[NI031570] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
214-96 Reel, Mathias 67 M Farmer PA
Mary 73 F PA
Jacob 46 M Farmer PA
Margaret 41 F PA
Mary 38 F PA

[NI031575] 1850 Census Elklick Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Oct John H. Smith
22 79 81 Hochstetler Henry 45 M Farmer 4,500 Penna Col. 11-6.
Hochstetler Susan 53 F Pa
Hochstetler Elizabeth 21 F Pa
Hochstetler Emanuel 16 M Labourer Pa
Hochstetler Henry 14 M Pa
Hochstetler Christain 13 M Pa
Hochstetler Samuel 12 M Pa
Hochstetler John 10 M Pa

[NI031588] was a minister in the amish church, & was blind during the latter part of his life.

[NI031592] Somerset County Wills, No. 16 of 1835 (taken from a bad photocopy where some words are faded or cut off; hence the use of ( )'s) In the name of God amen, I Daniel Miller of Stoney Creek Twp Somerset Co. State of PA being sick & weak of body but of sound mind memory & understanding, Praised be God for the same & being ( ) to settle my worldly affairs do make & publish this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking & making void all wills by me made at any time heretofore. I will that all my my just Debts that shall be by me owing at my death together with my funeral expenses & all charges touching or concerning this my last Will & Testament shall in the 1st place be fully pd & sattisfied. Item I will that my beloved wife Mary after my death shall continue keeping house as we did heretofore with the help of the chldn & that she shall have the right to keep horses (harness?) Waggons ploughs Harrows & all kind & all ( ) farming utinsels whatever she may think neccessary for farming & also as many cattle sheep & hogs as she may think proper to keep & also the sugar making & cider making vessels & all the household kitchen ( ) or as much thereof as she sees neccessary & the ( ) now in the ground & the grain & oats in the grainery & that as long as she may continue housekeeping & all the above she is to have without being appraised & ( ) she is to have the right to let or lease the house & ( ) & potato patch of Peter P. Thomas place during the lease to whom she pleases & also the weaving ( ) ( ) giers belonging thereto, such property as she doth not keep it is my will that it be appraised & sold as is usually done, & in case my said wife would want to give up house keeping it is my will that she shall have the full right of occupying the dwelling house we are now living in during her life & to have 1 cow the same to be kept in a ???? manner by the occupier of the place & 1 stove & pipe clock & case beds & bedstead as many as she wants & as much household & furniture as she may think neccessary to keep & also the right of using apples as many as she wants, & the privilege of using cider as much as she wants & $500 to be pd to my said wife for her only use or remain in the hands of my executors for safe keeping & pd to her as she wants it. she is only to have the said property & money lastly mentioned after she quit house keeping if the said $500 should prove to be insufficient for keeping my said wife during her life then it is my will that my executors shall have full authority to pay her so much more as they may see cause & if it be so that my said wife Mary should give up house keeping it is my will that she should have the right to nominate either of my sons that should have my real estate at the price & rate of payments herein after mentioned & that my executors be fully authorized to make deed in such case or otherwise but in case it is not done so, it is will that my executors give unto my son Yost the 1st offer of my real estate at $1800 this share to be considered as the down money & the yrly payments $50 a yr for 2 yrs, & the balance $100 a yr until the whole is pd, but if it should appear that the payments should be too high at $100 they may reduce it to $25 per yr, & in case my son Yost should refuse taking the place at the above rate, then my son Joseph is to have the next & same offer, & if he should also refuse, then my son Samuel shall have the next & same offer, & if he should also refuse then the next eldest is to have the next chance & so on unto the youngest & if any of my sons should be willing & accept the place I do authorize my executors to make deed in fee simple & if neither of my sons should be willing to take my place at the above rate, then I authorize my executors to sell to best advantage for the estate, & make deed as above decreeded. It is my will that all the property that my said wife doth not keep my executors have it appraised & dispose of it as the Law decreedeth & also if my wife should give up houskeeping or in case of her death it is my will that they dispose of all property left in same manner, 1st giving any of my chldn a chance whatever property they want to take it at the appraisment. It is my will that each of my chldn shall keep the books I have given them in my lifetime but those that have more than the others, that they be charged with the same, further I will that my chldn namely Joseph, Yost, Samuel, Abraham, Sarah, Daniel & Catherine shall have equal share & share alike. I will that my father & step mother keep the same possession they have had heretofore ( ) during their natural life & that as long as my said wife continue keeping house that they pay them out of the proceeds of the plais that I was bound to pay them in my lifetime, but in case if 1 of my sons should take the place, or be sold to any other person ( ) the occupier is to keep 1 horse 1 cow & 1 sheep in ( ) manner & the balance to be pd them out of the ( ) money being $12 yrly during the life of my father, & after the death of my father my said step mother to posess of the house only that they now occupy. Lastly I appoint & ordain Abner Yoder & David Yoder executors of this my last Will & Testament as witness my hand & seal this 17 Mar 1835 Daniel Miller (seal) Signed & sealed in the presence of us Tobias Musser Abraham Muller Proved 18 Apr 1835

[NI031656] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William H Ringler Age: 52 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0165 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0128 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Jennie 49, PA
daug. Carrie 22, PA
Son Harry 24, PA
Son Austin 21, PA
Son Allen 19, PA
Son Milo 17, PA
daug. Mary 15, PA
daug. Blanche 12, PA
daug. Charlotte 06, PA

[NI031920] Knop in German means pastry maker

[NI031921] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
195 213 WILT Jeremiah 27 M Day Laborer 170 PA
Mary 30 F PA
Rosiabela 1 F PA
Elizabeth 1/12 F PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
12 170 176 Wild Jeremiah 37 M W Laborer 200 PA
Wild Mary 40 F W Keeping house PA
Wild Rose B. 11 F W PA
Wild Elizabeth 10 F W PA
Wild Sidney 4 F W PA
Wild James L. 2 M W PA

[NI031953] This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Walter /ALLEN/ (AFN:9362-TP) and Rebecca // (AFN:9RWL-05)

[NI032019] m. Mar 1638, 17 yrs after 1st chld was b. ( poss. by another wife) Edmund came to Salem MA in Governor Endicott's company in 1628. He, his bro Francis & 4 others commenced the settlement of Lynn in 1629. Drowned in Saugus River in Mar 1648 while riding to Boston. A bridge that was defective caused his death. His heirs recovered damages from the town. Fined for gathering firewood on the Sabbath on Apr 20 1646.

