[NI030167] Aunt of President James Garfield.

[NI030248] He was a Rev Soldier from Rindge, 1775; in Stark's brigade1778; acknowledged receipt of $4.00 for a coat at Medford, Oct. 4, 1775. In 1779, moved to Jaffrey, thence to Unity, NH, where he d.

[NI030249] gave his property to his son James in 1727, on condition of payment of legacies to daughters.

[NI030306] m Ticonderoga NY, Lydia (Whipple) Bly, 1 may 1861. Entered Troy ME Conference in 1859, had charges in NY & Vt, including Sandy Hills NY.

[NI030309] Was a Rev soldier at the Battle of Lexington, Apr 19 1775, & serv in several companies, for which he received a pension during the last yrs of his life. He settled at Londonberry NH then moved to Londonberry VT; was a blacksmith & deacon of the Congretational church.

[NI030317] never married.

[NI030362] Left Lynn previous to 1687 when ch records in Bristol RI say they were late of Tiverton. Settled at Rehobeth, MA & is recorded there as "Old John Ingalls".

[NI030382] Went to IL in 1834 with his bros, & then settled in North Branch MN where he d in 1876.

[NI030410] Moved to Jones Co., Iowa in about 1868

[NI030428] Her brother Charles Otis Blood in later years lived with her. He is buried

beside her in Goshen, Addison,Vermont.

[NI030432] Military records of Phineas Blood. Fought in Rev War. Serv 6 mo. from Warwick, Hampshire, MA in 1780. In 1781, in Townsend, Middlesex, MA enlisted for 2, 9 Mos. Discharged Jun 1783. He was 5 ft. 3 ins tall, with light brown hair & dark eyes. In 1806 he was the 1st settler in Goshen, VT. In 1818 he applied for a pension there. To purchase a sack of grain they took a 3 day journey. They worked a day for the grain, then carried it on their back. He built 4 log houses & sold them. He then built himself a frame house. In 1815 he was the 2nd Rep of the town & for 6 yrs was a Justice of the Peace.

[NI030433] In 1850 Lois was living with Daug & son-in-law Robert Mason, Ceresco, Fond du Lac, WI. In Jul 1855 applied for Bounty Lands-age 74. Lois was a niece of Amos Ingalls,Tannery Owner, who settled in Ackworth, Sullivan,NH.

[NI030469] Grandpa's mother died when he was 3 and his father at 12. He went to work in the logging woods to pay for his father's funeral. He was raised by Grandma Geer.
He loved children, especially girls. I used to go and get the cows with him. I always sat on his lap in the rocking chair in the kitchen. He could not read or write except his name because he was too poor to attend school. He had the farm paid for before income taxes began. He was active in the community and helped reorganize the bank in Gouverneur during the depression. He lost some money and never really trusted banks again. My mother once put several hundred dollars thru the washing machine with his pants. He never consumed alcohol and would fire a hired man if he did. His father's alcoholism ruined his life.

[NI030470] The census conducted Aug 22, 1870 has him living with his mother and
employed as a farm laborer. in dwelling # 194 Edwards, N.Y. The 1880 census (June 23rd) has him living in same spot with wife and 2 children and employed as an ore picker.

[NI030473] At death left wife an estate worth $2,880.00 (real estate)Royal was a farmer and in 1860 census estimated his worth as $2,000. Royal was the orphan and only child of marriage of Royal D. Thompson (late of Worcester, Otsego County, N.Y) and JoAnna Thompson Smith who later came to the Edwards area and married Joseph Smith. Justas Pickett of Fowler was appt. Guardian of Royal with JoAnna's permission by NYS court of chancery Nov. 2, 1827. Filed in St. Lawrence Co. 2/27/1830.,when 17 yr old Royal bought 60 acres of land from the
Gouverneur Morris estate for $180. In March 1855 Royal bought 38 acres
more $115.35. Royal's heirs were: Polly, David, Henry, Aaaron, Austin,
Eugene, Phebe, Hariet, Martha, Caroline, Sylvia.

[NI030487] Overseer of Highways in Worcester in 1799 and 1800. Buried in Decatur Cemetary in Village.

[NI030491] Married name Hercum from her father's will.

[NI030493] Name given as Rupet in brother Samuel's bible. Name given as Russell in his father's will. Name on tombstone is Russell. Buried in same cemetery as his parents. Decatur Village cemetery.Was married twice first wife's name Mehitable, second wife's name Eliza Ann.

[NI030494] Ommitted from father's will.

[NI030495] New York State Senator in 1844. Executor of father's will.

[NI030498] Buried in Decator village cemetary with parents and grandparents.

[NI030500] moved to Otsego NY about 1790. See Joseph's notes.

[NI030503] Excused from paying pulpit tax in Rehobeth (from town meeting notes) in 1738 because he was an Annabaptist. Wife remarried Col. Phillip Wheeler, after he d. With Wheeler, she had 4 more chldn. Benjamin d abt 1743, in Rehoboth.

[NI030515] John lived at Wapole NH, moved to Keene and perhaps died in Steuben Cty NY. John was a revolutionary soldier, marched on the alarm 19 Apr 1775; engaged at Lexington and Bunker Hill, afterwards served in Captain Eaton's company, received a pension in his old age. Johnaton was captured with John Ayers and Abraham Graves on 28th May, 1812, by Indians supporting the British during an attack on Sackets Harbor. Graves survived and returned some time later, but Jonathan and Ayers were never heard of again. Jonathan's wife Lydia married James Brintnall about 1817, and was appointed guardian of the 6 children of Johnathan and Lydia.

[NI030551] Probably b at Bristol or Cumberland RI. From Rehobeth town meeting notes: Edmund was excused from paying pulpit tax in 1734 & 1738 because he was an Annabaptist.

[NI030552] Eunice lived in Swanzey at the time of her m in 1705. One record says she was from Braintree. There was a Eunice (Unis) Ingalls dismissed from the North Swansea Bapt Ch to the Coomers Ch in Rehobeth on Aug 3 1732. This could have related to her or her daughter.

[NI030565] Chaunce had one daug, m. David Hoyt, but they did not have chldn.

[NI030572] Probably moved to Otsego NY abt 1790 & d there. Joseph's will is in the courthouse in Taunton, & lists all his living chldn. The 1777 death date is confirmed by the probate records.

[NI030577] With his bros, Stephen & Benjamin, joined the 1st Society, Abington, VT, in 1750, & all signed the ch covenant in 1753. He was prominent in town & ch affairs, & was lieut. of the militia. His chldn probably moved to NY state.

[NI030591] This is the 1st wife Sarah Putnam, mother of 6 of Henry's chldn. She was d/o Daniel Putnam of Reading.

[NI030609] m. 1st, 26 Jan 1749, Sarah, d/o Jacob & Sarah (Hale) Kimball. m. 2nd, 29 Jan 1765, Sarah Curtis. He was a farmer, lived & d at Andover. Chldn by both wives.

