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[NI042601] Lydia went to live with her son Frank on 15 Oct 1915 & was stricken on 8 Nov 1918. She died 20 Jan 1919.

[NI042608] An obit listed John Lint of Lester, MI and Mrs. Carrie Norton of Ray, IN as Williams only surviving brother and sister.

[NI042612] Methodist


1. The following obituary was copied from a 15 Oct 1975 Chicago paper found in the Angola library in Steuben co., IN:

[NI042618] Church of the Brethern

farmer (shows on 1880 Richland twp., Steuben Co., INcensus)

farm on section 20 Steuben co., IN

1. There is a very interesting story I am putting here for reference.........

[NI042630] I interviewed John Theodore Lint (4th child of Charles and Roxiena) on my 1991 research trip and he stated that one of the parents died (presumably the father)(Charles was 59 when George was born) leaving the other parent poor and unable to care for the five (5) boys. The boys were placed in an orphanage and later into foster homes. As a result John knows little or nothing about his parents or his brothers. John was 78 at the time of the interview which didn't help. On my second research trip in 1994 I met with Carolyn Mae Strawn (John's eldest daughter) who was helpful in researching this branch of the family. The DeKalb Co. seat in Auburn also had a lot of data on file and would warrant another visit.

[NI042718] Lutheran

[NI042753] The sailing ship that Conrath, Johann & Georg came to Philadelphia from Rotterdam on was a "Snow Ketty" which is a classification of vessel & not the name. The ship's Capt was Theophilius Barnes. The manifest of foreign passengers qualified at the Court House in Philadelphia on 16 Oct 1752. The 3 Linds on board signed their names as follows: Johann Michel Lind, Georg Philips Lind, and Conrath Thomas Lind.

[NI042754] The sailing ship that Conrath, Johann and Georg came to Philadelphia from Rotterdam on was a "Snow Ketty" which is a classification of vessel and not the name. The ship's Captain was Theophilius Barnes. The manifest of foreign passengers qualified at the Court House in Philadelphia on the 16th of October 1752. The 3 Linds on board signed their names as follows: Johann Michel Lind, Georg Philips Lind, and Conrath Thomas Lind.

[NI042759] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Isaac A Lint State: PA Dist: 0167 Color: W Age: 64 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0086 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760184 Other Res.s:
Wife Jennie M 49, PA
Son Raymond K 17, PA
Son Isaac G 15, PA
Son John O 12, PA
Dau Earla V 09, PA
Son Frederick E 07, PA

[NI042768] Sondra Lint is adopted by her mothers 2nd husb. & takes the Jones name.

[NI042770] Hochstetler Cem. Greenville twp., Somerset co., PA at the Hostetler Ch. of the Breth. 1.5 miles from Pocahontas on Sand Patch road. These are the only 2 Lint's that are bur. here that I am aware of.
1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
600-86 Lint Joseph 25 M Labourer PA
Drusilla 25 F PA
Osiah 2 M PA
Lydia 1 F PA
John 6/12 M PA
1870 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 15 July, 1870 by John H. Lepley
15 16 15 Lint Joseph J. 44 M W Farmer 8,000 2,000 Pennsylvania
16 16 15 Lint Levi 20 M W Works on Farm Pennsylvania
17 16 15 Lint Cyrus Jr. 17 M W Works om Farm Pennsylvania
18 16 15 Lint Henery 07 M W Pennsylvania
19 16 15 Lint Simon S. 05 M W Pennsylvania
20 16 15 Lint Harriet T. 03 F W Pennsylvania
21 16 15 Uphouse Mary 22 F W House Keeper Pennsylvania
22 16 15 Bittner Lucy 39 F W House Keeper Pennsylvania
23 16 15 Lint Jacob 74 M W Pennsylvania

[NI042775] During the Cem. recordings of the WPA in the 1920's the following was recorded: Unnamed Cem. [Lint] 30 June 1935 Situated on the farm owned by Mrs. J. D. Arnold in Greenville twp., Somerset co., PA; in a field southeast from the buildings 30 rods south of the rd leading to the NOAH LINT farm; nearly opposite the gate leading to the buildings; about 4 graves were counted; now destroyed.
1870 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Aug 1870 by John H. Lepley
23 76 71 Lint Noah 34 M W Farmer 4,000 1,200 Pennsylvania
24 76 71 Lint Sarah 34 F W Keeping House Pennsylvania
25 76 71 Lint Jacob 08 M W Pennsylvania
26 76 71 Lint Josiah 06 M W Pennsylvania
27 76 71 Lint Susan 05 F W Pennsylvania
28 76 71 Lint Jeremiah 03 M W Pennsylvania
29 76 71 Lint Francis 01 M W Pennsylvania
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Noah Lint State: PA Dist: 0139 Color: W Age: 74 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0016 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760256 Other Res.s:
Wife Sarah 74, PA
Son Francis 40, PA
Dau Ellen 30, PA
Dau Clara 28, PA
Brother Phineas 65, PA

[NI042778] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Phineas Lint Age: 65 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0139 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0016 Co: Somerset Relation: Brother Other Res.s: Head of Household Noah Lint

[NI042783] 1870 Census Larimer Twp., Somerset Co., PA Aug 27, 1870 By Lewis G. Dom.
8 31 32 Geiger Henry 49 M W Farmer 2,000 1,000 PA
Geiger Mary 39 F W Keeping House PA
Geiger Richard 17 M W Works on Farm PA
Geiger Jacob 15 M W Works on Farm PA
Geiger Urias 13 M W Works on Farm PA
Geiger Urias 11 M W At Home PA
Geiger Precilla 09 F W PA
Geiger Matilda 07 F W PA
Geiger Susanna 04 F W PA
Geiger Ezra 02 M W PA
Deal Samuel 23 M W Laborer PA

[NI042784] Raised on farm. At 17 yrs learned wagon makers trade & continued until 1878. Enlisted in Civil War in 1861, served over 3 yrs & discharged from hosp. in MD because of disablities.