[NI032069] Delano ancestor info from Elaine Johnson, [email protected], 17 Jan 1997..
She said this is from Ancestry. J.M Ingalls

[NI032093] The last will and testament of Daniel Bussard of West Providence Twp in the co. of Bedford, PA. I Daniel Bussard considering the uncertainty of this mortal life & being of sound mind, memory & understanding do make this my last will & testament in manner forthcoming, 1st & principally I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it & it is my will that all my just debts & funeral expenses be paid out of the sale of my personal property which is to be sold by my executor allowing my beloved w. Sarah Bussard $300 out of it at appraisement & my real estate to remain for the use of my w. Sarah Bussard & my 4 youngest chldrn, namely Simon S. Bussard, Andrew S. Bussard, Abraham S. Bussard & Mary Ann Bussard until my daughter Mary Ann comes of age, then it is to be sold & the money divided amongst my heirs in the manner following, each of the girls to have $1. to the boys $2 to be divided in that way amongst all my chldrn, except my son Daniel Bussard who is to have $5 after the place is sold & if there should be any flush of the sale, money after my debts is paid it is to go to the use of my w. & four youngest chldrn. I hereby appoint Ida Sparks my executor of this my last will & testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made or said to have been made. In witness wher of I have hereunto set my hand & seal the 9th of Mar 1859 initialize done before signing. Signed in the presence of Daniel Bussard (his X mark) ? Bussard ..... Bedford Co. S.S. Personally appeared before the Registrar for the Probate of Wills in the foresaid co., ? Bussard & Conrad Makefoos (?) ... witnessed to the forgoing instrument of writing who being duly sworn do depose that they were present & saw the testator Daniel Buzzard sign his name to the same & heard him pronounce & declare said instrument of writing to be his last will & testament that he directed them to sign their names as ...... & that at the time of so doing he, the said testator, was of sound mind, memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge & belief. Sworn the 14th of Mar 1859.

[NI032096] Came home drunk and parked car in and fell asleep with car running

[NI032112] immigrated between 1773 and 1776 to Halifax Co., VA. About the beginning of the Rev. War, he immigrated from Devonshire, England. He served in the military about 1780. About the beginning of the Rev. War, he joined the Colonial Army. John N. was lost in General Grians raid through NC and SC. No documentation has been located to allow this fact to be proven to the DAR. He came to America, served in the Rev. War, and was killed in a skirmish in NC

[NI032125] Georg Christoph came to Amer with his father, bro, & 2 sis' in 1738. The family settled in York Co., PA & became membs of Christ Luth Ch in York. Georg Christoph m, 1st Anna Marcretha Upp (Ob, Opp) ca. 1746 & had 5 chldn. Anna Marcretha d before 1758 when her father's will was written. Her father, Jacob Upp, made bequests "unto Nicholas, Andreas, Balsar, Anna Margeta, & Catherina, chldn of Christopher Knertzer my son-in-law" in his will, written 10 May 1758 & probated 30 March 1767 in York Co. Georg Christoph's father also named the 5 chldn in his will. Births & bapts of 4 of these chldn are recorded in the baptismal reg of Christ Luth Ch. Georg Christoph m, 2nd, Margareta Elizabetha. On 20 Aug 1764 Margareta Elizabetha granted a deed of divorce to Georg Christoph. The deed of divorce notes that Georg Christoph is "late of Newbury Twp," since he had already left York Co. & moved to Rowan Co., NC, where he purchased 397 acs on Grant Creek, 10 Jul 1764. Georg Christoph's 5 chldn went to Rowan Co., NC with him. By Oct 1766 Georg Christoph had m, 3rd, Eve Schmidt/Smith Adams, widow of John Adams. Eve was a widow with 5 chldn by 1762 & indications are that she & Georg Christoph were m in 1764. Eve was daug of Peter Schmidt/Smith who d in Rowan Co.NC in 1769, leaving a will which named chldn of daug Eve & her deceased husb John Adams; the will adds that Eve is, in 1767, the "wife of Christopher Knatzer."

[NI032127] Johann Balthasar was a memb of Evan Pfarramt (protestent ch) in Treschklingen. The Hauptstaatsarchiv in Stuttgart states that Treschklingen was in the dist of Sinsheim until the Protestant Ref. Presently Treschklingen is a part of Bad Rappenau, in the Kreis (Co.) Heilbronn, Baden, Germany, in the political boundaries of what was called the German Palatinate. Before 1806 Treschklingen was in the possession of the family of Gemmingen-Hornberg. Treschklingen is northwest of Heilbronn & abt 30 mis southeast of Heidelberg. In the spring of 1738 Johann Balthasar, at age 37, & Maria Dorothea Knörtzer, age 35, emigrated with 4 of their chldn to Amer. On 17 Apr 1738 an inventory of the property of Balthasar Knörtzer, including real estate, money, bedding, clothing, linens, tin articles, copper & bronze items, cabinets, barrels & kegs, farm equipment, wine, all kinds of kitchen equipment, cattle & other animals, & odds & ends, & debts, was made in Treschklingen in preparation for selling everything he could not take with him on his passage to Amer. Maria Dorothea Knörtzer d on board ship during the crossing, (Register of Luth congregation of Strayers Union Ch, Dover, York Co, PA) Johann Balthasar Knortzer is one of the 24 founders of York Christ Luth Ch, 29 S. George St, York, PA, founded in 1741. Ch records include the marriages of 2 of his chldn & christenings of many of his gchldn. Balthasar was one of several Germans naturalized in Philadelphia on Sep 25 1751. Abt 1760 Baltzer & Catharina (Wolfe Grass) (his 2nd wife) moved from their farmland into the town of York & took up residence there, remaining in York Town at least from 1762 until their deaths. They lived in a house built on lot No. 84 on the east side of Beaver St., which he had bought in 1754. When Baltzer wrote his will, he left that house in Catharine’s possession. Johann Balthasar Knörtzer appears to have been educated. He signed his name in German script to the ship list when he arrived at the port in Philadelphia & to his will in 1767. He became quiet well-to-do in the new world. By the time he wrote his will, at age 66, he had already distributed more than 300 pounds in the money of Great Britain among his 4 adult chldn & his step-son.
York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819
Surname: Knertzer Given Name: Baltzer Description: Decedent Res.: Yorktown Twp. Date: 15 Aug 1767 Prove Date: 18 Sep 1769 Remarks: Knertzer, Baltzer. Aug. 15, 1767. Executors: Baltzer Knertzer & George Kuntz. Yorktown Twp. Wife: Catharine Knertzer. chdn: George, Baltzer, Catharine, & Dorothea w/o Andrew Miller. Stepson: Andrew Grass. Grandchdn: Nicholas, Andrew, Baltzer, Margaret, & Catharine, chdn of George.

[NI032130] York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819 Surname: Opp Given Name: Peter Description: Decedent Res.: Dover Twp. Date: 17 Nov 1772 Prove Date: 1 Dec 1772 Remarks: Opp, Peter. Nov. 17, 1772. Executors: Jacob Opp & Daniel Messerly. Dover Twp. chdn: Catharine w/o Conrad Becker, Sophia w/o Andrew Blechhard, Dorothea w/o Adam Metzger, Margaret w/o Martin Wenkel, Elizabeth, Peter, Jacob, Barbara, Magdalena, Andrew, & Maria.

[NI032134] 1 Apr 1774 Baltzer (Jr.), sold, by auction. for the sum of £221,” the lot where Johann Balthasar & Anna Catherina had resided, Number 84 on the east side of Beaver Street in the Town of York.

