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[NI014871] The publication "The Merchant-Millers of the Humber Valley" by Sidney Thomson Fisher states that David Holly emigrated to Upper Canada in 1807 with his wife, nine children, a large herd of cattle and six wagons containing a considerable amount of property. On July 30, 1807 he bought William Chewett's 72 acre lot on the east bank in the grassland area (Weston). On Sept. 29, 1807 he extended his east-bank property by obtaining a lease of the Crown Reserve, Lot 23, Consession 7 west of Yonge Street. David Holly was given a 99 year lease of Lots 22 in 1817 and lot 23 in 1825. This property was given to his son-in-law David Christian Troyer in 1812. On March 17,1816, David settled on the west bank directly opposite and built the family homestead with the home, farm, barns and mill.

[NI014874] Andres on the ship list of Nov. 3, 1750 "Brotherhood" arriving at port of Philadelphia, PA; His Two mariages and family are inferred from a letter written by John Hooley to a relative in Europe. Letter was not sent but found among his effects after his death. It lists a sister who died "many years ago" leaving two children, a younger brother who was never married and a half-or-step-sister who had no children.

[NI014886] The family name Monsieur became Mussier or Mustirr after arriving at America.

[NI014889] A 1699 list of Mills and Millers in the judicial district of Reichenbach shows 19 functioning water-run flour mills (down from a peap of 23 before the disruption of the Swedish War of 1618-1648, known also as the Thirty-Years War). The fourth mill in the Fischborn was listed as "Velten Kemps modo Johannes Schneiders Muhle". (Velten Kemp's now Johann Schneider's Mill) (Hunter Lists #685, pg. 911) In 6th party of Palatines to immigrate to New York's Hudson Valley.

[NI014955] One of the first settlers in the area arriving in 1814. Indenture dated Sept. 2, 1816 and deeded Sept. 18, 1817 for NE1/4 of R5,T9,S18 (location of Cem. L-25). For 20, Jacob owned 520 acres in the Chestnut Ridge, Ohio area. Hilda Troyer (Troyer Family History) states Jacob Troyer came to Ohio in 1814, and it is not known which of his two wives, Catherine Mast or Maria Wengard, made the trip with him. They were parents of eleven children. (Update June 1993) Doris Troyer of Akron, Ohio: acording to Mary Winger's father's will dated June 2, 1810, his daughter was Mary, wife of Jacob Troyer, therefore it definitely was Mary who accompanied her husband Jacob to Ohio. Mary signed deeds in the 1820's and 30's, but had died previous to 1844.

[NI014985] Herald of Truth - June 11, 1887 - pg 173. BLOUGH. On 28 Apr, Johnstown, Cambria Co.,Pa., Jacob Blough, aged 47y 2m 29d. Deceased was s/o Pre. Jacob Blough who d abt 8y ago.

[NI015002] Brian Lee Cooper - Smiles. Laughter. Frustration. Determination. Tears. Ice Cream! All of these words describe Brian. This past year, he had the capacity to go through frightening breathing episodes several times a day and still give you a smile when you tucked him into bed at night. He had the patience to sit through his mother's guessing games until she hit on the right answer. He could hear his #1 hero, Daddy, coming home long before the rest of the family could. He could sit still while his little brother climbed all over him in his wheelchair and on the floor. And he looked forward to the early morning chats with his sister cuddled into his waterbed beside him. Brian had a quick sense of humor and a very infectious giggle. He always tried to do what we asked of him even though it usually ended in failure. He lived with greater frustration than many of us experience in a lifetime. He had no motor control over his body except for a smile that was always ready to shine. Brian's life was also spent teaching. He taught his school mates that it's okay to be different yet still the same. He challenged his teachers to new heights as we mainstreamed him through school. He was a smart boy who loved reading best. He has continued to teach in his death. School let out early the day of his funeral and many of his classmates were there. A first for many of the children, it became an opportunity for them to see that death is not a scary thing, how could it be with balloons flying! (Balloons were tied to his coffin and released at the gravesite.) Enough time has passed that we have almost forgotten the day to day struggle of dealing with Brian's handicap, yet his smiles and laughter, we seem to have heard just yesterday. We miss Brian a great deal and he's left a big gap in our day to day lives but we thank God for putting an end to his frustration and for freeing him from his body. For we truly believe that he is now in Heaven, running and talking up a storm and keeping an eye on us all. - Ann Cooper Brian was like a boyfriend to me. Because I was always kissing and hugging him. I loved him with all my heart, I still love him more than anything. I always got scared when he passed out or got blue. We've had so much fun together, but maybe he's better off in Heaven. He can walk and do whatever he wants to up there. I'd just like to tell him something-that I love him even if he is dead. I love you Brian Lee Cooper. - Sarah Cooper

[NI015047] very proud of being a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows
extremely good at playing horse shoes

[NI015060] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
334 42 Schrock David 64 M Farmer PA
Elizabeth 56 F PA
Peter 21 M PA
Moses 17 M PA
Rhiel Harriet 20 F PA

[NI015064] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
334 44 Schrock John 72 M PA
Magdalena 74 F PA

[NI015110] Moved to Berlin, PA 1767. Christian's desc.s are known as the "Berlin Branch". 1761, He bought a farm in Lebanon Twp, Lebanon co. (at that time Lancaster co.), PA from the Penn Bros. 1773, He moved to Somerset co., PA, abt 1mile from Berlin. At the age of 7, he came to PA with his father, bro. & sis.s on the ship BROTHERHOOD, landing near Philadelphia on 3 Nov 1750. A story was told by others on the same ship that the trip took 80 days. They came close to land within abt 60 days, but a severe storm drove them out to sea again & it took 20 more days to land. If true, this was a long hard journey. His father, older bro., 2 sis.s, an uncle & family were on the ship with some other Breth. families coming to Amer. because of religious persecution. Since the Bloughs were a religious people, it is thought that they also may have come for the same reason. From material by S. S. Blough: "Christian Blough d 1777, abt age 34, leaving a widow & young family. It is thought the youngest b after his death. Several stories have come down about the needy conditions of the family. From J.E. Blough: "Once when a heavy snow fell, which made it impossible for her & the family to leave the premises, a neighbor who lived sev. mi.s away became uneasy about the widow Blough & her family of little chldn, & went to their rescue on snowshoes as soon as weather permitted. he found them all right but glad to have someone come, & they were low on fuel." "Another story shows how low their food supply must have been. One day the young widow noticed some hogs rooting up something the woods, of which they seemed to be fond. Upon investigation she found some roots, unfamiliar to her. Since she didn't know whether they were edible, she cooked a few & ate them herself. When there were no ill effects, she cooked more for the family & later found them to be wild artichoke." Family Bible as well as tax lists & orphans Court proceedings list her as Elizabeth.

[NI015111] The youngest son was thought to have been b. after the death of his father. From material by S. S. Blough, undocumented: "Christian Blough d 1777, about age 34, leaving a widow & young family. It is thought the youngest b after his death. Several stories have come down about the needy conditions of the family. From J.E. Blough: "Once when a heavy snow fell, which made it impossible for her & the family to leave the premises, a neighbor who lived several miles away became uneasy about the widow Blough & her family of little chldn, & went to their rescue on snowshoes as soon as weather permitted. he found them all right but glad to have someone come, & they were low on fuel." "Another story shows how low their food supply must have been. One day the young widow noticed some hogs rooting up something the woods, of which they seemed to be fond. Upon investigation she found some roots, unfamiliar to her. Since she didn't know whether they were edible, she cooked a few & ate them herself. When there were no ill effects, she cooked more for the family & later found them to be wild artichoke." Family Bible as well as tax lists & orphans Court proceedings list her as Elizabeth. Notes from S.S. Blough at Navarre, OH, present whereabouts ukwn.Elzabeth became he ward of Klaus Erb, who was a memb. "Amist Society." She later m. Christian Blough who leased Klaus Erb's plantation thru 1771. Nothing is known of descendants, if any, of Elizabeth's twin bro.s nor whether they were older or younger than she."

[NI015121] Moved to Quemahoning Township near Holsopple. Quemahoning 1800 Census John Blough: 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-26. Quemahoning 1810 Census John Blough: 4 males under 10, 1 male under 26, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female under 16, 1 female 26-45.

[NI015122] 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45. Quemahoning 1810 Census Peter Blough, Jun: 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45.
Will CSP 6/28/1836-7/21/1836.

[NI015123] Quemahoning 1800 Census Henry Blough: 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 females 16-26. Quemahoning 1810 Census Henry Blough Sen, Jun: 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 3 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45.

