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[NI045484] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John W Day State: PA Enumeration District: 0160 Color: W Age: 59 Birth Place: Virginia Visit: 0580 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00960176 Other Residents:
Wife Sa*ah V 60, Virginia
Son Hubert O 24, Virginia
gson John H 14, Virginia

[NI045525] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Charles Livingston State: PA Dist: 0133 Color: W Age: 38 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0231 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02610024 Other Res.s:
Wife Maggie A 35, PA
Dau Freda F 16, PA
Dau Nora A 10, PA

[NI045529] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Solomon Hershberger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0044 Color: W Age: 76 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0470 Co.: Bucks Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02090470 Other Residents:
Wife Sallie 70, PA

[NI045542] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 20 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
12 134 136 Martz Richard 32 M Farmer 1,000 PA
Martz Rebecca 26 F PA
Martz Jacob 8 M PA
Martz Sarah 5 F PA
Martz Susanna 3 F PA
Martz Dennis 1 M PA
1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 6 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
2 39 39 Martz Richard 55 M W Farmer 3,500 1,000 PA
Martz Rebecca 46 F W Keeping House PA
Martz Sarah 24 F W PA
Martz Jesse 18 M W Works on Farm PA
Martz Charles 16 M W Works on Farm PA
Martz Samuel 14 M W Works on Farm PA
Martz William 12 M W Works on Farm PA
Martz Hannibal L. 8 M W PA
Martz Lori T. 4 M W PA

[NI045545] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
336 57 Beaghley John A. 40 M Doctor PA
Anna 37 F PA
Elizabeth 16 F PA
Mary 14 F PA
Sarah 13 F PA
Anna 11 F PA
Gabriel 9 M PA
Susanna 7 F PA
Rosanna 5 F PA
Harriet 4 F PA
Eliza 2 F PA
Abagail 8 mos. F PA
Frank Henry 32 M Germany

[NI045561] 1860 Federal Census Johnstown, 2nd Ward, Cambria Co., PA enumerated by HA McPike, Jun 14,1860
689 2 750 756 Louther Valentine 32 M Confectioner 1200 1500 Penna
689 3 750 756 Louther Susan 25 F Penna
689 4 750 756 Louther Mary E 5 F Penna
689 5 750 756 Louther Amelia 2 F Penna

[NI045566] 1850 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: John H. Smith Roll
509 50 Saylor Jerimiah 30 M Farmer PA
Mary A. 27 F PA
Joseph 8 M PA
John W. 6 M PA
Sarah A. 5 F PA
Willis 3 M PA
Hartzel, Mary 22 F PA
Long, George 21 M Labourer PA

[NI045572] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob Geiger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0143 Color: W Age: 55 B-Place: PA Visit: 0118 Co.: Somerset, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550129 Other Resid.s:
Wife Malinda 55, PA
Dau. Clara 26, PA
Dau. Mary 24, PA
Dau. Annie 18, PA
Son James 15, PA
Grandson Orlin Mankamyer 07, PA

[NI045579] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ezra Geiger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0143 Color: W Age: 41 B-Place: PA Visit: 0072 Co.: Somerset, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550078 Other Resid.s:
Wife Martha 39, PA
Son John H 17, PA
Son Irvin 14, PA
Son Harvey A 12, PA
Son Walter H 04, PA
Dau. Alice M NR, PA

[NI045580] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Henry A Geiger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0143 Color: W Age: 38 B-Place: PA Visit: 0115 Co.: Somerset, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550117 Other Resid.s:
Wife Susan 35, PA
Dau. Mary 12, PA
Dau. Sarah 09, PA
Son Ralf 06, PA
Dau. Leora 02, PA
Dau. Leona 02, PA

[NI045584] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William H Geiger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0138 Color: W Age: 32 B-Place: PA Visit: 0037 Co.: Somerset, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550237 Other Resid.s:
Wife Mary E 23, PA
Dau. Hazel F 05, PA
Son Martin R 04, PA

