letter of Administration granted to you should not be revoked & disanulled. Witness my hand & seal of office this 24 Aug 1812. Alexander Ogle, Register. To the honorable the judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the Co. of Somerset now comprising on Orphans Court in & for said Co. 28 Dec 1812. The Petition of Frederick Custer on the heirs of John Custard of Conemaugh Twp. in said Co. deceased -- Humbly Sheweth -- That your petitioners said father lately d Intestate leaving a Widow to wit Margaret & 6 chldrn to wit, Frederick (your petitioner), John, Jacob, Abraham, Barbara w/o Henry Reed, & Catharine w/o William Fenlow, & that the said Intestate decd seized in his demesne as of fee of & in a certain message or 1 undivided half of 260 acs of land or thereabts situate in Conemaugh Twp., in said Co. with the appurtenances. Your Petitioner therefore prays your honours to award an Inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to & amongst the chldrn & Preventatives of the said Intestate in such manor & in such proportion as by the laws of this Commonwealth is directed if such partition can be made without prejudice to or Spoiling the whole, but if such partition cannot be made thereof as aforesaid, then to value & appraise the same & make Report of their proceedings according to law. And he will ever prayed etc. his mark (Fredk Custard) Inquisition indicted & taken at the house of John Custard in the Co. of Somerset on 13 May 1813. Before Frederick Neff Esq, high Sheriff of the aforesaid, by virtue of a writ of Partition or Valuation to him directed & to this Inquisition amean__the oaths of Joseph Berky, Daniel Shaver, Philip Cocker, Henry Gibler, William LaDoras, & Andrew Wertz. And the solemn affirmation of Peter Berky, Michael Spitzer, Peter Spitzer, Christian Kaufman, Joseph Miller, & John Bumdryer. ___free honest & lawful men of this Bailiwick who on their oaths & affirmations aforesaid do say that they went to the message & premises whereof John Custard in the writ named decd seized & possessed then & there did find that the same could not be divided & parted to & among the parties in the said writ named without prejudice to & spoiling the whole thereof. And therefore the Inquest aforesaid on their oath & affirmations as aforesaid have valued & appraised same at the sum of $3 per ac. In Testimony whereof as well the said Sheriff as the Inquest aforesaid have to this Inquisition interchangeably set their hands & seals. Dated the day & yr above written. his mark: Joseph E Berky, Frank Neff Shiff, Daniel Shaver, Peter Berky, & other signatures. There is debate abt the ancestry of John Custer, some sources saying Tobias, of Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co, others Paul, of Philadelphia. I received in Sep 1998 from Lori Shaffer an article from the Castor Family Assc, arguing that Tobias & his eldest son John were associated with Rapho Twp & the town of Mannheim, but that John who later moved to Somerset Co., was m & had his chldn bapt at the ch in Upper Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co, & shows no connections to Lancaster Co. I wish to review these ch records myself to see how well the names of the bapt chldn match with the names mentioned in John's will, & if there is any other source of his wife's maiden name being Bleistein, in order to confirm that these ch records were indeed the family that later moved to Franklin & Somerset Co.s. There are several references to the Custer ancestry in the Co. histories that were published in the late 1800's & early 1900's. They all speak of the immigrant Custer being named Paul, & settlling in the eastern part of PA. There are also 2 histories of the Shaffer family, written from 1933 to 1979, that also speak of Paul, & a relationship to the Ball family. The briefest mention is in a sketch of Jonathan, son of Frederick "Ggfather Custer was a native of Holland", although this would be John Sr. it is assumed that John's father is the one who was the immigrant. Notes on John Custer from the History of Bedford & Somerset Co., pg 507. "John Custer, s/o Paul Custer, was a soldier of the Rev & participated in the battle of Bunker Hill. He subsequently went from Lancaster Co. to Somerset Co., taking with him his son, also John Custer." also pg 508 of same: "John Custer, Sr., who came to Somerset Co. from Lancaster Co., PA, & had been a Rev soldier, having been present at the battle of Bunker Hill. John Custer Sr. was the son of Paul Custer..." [I would find it hard to believe that he had serv so far from PA, & perhaps this is an attempt by descendants to exagerate his achievements. His military record as found in the PA Archives & the DAR library are found at the beginning of these notes. This in a sketch of John Custer b 1867, s/o William, on pg 507 of the History of Bedford & Somerset Co: "The family ..was founded in this country by Paul Custer, who came from Holland abt 1717 & took up his abode in NY. He was accompanied by his sister Mary, & the 2, after remaining for a time in NY, moved to Philadelphia, where Mary Custer became the wife of Colonel Ball, of that city. Paul Custer subsequently settled in Lancaster Co., where he d at an advanced age. His sis Mrs. Ball, who had been for some yrs a widow, d before her bro.." [There is much mention of Mary Custer's marriage to Col. Ball, but Paul's wife is never mentioned. Other passages speak of Paul m to Sarah Ball. I have yet to find any mentions in Ball histories of a Mary Custer, although so far I have found 4 Col. Balls. - Brian CARTWRIGHT 27 Aug 1998] On the next page, 508, of the History of Bedford & Somerset Co, is a sketch of Norman D. Shaffer, also a Custer descendant; John Shaffer, b in 1796, m Catherine Custer, & Shaffer histories have many mentions of the Custer origins. ". His sis death, Mrs. Ball, having occurred some time before. She had been for some yrs a widow without chldn." This, taken from the History of Cambria Co., (1906?), in a sketch of Jacob P. Custer, is the most detailed, but contains several factual errors, so I consider most of the early history to be a grand story told by the subject of the sketch. Nonetheless, Paul may indeed be the original immigrant. "Paul Custer, the direct ancestor of Jacob P. Custer, was an English gentleman, but it is not definitely known whether he was born in this country or in England. [All the histories of Paul Custer & Sarah Ball trace the family back to Kinderkirchen, Germany] He resided in PA abt the beginning of the 18th century, & m Sarah Martha Ball, of Lancaster, PA. [The Ball family was originally from VA, a branch located to Philadelphia. I have seen no other references putting Paul Custer or any of the Balls outside of Philadelphia or Montgomery co.s] Mrs. Custer had a bro Johnathon, & a sis Mary who became the 2nd w/o Augustine Washington, & the gmother of the illustrious George Washington. [Sarah Ball is the 2nd cousin of George Washington, not his gaunt] Jonathan Ball, the bro. of Mrs. Custer, had a son Joseph who d in Philadelphia, PA in 1820, possessed of immense wealth. He was also the owner of vast estates, & among his descendants may be found the names of Lewis, Ball, Washington, Custer, & Curtis." As of this writing I have yet to find any research done by a person not a descendant of John Custer who has put him into the Germantown family of Paul Custer & Sarah Ball, although I am continuing to search.