[NI032146] John Balser was b in York Co., PA abt 1750. He left York Co. in 1764 with his father & siblings, moving to Rowan Co., NC. He went back to PA in late 1779 when his step-gmother d, probably to get his & his siblings' portion of the estate that was willed to them by his gfather, Johann Balthasar upon the death of his widow, Anna Catherina. While in PA, John Balser served in the Rev War. In "Central PA Genealogy Magazine," Sep 1968, 'Soldiers from Cumberland Valley in the Revolution is listed "Balser Kinatzer, enlisted during the war, aged abt 31 yrs, abt 5 ft & 8 in. high, b in York Co.; last place of residence Roan (Rowan) Co., NC; can do a little at the schemaker trade, dark brown hair, dark complexion, of German extraction, 18 Apr 1782; bounty pd by Captain Bush." After the war, John Balser left PA & went to Shenandoah Co., VA where he appeared in the 1785 tax list. He remained in Shenandoah Co. at least until 6 Nov 1787 when he m Mary Pennicuff (Bennighoff), probable d/o Philip Pennicuff. John Balser returned to Davie Co., NC where his father was living then. He left there with his bro Nicholas who was in Sevier Co., TN by Aug 1789. John Balser was in Knox Co., TN by 1 Apr 1794 when he serv as a Pvt in a detachment of infantry under the command of Ezekial Buchanan, Regt of Washington Dist Militia, commanded by Landon Carter, which was mustered into serv on 1 Apr 1794 at Knoxville for the protection of the frontiers southwest of the river Ohio against Indians. The Muster Roll lists him as Paulser Cornatzer & shows he was called into serv on 1 Mar 1794 & discharged 6 Jun 1794. By 1804 John Balser had moved on to Wayne Co., KY where he is listed as Balsher Kenatzer in the tax records of that yr as 1 white male over 21 yrs of age, owning 1 horse. He remained in Wayne Co. at least through 1814. The 1810 Wayne Co., KY census records Palser Kanatzer, age over 45, along with 2 males age 18-26 (?Philip & ?John), 1 male age 0-10 (?David), 2 females age 10-20, & 1 female age 0-10. John Balser appears to have gone to Fentress Co., TN by 1815 with his sons. The 1820 Fentress Co. census records with Philip Conatser, John Balser’s son, a male age 45+, & the 1830 census records a male age 80-90 living with Philip Conatser. This male is probably his father, John Balser.

[NI032177] Andrew Connatser was in Wayne Co., KY by 10 Jul 1806 when a land grant of 61 acs was granted to him. The 1810 Wayne Co., KY census shows he was still there. He returned to Sevier Co., TN after 1810. A TN land grant which had been his father's was granted to him in 1809. Minutes of Big Pigeon Bapt Ch show that Cathy Carnacher (?Andrew's mother) became a memb there in 1811 "by experience." Andrew & Mary Connacher became membs in 1818. In Mar 1819 a group left Big Pigeon Ch & formed Bethel Bapt Ch. A list of membs included Andrew & Mary Conatser. Andrew became a Deacon at Bethel Bapt Ch in Jul 1828 & was Ordained a Minister at the same Ch in May 1834. He was Pastor at Alder Branch, Bethel, Tuckaleechee & Bethany, serving both Alder Branch & Bethany before 1851. The book TN's Pioneer Bapt Preachers, written in 1919, by J. J. Burnett, says: "Andrew Connatser was a preacher in Sevier Co. in the early half of the last century, noted in several ways, & particularly gifted in exhortation & prayer. He was of German descent, & could speak the German language, but was b in this country. He was ordained deacon of Bethel Ch, Sevier Co., "Sat Aug 4 1829," & later was ordained to the ministry by authority of the same ch. For a no. of yrs he was a messenger of Bethel Ch to the TN Assc. He was pastor of Alder Branch & other chs. In physical build he was rawboned, muscular & sinewy, a man of rare physical strength & endurance. Before his conversion, according to the custom of his day & neighborhood, he drank some, & would "treat" his associates & receive "treats" in return, on special occasions. After his conversion, even after he had become a preacher & "had preached his 3rd sermon," I was told, 7 of his companions undertook to get him to drink with them & to "treat" in the old-time way. To prove his hospitality & to show that he was not "stingy," he yielded to their solicitations & furnished the "treats." But they were not satisfied; they wanted him to drink "nolens volens," & undertook to force him. Thinking he had gone far enough on the "2-mile" rd with his persecutors, or had taken enough of their abuse to satisfy the law of "non-resistance to evil," instead of turning the other cheek to the smiters, with his good fist he landed blows on the cheeks of abt 7 of his assailants, knocking them down as fast as they approached him. After that they "let him alone, the argument of hard knocks proving effective where the gentle means of moral suasion had proved a failure." For many yrs before his death Andrew Connatser lived in pioneer style in an old house in Sevier Co. which had been used as a fort in fighting the Indians. It had holes in the sides, corresponding to the portholes of a ship, through which the whites could poke their guns & fire in case it was necessary to defend themselves from the Indians. In 1851 he was pastor of Tuckaleechee Ch (Min. TN Assc). He was also pastor of Bethel & Bethany chs. He m a Miss Mary Blevins. He & his wife both lived in KY before coming to TN. He has a no. of living descs in Sevier Co.. " The will of Andrew Connatser, dated 4 Nov 1862, lists his wife Mary Ann, 4 sons Daniel, Amasa, Andrew, & Reuben, & 5 daugs Polly Hearst, Sarah Long, Catherine Thomas, Emma Romines & Martha Webb. Son Daniel was his executor. According to the 3rd record book of Bethel Ch, he d 22 Nov 1862, 18 days after he wrote the will. He is bur Bethel Cem, Sevier Co., TN

[NI032179] James J. Conatser, occupation wheelwright, & family were living in District # 2, Jamestown, in 1860, next door to George W. Conatser, s/o Philip & Peggy (Cooper) Conatser

[NI032238] Parents were prominent settlers of the area & members of the Old Dunkard Church, now Church of the Brethren. Many of his members became ministers of the church & still are today.