[NI045614] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Alfred Knepp State: PA Enumeration District: 0143 Color: - Age: 47 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0108 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02440922 Other Residents:
Wife Priscilla 48, PA
Dau. Matilda A 27, PA
Son John E 19, PA
Niece Ester Geiger 15, PA

[NI045641] 1870 Federal Census Alleghany Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 16 June 1870 by John H. Lepley
18 24 22 Suter Peter 24 M W Farmer 2,500 800 PA
19 24 22 Suter Sarah 21 F W Keeping House PA
20 24 22 Suter Agnes 3 F W PA
21 24 22 Suter Calvin 1 M W PA
22 24 22 Deeter Catherine 45 F W Domestic Servant PA

[NI045728] 1. Look in the index under LINTT, FAMILY HISTORY OF MOLLY for a very extensive biography of the Lintt family from it's beginning in Fayette co., PA to Lincoln, NE.

[NI045754] Don Lady noted that Benjamin was supposedly mentally retarded. The family story was that he suffered a head injury at the age of six (6). Don's mother Bertha Lint didn't try to keep track of him but he probably lived until about 1940 and was in a home for the aged or a state institution in either OR or CA. He was a laborer and illiterate as far as Don knows.

[NI045767] believed to have died at a young age

[NI045768] believed to have died at a young age

[NI045962] Sept. 23 1929 Johnstown Trib, Funeral Services for William E. Weaver, 54 , who d early Sun morn. s/o Lydia Keim Weaver & survied by widow, Mrs. Eva (Livingston) Weaver & chdn: Ruth, w/o Conrad Niel, Meyerdale: Esther, w/o Oran Woy, Akron, OH; Orpha, Irene,Pearl, David & Wilbur, at home. 3 gchdn bro.s & sis.s; James D. Weaver, Royal Oak, MI, Etta, w/o G. R. zimmerman, Connellsville: Elizabeth, w/o J. W. Alexander, McKeesport, & Anna, w/o Thomas G. Cummins, & clara w/o E.R. Lehman, both Wood St.

[NI046045] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Albert Ellenberger State: PA Enumeration District: 0042 Color: W Age: 36 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0014 Co.: Fayette Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01270005 Other Residents:
Wife Minnie 33, PA
Son Ralph 12, PA
Dau. Nellie I 11, PA
Son Uriah 10, PA
Son Harry 08, PA
Dau. Iva P 06, PA
Dau. Anna G 04, PA
Son Percy NR, PA

[NI046048] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
George Dillinger State: PA Enumeration District: 0042 Color: W Age: 56 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0067 Co.: Fayette Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01090935 Other Residents:
Wife Martha 46, PA
Dau. Bertha 23, PA
Dau. Myrtle 21, PA
5 non-relatives

[NI046106] D in civil war
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
30 Allison, Joseph 27 M Laborer - 200 Acres
Allison, Barbara 22 F
Allison, Nathaniel 5 M
Allison, Mary C 3 F
Allison, James M 1 M

[NI046111] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 31 Oct by Henry Cook
15 382 426 Bouser George 28 M Collier Pa
16 382 426 Bouser Sophia 19 F Pa
17 382 426 Bouser Elizabeth 4 F Pa
18 382 426 Bouser Jacob 3 M Pa
19 382 426 Bouser Catherine 1 F Pa

[NI046112] 1850 Federal Census Jackson Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 17 Oct 1850 by Wm. L. Shyrock
17 5 5 Dishong Paul 54 M W Farmer 2000 Pa
18 5 5 Dishong Elizabeth 53 F W Pa
19 5 5 Dishong Paul Jr. 21 M W Farmer Pa
20 5 5 Dishong Elizabeth 18 F W Pa
21 5 5 Dishong Balser 15 M W Laborer Pa
22 5 5 Dishong Peter 12 M W Pa
23 5 5 Dishong Jacob 8 M W Pa
24 5 5 Dishong Margaret 7 F W Pa
25 5 5 Dishong Henry 5 M W Pa
26 5 5 Fisher John 31 M W Mill Right Pa