[NI042788] Milton graduated from Valparaiso Normal University 11 Aug1881, Gem City Business College 1894, and Kansas City Veterinary College 1903.

[NI042792] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Simon S Lint State: PA Dist: 0029 Color: W Age: 44 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0376 Co.: Bucks Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760284 Other Res.s:
Wife Fannie D 39, PA
Dau Winnie Mae 12, Virginia
Dau Emma E 10, PA
2 non-relatives

[NI042796] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Frank Lint State: PA Dist: 0139 Color: W Age: 29 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0015 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760156 Other Res.s:
Wife Stella 28, PA
Dau Alice 07, PA
Son Joseph 06, PA
1 non-relative

[NI042810] The following piece was written by Clyde's son James Gary Lint in 1997: Clyde Lint was born in Falls City, NE on March 2, 1901. He was primarily raised in St. Joseph, MO after a short stay in Denison, KS. He went to St. Joe Benton High School and on lived in South St. Joe at 120 S. AL (King Hill district). He attended King Hill Christian Church, which along with the home, still stands! He went away to the University of Chicago when he was 16, and met his future wife Lenore Trumbly while at the University. They were married during his senior year on Mar. 8, 1922. They lived in Chicago where he had various jobs, including one with Chicago Steel Tank. In 1925, their 1st son Kenneth was born & they continued to live on the South Side of Chicago. In 1929, Clyde started his own business, "The Jiffy Line", a manufacturers rep. business. He represented many co.s, including a metal Xmas tree lite reflector, snap-in-blanks for elec. boxes, solder dippers, & several other items that are no longer in existence. In 1935 their 2nd son Gary was born & in 1936 the family moved to Berwyn, a suburb. They were there for a yr or so and then moved back to the South Side at 77th & Michigan. The business grew during World War II since many of the items were necessary to the war effort. We even had a "C" gas card which allowed us more gas for the 1942 Olds, which had automatic transmission! In 1948, the family moved to Hinsdale, IL, after Ken got married in 1946 & the neighborhood went south. Clyde was a workaholic but in the mid 1950's got involved with a summer theater & lost a great deal of money trying to keep "name" stars happy, such as Jack Palance, Debbie Reynolds, & Margeret O'Brien. But he enjoyed the greasepaint for a couple of more yrs, until the theater folded. Clyde & Lenore moved to a smaller place in La Grange, but then built their retirement house next to the original house in Hinsdale (430 East Hickory). He lived there until his death in 1972. He was cremated and his ashes interred at the family plot in Falls City, NE.

[NI042811] Genevieve was born 22 Jul 1905 in Denison, KS, the 5th child & youngest daug. of Henry Mckenzie Lint & Clara Ellen Ringer. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to St. Joseph, MO. She attended St. Joseph Benton High School & after graduation moved to Washington, DC. where she worked for the Bureau of Engraving & Printing for 40 yrs, rising to be director of personnel. After her retirement Genevieve stayed in Washington working as a volunteer at an Arlington, VA Hosp. for 20 yrs. Genevieve never married except to her work & when her health began to fail, she moved to Homewood, IL to be closer to family. Her hobbies included photography, travelling & genealogy. Genevieve was a member of the King Hill Christian Church in St. Joseph. She passed on 6 Nov 1989 & is buried in the family plot in Falls City, NE at the Steele Cem..

[NI042823] Marlene was married to Francis Nicholas Janssen on 18 Oct 1986, however the marriage was annulled in court Nov 1994. In accordance with Marlene's wishes, her annulled marriage is not listed in the family history. No children came from this annulled union. Marlene includes in her listed professions: Writer, fine artist, craftsperson, tarot reader, herbalist, New Age Christian Minister/Druidic priestess, Head of Rising Star Druid Grove, Universal Church of Light, Wilmington, SC. 1st female cyberspace pastor to "electronic congregation" on the internet, Head of Heartsword Online Publishing Enterprises [HOPE], Editor-in-Chief of the "Net Junkie" newsletter.

[NI042828] Kenneth Lint was born in Chicago in 1925, & managed to survive the great depression intact with his parents. They lived on Chicago's South Side then moved to 7728 South MI where Ken went to Calumet High School. In 1943, after graduating from high school, he joined the Army was 1st assigned to Military Police duty in Roswell, NM. From there he went to Europe in 1944 as a combat engineer. Ken was in battle for Remagen Bridge [keeping the bridge up for 2 wks before it collapsed from bombing & shelling]. After his discharge in 1946 Kenneth returned to Chicago where he married the "girl across the st." Eleanor Anderson on 30 Aug. 1946. He soon went to work for his father in the electrical equipment & manufacturer's representative business. He worked several other companies in related areas, but always came back to the family business. He worked the family business until his retirement due to health concerns. Ken & Eleanor raised 3 chldrn, Cheryl, Linda, & Craig who continue to live nearby where their mom lives today in Flossmoor. Ken was an active member of the Homewood Presby Church, the Rotary, & the Electrical Association. He was plagued by numerous medical problems in his later yrs & finally succumbed to cancer on 21 July 1996. Ken was laid to rest at Oak Hill Cem. in Worth, IL.