[NI032241] Herald of Truth Vol XLI # 32 Aug 4 1904 pg 255, 256. Saylor. On Jul 14 1904, Somerset Co, Pa of paralysis Samuel Saylor aged 71y 4d. His death was quite sudden. He had suffered from several strokes some time ago, but was able to be abt & doing a little work again, when he was suddenly taken with another stroke on 13th & d the following morn. Bro Saylor was twice m. He was father of 16 chdn, 13 of whom survive, & 30 gchdn, 23 of whom are living. Funeral on 15th at Thomas M H by S G Shetler & L A Blough. Bur in cem near by.
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 15 Aug H. J. Boyts
16 132 127 Saylor Samuel 37 M W Farmer 4,000 800 Pa
Saylor Ann 12 F W at home Pa
Saylor Daniel 10 M W at home Pa
Saylor George 8 M W at home Pa
Saylor John 6 M W at home Pa
Specher Mary 40 F W Domestic Servant Pa

[NI032244] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
John P Lape State: PA Dist: 0160 Color: W Age: 31 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0208 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02590147 Other Residents:
Wife Annie 32, West Virginia
1 non-relative

[NI032248] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ross Mangus State: PA Dist: 0164 Color: W Age: 29 B Pl: PA Visit: 0076 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 03170686 Other Residents:
Wife Julia A 28, PA
Son Love O 02, PA
SIL Abi Lape 19, PA
3 non-relatives

[NI032254] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
John D Strayer Age: 44 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0126 B Pl: PA Visit: 0398 Co: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Myrtle 36 PA
Dau Leah 15 PA
Son Kennth De 13 PA
Dau Florence 06 PA
Son Edward NR PA

[NI032255] 1850 Federal Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 28, 1850 by Thos Hughes
29 270 275 Otto Conrad 41 M Farmer 1,000 Md
30 270 275 Otto Catharine 31 F Pa
31 270 275 Otto Margaret 12 F Pa
32 270 275 Otto Catharine 10 F Pa
33 270 275 Otto Elizabeth 7 F Pa
34 270 275 Otto Sarah J. 3 F Pa
35 270 275 Otto Louisa 1 F Pa

[NI032258] 1926 History of Cambria Co, sketch of his son D. G. Seese. William G. Seese, who lives retired at Rummell, Somerset Co., PA was b. at Scalp Level, Feb 21, 1857. His wife was b. at Berlin, PA Mar. 18, 1861. During his active career he was extensively engaged in farming & stock raising & owned 117 acres of land. He has served Paint Twp., Somerset Co., as school director for 12 yrs, tax collector for 12 yrs, & an assessor for 2 yrs. He is a member of the Church of the Brethren. To Mr. & Mrs. Seese was b. 7 chldrn: Frank B., Johnstown; Alma, m. Mahlon Hoffman, Johnstown; Elva, a teacher, lives at home; Myra, m. George Berkley, Johnstown; D.G. Ida, m. Jaob Berkey, Johnstown; & Carmon D., a teacher, lives at home.

[NI032266] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
252 147 MILLER John A. 44 M Farmer PA
252 147 MILLER Sarah 51 F PA
252 147 MILLER Martin 21 M Farmer PA
252 147 MILLER Daniel 17 M Farmer PA
252 147 MILLER Abraham 8 M PA
252 147 MILLER Susan 18 F PA
252 147 MILLER Mary 14 F PA
252 147 BEACHLEY Sarah 9 F PA

[NI032268] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 15 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
23 130 132 Miller Jacob A. 38 M Farmer 4,000 PA
24 130 132 Miller Margaret 36 F PA
25 130 132 Miller Dinah 12 F PA
26 130 132 Miller Mary 10 F PA
27 130 132 Miller Abraham 8 M PA
28 130 132 Miller Elisabeth 6 F PA

[NI032271] 1860 Federal Census Middlecreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Taken by John Campbell
589 MILLER, Daniel 39 m Farmer PA
Elizabeth 44 f Spinster PA
Jonathan 17 m Farmer Pa
Abram 14 m PA
Noah 12 m PA
BRIMER, Josephine 15 f PA
LINT, Camilia 28 f Spinster PA

[NI032275] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 11 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
29 109 110 Fike John, Sen 53 M Farmer 5,000 PA
30 109 110 Fike Catherine 48 F PA
31 109 110 Fike Daniel 19 M Labourer PA
32 109 110 Fike Sarah 13 F PA
33 109 110 Fike Caroline 11 F PA
34 109 110 Fike Catherine 7 F PA

[NI032278] David was a farmer & Breth. (German Bapt.) minister. In 1841 a Farsomlüngs Briefly listed the heads of families; among those in the Big Glades Ch. was David Biechly. David Buechley/Beeghley is also listed as a deacon & serving in the ministry. They lived in Elk Lick Twp, Somerset Co., PA. David & Elizabeth moved from Somerset Co., PA, to Liscomb, Marshall Co., IA, 3 Nov 1865 & lived 1 mi. west & 1/4 mi. south of Liscomb. They had 680 acres of land.

[NI032281] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
460 66 LICHTY, Joseph 36 f Farmer PA
Ann 31 f PA
John 12 m PA
Hiram 10 m PA
Mary 8 f PA
William H. 6 m PA
Louisa 4 f PA
Sabella 2 f PA
Allen 3/12 m PA
KNAGEY, Jonathan 31 m Laborer PA
LOW, Martha 20 f PA

[NI032283] Jonathan and Marion were one of the pioneer families in Northern Iowa. In Dec. 1863 they settled near Waterloo, IA. They lived in Black Hawk Co., IA for 23 years. In Sept. of 1879 the family suffered a Diptheria out break. 3 of the 5 Miller children died. In 1886 the Miller family settled a farm in Midland twp in Lyon Co., IA. In 1902 Jonathan and Marion retired in Rock Rapids, IA. The Obit. for Jonathan Miller states that he was an unusual man, and he was very active and alert up to the time of his death at the age of 90. Jonathan kept notes about small loans he made to friends and family in a small note book. He also listed his height as 5ft. 6in.

[NI032296] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
262 213 GROVE Henry 29 M Farmer PA
262 213 GROVE Abraham 27 M Farmer PA
262 213 GROVE Sarah 23 F PA

[NI032297] Somerset Ledger December 25, 1914 SUSAN GROVE, 84 years old, died last Friday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Spangle of Shanksville. Her husband Abraham Grove, died 40 years ago. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Spangle, a son, John A. Grove of Lambertsville.

[NI032298] 1860 Census Lower Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA John Campbell
31 34 34 Cremer Hiram 27 M W Farmer 700 100 Pa.
Cremer Mary A. 19 F W Spinster Pa.
Cremer Sarah J. 10/12 F W Pa.
1870 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA James Eudsley
573a. 82 Cramer Hiram 37 m w Farmer 6000 1500 Pa.
Cramer Mary A. 30 f w Keeping House Pa.
Cramer Jane 10 f w Pa.
Cramer Ellen 8 f w Pa.
Cramer Milton 6 m w Pa.
Cramer Joseph G. 4 m w Pa.
82 Cramer Emma A. 2 f w Pa.
Kreger William 22 m w Farm Laborer Pa.
1880 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA A. N. Snyder
10 18 89 93 Cramer Hiram W m 47 ? Farmer Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Mary W f 40 Wife Keeping House Penn Prussia Prussia
Cramer Sarah J. W f 20 Daug at Home Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Ellen H. W f 18 Daug at Home Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Milton B, W m 16 Son Works on Farm Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Joseph G. W m 14 Son Works on Farm Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Emma W f 11 Daug at Home Penn Pa Pa
Cramer John B. W m 9 Son Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Mary A. W f 7 Daug Penn Pa Pa
Cramer Charles L. W m 2 Son Penn Pa Pa

[NI032320] It is believed that Daniel lived in the Cookes House, built in 1761 near Codorus St. in York. The horses belonging to the delegates to the Continental Congress, which convened in York from Sep 1777 until Jun 1778, were kept in pastures around
the house. Thomas Paine, the Englishman who wrote "Common Sense", stayed there during his visit to York in 1776.