[NI002001] Custer also spelled as Kustard, Kuster, & the way to pronounce it could be either with the"o" in do or zoo or like Custard pie.

[NI002016] Johnstown Trib, Thu., Apr 27 1882 d. on the Custer farm, Richland Twp., on the 26th, Mr. Frederick History of Cambria Co "Frederick Custer was b MD & moved with his family to Somerset co PA, when [his son] Jonathan was abt 15 yrs of age, & came to this co in 1833, locating in Richland Twp, where he resided up to his death in 1881, aged 80 yrs. He was memb of Evang ch & followed farming, having cleared up a fine tract of land. He was highly esteemed for his qualities as a Christian gentleman & a citizen."
Custer, aged 80 yrs, 7 mos, 20 days. Interment on the farm Cem. Fri. He was b. Franklin Co., & moved with his parents to Shade Twp., Somerset Co., at age 13 yrs. At age 24, m. Ms Sophia Fisher, who d. 1875. In 1825, they moved to Richland Twp.. He was the father of 11 chldrn, 10 whom are still living. They are Ephraim & Martin, Conemaugh Borough; Jonathan & P. F., Jackson Twp.; Mrs. Jacob Gilman & William, Richland Twp.; Mrs. Louis Donmeyer, Salina, KS; Mrs. Samuel Wissinger Taylor Twp.; & Mrs. Sylvanus Reynolds, South Fork. He was a member of the Ev. Ch., & followed farming, having cleared up a fine tract of land. He was highly esteemed for his qualities as a Christian gentleman & a citizen.
1850 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 11 Nov by Henry Cook
7 152 158 CUSTER Frederick 49 M Farmer 2,500 PA
CUSTER Sophia 45 F PA
CUSTER Susanah 21 F PA
CUSTER Jonathan 20 M Laborer PA
CUSTER William 18 M Laborer PA
CUSTER Martin 15 M PA
CUSTER Sarah 13 F PA
CUSTER Philip 11 M PA
CUSTER Caroline 9 M PA
CUSTER Frederick 7 M PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 9, 1860 pg 354
403 10 2629 2663 Kuster Frederick 59 M farmer 6600 1075 PA
Kuster Sophia 53 F PA
Kuster Caroline 10 F PA
Kuster Philip 27 M farm laborer PA
Kuster Frederick 16 M farm laborer PA
Kuster Mary A 14 F PA
******* John 13 M PA last name may be Wright