[NI030611] Father John b. Atkinson NH, 3 Apr 1751, lived at Wapole NH, moved to Keene & perhaps d in Steuben C0., NY. John was a rev soldier, marched on the alarm 19 Apr 1775; engaged at Lexington & Bunker Hill, afterwards serv in Capt Eaton's co, received a pension in his old age. Info from records by Johnathan's son Ward & an article in book "Jefferson Co. Centennial 1905". We have copy of pgs from book. Johnaton was captured with John Ayers & Abraham Graves on 28 May 1812, by Indians supporting the British during an attack on Sackets Harbor. Graves survived & returned some time later, but Jonathan & Ayers were never heard of again. Jonathan's wife Lydia m James Brintnall abt 1817, & was appointed guardian of the 6 chldn of Johnathan & Lydia. We have a copy of the estate settlement with the chldn, 28 Mar 1834. Ward E., age 53, referred to his 2 uncles in a statement verifying that Samuel Dodge of St Vincent was entitled to bounty land for serving as substitute for his uncle James, who lived in Dansville in Livingston Co. NY & d in the summer of 1854 according to a letter from James' bro Aaron's widow. This indicates Aaron was deceased by 11 Feb 1858. Mother's last name Massey from letter from Mrs. Melvin N. Ingalls, 660 Key Largo Drive, Titusville FL 32780, written to Ruth Christiansen, 5 June 1983. Hannah's sis was the w/o Ordway per book called "Jeffrey Massey, Planter, Salem, MA, His Anc & Descs thru the 5th Gen." 1977. James birth date & state of NH. Also date of m to Margaret Baxter of 25 Nov 1802, Surrey NH. He serv in War of 1812. James d in the summer of 1854 per an affidavit used to prove he had serv in War of 1812.

[NI030652] Death place assumed from will info. Elizabeth may not have been the mother of the last 4 chldn. m. Elizabeth Wheeler on Jun 5 1735. An Ebenezer Ingalls was excused from paying pulpit tax in 1734 & 1738 because he was an Annabaptist. From Rehobeth town meeting notes.

[NI030658] Cem. rec. show James & Malinda & other people in the Atherton Cem., Genesee Co., MI were moved to Evergreen Cem.

[NI030664] Ira enlisted Co. G 8th Inf. Jan 4 1864, for 3 yrs. at age 17. Mustered out Jan 15 1864. Discharged at Detroit, MI on Apr 18 1865, because of wounds recieved in action at Petersburgh, VA.

[NI030706] According to MI Vol 1861-1865, Vol 23, P. 56; Henry INGALLS enlisted in Co. K, 23rd Inf. Aug 5 1862, at FLINT, for 3 yrs, age 17. Mustered Sep 11 1862. Mustered out at Salisbury, NC, Jun 28 1865. Also he detailed 7 Serv. with an OH Reg. for 18 Mo.s.

[NI030716] One of the proprietors of Hampstead NH, settled at Plaistow NH, moved to Atkinson NH in 1767, then to Canterbury NH where he d.

[NI030722] father, John Ingalls; mother Hannah (Widow Ordway). She was a sis to Capt. Timothy Eaton's wife. Father John s/o John & Mary Haseltine. Father John b. Atkinson NH, 3 Apr 1751, lived at Wapole NH, moved to Keene & perhaps d in Steuben Co., NY. Father John was a rev soldier, marched on the alarm 19 Apr 1775; engaged at Lexington & Bunker Hill, afterwards serv in Captain Eaton's co, received a pension in his old age. Johnaton was captured with John Ayers & Abraham Graves on 28 May 1812, by Indians supporting the British during an attack on Sackets Harbor. Graves survived & returned some time later, but Jonathan & Ayers were never heard of again. Jonathan's wife Lydia m James Brintnall abt 1817, & was appointed guardian of the 6 chldn of Johnathan & Lydia. Estate settlement with the chldn, 28 Mar 1834. Ward E., age 53, referred to his 2 uncles in a statement verifying that Samuel Dodge of St Vincent was entitled to bounty land for serving as substitute for his uncle James, who lived in Dansville in Livingston Co., NY & d in the summer of 1854 according to a letter from James'bro Aaron's widow. This indicates Aaron was deceased by 11 Feb 1858.

[NI030731] He was a rev soldier. Marched on the alarm 19 Apr 1775; engaged at Lexington & Bunker Hill, afterwards serv in Capt Eaton's Co & rec'd a pension in his old age.

[NI030755] According to The Genealogy & History of the Ingalls Family in Amer, p38, he moved to Rindge, NH in 1764, took a prominent part in the settlement of that town & held many important offices. He built the 1st mill & was a deacon of the ch.

[NI030761] Her son described her as "A walking dictionary". Her & husb Joseph lived at Almont MI, east of Flint MI.

[NI030763] The Ingalls, Sleeper, Taggart, & Sanborn families moved from NH, then to Canada, next to Dunham PQ, NY, & thence to MI. Probably b New Hampton, NH, Dunham (now Farnum) Quebec, which is just North of VT, then NY, d Almont MI, just east of Flint MI.

[NI030765] Orson was a retired farmer. His wife d there in 1900.

[NI030769] Rev soldier. Moved to NY state. he d in NY. m. Lydia Rowland of Swanzey Sep 24 1778. Named a son Royal.

[NI030776] He was a farmer, went to Alexandria abt 1815, thence to Bristol, NH, where he d abt 1852.

[NI030844] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
230-202 Sorber, Adam 35 M Farmer PA
Jonathan 5 M PA
Adeline 3 F PA
Miller, Franklin 16 M Laborer PA
Lape, Eve 18 F PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
40 48 49 Sorber Adam 56 M W farmer 5,000 3,050 Pa
1 48 49 Sorber Elisabeth 39 F W house work Pa
2 48 49 Sorber Jonathan 25 M W farm labourer Pa
3 48 49 Sorber Adaline 23 F W dom. servant Pa
4 48 49 Sorber Lavina 17 F W at home Pa
5 48 49 Sorber Joseph 16 M W at home Pa
6 48 49 Sorber Lorenzo 14 M W at home Pa
7 48 49 Sorber Mary 10 F W at home Pa
8 48 49 Sorber Samuel 8 M W at home Pa
9 48 49 Sorber Henry 6 M W at home Pa
10 48 49 Sorber Maggie 2 F W Pa
11 48 49 Sorber Adam 3/12 M W Pa Mar
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 9, 9 Jun 1880
434A 34 77 82 Sorber Adam W M 67 Farmer PA PA PA
434A 35 77 82 Sorber Elizabeth W F 49 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
434A 36 77 82 Sorber Lorenzo W M 23 Son School teacher PA PA PA
434A 37 77 82 Sorber Mary E. W F 20 Daughter At home PA PA PA
434A 38 77 82 Sorber Samuel W M 18 Son PA PA PA
434A 39 77 82 Sorber Harvey S. W M 15 Son PA PA PA
434A 40 77 82 Sorber Maggie W F 12 Daughter PA PA PA
434A 41 77 82 Sorber Clark A. W M 10 Son PA PA PA
434A 42 77 82 Sorber Nora N. W F 6 X PA PA PA
Adam SORBER, s/o Damiel & Elizabeth, b. Jul 21 1813 & d. Aug 1 1897 Buckstown. He m. Adeline DULL (1822-1849) on May 1 1841. He then m. Elizabeth SPANGLER around 1850. She was b. Jan 20 1831 & d. May 15 1905. She was the d/o Samuel & Mary (LING) SPANGLER. She & Adam are bur. in the SORBER cem. Adeline is bur. across the road in the Buckstown Cem. Chldrn of Adam & Adeline were Jonathan & Adeline. Chldrn of Adam & Elizabeth included Elizabeth M., w/o Samuel FAIR; Harry; Joseph; John; Lucinda, w/o Nathaniel STAHL; Nora, w/o Edward RIPPLEY; Maggie C.; Charles W. (1857-1863); Clark; Larence, m. to Tilly MOWREY; & Samuel S. (1861-1901) m. Tillie BRUBAKER. Raised Franklin Ringler from 1845-1850.