[NI032357] Paulus came to Amer. with his father at the age of 10. He lived with his family in Lancaster Co. PA until he moved to York Co. about 1745. On 12 Sep 1749 he bought one of the original house lots in Yorktown at the southeast corner of King
and Water Streets, the later now known as Pershing Av. He never built on the lot and shortly returned to Lancaster Co. where he married Barbara. In 1763 the family moved to York Co. where he purchased a farm for 250 pounds in Dover Twp. He made a donation towards the establishment of Quickel's Church, a congregation of Reformed and Lutheran denominations. He served as one of the church's original elders and trustees. Paulus was a farmer throughout his lifetime.

[NI032381] York City, Spring Garden Twp., York Co., PA, 17331800: Christ Evang. Luth. Ch. Wilt, Maria Catharine b 27 Sep 1742 Bap. 14 October 1743 Wilt, Nicholas Father Wilt, Nicholas Mrs. Mother

[NI032382] During the Rev. War, Valentine served as a Pvt, 3rd Co. Simon Kopenhafer, Capt.. 7th Batt. York Co. Militia in 1775. He thus became a source of eligibility for membership in the DAR and SAR, to which many of his descendants belong. York City, Spring Garden Twp., York Co., PA, 17331800: Christ Evang. Luth. Ch. Wilt, Valentin b 26 Sep 1743 Bap. 9 Oct 1743 Wilt, Nicholas Father Wilt, Nicholas Mrs. Mother
York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819 Surname: Wilt Given Name: Valentine Residence: York Boro Date: 16 Apr 1796 Prove Date: 27 Aug 1800 Remarks: Valentine Wilt. Apr 16, 1796. Executors: Elizabeth Wilt & John Michel. York Borough. Wife: Elizabeth Wilt. Children: Nicholas, Peter, Velantine, Magdalena, Catharine w/o John Pflieged, Elizabeth, Barbara, Susanna & Anne.

[NI032383] Name: Wild, Maria Elisabeth Event: Baptism Date: May 1745 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In Yorktown - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032384] Name: Wild, Johan Adam Event: Baptism Date: October 1747 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032385] Name: Wild, Barbara Description: Baptized Event: Baptism Date: July 1748 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032386] Name: Wild, Maria Magdelena Event: Baptism Date: September 1752 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032387] Name: Wild, Maria Margreth Event: Baptism Date: September 1754 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032389] Name: Wild, Joh Georg Event: Baptism Date: June 1756 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032394] Name: Wild, Samuel Description: Baptized Event: Baptism Date: March 1750 Place: York Co., PA Church: Jacob Lischy’s Private Pastoral Record, York County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1769 Remarks: In York - Wild, Niclaus Description: Father Wild, Catharina Description: Mother

[NI032424] a.k.a. Polly

[NI032433] Johan and his family immigrated to Amer. They arrived in Philadelphia on the English ship "Johnson" on 18 Sep 1732. He obtained a land warrent for 100 acres located on Muddy Creek north and east of Lancaster in 1736. Valentine and Elizabeth, sons Nicholas & Paul, & 2 dau.s Margaret & Elizabeth immigrated in 1732. The remaining chldn were already deceased at that time. They settled in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co. Nicholas was the 1st to move to York Co. with his father next. & then Paul in 1765.

[NI032435] York City, Spring Garden Twp., York Co., PA, 17331800: Christ Evang. Luth. Ch. Wilt, John Jacob b 15 Jun 1783 Bap. 26 Jul 1783 Wilt, John Father Wilt, Catharine Mother

[NI032436] Served in US Army during WW I

[NI032439] 1850 Census Conewago Twp., York Co., PA 17 Sep 1850 by Michael Peter
31 7 7 Wilt Michael 61 M Farmer 3,000 Pa
Wilt Regina 54 F Pa
Ginter Leah 15 F Pa

[NI032448] Nicholas WILD Early German Settlers of York Co, PA page 276 Taxed in 1762 His will was written in Manchester Twp. on Sep 1 1784 & probated Mar 14 1786.

[NI032480] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
264 239 WILT John 68 M Miller PA
264 239 WILT Polly 60 F PA
264 239 WILT Appleton 15 M Laborer PA
264 239 WILT Catharine 20 F PA

[NI032483] York City, Spring Garden Twp., York Co., PA, 17331800: Christ Evang. Luth. Ch. Wilt, John Jacob b 13 Jun 1790 Bap. 11 July 1790 Wilt, Samuel Father Wilt, Anna Margaret Mother

[NI032488] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 3 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
2 2 WILT Daniel 39 M Carpenter 300 PA
Elisabeth 45 F PA
Josiah 23 M Laborer PA
Sophia 21 F PA
Lavenia 20 F PA
Jeremiah 17 M PA
Delilah 11 F PA
Catharine A. 8 F PA
David 2 M PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
93 102 WILT Daniel 60 M Master Carpenter 200 100 PA
Elizabeth 50 F PA
Catharine 17 F PA.
David 12 M PA

[NI032495] Hans Heinrich lived in Neckargemund until after his second marriage in 1692, when the family moved to Ziegelhausen on the north side of the Neckar River.

[NI032496] 1850 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
217-114 Hart, Frederick 68 M Farmer MD
Barbara 61 F PA

[NI032497] Changed religion from Baptist to Methodist when her son, Daniel Frank, reached baptism age. She then joined her husband's church.

[NI032502] Heinrich moved from Kleingemund into Neckargemund, another small community not far away. Here he was married to Anna Elizabeth Scheckenbach, a native of the town. Their children were born there, and both Heinrich and his wife died and are buried there. Incidentally, in 1988 the village of Neckargemund celebrated it's 1000'th anniversary, having been founded in the year 988.

[NI032508] Orphilia, a machinist, went South with his bride in 1881. He first was in Macon GA and then moved to Sandersville GA where he established a machine shop. He died at age 32 from Brights disease. This was shortly after the birth of his
youngest son. The two oldest sons, Robert Lewis and Orphilia Clay, were sent back to York to live with their uncle, Rush. The two younger sons, Harry and Frank, stayed with their mother as they were all she could support.

[NI032511] The Wilt lineage begins with Andreas Wild who was born about 1600. The only record of his name appears as the father of Heinrich who was born in 1626. Heinrich spent his early life in the village of Kleingemund in Baden, Germany. It may therefore be assumed that this was also the home of Andreas. There is some speculation that Andreas may have been of Swiss origin, but that cannot be ascertained at this time. Kleingemund is a small village in the Neckar Valley near Heidelberg.

[NI032592] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
79 87 WILT Samuel 29 M Farmer 1000 442 PA
Ellen 23 F PA
George 4 M PA.
Ida 3 F PA
Mary C. 2/12 F PA

[NI032594] Robert was sent back to York after his father died to live with his uncle Rush. It is rumored that he ran away from home and shipped out on a refrigerator ship, spending years roaming the globe. He finally settled in Los Angeles where he
established the very successful Los Angeles Machine Works.