[NI042847] Presbyterian Church

[NI042886] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Josiah N Lint State: PA Dist: 0167 Color: W Age: 46 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0174 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760218 Other Res.s:
Son William T 14, PA
Son John N 11, PA
Son James G 07, PA
1 non-relative

[NI042896] German Reformed Lutheran Church

Nothing is really known about John and Grace's children except their first names. The birth and death dates came from Social Security lists and without backup documentation are unreliable!

[NI042902] Reformed Lutheran Church

John Noah Lint whom I refer to as Noah to keep from confusing him with all the other Johns is now
96 years old (in 1994) and living with his son Jerry in NJ. The phone number there is area code (609) 881-0936. I interview Noah on my 1991 research trip in Meyersdale, PA. Several hours of those tapes are recorded and in my files.

[NI042924] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Christopher Bantley State: PA Enumeration District: 0151 Color: W Age: 64 Birth Place: Germany Visit: 0370 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00390604 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 57, Pennsylvania

[NI042937] History of Northeast IN (pg 67) on Isaiah Alleshouse that tells a little about his parents Adam and Rebecca "Lint" Alleshouse. In the article it states,"in Steuben Co. he (Isaiah) located on forty acres which Mrs. Alleshouse (Rebecca) had inherited from her parents (John C. Lint and Lucy Baker)".

[NI042961] 1850 Federal Census Elklick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 21 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
20 137 141 Forney Daniel 38 M Wagonmaker PA
21 137 141 Forney Lydia 34 F PA
22 137 141 Forney Rachel 11 F PA
23 137 141 Forney Charlotte 9 F PA
24 137 141 Forney Sarah 7 F PA
25 137 141 Forney Alexander 6 M PA
26 137 141 Forney Mary 3 F PA

[NI042968] The name Deetz has been spelled several different ways with the 2 most common being Deetz and Deets. From the documentation and tombstones I've seen, I believe the name was originally Deetz and was anglicized to Deets over the past 100 years. Lydia lived during that transition period and her name was spelled both ways during her lifetime.

[NI042970] Although everything for the members of this family is recorded as happening in Baltic, Buck twp., Tuscarawas co., OH..... in 1880 they were listed on the Crawford twp., Coshocton co., OH census. Because Baltic is in a corner of Buck twp., Tuscarawas co... but surrounded by Clark twp., Holmes co., & Crawford twp., Coshocton co., there has been much confusion over the yrs who was where when they were born, married or died. In 1 case a person lived in Baltic [Tuscarawas] & was buried immediately across the street in Coshocton co.

[NI043047] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Daniel M Bierer State: PA Enumeration District: 0078 Color: W Age: 53 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0303 County: Fayette, Uniontown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00620652 Other Residents:
Wife Nannie J 42, PA
Daughter Florence B 20, PA
Daughter Grace 18, PA
Son Robert C 16, PA
Son Daniel M, Jr 05, PA
Cousin Jane Hickey 53, Canada

[NI043054] The following is a chronological biography on Frank Stuart Lint copied from his own file: 1889 was born in Hiawatha, Brown co., KS. 1890-93 lived in Atlanta, GA where his father was part owner of Lint & Lovelace Produce Co. 1893-96 lived in Chapel Hill, N.C. where his father owned a section of land & operated a saw mill. 1897-98 lived with his aunt Sarah & uncle James Fike in Brimfield, Noble co., IN. He attended the 2nd grade in the public school & attended the Church of the Brethern. 1899 lived at 1014 Parallel St., Atchison, KS where his father & grandmother took care of him. 1900-09 lived at 1036 Santa Fe St., Atchison, KS where he attended pub. sch. 4th grade thru High School & later Atchison Business College. Frank was an excellent student with very high averages & was jr & sr class pres. in Hi Sch. 1909 lived in Concordia, KS & worked in the MO-Pac. RR Dispatcher's office. 1909-10 lived in Ogden, UT & worked in the auditors office of the Oregon Short Line Railroad as a statistician doing hotel & dining car accounts. 1910 lived in St Maries, ID & worked for the Chicago-
Milwaukee & St. Paul RR in their engineering & construction depts. 1910-11 lived in Lewiston, ID & worked for the the Union Pac. RR as a ticket agent. 1913-17 lived in Lewiston, ID & worked for the Marshall Lake Mining Co., as treas.; for the Lewiston Commercial Club as sec.; for the Parsons Co. ; for the Co. as a court reporter, a public stnographer & notary public; for the Gem State Realty Co., as treas.; for the Perfection School Desk Co., as director; & finally for Sweet- Causey-Foster & Co., of Denver as a bond buyer. 1914 he joined the Masonic Lodge in Lewiston, ID. 1917-18 attended the Wharton School of Finance & Commerce at the University of PA. 1918 lived in Washington, D.C. where he worked in the HQ Signal Service at Large [War Dept] as a production expert & purchasing agent. His largest purchase was $121million 1 afternoon. 1918 enlisted in the 382nd Tank Corps US Army at Ballard, WA. 1919-20 lived in Boise, ID & worked for the State of ID as a purchasing agent. During that period he joined the Consistory & Shrine in Boise plus the Amer. Legion. 1920-21 lived in Glenns Ferry, ID & worked in land & real estate. 1921-26 lived in Los Angeles, CA & worked selling land & real estate specializing in Wilshire Blvd. properties. Made life member of Consistory & Shrine, 1926 while living in Los Angeles he retired & traveled. He became a member of the D.A.V. Ch.5. 1928-29 he traveled to europe with his wife & son Robert. 1934 became a member of the Sons of the Revolution by right of descent from Maj. Abijah Lovejoy.