[NI046121] 1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 10 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
27 73 68 Allison Barbara 40 M W Keeping House Pa name/sex/occupation/voter as recorded
28 73 68 Allison Nathaniel 23 M W farm laborer Pa
29 73 68 Allison Milton 20 M W At Home Pa
30 73 68 Allison Daniel 18 M W At Home Pa
31 73 68 Allison William 16 M W At Home Pa
32 73 68 Allison Philimore 14 M W At Home Pa
33 73 68 Allison Samuel 12 M W At Home Pa
34 73 68 Allison Emily 8 F W At Home Pa

[NI046140] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
McClelland Lohr State: PA Dist: 0138 Color: W Age: 49 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0007 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head ImageNum: 02790279 Other Res:
Wife Ida M 44, PA

[NI046174] John Sampsel was the informant on Conrad Lint's death certificate in 1913.

[NI046177] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
115 118 FRANE Jesse 25 M Laborer
Lydia 25 F
Susanna 4 F
Easter 2 F
Elisabeth 2/12 F

[NI046280] After an interview with Robert Lewis Lint in Danville, KS on the evening of 29 Mar 97.... I have detached Ora E. Lint from the family of Conrad Q. Lint and placed it here in Abraham Lint's family. The original connection wasn't 100% positive and unfortunately neither is this one. The circumstancial evidence is stronger for this connection. It seems as if Conrad Q. was the uncle instead of the father. It
is also possible there were two Ora Lint's in two very close branches. For the moment Ora will rest here though but not peacefully.

[NI046291] Albert is adopted formally in 1956.

[NI046292] Pamela was formally adopted in 1956.

[NI046298] Mary Slater had a sis. Margaret known as "Peggy" who married a John Kline. When Mary was 7 yrs old [in 1814] she went to OH with this sis. & lived with her until she m. George Krieger in 1826. Mary also had 2 or 3 bro.s. 1 went to MO & 1 went to OR. The 1 who went to MO became quite well-to-do. The Slater family was supposedly English or of English descent.

[NI046334] Reformed Lutheran Church

1. Christian was born in Greenville twp., Somerset co., PA as the first son of Daniel Lint by his first wife. When Daniel moved to Holmes Co., OH in 1833, Christian (then 8 years old) went with the family. In Holmes Co. near Farmerstown he met Lydia Krieger and they married. They had their first three children (Sarah, Isaiah, and Jacob) in Holmes Co. but moved south and were living in Pee Pee twp., Pike co., OH when their next two sons (Franklin and George were born). Lydias parents were originally from PA but were living in Farmerstown when Christian and Lydia met. They later moved to Scioto twp., Pike co., OH and could have been the reason for Christian and Lydia moving south to Pee Pee twp. When Christian joined the OH Infantry in 1864 (for civil war) Lydia stayed with or near her parents in Pike Co..

[NI046339] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jackson Stclair Age: 56 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0139 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0110 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Salome 54, PA
Daug. Irene G 20, PA
Son Clifford E 18, PA
Johnstown Trib issue 10 Nov 1934. LAST OF PIONEER FAMILY IN LOWER YODER DIES AT 81. Jackson St. Clair b on Site of St. Clair Reservoir; Had Many Chldn. BETHLEHEM PENSIONER Jackson St. Clair, youngest & last of a pioneer family of Lower Yoder Twp., who had spent his entire life in that sect, d 10 am this morn at home of his son-in-law & daug., Mr. & Mrs. Darrell B. Hockensmith, 144 Wilson St, 19th Ward. He was 81 yrs old Aug 28. Although incapacitated for several yrs, Mr. St. Clair became bedfast only on last Mon. His death was attributed to infirmities incident to age. S/o James & Thankful D. (Geer) St. Clair, he was b on site of St. Clair Reservoir. He & Ms Salome Holsopple were m many yrs ago. Mrs. St. Clair d 24 yrs ago. Surviving are the following chldn: Mrs. Effie Bush, Middle Taylor Twp., Julia, w/o Charles Wilson, Middle Taylor Twp.; Blanche, w/o Rev. W.C. Benshoff, Waynesboro, PA; Thankful, w/o Lewis Leckey, 153 C St; Izora, w/o D.B. Hockensmith, mentioned above; Lucinda, w/o David Benshoff, Morrellville; Campbell, Brownstown & Clifford, Walnut Grove. One son d in inf. There are 35 gchldn; 24 ggchldn. Following his marriage, Mr. St. Clair continued to reside on the reservoir farm for many yrs, engaged as a teamster. In later yrs he entered the employ of the old Cambria Steel Co & was retired on pension a few yrs ago. Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

