[NI012724] Frank Levi Cable, s/o Albert Cable, b Nov 25 1876, West Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., PA., m. Oct 29 1899, to Celia Bell Frame, d/o George W. & Marinda (Lightcap) Frame, West Wheatfield Twp.. 1chld was this union, Frank Wellman, b.Mar 14 1910. Mr. Cable attended the common schools, after leaving which he secured employment in the brickyards & clay quarries, & eventually purchased 55 acres of the old homestead, on which he started farming & market gardening. He still continues to follow these vocations, & has been uniformly successful in his enterprises, because of his industry & well directed efforts. In politics he is a Rep., & has taken an active part in Twp. affairs, having been road boss for 4 yrs. He is a memb. & steward of Meth. Ep. Ch., where he has acted in the capacity of sexton for 13 yrs, & is a teacher in the Sun. school. Like other memb.s of the old & honored family, he is widely known throughout this part of the Co., & in a large acquaintance numbers many warm friends.

[NI012749] arrived in Athens Ohio in 1813.

[NI012751] David Wakeman Maxwell, b. 31 Dec 1843 Unionport, Jeff. Co. married Caroline H."Callie" Cable 17 Jan. 1871 Hamline Church, Jeff. Co. Ohio. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio, Callie died 24 Mar. 1892 leaving several young children, David never remarried. David W . the son of David Maxwell, b.18 Dec. 1810 Reeds Mill, Jeff. Co. & Sarah T. BALL, b. 18 Jun. 1816 Richmond, Jeff. Co. Ohio. David W. & Caroline (Cable) Maxwell. parents of David Garfield Maxwell, b. 27 Aug. 1879 Unionport, Oh. & wife, Ina Rhea KLINE, b. 1 Mar. 1883 Steub. Oh., their son, Joseph Edward Maxwell, b. 9 Feb. 1916 Mingo Jct. Ohio the father of this compilier, Donna (Maxwell) Tivener

[NI012766] WILLIAM W. CABLE, son of Ephraim & Sarah, born in Island Creek twp. April 19, 1823. 24 Mar 1859 he m. Sarah BELL, & reared a family of 2 chldn. His occupation was farming. Steubenville Daily Herald Steubenville, OH Thu, 8 Feb 1894 Vol. 47, No. 249. OLD FARMER DEAD. Wm Walker Cable b. 1823 d at his home above Aikanna yesterdy morn, aged 71 yrs, b. & raised on the old Cable homestead up the river, & resided there all of his life, wife & son Ross survive him. Another son was accidentally killed in the Mingo steel plant a few yrs ago. Funeral 10am Fri. Mr. Cable's bro. Zan occupies that part of the original farm lying on the river.

[NI012770] EPHRAIM CABLE JR. born 12 Oct. 1828 Island Creek Township, Jefferson Co. Ohio, married 13 Nov. 1851 to Sarah MORROW of Jeff. Co. About 1857 Ephraim and Sarah moved west to Wood Co. OH to settle on land given him by his father. the 160 acre farm in Freedom Township still in timber, was originally granted to Silas CABLE on 20 Dec. 1835 by the U.S. government. Silas sold it to Ephriam Cable, Sr. 19 Sept. 1842 at Jeff. Co. He gave it to his son, William Walker Cable on 27 Jan. 1851 as full value for his share of the family estate. On Oct 1st. the following year William deeded it back to his father, perhaps having determined not to settle on it. This time Ephraim Sr. gave it to his son, Ephraim Jr. on 2 Oct. 1852. He mortgaged it to his father on the same day for the sum of $300.00 and this was witnessed by Beatty & Minerva McFarland who lived on the ajoining farm in Island Creek Township, Jeff. Co. Just when the couple did travel to Wood Co. and begin clearing the land is not certain but it was after 1855, and before January 1858 when Ephraim Jr., signed a note of Amos Ladd in Wood County. There were several Cables all ready in Wood Co. and in Freedom Twp. Jacob Cable, said to be uncle of Ephraim Jr. and his sons, had settled there in the 1830's and by 1835 the township contained; Silas, Benjamin, Jonathan, & Isaac Cable. Ephraim's land was located southeast of the settlement of Pemberville and was just south of Eisenhour Ridge. Ephraim took sick with inflamation of the lungs and died 1860 at 31 years of age. Ephraim Cable Jr. was buried on Eisenhour Ridge. Dr. H. Buckland itemized his bill for services and it is contained in the Estate Settlement. It cover a period from April 1 through June 25 of 1860 and amounts for journeys, medicines, and bleedings.Sometimes he made two trips out to the farm in one day. Ephraim's widow Sarah was left with three small children. She had an auction of farm implements and some of the livestock on 8 Sept. 1860 and on 30 April 1863 finally sold forty acres of the farm to settle all the debts of the estate.

[NI012772] Steubenville Herald-Star Steubenville, OH Mon 5 Mar 1906. TORONTO Thomas Cable, Sr., d at his late home on Euclid ave. Sun. 10:30 am, after 4 yrs' illness with a complication of diseases, & was in his 75th yr, b. Cable homestead at Cable's, Feb 5 1832, memb. of Island Creek Presby. Ch. & has been a resident of Toronto 21 yrs the 2nd dy of this mo. He has been bedfast since Oct. 1st & has suffered terribly since that time, ever patient, & thoughtful for the companion who nursed him so tenderly. Beside bereaved wife, he leaves following chldn: Mrs. A. M. Bowers, Charles, John, & Thomas, of this city, Isaac, Wellsville, & Eph. Steubenville; 2 sis.s & 2 bro., Mrs. Sanders, Columbus, OH; Mrs. Simpson, Bellaire; Richard, Columbus, & Sanford, of this city. funeral serv.s will be from the home Tue, 2 pm conducted by Rev. J. W. B. Smith, pastor of Ch. of Christ. Bur. Union Cem..

[NI012774] SANFORD CABLE, a son of Ephraim & Sarah Cable, born on the old farm,July 4, 1835. In october, 1860, he united in marriage to Margaret BELL. this union resulted in four children - William, George, Mark E. & Robert. Mr. Cable has always been engaged in farming.

[NI012785] On August 13, 1863 Sarah married Horatio Nelson Alexander of Pemberville, himself three times a widower. Sarah and Nelson had two children and he died 2 Jan. 1866 leaving her with quite a family to raise including children of his previous marriage. Sarah (Morrow) Cable Alexander lived on until December 1892 at Pemberville and in her last years with her daughter Estella at Tolodeo, Ohio. Sarah is buried at Eisenhour Ridge.

[NI012793] Mrs. Sarah Cable, w/o Walker Cable, d Thu. afternoon at home of Sanford C. Cable, Alikanna, 67th yrs. D/o Mark & Rebecca Bell, b. & raised Island Creek twp. Survived by 1 son & the following sis.s: Mrs. Mary Deffenbaugh & Mrs. Rachel Hunter, Marion, IN, Mrs. Sanford Cable, of this Co., & 1 bro., W. B. Bell, Richmond. Mrs. Cable was a consistent memb. of Alikanna M. E. Ch. & a woman who was loved & esteemed by a large circle of warm friends. Funeral Sat afternoon.

[NI012802] GEORGE N. HENRY IDENTIFIED WITH BUSINESS, CIVIC DEVELOPMENT. The anc.s of the Henry family came to Amer. at an early date & Patrick Henry is said to be connected with this branch of the family. They settled in PA & son, Joshua, was b. there. He later came to Jefferson Co. where he m. Ms Ann LEE, d/o James & Margaret Lee whose home was at Costonia. George N. Henry, their son, was a well known citizen of this city. Of the vaious enterprises which he was connected perhaps he is best remembered as a member of th firm of MAXWELL & HENRY whose wholesale & retail fruit bus. was located on corner of Market & Court St.s, where the Olympic theatre now stands. They had the largest concern of the kind in this section. We all have our little peculiarities & in the case of George Henry, his was to carry a pink carnation, in his mouth & he was seldom seen w/o it. Not being a smoker may have been a reason why. He had a prominent part in civic projects which brought about the extention of Steubenville's residential lines & in the development of suburban territory through building of a traction system. He was interested in the old driving park which is now the beautiful residential section of Ross Pk & among the several additions to the city which he laid out or assisted to promote, was the Pleasant Hgts addition to the city. He served several terms in city council, lending his influence to comm. development. For a period of 30 yrs he conducted the annual distribution of Xmas baskets to the poor, the ukwn donor for that period of yrs being the late Dohrman J. SINCLAIR. George Henry had the finest collection of elk teeth in the world, being an ardent member of the Order of Elks, he attended their conventions in all parts of the country & his prized possession was a coat which was practically covered with 1800 fine specimens of elk teeth. He was also a collector of other curios, guns, etc. He m. Ms Mary CABLE, of an old pioneer family. They had 1 dau., Clara Henry, who m. Will SCOTT, s/o Mr. & Mrs, Winfield Scott of this city. Mrs. Henry is a member of the D.A.R. on the record of her ancestor, Abraham Cable, who is said to have loaned the government of the United States $50,000. when it needed that amount. He was b. in Germany 1740, died 1803, Bedford Co. PA.

[NI012824] She was going from Samuel Pringles to Martin Pringles on a visit when she fell & could not get up again, so she lay in the snow part of a day before she was found, but she never walked again. She claimed her hip was out of place.

[NI012859] John Henry, b. 1763 Derry co. Ireland, m. 1787 Ireland to Rachael, she died, he married again to Margaret McNUTT about 1811, they had 3 children. John came to America in 1788, then to Washington Co. Pa. and later moved to Athens Ohio in 1817. The ancestors of the Henry family came to America at an early date and Patrick Henry is said to be connected with this branch of the family. They settled in Pennsylvania and a son, Joshua, was born there. He later came to Jefferson County where he married Miss Ann LEE, d/o James & Margaret Lee whose home was at Costonia.

[NI012870] York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819 Surname: Becker Given Name: Philip Description: Decedent Res.: Newberry Twp. Date: 9 Jan 1816 Prove Date: 5 Jun 1817 Remarks: Philip Becker. Jan. 9, 1816. Executors: Philip Becker & William Metzar. Newberry Twp. Wife: Eve Becker. chdn: John, Jacob, Philip, Eve w/o Philip Metzgar, Elizabeth, Catharine w/o Michael Neiman, Margaret w/o John Childer.

[NI012938] Came from Lealock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., settled in Concoheague Settlement in Franklin Co., killed in Indian raid in 1756. See Rebecca Walter Notes. He emigrated on ship "Robert & Mary" from Rotterdam to Philadelphia on Dec 30, 1740. 1st lived in Leacock Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Serv in French & Indian War. Was killed while watching the chldn outside of cabin while Sun servs were conducted inside. At the time Antrim area was the edge of civilization in PA. He was killed on a farm in an Indian raid on Antrim Twp, Franklin Co, PA. His family was taken captive by the indians in 1756.

[NI012939] Kidnapped by indians at 13 years

John, was captured by Indians with sister, see Rebecca Regina Walter Notes, who later returned to live among the Indians and was never heard from again.

[NI012943] Samuel Lambert, s/o John & Mary Statler Lambert, b Stony Creek Twp. d there 1869, aged 75. He m Sarah Goot, & was father of Josiah, Aaron, Rebecca & Sarah (deceased); Abraham, John, Samuel, Moses, George & Mary (Berkebile), living in 1884. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.) Owned 600 ac. in Lambertsville, Somerset Co., PA. Samuel Lambert was b Stony Creek Twp, & here spent his 80 yrs of earthly life, being engaged the larger part of the time as a hewer of wood & tiller of the soil. A Whig in politics, he was a valued memb of party whose principles he supported, & for several yrs he serv his fellow-townsmen as Tax Collector. He was an active memb Ref ch, to which his good wife also belonged. Her maiden name was Sarah Good. Of their 10 chldrn 2 survive-George & Mary w/o Cyrus Berkebile.