[NI015130] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
257 178 SCHROCK Michael 42 M Farmer PA
257 178 SCHROCK Franey 42 F PA
257 178 SCHROCK Philip 20 M Farmer PA
257 178 SCHROCK William 16 M Farmer PA
257 178 SCHROCK John 14 M PA
257 178 GLOSS Mary A. 19 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 22 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
18 115 119 Schrock Michael 62 M W Retired farmer 500 1,000 PA
19 115 119 Schrock Frany 62 F W Keeping house PA
20 115 119 Schrock Philip 40 M W Laborer 2,000 PA

[NI015133] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
334 43 Schrock Joseph 37 M Farmer PA
Catharine 37 F PA
Samuel 17 M PA
Abner 15 M PA
Jonas 11 M PA
Mary 9 F PA
Elizabeth 6 F PA
Jacob 3 M PA
Gideon 7 mos. M PA
1870 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 29 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
16 289 298 Schrock Joseph 57 M W Farmer 22,000 2,240 PA.
17 289 298 Schrock Catharine 57 F W Keeping House PA
18 289 298 Schrock Gabriel 18 M W Farm Lab. PA

[NI015135] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
246 101 SCHROCK Christian 33 M Farmer PA
SCHROCK Valentine 5 M PA
SCHROCK Rosanna 4 F PA
LOWRY Lewis 18 M Laborer PA

[NI015137] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
256 177 SHROCK Daniel 28 M Farmer PA
256 177 SHROCK Barbara 19 F PA
256 177 SHROCK Catharine 1 F PA
257 177 SHROCK Mary 3/12 F PA
257 177 STAHL John 14 M PA
257 177 WOY Sarah 9 F PA

[NI015138] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 14, 1860
414 37 2713 2750 Layman Magdeline 36 F 4000 350 PA
414 38 2713 2750 Layman Elizabeth 16 F PA
414 39 2713 2750 Layman Magdelin 14 F PA
414 40 2713 2750 Layman Catherine 10 F PA

[NI015140] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
246 104 SCHROCK David 22 M Farmer PA
246 104 SCHROCK Susan 24 F PA
246 104 SHANK Reuben 17 M Laborer PA

[NI015145] 1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 6 Nov by Henry Cook
27 70 73 LEHMAN Benedict 30 M Farmer 3,600 PA
28 70 73 LEHMAN Magdalene 26 F PA
29 70 73 LEHMAN Elizabeth 6 F PA
30 70 73 LEHMAN Magdalene 4 F PA
31 70 73 LEHMAN Catherine 2 F PA

[NI015146] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 10 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
40 37 37 Miller Moses P. 25 M Farmer 4,000 PA
41 37 37 Miller Lydia 21 F PA
42 37 37 Miller Eliza 3 F PA
1 37 37 Miller Barbary 2 F PA
2 37 37 Neuman Lydia 20 F MD Last name could be Newman.
3 37 37 Beckly Solomon 25 M Labourer PA
4 37 37 Switzer Johathan 12 M PA

[NI015180] Valentine's activities may be partly traced through his application for a pension for serv. in the Rev. War while serving in the PA Line. b. York Co., PA & was living there when he enlisted in the military. living in York Co., PA when applied for pension Sep 27 1832. After death on Sep 12 1839 widow, Magdalena applied for pension Sep 8 1840 at age of 79 & residing York Co., PA. His son Philip also made an affidavit in 1840 in York Co., PA. chldn were listed as Philip, Johannes & Jacob. On Feb 23 1777 Velte KOHLER & Cath BECKER were sponsors for George HECHLER & Elizabeth's child Catharina Elisabeth's bap. at Queckel's Ch., Conewago Twp., York Co., PA. [1014] I suspect this is Valentine before he m Magdalena BECKER. Could Cath & Magdalena be the same person? Abstract Rev. War Pension Files Vol 2 [680] "KOHLER, Valentine, Magdalena, R6049, PA Line, sol b 1755 York Co, PA & he lived there at enl, sol m Magdalena (--) 1 May 1782, sol appl 27 Sep 1832 York Co, PA & he d 12 Sep 1839, wid appl 8 Sep 1840 York Co,PA aged 79, chldn shown were: Philip b 11 Jan 1783, Johannes b 5 Oct 1784 & Jacob b 21 Aug 1786, son Philip made aff'dt in 1840 in York Co, PA." York Co Historical Soc Sep 24, 1990 Kohler file 3008: "Valentine Kohler b 1755 Manchester Twp, York Co (parents unknown) enl. Jul 1 1776 - Jan 1 1777 pvt under Lt Ettinger & Capt Harbough in Col. Swope's Penna Reg. d Sep 12 1939. m May 1 1782 Magdalana b abt 1769. Chldn: Philip b Jan 11 1783; Johannes Oct 5 1784: Jacob Aug 21 1786." Tax Lists [Item 920.26]] 1783 Valentine KOHLER, Bottstown, Manchester Twp, tax 0.10.0

[NI015188] According to the 1790 Census Andrew was living in Manchester Twp, York Co, PA. The household included 1 male over 16, Andrew himself; 1 male under 16 years of age, Jacob at age 6; & 3 females, Margareth his wife, Maria Catharina at age 2, and Elisabeth just b if census was as late as Sep. The Census act signed 1 Mar 1790. The chldn, Jacob, Maria Catharina & Elisabeth were bap. Quickel Luth. Ch., Mt Zion, Conewago Twp, York Co, PA. This is just across the twp line from Manchester Twp. After the 1790 Census & bef. Nov 1795 it appears Andrew moved to the Hanover area, York or Adams Co, where his son, Andreas was bap. St Matthews Luth. Ch., Hanover, PA. They most likely moved to Adams Co. The Tax records from 1809 - 1818 has an Andrew KOHLER Conewago Twp, Adams Co, PA, owning 9 acres. 1816 he was listed as merchant. Andrew d Apr 3 1825. bur. St Matthew's Luth. Cem., Hanover, Penn twp, York co, PA. bur. site is recorded Rev. War Graves Register of the Sons of the Amer. Rev. TAXES: P.A. 3rd Series Vol 21 1781 Single man, tax 2.5.0, Manchester Twp, York Co, PA p375 1782 Single man, tax 3.0.0, Manchester Twp, York Co, PA p503 1783 Single man, no property, 1 inhabitant, Machester Twp, York Co, p683 CENSUS: 1790 Manchester Twp, York Co, PA: Males: 1 16 upward; 1 under 16; 3 Females p274. 1795 Berwick Twp Andrew KOHLER 2 cattle 2 horses val. 196.10.0 tax 3.1.0 1800 Census he is not in the York or Adams Co SCPGS Spec Publications. Codorus Chronicles Vol 2 No 4, Rev War Vet's Grave Register: "Andrew KOHLER b. 1761 d. 3 Apr 1825. Pvt Capt KOPPENHOFFER's Co. Bur. St Mathew's Luth. Cem., Penn Twp (York) PA." b date computes: 3 Apr 1825 - (64y 5m 5d) = 29 Oct 1760 vs 28 Oct. I suspect the person figuring his age used (5d 5m 64y). I suspect they knew what day his b-day came on, 28 Oct. therefore I left it 28 Oct. Andrew Kohler 1825 Adminstration Bonds file 1247

[NI015190] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA John W. Smith
479 208 DULL, Peter 68 m None PA
Eve 63 f PA
Mary A. 11 f PA

[NI015192] Muster Roll of Militia, Flying Camp, Rangers, etc 1776-1782, Northampton Co., PA Muster Roll, Capt. Rundie's Co., Northampton Co., PA, Flying Camp, 1776; John Dull Listed among pvt. Vol XXIII, page 455 Third Series, PA Archives New Centerville Cem. Page 129-stones #27 & Page 121 #28 "In Memory of John Dull who was b. May 20 1753, & Departed this Life 20 Nov 1835; aged 82 yrs & 6 mo.s" John Dull, a hunter & trapper, was 1 of the earliest pioneers. He came from eastern PA when a young man, & took up a considerable tract of land in the northeast portion of Milford. In the course of time He divided his land into 4 farms, one of which he gave away in order to get a neighbor. He was obliged to go to the vivinity of Bedford for milling, going & returning with packhorses through the woods. In his huning exploits he would often camp on the mountain & remain there alone for wks. On one occasion he & his dog Tiger--"Tige," for short treed a panther. Dull fired & wounded the beast, which immediatly sprang from the tree & attacked him. As was his custom, he carried a butcher knife & a hatchet. He grasped the hatchet & struck the panther, & the hatchet came off the handle, leaving the latter in his hand. The savage beast rushed furiously upon Mr. Dull & tore his hunting shirt from his body. Tiger came bravely to his master's aid & attacked the panther in the rear. This movement diverted the panther's attention & Dull found the opportunity to use his knife with good effect. After a long & terrible contest the panther was killed. Mr. Dull was terribly sctatched & bitten & Tiger was so nearly used up that he had to be carried home. History of Somerset Co.