[NI030847] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
201-2 Sorber, Daniel 39 M Farmer PA
Margaret 30 F PA
Mina 10 F PA
Mary E. 9 F PA
Amanda 5 F RA
Walter 2 M PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 29 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
12 36 37 Sorber Daniel 55 M W farmer 12,200 3,920 Pa
13 36 37 Sorber Margaret 50 F W wife Pa
14 36 37 Sorber Amand 24 F W at home Pa
15 36 37 Sorber Walter 22 M W at home Pa
16 36 37 Sorber Albert 15 M W at home Pa
17 36 37 Sorber George 13 M W at home Pa
18 36 37 Sorber Andaline 6 F W at home Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 5, 7 Jun 1880
432A 17 42 45 Sorber Daniel W M 65 Farmer PA PA PA
432A 18 42 45 Sorber Margeret W F 60 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
432A 19 42 45 Sorber Amanda W M 30 Daughter At home PA PA PA
432A 20 42 45 Sorber Albert W M 24 Son Works at home PA PA PA
432A 21 42 45 Sorber George W M 21 Son Farmer PA PA PA
432A 22 42 45 Sorber Angie W F 15 Daughter PA PA PA

[NI030852] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
228-195 Blough, Christian 45 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 43 F PA
Ann 12 F PA
Barbara 10 F PA
Elisabeth 8 F PA
Mary 2 F PA
Bolton, Henry 16 M PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 29 Jun 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
19 37 38 Blough Christian 67 M W farmer 1,500 1,930 Pa
Blough Elisabeth 53 F W wife Pa
Blough Elisabeth 25 F W dom. servant Pa
Blough Mary 22 F W dom. servant Pa
Blough Enock 19 M W at home Pa
Blough John 15 M W at home Pa
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson 5 Jun 1880
431B 24 34 36 Plough Christian W M 76 Farmer PA PA PA
Plough Elizabeth W F 63 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Plough Enock W F 28 Son Laborer 3 PA PA PA

[NI030857] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 6 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
129B 99 33 35 Sorber Samuel Head W M Nov M 14 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O M F 31
129B 100 33 35 Sorber Tillie Wife W F June 1866 33 M 14 5 5 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
130A 1 33 35 Sorber Rush Son W M May 1887 13 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 5 Yes Yes Yes
130A 2 33 35 Sorber Alda Daughter W F Oct 1889 10 S PA PA PA 5 Yes Yes Yes
130A 3 33 35 Sorber Stewart Son W M Dec 1891 8 S PA PA PA 5
130A 4 33 35 Sorber Herman S. Son W M June 1893 6 S PA PA PA 3
130A 5 33 35 Sorber Dayton Son W M May 1897 3 S PA PA PA

[NI030869] John H., born 1842 - enlisted in 90th PA regiment 1861 promoted to corp., wounded Wilderness, later taken prisoner at Weldon Railroad, Aug. 19, 1864, died in Salisbury Confederate Prison Nov. 30, 1864, buried in unmarked mass grave.

[NI030870] William Fleegle was b. in Bedford co. in 1808, & came to Somerset co. in 1822. He m., 1st, Elizabeth Suter, & 2nd, Harriet Risheberger. Chldrn: Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaac, Edward, Martin, Walter, Maria, Mary, Elizabeth & Margaret. Jeremiah, Edward & Martin served in the late war. Edward d. in Andersonville prison. Martin enlisted in Aug 1862, in Co. D, 133d regt. Penn. Vols; was discharged in May 1863; re-enlisted in Jul 1863 in Co II, 1st bat; discharged in 1864; re-enlisted in Feb 1864, in Co. I, 55th regt. Penn. Vols; discharged in Oct 1865. In Jun 1864 at Petersburg, he was wounded in the right arm, right hip & left leg. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518.] Don't know how Bill Fleegle's chldrn were split between his wives. Bio Review has Mary the dau. of Samual & Sarah (Frye) Fleegle.
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
251 142 FLEAGLE William 46 M Laborer PA
FLEAGLE Elisabeth 41 F PA
FLEAGLE Samuel 21 M Laborer PA
FLEAGLE Jeremiah 17 M Laborer PA
FLEAGLE Elisabeth 12 F PA
FLEAGLE Margaret 10 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
4 168 174 Fleegle William 70 M W Laborer 1,000 300 PA
Fleegle Elizaberh 63 F W Keeping house PA

[NI030876] Jonathan Lambert, vet of Civil War & one of the leading lumbermen & farmers of Stony Creek, PA, was b in this town, Feb 6 1845, s/o Abraham & Louise (Mostoller) Lambert. He is 4th generation in descent from John Lambert, a native of Switzerland, who emigrated in early manhood to PA, & after living for a while in York Co. came to the town of Stony Creek, took up a tract of wild land, & cleared a small farm. He attended the dist schools in his boyhood & youth, & remained on the parental homestead until after the breaking out of the late Civil War. Before attaining his majority he bade farewell to home & friends, & enlisting in Co. K, 5th PA Heavy Artil, he serv as pvt until the close of the war. He was with his comrades in the battles of Rectortown & Salem, VA., & in various skirmishes, & though he fortunately escaped harm from the enemy's bullets, he suffered the hardships of camp & army life. On returning home He resumed his former occp as agriculturist. He is influential in local affairs, working ever for the best interests of the town & co., & is a stanch supporter of the Rep. party. Although not an aspirant for public office, he serv as School Director. Fraternally, he is memb & past Commander of Reuben Ferner Post, No. 318 GAR of Stoystown. 5th Reg't Heavy Artil (204th Vols) Organized at Pittsburg Aug & Sep 1864. Ordered to Washington, DC, Sep 1864. Attached to Dist of Alexandria, 22nd Corps, to Nov 1864. 1st Separate Brig 22nd Corps, to Jun 1865. SERV -Duty in Northern Defenses of Washington, DC, & along Manassas Gap RR, protecting supplies for Sheridan, & constantly engaged with Mosby. Action at. Salem Oct 4 1864. Rectortown Oct 7. White Plains Oct 11. Destruction of Manassas Gap RR Oct & Nov. Duty in the Northern Defenses of Washington; 1st Batt at Prospect Hill, 2nd Batt at Vienna & 3rd Batt at Fairfax CH. Duty on Bull Run battlefield in spring 1865, burying nearly 2,000 dead. Ordered to Pittsburg for muster out. Mustered out Jun 30 1865. The reg't lost during serv 3 Enlisted men killed & 46 by disease. Total 49.On Mar 12 1872, he m Adeline Sorber, d/o Adam & Adeline (Wells) Sorber. They have (1899) 3 chldn. They are active membs of the Luth Ch.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jonathan Lambert State: PA Enumeration District: 0164 Color: W Age: 65 Birth Pl: PA Visit: 0103 Co: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02720955 Other Residents:
Wife Saline 62, PA
Son Wilson 33, PA
Daug Emma 26, PA