[NI012944] "The 1st European to cast his lot & take up his abode within territorial bounds of Bedford Co. He was a dauntless Huguenot who found his way thither from VA at a very early date, approx 1710, even before the 1st trader passed this way. He must have followed the trail of the great Shawannee Convoy of 1698 from Old Town on the Potomac by way of the old warrior trail through to Allaquippa Gap & thence westward. He was a French-Swiss, & befriended by the Shawannees & also being by marriage a relative of Martin Chartier, who was held in high esteem by Shawannee nation, he received all consideration of a fellow tribesman. He was doubtless the founder of Ft Wingan, which was the 1st trading station in the colony west of Susquehanna & was located not very distant from what later became Ft Bedford. Ft Wingan was probably destroyed at instigation of Paxton traders abt 1732 by renegade Delaware Indians. John de Burt & his wife Mary Seaworth settled in what is now 'Dutch Corner' in Bedford Twp, Bedford Co, PA. Savages massacred John, Mary & 7 of their 12 chdn. 1 of the 5 that escaped, Christopher, returned with his wife & baby in 1740. Savages killed & scalped Christopher. For 17 yrs he lived on land he could not even buy legally, as it still belonged to the Indians. It was not until 9 yrs after his death that his son Michael took out a warrant in 1766 on the land. From then until 1976 the deeds for this land has always been in the Dibert name. Which makes 210 yrs the the family owned land they lived on for 236 yrs. John Dibert, b 1685 in Europe, a French Huguenot, apparently the oldest son of Frederick & Magdalena, came to Amer 1707, probably with Baron DeGrafenberg. He & his wife, Mary Seaworth, settled in that part of PA later to become Bedford Co, in the neighborhood of the present Messiah Luth Ch in 1710. John & his wife were unquestionably the 1st white settlers west of the Susquehanna. John's wife was supposed to have been d/o Martin Chartier, who came to Amer with LaSalle abt 1675 & who, having become estranged, cast his lot with the Shawnee Indians & intermarried with them. In 1732 the Dibert family was attacked by Indians & the father & mother were massacred. Abt 1707-08 a party of Indian traders French, Swiss, a Virginian & others established a trading ctr in Connolloway Dist now a part of Fulton Co, not far from MD.
John Dibert, a French Huguenot, the progenitor of the Dibert family of Bedford Co, who settled in 1710 in Dutch Corner abt 9 mis north of Bedford was unquestionably one of the party. He, his wife & several chdn were murdered, massacred in 1732 by a party of renegades. Dibert through his wife was closely allied to the Shawannee Indians & consequently could live safely at that early date in such advance frontier. Donegal traders, jealous and envious of his advantageous position as a trader, with a large circle of Indians were suspects in the promotion of this heinous massacre. Dibert was undoubtedly connected with Ft Wingan, which we know was existent 1730. It is possible that Ft Wingan was destroyed by the same ruthless outlaws that murdered the Diberts. It is a strange coincident that the ruthless Dunning should have taken over the Indian trade of this section. Those that escaped were: Wilhelm, 2 daus, Michael & Christopher de Burt. All but Christopher stayed in VA. Christopher changed the spelling from De Burt to Dibert & returned to what is now Bedford Co, PA, in 1740.
John Burt was a PA Indian trader as early as 1723. In 1728, he lived at Snaketown, 40 mis abv Conestoga on the east side of the Susquehanna. John Burt or de-Burt m Mary Chartier Seaworth, d/o Martin Chartier & his Shawnee wife. The name became Dibert in the Bedford Co, PA records.
The lg family was attacked on the PA frontier in 1732 & 7 out of 12 chdn were killed. Five escaped, however, & Charles Christopher Dibert was one of these.
Records in the Library of Congress show the following: the 1st permanent white settlement west of the Susquehanna River was made in 1710, by one John de-Burt & wife Mary Seaworth, the d/o Martin Chartier & his Indian wife. It has been established that the name de-Burt later became Dibert.
The Diberts (deBurts) of Bedford Co. John deBurt & his wife, Mary Seaworth, settled in Cumberland (later Bedford) Co in 1710. This was the 1st white settlement west of Susquehanna River. John deBurt & his wife, Mary Seaworth, were true pioneers living among the Indians. John was French & Mary was French & Indian, being the d/o Martin Chartier & his Indian wife. In 1732, the parents & 7 of their 12 chdn were killed in an Indian massacre. 5 of the chdn survived by hiding. After the massacre, they fled back east. To assist the reader in time relationships, it is noted that John deBurt settled in western PA more than 270 yrs ago, 66 yrs before the Rev War, 25 yrs before Daniel Boone (1735-1820) was b.
Somewhere west of Susquehanna River, John de Burt & his wife Mary Seaworth settled in what is now 'Dutch Corner' in Bedford Twp, Bedford Co, PA. The co of Lancaster was only a 3 yr old baby, when the savages massacred John, Mary & 7 of their 12 chdn. One of the 5 that escaped, Christopher, returned with his wife & baby in 1740. Upon his arrival here in 1710, it was part of Chester Co. By the time of his death, it was part of Lancaster Co. Today it is part of Bedford Co.

[NI012950] Samuel Lambert was born in Stony Creek, where he still lives; he is a wagonmaker by trade, & has followed the business for thirty-two years. He is also the proprietor of a sash factory. His eldest son, E. M. Lambert, lives at home, & is engaged in the lumber business. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 24 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
1 193 198 Lambert Samuel 43 M W Sashmaker 1,000 400 PA
Lambert Nancy 32 F W Keeping house PA
Lambert Edward 15 M W PA
Lambert Lorencia 14 F W PA
Lambert Jairus 12 M W PA
Lambert Serenius 10 M W PA
Lambert Ellsworth J. 8 M W PA
Lambert Azariah 6 M W PA
Lambert Sidney J. 5 F W PA
Lambert Irvin G. 3 M W PA
Lambert Jacob 1/24 M W PA May


[NI012992] 1850 census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
251 140 SPANGLER Perry 34 M Bricklayer PA
251 140 SPANGLER Polly 38 F PA
251 140 SPANGLER Margaret 12 F PA
251 140 SPANGLER Elisabeth 10 F PA
251 140 SPANGLER Oliver 9 M PA
251 140 SPANGLER Mary 6 F PA
251 140 SPANGLER Ananias 4 M PA
251 140 SPANGLER Peter 2 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
26 206 210 Spangler Perry 54 M W Farmer 2,500 400 PA
27 206 210 Spangler Eliza 44 F W Keeping house PA
28 206 210 Spangler Susan 14 F W PA
29 206 210 Spangler William 12 M W PA
30 206 210 Spangler Ellsworth 9 M W PA
31 206 210 Spangler Elizabeth 7 F W PA
32 206 210 Spangler Abraham 2 M W PA

[NI013021] ELMER STUTZMAN, 65, DIES AT SHANKSVILLE. Contractor Succumbs After Long Illness of Dropsy; Funeral Tomorrow. SHANKSVILLE, Nov 2 1931, Elmer E. Stutzman, aged 65, who had been a resid Shanksville for last 30 yrs, d Sat. night at his home, following an illness of several mos of dropsy & heart trouble. He was s/o Harry & Mary Jane Stutzman, both deceased, & was b Somerset Twp. His father was a vet of Civil War. Mr. Stutzman was engaged in the contracting business here for a no. of yrs. He & Ms Alice Miller, d/o Jacob & Catherine Miller, both deceased, were m here 41 yrs ago. Surviving are widow, a stepson, Charles Hunter, Johnstown, & 2 dau.s, Mrs. Wright Mostoller & Mrs. Nevin Friedline, both Listie. He leaves 9 gchldn & 1 ggchld. The deceased was bro of Mrs. C.A. Ross, Shanksville; Mrs. Robert Hunter, Somerset Twp; Mrs. James Metzger, Stoystown; Mrs. Ralph Lyons, Monroetown, PA; Otto Stutzman, Detroit, MI; George Stutzman, a vet World War who resides in San Diego, CA, & Harry B. Stutzman, Somerset Twp. Funeral serv will be tomorrow 2:30 pm, bur Shanksville Cem. Following the commital of the body at the cem., serv will be conducted in the Ref Ch, in charge Rev. H. D. Gress & Rev. Maynard Sparks. Undertaker C. H. Ross prepared body for bur. Friends are requested to omit flowers.

[NI013024] He was born prior to mothers marriage to Wright Mostoller.

[NI013070] Irwin Brant State: PA Enumeration District: 0156 Color: W Age: 49 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0182 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00600579 Other Residents:
Wife Dora 42, PA
Daughter Nannie 22, PA

[NI013074] Obit Johnstown Trib-Demo, Feb 1 1971: SMITH - Humphrey Blaine, 86, Schellsburg, d Windber Div, Meml Hosp. b Feb 11 1884, Springhope, s/o George M. & Margaret (KING) SMITH. Preceded in death by wife Myra LAMBERT; son Leonard, & dau Velma, & 3 bros & a sis. Survived by dau, Mrs. Mary REIP, Cumberland, MD, & 2 sis' Mrs. Dora MILLER, Alum Bank, & Mrs. Carrie MILLER, Fishertown; 4 gchldn & 5 ggchldn. Memb COB, Point. Friends received 7-9 pm Mon & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Tue Edward Blackburn Funeral Home, Pleasantville. Serv at 2 pm Wed St. Luke�s Ref Ch, Fishertown, Rev.Michael OLIVIERI officiating. Bur Fishertown Cem. Body will be removed to Ch at 1 pm Wed for viewing until time serv.

[NI013078] As a chld she was raised by her mothers' friend Mildred Misch in Chicago. In 1989 she had gone to Phoenix, AZ for the winter & became ill & passed away after 3 wks in hosp. She was cremated in Phoenix & then taken to IL for bur. by her dau. Ellen & son-in-law Quay. She is bur. next to her hus. Elmer & 2 gsons Richard Lambert & Phillip Andrews. Survived by 4 bro.s Robert, George, Willard, & Leroy. 3 daugs: Beverly w/o Fred Williamson, Ellen w/o Quay Lambert, Karen w/o John Bartak & 1 son Elmer. Many gchldn & ggchldn. We held a memorial serv at Luth. Ch. of the Aposles, Alsip, Cook Co., IL.
OBIT - Chicago Sun-times - POLTOCK - Lillian S. Poltrock, nee Strenge, beloved w/o the late Elmer; loving mother of Beverly Williamson, Ellen Lambert, Karen Bartak, & Elmer Poltrock; fond sis/o Robert, George, Willard, & LeeRoy Strenge; dearest gmother & ggmother. Memorial service Luth. Ch. of the Apostles, 5100 W. 115th St., Alsip, Tue, Dec 12, 7:30 pm
Certificate of Birth from City of Chicago: Co. of Cook, Dist. # 3104 Chicago, IL; St. & #, 3559 S. Winchester; Full name at birth, Lillian Selma Strenge; sex, F; # in order of birth, 1; legitamate, yes; date of birth, June 20, 1913; fathers full name, Oscar Strenge; res at time of birth, 3559 S. Winchester; color, white; age at time of birth, 23; birth place, Lebanon, PA; occ., bricklayer; mothers full name, Anna Bonness; color, white; age, 16; birth place, Chicago, IL; occ., housewife
Certificate of Baptism from St. Philips Luth. Ch. 3600 S. Seeley Chicago, Cook Co., IL: Lillian Selma Strenge child/o Mr. Oscar Strenge & his wife Anna nee Boness born at Chicago, IL 20 Jun 1913 was baptised in Chicago, IL on 26 Jul 1913 sponsors were Selma Bergman & Louis Strenge. Rev. August Fleer Evan. pastor
Certificate of Confirmation from Holy Cross Ev. Luth. Ch., Chicago, Cook Co., IL: Lillian Strenge born Jun 20, 1913 confirmed 10 Apr 1927 in Holy Cross Ev. Luth. Ch., Chicago, IL by pastor W. M. Roecker
Certificate of Death from Vital records state of AZ: name of deceased, Lillian Selma Poltrock; sex, f; date of death, Nov 26, 1989; race, white; place, Maricopa Co., Phoenix General Hosp., Phoenix, AZ; date of birth, 20 Jun 1913; age, 76; widowed; birth place, Chicago, IL; occ., secretary; res., AZ Maricopa Co., Phoenix, 85009; in AZ, 2 months; address, 1001 N. 43rd Ave.; previous state of res., IL; fathers name, Oscar Strenge; mothers maiden name, Anna Bonness; informants signature, Ellen Lambert; daughter; 4937 W. 119th St. Alsip, IL; cremation on 29 Nov 1989 at West Side Crematory, Youngstown, AZ; funeral home, National Cremation & Burial Soc., 6901 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix; funeral dir., Michael L. Hawkins; physcian, William Zackhow; death occured 27 Nov 1989 5:05 am; cause of death, respiratory failor due to pneumonia due to lymphoma with maligant pulmenary effusion