[NI002018] 1850 Census Stoystown Borough, Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 12 Oct 1850 by J.J. Schell
40 33 35 Custer Philip 53 M Founder 300 Penna
41 33 35 Custer Sarah 40 F Penna
42 33 35 Custer Harriet 17 F Penna
1 33 35 Custer Catharine 15 F W Penna
2 33 35 Custer Susan 13 F Penna
3 33 35 Custer Lucinda 9 F Penna
4 33 35 Custer Julian 7 F Penna
5 33 35 Custer William 5 M Penna
6 33 35 Custer Charles 1 M Penna

[NI002023] Johnstown Daily Trib Jul 25 1910; John Custer, aged 76 yrs, d. at a hosp. in Pittsburg Sat. eve. & his remains were brought here for burial tomorrow afternoon in Pleasant View Cem., West Taylor Twp. The services will be held at 2 pm at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Beaner,No. 237 Barron ave., Morrellville, by the Rev. E. A. Sharp, pastor of the Barron Ave. United Brethren Church. The pallbearers will be furnished by Emory Fisher, Post 30, Grand Army of the Republic. The deceased was b. Somerset Co. & was 1 of 10 chldrn, all of whom are dead except Jacob P. Custer, of the 10th Ward, & Mrs. David Strayer, of the 7th Ward. His wife, whose maiden name was Lucy Fisher, makes her home in Morrellville with her gdau., Mrs. Beaner. Mrs. George Bolar is the only dau. of the deceased. She also maked her home with the Beaner family. During the Rebellion John Custer served as a pvt. in Powell Stackhouse�s Co. 198th Reg., P. V. I. He was badly injured in the battle of Lewis� Farm, VA, in 1865, gangrene resulting from the wound & causing his death. He had been at the Pittsburg institution for almost 2 yrs. For many yrs Mr. Custer worked in the Cambria roof shop. He made his home in Minersville until his removal to Pittsburg.

[NI002031] Johnstown Trib Sep 27 1943 Pg 4 MRS. GRAMLING, 85, CALLED BY DEATH SOUTH FORK - Mrs. Roseanne GRAMLING, 85, d Sat night at her home near South Fork after an extended illness. d/o Harry & Phoebe (HUEY) CUSTER, b Richland Twp Apr 15 1858. Her mother was 99 yrs old at the time of her death. Mrs. Gramling's hus. d 1901. 10 chldn b to this union, 7 surviving - Albert, George, Elmer & Roscoe, all South Fork; Bertha & Clara, both at home, & Mrs. Stella SANDERS, South Fork. 26 gchldn, 38 ggchldn, a sis., Miss Elizabeth CUSTER, South Fork, & 2 bro.s - Albert CUSTER, Dale Bor., & Grant CUSTER, Geistown. Mrs. GRAMLING will be removed from her home to the South Fork Evangelical Ch. 1:30 pm Tue serv.s will be 2:30 pm, Rev. Gleason K. Hetrick. Bur. Mt. Hope Cem. direction of the George Funeral Home.

[NI002033] Johnstown Trib Mar 20 1934 MISS ELLA S. CUSTER SOUTH FORK Mar 20 - Miss Ella Sylvia Custer, aged 58 yrs, who had been an invalid all of her life, d suddenly this morn 8am at the home of her sis Miss Mary Custer, South Fork. The deceased was d/o Harry & Phebe (Huey) Custer, both deceased, & b Richland Twp. Surviving are these bros & sis': Grant Custer, Geistown; Albert Custer, Dale; Cyrus Custer, whose address is not kwn; Mrs. Rosanna Gramling, South Fork; & Miss Mary Custer, with whom she resided. 4 bros & a sis preceded her to grave. The body has been prepared for burial by Howard Barefoot, Salix mortician, but arrangements for the funeral have not been completed. Bur Mt. Hope Cem.