[NI032742] HALL, NANCY (HANKS] The following is compiled from, Baber, Adin "Nancy Hanks the Destined Mother of a President" Kansas, Ill. 1963 She was orphaned at Age 9 and went to live with Her Aunt Rachel wife of Richard Berry Sr., but it is of some question weather she went there first or lived with one of her father's brother's first. Of whom Joseph was. Richard Berry Sr., had removed to Kentucky four years prior to her birth. It is believed that she was sent to North Carolina first. The reasonable but unprovable presumption is that her older brother Abraham Jr. took her in in Caswell Co., NC. There is a mild tradition that she lived with Hanks relatives at Piper's Gap, Va. The strongest evidence is that she lived with her "Uncle Dicky" Hanks in the Catawba River country of Carolina.
There was a stone with the following inscription on the Hanks farm that reads:
"THIS STONE MARKS THE SITE of the log cabin home of DICKY HANKS an uncle of NANCY HANKS mother of ABRAHAM LINCOLN Nancy spent much of her childhood here with her uncle Dicky Erected in 1900 by the descendants of C. T.
Stowe" There is no reasonable cause to doubt it. It was thought to be such a fine arrangement that when a child was born to Richard and Phebe (Hayes) Hanks, July 25, 1805, that they named her after Nancy. This Nancy married Luke Brown in 1821, in then Lincoln Co. Dicky Hanks and his wife are most likely buried in the old graveyard south of Belmont. North of Belmont is a well known cemetery named the Old Goshen Cemetery, noted for a large number of Revolutionary War burials. Also there within is a row of Hanks Graves with a row of Berry (Barry) graves, and then next a line of Ewing Graves. Richard Berry m. Polly Ewing in Kentucky, in 1794, it is likely they becme aquainted in NC. The Berry settlement is where she ended up and lived there till her marriage. She came up through Hickory Nut Gap and over the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky. It is not known with whom she traveled but her son Abraham mentioned that she came with some of her relations but not her parents. She could have come with one of her three brothersthat settled there, she had cousins, sons of her Uncle Joseph, who may have taveled back and forth over the Wilderness Road. She had other kin as well that came to Kentucky about the same time. Peter Hanks moved from near Salisbury, NC into Montgomery Co., Ky. where some of his sons had come by way of the Ohio River. Mosesanks, Nancy's uncle brought his family intoo Pulaski Co.,Ky. from Va. in 1798. Fleetwood Hanks came into Henry Co. Her own home was established with her marriage to Thomas Lincoln June 12, 1806. Nancy's first child, daughter Sarah was born in Elizabethtown and there was no shortage of Doctor's, her second Abraham who was born at Sinking Springs was attended by Peggy Walters and Rebecca Keith who lived about a half mile away. The third born Thomas came to being on the isolated Knob Creek Farm. She nursed in illness her little boy who sickened unto death. and wept for him at his grave in the Redmon Cemetery of the Knob Hill neighborhood, before she moved on to Indiana. It was there that she died. Nancy Hanks, orphaned at nine, daughter of a father also orphaned t nine, and mother of a son who was orphaned by his mother, also at nine. Nancy Hanks Lincoln's life from her wedding to her death has been told over and over, sometimes with kindness; sometimes with unkindness; sometimes with sorrow, she sleeps now in the loving hills of Southern Indiana. "All that I am or shall ever hope to be I owe to my loving angel mother, God bless her." Abraham Lincoln to his friend, Usher F. Linder The following comes from, Warren, Louis A., "The Shipley Ancestry of Lincoln's Mother", Indiana Magazine of History, Vol 29 No. 3, September 1933, pgs 204-212. Richard Berry Jr., was the guardian of Nancy Hanks at the time of her marriage. He signed her marriage bond, and as was the custom it was signed by kin. He married Polly Ewing, 10 Oct 1794 (see above). Another descendant of this same Richard Berry Jr., testifies that Richard Berry Sr. married a Shipley, who was the sister of Nancy Hanks Lincoln's mother. They took little Nncy to live with them after she was orphaned, but later went to the house of Richard Berry Jr.
Richard Berry Sr., m. Rachel Shipley Evidence that Rachel Shipley's sister is the mother of Nancy Hanks, comes from branches of the Berry family that are testified to authenticity. Ms. Armstrong to writer 2/29/1933, "Abraham Lincoln's grandmother was a Shipley and married a Hanks. Her daughter, Nancy Hanks, went to relatives in Kentucky and married a Lincoln. Abraham Lincolns grmother and my grgrmother, Margaret Shipley, were sisters." It is also noted that by traduition there is talk of a fifth Shipley Sister, Lucy who married a Hanks said to be James Hanks. Tradition further claims that she was a widow by the time they reached Kentucky and had a daughter Nancy, who married a Lincoln. Evidence from many sources seems to confirm that Lucy Shipley, Daughter of Robert Shipley, married to James Hanks was the mother of Nancy Hanks. Lucy Shipley's sister, Naomi was born 4/26/1748; her sister Ann's first child was born in 1766; her sister Rachels third child was married in 1781, Lucy would have been one of the youngest daughters as her daughter Nancy was born not much before 1785. The Beech Fork Community in Washington Co., Ky. is the home of the Berry Sr. family, an uncle to Nancy Hanks, also where the widow Lincoln and her five children lived, Thomas the youngest became playmates with Nancy Hanks. Adjacent community on Doctor's Fork were Shipley, Hanks, Sparrow.

[NI032896] Born and died before they left for Indiana. Buried Redmon Cem., stone marked: T. L.

[NI032906] Took his family to Augusta Co., Va., (now Rockingham Co.) Abt. 1773. John Hank's son John soon folowed ca. 1774 and settled in the same area.

[NI033307] Filed for pension as an invalid

[NI033766] Bur. at James Hartman Cem., Smith Creek, Zigler, Pendleton Co., WV. No tombstone can be found. She left a will which was probated in Pendleton Co. in 1888.

[NI033767] His estate was settled in 1864. Family tradition says that James was lost in the Civil War. No records have been found for a James, although an unplaced John is found in War Records. James bought land with John Judy (m to wife's sis, Mary) on Smith Creek in 1849 & lived in the same hollow until their deaths. It is not known whether James is bur. in the Hartman Cem. if he was lost in the Civil War.