[NI013086] Betz - Stella Elizabeth, 74, 53 Maple Heights, Windber, d 19 Aug 1994, Windber Hosp. b 8 Apr 1920, Cresson, d/o Ralph & Mary (Krise) Hoover. Preceded by parents; husband, James Martin Betz; & gson, Jamie George. Survived by chldn: Donna, widow/o Joseph Golembeski, Hooversville; Thomas, m Phyllis, Windber; Betty, w/o Gary Piper, Hagerstown, MD; Mary Jane Rudy, Hagerstown; Martin, m Janice Borischak, Windber; 14 gchldn & 15 ggchldn. Sis/o Lottie, widow/o Charles Walsh, Cresson; Robert Hoover, m Flossie Murray, Altoona; Joseph Hoover, m Jean Eckenrode, Cresson; Col. John R. Hoover, m Susan Higgins, Alexandria, VA; Violet, w/o Joseph Madigan, South Fork; Patrick Hoover, m Betty Smith, Vero Beach, FL. Memb Holy Child Cath. Ch., Windber, where Funeral Mass held Mon, Rev. Charles Leonardis. Time to be Annouced in Sun.'s paper. Friends received 7-9 pm Sat & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Sun, Meek Funeral Home, Inc., Windber, where wake service held Sun. Bur., Holy Family Cem.

[NI013087] Johnstown Trib Jul 20 1933. MRS. JESSE FAUST, AGED 66, DIES AT GEISTOWN. Passes Away Following Long Illness; Funeral Sat Afternoon. Mrs. Mary Ellen Faust, aged 66, w/o Jesse Faust, Geistown, d last night 10:45 pm at her home Geistown, following an extended illness of a complication of diseases. She was a d/o Andrew & Sarah (Seese) Shaffer, both deceased, & b Paint Twp. Mrs. Faust was the last memb of family of 10 chldn to pass away. She is survived by her husb. Funeral servs will be conducted Sat 2 pm at Faust home & will be in charge of Rev. J.A. Robinson, pastor Walnut Grove COB. Bur Rummel cem, in charge of G.C. Meek, Windber mortician.

[NI013089] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Shaffer Age: 49 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0154 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0036 Co: Somerset Relation: Head Other Resids:
Wife Marjann 52, PA
Daug Alda 18, PA
Daug Verla 16, PA
Daug Vida 15, PA
Son Ralph 12, PA
Son Robert 11, PA
Son Norma 07, PA

[NI013091] My mother died when I was only 5 or 6, and then I spent the next 3 years in a foster home, cause dad couldn't take care of me. They didn't have child day care centers back in those days. Then dad remarried, and I really don't have anything good to say about my stepmother,About 1961 when I was in the army & stationed at Ft. Lewis. I was orphaned at the age of 13, & my grandfather, Frank E. Bemke & grandmother, Matilda helped my uncle Frank C. Bemke raise me. I also remember my Uncle Joe, listed on the same page as both Franceses as Joseph H. Bemke. The last time I saw Uncle Joe was in about 1984 or 1985 when he was staying with his brother, Frances (Uncle Frank) in Menasha, WI. They didn't get along too well, and after a stay of I believe only a few months, Uncle Joe returned to Washington State. Irene Bemke was my aunt. She died in about 1984 in Menasha, WI. I attended her funeral, as well as My Uncle Franks who died in October, 1987, also in Menasha, WI. I believe that my Uncle Joe owned a store in Everett, WA back in the 50s or 60s. I know he lived in or near Everett at that time. Tillie and Frank were Grandma and Grampa to me. After my dad died in 53, I first went to live with my Aunt Ruby, (dad's sister) in Missouri. I was a little to wild for a small farm town in MO, so after about a year, they shipped me back to my sisters in Chicago. After that, I went to live with Grampa Frank and Grandma Tillie's son, Frank C. and his second wife, Irene Bemke, my uncle and aunt, in Elgin, IL. Shortly thereafter, Grandma and Grampa came to live with us. Grampa had a rough life because Grandma never gave him any peace. So, Grampa and I'd go for walks so he could smoke. Of course, I always had the cigarettes. At the time, I was only 14-16, I used to love the stories Grampa used to tell me about his youth. He once fought as a prizefighter, you know. Supposed to have shot a man dead in a fair fight in Chicago around the turn of the century. Anyway, Gramps never had any money, Grandma saw to that. So, if I had a couple of bucks, we'd walk down about half a mile to a place called Smitty's Tavern, and I'd buy him as many drinks as my money would allow. Heck, Grampa even taught me how to drive a car. I loved that old man. Funny thing. Grandma once told me that the doctors told Grampa when he was about 60 that if he didn't quit smoking it was going to kill him in a couple of years. I guess it did to. He was 91 when he died. Grandma was nobody's friend. You'd never believe some of the things she said and did, so I'll spare you the details. Needless to say, I got along much better with Grandpa. Sure, Aunt Anna, she was staying with (cousin?) Bob when I visited in 1960 or 61. I remember she wasn't too well at the time. I remember Bob having a son, but I don't recall his name. He was learning to play the steel guitar. Seems like I'm remembering a lot of things I didn't even know I
knew.(Does that make sense?) I never got to it on the phone, but my wife, Centa, was born in Germany. I met her when stationed there. We have two children, Manfred & Karina. Manfred has one son, Kristofer Adam Shultz. Karina has two sons, Jonathan and Tristan. Seems to me I remember a Rose, or Rosemary, or something like that. I think she was a Bemke, and not to older than I was. Do you know who I'm talking about? You know, after my mother died, we almost lost total contact with the Bemke side of the family. I guess my dad and Grandma Bemke didn't get along too good. And my Uncle Frank and I had a big falling out in 1957 and I went in the army and was out of touch with everyone for over 22 year. I finally got back in touch with Uncle Frank and Aunt Irene after I retired from the army in 1979. We patched thing up and had some good times in his declining years.

[NI013093] 1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 10 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
4 76 71 Shaffer Joseph 26 M W farmer 200 Pa
5 76 71 Shaffer Mary 26 F W wife Pa
6 76 71 Shaffer Sylvester 3 M W At Home Pa
7 76 71 Shaffer Edith 2 F W At Home Pa
8 76 71 Shaffer Grant 8/12 M W At Home Pa Oct
9 76 71 Wirich Ephiram 13 M W farm laborer Pa

[NI013116] enlisted, 1777, under Capt. Shaffer, Col. Geiger, PA troops. 1836, he applied for a pension. His claim was allowed

[NI013135] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jesse Andrew Spangler Age: 27 State: PA Color: W Enumeration Dist: 0149 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0004 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Sadie Edith 29, PA
Son John Robert 04, PA
Son William Snyder 02, PA

[NI013138] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 4 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
27 29 SPANGLER A.J. 23 M Miller PA
Matilda 22 F PA
Henry 1/12 M PA
OILER Hiram 21 M Blacksmith PA
Ellen 19 F PA
1870 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
21 215 219 Spangler A.J. 43 M W Works in Grist Mill 320 PA.
Spangler Matilda 38 F W Keeping House PA
Spangler William 15 M W PA
Spangler John 11 M W PA
Spangler Hezekiah 07 M W PA
Spangler Josephene 05 F W PA
1880 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA by Geo. W. Benford Jun 1-10 1880
24 18 493B 20 160 180 Spangler A.J. W M 56 Miller PA Pa Pa
Spangler Matilda W F 52 Wife Keeping House PA Pa Pa
Spangler John W M 22 Son Miller PA Pa Pa
Spangler Hezikiah W M 19 Son School Teacher PA Pa Pa
Spangler Josie W F 16 Dau PA Pa Pa
Spangler Clara B. W F 8 Dau PA Pa Pa

[NI013148] 1870 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 28 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
10 280 289 Spangler Solomon 34 M W Miller Grist Mill 550 PA.
11 280 289 Spangler Susan E. 23 F W Keepiung House PA
12 280 289 Spangler John E. 04 M W PA
13 280 289 Spangler Harry B.V. 03 M W PA

[NI013149] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 14 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
34 245 248 Spangler Abram 30 M W Teamster 700 300 PA
Spangler Sarah 29 F W Keeping house PA
Spangler Charles H. 1 M W PA
Statler Mary 6 F W PA

[NI013160] 1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 25 Jun 1870 by Christian Streng
8 137 146 Knee Margaret 61 F W Keeping house 350 150 PA
Knee Kate 25 F W PA
Knee Ellen 19 F W PA

[NI013164] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
248 113 SPANGLER Franklin 29 M Farmer PA
248 113 SPANGLER Anne 29 F PA
248 113 SPANGLER Susanna 9 F PA
248 113 SPANGLER George 7 M PA
248 113 SPANGLER Edward 6 M PA
248 113 SPANGLER Ellen 4 M PA
248 113 SPANGLER Harmon 1 M PA
248 113 SPANGLER Margaret 70 F PA
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Franklin Spaugler Age: 90 State: PA Color: W;W Enumeration District: 0165 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0065 Co.: Somerset Relation: Father-in-law Other Residents:
Head of Household William P Floto

[NI013165] Daniel, s/o Abraham & Margaet (Stoy) Spangler, b. Somerset Co., PA, abt 1818. grew up a farmer, but later became a contractor, a business he followed all his life. He also owned & operated a farm in Somerset Co., & there d. Feb 14 1898. Both he & his wife were reared in the Luth. Ch., but after marriage, there being no church of that denomination near their home, they became memb.s of the UB Ch. In politics Mr. Spangler was a Democrat & filled many Twp offices, m Sophia Myers, b. Somerset Co., Oct 6 1821, who survives him, now residing in Shanksville, Somerset Co., aged 92 yrs; d/o Conrad & Margaret (Lowrie-Harris) Myers, the latter a d/o Capt. Francis Lowrie, officer of the rev. war. Capt. Lowrie was b. in Ireland of Scotch-Irish parents, as was Margaret Lowrie, his dau.. They came to Amer. together, settling in Somerset Co., where she m. 1st a Mr. Harris & 2nd Conrad Myers. She had issue by both, but none are living, except Mrs. Sophia (Myers) Spangler, of previous mention. Chldn of Daniel & Sophia (Myers) Spangler: 1. d. unnamed. 2. Catherine, unmarried, & lives in Shanksville, PA. 3. John, d. 1906, vet. of civil war. He never applied for a pension, although serving under 2 enlistments: 1st, in Co. D, 133d Reg.; 2nd in Co. H, 187th Reg., PA Vol. Inf. 4. Wilson B., enlisted at the age of 14 yrs in the 91st Reg. PA Vol. Inf., serv. throughout the war, then enlisted in the regular US army, serv. with General Crook in his Indian campaign, & there contracted a disease which proved fatal in 1873. 5. Rev. Alexander Hamilton, of whom further. 6. Conrad, d. abt 1905, a merchant of Shanksville, PA. 7. Nelson, d., Johnstown, PA. 8. Rev. Wesley H., a minister of UB Ch., Phillipsburg, PA. 9. Margaret, Shanksville, PA.
1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
590-23 Spangler Daniel 28 M PA
Sophia 27 F PA
Catharine 7 F PA
John 4 M PA
Wilson 1 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 20 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
15 96 100 Spangler Daniel 49 M W Bricklayer 3,000 1,000 PA
16 96 100 Spangler Sophia 45 F W Keeping house PA
17 96 100 Spangler Wilson 21 M W Laborer PA
18 96 100 Spangler Alexander 19 M W Teacher PA
19 96 100 Spangler Conrad 16 M W PA
20 96 100 Spangler Nelson 13 M W PA
21 96 100 Spangler Wesley 10 M W PA
22 96 100 Spangler Margaret 7 F W PA