[NI043107] 2ND Infantry Division In Korean War At Heartbreak Ridge Curt called me for the first time Friday the 15th of Dec 95 after returning to the states from a visit with his brother Robert Lint down in Puerta Vallarta. He had read a 1990 letter I had written to Bob and become interested. We talked extensively the following morning the 16th and I updated the info I had on him. I'm making up a draft packet for him to update and return to me later. He's currently in the process of moving from his Hollywood address up to Moro Bay with a lifelong friend called Nancy whom he apparently lives with. He's been separated from his wife who lives in WA now for the past 15 or so years. This entry made Sat 16 Dec 95 and the packet will be mailed NLT monday AM.

[NI043109] 2 mo.s after Gary Nelson Lint died of burns Isabel divorced Robert in Kent, WA. She later remarried a mormon & became interested in genealogy. She had acquired some of Frank S. Lint's older genealogical research & filed some of it. Unfortunately it was some of Frank's very early research & some serious flaws exist in it. These flaws are now present in the LDS data base.

[NI043114] private business
P.O. Box 1799

[NI043119] lives in El Toro near Rose NcNeff

[NI043165] The following is from an e-mail msg from Stewart on 28 Jan 98.... Melody got a job up at Hume Lake Christian Camp in housekeeping (at home she wouldn't even do the bathroom....figure that one out). Her location is approximately 63 miles from civilization and she is really enjoying it. About 100 other folks work up there and she has developed some great friendships and learned some lessons about live. She is doing wonderfully and calls (or we call her) about every other night. She misses us and we likewise miss her, although this has been good for her.

[NI043178] The Commercial: Meyersdale, PA, Fri., Oct. 31 1884. The remains of Jesse Miller & son, George, who were both suffocated in the Youngstown mines on Mon. eve, were brought here on Wed., the funeral serv.s taking place at the residence of Mr. Geo. Donges, whose wife & Mrs. Miller are sis's. Jesse Miller b Elk Lick & owns property in this town. There are, we believe, 8 chldn, mostly small. He was memb of Lowry Post, No. 214, GAR , & the German Bapt ch of this place. Great sympathy is felt for the bereaved.
ORPHANS COURT INDEX Estate Records Vol H-P 1795-1921 -Yr 1885 No. 33 MILLER, Jesse Late of: Meyersdale Boro. Date of death: Oct 26 1884 Date of Letter app't: Mar 28 1885. Name ex. etc: George Donges. Bonds recorded: Personal estate Vol 6, no.113 Appraisement recorded: Vol 1 pg 4.

[NI043179] Meyersdale Rep, Thu Mar 26 1931. Mrs. Rachael Beal Miller, w/o Jesse Miller, d at the home of her son, Henry J. Miller, Beachly St., at 6:45 am Wed Apr 1, at age 83 yrs, 5 m.s & 16 dys. She was b. Greenville Twp Oct 16 1847, & for many yrs was an active memb of the local COB. Funeral serv.s on Sat Apr 4th, by Undertaker J. L. Tressler. The funeral cortege will leave the Miller resid. 1:30 pm going to COB where pastor, Rev. George L. Detweiler, will have charge of the serv.s. Bur. in Union Cem. She is surv'd by 2 dau.s, Annie Miller Albright & Estella Miller Lint; 3 sons, Ulysses G. Miller, Frank J. Miller, Henry J.Miller; 37 gchldrn & 19 ggchldrn, all of Meyersdale. She was a sis. of the late Andrew O. Beal, Sand Patch, & like others of her kinship, was a personage of superior quality.

[NI043180] Calvin M Christner State: PA Enumeration District: 0143 Color: W Age: 46 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0002 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00880727 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 44, PA
Daughter Mary E 16, PA
Son Clarence C 14, PA
Son Walter C 11, PA
Daughter Margaret C 08, PA
Daughter Sarah L 06, PA
Son Miles E 02, PA
1 non-relative

[NI043221] It appears that on the tombstone his date of birth is 1856. His obit says he died on the 4th of May 1905 at the age of 39 years which makes his birth date 1866 which is more reasonable.

[NI043223] German Baptist Church

1. The following historical is the "History of a Farm Family" from the pages of the LaGrange Co., IN Standard by Janet R. Kentner and Suzanne M. O'Connor, both Ph.D's. Vol. III: 1939-1945 p. 634-635: 9 February 1939 (reel 285066)

[NI043231] Effie's death date was found in the index to the records of the Dale White Funeral Home in Elkhart, IN for the period covering 1929-1933. It was indexed by Andrew L. Skwiercz & was found in the South Bend library S77.281 SK87i.

[NI043232] newspaper clipping; "4 Feb. 1915: "MONGO: Mr. & Mrs. Z. E. Garlets attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. G. D. Lint, held at the English Prairie Luth. Church Tue. afternoon."

[NI043243] Methodist


1. Roy's obituary from Jan 1971 is in my files.

[NI043325] Lutheran

The order of John Wesley Lint's children is unknown and the dates given here a wild guess to begin work on.