[NI015194] Was an early settler at Mill Run. He was a prosperous farmer & skilled blaksmith. He was a memb UBC & his class connected with the Springfield circuit was called the"Dull Class" until it became the Mill Run Ch. or congregation. He was a leader & a sweet-voiced chorister. Newspaper article dated 8-21-1909. An early settler of Mill Run, PA. He was a prosperous farmer & skilled blacksmith.

[NI015201] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
480 217 DULL, Peter 34 m Farmer PA
Catharine 27 f PA
Margaret 5 f PA
Rufus H. 3 m PA
Samantha 1 f PA
John 16 m PA

[NI015209] John Kimmell`s Family. John was born in Wayne County Ohio in 1820. There are no records of birth, and Wayne Co. could be considerally largerthan it is today.
John had 1 brother and probality 2. David returned to visit inthe 1880s,after being gone for 32 years. He left Ohio prior to the Civil War. He lives in Idaho in the 1870s with a wife ANN. Owns a Watch repair store in Idaho City. Also, bought and sold Gold mining property. The other brother is Andrew Jackson Kimmell that was wounded in the War,returned to Williams County , and moved to near Arkansas City, Ks. He is buried in the same cemetery as Cyrus . I do not know the parents of these brothers, but believe it to be Abraham. John was a early pioneer in the Crestline His first employment was in ageneral store, as a clerk for the owner, T. C. Hall. This was probably the first store in the village. However he was considered a natural mechanic and it was said he could make anything. He become a boss of a group of men getting out cross ties for theOhio and Pennsylvania Railroad. He built for Jesse R. Straughn, a civil engineer, and later supertendent of that RR, the Crestline House. See: obituary- Crestline Advocate, Thursday 20, 1893 (copy in notebook)

[NI015216] [2044.ftw]

Obit. Warsaw Daily News and The Northern Indianian Sarah Kimmel Passes Away at 90 Years. End comes at Home of Daughter, Mrs. Halleck, South of Warsaw Funeral held today ( Monday July 24, 1922) Mrs Sarah Kimmell passed away on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs Nettie Halleck, south of Warsaw. Had Mrs Kimmell lived until November, she would have been 91 years of age. She has been an invalid for the past two years. Death was due to the infirmaties of old age. Mrs Kimmell had lived with her daughter, Mrs Halleck, for the past twenty-five years, coming here from Crestline, Ohio, which was her home. The deceased leaves seven children, Mrs Halleck and Miss Alice Kimmell, south of here; Mrs Mae Aitkens of Michigan;Frank Kimmell of Chicago;Mrs J.W. Hobbie of Oak Park, IL.; Bert Kimmell of Los Angles and Ralph Kimmell of Sana Rosa, CA. Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Halleck home. Rev. J.S. Cain of Warsaw, was in charge. Interment was at the Claypool cemetery.

[NI015217] Warsaw Times Union , Warsaw IN> Monday Jan. 5, 1953.Mrs.Nettie Halleck,88, of 211 West Market Street, died at 8 a.m. at the Murphy Medical Center, of complications resulting from a hip fracture suffered about a year ago. She had been a patient at the hospital most of the time since sustaining the hip fracture.
She was born in Crestline, Ohio May 13, 1864, daughter of John and Sarah(Fink) Kimmell, and married to William Halleck, now deceased. She came to Warsaw from Fort Wayne, IN. 52 years ago and was a member of the First Christian church of Warsaw. Surviving are a sister, Mrs J.W.Hobbie, of Fox Point, Wis.; several nephews and nieces, including Mrs. Alva Banghart, and J.E.(Ted) Aitken, of Warsaw, and Kenneth A. Hobbie, of Chicago, and several grand-nephews and grand-nieces. Services will be held at 2 p.m. at the Landis funeral home with the Rev. Carroll Odell, pastor of the Christian curch, officiating. Burial will be in the Odd Fellows cemetery at Claypool. Friends may call at the funeral home until time of service.

[NI015219] On last Wed. morning, a little daughter of J.W.Kimmell, about 3 years old, while amusing herself, about a fire some little boys had built in their backyard; her clothes took fire and before assistance could be rendered, was so terribly burned that she died about noon the same day.

[NI015250] The Will of Phillip Bushong of Washington Co, MD Book A p107, will dated 7 Feb 1785, proven 26 Feb 1785: In the name of God Amen. I Phillip Bushong of Washington Co & State of MD being very weak in body but of perfect mind & mory thanks be given to God. Calling to mind the inability of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say principally & 1st of all I give & recommend my body unto the earth to be bur in a decent Christian burial at the descretion of my excr & I recommend my sole unto the All Mighty God who gave it to me nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the ___ again by the Almighty power of God & as touching such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with in this life. I give device & dispose of the same in the following manner & form. Imprimose my will is that my beloved wife Barbary shall have an equal share with any of my heirs herein mentioned in my real & personal estate according to a certain m contract between us enacted this shall be the full satisfaction for her dower & besides this her share she shall have no further right to my estate either real or or personal except what she brought to me & the remaining & residue of my estate both real & personal I leave & bequeath unto my 9 chdn viz as follows except sundry legacies hereto mentioned: John, Barbary w/o Henry Hardman, Phillip, Peter, Henry, Mary, Jacob, David, Elizabeth, to be equal divided between them. Imprimise I give & bequeath to my eldest son John 5 ____ Imprimise I give & bequeath unto the wid/o Robert Michael or his heirs after her death 40 pounds & 10 shillings it being for a certain sum of money I borrowed of her husb in former good times & pd it in Continental money when it rated 20 for 1. Imprimise my will is that is to say after my death my executors shall & may sell of my real & personal estate & make conveyance for said Lands to those fit thinking & after paying all just debts & funeral charges & legacies above mentioned the remaining part to be divided as is herein before mentioned that is to say to my beloved wife Barbary & my 9 chdn. And also I constitute & appoint Christian Newcomer & Jacob Hess to be the executors of this my last will & testament & I do hereby utterly disallow revoke & disanull all & every other testaments will legacies bequests & revoke & disanull all & every other testaments will legacies bequests & executors by me in any wise before named willed & bequested ratifying & confirming this & no other to be my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 7 Feb 1785. Phillip (his X mark) Bushong (seal) Individual: Bushong, Philip County/State: Lancaster Co., PA
Location: Lampeter Twp Page #: 487 Year: 1810

[NI015259] Best bet is he died in Richland Co. & not in Williams Co. He appears on the tax roles in Richland Co. in 1832. His wife Mary (shown as Polly) is there in 1833 & his"heirs" in 1834-1836

[NI015265] Arkansas City News Dec. 5, 1912 A.J.Kimmell dead, Old Time Resident of Bolton Township Passed Away Today. A.J.Kimmell died this morning at his home in West Bolton township after a period of invalidism extending over many years. He had been seriously ill for several weeks past, but became worse the last day or two, death occuring early this morning. He was quite old having reached the four score milestone. Mr Kimmell was one of West Bolton's pioneer citizens, a splended neighbor, a kind husband and father. His faithful wife and three sons, Sam, Grant and Oscar, besides several grandchildren suvive him. Samual resides in Oklahoma near Perry. The other sons reside in West Bolton township. Andrew Jackson Kimmell was aged 82 years, 11 months and 3 days at the time of his death. Funeral services are to be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Mt. Zion. Rev. J.E.Henshaw, of this city will conduct the services.

[NI015293] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
George H Coleman State: PA Enumeration District: 0134 Color: W Age: 60 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0043 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00760652 Other Residents:
Wife Mary E 44, PA
Stepdaugther Kathryne F Sntder 20, PA
Stepdaugther Hazel F 14, PA
Daughter Sallie A Coleman 06, PA

[NI015297] Died of illness contacted during action at Fort Ticonderoga. Served from 5 January to December, 1776
Adam, removed to Philadelphia before the Revolutionary War and became a contractor for supplies to Congress. (see its proceedings for Dec 15, 1775; Mar 3, 1776; and Sept 26, 1776). He died in the winter of 1778. His descendants are in Easton, PA and on the Eastern shore of Maryland. He left 4 sons and 3 daughters.