[NI002034] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Aaron Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 0130 Color: W Age: 48 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0072 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680412 Other Residents:
Wife Catharine 47, PA
Son Elmer R 13, PA
Daughter Olive G 11, PA

[NI002035] Soundex, 1900, Johnstown, Cambria Co PA 53 135 7 64 Gautier St
Cyrus Custer Dec 1870
Ellen w Sep 1876
Daisy d Oct 1898

[NI002036] Johnstown Trib-Democrat CUSTER - Ulysses Grant, 85, Old Folks Home, Scalp Level, d. 3:30 pm Aug 8 1951. b. Jan 28 1866, in Richland Twp., a son of Henry & Phoebe (Huey) Custer. Survived by widow, the former Ida C. Fye, & these sons & dau.s: Merle R. & William G., of Picher, N. Y.; Harry A. & Mrs. Bertha Chase, of Akron, OH; Mrs. Esther Blough, Sandy Lake, Pa., & Mrs. Ruth Hardy, Windber Road; also 1 bro., A. M. Custer, Arthur St., & a number of grandchldrn & great-grandchldrn. Preceded in death by 1 dau.s, Rosie & Edna. Also preceded in death by 1st wife, the former Minnie Noon. Member of Beulah E. U. B. Ch. & bro.hood Bible Class of the Ch.. Friends received 7 pm Thur. at the John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where funeral services will be conducted 1 pm Sat.. Rev. M. L. Kaufman. Interment, Oak Cem.
Soundex, 1900, Conemaugh Twp, Cambria Co PA 51 109 17 38
Grant U Custer Jan 1867
Ida C w Sep 1874
Bertha C d Aug 1887
William G s Sep 1891
Harry A s Jul 1893
Rosa M d Sep 1897
Phoebe d Nov 1899
Carrie M Fye sl May 1881
Soundex, 1910, Cambria Co PA 073 0151 0089
Custer, Grant 44
Ida w 34
William s 18
Harry A s 16
Rosa d 12
Ester Ida d 8
Zella Ruth d 6
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Grant Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 0151 Color: W Age: 44 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0089 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680474 Other Residents:
Wife Ida 34, PA
Son William 18, PA
Son Harry A 16, PA
Dau. Rosa 12, PA
Dau. Ester Ida 08, PA
Dau. Zells Ruth 06, PA

[NI002037] b. in a log cabin, 1-1/2 miles from Davidsville in back of John Diberts tannery. He became an Assc. Judge in Cambria Co. from 1882-87 at which time the office was abolished. Bur Grandview Cem., Custer Plot. Joseph Masters, ex-Asso. Judge of this Co., s/o George & Sarah (Custer) Masters, b. May 22 1834, Davidsville, Conemaugh twp, Somerset Co., PA; gfather, William Masters, was a native of England, whence he emigrated to Amer. & located in Fayette co., & later removed to Somerset co., where he d. George Masters, s/o the above & father of the subject of this sketch, b. Somerset Co. 1812. He was a weaver of coverlids by trade. In politics he was a whig, & held a no. of important local offices by appt. or election. 1842 appointed a justice of the peace, & at the time of his death 1850, held the office of Co. commissioner. He m. Sarah Custer, & was the father of 7 chldrn: 5 boys & 2 girls, of whom 4 are living: Joseph, Kate, Amanda, w/o J.S. Custer, supt. of labor dept of Cambria Iron Co., Johnstown, & Samuel, also of Johnstown, whose sketch follows. Joseph Masters is self-educ. & is a fine example of what a young man may accomplish even under adverse circumstances. His actual schooling consisted of a 2 mo.s' term under the old regime, when teachers boarded around among the schools' patrons; but so well has he improved his opportunities that few men have a better store of general info. Mr. Masters came to Johnstown 1850 age 16 yrs, & 1st found employment on the canal. He learned the trade of blacksmith, & helped make the 1st clay picks with which ground was broken for the Cambria Iron Co.'s works, in the winter of 1852-3. Next, he was employed in flouring mill, then known as the Red Mill, at the mouth of Hinkston's run, at $8 a mo. & boarding. 18 mo.s later he was in charge of the mill, a position he held for abt 10 yrs, when he took charge of the lumber dept. of the Cambria Iron Co., as buyer & seller. To this, in 1865, was added the supt. of houses. His duties & responsibilities were further increased in 1878 by the addition of the supt. of lands. His present position is that of supt. of houses & lands for the Cambria Iron co. Politically, he is a rep., & his popularity is attested by the fact that he has been uniformly successful in his political ventures, even in the face of strong adverse majorities. In 1860s, he serv as councilman, school director, & burgess of Millville boro. In 1882, when the normal Dem. majority in Cambria co. was abt 1,000, Mr Masters was elected assc judge by the flattering majority of 900. In this office he serv a term of 5 yrs, when the assc judgeship was abolished by a change of constitution. In his home 9th ward, where the democrats were a majority of 300, he was elected a memb of select council by a majority of 4. When Coopersdale was raised to the dignity of a boro, he was a resident of the town, & was honored by an election to the responsible offices of burgess & justice of the peace. He m. Ms Elizabeth, d/o John Shaffer, Nov 27 1857. To this union 10 chldn were b., 1 d. in infancy. The surviving chldn are: Anga, w/o John W. Wonders, Johnstown; George H., Coopersdale; Albert M., Johnstown; Kate, w/o Ellsworth Kunkle, Coopersdale; Emma, w/o Samuel Greer, Johnstown; Frank, Coopersdale, & Sarah Lilly & Cora, at home. Mr. Masters is a memb of 1st Meth. Ep. Ch., also Johnstown Lodge, No 538. F & A.M. His venerable mother is still living at the advanced age of 84 yrs.