[NI043329] Johnstown Trib, 26 Dec 1862 There was a distressing bereavement in the family of Josiah Custer of Taylor Twp. last wk. 5 chldrn d. within 3 days of diphtheria: Priscilla, d. 16 Dec, aged 2 yrs, 4 mo.s & 12 dys; Mary Ann, d. 17 Dec., aged 5 yrs, 3 mo.s & 21 dys; Elizabeth, d. 17 Dec, aged 8 yrs, 10 mo.s & 10 dys; Mary Martha, d. 18 Dec, aged 10 yrs, 10 mo.s & 26 dys; Susannah, d. 19 Dec, aged 7 yrs, 8 dys. Sadly, the father of these chldrn is in the Army at Suffolk, VA.
Johnstown Daily Trib Sep 24 1904 Josiah Custer d at his home near Holsopple, Paint Twp., Somerset Co, abt 6:30 am Thu Sep 22, aged 76 y10m13d. He was vet of Civil War, serving as volunteer in Co I 171st Reg't. Mr. Custer is survived by following sons & dau.s: Daniel J. & Lewis J., Holsopple; Mrs. William Statler, Rummel; Mrs. Frank Lehman, landstreet, & Mrs. Sylvester Holsopple, Hillsboro. He was a lifelong memb German Bapt Breth Ch. Funeral took place at Custer home today 10 am, bur Custer Cem.
Paint Twp. Berkey district 1876 listed as farmer & stock grower
1890 Census Vet's Spec'l Schedule Paint Twp, Somerset Co, PA
17 56 58 Josiah Custer Pvt E 171 Pa militia 24 Oct 1862 7 Aug 1863 9 13 Holsopple Somerset Co Pa Harriet widow of draft

[NI043339] 1870 Federal Census Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 11 Aug 1870 by Michael G. Smith
7 8 8 Shoemaker Alex 23 M W 800 PA
8 8 8 Shoemaker Lydia 20 F W PA
9 8 8 Shoemaker Anna M. 1 F W PA
10 8 8 Shoemaker David. B 13 M W PA
In Thayer co., NE at 11 AM on 9 Jun 1883 a land transaction was filed in the Co. courthouse. It recorded a transaction whereby a William G. Lint & w. Phoebe [Horner] Lint & A.E. [Alexander Esten] Shumaker & w. Lydia [Lint] Shumaker all of Meyersdale Boro, Somerset co., PA conveyed to Daniel D. Gnegey of Summit Twp., Co. & state aforesaid what appears to be 40 acres of land for the sum of $175. This is about 3 yrs before the main group of Somerset Co. Brethren came to Thayer co., NE in 1886.

[NI043343] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Harry H Lint State: PA Dist: 0147 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0166 Co.: Somerset, Meyersdale Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760176 Other Res.s:
Wife Rose 43, Maryland
Son William R 18, West Virginia
Dau Lucille S 16, West Virginia

[NI043344] Johnstown Trib, Jun 2 1884 d Bethel Sta, Somerset Co on 31 May, Mrs. Priscilla Whisler, aged 54y 1m 6d. Bur Davidsville tomorrow.

[NI043353] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
496 341 SANNER, Catherine 48 f PA
Franklin 21 m Farmer PA
Leah 19 f PA
Delilah 17 f PA
Charles R. 13 m PA
Matilda 11 f PA
Lewis M 6 m PA
Eliza E. 4 f PA
1870 Federal Census Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA
15 174 185 Sanner Catharine w 67 F W Keeping house 1,000 Pa
16 174 185 Sanner Lewis M 26 M W Farmer Pa
17 174 185 Sanner Eliza E 24 F W Pa
18 174 185 Sanner Margaret E 15 F W Domestic Servt Pa

[NI043354] 1850 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA pg 15, 22 Jul 1850 by Jno. J. Schell
22 100 106 Lint Gillain 44 M W Justice 2,000 PA
Lint Julia 34 M W PA Sex is as listed.
Lint Edward 13 M W PA
Lint Walter 6 M W PA
Lint William 4 M W PA
Lint Belinda 1 F W PA
1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 22 Jun 1870 by Christian Streng
23 58 61 Lint Gillian 64 M W Store keeper 1,000 150 PA
Lint Julia C 54 F W Keeping house PA
Lint Bella 20 F W PA
1880 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA by Geo. W. Benford Jun 1-10 1880
24 4 486B 41 33 42 Lint Gillian W M 74 Tax Collector PA Pa Pa
Lint Julia W F 64 Wife Keeps House PA Garhar**/ Brun Pa

[NI043355] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
489 289 LINT, Frederick 40 m Sawyer PA
Catherine 43 f PA
Eliza A. 18 f PA
Sarah 15 f PA
Charlotte 13 f PA
Elizabeth 11 f PA
Rebecca 5 f PA
Henrietta 2 f PA

[NI043360] Trib Mar 13 1895 Mrs. Grant Custer; Minnie Minerva, w/o Grant Custer, passed peacefully away at her home, Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., 7 pm last eve., after a brief illness. her 27th yr, d/o Mr. & Mrs. William Noon, who, together with her husb., 4 small chldn, & 2 sis.s, survive her. The fuenral will take place from the Coshun M. E. Ch. Fri morn. Rev. G. C. Cooke will officiate. Bur. Singer's Graveyard.

[NI043363] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 12 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
41 119 120 Lint Henry 44 M Labourer PA.
42 119 120 Lint Elisabeth 42 F PA.
1 119 120 Lint Alexander 19 M Labourer PA.
2 119 120 Lint Loisa 17 F PA.
3 119 120 Lint Elisabeth 15 F PA.
4 119 120 Lint Jefse C. 13 M PA. First name could be Jesse.
5 119 120 Lint William H. 9 M PA.
6 119 120 Lint Harriet 7 F PA
7 119 120 Lint Eliz P. 4 F PA
8 119 120 Lint ** 1 M PA ** First name is crossed out.
9 119 120 Lint John 79 M None PA

[NI043364] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Oct J. J. Schell
23 303 314 Lint Daniel 37 MFarmer 1,000 PA
Lint Ellanda 27 F.PA
Lint Harriet 14 F.PA
Lint Sally 13 F.PA
Lint Jonathan 10 M.PA
Lint Chaunsey 8 M.PA
Lint Levi 4 M.PA .
Lint Hiram 6/12 M.PA .
Lint Elisabeth 75 F.PA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 26 Jul Christian Streng
20 358 356 Lint Daniel 59 M W Far*** 3,000 500 Pa. *Occupation could be Farmer or Farrier.
Lint Harriet 55 F W Keeping house 400 Pa.
Lint Levi 25 M W Laborer Pa.
Lint Hiram 20 M W Pa.
Coleman Emma 12 F W Pa.