[NI013167] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
251 135 SPANGLER Jefferson 34 M Bricklayer PA
251 135 SPANGLER Nancy 32 F PA
251 135 SPANGLER Mary E. 12 F PA
251 135 SPANGLER Catharine 10 F PA
251 135 SPANGLER Harriet 8 F PA
251 135 SPANGLER Franklin 6 M PA
251 135 SPANGLER Sarah 4 F PA
251 135 SPANGLER William 1 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 18 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
13 44 47 Spangler Jefferson 56 M W Bricklayer 900 400 PA
14 44 47 Spangler Nancy 49 F W Keeping house PA
15 44 47 Spangler Sylvester 8 M W PA
16 44 47 Baldwin Ellen 16 F W PA

[NI013175] Abraham was a wealthy farmer of Somerset Co., PA, owning between 300-400 ac.s of land, much of it in timber. He spent his life in lumbering & farming on his own land. He m. Margaret, dau. Capt. Daniel Stoy

[NI013179] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
339 81 Knee Solomon 49 M Inn Keeper PA
Margaret 41 F PA
O.H. 22 M Joiner PA
Daniel 19 M Joiner PA
William 17 M Wagon Maker PA
Christian 15 M PA
340 George 13 M PA
340 Catharine 6 F PA
340 Margaret 9 F PA
340 Sarah 2 F PA

[NI013182] Obit J-town Trib - Oct 24 1905: AGED SHANKSVILLE LADY DEAD Mrs. Franklin Spangler Passed Away in 86th Yr - Of Long-Lived Family Mrs. Franklin Spangler, one of the oldest residents of Somerset Co., d Sat, at the resid of her son-in-law & daug, Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Floto, Shanksville. Mrs. Spangler was aged 85 yrs, 10 ms, & 29ds. The deceased was m Oct 5 1840. Besides her husb, she is survived by a bro, 2 sis, 8 chldn, 28 gchldn & 23 ggchldn. The surviving chldn & Mrs. Samuel Fliegle of Somerset, Mr. W. P. Floto, Samuel, Simon, & Charles, all of Shanksville, George F., Mrs. Joseph Foster, & Mrs. Joseph Mock, all of this city. Mrs. Spangler's surviving bro is 95 yrs old, 1 sis 76 & the other 83. The funeral took place Mon, the obsequies being conducted by Rev. J. W. Nelson, pastor of Shanksville E.U.B. Ch, of which the deceased had been a member of 61 yrs.

[NI013184] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
240 56 SPANGLER Lewis 38 M Shoemaker PA
240 56 SPANGLER Mary 28 F PA
240 56 SPANGLER Martin 11 M PA
240 56 SPANGLER Daniel 9 M PA
240 56 SPANGLER Catharine 7 F PA
240 56 SPANGLER James 5 M PA
240 56 SPANGLER Susan 3 F PA
240 56 SPANGLER Nancy 1 F PA

[NI013186] Reportedly came to York Co., PA from Rotterdam, Holland, Anna, a widow, had 3 young sons, John, Christian & Abraham Spangler. maiden name was Miller. According to family tradition, Anna came to this country from Germany with her 3 sons after her hus., Abraham Spangler, was killed by a kick from a horse. Abraham d. Germany, later she moved to Adams Co., then Somerset Co., then m. Christian Livingstone. She supposedly immigrated 1776. The traditional account identifies Anna as "Mary" rather than Anna, & it IS by this name that she is recorded on 1 PA census. son Abraham Spangler was allegedly b. 1775; & an IGI entry exists for the b. Abraham Spangler to an Abraham & MARY Spangler at Graffenroda, Sachen, 6 Jan 1775. Anna Livingston, Christian's widow, remained in Somerset Co. for some yrs after her hus. d. In the 1800 census in Somerset Twp. as "Mary" Levingston, with 2 males under 10, 2 males 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 3 females 16-26, & 1 female over 45. Her son-in-law Christian Royer res. with her family at this time. Anna is listed on the tax assessment lists of Somerset Co. 1802-1806. not listed on the 1810 census for Somerset, but may be the woman over 45 living with her son Christian Spangler. Anna moved to OH sometime before Mar 1813, when her youngest dau. Anne m. Stark Co. to Jacob Bachman/Baughman. Anna settled near Freeburg with her dau. & son-in-law, Catherine & Elias Risely, who had migrated to that area from PA abt 1807/8. All of her chldn eventually moved to OH, except David. Her Spangler chldn remained in PA she d. at Risely homestead fall 1828, bur. family graveyard on the farm. Letters of administration on her estate were granted to her son-in-law Jacob Baughman. Her estate papers do not specifically name her Livingston chldn, but do include powers-of-attorney from her 2 surviving Spangler sons in PA, John & Abraham, & from some of the chldn of her deceased son Christian Spangler. Her son Andrew Livingston & her sons-in-law Elias Risely & Jacob Baughman made numerous purchases at her estate sale. Anna's administrator, Jacob Baughman, did not live long enough to settle her estate, & the Livingston heirs were finally paid out of his estate 1832 & 1833. Each of the following received the sum of $65.42 & 1/2: Elias Risily (hus. of Catherine Livingston), A. Livingston (Andrew), John Messimore (hus. of Mary Livingston), Henry Clippart (guardian of Jesse Livingston, only surviving son of Henry Livingston), Anna Baughman (Anne Livingston, w/o Jacob Baughman), David Livingston's heirs, & Susana Gnaga's heirs (Susanna Livingston Gnagy). Elizabeth (Livingston) Royer received only $17.41&1/2, & Joseph Spangler, a gson of Anna, collected $66.00 for the Spanglers. An additional amount of $6.12 was paid out to "Spangler's heirs." Christian & Anna Livingston had 8 chldn. The 1st 4-5 were probably b. MD, though some later claimed a PA birthplace.

[NI013242] Lived on a farm in Greensburg, Westmorland County, PA. In 1787, there was a severe storm which blew down their house and killed their infant child, George. they then bought a farm of 102 acers near the mouth of Blacklick Creek where they built a cabin. They made it of round timbers and had to make it secure to keep them from the ravages of the Indians. He was tried by Court in Indiana, PA for manslaughter and found guilty for killing a man who he found stealing from his fish basket on Blacklick Creek. He was sentenced to county jail for 6 months. Another date of death was reported as 4/12/1813

[NI013255] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
88/88 Mathias FEATHER, 50, Farmer, Pa.
Sally, 45, Pa.
Jonathan, 11
Moses, 9
Catharn, 17
Rachel, 15
Polly, 13

[NI013261] 1850 Census Bedford Boro, Bedford Co, PA Aug 1 Thos Hughes
24 162 186 Carn Samuel 43 M None 5,000 Pa
Carn Hannah 43 F Pa
Carn Henrietta 18 F Pa
Carn Adam 17 M Pa

[NI013278] Philip Pringle, 2nd s/o William Pringle Sr., was a careful man, both on his farm & off it. He said, "if late sowing does well, don't let the boys know it." & his principle was a good one. Served as Co Commissioner

[NI013313] Obit - Jan 26, 1932 MRS J. B. SHAFFER HAS PASSED AWAY Jan 26, 1932 Dale Borough Woman Was Formally Pearl Baumgarder; Was Born in 1885 . Mrs. Jacob Shaffer, whose maiden name was Pearl Baumgardner, died at her home, 931 Lemmon Street, Dale, at 9:15 o'clock this morning after a long illness of a complication of diseases, although she was able to be about her home until several days ago.Mrs. Shaffer was born in Adams Township, this county, in the fall of 1885, a daughter of Ananias and Amanda (Weaver) Baumgardner. Her father died at Elton in the spring of 1923. Her mother resides in Scalp Level with her son, Homer Baumgardner. Two other brothers of Mrs Shaffer are Frand and Ward Baumgardner, both of Windber, and MRs HElen Westover, of Akron, OH, is a siste of the deceased. The deceased and Jacob B. Shaffer were married in July 30, 1907, by the Rev. Joseph B. Keirn, a minister of the United Brethern Denomination. Mr. Shaffer survives her with two daughters, Kathryn, wife of Kenneth Sellers, of Martin Street, and Miss Hazel Shaffer, at home. Paul Shaffer, a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer, died in Dale Borough in 1912. Kathryn Louise Sellers, aged two years, is a granddaughter of the deceased. Mrs. Shaffer was a member of the Homestead avenue United Brethren Church, Walnut Grove, whose pastor, the Rev Dr. Elmer B. Learish, will have charge of the funeral services at the Shaffer home at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, with interment in the Mt Hope Evangelical Church Cemetery, along the Frankstown Road.Obit - Jan 26, 1932

[NI013329] Obit Phoebe Sarah Huey- Johnstown Trib. Mrs. Phebe Custer Aged 99, Succumbs. Death Occurs at Homestead, Where She Lived 73 Yrs; Funeral Wed. Morn. Mrs. Phebe Huey Custer, aged 99 yrs, 1 of the oldest residents of Cambria Co., d. 2:30 am. Custer homestead, Richland Twp, where she resided for the past 73 yrs. Her death was due to an attack of pneumonia, which she suffered about 3 wks ago while recovering from a fractured shoulder sustained about 6 wks ago, when knocked down by a calf. The deceased was the widow of Henry Custer, who d. about 12 yrs ago. They were m. about 75 yrs ago. She was a dau. George & Ruth Huey, both deceased, & was raised in Conemaugh Twp, from where she moved to Richland Twp. She is survived by the following chldrn: Jacob Custer, Croyle Twp; Martha, w/o David Shaffer, Conemaugh Twp; Roseann, widow of J. P. Gramling, South Fork; Aaron Custer, Gautier St., 10th Ward; Mary Elizabeth & Ella S. Custer, both at home; U. S. Custer, Richland Twp; Cyrus Custer, whose where-abouts is ukwn; Albert M. Custer, 336 Strayer St., Dale. She also is survived by 42 gchldrn, 64 ggchldrn & 1 gggson, Henry Earl Mintmier, of Bedford Co. 3 of Mrs. Custer's chldrn are dead: Exra, Samuel & William H. Custer, the latter being drowned in the Johnstown Flood. Mrs Custer was a member of the United Ev. Ch., Adams Twp. If she would have lived until Apr 8 1920, the deceased would have been 100 yrs old. When she was 88 yrs old, she fell on some ice & fractured her hip. Funeral serv.s will be held at 10 am Wed. morn. from the Custer homestead, the serv.s to be conducted by the Rev. N.V. Kelley,pastor of the Westover United Ev. Ch., assisted by F.B. Ellenberger, Presiding Elder of the Adams Twp U.E. Ch. Interment will be made in Mount Hope Cem.

[NI013332] Johnstown Trib, Mar 9 1908 George Custer, for many yrs a resident of Stoyestown, Somerset Co., d. Sat. night at the home of his son-in-law & dau., Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Bell, in Cincinnati, aged abt 78 yrs. Death was due to general debility. The deceased was b. & reared in Somerset Co. & spent most of his life there. When a young man he went to CA & later returned to Stoyestown & remained there about 2 yrs. since, when he went to Cincinnatti to reside with his dau. Mr. Custer's wife d. many yrs ago, & besides his dau. mentioned above, is survived by 1 son, John Custer, a resident of Stoyestown. Funeral arrangements have not been made, but it is likely interment will take place at Stoyestown.