[NI046342] These two sisters married these two brothers and everyone lives in Coshocton.

[NI046344] For Isaiah's early years refer to the notes on his father Christian. While his family was in Waterloo, DeKalb co., IN, Isaiah found work on the farm of Isaac Grate (whose wife was a McClish) in Smithfield twp., DeKalb co,. IN. Isaiah married Emma Ann McClish "Shaw" who was either widowed or divorced from Shaw & 3 of his chldrn. So Isaiah began his family by taking in Emma's chldrn (they kept the Shaw name though) & then having 3 of their own (all born in DeKalb Co.). In Apr 1894 Isaiah moved to Amble, Montcalm co., MI where he had a farm & spent the remaining 28 years raising his family. His younger bro. George (13 years younger) apparently visited & lived with Isaiah on the farm for a while because George met & married Nellie Thompson who was from Amble, MI.
Isaiah, Emma, Lydia & quite a few Thompsons are buried in the Amble Cem. which I visited with Sue Baker during the 94 research trip/Coral Lint reunion.

[NI046355] George Brinton Lint was born in Pee Pee Twp., Pike Co. OH before the end of the civil war while his father was off at war with the 73rd OH Infantry. His father Christian had enlisted in the army 8 mo.s before in Feb. 1864. While Christian was in the army his wife Lydia was living with or near her parents in Pike Co.. George's brother Franklin had also been born in Pee Pee twp 2 yrs previously in 1862 so the family had been there a while. When Christian was discharged & returned home from the war they moved to Waterloo in DeKalb Co., IN presumably near relatives or friends already in the area. George was only a yr old when the family of 7 (2 parents & 5 chldrn) moved to IN in 1865 so the event didn't effect him. George apparently went to school & grew up around Waterloo. His older sis. Sarah Jane was married to James Fike in 1867 a few yrs after the family arrived in Waterloo. The father Christian died in 1871 so Lydia was left to raise 4 sons; Isaiah 20, Jacob 16, Franklin 9, & George 7. The youngest daug. Edith had died in childbirth in Waterloo in 1868 so she wasn't a factor. Jacob then died in 1873 so Lydia was basically left with two boys Franklin and George because Isaiah was then working on the Grate farm where he met his wife and married in 1881. In the meantime I believe Lydia & the 2 boys were being supported by Isaiahs meager farm earnings & Sarah & James Fike. George's oldest bro. Isaiah (13 yrs older) bought land & moved his new family to Amble, MI in 1894 where he remained. Lydia moved to the farm in Amble & lived there with Isaiah & Emma until she died in 1920. George & Franklin had struch out on their own by this time but George returned to Amble because in 1899 George met & married Nellie May Thompson who's family was also from Amble. After George married Nellie they moved to the Frankfort, KS area where he went into the Grain business. George's bro. had preceeded him into the area & was living in Hiawatha, KS about 50 mi.s east also in the grain business. Bro. Franklin had been in the NE corner of KS since about 1888 when his 1st son Claude was born there. Previous to that time he had been just north of there in Stella, NE where he'd married & earned his teachers certificate. I believe George came to KS because his older bro. Franklin was there. I also believe Franklin came to SE NE (Richardson Co.) & later NE KS (Brown Co.) because Dr. Henry McKenzie Lint lived there (they were 2nd cousins). I mention George's older bro. Franklin here so much because he had a tremendous influence on his "little bro." George. The story goes that George lost his grain business in a 1901 grain elevator fire which makes sense because George's 1st son Roy was born in Frankfort, KS in 1900 but his 2nd son Leigh was born in 1902 in Leigh, NE well to the north. It's interesting that Franklin lost his grain business in 1906 in an elevator fire. Were these separate incidences or the same one told by separate branches of the family given incorrect dates? To go on though, in 1907 Franklin went to Spokane, WA (another grain business) & George went to Denver, CO where he worked as a streetcar conductor. His daug. Nina was born in Golden, CO in 1908. At the same time Franklin settled in the Lewiston/Clarkson area. In 1910 George moved his family of five to the Weiser, ID area where they settled & remained. This was only about 150 mi.s south of bro. Franklin. George & Nellie lived at their home on East Commercial st. in Weiser for his last 25 years until he died in 1935. Nellie lived there another 22 years until she died in 1957. They're both buried together in Weiser. All 3 of their children were raised & later married in Weiser.