[NI002038] Obit of Perry Swartzentruver from Johnstown Trib. dated Wed., Dec. 1, 1897 Perry Swartzentruver, a resident of South Fork, who had been a patient at the Memorial Hosp. for the past 3 mo.s, d. at that institution at 7:30 A M. The cause of his demise was Bright's Disease. Mr Swartzentruver was of German descent & was b. 56 yrs ago in Croyle Twp, this co. He was a bro. of Samuel & Mrs John Fye who reside near South Fork. He is survived by his wife & the following children: William D.J., Mrs Minnie Everhart, John W., W.E., of South Fork; Mrs Mary Walker of Dunlo, Nora, Pearl, Effie, & Charles of South Fork. He was a soldier in the Civil War & had spent some time at the National Soldiers Home, Dayton, O. The remains were taken to South Fork on mail express this afternoon for burial which will take place on Fri., interment to be made in the cem.

[NI002040] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
246 99 WEIGLE Daniel 43 M Farmer PA
246 99 WEIGLE Mary 32 F PA
246 99 WEIGLE Sarah 8 F PA
246 99 WEIGLE Harriet 6 F PA
246 99 WEIGLE William 3 M PA

[NI002041] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 19 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
13 77 82 Weigle Mary 51 F W Keeping house 4,000 1,000 PA
14 77 82 Weigle Josiah 18 M W PA
15 77 82 Weigle Mary 15 F W PA
16 77 82 Swartzendrover Llincoln 7 M W PA

[NI002042] From Biographical Review - Cambria Co. Library, Johnstown, PA, Son of Henry Weigle, was born in Lancaster Co., PA. He followed the carpenter's trade in his early life, but some time after his marriage he settled as a farmer in Stony Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA, where he was engaged in the pursuit of agriculture until his death, at the age of threescore and 10 years. He belonged to the Lutheran Church, and in politics was a Whig. His wife, whose maiden name was Annie Brubaker, was a native of Somerset Co., PA. She died at the age of forty years. They had seven children, three sons and four daughters, John Jr. Being the second son.
from " History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton counties" 1884; John WEIGLE came from New Jersey to Brother's Valley in 1787. In 1804 he removed to Stonycreek and settled near Shanksville. He married Mary Brubaker, and was the father of Jacob, John and Susan (Boaz), living; Daniel, Mary, Sarah, and Rosa, (deceased). Jacob who was born in this county in 1806, is the oldest native resident of the township. The children of Jacob WEIGLE and his wife Sarah (Rayman) are: Josiah, John, Jacob, Hiram, David, Elizabeth (Schrock), Lydia (Schrock), Anna (Wambaugh), Louisa (Poorbaugh), Caroline (Cable) and Mary, all living. John and Jacob served in the late war. Josiah married Lavina Will, and has nine children living. His eldest son, Charles E. is a school teacher.

[NI002046] Per Biographical Review, Page 178, PA Room, Cambria Co. Library, Johnstown, PA John Weigle, Jr., was born in Brother's Valley township, PA, his parents removing later to Stony Creek Township. In his boyhood and youth he assisted in clearing and improving the property bought by his father, and obtained a practical knowledge of all branches of general farming. In 1846 he removed to that part of Shade Township, as then known, which is now included within the limits of Hooversville borough, and purchased partly improved land, was here engaged in its care and cultivation until his death. A man of resolute character, upright and just, he was a highly respected and valued citizen of the town. He was a decided Republican in politics, and, though not an aspirant of public office, served as School Director during one term. For many years he was a Deacon and an Elder in the Lutheran Church. His wife, whose maiden name was Louisa Mowry, was born in Somerset Township, PA, Aprl 5, 1819, a daughter of Michael and Rosa (Mostoller) Mowry. After Johns death she lived with their only child, her son Charles W. Weigle at the old homestead in Hooversville Borough.
1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
217-118 Weigle, John 35 M Farmer PA
Louisa 30 F PA
Charles W 6 M PA
Bricker, William 13 M PA