[NI015299] Last Will & Testament of Michael Kimmel In the name of God Amen. I, Michael Kimmel of West Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co., and State of PA, weaver, being sick and weak in Body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding, praised be to Almighty God for the same,do make and publish this my last will and testament. First, I commend my soul in the hands of my Creator who gave it with hope of remission of my sins, and with such worldly estate werewith it has pleased him to bless me with, I give and dispose in manner following, to wit: Item It is my will that my Executors here inafter named shall first pay my just debts and funeral expences. Item it is my will that my Executors shall pay to John Harnish,an Illegemate Child, over whom I was guardian the sum of twenty Pounds, but no interest on the same. And the remaining or overplus I give and bequeath unto Michael Hapsler, son of William Hapsler, his heirs or assigns forever. And lastly I appoint Christian Weist Executor of this my last Will and Testament and also guardian over the person of my estate of said Michael Haspler during his minority and so authorize and impower my said Executor to dispose of and sell all my real and personal estate to the best advantage and to give and execute a deed to the purchaser which I achnowledge to be as valid in law as if I had had given the same in my lifetime In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 11th. August A.D. 1842. Signed, sealed and pronounced by the Testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of
John P. Johnson, Michael Kline,jr. Michael Kimmel (seal)

[NI015304] General: Lancaster Co. PA, Deed Bk 3K, page 281: Jacob Weynick, one of the administrators of the estate of Samual Kimmel deceased(who was a son of Adam Kimmel, deceased) received from Jacob Kimmel, Sr., guardian- dated 29 June 1801

[NI015306] William Kimmel (son of Adam Kimmel, deceased) received from Jacob Kimmel, Sr. who was appointed guardian, his share of his father's estate. Dated 13 May, 1801.

[NI015312] Immigrant's surname: KIMMEL Immigrant's given name(s): Johann Jacob
Ship name: St. Andrew U.S. arrival date: 14 Sep 1751 Port: Philadelphia, PA
Place of origin: Gimbsheim, Pfalz Notes: B. 12 Sep 1733, lived in Lancaster Co., PA where he & wife were members of the Ephrata Cloister. Son, Johann Adam Kimmel, served as a lieutenant in the Revolution. Wife was Maria Barbara Heinrich, b. abt 1735 & d. in 1753 at Bermudian Creek, York Co., PA. Johann Jacob Kimmel died at Ephrata on 25 Nov 1784.

[NI015396] Served in Civil War. Co. F Indiana Volunteers He was killed when a tree blew over onto the tent where he and 3 others were sleeping. Based on affidavit signed by Lt. Johnson. Clara M. Hill has copy

[NI015402] Johnstown Trib Demo May 11 1994. Kautz - Albert C., 57, Glenwood Ave, formerly Southmont, d May 9 1994 at home. b Jan 27 1937 Johnstown, s/o Charles A. & Elsie F. ( Simmons ) Kautz. Preceded by father. Survived by mother, Johnstown; wife, Shelby Shaffer; chldn: Michael, m Roxanne Kolson, Lexington, KY; Matthew, m Margaret Brick, Culpeper, VA; & Deirdra, m Samuel Romano, Johnstown; gchldn: Ross & Nicole Romano, & Nicholas, Richard & Rachel Kautz. Brother of Barbara Keppler, Ronald, & Lois Connelly, all Johnstown; & Beverly Howard, Zionsville. Mem. Overbrook United Meth. Ch., Cambria Lodge 278, F.& A.M.; & Fire Chiefs Assc. Pres. & asst. chief Southmont Volunteer Fire Co. Master mechanic at Penelec. Friends receved 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Wed John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, where service will be 11 am Thu, Rev. Francis Storer. Bur. Grandview Cem. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Cleveland Clinic for Cancer Research ( addressed envelopes are available at the funeral home ). Masonic service 7 pm Wed.

[NI015421] Deed in Bedford Co., records Bk A-S Levi Shaffer Sr & wife Barbara of Napier Twp sold land to Levi Shaffer Jr situated at the foothills of the Allegheny Mts that Levi Sr had bought on 20 Apr 1856
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 7, 8 Jun 1880
433A 38 60 64 Shaffer Levi W M 31 Farmer PA PA PA
433A 39 60 64 Shaffer Barbara W F 28 Keeping house PA PA PA
433A 40 60 64 Shaffer Benjamin W M 10 PA PA PA
433A 41 60 64 Shaffer Lee Ervin W M 7 PA PA PA
433A 42 60 64 Shaffer Sarah E. W F 5 PA PA PA
433A 43 60 64 Shaffer Maggie V. W F 4 PA PA PA
433A 44 60 64 Shaffer Joseph W M 7/12 Nov. PA PA PA

[NI015449] Obit: Charles A. Kautz, 68, 473 Edward St., d Sep 24 1977, Lee Hosp.; b Oct 20 1908 Johnstown, s/o Albert & Rachel ( McLaughlin ) Kautz. Preceded in death by parents & 2 bros, James & Joseph. Survived by widow, Elsie F. Simmons, & these chldn: Albert C., m to Shelby Shaffer, 452 Kraft St.; Barbara, w/o Merle Keppler, 136 Palliser St.; Ronald, m to Arda Lohr, 452 Harshberger St; Beverly, w/o James Howard, Zionsville, PA; Lois, w/o Robert Connelly, 481 Bantell St.; 13 gchldn. Bro of Mrs. Margaret Edmiston, Rockville, MD; & Daniel, Mrs. Nellie McCreary, Mrs. Freida Campanella, Edward, Eugene & Mrs. Betty Gallagher, all Johnstown. Memb Beulah Un Meth Ch. Retired employee of Johnstown Plant, Bethleham Steel Corp. Friends received 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Sun & Mon at John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, servs 11 am Tue, Rev. James D. Mowrey. Bur Grandview Cem. Cause of death-Acute myocardial inf.

[NI015452] Moved to Somerset Co. abt 1812, settling Holsopple, & later Rummel, formerly Greenland. He was a memb. of Luth. Ch., & a Whig in politics. He m. Catherine Faust & they had 10 chldn. 11 Nov 1819 he bought from Abraham Morrison 333.40 ac.s land which joined David Livingston. This, evidently was the Holsopple tract. On 1837 Tax List Paint Twp, Somerset Co. , PA
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
18 Shaffer, David 81 M Gentleman - 600 Acres
Shaffer, Catharine 70 F
Shaffer, Daniel 22 M Farmer
Shaffer, Susanna 25 F

[NI015453] One source shows b.dates of the chldn as listed here but the IGI records list the same 2 parents & the same 11 chldn with earlier b.dates ranging from 1790 for John to 1810 for Susan in 1810. The IGI brth order is: John, Jacob, Levi, David, Jessie, Andrew, George, Daniel, Eve, Susan. They are all 2 yrs apart with a gap in 1804. The IGI records also list all the chldn as being b. Holsopple, Somerset Co., PA

[NI015454] b. 1741 in Germany or York Co., d. York Co., PA; arrived 8 Aug 1736 Phil.PA but Koontz reports him immigrating to Amer., York Co., PA, & becoming an owner of a large tract of land, marrying & rearing a family. IGI records list him as being b. York Co., PA in 1741.

[NI015455] On 1837 Tax List Paint Twp, Somerset Co. , PA

[NI015458] On 1837 Tax List Paint Twp, Somerset Co., PA
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
16 Shaffer, David 40 M Farmer
Shaffer, Elizabeth 36 F
Shaffer, Eli 15 M Laborer
Shaffer, Hiram 13 M
Shaffer, Aaron 12 M
Shaffer, Simon 10 M
Shaffer, Gillian 8 M
Shaffer, Mary 3 F
Shaffer, Valentine 1 M
1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 14 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
15 111 97 Shaffer David 58 M W farmer 2,000 Pa
16 111 97 Shaffer Elisabeth 54 F W wife Pa
17 111 97 Shaffer Jacob 22 M W farm laborer Pa
18 111 97 Shaffer Valentine 21 M W farm laborer Pa
19 111 97 Shaffer John 19 M W At Home Pa
20 111 97 Shaffer Lavina 17 F W At Home Pa
21 111 97 Shaffer Elizabeth 11 F W At Home Pa
22 111 97 Shaffer Francis 9 F W At Home Pa

[NI015459] Rummel remained unwarranted until 1854 when Daniel Shaffer, s/o David, surveyed 397 ac.s of land & Commonwealth of PA issued him the warrant Jun 6 1854. On Jun 14 1855, Daniel Shaffer & his wife Elizabeth Seese, sold a portion of their land to Daniel Border from Schellsburg, Bedford Co. This tract called Shaffer's Meadows. When the 1876 Atlas was drawn up Paint Twp was divided into 9 dists.
1890 Census Veteran's Special Schedule Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
3 13 13 Daniel Shaffer Pvt A 29 Pa militia Nov 1864 4 June 1865 8 . Rummel Somerset Co Pa

[NI015477] John Musser, who b Lancaster Co in 1753, was a mailcarrier during revolution. He moved to Stony Creek, where he d in 1828. He m Barbara Grider. The names of his sons were Tobias, Peter, Henry & Abraham, [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. pp. 514-515.]