[NI030878] 1850 Federal Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 24 Aug 1850 by J. J. Schell
32 231 240 Lohr Andrew J. 31 M Farmer 200 Penna
33 231 240 Lohr Barbara 32 F Penna X
34 231 240 Lohr Lavenia 2 F Penna
35 231 240 Billman Peter 11 M Penna
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 23, 23 Jun 1880
441A 26 205 215 Lohr Andrew J. W M 60 Farmer PA PA PA
441A 27 205 215 Lohr Ellen W F 53 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
441A 28 205 215 Lohr William R. W M 24 Son Dry goods & cofe PA PA PA
441A 29 205 215 Lohr David G. W M 23 Son PA PA PA
441A 30 205 215 Lohr Lohman W M 13 Son PA PA PA

[NI030880] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Joseph A Lambert State: PA Enumeration District: 0164 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0112 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02720962 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth C 42, Pennsylvania
Son Chalmer E 21, Pennsylvania
Son Ivan O 14, Pennsylvania
Son Cylas H 12, Pennsylvania
Son Jonathan G 10, Pennsylvania
Son Annie L 08, Pennsylvania
Son Robert B NR, Pennsylvania

[NI030885] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Arghur Lambert State: PA Enumeration District: 0105 Color: W;W Age: 28 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0040 County: Cambria Relation: LO ImageNum: 02720805 Other Residents: Husband Thomas Trimbath

[NI030906] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Herbert T Hertlein State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0088 Color: W Age: 36 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0107 Co.: Clearfield Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02110863 Other Residents:
Wife Ada B 34, PA
dau. Edith L 08, PA
Son Allen R 06, PA
dau. Mary P 03, PA
dau. Ruth NR, PA

[NI030909] William came to the US in 1854. According to the 1880 Census, William & son John O. lived with his sis Mary Christina Hertlein. His daug Nora lived with Uncle Henry & Hannah M. Yothers. Mary Yothers must have d before the 1880 census.

[NI030910] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William J Kopp Age: 54 State: PA Color: W Enumeration Dist.: 0088 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0090 Co.: Clearfield Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Anna N 43, PA
Son Willard 23, PA
Daug Margaret B 22, PA
Son Edward 21, PA
Daug Mabel E 19, PA
Daug Theresa 17, PA
Daug Leona 13, PA
Son Gaylord 11, PA
Daug Beatrice 09, PA
Son Harvey 07, PA
Daug Geneieve 07, PA
Daug Myra 05, PA
Son William J 03, PA
Son Clark L NR, PA

[NI030918] Mary and Verna were raised in the Christian Home in Johnstown. Verna was 5 and Mary was 7. They needed to be raised this way since their mother died in 1928. At age 18, Verna went to keep house for Eugene in Carlisle, PA.

[NI030919] Built & started 1st school in Shade Twp. Samuel Statler, Sr. of Shade Twp. Will written 5/10/1852, filed 5/24/1860. Lists chdn Rebecca m. John Moses, OH - Daniel - Ephraim - Sarah m. John Black - Polly m. John Wendle - Samuel - Andrew. Dau Ellen, now deceased who was m. to John Wagner - Catherine m. David Johns. Samuel Stotler resided at the old homestead, "The Fields," & operated a sawmill located near the head of Little Shade Creek.
1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
203-21 Statler, Samuel 74 M Farmer PA
Samuel, Jr. 35 M PA
Ellen 27 F PA
Henry 1 M PA
Shetters, Sarah 65 F PA
Jones, Catharine 15 F PA
Ringler, Catharine 26 F PA
Moyers, Henry 26 M Laborer Ger.
Ross, George 17 M PA
Lemon, James 13 M Ire.

[NI030928] Know all men by these presents, that we, Mary Statler, widow of Casper Statler, dec'd, Adam Stoner & Polly his wife formerly Polly Statler, Phillip Horn & Catharine his wife formerly Catharine Statler, Geo. Statler, Rebecca Statler, Isaac Philson & Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Statler, Amos Wertz & Nancy his wife formerly Nancy Statler, Michael Wheeling & Juliana his wife formerly Julianna Statler, Geo. Palmer & Mariah his wife formerly Mariah Statler & Josiah Statler, all children & heirs of the said Casper Statler, dec'd, have made constituted & appointed & by there presents do make, constitute & appoint John Metzger, Esqr, our true & lawful atty for us & in our names to grant, bargain & sell that certain tract of land late the property of the said Casper Statler, dec's, situate in Harmon's Bottom, Napier Twp, Bedford Co. & State of PA containing as will appear from a connected Draft Tannorst(?) to the Inquisition of Partition held on the Estate of the said Casper Statler, dec'd, & all our estate rights, title & interest therein unto such person or persons & for such price or prices as he shall think proper & to sign, seal, deliver & acknowledge all such deed or deeds of conveyance as shall be nesessary for the absolute granting & assuring of the premises unto the purchaser or purchasors in fee simple giving & granting unto our said attorney by these presents our whole power & authority in & about the premises for the purpose aforesaid & generally all & every other act or acts, necessary to be done in & about the premises to do, execute & perform as fully to all intents & purposes as we ourselves might or could, hereby ratifying & holding for him whatsoever our said attorney shall lawfully do by virtue hereof. In witness hereof we have hereunto set our hand & seals ___ day of ___, AD 1838, witness present - John Alsipe (all the above signed their name or an X by their name, except George Statler did not sign.) (There is no exact date on this Power of Attorney, the day & month are left blank, just the year, 1838, follows their names.) The Power of Attorney is followed by a land deed from all these folks dated 8/4/1840 to Frederick Horner.

[NI030932] Johnstown Daily Trib May 5, 1899 Mrs. Harriet Custer, relict of Daniel Custer, died at her home in Hooversville on Tue. afternoon, the cause of her death being asthma. Mrs. Custer was in her 71st yr. Her husb. was a soldier in the Civil War & died while in service, near the end of the Rebellion. The subject of this sketch is survived by 1 daug., Mrs. Rachel Young of Hooversville; 1 bro. Mr. Fleegle of Stoyestown, & 6 sis.s: 1 is Mrs. Nancy Ream, of the 8th Ward, this city. 2 of the other 7 reside in OH, 2 in Stoyestown, 1 in WV, & 1 in IA. The funeral took place at 4 pm Wed., interment being made in the Davidsville Cem.. She was a member of the United Brethren Church for almost 40 yrs.