[NI013335] Abraham Custer was b in Franklin Co. He came to Somerset Co in 1810, & settled in Conemaugh Twp. He afterward removed to Quemahoning, where he died at the age of seventy-four. His children were Jacob, Abraham, Henry, Emanuel, Elizabeth (Ray) & Barbara (Bowers). [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518.]

[NI013336] Soundex, 1880, Croyle Twp, Cambria Co PA 20 197 21 32
Jacon H Custer 29
Sarah w 27
Susannah d 6
Phebe* d 5
William s 10/12
Soundex, 1900, Croyle Twp, Cambria Co PA 52 113 4 90
Jacob H Custer Mar 1850
Sarah w May 1848
Phoebe d Jan 1877
Howard s Sep 1882
Earl s Oct 1886
Nora d Oct 1889
Soundex, 1910, Cambria Co PA 070 0108 0170
Custer, Jacob H 60
Sarah N w 57
Howard M s 27
Nora S d 21
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob H Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 0108 Color: W Age: 60 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0170 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680495 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah N 57, PA
Son Howard M 27, PA
Dau. Nora S 21, PA

[NI013340] Masters, Sarah, w/o George H. Masters, d. at the home of son-in-law, & daug., Mr. & Mrs. Jacob P. Custer, 147 Gautier St., 10th Ward, Johnstown, PA. She was b. 1814 Davidsville, Somerset Co, PA. Her father, Jacob Custer d. that place abt 60 yrs ago, & her mother, Mrs. Catherine Custer d. abt 1877, 95 yrs old. They had removed to Somerset Co from the eastern part of the state. Mrs. Masters hus. d. at Stanton's Mill, Somerset Co, Jun 19 1850. Mother of 7 chldrn, 3 d. in infancy. The living are: Hon. Joseph Masters, Feeder St; Mrs. Theodore Ringo, St Louis; Samuel Masters, the south side & Mrs. Custer as mentioned above. Obit of Mrs. Stanton: Stanton's Mill, sometimes called Dibertsville, was a grist mill established abt the time of the Mexican War, by Alexander V. Stanton. The land was bought from John Dibert & the mill was operated abt 25 yrs. The land was sold to Manufacturers Water Co of Johnstown & is now covered by the Quemahoning Dam.

[NI013342] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
112 Custer, Henry 58 M Farmer - 6000 Acres
Custer, Elisabeth 47 F
Custer, Josiah 21 M Laborer
Custer, Henry 8 M
Mangas, Samuel 17 M Laborer
Koontz, Paul 15 M Laborer
1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 17 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
27 163 157 Custer Henry 80 M W farmer 18,000 10,000 Pa
Henry Custer came to Somerset Co. with his father. He b 1790, d Paint Twp, Somerset Co. 1870. His wife, was Elizabeth (Holsapple), bore 5 chldn: Josiah, David, Henry P. J., Daniel & Priscilla (Whisler). Daniel d in late war. Priscilla is also dead by 1884...(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)

[NI013345] Johnstown Trib-Demo Aug 13 1954 WONDERS - Mrs. Phoebe, 78, Sidman, d 11:30 am Aug 12 1954, home of nephew, Harold Krouse; b Jan 5 1876, Johnstown, d/o Jacob & Sarah (Gillman) Custer. husb David Wonders, preceded her in death. Survived by a bro & 2 sis'; Howard Custer & Mrs. Nora Wilson, both Summerhill, & Mrs. Sannie Krouse, Conemaugh. Memb Farm Women of Croyle Twp & EUB Ch, Sidman. Friends received Krouse resid after noon Fri. Serv 2 pm Sun Sidman EUB Ch; Bur Mt. Hope Cem, George Funeral Home, South Fork.

[NI013346] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Howard I Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 0128 Color: W Age: 28 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0224 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680488 Other Residents:
Wife Elenora 25, PA
Son Edward W NR, PA

[NI013351] Johnstown Trib-Democrat DIEHL - Mrs. Stella, 62, Roaring Spring, formerly of 336 Arthur St., d. 6:05 pm Apr 24 1962, at Roaring Spring. b. Johnstown Nov 13 1899, dau. of Albert & Ellen (Miller) Custer. Survived by hus., Roy J.; mother, 336 Argtur St., & dau., Jean Frances Brumbaugh, Meshed, Iran; 3 gchldrn Christian, David & John. sis. of Howard M. Custer, Helen Cook & Homer Custer, all Johnstown, & Harry Custer, Mill Hall, Pa. Father d. Jan 1962. Funeral service Fri. afternoon at Thompson Funeral Home, Roaring Spring.

[NI013353] Handwritten note of Trella Jacobs. Found in her Bible upon death. "My grandfather, Samuel Blough, was an Old Fashioned Mennonite preacher & Bishop in Richlant Twp, Cambria Co. also Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. At the the time he was an active preacher & Bishop just a few local families would gather to worship. Some had a small building where they could gather while others gathered in local homes. My Grandfather was preacher and Bishop in all the places where people gathered. He always traveled horse back. No good roads at that time. I was told of one incident when there were snow drifts as high as the horse and also zero weather. He was to preach where the people had gathered in a dwelling place. When he got there he was nearly frozen they had to thaw him out before he could preach. That was in the 1840's, but I think the Mennonite roots were so deeply grounded that quite a few of the present Mennonite churches are fruits of his labour. The Weaver Church in Richland Twp. Also the Elton in Richland, Blough, Kaurman,Thomas & Stahl in Conemaugh Twp. Somerset Co. Pa. My grandfather was born in 1832 in Richland Twp. and died on April 6 at the age of 53 years in 1880.My sister was 3 days old when he died. I never saw my grandfather. I was born almost 10 years later in 1889 the year of the first Johnstown flood.
Herald of Truth Vol XX # 9 May 1 1883 pp 140,141. BLOUGH. On 1 Apr, Cambria Co, Pa, of consumption, Bish Samuel Blough, aged 55y 9m 19d. Bur on 8th in grvyd at Weaver M H. Funeral by Jacob Snyder of Blair Co, Pa. He left a wife, 10 chdn & 15 gchdn. He m over 32y & was memb Menn Ch 34y. He was minister 28y & bish abt 5y.
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 14, 1860
416 32 2727 2763 Blough Samuel 33 M farmer 1500 830 PA
Blough Susan 35 F PA
Blough Delila 9 F PA
Blough Louisa 7 F PA
Blough John H. 5 M PA
Blough Elias J. 3 M PA
Blough Emma J. 1 F PA

[NI013354] Gospel Herald Vol XV # 40 Jan 4 1923 pg 782, 783. Blough. Susannah widow/o late Bish Samuel Blough d at home of her dau Mrs John R. Griffith, Johnstown, Pa. Susannah (Lehman) Blough was b Foustwell, Somerset, Co, Pa Feb 18 1825 d Dec 17 1922 aged 97y 9m 29d. She joined Menn Ch Aug 28 1852. She made her home with John R Griffith family for last 23y. Death due to general debility. Survived by 1 bro, 8 chdn, 43 gchdn, & 52 ggchdn. Funeral at Weaver Menn Ch by E. J. Blough & Levi A. Blough. Bur in adjoining Cem.

[NI013355] Herald of Truth, Vol XXVIII, # 22, Nov 15, 1891 � p. 350, 351. BLOUGH. On 4 Oct 1891, Richland Twp, Cambria Co, Pa, John Blough, aged 86y 8m 26d. Bur on 5th at Weaver Menn Ch. Funeral by Moses B. Miller & Samuel Gindlesperger. He was father of 9 chdn all of whom preceded him but 2.
1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 5 Nov by Henry Cook
27 11 11 PLOUGH John 45 M Farmer PA
PLOUGH Christena 45 F PA
PLOUGH Samuel 23 M Farmer 3,000 PA
PLOUGH John 21 M Laborer PA
PLOUGH Catherine 5 F PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 14
Blough John, Sr. 56 M farmer 150 PA
Blough Christina 56 F PA
Blough Catherine 15 F PA
1870 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 8 Aug John Wilkin, pg 4
Blaugh John 65 M W farmer 7,000 500 PA
Blaugh Christina 65 F W housekeeper PA

[NI013356] Buried on the Wesley Yoder farm. Was only minister for 25 yrs. Purchased 225 acres in southern part of Conemaugh Twp.

[NI013361] Gospel Herald - Vol XVII, # 49 - Mar 12, 1925 - pgs 991, 992. Blough, Annie Wingard, w/o Pre L. A. Blough of Holsopple, Pa was b Mar 16, 1862 d of cancer in Mem'l Hosp, Johnstown, Pa Feb. 14, 1925; aged 62y 10m 28d. She united with Menn Ch in 1881. She m L. A. Blough Jan. 2 1881. This union were b 10 chdn. 4 preceded her. Wesley d Dec 8, 1887; Bertha, Sep 9, 1890; Sallie, Sep 17, 1890; Ruth, Sep 19, 1908. She is survived by husb & following chdn: Polly w/o Edward Thomas; Susie w/o Sem K. Eash; Katie w/o Homer Baer; Margaret w/o Lawrence Speigle; & Elsie & Edith at home. Also 10 gchdn, a step-mother, & following bros & sis': Levi J. Wingard, Pre. Hiram Wingard, Elias Wingard, John Wingard, Christiana w/o John Miller; Jennie w/o Bishop William Graybill; Alice w/o John Hummel; Emma w/o Charles Fredericks; & Katie at home. Funeral Blough Ch on Feb 16 by Bros. Jas. Saylor, S.G. Shetler & Harry C. Blough. Bur Cem near Ch.

[NI013365] Herald of Truth Vol XXX # 3 Feb 1 1893 pg 53, 54, 55. Hershberger. At residence of his son-in-law J P Speicher, Bowne Twp, Kent Co., MI Jan 5 1893 Abraham Hershberger aged 78y 6m 27d. He leaves 1 son & 3 daus. He had to suffer much catarrh & nervous debility. Memb Menn Ch for 48y. Funeral 7th in M H near Caledonia by Peter Keim, Bowne, MI in German, & Gilbert Bears, Sherkston, Ontario in English.
1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
70 72 HERSHBERGER Abraham 36 M Farmer
Esther 44 F
Magdeline 9 F
Tobias 7 M
Elisabeth 5 F
Catharine 1 F
Hershberger Benjamin 80 M Farmer
Elisabeth 34 F

[NI013371] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 7 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
1 132 134 Cable David 21 M W farmer 800 2,000 Pa
2 132 134 Cable Susannah 55 F W wife Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 15, 15 Jun 1880
437A 37 133 138 Cable David W M 30 Farmer 12 PA PA PA
437A 38 133 138 Cable Carrie W F 28 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
437A 39 133 138 Cable Henry W M 7 Son PA PA PA
437A 40 133 138 Cable Charles F. W M 5 Son PA PA PA
437A 41 133 138 Cable Emil Y. W M 2 Son PA PA PA
437A 42 133 138 Cable Orange W. W M 3/12 Mar. Son PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 7 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
130B 64 46 49 Cable David Head W M Sept 1849 50 M 29 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 41
130B 65 46 49 Cable Carrie Wife W F June 1851 48 M 29 3 3 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
130B 66 46 49 Cable Lester D. Son W M Mar 1880 20 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes
130B 67 46 49 Cable Homer A. Son W M Oct 1883 16 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 5 Yes Yes Yes
130B 68 46 49 Cable Byron Son W M Sept 1895 4 S PA PA PA

[NI013372] These others named as heirs in Christian Sr.'s will: Ludwig KIMMEL, Abraham MUSSER, Peter KIMMEL, John GEISEY & Jacob SHAVER. Christian Sr. s/o Abraham Cable Esq. & wife, Mary, who resigned her right ot admistrator of property of husb. 1805 Mar 26 to Robert PHILSON, George SWARTZ & Christian CABLE. The latter did not sign report of admistration. Heirs of Christian Cable Feb Court 1829, Reg. of Wills Office, Somerset, PA Lists these names as heirs of Christian: John Penrod Cable, Elizabeth Cable, Henry Cable, Jacob Kable, Christina Cable, Tobias Cable. bur. Cable Cem. Brotherton, PA, Christian moved from Eastern Co., settled in Bro.'s Valley about 1780.