[NI015560] John bought a farm in Somerset Co in 1795.He was m. to Maria Barbara Miller in Hagerstown 1771

[NI015564] Jonathan and David Hager the founders of Hagerstown Md

[NI015585] [4308.ftw]

prostate cancer Republican= damn Republican Life threatened when Florence was small, probably in a case involving an orphanage. One night he thought he heard a noise of someone on stairs. He threw pillow down steps and there was NO SOUND. Next morning pillow was found stuck to nail part way down stairs.
Cleveland World Fair 193? CCC liked pitching baseballs to hit target to make pigs go down slides to amuse his granddaughters. When CCC visited FRCW family he played Winnie-the-Pooh game with Pre-school ACWP and chided her severely for cheating. (From card advertising his candidacy on non-partisan "judical" ballot for pos. of Judge of Court of Common Pleas in Nov. 2nd, 1926 election:) Born in Ashland County. Studied in Hayesville Academy and Ashland College. LLB and BS Degrees from Ohio Northern University. Admitted to practice law in courts of Ohio 1908. District Courts and US Supreme Court 1917. Taught in District School for seven years. Served two terms as Clerk of Court. Two terms as Prosecuting Attorney. Police Judge in Ashland 1922. Nominated for Common Pleas Judge in 1920. Practiced law in Ashland County for 18 years. Secretary-Treasurer Federal Farm Loan Ass'n since 1921. Member Boy Scout citizens committee over 15 yrs.

[NI015586] [4308.ftw]

AMK was hospitalized for severe depression when AWP was in highschool.
Cleveland Fair in l930s AMK wanted to win sailor dolls for AWP and Caroly Wilcox by fooling people who tried to guess her weight since she weighed much more than she appeared to. She was so eager that the second time she sat on the scales before the man guessed her weight. She has to go to another man to win the 2nd hideous blue velveteen doll with pink celluloid head. She made nice Dutch boy for AWP and girl for CW. She made hook scottie dog rug for CW and parrot for AWP. She made huge molasses cookies that Caroly and awp thought looked like Parrish walk. She taught awp and cw poem: "Little robin redbreast sat upon a pole. Wiggle waggle went his tail and poop went his hole". Unfortunately no grandparents told awp or cw stories of their childhood that awp can remember.

[NI015636] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 21 Thos Hughes
9 139 141 Hoover Joseph 30 M Laborer 300 Pa
Hoover Elizabeth 28 F Pa
Hoover Joseph 8 M Pa
Hoover David 6 M Pa

[NI015684] Joseph Troyer and his wife Maria/Mary (Kauffman) migrated with 10 children to Bunker Hill Ohio from Liberty PA in 1811 in a Conestoga wagon. The land was wilderness, and it was necessary to fell trees to build a cabin, and reclaim the land for planting. They were pioneers of that area, and raised a large family. SETTLED:Deed dated March 11,1817 SE1/4 S6,R5,T9 (location of Cem. K-9), 1822 bought Lot 1,R5,T10 at Bunker Hill (location of Cem. G-2), 1832 bought Lot 19, north of Berlin (location of Cem. K-6). There is a note of a warrant dated May 3, 1792 Somerset Co., PA for 100 acres deeded to David Miller (his son-in-law)
on May 4, 1792.

[NI015687] There are a number of stories about this Henry Troyer. One that he was adept at running, and could out-distance three Indians in a race. The other is that he was out of funds, and the family needed flour. The miller asked for the money for the flour, and Henry said, "I don't have the money, can't I have credit? No, the miller said, I'm giving no more credit!" "Will you trade, will you take a bear skin for the flour?" "Have you got a bear skin?" the miller asked. "No, said Henry, but you
just hold the flour for me, and I'll be back with the bear skin." About evening Henry came back with the bear skin, and took his flour. "Betsy and I will be all right now, we have meat and we have flour. Elizabeth his daughter was evidently his cook at the time. The original account is found in the Somerset Co., History.

[NI015688] Bemka, Frank
Age: 30 Gender: Male
Occupation: Farmer
Country: Germany
Final Destination: United States
Ship's Name: City Of Bristol
Port of Debarkation: New York
Port of Embarkation: Liverpool
Date of Arrival: Apr 9, 1872

[NI015692] Michael Troyer Jr. lived in Brothers Valley on Buffalo Creek. A log cabin was still standing into the twentieth century, with some evidence of a previous structure behind the cabin, presumed to be a former cabin. In 1816, the family moved to Ohio and settled in German Twp. In 1825, when Holmes Co. originated they were living in an area of Clark Twp. called "Troyer Valley". Michael purchased six quarter sections of land. He made his home on land previously owned by his son "pioneer" John Troyer.

[NI015693] Letter from Leta (Becker) Blindbury written to Blanch (Fischer) Davis. Exerpts from a book published by Egbert Americus Owen , Commercial Essayist. 1898. Pioneer sketches of Long Point Settlement or Norfolk's Foundation Builders and their Family Genealogies. 'Long Point, Norfolk Co. Ontario, Canada' Printed in Toronto Canada by William Briggs (Wesley Building), Montreal by C.W. Coats, and Halifax by S.F. Huestis. Dedicated to "The grand children and Great grandchildren of the brave old pioneers who erected the first cabins and built the first log heaps in GLORIOUS OLD NORFOLK - this volume is lovingly dedicated by the author. Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada in the year 1898 by E. A. Owen at the Department of Agriculture. Historical facts taken from 'Historical sketches of the County of Elgin' by C.O. Erantinger and K.W. McKay.
Up to within a little more than a century and a half of the time when Dr. Troyer erected his log cabin on the flats just East of Port Rowan, the district comprising the County of Norfolk and adjoining Counties had never been traversed by a European at least history is silent to any such visitation previeus to the year 1626. At this time our county was a portion of the territory owned and occupied by a nation of aborigines known to the French as 'Neutrals' The neutral country included all of the western peninsula of Ontario beyond a line drawn from the west end of Lake Ontario to the mouth of the Maitland river. They were called neutrals on account of the strict neutrality maintained during the wars between the Hurons and the Iroquois. DOCTOR TROYER AND HIS BIG WITCH TRAP. About a mile and a half East of Port Rowan the lake road is crossed by a deep ravine. At some time past this ravine was caused by the action of water, and the earth thus washed out, suddenly, no doubt, was carried out into the Bay, forming an immense bar, which in course of time, sent up a growth of vegetation. This bar, or flat, contains about fifteen acres, and has been cultivated for more than a hundred years. The oldest apple trees in Norfolk stand, unquestionably, on this flat. This flat is only a few rods from the public road, but the winding course of the ravine shuts off the traveller's view of the old orchard, the building, and the flat itself. This secluded spot was the home of Doctor Troyer, when every other portion of Norfolk was an unbroken wilderness. There is a beginning to every earthly state or condition, and as there are no existing records to prove the contrary, it is perfectly safe to assume that the log cabin erected by Dr. Troyer on this flat, was the first human habitation erected in Norfolk by a permanent settler. Many people imagine that the public land records show who the first settlers were, but this is not so. The public records show who obtained the first land patents in a certain locality, but they do not show who may have squatted on lands in that locality previously. This question involves but a year or two at the most, and it is quite possible that one or more may have come with Troyer, but that no settlement antedates that made by him may well be assumed as a fact. When Fred Mabee built the first log cabin in Charlotteville, at the foot of the hill overlooking Turkey Point, Dr. Troyer lived on this flat. When Jabez Collver erected the first cabin in Windham, and before the first log was laid on the ground where the Town of Simcoe stands, Dr. Troyer was keeping house on the sunny, fruitful flat, and when old father Abraham Smith got ready to build his first cabin, Dr. Troyer took the day off, and went down to give him a lift. Years before Daniel Hazen surveyed the township of Walsingham, the smoke had ascended from Dr. Troyers cabin on this flat, and when Major Backhouse first set foot on Walsingham soil, Dr. Troyer was looked upon as an old settler. As near as can be ascertained, Dr. Troyer built his pioneer cabin not long after the year 1790. He was of German descent, and came, probably from Pennsylvania. Dr. Troyer was Norfolk's first medical practitioner. His patients were "far between" and in his case it may be truthfully said that he had an extended practice. He was insanely superstitious, being a hopeless and confirmed beliver in witchcraft. This belief caused him a world of trouble and made him ridiculously notorius. The name Dr. Troyer and the term witches are so interwoven in the minds of the old people that they cannot think of one without being reminded of the other. The old Doctor was terribly persecuted by these witches. All his troubles of mind and body were attributed to the witches who existed in human form and possessed miraculous powers for producing evil. He looked upon certain of his neighbors as witches, one of the most dreaded being the widow of Captain Edward McMichael. Mrs. McMichael was a very cleaver woman, and to be considered a witch by the Doctor was highly amusing to her. She was a woman of strong mind and great courage, and it is said she frequently visited the lonely ravine and made grimaces at the poor old Doctor from some recess or clump of bushes, just for the pleasure it gave her to torment him. He was a great deer hunter, but if he chanced to meet Mrs. McMichael when starting out hunting, he would turn about and return home. He kept a number of horse shoes over the door of his house, and at the foot of his bed, a huge trap was bolted to the floor where it was set every night to catch the witches. The jaws were about three feet long, and when shut, about 2 1/2 feet high. Strange as it may appear, Dr. Troyer believed all this, yet aside from all this was considered a very sane man. He was described as wearing a long flowing white beard. He lived to be 99 years old, and just before his death, he shot a hawk, off-hand, from the peak of the barn roof. (Notes from Hilda Troyer: John and brother Christian removed themselves from Pennsylvania in 1789, following years of being labeled Loyalists by the American Patriots, and war, and taxation, and land grabbing by the Patriots.) John first erected a cabin at Long Point. In his petition to claim land in Canada he states "the Americans took all my farm, and lands".