[NI043368] Margaret Ann Clark and Edwards civil war records. Edward was killed by guerillas near Lebanon, MO. Maggie two years later married Edward's younger brother Walter who was also killed in the war. Also note the special relationship ref Alexander Ross's relations.

[NI043371] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Merril R Custer State: PA Enumeration District: 8154 Color: W Age: 20 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0172 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00680547 Other Residents:
Wife Mary M 20, PA

[NI043375] 1850 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
7 Lint, Joseph 38 M Farmer
Lint, Barbara 40 F
Lint, Eliza 12 F
Lint, Catharine 10 F
Lint, Mary 5 F
Lint, Sarah 3 F
Lint, John 1 M
Penrod, Josiah 16 M Laborer

[NI043376] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
5 Lint, George 44 M Farmer - 100 Acres
Lint, Eve 33 F
Lint, Sarah 11 F
Lint, Peter 10 M
Lint, Elizabeth 8 F
Lint, Hannah 6 F
Lint, Jacob 2 M

[NI043388] According to a History of Mingo, Jasper co., IA both John and Lucy were in Audubon co., IA in 1880 with two of their children Harriett and Tena. They later moved to Centerville, S. Dakota where they both passed on and are presumably buried.

[NI043395] Jacob working on Henry Lint's farm (his father). He is later found on the plat map of Independence twp., Jasper co., IA (twp 81 N., rng 20 W.) with an 80 acre farm in section 9 which is located about 1.5 miles N.W. of Baxter, IA. For a short history of his wife's family (the Hays) reference Phoebe's parents. John P. Hay (Phoebe's father) & his bro. Peter P. Hay married 2 sis.s Rosanne & Eliza Lint in Somerset co., PA. Jacob Lint's wife Phoebe dies in 1901 so it is very possible he remarried!

[NI043409] Evangelical Church

[NI043432] Harrison Lint and Henrietta Lint were cousins who married. Henrietta's father Frederick was William Harrison Lint's father's younger bro.

[NI043433] When Rex's mother Catherine died (he was 5 and she was 33) his uncle Frank (who never married) & his aunt Minnie Violet (who also never married) took him in & raised him as their own. By process of elimination this makes his mother Catherine Elizabeth Lint. Reference certificate of birth in files for supporting documentation.

[NI043436] When Rex's mother Catherine died (he was 5 and she was 33) his uncle Frank (who never married) and his aunt Minnie Violet (who also never married) took him in and raised him as their own. By process of elimination this makes his mother Catherine Elizabeth Lint. Reference certificate of birth in files for supporting documentation.

[NI043440] When Rex's mother Catherine died (he was 5 and she was 33) his uncle Frank (who never married) & his aunt Minnie Violet (who also never married) took him in & raised him as their own. By process of elimination this makes his mother Catherine Elizabeth Lint. Reference certificate of birth in files for supporting documentation.

[NI043464] Rosa Ann Lint & her sis Eliza (of Conrad and Catharine Tressler Lint) married 2 bros, John P. Hay & Peter P. Hay (of Peter F. & Catharine Knepper Hay) in Somerset co., PA. John & Rosa had 8 chldrn, 4 of which were born in IA. In the spring of 1857 the John P. Hay & Peter P. Hay families along with Dr. & Mrs. George Graham, Dr. & Mrs. Merces, Mr. & Mrs. Meese, & James Mervine traveled as a group to Clearcreek twp., Jasper co., IA. They used 7 covered wagons pulled by horses & arrived at their destination on 20 May 1857 after 45 days of travel. John P. Hay purchased 160 acres in the S.W. quarter of section 32 in Clearcreek twp., Jasper co., IA which is across from the present location of the Graham Cem. here both are buried. John P. Hay died 7 Feb 1894 as a result of injuries received from a run-away horse when the horse became frightened by steam coming from a steam feed mill. John & Rosa both got out of their buggie & John took the horse by the bridle to lead it past the mill. Steam escaping from the mill frightened the horse making it rear up, pulling John off his feet. The horse then trampled & ran over John as it ran off. John never regained consciousness & died several days after the accident. John was buried in the Graham Cem. directly across the road from his property. It is interest to note on the plat maps of 1870 that 2.5 miles due north up the road, John's bro Peter P. Hay also owned 160 acres in the S.W. quarter of section 17 in Clearcreek twp. Half way between John & Peter's farms, Alexander Lint (Rosa & Eliza's 1st cousin) had a 100 acre farm & in the N.W. corner of section 27 Conrad J. Lint (Rosa & Eliza's father) had 15 acres. The 6th & 7th generations of these Hay families still reside and have farms in this area today. This information was taken from page 338 of a History of Mingo, Jasper co., IA & 1870 plat maps of the Clearcreek twp (twp. 81 N., rng. 21 W.) Jasper co., IA. Eliza also had a twin sis Elizabeth who supposedly marries a Frederick Knepper (a Knepper is also on the Hay side of the family). Peter Hay who is Eliza's husb. has 160 plus acres of land located on section 17 in Clearcreek twp., Jasper co., IA valued at $50 per acre (at time of article) & one of the finest houses in several co.s valued at $4000 with orchards & groves. He held the Co. offices of Assessor, Clerk & Supervisor. This information was found in a bio page 601 from the History of Clear Creek Twp.