[NI030936] 1850 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA 10 Sep 1850 by John J. Schell
31 148 156 Statler Andrew 34 M Farmer 1,600 PA Lines 31 to 37 - Inn.
Statler Sophia 26 F PA
Statler Jonathan 5 M PA
Statler Mariam 4 F PA
Statler Elisabeth */12 F PA Ink blot covers age.
Lape Margaret 18 F PA
Stump William 45 M Laborer MD
1870 census Alleghany Twp., Somerset Co., PA on 30 Jun 1870 by John H. Lepley
27 122 118 Statler Andrew 54 M W Farmer 10,000 400 PA
Statler Elenora 30 F W Keeping House PA
Statler Elizabeth 20 F W PA
Statler Ann C. 18 F W PA
Statler Elenora 16 F W PA
Statler Margaret 13 F W PA
Statler Laretta S. 6 F W PA
Statler Coreanna 2 F W PA
Spangler Ambrose 10 M W Works on Farm PA
Reachert William 17 M W Works on Farm PA
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 3, 4 Jun 1880
431A 29 25 26 Statler Andrew W M 64 Farmer PA PA PA
Statler Elnora W F 40 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Hulsopple Merium W F 39 Dau At home PA PA PA
Statler Noretta W F 16 Dau PA PA PA
Statler Cora E. W F 11 Dau PA PA PA
Statler Lula W F 3 Dau PA PA PA
Statler Luther W M 10 Gson PA PA PA
In the mane of God Amen. I Andrew Statler born Mar 19 1816 in Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA & now residing in the same twp, co., & state being of sound mind, menory, & understanding do make & publish this my last will & testament, to wit; I commit my soul when it leaves my body, to Almighty God, its maker in the faith & hope of eternal Life, through the atoning metit of his son Jesus Christ; & I direct that my body be decently, but not expensively interred by the side of my 1st beloved wife & according to the sites & ceremonies of the Luth., or any other Evang.Ch. As to such estate as it hath pleased God to intrust one with, I dispose of the same as follows, zig; 1st I direct that all my just debts & funeral expenses be fully pd & satisfied by my ExecutOr, hereinafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. 2nd I desire & direct that my beloved wife Elnora, solong as she retains my name; shall have & enjoy peaceable possession & occupancy of the Homestead Farm, on which I now reside & also of the Mountain tract of land of 400 acs adjoining the homestead Farm until my youngest child shall attain the age of 21 yrs & that my said wife shall retain such personal property as may be necessary to carry on the farming of the homestead. 3rd I direct that my executor shall within 1 yr after my decease select 3 capable judicious men who after being sworn or affirmed shall appraise the remaining tracts of land belonging to my estate; & shall proceed to advertise & sell the said lands by public outery or at private sale to such person or persons & for such price or prices, as may be reasonably gotten for the same; Provided that before offering said lands for sale, if any of my chldn desire to take any of the said lands at the appraisement thereof, they may be permitted to do so & the deeds; whether married or single. 4th If my said wife shall be living & shall have retained my name when our youngest child shall have arrived at the age of 21 yrs, she, my said wife, may be permitted if she desires, to take the home place & mountain tract adjoining, at an appraisement thereof made by 3 judicious persons to be selected as aforesaid by the Executor, & should said appraisement exceed in value, 1/3 of all my real & personal estate, she must pay over the surplus to the Excutor to be divided amoung all my chldn, but if she refuses to take the said real estate, then my Excutor shall advertise & sell the same to the highest & best bidders at the best prices bidden for the same, & shall make & excute deeds to all the purchasers. 5th When the proceeds of my estate, real & personal, shall be ascertained & it is desired that the same be distributed & pd. 1/3 to my widow & the remaining 2/3 to my chldn, it is my will & desire that the said 2/3 of my estata be divided among my estate be divided among my 8 chldn, share & share alike, except that the 5 elder chldn shall have & recieve $200 ea. more tha either of my 3 younger chldn. Provided that the advancements made to any of my chldn; as charged in a book for that purpose shall be deducted from their said shares respectively before any distribution shall be made; & should any of my heirs take real estate at the appraisement, or purchase real or personal estate to a greater amount then their respective shares, as above directed, then & in such case. or cases they shall pay over said excess to the Excutor to enable him to pay the proper shares to all & ea of my chldn.
6th Should either of my chldn die without issue & before arriving at the age of 21 yrs, then I direct her share to be divided equally, share & share alike between my surviving chldn. And Lastly I nolinate constitute & appoint [my nephew George D. Statler] to be sole Excutor of this my last will & testament. In wittness whereof I Andrew Statler, the testator, have to this my last will, written on 1 sheet of paper set my hand & seal this 13th day of Jan 1879 [ the words "he, my excutor" in the 3rd section, & the word "on" in the 4th line of the last sentence being interlined before signing]. Signed, sealed, published & declared by the above named Andrew Statler as out for his last will & testament in the presence of me, who have here unto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto, in the presence of the said testator, and of each other _____ Wagner, L. C. Ackerman, Andrew Statler I Andrew Statler the above named Testator do hereby make and publish this codial, to be added to the above last wil and testament altering the same in names following to witt striking out the following words. at the close of section second, to wit. " And that my said wife shall retain such personal property as may be necessary to carry on the farming ot the homestead" and striking out the following words in the last section to wit; "my nephew George D. Statler", and inserting the new the name of my esteemed friend William M. Schrock" In witness shere of I have herewith set my hand and seal this 5th day of Nov 1880

[NI030940] Social Security files show 4 possible Mary Bobachs that died about the right time in PA.

[NI030954] LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF SARAH (STATLER) FILSON (1879) I, Sarah FILSON of Juniata Twp, Bedford Co., PA; being old but of sound mind, memory & understanding to make this my Last Will & Testament, hereby Revoking & making Void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made. 1st, I direct my Body be Decently bur. after my death in the Cem. at Isaac P. ELLERS at West End where my Deceased Hus. is bur., & as to such Estate as it hath pleased god to instrust me with, I Dispose of the same as follows. I give, devise, & bequeath to my dau. Emeline F. WERTZ her heirs & assigns forever the farm which I own Situate in Juniata Twp, Bedford Co., PA: Containing 90 Ac.s more or less, She the said Emeline WERTZ to pay all my just debts, funeral expenses, docter bill, the same she has done for my deceased hus. with the improvements thereon erected & together with all the personal property I have or may have after my death, for her keeping of me & my deceased hus., comfortable for the last 6 yrs, for which me & my dec'd hus. was never able to pay said Emeline F. WERTZ or her hus., she being the only child to nurse & take care of us: 2d, after my death my dau. Emeline F. WERTZ her heirs or assigns is to pay $25 to each of my chldn or their heirs in the following manner: $12.50 being the 1/2 of $25 to each of my chldn or their heirs 1 yr after my death & the balance of $12.50 one yr thereafter, all without intrest. In Witness whereof, I Sarah FILSON the Testator, have to this my Last Will & Testament Set my hand & seal this 3rd Day Dec 1879. Sarah Filson (seal) Signed, Sealed, Published & declared by the above named Sarah FILSON as & for her Last Will & Testament in presence of us who have Hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses In the presence of said Testator & of each other. Geo. GARDILL, Henry L. WALKER Bedford Co. SS Personally appeared before me E.W. SHOEMAKER, Register for the probate of wills to in & for said Co., Geo GARDILL & Henry L. WALKER the 2 subscribing witnesses to the Last Will & Testament of Sarah FILSON late of Juniata Twp, decd. Who being duly sworn according to law depose & say that they were personally present & saw & heard the above named Testator sign & pronounce & declare the foregoing instrument of writing as & for her last Will & Testament that they signed their names or witnesses to the same at the request of said Testator & in her presence & in the presence of each other, & at the time of so doing said Testaor was of sound mind & understanding to the best of their knowledge & belief. Sworn to & subscribed before me May 15 1882 Geo GARDILL E.W. SHOEMAKER H. L. WALKER Register.