[NI002047] Jacob, who b this Co in 1806, is oldest native resident of Twp. The Chdn of Jacob Weigle & his wife Sarah (Rayman) are : Josiah, John, Jacob, Hiram, David, Elizabeth (Schrock), Lydia (Schrock), Anna (Wambaugh), Louisa (Poorbaugh), Caroline (Cable) & Mary, all living. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 517.]
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
247 112 WIGLE Jacob 47 M Farmer PA
WIGLE Sarah 35 F PA
WIGLE Josiah 13 M PA
WIGLE John 11 M PA
WIGLE Elisabeth 9 F PA
WIGLE Lydia 8 F PA
WIGLE Jacob 6 M PA
WIGLE Louisa 2 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
7 76 81 Weigle Jacob 67 M W Farmer 8,000 11,720 PA
8 76 81 Weigle Sarah 55 F W Keeping house PA
9 76 81 Weigle Jacob 25 M W Laborer PA
10 76 81 Weigle Hiram 16 M W PA
11 76 81 Weigle David 14 M W PA
12 76 81 Weigle Mary 11 F W

[NI002059] Obit in Tribune Democrat, Newspaper dated DIES IN HOSPITAL HERE Charles Swartzentruver, of South Fork Expired Last Evening The remains of Charles Swartzentruver the South Fork young man who died last evening at the Memorial Hospital, were today shipped by Undertaker Henderson to Undertakers George Brothers at South Fork, where burial will be made tomorrow. The young man was a son of the late Perry Swartzentruver and made his home with his mother. He was a mine engineer and had been ill about one week before taken to the hospital where he died of dropsy. Besides his mother, he is survived by the following brothers and sister: Edgar, at home; William of Coopersdale; Johan and employeee of the Stineman Coal Company, and Mrs Harry Everhart of South Fork.

[NI002062] Obituary of Mamya Swartzentruver as found in Johnstown Tribune Newspaper
dated 10-10-1933 Mrs John Walker of South Fork, Expires. Had Been Ill for Several Months, Funeral Will Be Conducted Friday South Fork, Oct 10: Mrs Mayma (Swartzentruver) Walker aged 56,Wife of John Walker, died this morning at her home here following an illness of several months of a complication of diseases. She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Perry Swartzentruver. Surviving are her husband and these children: Hazel, Gladys, Ethel, Myrne, Bernice, John, Fern, and Ray Walker, all of South Fork. She was a half sister of A. L. Weigle of South Fork and a sister of Edward Swartzentruver and Mrs Harry Everhart, both of South Fork; Mrs Irvin Shaffer of Johnstown and Mrs William Lewis of South Fork. Funderal services will be conducted Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the South Fork Evangelical Church in charge of the Rev Gleason K. Hetrick, Interment will be in the South Fork Cemetery in chare of George Bros Local Mortician.

[NI002065] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Adams State: PA Enumeration District: 0121 Color: W Age: 38 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0051 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00040696 Other Residents:
Wife Mollie 35, PA
Dau. Genevieve 12, PA
Dau. Helen 06, PA
SIL Charles Onku 25, PA
John W. Swartzentruver changed his name to John C. Adams before 1930. He lived with a Marie Watson (Maxie) who lived with him in Maple Hts, OH., a suburb of Cleveland. At her death she is shown as Adams also, wife of John C. Adams. John died on Feb 13, 1930 of pneumonia according to the records at Bedford City Hall Records (at 65 Columbus Ave. Bedford Tel 232-1600 per Gail). He is buried at the Bedford, OH Cemetery at Section 6, ROW 1, Plot 132 on Feb 16, 1930, (66 East Taylor, Bedford, OH, Tel 232-4462 per Frank). Records at the Johnson-Romito (then the Donald B. Johnson) Funeral Home at 521 Broadway, Bedford (Tel 232-1441 per Phil) show information given by an Irma Transuer (Sp ??) that he died at home at 5244 Metz Ave (shown as Metz but wrong, should be Milo, see below ?) Maple Hts. OH. and that he was a machinist by trade and widowed at the time of death. His wife is named as per above, 1st paragraph.
The records show his father as Perry Swartzentruver and his mother as Harriet Weigle and the fact that he was born 57 years ago in Somerset, PA. The cost of the funeral was $389.25 and the grave cost $37.50, of which $100.00 was never paid. (The funeral home does NOT want the money with interest). Additional information may be available from the Bedford Historical Society at 30 S. Park St., Bedford, OH, Tel 232-0796 Mr Dick Squires. They are open Mon & Wed 7:30 to 10:00 PM and Thurs 10:00 to 4:00 PM. The Zip Code for Bedford is 44146 for all addresses. In one of his letters he mentions the fact that he misses Marie so much, so it may be his second wife that he married (?). According to an obituary she died on Sunday, Feb 14th,1926 (per a perpetual calendar, since the date only is given and not the year) and lived at 5244 Milo Avenue not Metz Ave. in Maple Hts, OH.