[NI033849] 1850 Federal Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 24 Oct 1850 by John J Schell
36 226 235 Ling Anthony 45 M W Farmer 2,500 PA
37 226 235 Ling Nancy 45 F W PA
38 226 235 Ling Mary M 14 F W PA
39 226 235 Ling Edward 7 M W PA

[NI033858] Transcription of the Will of Jacob Statler Franklin Co., PA Will Book A:169 In the name of God Amen I Jacob Statler of the Twp of Antrim & Co. of Franklin being weak in body but of perfect mind, & memory (blessed be God) do this 19 Feb 1790 make & publish this my last will & Testament in Manner following (that is to say) 1st, it is my will that my plantation in Bedford Co. Containing 300 hundred acres, together with as much of my Personal property as may be necessary, shall be sold by my Executors in order to descharge the debts which I am now in. 2ndly I do will & bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy the 1/3 part of the rents & profits arising from my Estate during her Natural life. 3rdly I do Will & bequeath to my dourt sons. Emanuel, Henry, John & Jacob, each 25 lbs. 4thly I do will & bequeath, to my sons, Emanuel, Henry, John & Jacob: & to my 3 dau.s Elizabeth, Martha, & Mary, all the residue of my Estate Real & personal, to be divided equally between them, share & share alike, & that (if it should be found foracticable) without disposing of my lands; but if it should bot be found practible or advantagious to my Heirs; in that case it is my will that my lans should be Disposed in such a manner as may in the discretion of my Executors appear most consistant with the Interest of my Children; & the mony arising from the sales thereof, divided as bequeathed. It is further my will that if my wife Nancy should marry again that then & in that Case, the advantages of the 3rd of the rents & profits of my Estate before bequeathed to her shall cease & become void, & she shall then receive in Lew thereof out of my estate the sum of 125 lbs together with the 1/3 part of my movable property which may have remained unsold after the payments of my debts as before directed. & I do further make & ordain my Father In Law Henry sights, & my brother samuel statler, Executors of this my will in trust for the intent & purpose in this my will contained. In witness whereof I have to this my last will & testament set my hand & sale the day & yr 1st above. signed sealed & declared by the said Jacob statler, as & for his last will & testament in the presence of us who were present at the signing & sealing thereof. Jacob Statler (seal) Rudy Stattler Jacob Siegler Franklin Co. - On 12 Mar 1790 Rudy Statler & Jacob siegler the Witnesses to the forgoing writing appeared before me on the subscriber OC, & on their solomen oath deposeth & saith that they were personally present & saw & heard Jacob Statler aforesaid ^decd. Sign his name unto & seal & publish the foregoing writing as it for his last will & Testatment & that at the time of the doing thereof the said Jacob statler was of sound & disposing mind memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge & belief that their names signed thereto is of their own hands writing done at the same time. Sworn & subscribed before me the Date aforesaid. Edw. Crawford Jacob Sigler Rudy Statler A true Copy taken from & Compared with the original remaining in the registers office at Chambersburg. Edw. Crawford, Register

[NI033860] When her hus. Jacob d. 1790, Nancy then brought her family of 6 chldrn across the mountains, & settled in Penn Twp., Pa. She hardly would have undertaken such an arduous adventure if she were not certain that relatives would be on hand to help her. Rudolph Stotler was then living in Penn. Twp., Pa. Nancy (Seitz) Stotler, known as "Widow Stotler' d. in 1809.

[NI033865] Emanuel Stotler, eldest s/o Jacob & Nancy (Seitz) Stotler,13 yrs old when his mother brought him "over the mountains" in 1790. He d. Feb 10 1868, aged 91 yrs. Elizabeth (Bowman) Stotler, Emanuel's wife, d. May 10 1864. Both are buried in Mt. Hope Cem., Penn Twp., PA. The home of Emanuel Stotler & Elizabeth (Bowman) Stotler known as "Emanuel's Choice".

[NI033891] 1850 Census Stoystown Borough, Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 4 Oct 1850 by J.J. Schell
40 26 27 Statler David 29 M Tinner 100 Penna
41 26 27 Statler Dorcus 28 F Penna
42 26 27 Statler Ann M. 17 F Penna
1 26 27 Statler George 13 M W Penna
2 26 27 Statler **** 12 F Penna ink splotch over first name/illegible
3 26 27 Statler ****l 10 U Penna ink splotch covering name/sex smeared
4 26 27 Statler *****m 8 F Penna ink splotch covering first name
5 26 27 Statler **ram 4 M Penna ink splotch covering first part of name
6 26 27 Statler Patterson 3 M Penna

[NI033902] 1850 Census Bedford Boro, Bedford Co, PA Jul 31 Thos Hughes
9 99 109 Schell William P. 27 M Attorney 1,000 Pa
Schell Margarita T 21 F Pa
Bates Jane 27 F Pa
Schell William 1 M Pa

[NI033957] was bur. on Andy Shaffer farm near the graves of her bro. David Shaffer & Dave's wife, Kate Faust.

[NI033958] This notice was in the Greenfield Argus Newspaper: Aug. 24, 1878: Notice is here by given that my wife, Eliza Wiles has left my bed & board without just provacation & all persons are forbidden to trust her in my account from this date.
Signed; Thomas Wiles.** Sep. 18, 1883; Thomas WIles m. Fannie Clark at Greenfield, IL.** In the Greenfield Argus Newspaper: May 5,1916- Thomas WIles formerly of Greenfield died in Haywood, IA age 60, son of late Richard Wiles, leaves wife & 2 chldrn.

[NI033983] ! By Dr. Frederick Zimmer, 1501 Harbor Court, Fort Myers, Fl. 33908

[NI034106] Obit taken from the Greenfield Argus, Thursday 13 May 1976. Martin Weaver
died at his home on the western suburbs of this city where he had conducted
a fruit and berry farm for many years. He was born in PA and was in his 80th year. He was survived by his wife and 5 children. Member of Menonite Church of Loss Creek, PA.

[NI034125] he was given away after his mother died by his father at the age of 3 to a farmer
down the road.

[NI034175] Resided Cumberland twp. York/Adams Co.; Liberty twp. Adams Co.; Armst rong

[NI034176] Resided Cumberland tnp. York Co. PA. Greensburg, Westmoreland Co. & F report, Armstrong Co., PA.

[NI034178] Resided near Gettysburg on Chambersburg turnpike. Moved to Franklan d Square, Ohio 1852

[NI034179] Resided Saxonburg,Bulter Co. PA.

[NI034180] Resided York/Adams Co & Freeport,Armstrong Co. PA.


Resided Adams Co. and South Buffalo Township. near Freeport, Armstron g Co.

[NI034190] Resided York/Adams Co. Freeport, Armstrong Co. PA.


[NI034219] They went to OH in mid 1850's where she & the chldn stayed while he went to CA. He returned to Cameron, MO where he purchased a farm & moved the family there & their last 2 chldn were b. there. The 1st chldn were b. PA. James Stanley Stokes was their son. They are bur. Cameron, MO.

[NI034349] !1850 Census of Walker Township, Junaita Co., PA. Enumerated on 27 S ep 1850.
Dwelling # 1112. Family # 1026. Enumerator: A.K. McClure, Ass't Ma rshall.

!1860 Census of Walker Township, Juniata Co., PA. Page 857. D# 95.
Enumerated on 8 Jun 1860.

[NI034371] Possibly married a Sharer.