[NI013374] ABRAHAM CABLE (2nd s/o Philip & Maria Brady Cable) was in Stony Creek, prior to summer of 1762. He moved into the area from Germantown about 1760. He settled at the juncture of the 2 Indian trails, 1 running north & south to Niagara Falls & Canada; the other going south from Brotherton, to the Indian villages in TN. This crossing at Brotherton was a very important spot in the life of the Indians & later the early settlers. Henry, George & James Brotherton were there when Cable & his large family moved to the "crossing". Abraham Cable built a log cabin just across the Indian trail from the Brotherton cabin. They had located at a spring, where now the milk house of Mr.& Mrs. Robert Bauermaster, or about where the barn now stands. It seems that when the Stony Creek road (now Rt. 31) was built through the settlement & it was located in the Bauermaster meadow, north of the house, before the present site was located, that it was planned that way in order not to pass through the Brotherton,Cable holdings. Nevertheless, the eldest son, Jonathan b. at Brotherton, 1761, later built his log cabin in the field just east of his father. By 1762 there must have been at least 7 or 8 cabins at the Brotherton crossing. There are 4 old foundation scars in the area; just across the road from the Ch, parsonage is an old hay barrack. This was located on the Christian Cable cabin foundation. (Christian was b. 1766, d. 1828, bur. on Calvin Will Farm). Abraham was b. Switzerland & m. ca. 1752 to Mary (Maria) V. Magdalene in PA. He was naturalized in 1762. This caused a stir among the Breth. at Germantown because a member had to take the "Oath of Allegiance to the King of England." This was against the order of the Ch, for they followed the strict letter of the Scriptures which said: "But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath; but let your yea be yea; & your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation." - James 5:12. The Naturalization Act declared that the applicant had to have a signed statement from the clergy that he had attended a Communion Service within a period of 3 mo.s. No elder at Germantown would sign the record. It is alleged that Rev Conrad Beissel signed the document. From that date on Abraham Cable was denied fellowship with the Breth. All through the life of Abraham Cable one may see that he really did not align himself closely with the Breth. although he was baptized & reared in the Faith; indeed it is the belief of the author that he never really accepted all the teachings & beliefs of the Ch. of the Breth. When he settled in Bruedersthal he bacame a part of the Breth. fellowship for it was the convenient & practical thing to do. From the very beginning of the Ch. in Bro.s Valley there was separation in many fields & many practices. Cable became the clerk as it was called in that day for the Breth. Abraham had attended the Ludwig Hoecker Sun. Sch. at Germantown, & the sch. held by Cornad Beissel at Ephrata. He had been indoctrinated very well by the 7th Day teachings at Ephrata. He played a large role in Martin's Ch. in Stony Creek. Abraham Cable was a well-read man for his day, he could read & write German, French & English, he was a surveyor & mathematician. He had traveled far & wide among the Indians besides being familiar with the law. In fact, his neighbors thought so much of him & his ability as a scribe & counselor that in Oct 1771, they signed the following paper: (Refered to in Minutes of council of Nov 23 1771.) Read in council 23 Nov 1771; & a Commission issued to Abraham KEBLES Justice of the Peace & for the Co. of Bedford. This is a direct quote as copied from the orignial document). (It is said that he was the 1st such Justice east of the Alleghany Mts.) Abraham �Keble is a Person in whom they have Confidence, is a Man of Proper & Reputation,& understands both Languages (German & English). They therefore Request your Honor will be pleased to commissionate & Appoint said Abrahm Keble or some other Person your Honor may approve to be a Magistrate in that Quarter. ( Note; there was 2 pgs of names on the petition. 2 of these names were: Jacob & Peter FISCHER.) Abraham was listed on the 1800 Berlin, PA roster of citizens of the 1800 Census, as being past 45 yrs. of age. He was commissioned Justice of the Peace as the signers requested, Nov 23 1771, & served that position until his death, His will #8 Somerset Co. 1805, except for his war yrs as he served in the Rev. under Gen. George Washington. Abraham migrated from York Co. PA to Somerset Co. PA prior to the Amer. Rev. He served as Assc. Judge in 1795...History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Co.s 1884) Jefferson Co., OH History states Abraham was promoted to the rank of Col. in Bedford Co. PA in the Rev. War. he was present at the battle of Yorktown. He loaned the Government a large sum ($50,000.) of gold to assist the financing of Washington's army. This was never repaid, this has been certified in the papers of George Washington, now in keeping of the Government in Washington D.C. [ Note from Howard C. Maxwell; " David G. Maxwell the third great grandson of Abraham Cable, sent to Washignton D. C. an attorney charged with finding the facts about the loan made by Abraham to the Rev. War Effort. The report brought back: (1) Yes the congretional (or some) acknowledges that indebtedness due heirs. (2) It would take an affirmative By Congress of a bill drafted to require the treas. to release the funds. (3) The fund would be of unbelievable size & destabalize the treas. (4) By the time the heirs; Cables, Balls, etc. & all the rest make such a total of heirs that, by the time taxes & attys were deleted each heir might get 50 cents each. What a damper !." Abraham Cable & wife Mary V, Jun 14 1779 purchased land for 500 pounds from James Black, in Quemahoning twp, Brotherton, PA. Note: D.A.R. proven #113068 Lt. Col. Abraham Cable 1777. 1784 census lists 8 persons. Bedford Co. in the Amer. Rev. by James Whisker. Shows Wood Rangers Appointed by the Court Apr session 1780 Abarham C. Cable Bedford Co. true copy of entries & appointments of Wood Rangers, 28 May 1795. David Espy, Clerk. Bedford Co. in the Am. Rev. Abraham Cable, 1777, sub-lt, Bedford Co. 5 Pa Arch. 5 at 49.

[NI013376] Obit Notice from "The Gospel Messenger" Apr. 11, 1889, From Dennis Roth, researcher of Church of the Brethren. Brother Amasa A. Thomas. At his home in Carrington ND, ,Oct 10, 1898, aged 21 yrs, 9 mos, 21 da. Deceased was a son of A.D. & Mary J. Thomas. He was b. Adams Co., IA, dec 19, 1876. He united with the German Baptist Brethren church in his youth and lived a devoted Christian Life. He was m. Mar. 20, 1898 to Katie Barsington, Carthage, MO. Deceased was sick about 3 mos. Services by ELD. G.W. Stambaugh, Psalm 39. J.N. Brasington.

[NI013381] Jacob moved from Franklin Co. to Somerset Co. abt 1804, & settled near Friedens. He was a farmer, d at age of 96. His chldn were Elias, Jacob, David & Rebecca, all dead by 1884.] (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, PA, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)

[NI013408] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
218-122 Crissey, Jacob, Sr. 65 M Farmer PA
Hanah 47 F PA
Eliza 26 F PA
Mary 22 F PA

[NI013409] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
218-123 Crissey, Samuel 21 M Farmer PA
Mary 27 F PA
Brubaker, Lavenia 14 F PA

[NI013410] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Lewis J Lehman State: PA Dist: 0093 Color: W;W Age: 25 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0006 Co.: Cambria Relation: Hired man ImageNum: 02770880 Other Residents: Husband George W Helsel

[NI013418] Fought in the Spanish-American War, was diabetic, Buried at Parkwood Cem., near Acaria- next to his wife Octa. He worked for the NY Central Railroad in Cherry Tree Social Security Administration

[NI013427] Local Woman is found dead - Mrs. Elizabeth Shaffer, 85, Had complained of feeling Ill - Mrs. Elizabeth (Kuhns) Shaffer, 85, widow/o Melchoir Shaffer, d suddenly Tue morn. at her home, 3006 Graham Ave. Mrs Shaffer told members of her family she was not feeling well & was served breakfast in her room at 8:30 o'clock. 3 hrs later when family returned to her room they found her dead. Dr. F. E. Sass, coroner of Somerset Co., attributed death to a heart attack. Mrs Shaffer had been able to attend Ch. & Sun school last week & also was at the funeral service of a friend last week. Deceased was d/o Paul & Sarah (Custer) Kuhns b 25 Sep 1854, Paint Twp. Surviving are chldn: Mrs. Effie Grush & Sankey Shaffer, both Windber; Alonzo & Calvin Shaffer, both Windber R. D. 2; Anna, w/o Joseph Mitchell, Windber R. D. 1; Odilla, w/o Sankey Hart, Maple Ridge, & Sadie w/o Frank Mock, at home. Another dau., Mrs Ida Penrod, d 28 Mar 1914. Also leaves 44 gchldn, 49 ggchldn & sis.s & bro: Mrs. Mary Seese, Ogletown, & Mrs. Russell Shaffer, Mrs. Amanda Ott & William Kuhns, All J-town. Funeral services conducted at 2 pm Fri, Rummel Luth. Ch., Rev. C. C. Sellers & Rev. John R. Richter. Bur., Rummel Cem., under direction, Meek Funeral Home. 6 gsons, Kenneth Mock, Lowman Penrod, Alvin Mitchell & Ray, Elmer & Murray Shaffer, will serve as pallbearers. // Memorial card - Meek Funeral Home - In Memory of, Mrs. Elizabeth Shaffer, b 25 Sep 1854 Paint Twp., PA, d 17 Oct 1939, Services, Fri 2 pm Rummel Luth. Ch., Officiating Clergymen Rev. C. C. Sellers Rev. John A. Richter, Final Resting Place Rummel Cem.

[NI013429] Grush - Mrs. Effie, 55, widow/o William Grush, 20 Feb 1948, at home of son-in-law & dau., Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Holsapple, Rummel. b 2 Jan 1893, Paint Twp., d/o Melchoir & Elizabeth (Kuhns) Shaffer. Sis/o Sankey Shaffer, Windber R. D. 1; Odella, w/o Sankey Hart, Maple Ridge; Anna, w/o Joseph I. Mitchell, Windber R. D. 1; Sadie, w/o Frank Mock & Alonzo Shaffer, both Graham Ave., Windber, & Calvin Shaffer, Boswell R. D. 1. 2 gchldn. Friends received, Meek Funeral Home, Windber, aft. 7 pm. Services 2 pm Mon at funeral home, 2:30 pm Grace Luth. Ch., Rummel, Rev. Maurice M. Smeal, pastor. Bur., Rummel Cem. // Memorial card; In Memory of Mrs. Effie Grush, b 2 Jan 1893 Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA, d Friday - 3:30 am 20 Feb 1948 at the home of her son-in-law & dau., Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Holsopple, Rummel, PA Funeral Services Mon - 2:30 pm Grace Luth. Ch., Rummel, PA Ministers Rev. Maurice M. Smeal Rev. George W. Wright Rummel Cem. Meek Funeral Home

[NI013430] Holsapple - Beatrice, 75, 53 Maple Heights, Windber, d 25 Dec 1988, at Windber Hosp. b 7 Jul 1913, Somerset Co., d/o late William & Effie (Shaffer) Grush. Preceded by husb., Oscar. Survived by chldn: Paul, m Harriet Gordon, Hooversville, & Phyllis, w/o Thomas Betz, Windber; gchldn: Brent & Amy Betz, Michelle, Robert, Anna Marie & Cory Jean Holsapple. Memb. Grace Luth. Ch., Rummel, & Windber, Tire Hill & Hollsopple Sr. Citizens. Friends received 7-9 pm Wed & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu, Meek Funeral Home Inc., Windber. Funeral service 2 pm Fri, Grace Luth Ch., Rummel, Rev. Doris Doub. Bur., Rummel Luth. Cem.