[NI002093] Octagenarian Passes Away, Aged 89,Expires in Sidman;Obsequies Fri. Mrs Elizabeth (Swartzentruver) Fye well known resident of Sidman, d. Dec 61938 at the home of her dau. Mrs. Susan Vincent.Funeral services will be conducted 1:30 pm Fri. at the Sidman Un. Breth. Ch. by Rev. J.C.Moses. Bur.Coleman Cem. near Sidman under direction of George Bros., SouthFork.Gsons of the deceased will serve as pallbearers. she b. near Sidman d/o Jacob & Susan Swartzentruber.Her husband John Fye for many yrs a prominent farmer d. 10 yrs ago.The dead Sidman woman was identified with the Sidman U.B. Ch. for many yrs & was a member of the Sun. School & the Ladies Aid Soc. survived by 2 dau.s-Mrs Anna Chestnutwood, Bedford St. Dale & Mrs.Vincent with whom she resided. 10 gchldn 12 ggchldn 1 gggchld.

[NI002096] Never married, was engaged to Misses Cora Seaman July 29 1898 Johnstown Trib Newspaper . A surprize party was held at the home of Mr & Mrs John Fye at Lovett on the evening of July 26 in honor of son Lemon, who had attended his majority on that day. After many gifts which were valuable & useful, had been presented, the evening was spent in music & games & afterward a fine supper was served. The following persons were present beside those of the family mentioned above. Mr & Mrs. Abraham Knepper of Philadelphia; Mrs Lizzie Brown & chldrn; Mabel, Carl & Ralph of Pitcairn; William Storey of Greensburg; Mr & Mrs. James Vincent & family; Mrs Amanda McNamara, Mrs Susan Boyle, a Ms Cora Seaman (to whom he is engaged); Viola Miller, Annie Fye, Ena Mummau, Mary Seaman & Lilly Reighard; Messrs. L. W. Kauffman; J.W. Miller, David Mock; Samuel Wonders, Oliver Miller, John Link, Charlie, Johann & Ralph Rorabaugh; William, George & Oliver Miller, John Link, William, George & Charlie Reighard, Eddie Varner, & Samuel Seaman of Lovett. Killed near Lovett-Lemon Fye,run down in sight of his home.The funeral of Lemon Fye who was killed Dec11901 on the RR near Lovett in sight of his home Fri. eve 8 pm took place this forenoon. The services were conducted in the U.B. Ch., Lovett 10 am & interment at Pine Cem., Sidman. He was a plasterer by trade & was 24 yrs old. He was lathing a house for J.G.Burkett in Southfork & started to walk to his home, when within sight of his father's home he saw a train approaching on the track he was walking on & stepped to the other one. He was struck by a freight which came up behind him & was instantly killed. His right leg was broken above the knee & his head was crushed. The body was turned over to Undertaker George, South Fork, who prepared it for burial. The young man was the s/o Mr.& Mrs, John Fye. survived by 2 m. sis.s.

[NI002098] Charles K Chestnutwood State: PA Enumeration District: 8154 Color: W Age: 32 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0191 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680316 Other Residents:
Wife Anna E 30, PA
Son John R 09, PA
Daughter Ruth E 05, PA

[NI002121] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Lovenas Hilderbrand Age: 49 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0138 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0345 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary M 47, PA
Daughter Margret 26, PA
Son Albert 20, PA
Daughter Verda B 18, PA

[NI002154] Mary was found dead in a hotel room, it is not known whether she was murdered or not.