[NI046369] born in Somerset twp., near the town of Somerset the family moved to Greenville twp., in 1816 [he was 13 at the time] where Daniel lived until he moved to OH in 1833 [age 30]. He farmed in Holmes Co., OH from 1833 until 1851 (18 years). In 1851 he moved to Coshocton Co., OH where he remained from 1851 to 1865 (14 years). In 1865 he moved to Tuscarawas Co., OH where he remained (18 years) until he died in May of 1883. Both his 1st & 2nd wives (Sally & Mary) as well as his 1st son Samuel died are buried in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA

[NI046398] Jacob Lint was cooper for 7 yrs & then he bought the home where he lived to the age of 90 yrs. At the time of his death he was the oldest living man in Greenville Twp.. He was a member of the Reformed Church in Greenville twp., for over 50 yrs.
1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
600-85 Lint Jacob 56 M Labourer PA
Elias 21 M PA
Mary 19 F PA
Sarah 16 F PA
Noah 14 M PA
Lydia 11 F PA
Phineas 5 M PA
Edwin 3 M PA

[NI046440] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 10 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
25 62 62 Lint Gillian C. 42 M Blacksmith 1,600 PA
26 62 62 Lint Elizabeth 38 F PA
27 62 62 Lint Conrad 16 M Blacksmith PA
28 62 62 Lint Rebecca 13 F PA
29 62 62 Lint Eliza 10 F PA
30 62 62 Lint Ann 7 F PA
31 62 62 Lint William 5 M PA
32 62 62 Lint Mary 3 F PA
33 62 62 Lint Daniel 2 M PA
34 62 62 Lint Lydia 1/12 F PA
35 62 62 Baldwin Jacob 22 M Blacksmith PA
36 62 62 Smearman Frederick 20 M Blacksmith Germany
37 62 62 Hochstetler Mary 63 F PA
38 62 62 Fornewalt George 28 M Labourer PA

[NI046472] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
496 336 NEDROW, Isaac 23 m Laborer PA
Caroline 20 f PA
Christina E. 1 f PA

[NI046484] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Henry W Knepper State: PA Enumeration District: 0130 Color: W Age: 55 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0140 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02450693 Other Residents:
Wife Martha E 51, PA
Son Kilmer 20, PA
Son Pual H 16, PA
Dau. Margeret E 11, PA

[NI046485] Trib Johnstown, PA Tue May 24 1938. Mrs. Ceville (Knepper) Weigle, 82, one of Shanksville's best kwn resids, d yest at her home after illness of sev mos of a complication of ailments. A native & lifelong resid of Somerset co, Mrs. Weigle was b Apr 1 1856, d/o Dr. Frederick & Elizabeth (Lint) Knepper, pioneer resids of Berlin section of Somerset Co. Mrs. Weigle's husb Daniel Weigle, d a no. of yrs ago. Surviving are chdn: Carlyle K. Weigle, Harrisburg; Beatrice K. Weigle, Los Angeles, CA; Miss Amy Weigle, at home; Mrs. Philip Hartig, Jr, Frostburg, MD; Guy Weigle, Shanksville, & Hugh Weigle, at home. Mrs. Weigle was sis of Miss Margaret & Miss Nellie Knepper, both Berlin, & Mrs. Oliver Critchfield, Rockwood. She was a life-long memb Berlin Ref ch. Funeral arrangements are in charge of John N. Johnson & Son, Berlin Morticians.