[NI015699] HOLDINGS: Nov. 5, 1819 deed NE1/4 S18,R6,T8 SW of Becks Mills; 1824 grant of 160 acres in Hardy Twsp.,Holmes Co., OH from President James Monroe (NE1/4 S7,R6,T9, Dist. of Zanesville Oct. 1, 1824 - this land was sold the same year to Christian Stutzman {son-in-law} for $320.00); March 10,1824 sale of NE1/4 S3,R6,T9 and sold to son John in 1833 (location of Cem. K-1,and burial location of Andrew's wife Margaret). It was long believed that Andrew was buried in Cem. K-1 with his wife, however his stone was found in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Salem Twsp., Champaigne Co., Ohio.

[NI015708] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Joseph A Gohn State: PA Enumeration District: 0164 Color: W Age: 27 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0100 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01620697 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth 25, Pennsylvania

[NI015754] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
337 62 Layman Henry 68 M PA
Swartzendruber John 25 M PA
Layman Frany 66 F PA
Stutzman Sally 7 F PA

[NI015770] George bought land in Frederick Co., MD on Jan. 17, 1744. His estate was known as "Lambert Park".

[NI015774] iv. H. A. YODER, m. ??? GRAFTON.
v. S. J. YODER, m. ??? BOLES.

[NI015775] Francis lived in McLeansboro with her parents. She was a tiny woman, probably never weighing more than 60 pounds. She died at 3:50 am at Hamilton Memorial Nursing Center. Funeral services were at Delafield Baptist Church, and she is buried at Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County, Illinois. Francis lived in McLeansboro with her parents. She died at 3:50 am at Hamilton Memorial Nursing Center. Funeral services were at Delafield Baptist Church, and she is buried at Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County, Illinois.

[NI015777] Funeral services were held at Delafield Baptist Church, with burial at Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County, Illinois.

[NI015778] Funeral services were held at Delafield Baptist chuch, with burial at Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County, Illinois.

[NI015779] Bud worked 38 years for L&N Railroad as a driver for the track inspector. He and Grace lived in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Bud died at 8:10 pm on Friday at St. John's Mercy Hospital in Creve Creur, Missouri. Funeral services were held at Delafield Baptist Church, with burial at Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County, Illinois.

[NI015789] Iva retired from Elders Manufacturing Company in McLeansboro. She was a member of the McLeansboro First Baptist Church. She lived at Hamilton Memorial Nursing Center for the last few years, and passed away at 10:15 pm in Hamilton Memorial Hospital.

[NI015790] Kate had 3 brothers & 5 sisters.

[NI015843] Last Will & Testament MILLER, Peter-son Joseph & 8 other chldn witnessed Dec 22 1818 (page 196)

[NI015848] Johnstown Trib 9/6/1935. MRS. LAMBERT, 81, INJURED IN FALL, CALLED BY DEATH. Somerset Resid Met With Accident Last Wk at Home of Daug. SOMERSET, Sept. 6. Injuries & shock, the result of a fall in her bedroom here last wk, this morning caused the death of Mrs. Laura (Baltzer) Lambert, aged 81, w/o Lewis Lambert. Mrs. Lambert passed away at 1 am at the home of her son-in-law & daug Dr. & Mrs. Frank Shaulis, East Fairview St & North Kimberly Ave. The aged woman apparently had suffered a partial stroke of paralysis following her fall & her plight was not discovered for more than 2 hrs when her cries attracted her daug. Mrs. Lambert was d/o Mr. & Mrs. Henry Baltzer, both deceased, of Shanksville. Her husband passed away 17 years ago and since that time she had been making her home with her daughter here. Surviving are these children: Mrs. Shaulis, mentioned above; Mrs. Lillian Scott, Ligonier; Mrs. Gertrude Miller, Reel's Corner; Mrs. Nina Wagner, Buckstown; Park A. Lambert, Pittsburgh; Clyde Lambert, Lambertsville; Rev. Herman W. Lambert, Dixon, IL; & Lewis C. Lambert, Jr., Pittsburgh. Mrs. Lambert was a lifelong memb Luth Ch. Funeral serv at the Shaulis home Sun 2 pm by Rev. Dr. I. Hess Wagner, pastor Trinity Luth Ch. Bur Lambertsville Cem, in charge of Walter S. Hoffman, local mortician.

[NI015854] Joseph Speicher, Sr came from York Co to Brother's Yalley abt the close of the revolution. He settled in Stony Creek early in present century, blt a gristmill, & for several yrs was engaged in milling. He moved to Conemaugh Twp & d. His Chdn were Christian, Joseph, Jacob, Solomon, Tobias, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary & Sarah. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]

[NI015865] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
334 46 Laymon David 67 M Farmer PA
Magdalena 59 F PA
Moses 19 M PA
Herman 17 M PA
Shaggy Julia 18 F PA

[NI015881] d. while preachong in a barn

[NI015934] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 6 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
10 124 126 Shaffer John B 23 M W farm lar 200 Pa
11 124 126 Lambert Susanna 62 F W keeping house 200 Pa
12 124 126 Lambert Elisabeth 18 F W at home Pa

[NI015947] Was raised by the Rodger family after the death of his mother. (Wm. Small book)
William Small's declaration of Intention to Become a Citizen of the US: "William Small, a native of Scotland, came into Open Court on 4 Sep 1848, & on his solemn oath declared that it was bonefide his intention to become a citizen of the US & to renounce forever all allegiance & fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty whatever, & particularly to Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, of whom he has heretofore been a subject." // When William came here from Scotland he was accompanied by 2 bro.s, & they all went their separate ways. It is not known if these bro.s (apparently half-bro.s) were Small's or if his mother married & they were her sons. William Small (b:2 Mar 1819 d: 25 Jun 1899) was an immigrant from Liff, Forfarshire, Scotland, who trained as a blacksmith. He was an illegitimate s/o Patrick Peter Small, a coachman at Huntley Castle, Forfarshire, Scotland, b of Betty Rodgers. He was christened on 04 Apr 1819 at Long Gorgan, Perthshire, Scotland. He immigrated to the US abt 1836 with his uncle, David Rodgers, & setteld at Buckstown, PA. William gained U.S. citizenship in Somerset, PA in 1851. He & Adaline Lambert m at Reels Corner, Somerset Co, PA 1845. They later moved to Daly, Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA, where they raised there family & d. They are bur. in Daley Cem.
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
240 54 SMALL William 31 M Blacksmith PA
Adeline 19 F PA
SMALL Sarah 2 F PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
39 40 41 Small William 51 M W farmer 1,500 1,130 Scottland
Small Adaline 39 F W wife Pa
Small David 20 M W farm labr Pa
Small Chancy 18 M W at home Pa
Small Susan 14 F W at home Pa
Small Casper 12 M W at home Pa
Small Adaline 10 F W at home Pa
Small William 8 M W at home Pa
Small Ida 6 F W at home Pa
Small Robert 4 M W at home Pa
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 8, 8 Jun 1880
433B 21 66 70 Small William W M 61 Farmer Scotland Scotland Scotland
Small Ida W F 15 Daughter Keeping house PA Scotland PA
Small Benjamin W M 8 Son PA Scotland PA
Small John W M 6 Son PA Scotland PA

[NI015948] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 22 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
3 135 141 Fluegel Jeremiah 38 M W Laborer 300 PA
4 135 141 Fluegel Lea 31 F W Keeping house PA
5 135 141 Fluegel Miriam 11 F W PA
6 135 141 Fluegel George 9 M W PA
7 135 141 Fluegel Ida B. 7 F W PA
8 135 141 Fluegel Grant 4 M W PA
9 135 141 Fluegel John 3 M W PA

[NI015950] 1890 census Veteran's
13 214 219 Edward Lambert Pvt. A 29 Pa Vol Nov 1864 - Jul 1865 |= = = |13 |Stoystown, PA

[NI015951] ABRAHAM b 1761 (Berks Co.) m Maria Kurtz, ABRAHAM and Maria had 11 children of whom JACOB (6th child) b 1795 m Christina Hauck Jan. 9, 1827 d March 24, 1875. ABRAHAM moved to East Lampeter Twnshp where JACOB was born Lancaster Co.