[NI043465] 1870 Census Berlin Borough, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 25 Aug 1870 by Jno. Hicks
23 28 32 Knepper Fredrick 40 M W Physician 2,500 1,230 PA.
24 28 32 Knepper Elizabeth 37 F W Keeping House PA.
25 28 32 Knepper Maggie 18 F W PA.
26 28 32 Knepper Norman * 17 M W PA.
27 28 32 Knepper Henry W. 15 M W PA.
28 28 32 Knepper Savilla 13 F W PA.
29 28 32 Knepper Ruhanna 10 F W PA.
30 28 32 Knepper Ellen 08 F W PA.

[NI043482] Henry Poorbaugh moved to Elkhart, IN in 1851 & then down to Jasper co., IA in 1859 where he farmed section 36 P.O. Colfax. Supposedly he didn't marry Phebe until 1861 so where & when they met is unknow at this point.

[NI043487] 3 Lints were inducted into the 133rd Regiment on 14 Aug 1862 & later mustered out on the 26th of May 1863. Cyrus & Jonothan Lint went into Company E of the 133rd Regiment & Daniel Lint served in Company D of the 133rd. These 3 are the only ones that came from Somerset Co. in the fall of 1862.

[NI043488] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 22 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
21 336 334 Lint Chancy 25 M W Laborer 100 PA
Lint Mary 25 F W Keeping house PA
Lint William 7 M W PA

[NI043490] Hiram Lint owned 90 acres of land, 10 of which was wooded with his bro. Levi Lint.

[NI043491] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
S B Lekman Age: 47 State: PA Color: W Enumeration Dist.: 0154 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0051 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Ellen 42, PA
Dau. Effie 21, PA
Dau. Norma 20, PA
Son William 19, PA
Dau. Laura 17, PA
Dau. Ida 16, PA
Son Oscar 15, PA
Son Hobart 13, PA
Son Dewey 12, PA
Dau. Bertha 10, PA
Son Samuel 08, PA
Son Teddy 06, PA
Dau. Ella 05, PA
Dau. Thelma 03, PA
Dau. Fern 01, PA

[NI043492] Church of the Brethren [Bishop]

1. George Frain and Annie Berkfile had eight (8) children. Two of the sisters married two Lint brothers. The children were as follows:
Catherine marries William Warner
Eva marries George Lint *
Polly marries William Dempsey **
Susan marries William Peterson
Sarah marries Washington Hoffman
Jessie marries Lydia Baumgardner
Andrew marries ?
Julianna marries Christian Lint *

[NI043495] Peter Fyock, returned to the Ephrata Cloister where he remained his latter yrs & lived to the age of 80

[NI043501] Daniel Fyock, lived in Bedford Co., where he was the father of the Rev. Jeremiah Fyock, who m. Sarah Jane Blough, & Henry Fyock, who was m. to Elizabeth Seese of Paint Twp. Daniel also had 1 dau., Mary Catherine, who became the wife of Thomas O'Neil. This family resided near New Enterprise & was members of the Salemsville German Seventh Day Baptist Church.
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
26 Fyock, Daniel 26 M Farmer - 300 Acres
Fyock, Susanna 72 F
Fyock, Catharine 50 F
Fyock, Rosanna 20 F

[NI043502] Trib Jan 5 1925 William J. Lehman, a former res. of this city; d. Sat. night at the home of his daug. Mrs. Joseph Lewis, 929 Mellon St., Pittsburg, in his 64th yr. The body was brought to this city this afternoon & serv.s were held 1st Ev. Ch.; Kernville, Rev Sidney V. Carmany, bur. Grandview Cem. Sect PR5, Lot 148 b. near Scall Level, s/o Joseph J. & Barbara (Seese) Lehman. He left Johnstown about 2 yrs after the flood of 1889 to make his home in Pittsburg. wife Mary Skyles d. Jul 1918. m. Sun Jun 5 1881, by J. S. Strayer, J.P. survive chldrn: Alice, w/o Joseph Lewis, 929 Mellon st., Pittsburg; Edward Lehman, Aspinwall, PA, & Laura, Earl, Roy & Albert Lehman, all Pittsburg. 10 gchldn. bro. of John B. Lehman, Ebensburg; S.B. Lehman, Rummel, Somerset Co.; Joseph A. Lehman, Clarksville, MI; H. U. Lehman, 132 Weiss St.; Elmer J. Lehman, 511 Coleman ave.; Mrs. Albert Mader, Elton,; Charles Lehman, on the steamship "President Garfield" now on a tour around the world; Mrs. Lizzie Linker, 940 Ash st., & Mrs. J. L. Weaver, Hagevo, Somerset Co. Mr. Lehman was identified with Pride of Cambria Castle, Knights of the Golden Eagle & Protected Home Circle No. 72, this city.

[NI043513] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
John B Lehman State: PA Dist: 0112 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0015 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02770841 Other Residents:
Wife Catherine 48, PA
Son Algie E 26, PA
Dau Rosa 18, PA
Dau Mabel 17, PA
Son Edgar 13, PA
Dau Edna 13, PA
Son Miller 06, PA
Son Charles 05, PA

[NI043515] Cora Lint Miller wrote a letter in her 86th yr [1958] that " My mother had a daug. before she was married to Samuel Lint. Susan [the daug.] was born June 15th, 1872 & married Sam Bennett. They lived in Toledo, OH. She's buried in Jackson, MI. She died on Nov 3rd, 1927".