[NI030960] Johnstown Trib or the Johnstown Democrat STUTZMAN, William S., age 80, of 69 Fairfield Ave., d. at 7:40pm Feb 16 1964 at Raymond Hosp. B. Nov 13 1883, in Johnstown, son of Frank & Sarah (VICKROY) STUTZMAN. Preceeded in death by wife, former Anna COLBERT, & 2 daughters, Ethel & Loretta. Survived by 3 dau.s: Nora Mae, w. of William H. ZIMMERMAN, 609 Grove Ave., Velma w. of Durl ASEL, with whom he resided, & Geraldine, w. of Thomas SHAFFER, Indianapolis, IN; also 4 gchldrn, & 4 ggchldrn & 2 sis.s, Mrs. Eva YEAGER, 806 Central Ave., & Mrs. Laura YARGER, Hammond, IN. Member of Morrellville Church of the Brethren. Retired Bethlehem Steel Co. employee. Friends received after 7pm, Tue. in John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where service will be held at 2pm Thu., Rev. Homer Hess. Interment, Grandview Cem.

[NI030978] Lt. Col. Rev. War, Phillip Marsteller, b. 1742, son of Frederick Ludwig Marsteller, was a major in the Continental Army of the Rev. War & commended by Gen. George Washington for his excellent work. Phillip was a pallbeared at George Washington's funeral. Philip Marsteller, a memb. of the Legislature in 1776, also a delegate in 1776 to the convention which adopted the 1st state Constitution. In 1776, he was a major of the 2nd Batallion of Lancaster Co., PA under Col. Curtis Grubb Aug. 20, 1777, he was appointed assistant paymaster of Lancaster Co., PA & was Lt. Col. of 1st Batt., Lancaster Co., PA. He served throughout the war, afterwards settling in Alexandria, VA.

[NI030998] John George Marsteller - militiaman - 8 Co. C. Philadelphia Co, PA under command of Capt. Arnold Frances in Co. Frederick's Antes Reg. 6 Bat.

[NI031013] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
221-198 Statler, Ephraim 45 M Farmer PA
Sarah 40 F I-'A
Maria 16 F PA
Jacob 14 M PA
Sarah 12 F PA
Mary 9 F PA
Rebecca 7 F PA
John 3 M PA
Custer, Peter 16 M Laborer PA

[NI031022] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun 1860 Josiah H. Zimmerman
86 94 BARNHART John 85 M Farmer 4000 1065 PA
Mary 75 F PA
Adam 42 M Farm Laborer 200 PA
Rachel 28 F PA
Nancy C. 7 F PA.
James M. 5 M PA.
Susan 1 F PA
Jacob BARNHART 46 M Day Laborer PA
Ellen 21 F Servant PA
Francis BILLS 16 M Day Laborer PA

[NI031032] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Clarence Davidson State: PA Enumeration District: 0001 Color: W Age: 32 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0193 Co.: Bedford Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00990297 Other Residents: ( SS 19 12 1877 - 8 1962 PA )
Wife Catherine 32, PA
Dau. Bessie M 04, PA
Son John Herman 01, PA

[NI031040] David Mostoller was bred & educated in Somerset Twp, there in his early yrs obtained a practical knowledge of the numerous branches of agriculture. He has been largely engaged in general farming & lumbering. In 1862 he enlisted in Co. H, 171st PA Vol Inf., & was Corp'l of his co. during the 9 mo.s of his service. He afterwards re-enlisted, being mustered into Co. G, 88th PA Vol Inf., in Mar 1865 as a pvt & served until after the close of the war, being honorably discharged in Aug 1865. On returning from the army he resumed work on his well-improved farm in Stonycreek Twp, & was sucessfully engaged in general farming & lumbering until a short time age (1899), when he gave up the care of his estate to his chldrn, & removed to his present home near the Lambert School. In politics he is a steadfast Republican. He is an esteemed member of the Reuben Ferner Post, 318, G.A.R., of Stoystown. On Dec 21 1854, David m. Leah Swank, dau. of John & Catherine (CUPP) SWANK. She d. at the age of 24, having born him 2 chldrn, of whom but one is living (1899); namely Edward D., who m. Elizabeth KAISER. The other, Charles W. d. Jun 22 1882. He is survived by his w., whose maiden name was Sarah Wilt, & 3 chldrn: Ella, Harry G., & Della. On Dec 22 1859, David m. for his 2nd w. Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman, dau. Elizabeth Ann belonged to the Reformed Church while David was a member of the Luth. ch., of which his 1st w. was a member. David & Elizabeth have 7 chldrn: Nancy C., w. of Mahlon Lambert & mother of 2 chldrn: Harvey & Russell; John O., who m. Ida Trent & has 2 chldrn: Earl & Fred; Annie B.; Cyrus A.; James H. m. Clara Blough & has 1 dau. Beatrice; Newton L., m. Annie E. Miller; & Harry S. , David, son of Joseph, age 21 in 1850, living Stonycreek Twp. GAR grave marker.
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
19 196 201 Mostoller David 42 M W Farmer 500 PA
20 196 201 Mostoller Elizabeth 35 F W Keeping house PA
21 196 201 Mostoller Charles 14 M W PA
22 196 201 Mostoller Nancy 10 F W PA
23 196 201 Mostoller John 6 M W PA
24 196 201 Mostoller Anna 4 F W PA
25 196 201 Mostoller Cyrus 2 M W PA

[NI031045] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
231-209 Wagner, John 46 M Farmer PA
Catharine 18 F PA
Mary 15 F PA
David 15 M PA
Martha 12 F PA
John 9 M PA
Margaret 7 F PA

[NI031054] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 18 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
25 54 57 Shank Daniel 58 M W Minister 2,500 600 Canada
26 54 57 Shank Eve 57 F W Keeping house PA
27 54 57 Finnizi John 22 M W Saddler 300 PA
28 54 57 Finnizi Sarah 24 F W PA
29 54 57 Finnizi Jane 3 F W PA
30 54 57 Finnizi Charles 11/12 M W PA June
31 54 57 Stutzman Abraham 21 M W Merchant 4,500 PA

[NI031070] Johnstown Trib Feb 22 1952 LOHR, Joseph A., 66, 409 Pine St. d 4 pm Feb 21 1952 Mem. Hosp. b Stoystown Apr 8 1885 s/o Samuel & Ellen (LAMBERT) LOHR. Survived by widow Chrissie E. DICK; sons & dau.s; Dorothy, w/o William R. SNYDER, Scalp Level; Betty, w/o Thomas L. BORING, Huff, & Elmer D. & Joseph A. Jr., both at home; 4 sis.s- Elizabeth., w/o William HILL, 956 1/2 Franklin St.; Sue, w/o George HELSEL, Hollsoppie; Mary, w/o Ralph STRAYER, 1001 Franklin St., & Mrs. Hazel ELLENBERGER, 965 Franklin St., & 2 gchldn, Betty Jane & William R. SNYDER. Memb. Trinity Luth. Ch. Well known former teamster. Employed by City of Johnstown. Friends received after noon Sat John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where services conducted 2 pm, Mon Rev. Harold L. Rowe. Bur,, Grandview Cem.