[NI015954] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Casper Lambert State: PA Enumeration District: 0138 Color: W Age: 37 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0304 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02720820 Other Residents:
Wife Margret 31, Pennsylvania
Son Harvey 06, Pennsylvania
Daughter Jennie 05, Pennsylvania
Son Louis 04, Pennsylvania
Son Carl 03, Pennsylvania
Son Warren NR, Pennsylvania

[NI015956] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
37 47 48 Lambert Chancy 30 M W shoemaker 600 150 Pa
38 47 48 Lambert Hannah 27 F W wife Pa
39 47 48 Lambert Levi 1 M W Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: O.W.Williamson 3 - 25 Jun 1880
430B 44 18 19 Lambert Chaney W M 41 Farmer PA PA PA
430B 45 18 19 Lambert Hannah W F 36 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
430B 46 18 19 Lambert Levi B. W M 11 Son PA PA PA
430B 47 18 19 Lambert Martin W M 9 Son PA PA PA
430B 48 18 19 Lambert Carrie E. W F 6 Daughter PA PA PA
430B 49 18 19 Lambert Charles W M 3 Son PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 25 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
140A 30 228 235 Lambert Chancy Head W M July 1839 60 M 35 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 182
140A 31 228 235 Lambert Hannah Wife W F Oct 1843 56 M 35 9 5 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
140A 32 228 235 Lambert Annie Daughter W F Feb 1885 15 S PA PA PA 7 Yes Yes Yes

[NI015957] In the name of god amen. I Henry Lambert of Stonycreek Twp Co. of Somerset State of PA. Being of sound mind & memory do make & publish this my last will & testament surley evoking & making void all former wills by me at anytime hereafter make. As to such worldly goods 0r estate it has pleased god to enter it with I dispose of the same as follows. 1st I desire that all my just debts & funeral expences be paid as soon after my decease as posible after the first moneys that shall come into the hands of my executor hereafter mentioned 2nd My desire is that my beloved wife Esther shall keep all my effects after my just debts & funeral expenses are pd so long as she remauns my widow. My desire is that my effects be sold & equally divided share & share alike between my 5 chdn as follows- Albert C. Lambert Willier H. Lambert Benjamin F. Lambert Elenora C. Lambert & Philip P. Lambert. Also my beloved son Albert C. Lambert to have a guardian appointed after the death of my widow if nessary. My Real Estate consists of a farm containing 226 Acres ly adjoining land of Henry Dumstadt, C.W. Williamson & others situation Stonycreek Twp Co. & state aforsaid.I do hereby make & appoint my beloved wife Esther Lambert Executrix of thi my last will & testament. In writing whereof I Henry Lambeth the testator have this my last will written on this sheet of paper I set my hand & seal this 27 day of Dec 1886 Henry Lambert The writing contained on this sheet of paper was signed by the above named Henry Lambert & by him published & declared as his last will & testament In presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names in his presences & in presence of each other. Chales Shank L. C. Ackerman
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
17 154 161 Lambert Henry 28 M W Farmer 2,500 700 PA
Lambert Ester 25 F W Keeping house PA
Lambert Albert 2 M W PA
Lambert Willis H. 1 M W PA
Fluegel William 9 M W PA
Rhodes Mary 21 F W Domestic servant PA

[NI015958] Johnstown Trib Jun 20 1935. 'TAPS' SOUND FOR JOSEPH LAMBERT, VET OF 1865. Moxham Man, Dead at 91, Serv 3 Enlistments, Wounded 3 Times. SOMERSET CO. NATIVE. "Taps" sounded at 8:35 pm last eve for Joseph C. Lambert, 91-yr-old Civil War vet, at his home, 217 Bond St, where he had resided for more than quarter of a century. His death was due to diseases incident to advanced age. Funeral serv for Mr. Lambert, memb of Emory Fisher Post, GAR., will be held at 3 pm tomorrow. Rev. O. E. Bennett, pastor of Moxham Chistian Ch, will conduct the rites. Bur Grandview Cem, in charge of H. M. Picking & Sons, morticians. Joseph C. Lambert serv 3 enlistments in the Civil War & was wounded 3 times. His 1st enlistment was in the 133rd Reg't, under Col. F. P. Speakman & his 2nd enlistment was in the 21st PA Calv under Col. W. H. Boyd. His 1st enlistment in the 21st Calv was in Co E, in which he serv as sgt. At the expiration of this enlistment he transferred to Co G, 21st Calv. Mr. Lambert was memb of Emory Fisher Post, No. 30, GAR, & was identified with the 133rd Reg'tal Assoc. He was memb 1st Christian Ch, Vine St, & attended Bible school of the Moxham Christian Ch for many yrs. A s/o Casper & Susannah (Berkebile) Lambert, b Dec 29 1843, Stonycreek Twp, Buckstown, Somerset Co. His mother passed away at Buckstown in 1865 & his father in the following yr. Joseph C. Lambert & Miss Civilla Reel, d/o Mr. & Mrs. William Reel, Reel's Corner, were m in Sep 1866, & celebrated their 60th wedding ann in 1926. Mrs. Lambert preceded her husb to the grave in 1932. A family of 1 son & 2 daus was b to them, 7 sons having preceded their parents in death. They were Norman, William, Irvin, Lester, Harry, Orin & Howard Lambert. The surviving sons & daugs are J. Dorsey Lambert, 324 Highland Ave; W. S. Lambert, Edgewood; I. G. Lambert, Frederick St; Mrs. Henry Cable, 217 Bond St; Mrs. William Cook, Central City. Also surviving are a bro Hiram Lambert, Dale; 26 gchldn; 25 ggchldn. After their marriage Mr. & Mrs. Lambert 1st went to housekeeping at Buckstown & later at Daley & Central City. At age 65 Mr. Lambert retired from his farming duties & removed to Johnstown on Apr 1 1914, locating at 217 Bond St, where he had since resided.
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jul Hiram J. Boytz
38 100 102 Lambert Joseph 27 M W farmer 3,000 1,500 PA
Lambert Savilla 23 F W wife PA
Lambert Morris E 3 M PA
Lambert Lester 1 M W PA
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson 3 - 25 Jun
433B 12 65 69 Lambert Joseph W M 36 Farmer PA PA PA
Lambert Sivilla W F 29 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Lambert Morris E. W M 13 Son PA PA PA
Lambert Lester W M 11 Son PA PA PA
Lambert Eva Jane W F 7 Dau PA PA PA
Lambert Flora M. W F 6 Dau PA PA PA
Lambert Ira Gilbert W M 4 Son PA PA PA
Lambert Harry W M 3 Son PA PA PA
Lambert Dorsay W M 1 Son PA PA PA
1890 census Vet's
7 28 28 Joseph C. Lambert Pvt. D 133 Pa Inf 5 Aug 1862 - 26 May Daley, PA. Saber wound in right side of head* |Pro. Seargant[sic]** |**typed as written
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 13 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
134B 74 116 121 Lambert Joseph Head W M Dec 1843 56 M 33 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes
Lambert Civilla Wife W F Sept 1847 52 M 33 12 8 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
Lambert Howard Son W M July 1885 14 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer Yes Yes Yes
1910 Census Pennsylvania Miracode Index
Joseph C Lambert State: PA Dist: 0159 Color: W Age: 66 B Pl: PA Visit: 0120 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 02720963 Other Residents:
Wife Cicoilla 62, PA

[NI015969] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Mary Ferguson State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0209 Color: W Age: 55 B-Place: PA Visit: 0046 Co.: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Relation: Husb.Image #: 05730202 Other Resid.s:
Son David 37, PA
Son Joseph 17, PA
Dau. Jennie 21, PA
Dau. Agnes 13, PA

[NI015988] Adopted by Kenneth and Valeene Daly after separation of Ray Daly and his first wife. After the adoption, she was renamed to Gloria Jean. Her original name was Jeannie.