[NI043521] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Norman S Lehman State: PA Dist: 8154 Color: W Age: 43 B Pl: PA Visit: 0153 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb ImageNum: 02770942 Other Residents:
Wife Lizzie N 42, PA
Son Pershing W 18, PA
Dau Jessie G 15, PA
Dau Florence 12, PA
Dau Lillian 08, PA

[NI043523] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Joseph W Lint State: PA Dist: 8154 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0309 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760217 Other Res.s:
Wife Eva A 48, PA
Dau Gussie P 19, PA
Dau Florence M 07, PA

[NI043525] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
William Lint State: PA Dist: 0105 Color: W Age: 38 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0031 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760299 Other Res.s:
Wife Harriet 39, PA
Dau Myrtle M 14, PA
Dau Nora D 12, PA
Son William E 11, PA
Son Limon L 09, PA
Son Blair S 07, PA
Son Clarence M 02, PA
1 non-relative

[NI043529] When Ellen's husb. Sylvester died Peter & Margaret Lint took Ellen & her 6 chldrn into their home & raised them. According to a letter writter in August 1974 by one of those chldrn to Robert Brown. Peter & Margaret were quiet, humble, godfearing folks who were duty bound & provided a good home for all the chldrn.
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Peter Lint State: PA Dist: 9154 Color: W Age: 70 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0076 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760263 Other Res.s:
Wife Margaret 67, PA
Dau Ellen Schrock 28, PA
gdau Orphia Z Schrock 10, PA
gdau Margret C Schrock 08, PA
gdau Beatrice D Schrock 06, PA
gson Harrold L Schrock 04, PA
gdau Mildred E Schrock 01, PA

[NI043530] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Levi Lint State: PA Dist: 8154 Color: W Age: 26 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0211 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760223 Other Res.s:
Wife Mary A 26, Germany
Son Robert L 03, PA

[NI043531] Amish or Amish Mennonite

[NI043536] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Adam Wissinger Age: 52 State: PA Color: W Dist: 9154 B Pl: PA Visit: 0250 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Res:
Wife Mary M 36, PA
Son Cyrus E 15, PA
Adopted dau Mary A Geiger 09, PA

[NI043637] Herald of Truth Vol XXXIX # 23 Dec 1 1902 pg 365, 366. Miller. On 17 Oct 1902, Geistown, Pa, of old age, Bro Moses B Miller, aged 83y 1m 13d. Bro Miller has been minister in Amish Menn ch in vicinity of Johnstown for over 50 yrs. By his death the community has lost one of its best citizens, neighborhood a good neighbor, chdn a kind father who has often given them good advice. The ch in which he has so long preached, is now left w/o a minister. His death, suddenly & unexpectedly, was shock to all. On Sun, 12th, he preached his last sermon in Kauffman M H, although at that time he was unable to stand on both limbs while preaching, his 1 leg being lame. Funeral servs on 19th at Miller M N near his home, where a lg # of people assembled. His body was laid to rest in Weaver grvyd.
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
74 Miller, Moses B 30 M Farmer - 800 Acres
Miller, Susanna 32 F
Miller, Isaac 11 M
Miller, Jacob 9 M
Miller, Manassus 7 M
Miller, Sarah 6 F
Miller, Magdalene 5 F
Miller, Mary 2 F
Miller, Susanna 6 mo F

[NI043645] J-town Trib-Demo, Thu 06 Dec 2001. Irwin, Joseph W, 81, d St Petersburg, FL 28 Nov 2001; b Conemaugh & moved to Pinellas Pk, FL in 1975. Vet of WWII, serving 557th Antiaircraft Unit in European Theater. Employee Kelly-Irwin Optical, Johnstown, & retired from Bausch & Lomb Optical in St Petersburg, FL. Preceded by parents. Survived by Jean Custer Irwin, wife of 53 yrs; son Joseph Jr & dau Sheri Mager, all St Petersburg; bro Robert & wife Marion, Indian Lake; niece Cheryl, Pittsburgh; nephew Dr Richard, Somerset. Bur St Petersburg, FL.

[NI043653] Merle worked as a maintenance mechanic in Los Angeles until he retired in July 1978. The couple then moved to Maywood, CA and then in October 1978 on to Corning, CA where they live in the Rancho Tehama Reserve.

[NI043656] Luzanne [or Nan as she is referred to] went to school in Bell, CA & graduated from High School there in 1959. She works as a secretary & sales person for a Maserati importer in Rancho Domingnez, CA. Her husband Warren is an Orthodontist at the Rancho Los Amigos Hosp. in Downey, CA & also sings in a Barbershop quartet in Downey.

[NI043661] Cora Lint Miller wrote a letter in her 86th year [1958] that " My mother had a daug. before she was married to Samuel Lint. Susan [the daug.] was born June 15th, 1872 & married Sam Bennett. They lived in Toledo, OH. She's buried in Jackson, MI. She died on Nov 3rd, 1927".

[NI043663] Dean claims that Sarah died the day after her last son James [10 May 1883] was stillborn. They were buried together in the same casket.

[NI043682] Isiah was George Smith's half brother (George married Mary Lint)

[NI043685] George is half brother of Isiah Smith (Margaret Lint's husband)

[NI043687] John's family and parents also buried in Old Sloan Cem.

[NI043693] In a letter from a register of wills has John Lind as an innkeeper, also from the DAR patriot index 929-373 Bemis Library, is a piece that states he was a private in the revolutionary war with the PA Army. It has him born 11 May 1761 & died 23 Oct 1823 married to Susan Gonter. { Susanna Gander}, the names are similar enough that someone could have made a mistake either way.

[NI043697] Reformed Lutheran Church

[NI043709] Reformed Lutheran Church

1. John George Lind/Lint (b.27Jan 1792) is a strange fit into this family for a couple of reasons; first is his having a middle name when none of the other siblings have one. Why? Secondly he was babtized in a different church from all the others. Why? Is he really a member of this family?

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