[NI002155] pprox. 1942 (from either the Johnstown Trib or the Johnstown Dem) Alice VICKROY, 85 Succumbs in NJ; Services Fri. Funeral services will be conducted at the Conemaugh Ch. of the Breth. at 2:30 pm Fri. for Mrs. Alice (Hildebrand) VICKROY, aged 85, a native & former resident of Cambria Co., who d. yesterday morn at the home of her dau., Mrs. Thomas H. MOYER of Vineland, NJ. Burial will be assisted by Rev. William S. Crick, pastor of the 3rd Breth. Ch., Morrellville. Burial will be in Headrick Cem. under the direction of Howard Barefoot. The remains will arrive in Johnstown from Vineland by train on Thu. afternoon & will be taken to the home of her son, David VICKROY, 210 Barron Ave., where friends will be received until time for the services. Mrs. VICKROY was the widow of William VICKROY, former well-known E. Taylor Twp resident, who d. on Apr 6 1925. She was b. in Ashtola Richland Twp. Sep 28 1857 d/o the late Rev. David & Mary (Funk) HILDEBRAND & made her home in E. Taylor Twp. for many yrs until the death of her hus. Surviving are 6 chldn: Walter VICKROY, Crown Point, IN; Mrs. T.H. MOYER, Vineland, NJ; David VICKROY, 210 Barron Ave.; Emanuel VICKROY, 810 Coleman Ave.; Lemon VICKROY, Dearborn, MI, & Grant VICKROY, RD1. She also leaves 21 gchldn, 22 ggchldn, a bro. Lavinius HILDEBRAND residing in Woodvale & a half-sis. Mrs. William REIGHARD of Conemaugh. The deceased was preceeded in death by a son Howard & a bro. & sis. Emanuel & Jane HILDEBRAND. Mrs. VICKROY was a life-long member of the Conemaugh Ch. of the Breth.

[NI002204] J-town Trib-Demo, Wed 26 Sep 2001. Boyer, Randy, 53, Shiremanstown, PA, formerly of Hooversville, d 24 Sep 2001, Harrisburgh Hosp. Preceded by parents Edward & Ethel Boyer. Survived by bros Edward, Friendswood, TX & Larry, Mechanicsburg, PA. Also survived by 4 nephews & 1 niece. Grad of Forbes Joint HS. Received masters degree from Shippensburg Univ. Memb Hooversville COB. Employed by Commonwealth of PA Dept of Revenue as a manager. Mem'l serv at 4pm Sun at Hooversville COB.

[NI002240] Attilis Bossi State: PA Enumeration District: 0169 Color: W Age: 24 Birth Place: Italy Visit: 0273 County: Somerset, Windber Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00150571 Other Residents:
Wife Annia 24, PA
Son Henry 04, PA
6 non-relatives

[NI002336] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Ross Keiser State: PA Enumeration District: 0105 Color: W;W Age: 18 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0178 Co.: Cambria Relation: Boarder ImageNum: 02350738 Other Residents:
Husband Robert Hooper

[NI002361] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index [Print]
Wilmer T Montgomery Age: 30 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0128 B Pl: PA Visit: 0245 Co: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Minnie D 28, PA
Son Norman L 07, PA
Son Charles F 06, PA
Dau Margaret 04, PA
Dau Gladys 02, PA
Dau Mary E NR, PA
Stepdau Ellen L Lannen 09, PA
NR Mary E Livingston 20, PA
NR Walter K Livingston NR, PA

[NI002379] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Arthur E Keiper State: PA Enumeration District: 8154 Color: W Age: 36 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0194 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02310207 Other Residents:
Wife Lizzie A 32, PA
Dau. Sarah J 03, PA
Son Andrew W 01, PA
Dau. Baby NR, PA
Stepson John A Strayer 12, PA
Stepdaugther Dona E 11, PA
Stepdaugther Renia E 10, PA

[NI002405] Bemka, Joseph
Age: 5 Gender: Male
Occupation: Child
Country: Germany
Final Destination: United States
Ship's Name: City Of Bristol
Port of Debarkation: New York
Port of Embarkation: Liverpool
Date of Arrival: Apr 9, 1872

[NI002442] Obit of Irvin from Johnstown Tribune of 2-21, 1899 Cambria Countians Who Have Recently Passed to Their Rewards Irvin Swartzentruver, one of the best known residents of South Fork, died Monday night of last week, after a lingering illness of Hip-Joint disease. Deceased who was thirty two years old leaves a wife- formerly Miss Jennie Reighard- and one child; also his mother - Mrs Perry Swartzentruver- and a number of brothers and sisters.

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