[NI031077] J-town Trib, May 3 1969 LOHR, Mrs. Chrissie E., 75, 304 Maple Drive, Windber, formerly Hornerstown, d 3 am May 2 1969, Neilcliff Manor. b Jul 5 1893, Indiana Co., d/o Alfred & Catherine (RIBBLETT) DICK Preceded by hus., Joseph A., & son Earl Louis. Survived by chldn - Dorothy, w/o William SNYDER, with whom she resided; Elmer D., m Dorris SPANGLER, 506 Ferndale Ave.; Betty R., w/o Thomas L. BORING, New Florence; & Joseph A., m Shirley MILLER, 3209 Jackson Ave., Windber; 5 gchldn 1 ggchld. sis. of John, Harry, & Bert DICK; Mrs. Bridie SHIFVAR & Mrs. Annie BOYD, all Pueblo, CO; Mrs. Josie STEVENS, 1642 Franklin St.; & Mrs. Sadie MOON, Denver, CO. memb. Trinity Luth Ch., Ruth Willing Workers Bible Class, & American War Mothers. Friends received 7 - 9 pm Sat & 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Sun John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where services 11 am Mon, Rev. David N. Finney Jr. Bur., Grandview Cem.

[NI031080] L. C. Lambert is living at Lambertsville, engaged in farming & sawing lumber. He served in the late war; enlisted in August, 1863; discharged in July, 1865. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]
I, Lewis C. Lambert of Somerset Boro, Co. of Somerset & state of PA being of sound mind , memory & understanding, do make & publish this my last will & testament, hereby revoking & & making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. I give, devise & bequeath All my property real, personal & mixed of whatever nature & wheresoever situate unto my beloved wife, Laura B. Lambert, to be hers absolutely forever. I do hereby make, constitute & appoint my wife, Laura B. Lambert, to be executrix of this my last will & testament. In Wittness Whereof, I, Lewis C. Lambert, the tastator above named, havehereunto subscribed my name & affixed my seal, the 25th day of Feb 1918 Lewis C. Lambert (Seal)
Signed, sealed, published & declared by the above named Lewis C. Lambert as & for his last will & testament, in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names at his request as wittnesses therein the presence of the said testator & of each other. Nelle K. Glessner Charles N. Ealy
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Lewis C Lambert State: PA Dist: 0160 Color: W Age: 63 B Pl: PA Visit: 0494 Co: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02730017 Other Residents:
Wife Laura B 56, PA
Son Lewis C 20, PA
Dau Girtrude 32, PA
Mother-in-law Sarah Baltzer 83, PA
Bro-in-law Isiah 58, P
NO Annie O Skinner 17, PA
2 non-relatives

[NI031095] Moved from Somerset Co., PA to Franklin Co., PA ca 1863. About 1875, moved to IL & worked as a farmhand until marriage when he began farming for himself. He first lived near the village of Afolkey, IL, & later farmed near Freeport & Cedarville, IL. Moved to SD about 1905-6. Religion: Records show members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Cedarville, IL.

[NI031100] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 Josiah H. Zimmerman
194 212 BARNHART John 37 M Farmer 2700 600 PA
Elizabeth 34 F PA
Nancy 5 F PA.
Rebecca 3 F PA
Sarah 1 F PA

[NI031104] Since the inhabitants of all villages located in this area were also subjected to the suffering almost every year, especially during the years 1641, 1642 and 1645.The local population as well as the landgraves'exchequer(magisterial tax office)carried the losses.They had to forgo road taxes and customs revenue for many years.In 1637 the budget of the city of Darmstadt noted that the city of Hahn could not collect any toll fees for escort services as widespread war and unrest stopped any convoy (on horseback).The year of 1645 was a particularly bad year.During this year the imperial general Jan van Werth settled in Pfungstadt but he was replaced in June by the French and Swedish corps under Marshal Turenne and Hans Christoffer earl of Konigsmarck.The latter confiscated horses in Pfungstadt. These were intended for the new troupes.They were confiscated from the village inhabitants Johann Reinhard, Philipp Olmuller, Ewald Marstaller, Klaus Crossmann, Hans Wust, Heinrich Heil, Peter Wambold, Johann Hasenzahl, Martin Heil and Jakob Wambold who were amongst those that had managed to save some of their property from the war. In view of this it was hardly astonishing that the local administration was reduced to sporadic activities. According to the records for the eriod between Apr.of 1634 and Jan. of 1650 the court and jury could hardly ever perform their duty, and between 1645 and 1649 only a single court session was recorded. Apparently the magistrate - from 1641 this was the agile Johann Arleder, who presented the area of Pfungstadt with various reconstruction projects - encountered more and more problems when assembling the required number of jury members."

[NI031118] Born in Hesse Darmstardt, Germany in 1702 and immigrated to No. Amer. with his wife Barbara, in 1729 on the ship Mortonhouse. The records show that this ship sailed from Rotterdam and, clearing from Deal, England, June 21, 1729, arrived at Philadelphia on August 19, 1729, and immediately upon his arrival, Frederick Ludwig subscribed to the oath of allegiance to George II of England. He was married in Germany and had at least one of his children there. (Also on board were Johann George, Georg, and Mary Ann Crossman. He lived in Providence Twp of Philadelphia Co. (now Montgomery Co.). At the time of birth of Frederick (son of Johann George Mostoller, Frederick Ludwig's brother) Frederick Ludwig and Johann George must have lived 25 or 30 miles apart. Evidently the two families got together at Goshenhoppen Reformed Ch. on the occassion of the bapt. of Frederick since Frederick Ludwig and his wife Anna Barbara (STARK) were sponsors for the bapt. Frederick is listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran, serving in the 4th Group, 8th Company, 6th Battalion of Philadelphia Co. Friedrick Marstaller was a member of the Augusta Evangelical Luth. ch. (same as brother Johann). This could be the brother. Friedrick had 6 children: c Anna Margartha 13 Jan 1732, c Friedrick 11 Aug 1734 ,father of Rebecca b 30 Nov 1766, c Georg 1 Jun 1736, c Jon. Daniel 11 Feb 1733, c Johann heinrich 31 Aug 1730, married Anna Barbara Van Forren on 14 Dec 1753, c Valentine 28 Dec 1738. 19th August 1729. He settled upon the banks of Shippack Creek in New Providence twp, now Montgomery Co., PA, near Trappe, where he bought 173 acres and 78 perches. He was prominent in the founding of the August Luth. ch. at Trappe, PA, which was erected in 1743. His name appears today on a mural stone at the front door entering the church. Before the Augustus congregation was organized, however, Frederick was a trustee of the German Anabaptist Society (Minnonites) of Methacton (now Worcester) twp, Montgomery Co., PA, but at the organization of Augustus Luth. congregation, he had all his children bapt. by teh Rev. John Casper Stoever.
The death and burial of Frederick is recorded in Volume I of the records of the Augustus Luth. Church and reads as follows: "Buried October 17, 1753, Frederick Ludwig Marsteller, who died in the night 14-15 October."