[NI034417] the first Householder to arrive in this country was Johan Adam Householder in 1739. At the age of 20 years, Johan Adam Householder (Haushalter/ Hausshalter/ Housholder/ Housholter) emigrated to PA arriving on the ship named Friendship that sailed from Rotterdam, a port servicing a large area of Europe. Before coming to this country, the Friendship made its last stop at Deal. The Ship Friendship arrived in the Philadelphia harbor on September 3, 1739 with 60 men ranging in age from 16 to 58 years of age. Besides these adult men, the Ship held 90 other passengers who were female and/or children. Most of the passengers were considered Palatines, leaving their homes along the Rhine River in Europe. They were coming to PA to escape from persecution in Europe. At one time, William Penn had personally recruited as well as sent envoys to the Palatinate area for new settlers to live in the colony of PA. Johan Adam Householder was the only person with that surname reported on that voyage of the Friendship to Philadelphia. However, his brother, Johan George Householder, may have accompanied Johan Adam Householder on the voyage. As well, Margaretha Householder and Elizabetha Householder may have also been on this 1739 voyage of the Friendship. Since the ship list only contained males over 16 years of age, Johan George, Margaretha, and Elizabetha would not have been listed. This author presumes that these three individuals were related to Johan Adam Householder because of marriage records, wills, and other information that place them in the same time period and place where and when Johan Adam Householder was living in PA. Before boarding the Ship Friendship, it is unclear where Johan Adam Householder made his home in Europe. He may have lived in Russhelm Marggrafschaft, Durlach which was the place of birth for Lorentz Householder. 2/ furlach was located in the Palatine area of what is now southwestern Germany. Modern Germany shows Purlach near Karlruhe, Germany. As well, Durlach is only a few miles from the border of France and close to the Rhine River. From 1565-1715, Durlach was the residence of the margraves of Baden-Durlach. This area likely saw many battles at that time. For example, in 1689, the French destroyed a castle built in the 1500's. The ruins of the castle exist today in Durlach. Documents show that Lorentz Householder, who came from Durlach to this country, knew Johan Adam Householder in Lancaster Co., PA after Lorentz emigrated to PA in 1752 on the Ship Rawley. Although undocumented, Lorentz and Johan Adam may have been relatives coming from the same location in Europe. The place of birth of Lorentz Householder is named on his tombstone, written in German and located in the cemetery at Brickerville, PA. Lorentz was born August 13, 1727 and died in Lancaster Co., PA on January 5, 1805."
"Johan Adam Householder was a supporter of the American Revolution. In 1778, he was listed among the men in Washington Co., MD who took the Oath of Fidelity and Support to the Government in the State of MD. By taking the Oath, Johan Adam Householder, along with the others taking it, was considered to be committing treason against the Crown of England. The British considered that those signing the Oath were committing an overt act of resistance. On the other hand, by taking the Oath, Johan Adam Householder, as well as the others , were considered as patriots of the American Revolution. Other Householders took the Oath of Fidelity and Support. Johan Adam (John) and Adam, the two eldest sons of Johan Adam Householder, took the Oath in Washington Co., MD. Matthias Householder, another of Johan Adam's sons, took the Oath in Berks Co., PA. The sons of Johan George Householder took the Oath in Washington Co., MD. They were George Jacob (Jacob) Householder, George Adam Householder, and George Michael (Michael) Householder. Simon Householder also took the Oath of Fidelity in Washington Co., MD in 1778."

[NI034461] They lived on what is known as the Aaron Z. Zimmermar farm.

[NI034482] !History of Martin Family.

[NI034602] came with his father HANS HERR in 1710, Bishop Hans Burkholder & Melchior Brenneman formed a settlement in 1717 along the Conestoga.""On Oct 12 1719, ABRAHAM HERR & his brother, Hans, petitioned James Steel for a grant of 400 acres for their brother, Isaac, who had recently arrived. In the 1720s, according to the estimates of architectural historians, he built a house that still stands at 25 Bentley Lane in Lancaster Twp. near Millersville on land that went to his son, Rudy.

[NI034612] HANS HERR was b. in 1639, in Switzerland, at or near Zurich. He became a member of the Mennonite religious society & a prominent minister of that denomination. When persecution became unendurable, many of his congregation emigrated with him to the Palatinate in Germany, which was then governed by a ruler who promised religous freedom. This was satisfactory until the Palatinate fell into the hands of other rulers, & the Mennonites were again subject to persecution. When this occurred, a number of them visited William Penn in London, in 1707, & arranged terms with him to colonize a portion of what is now Lancaster Co.. In 1709, Hans Herr, John R. Bundely, Hans Mylin, Martin Kendig, Jacob Miller, Hans Funk, Martin Oberholtzer, Wendel Bowman & others bought 10,000 acres of land on the south side of Pequea creek. A warrant was issued for the land Oct 10 1710, & it was surveyed Oct 23 1710. In the meantime, Martin Kendig traveled to Europe & returned with members of the families of those who had come over in 1709. Hans Herr settled near LAMPETER, & later lived with his son, Christian Herr, near WILLOW STREET, where the latter built a large stone dwelling in 1719, which is still standing. Here the venerable Hans Herr d. in 1725." "A Mem. in the Willow St. Mennonite Cem., where HANS HERR is presumed to have been buried, was erected by a Herr reunion group. It gives Sep 17 1639 & Oct 11 1725 as his respective birth & death dates, & May 1 1639 & Jun 9 1730 for Elizabeth Mylin Kendig Herr. Theodore Herr compiler of the 1908 Herr genealogy gives 1644 for her birth date & 1730 for her death. The reunion group's, Theodore Herr's, & Martin G. Weaver's sources for all these dates are currently ukwn. In response to this situation, numerous researchers within the past 50 yrs have attempted to document the existence of Hans Herr. The tradition of his being the aged father of his Herr family in America stems from oral history recorded in 1844 by I. Daniel Rupp History of Lancaster Co., who in the course of his research interviewed 'Pequea' Christian Herr, a Mennonite bishop & Herr des. Rupp's version of the Hans Herr story was repeated with variations by many later historians.

[NI034614] 1850 Census Napier Twp, Bedford Co, PA Aug 29 Thos Hughes
26 281 288 Mangus Jacob 28 M . Plasterer 200 Pa
Mangus Sarah 27 F Pa
Mangus George 7 M Pa
Mangus Mary E. 6 F Pa
Mangus Lousina 4 F Pa
Mangus Josiah 2 M Pa

[NI034619] John Herr, an immigrant from Switzerland, is commonly known by researchers as John/Hans Herr, the land agent. On June 30 1711, John received a patent for 530 acres in what is now West Lampeter Twp.. In his will, proved on Nov 6 1756, he devised this land to his sons, John & Christian Herr. Neither John Herr nor his son, John Herr, was naturalized, but the other son, Christian, was. On May 21 1761, Christian Herr received a new patent for the whole tract. John Herr's wife, Frances, d. after 1756. John & Frances Herr's undated Das gantz Nuw Testament, printed in Europe & containing the birth records of their chldrn, belongs to the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society.

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