[NI016002] J-town Trib-Demo, Sun 19 Aug 2001. Strayer, Roy E, 79, Jackson Twp d 17 Aug 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr, Johnson, b 21 Mar 1922, Johnstown s/o Joseph & Lenore (Mack) Strayer. Preceded by parents & aunt Mary Strayer. Survived by chdn: Deborah w/o Tom Bodenschatz, Summerhill; Roy E Jr, Tucson, AZ; Wayne K, Wilmore; Wanda K w/o John Wallet, Vinco; Joseph A h/o Tina, Beaver; Nancy Strayer, Summerhill; Barry C h/o Linda Mathieson, Ponchatoula, LA; Richard h/o Mary Beth Pahel, Winter Pk, FL; & Mary Beth w/o Bill Bunch, Toccoa, GA; also 2 gchdn & 10 ggchdn. Bro of Camilla w/o Fred M Beam, IN. Army vet WWII. Retired from Franklin Div, Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Corp. Memb Richland Amer Legion & Knights of Harmony. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon Harris Funeral Home, Richland. Tue 11am, Rev Guy L Myers officiating. Bur with Military rites by Menoher Post 155, VFW rituel team.
J-town Trib-Demo, Mon 20 Aug 2001. Strayer, Roy E, 79, Jackson Twp, d 17 Aug 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Mon Harris Funeral Home, 500 CherryLane, serv at 11 am Tue, Rev Guy L Myers officiating. Bur with military rites by Menoher Post 155, VFW rituel team.

[NI016035] Johnstown Trib 11/9/1986 LAMBERT - Cleda E., 77, Holtwood, PA, formerly of Arbutus Pk Manor, d Nov 8, 1986, Lancaster; b Johnstown, d/o Cyrus & Mina (Miller) Noon. Survived by husb Louis E., & chldn: Charles M., Willow St., PA; Betty Brush, Johnstown, June Demos, CA; & Pearl Pickel, Pequea; 9 gchldn; ggchldn. Sister of Marie Miller, CA. Memb Arbutus COB. Friends received from 1 pm until time of serv at 2 pm Tue at Arbutus COB, Rev. Scott Cooper. Interment, Daly Cem.

[NI016043] John is listed in the "History of Waupaca Co." as serving as Justice of the Peace, Clintonville, Waupaca Co., WI, in 1907. At one time he worked for the Chicago & NW RR before coming to Kenosha. He Served as Constable in Kenosha for many yrs, & had worked for the WI Gas & Electric co. John is listed as head of household in 1905 State census, the rest of the census data is as follows; white, male, age 26, b. WI, parents birth place Canada, occup. RR Brakeman, ownership of house - Owned a farm. John d. Feb 28 1946, Kenosha Hosp. following a long illness. Bur. Green Ridge Cem., Kenosha, Kenosha Co., WI Notes for Allie May Jackson: Allie was a memb. Calvary Bapt. Ch. She d. in her home following a long illness. She is listed in 1905 WI State Census as follows, McNeil, Allie, White, female, age 23, Married, b. WI; Parents Birthplace, Canada; Chldn & ages listed as follows; Hazel A. 7, Eileen 6, John 4, Marie 2, & William 4 1/2. Bur. Green Ridge Cem., Kenosha, Kenosha Co., WI

[NI016067] LAMBERT - David L. "Rabb" 55, Johnstown d Nov 8 2000 Mem. Med. Ctr. b Aug 17 1934 Johnstown s/o late Warren & Florence (Noon) Lambert. Preceded by sis.s, Allie Leonard & Edith Emmel. Survived by bro.s & sis.s: William, Webster, NY; Donald & Melvin, Alum Bank; Herbert & Paul, Johnstown; Cora Cornes, Valrico, FL; & Laura Jean Brehm, York. Also several nieces & nephews & close friend, Michelle Stoy Matlin. Memb. Moxham Christian Ch. US Army Vet. Memb. VFW post 04200; & Moxham PNA. Retired employee of Benshoff Printing. Friends Received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Fri, Henderson-Ketterer Funeral Home, Geistown, where funerat service 11 am Saturday, Pastor David Gray. Bur. Daley Cem., Central City.

[NI016096] stone in Helixville U.M. Ch. Cem., Helixville, Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA

[NI016097] Johnstown Trib-Demo Thur 6/28/2001 LAMBERT - Lloyd A., 84, Long Beach, CA, formerly of Soap Hollow Rd, Johnstown, d Jun 26 2001, LaMirada, CA; b Nov 1 1916, Central City, s/o Casper & Margaret (Haines) Lambert. Preceded in death by parents; 8 bros; 3 sis'; & 1st wife, Flora Coleman, who d Oct 14 1990. Survived by wife of 4 ys, Vida Flegle, Long Beach, CA; & these chldn: Charles, m Rachel Ingle, VA; Janet, w/o Donald Yoder, Bethlehem, PA; C. Ray, TN; Carol Boring, Indiana, PA; & Wes, m Julia Mumaw, West Salem, OH. Bro of Ruby Bradshaw, AZ; & Hulda Heslop, Central City. Longtime employee of Johnstown Traction Co. Family receiving friends 7-9 pm Fri at George E. Mason Funeral Home Inc., Davidsville, & from 9:30 am until serv 11 am Sat at George E. Mason Funeral Home, Rev. Marvin Kaufman. Bur Shade Cem.
J-town Trib-Demo, Fri 29 Jun 2001. Lambert, lloyd A, Long Beach CA, formerly of Soap Hollow Rd, Johnstown, d 26 Jun 2001. Friends received 7-9 pm Fri at George E Mason Funeral Home, Rev Marvin Kaufman. Bur Shade Cem.

[NI016117] Stone in Daley Cem. no death date

[NI016125] Murdered his wife, then took his own life.

[NI016184] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Willis H Lambert State: PA District: 0137 Color: W Age: 41 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0460 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02730119 Other Residents:
Wife Minnie T 36, Pennsylvania
Son Roy W 16, Pennsylvania

[NI016186] Johnstown Trib 7/20/1929. B. F. Lambert, 423 Vickroy ave, principal of Lorain boro schools since 1923, d 6:15 am yesterday at his home, aged 59. Mr. Lambert's health had been impaired for several yrs, but he was able to continue his teaching duties until the close of the Lorain schools in Apr since which time he had been bedfast. Mr. Lambert had been in the teaching profession for a period of 34 yrs. Benjamin Franklin Lambert was b Buckstown, Somerset co, Jun 15 1870, s/o Henry & Esther Ling Lambert. He was bro of Philip P. Lambert, Buckstown; W. H. Lambert, 720 Coleman ave, & Eleanor, w/o Ambrose Berkebile, Moxham. Mr. Lambert taught for abt 20 yrs in Somerset co. schools. Later he was principal at Hudson st & Maple Park schools, this city, going to Central City for 2 yrs & then to Greensburg. His next position was as principal of the Shade & Quemahoning twp schools, Somerset co, & for the last 6 yrs had been principal in Lorain. At one time Mr. Lambert was asst cashier of Central City Nat'l bank. Mr. Lambert is survived by his widow, Mrs. Susan Reitz Lambert, & following chldn: Mayme, w/o Frank S. Deaton, Roanoke, Va.; Garnet M., w/o Melvin Williams, Sparrows Point, MD; Philip H. Lambert, 729 Park ave. 7 gchldn survive. A son, Dwight D. Lambert, d April 29, 1928. Mr. Lambert was memb 2nd Christian ch, Moxham lodge of Odd Fellows & Stoyestown council, Jr. OUAM. funeral serv 2 pm tomorrow at the late resid, in charge of Rev. O. E. Bennett, pastor of 2nd Christian ch. Bur Grandview cem.
1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Willis L. Powell ENUM/DATE: 1-26 Jun 1900
130B 73 48 51 Lambert Frank Head W M June 1870 29 M 10 PA PA PA School Teacher 1 Yes Yes Yes
Lambert Susan Wife W F Mar 1866 34 M 10 3 3 PA Germany PA Yes Yes Yes
Lambert Mary E. Daughter W F Dec 1890 9 S PA PA PA 5
Lambert Philip H. Son W M Feb 1892 8 S PA PA PA
Lambert Garnet M. Daughter W F May 1895 5 S PA PA PA
1910 Pennsylvania Census Miracode Index
Benjiman F Lambert State: PA Dist: 0164 Color: W Age: 39 B Pl: Pennsylvania Visit: 0046 Co: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02720810 Other Residents:
Wife Susan 43, Pennsylvania
Dau Mary E 19, Pennsylvania
Son Philip H 17, Pennsylvania
Dau Garnet 14, Pennsylvania
Son Dwight D 09, Pennsylvania

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