[NI013431] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Samuel Fornwalt Age: 45 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0137 B Pl: PA Visit: 0606 Co: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Jennie A 33, PA
Son Charles D 13, PA
Dau Florence M 11, PA
Son Clarence R 09, PA
Son Warren H 04, PA
Dau Evangeline 02, PA
Son Harry C NR, PA

[NI013436] OBIT: Miller, Bert M. Sr., 36, Somerset Pike, Johnstown, d 9:25 am Feb 13 1955, Lee Hosp. Born Oct. 4, 1918, in Johnstown, s/o Joseph V. & Pearl (Medling) Miller Sr. Survived by widow former Edna Spangler, & these chldn: Bonnie Lee, Patricia, & Bert M. all at home. Also Parents, & gmother, Mrs. Adam Miller, Blaine St. Bro of Robert, New St; Mildred, at home; Jean, w/o Calvin Blough, Tunnel Ave.; & Jospeh Jr.; Betty, w/o Jack Shaffer, & Catherine, w/o George Blaschak, all of Somerset Pike. Memb Pk Ave EUB Ch. Friends received 7 pm Mon in H.M. Picking Sons Mortuary, where serv will be 2 pm Wed, Rev. H.H. Hummell. Bur. Stahl Mennonite Cem.

[NI013437] She was born in Shade Twp., PA, & had lived in Akron since 1953. Mrs. Small belonged to the Springfield Bapt. Ch., & was a housewife. Funeral serv.s were held at the Eckard-Baldwin Funeral Home, Rev. Frederick Harrold officiating. Burial was at Stoyestown, PA, in McGregor Cem. Note by James E. Small.

[NI013438] History of Orange Custer: b. 5/2/1889 d. 7/24/1986 Orange's father bought the place off of Abe Spangler. Orange moved back there in about 1913 & later sold the coal rights for $900.00. He took this money & built the house that he & Nellie now live in. They built a room onto the shop & moved everything in there while they tore the house down & built a new one. Granddaddy said it took about 3 wks to build the house. When he 1st got married he worked for a lumber camp. Later he went to work for the coal mines, Loyalhanna Coal Co., Poachantas, Reitz Coal Co. above Central City, McNeil in coal mines & then to Gaghen. In between jobs he did blacksmith work with his dad. Him & Uncle Grant did well drilling for about 2 yrs. He dug coal for $0.325 per ton. At one time he worked for $0.75 for an 11 hr day. In 1948 he Hit Telephone Pole, Right Leg Amputated.

[NI013440] Henry lived in Central City, PA & worked as blacksmith. He & Barbara had 2 chldn before their son Franklin, who were deceased at time of his birth.
Johnstown Trib, Dec 4 1934 HENRY CUSTER, 92, CALLED BY DEATH. Somerset Co. Man Bro of Mrs. Samuel Lape, Who d at Age 100 CENTRAL CITY, Dec 4 - Henry Harrison Custer, aged 62, d yesterday 1:30 pm at his home 2 mis W of Central City. He was stricken with paralysis last wk & remained in an unconscious condition until time of his death. Henry H. Custer was s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Hart) Custer, both deceased, & was b Somerset Co. He was well-known blacksmith for many yrs. A sis Mrs. Samuel Lape, d recently at her home in Westmont at age of 100 yrs. Surviving are 3 chldn, Mrs. Martha Hitechew, Baker's Summit, Bedford Co; & Frank & Orange Custer, both at home. He also leaves a bro Joseph Custer, Bedford Co, 11 gchldn & 18 ggchldn. Funeral serv will be tomorrow 2:30 pm in Shade Luth Ch. Rev. J. F. Graham of Windber will officiate. Bur Shade Cem, in charge of John Blansett, Stoyestown mortician.
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 1, 3 Jun 1880
430A 25 4 5 Custer Harrison W M 27 Blacksmith PA PA PA
Custer Barbara W F 33 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Custer Martha W F 8 Dau PA PA PA

[NI013462] 1850 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
227-187 Custer, Jacob 45 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 42 F PA
Nancy 23 F PA
Frederick 22 M PA
Mary 20 F PA
Eve 1.7 F PA
Barbara 16 F PA
Levi 13 M PA
Abraham 11 M PA
John 7 M PA
Joseph 5 M PA
William 2 M PA
Edward 6m M PA
1870 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 30 June 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
21 58 60 Custer Jacob 65 M W retired farmer 300 Pa
Custer Elisabeth 63 M W wife Pa
Custer William 22 M W farm laborer Pa
Custer Harrison 18 M W wife Pa
1880 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson 3 Jun 1880
430A 18 2 3 Custer Jacob W M 75 Cooper 4 PA PA PA
Custer Elizabeth W F 73 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA

[NI013481] OBIT: MILLER--Mrs. Pearl H., 76, of Johnstown, d. Jun 28 1977 at Mem. Hosp. B. May 26, 1901, in Orbisonia, dau. of John & Jennie (Chiloat) Medling. Preceded in death by parents; hus., Joseph; son, Bert; dau., Mabel; & 13 bro.s & sis.s. Survived by these chldrn: Robert, m. former Fern Young, Johnstown; Betty, w/o Jack Shaffer, Hollsopple; Mildred, at home; Jean, w/o James Croyle, 423 Tunnel Ave.; Joseph Jr., Johnstown; & Catherine, w/o George R. Blaschack, 404 Ohio St.; 30 gchldrn, 47 ggchldrn, & gggson Jackie. Sis. of Mrs. Mabel Sauers, Amherst, OH. Died on couple's wedding ann. Friends received 7- 9 p.m. Wed. & 2-4 & 7- 9 p.m. Thu. at Picking-Treece-Bennett Mortuary, where serv. will be held at 10 a.m. Fri., Rev. Don Rough. Interment, Benshoff Hill Cem. In lieu of flowers contrib.s may be made to Riverside Breth. Ch. building fund. She had broen hair & gary eyes.

[NI013482] Trib Mar 13 1951 ADAMS, Mrs. Jennie (Kels), 73, Johnstown, d. 9:30 am Mar 12 1951 at home. b. Jackson Twp Jun 6 1877 d/o Frederick & Mary Catherine (Vickroy) Kels. Hus. Aldred M., d. Jan 20 1944. Survived by chldn: Jessie, w/o Joseph Bowser, 117 Church St., Coopersdale; Elmer, m. Catherine Goodman, at home; Clarence, Detroit, MI; Grace, w/o Rev. N. A. Constable, Oil City; Goldie, w/o Albon Shank, 340 Cooper Ave.; Jennie, w/o Rev. D. A. Miller, 221 Atlee St.; 14 gchldn 2 ggchldn. Preceded in death by a dau.. Memb. of Cooper Ave. E. U. B. Ch., Moxham Rebekah Lodge 344 & Past Grand Nobles. Friends received 1 pm Tue. at late resid., serv.s 2 pm Thu, Rev. Paul Garland. Bur. Benshoff Hill Cem. Arrangements in charge of John Henderson Co. // OBIT: Johnstown Trib, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa, Mar 13 1951: Adams, Mrs. Jennie (Kels), 73, Johnstown, abt 9:30 am Mar 12 1951, at home; b Jackson Twp, Jun 6 1877, d/o Frederick & Mary Catherine (Vickroy) Kels. Friends received at the late residence in Tanneryville where servs will be 2 pm Thu, Rev. Paul Garland. Bur Benshoff Hill Cem. Arrangements in charge of John Henderson Co.

[NI013483] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
George W Kels State: PA Enumeration District: 0127 Color: W Age: 39 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0183 Co.: Cambria, Johnstwon Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02390763 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah A 43, PA
Son Jacob F 18, PA
Son Chas E 02, PA
Brother-in-law Martin L Knauer 48, PA
Daily Trib, Johnstown Jan 29 1943 George William Kels, 73, 145 Feeder St., an employee Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel co., d 8:20 am Mem. Hosp. where he was admitted as a medical patient on Jan 13. employed as a janitor at the General Office, Locust St., & worked up until 2 wks ago when he became ill. an employee in the steel mills here for approximately 50 yrs & had served as watchman & later as janitor since losing his right arm in a RR accident abt 20 yrs ago. b Jackson Twp., Cambria Co., Jan 4 1870, s/o Frederick & Mary Ann (Vickroy) Kels. m twice, 1st Sarah Knauer, who d Jan 1934, & 2nd Catherine Gill, who survives. 3 chldn, b 1st union also survive. J. F. Kels, 984 Franklin St.; Anna V., w/o Charles H. Grove, Benscreek; & Charles E. Kels, Graham Ave., Windber. 12 gchldn & 6 ggchldn. 5chldn preceded their father in death. a bro. of Jonathan Kels, Meyer Ave.; Mrs. Jennie Adams, Tanneryville; & Mrs. Elizabeth Bauder, 1037 Franklin St.. Friends are being received John Henderson co. Funeral Home. Funeral serv.s will be 9 am Mon St. John Gualbert�s Ch. & bur. Benshoff Cem..

[NI013485] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Johnathan Kels State: PA Enumeration District: 0141 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0172 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02390884 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah A 38, PA
Dau. Elsie 19, PA
Dau. Eva 16, PA
Son Louis 13, PA
Son Emery 11, PA
Son Wilbur 07, PA
Dau. Fern 03, PA
Johnstown Trib Demo, Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA May 30 1949 KELS Jonathan, 81, 147 Meyer Ave., d 12:07 am May 29 1949, in home. b Jun 21 1867, Cambria Co., s/o Frederick & Mary Catherine (Vickroy) Kels. m Sarah Ann Bowers, deceased. Survived by chldn: Elsie, at home; Mrs. C. E. Smith, 121 Leslie St.; Lewis F., Menoher Highway; Emery J., 10 Irene St.; Wilbert B., 317 OH St.; & Mrs. W. A. Lyons, Binghamton, N.Y.; 1 sis., Mrs. Jennie Adams, Tanneryville; 14 gchldn, & 4 ggchldn. 1 dau., Mrs. Myra Elizabeth Galbraith, deceased. memb. of Third Brethren Ch.; trustee & charter memb. of Ch. & former Sun school teacher. Retired stationary engineer for Bethlehem Steel co.. Friends received Henderson Funeral Home. serv. 2 pm Wed, funeral home, Rev. D. Richard Wolfe; burial, Grandview Cem.

[NI013497] OBITUARY: Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA; Mon. Jan. 25, 1982, pg. 12: Miller, Robert J., 61, Box 149, Johnstown, RD, died Jan. 23, 1982, at Memorial Hospital. Born June 1, 1920, in Johnstown, son of Joseph Valley and Hazel (Pearl) Miller. Preceded in death by parents; infant daughter; brother, Bert; and sister, Miss Mabel. Survived by widow, former Fern Young, and these children: Donna, wife of John Whatmore, and Beverly, wife of John Waddell, both of Johnstown; Robert, married to former, Lynn Burkhart, Washington D.C.; and Miss Janie, Johnstown; also six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Brother of Mrs. Betty Shaffer, Mrs. Catherine Blaschak, Miss Mildred, Joe, and Mrs. Jean Croyle, all of Johnstown. Employed by Bethlehem Steel Corp. Friends received from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday and from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Picking-Treece-Bennett Mortuary Inc., where services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, the Rev. David Wetmiller. Interment, Stahl Mennonite Cemetery.