[NI031140] In 1776 another family came to this wilderness-the Mostollers. Frederick Mostoller came from Northampton Co. and settled near Friedens station where about 1782, he erected a gristmill. He lived and died in Somerset Twp. His sons were John and George. Frederick Mostoller (Marsteller) - 2/11/1737 - 12/2/1815, lived to be 78 yrs old. Frederick was the first of the family to adopt the "Mostoller" name. He and his wife Katherine raised a family of 8 children. Prior to his migrating west, we find him operating in Northampton Co.The assessment list of Allen Twp of 1775 shows Frederick Marsteller with 200 acres, two cattle, two horses, one mare and he had one bound servant. In 1776 he went west to Bedford Co., about 200 miles. Frederick Mostoller, who in 1776 migrated to this section, which was then called Cumberland Co., and established himself as a pioneer, being one of the first three settlers in what is now the northern part of Somerset Co. Bears, wolves, and other wild animals abounded in the forest at that time; and Indians made frequent calls at the rude cabins of the few inhabitants that ventured to here. He worked at his trade of a blacksmith. He also built and operated the first grist mill in this part of the Co., and for several years, served as constable. In 1775, just before moving to Bedford co., he had obtained a warrant for 300 acres of land in Bedford co. Not until 1881, when the Somerset branch of the Baltimore and Ohio RR was extended from Somerset to Johnstown, did extensive lumbering begin. However, during the Civil War period, one of Frederick's grandsons, Joseph, built a water mill to saw timber a few hundred yards downstream from where Wells Creek empties into toneybrook.
Frederick was a member of the Bedford Co. Assoc. who helped protect the home front during the Revolutionary War (1777-1778). Friederick and Anna Barbara Marsteller were sponsors to the baptism of Friedrick. The last name spelling is given as MARGSTALER. Friedrick is shown as bapt.on 4/11/1737 in Great Swamp Ch. Friedens Evangelical Luth. Ch. was organized about the year 1783, by Rev. Mr. Steck. Among the original members (as heads of families) were Frederick Mostoller, Andrew Woy, Casper Swank, Thomas Swank, Jacob Barnhart, Peter Barnhart, Joseph S. Miller, John Mostoller, George Mostoller, Michael Mowry Sr., Christian Spangler, Henry Baker, and Benjamin Gerfoss. DAR shows date of birth as 29 Feb 1735 and wife as Catherine.

[NI031145] John was bapt. in the "Blue Church" which was located probably some 2 or 2 1/2 miles northwest from where Johann Georg built his cabin on his 200 acres.

[NI031149] John Mostoller was 6 yrs old when he came with his parents from Northampton Co. to Somerset Co., where he grew to man's estate. He subsequently purchased land in that part of the town, now included within the limits of Friedens, & was there prosperously engaged in farming until his death, at age 73 yrs. A man of superior intelligence & strong convictions, he was a leading memb of Whig party, & besides serv as Co Commissioner in 1816 & 1817, was a Rep to State legislature in 1820 & 1821. He was one of organizers of Friedens Luth Ch in 1783. He m Christina, d/o Yost Miller, & was father of Joseph, George, Elizabeth, Rosa & Leah, of whom only Joseph is living. John Mostoller was an early settler, who lived & d in Somerset Twp. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.] One of the outstanding soldiers from this m. was John W. Mostoller, who lived in the vicinity of Mostoller. He served in the 54th Reg., as herein-after recited with such distinction that he was given a medal by the congress of the US for bravery & special service.

[NI031153] He was listed as a pioneer in his community & active & prominent in the growth & development of it. Being a farmer, his operations were conducted on a large scale.

[NI031154] Tombstone inscription reads: d. 6-9-1844, 68y, 5m, 6d. which puts birth date as 1-3-1776. This agrees with DAR 459087but also may have been the ce for DAR 459087. Annemarie Maurer has birthdate as 1-9-1785 which is a better fit for her siblings.

[NI031156] 1850 Federal Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 3 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
24 273 283 Mowry Peter 67 MFarmer 2,000 Maryland.. .
25 273 283 Mowry Susanna 72 F.PA

[NI031164] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
223-156 Fleagle, Jacob 56 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 50 F PA
Elisabeth 21 F PA
Nancy 16 F PA
Henry 17 M Farmer PA
Eve 15 F PA
Rosanna 12 F PA
Jacob 14 M PA
Rachel 10 F PA

[NI031167] George, who was born in 1803, died in Stony Creek in 1872. He was a cabinet maker by trade. He married Elizabeth Shank, who bore one son, Edward G. Mostoller follows farming, and also owns and operates a sawmill. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
265 236 MOSTOLLER George 47 M Farmer PA
MOSTOLLER Elisabeth 45 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 24 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
30 199 203 Mostoller George 66 M W Farmer 3,000 1,000 PA
Mostoller Elizabeth 63 F W Keeping house PA
Herring Lorenzo 13 M W PA

[NI031174] 1850 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
225-171 Bash, John 41 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 39 F PA
Lohr, Noah 12 M PA

[NI031228] Dave Peterson shows that the father of Hans (the husband of Anna) to be Johana Georg Marsteller born Abt. 1540 in Pfungstadt, Germany. However this relationship doesn't jive with Masteller trees located on Ancestry.Com. Specifically, tree 12257 on which this tree is based.

[NI031327] In 1776, Isaac Wise refused to take an oath of loyalty to the British government and was hanged at the age of 17. Isaac was listed as the first casualty of the Revolutionary War in North Carolina on the colonists' side. He was buried in Haas Field. This later became a cemetery and there is a memorial monument now on his grave. Frederick, Jr and/or Daniel (his brothers) may have been hung or fled to Nova Scotia or Florida.

[NI031346] Catherine married again and the children of Valentine Warlick brought suit against her and their step-father to recover the estate of their father.

[NI031364] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 23 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
33 175 181 Fleegle Isaac 34 M W Cooper 500 200 PA
34 175 181 Fleegle Elizabeth 35 F W Keeping house PA
35 175 181 Fleegle Susan 9 F W PA
36 175 181 Fleegle Lewis 4 M W PA

[NI031435] CHRISTIAN STUTZMAN; He received a warrant on Aug. 10, 1785 for 110 acres of land in what is now Hegins Twp., Schyulkill Co, PA. The land was patented to him in 1801. There was a Christian Stutzman taxed in Mahantongo Twp. in 1802. He also received a half interest in 321 acres, 90 perches with Frederick Denger in a patent on May 27, 1822. Land in the amount of 321 acres and 90 perches was deeded to Peter Stutzman from Abram Schwartz and his wife, Susanna. The deed recites that Christian Stutzman died intestate leaving a wife, Catharine and isssue, Susanna Schwartz and Peter Stutzman. The deed was signed Oct. 6, 1826. Christian Stutzman is among those listed in the Co. of Capt. Bretz as having paid a fine.

[NI031437] Arrived in America October 2, 1727 on the ship Adventure at, Capt. John Davies from Rotterdam, last from Plymouth, England.

[NI031439] Listed as "Christopher" - In 1756, he rode with The Philadelphia Co., Capt. Edward Jones, Troop of Light Horse, which passed thru Lancaster Co. on its way to Harrisburg, then along the Susquehanna to Sunbury where the company joined the Augusta Regiment and became the Third Battalion that guarded the fort again surrounding area during its building. Pine Grove Twp., farmed 100 acres of land. He moved to Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland Co. in 1782 where he took up 100 acres of land.

[NI031444] Sponsors for Peter and Magdalena Dinger. Probably son of Christian and Catherine (Eckert) Stutzman. Came from Lebanon Co. and settled in Hegins Twp. in the fall of 1826.

[NI031472] Adopted by Scott S. Yaeger on May 22, 1995, Second District Court, Ogden, UT

[NI031479] Adopted by Scott Yaeger on May 22, 1995, Second District Court,
Ogden, UT

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