[NI013512] At the time of John Medlings death he was living at (rear) 1608 5th Ave, Altoona, Blair Co., Pa.
OBIT: Altoona Mirror, Altoona, Blair Co., Pa Jul 6 1918: John Medling, d at the residence of his son E.F. Medling, 608 5th Ave. at 9 am yesterday of heart disease. He was b in England on Mar 14 1848 & came to this country 50 yrs ago, at which time he moved to this city. He was a memb of Orbosonia Meth Ch. He is survived by 14 chldn, 3 of whom reside in this city, Ernest F., Albert M., & Mrs. Cora Hildebrant. He is also survived by 2 bros & 1 sis. The remains were taken to Mt. Union at 1:30 pm this afternoon. The funeral will be tomorrow at 2 pm at Pogue, PA.
1880 CENSUS: Ely, Orange Co., Vt; T9-1345, Pg# 97D; John Medling, male, married, white, Age 30, Born England, Occ. Coal Miner, Parents born England; Nettie, wife, female, married, white, Age 24, Born Vermont, Occ. Keeps house, Parents born Vermont; Lewis, son, male, single, white, Age 3, Born Vermont; Albert M., son, male, single, Age 10 months, Born Vermont; Lizzie J. Mathews, stepdaughter, female, single, white, Age 5, Born Vermont.
1900 CENSUS: Huntindgon Co, Pa, dwelling# 40, family# 42 MEDLING, John 53 head w m b Mar 1847 m 16y b England, parents b England Occ Day Laborer # of mos unemployed 10 can read write & speak English house rented E Jane 50 wife w f b Feb 1850 mother of 11 chldn, 9 chldn living b Pa parents b Pa. Joseph L 22 son w m b Oct 1877 b Pa coal miner # of mos unemployed 2 can read write & speak English Albert M 20 son w m b Aug 1879 b Pa coal miner # of mos. unemployed 0 can read write speak English Ernest F 16 son w m b Feb 1884 b Pa coal miner # of mos. unemployed: 0 can read write speak English Mary C 12 dau w f b Jun 1887 single b Pa in school for 5 mos Della B 11 dau w f b Nov 1888 single b Pa in school for 5 mos Ira A 10 son w m b Jan 1890 b Pa in school for 5 mos Ella S 9 dau w f b May 1891 Pa in school for mos
Mable M O 7 dau w f b Oct 1892 Pa in school for 5 mos Russell S 6 son w m b Mar 1894 Pa in school 0 mos Kattie M 5 dau white female b May 1895 Pa age 5 Bertie G 6mo son w m b Nov 1899 Pa age 6 mos.

[NI013520] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Peter Decker State: PA Enumeration District: 0077 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0226 Co.: Indiana Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01040567 Other Residents:
Wife Maggie 45, PA
Dau. Vernie 24, PA
Son Fullard 20, PA
Dau. Bessie 15, PA
Son Dee 12, PA
Dau. Ruth 10, PA
Son Blair 07, PA
Mother Sarah Pittman 74, PA

[NI013613] On Sep 13 1864, Joseph enlisted as a pvt 6th Reg't, PA Heavy Art, serv under Col Barnes in Army of the Potomac; discharged Jun 13 1865.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Joseph Custen Age: 65 State: PA Color: W Dist.: 0026 Birth Pl.: PA Visit: 0165 Co.: Bedford Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary 53, PA
Son Harry T 27, PA
Daug Margretf 26, PA
Daug Berta R 24, PA
Son Normen R 15, PA
Son Clinton R 12, PA

[NI013619] Johnstown Trib, c Dec 26 1933 MRS. BARBARA A. LAPE MARKS 100TH MILESTONE. CENTENARIAN IS ENJOYING LIFE. Stoyestown Centenarian Entertained at Daug's Home, Westmont. ACCORDION A COMFORT. Mrs. Barbara Anna (Custer) Lape was b vicinity of Stoyestown 100 yrs ago Mon & quietly observed her ann at home of her son-in-law & daug Mr. & Mrs. James Glacken, 73 2nd Ave, Westmont. She is d/o Jacob & Rebecca {*} Custer. For over 30 yrs after her marriage, Mrs. Lape made her home in vicinity of New Paris, Bedford Co. During last 10 yrs she made her home with Glacken family. She is enjoying good health & often entertains her relatives & friends with selections she plays on an accordion. Her favorite selection is "In the Sweet Bye & Bye." Mrs. Lape resided in vicinity of Buckstown, Somerset Co, during Civil War & relates a no. of amusing incidents that occurred as the Boys in Blue were marching down the pike to join Federal Army. Mrs. Lape is mother of Samuel Lape, Hooversville; Mrs. Elizabeth Rock, Mrs. Dennis Grady & Mrs. James Glacken, this city; Mrs. Ida Shaulis, New Paris; Mrs. Carrie Miller, Schellsburg & Mrs. John Hockings, Cessna, Bedford Co.

[NI013620] 1850 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
213-92 Lohr, Joseph 32 M Farmer PA
Ephraim 13 M PA
214- Austin 9 M PA
Pearson 7 M PA
Malinda 6 F PA
Alice 5 F PA
Cornelius 3 M PA
Custer, Nancy 24 F PA
1870 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
2 217 216 Lohr Joseph 54 M W farmer 5,000 1,500 Pa
Lohr Nancy 45 F W wife Pa
Lohr Caroline 22 F W dom. servant Pa
Lohr Hester 20 F W at home Pa
Lohr Obediah 19 M W at home Pa
Lohr Newton 16 M W at home Pa
Lohr Juliann 13 F W at home Pa
Lohr Andrew 11 M W at home Pa
Lohr Lincoln 10 M W at home Pa
Lohr Charles 7 M W at home Pa
Lohr Lydia 5 F W at home Pa
Lohr Grant 1 M W at home Pa
1880 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 20, 21 Jun 1880
439B 27 186 Lohr Joseph W M 65 Farmer PA PA PA
Lohr Nancy W F 55 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Lohr Cornelius W M 32 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Lohr Obediah W M 29 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Lohr Newton W M 24 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Lohr Ananias W M 20 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Lohr Julia W F 22 Daug Laborer PA PA PA
Lohr Lincoln W M 19 Son PA PA PA
Lohr Curtin W M 16 Son PA PA PA
Lohr Grant W M 11 Son PA PA PA
1900 Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
139B 85 219 226 Lohr Joseph Head W M Feb 1814 86 M 50 PA PA PA Farmer
Lohr Nancy Wife W F July 1826 73 M 50 10 7 PA PA PA
Lohr Lincoln Son W M May 1861 39 S PA PA PA
Lohr Grant Son W M May 1869 31 M 1 PA PA PA
Lohr Ella D-in law W F July 1873 26 M 1 1 1 PA PA PA
Lohr Estella G-Daug W F Jan 1899 1 S PA PA PA

[NI013621] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 20 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
138A 5 178 185 Lohr Obodiah Head W M Dec 1851 48 W PA PA PA Farmer
138A 6 178 185 Lohr Grace E. Daughter W F July 1892 7 S PA PA PA
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Obediah Lohr State: PA Dist: 0159 Color: W Age: 58 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0192 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02790302 Other Res:
Wife Rosie 43, PA
Dau Elizabeth H 07, PA

[NI013622] Trib 4 Feb 1908 JOSEPH MURPHY DEAD Elton, d. 5:30 am yesterday at the home of his dau., Mrs. John WONDERS, Elton. His funeral will take place tomorrow. In order that friends & rel.s who live in Johnstown may attend the funeral serv.s will not be held until after the arrival of the 2:00 train from Windber. Rev. Joseph Ott, Lovett, will preach the sermon in the UB Ch. here. Undertaker Fouch will inter the remains in the Dunmyre Cem. He was a native of Adams Twp., b. Feb 8. 1853. Mr. Murphy formerly worked in Johnstown , but returned from that city abt 2 yrs ago since which time he had been in ill health. A complication of diseases caused his death. His father, Alexander MURPHY, lives in Adams Twp. Mrs. Joseph Murphy d. 23 yrs ago. Mrs. WONDERS & George MURPHY are the only chldrn who survive. bro.s & sis.s living are: William, New Cambria KS; Jacob, Johnstown; Daniel A., Elton; Hiram, Elton; Mrs. George C. FELIX, Salix; Mrs. William GEARHART, Elton, & Mrs. LAWLESS, 7th Ward.

[NI013626] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Grant Lohr State: PA Dist: 0159 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0245 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02790047 Other Res:
Wife Ella 35, PA
Dau Estella M 11, PA
Son Telford L 02, PA

[NI013632] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Edward Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 0170 Color: W Age: 39 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0647 Co: Somerset, Windber Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680449 Other Residents:
Wife Zora 36, PA
Dau Edith 08, PA

[NI013651] History of Bedford & Somerset Co., pg 507 "Abraham Custer, s/o John Custer, Jr., b. 1796 Somerset Co. & moved to Bedford Co., where he devoted his attention to agriculture. He was a member of the Luth. Ch....Mr. Custer d. in 1881, having spent his last yrs in the home of his son, William." Abraham m. (1) Angie BERKET. Angie b. abt 1799.

[NI013652] Henry Custer, who was born in Shade, has been a resident of Quemahoning since 1833. He married Elizabeth Shaffer, & is the father of nine children. His son, Franklin P., now carries on the home farm. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518.]
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
264 233 CUSTER Henry 35 M Laborer PA
CUSTER Margaret 36 F PA
CUSTER Louisa 14 F PA
CUSTER Samuel 12 M PA
CUSTER Emanuel 6 M PA
CUSTER Charles 3 M PA
CUSTER Emanuel 32 M Laborer PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
81 89 CUSTER Henry 45 M Farmer 1500 520 PA
Elizabeth 39 F PA
Mary M. 16 F PA.
Hiram 14 M PA.
Manda 10 F PA.
Elizabeth 8 F PA.
Franklin 2 M PA
Jonas CUSTER 18 M Day Laborer PA

[NI013653] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 1 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
13 65 68 Custer Emanuel 49 M W laborer 300 Pa
14 65 68 Custer Agnes 36 F W wife Pa
15 65 68 Custer Clara 6 F W at home Pa
16 65 68 Custer George 2 M W at home Pa
17 65 68 Custer Joseph 5 M W at home Pa
18 65 68 Custer Sarah 2/12 F W at home Pa Apl
1880 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator H.L.Walker 4 Jun 1880
218A 37 72 74 Custer Emanuel W M 63 Carpenter PA Holland PA
218A 38 72 74 Custer Agnes W F 37 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
218A 39 72 74 Custer Clara W F 15 Daughter At home PA PA PA
218A 40 72 74 Custer George W M 12 Son At home PA PA PA
218A 41 72 74 Custer Sarah J. W F 10 Daughter At home PA PA PA
218A 42 72 74 Custer Emanuel W M 6 Son PA PA PA
218A 43 72 74 Custer Maggie W F 3 Daughter PA PA PA

[NI013657] Final account of Estate was in 1848: Know all men by these presents that we John Custer & Michael Custer of Paint Twp. in the Co. of Somerset, Pa both sons & heirs in law to the estate of Frederick Custer late of Conemaugh Twp. Co. & state aforesaid deceased do hereby acknowledge that we have this day had & received of & from John Hamer & Jacob Custer (Administrators of the estate of said Frederick Custer dec'd) who being by certain proceedings in the Orphans Court of Somerset Co. fully empowered to Sell the real estate of said deceased & divided amongst the several heirs of said dec'd the sum of $125 to each of us in hand paid in full satisfaction & pynt for each of our equal share & legacies from the real estate of said dec'd, & all interests accrued thereupon. & therefore the said John Custer & Michael Custer as chldrn thereof aforesaid, do by these presents, release, acquit, & forever discharge the said John Hamer & Jacob Custer their heirs Executors & Administrators of & from the Said Legacy & legacies & of & from all actions, suits payments, accounting, reckonings claims & demands, whatsoever as administrators aforesaid for & by reason thereof or of any other act, matter, cause or thing whatsoever from the beginning of the world to the day of the date of these presents. Witnesses our hand & seals this 9 Nov. 1848 Sealed & delivered: Geo Masters, John Custer (seal), Michael R. Custer (seal), in presence of us Alex Hoffman. Graves of Frederick & Elizabeth Stover Custer are buried on a farm near Davidsville, PA & close to or adjoining the farm of Joseph Johns, founder of Johnstown, PA This cem. is located along the edge of the Miller-Picking Rd, about a mi east of the Kaufman Mennonite Ch., just before the rd goes steeply down the hill toward Seanor. This cem. was also listed in WPA records as Clarence Jones Farm cem.

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