[NI046500] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
496 339 SANNER, Levi 27 m Laborer PA
Harriet 22 f PA
Lucinda 1 f PA
1870 Federal Census Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA
23 175 187 Sanner Levi 47 M W Farmer 1,000 300 Pa
24 175 187 Sanner Harriet 42 F W Keeping house Pa
25 175 187 Sanner Sobina E 19 F W Domst. Ser. Pa
26 175 187 Sanner Mary J 17 F W Pa
27 175 187 Sanner Matilda 5 F W Pa
28 175 187 Sanner Sarah 6/12 F W Pa Jan 70

[NI046501] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
496 340 SANNER, Alexander 25 m Weaver PA
Nancy 21 f PA
John F 1 m PA
William T 1/12 m PA

[NI046504] 1870 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 8 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
17 63 67 Sanner Franklin 41 M W Farmer 1,500 700 PA.
18 63 67 Sanner Mary 36 F W Keeping House PA
19 63 67 Sanner Daniel 15 M W PA
20 63 67 Sanner Lewis 13 M W PA
21 63 67 Sanner Pricilla 10 F W PA
22 63 67 Sanner William 8 M W PA
23 63 67 Sanner Phebe 4 F W PA
24 64 68 Sanner Amos M. 1 M W PA

[NI046506] 1870 Federal Census Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA
19 174 186 Sanner Charles R 32 M W Farmer 8,000 2,081 Pa
20 174 186 Sanner Ellen 20 F W Keeping house Pa
21 174 186 Sanner John G 2 M W Pa
22 174 186 Sanner William 3/12 M W PA Apl 70

[NI046523] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
David Weigle Age: 53 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0165 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0225 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Cevilla 52, PA
Daug. Beatrice 22, PA
Daug. Annie 20, PA
Daug. Winifred 18, PA
Daug. Gale 15, PA
Son Guy 12, PA
Son Hugh 08, PA

[NI046526] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
358 212 Knepper Lewis 50 M Farmer PA
Susan 48 F PA
Frederick 20 F PA
Margaretta 17 F PA
Francis 14 M PA
Lorinda 11 F PA
1870 Fed Census Brosvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
4 204 208 Knepper Lewis 70 M W Farmer 5,000 500 PA.
5 204 208 Knepper Susan 68 F W Keeping House PA
1880 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
3 17 237A 8 147 151 Knepper Lewis W M 80 Retired farmer PA Germany PA
3 17 237A 9 147 151 Knepper Suzanne W F 76 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA

[NI046532] obit in Weiser, ID: NELLIE B. LINT LAST RITES HELD. Serv.s were conducted Wed. at the Northam-Jones Chapel for Mrs. Nellie M. Lint, 78, a resident of Weiser since 1910. Rev. Ray Thompson officiated with the burial following at Hillcrest Cem. Mrs. Lint d. early Sun. 15 Dec 1957, at her home on East Commercial St. She was b. 10 Jun 1879 in Barton, MI & was m. to George B. Lint 5 Apr 1899. The couple resided in KS for several yrs before moving to Weiser in 1910. Mrs. Lint was a member of the Weiser Meth. Church & of the WSCS of the church. Survivors include; 1 son, Leigh B. Lint of San Francisco, CA; 1 dau. Mrs. Nina May Lewis of the Dalles, OR; 2 sis.s Mrs. Edith Pemberton of Morley, MI & Mrs. Nettie Stinson of Amble, MI. Also 6 grandchldrn & 11 greatgrandchldrn. Mr. Lint d. 1935 & a son Roy B. Lint of Caldwell d. in 1954.

[NI046612] 1850 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
219-131 Hamer, John 56 M Farmer Eng.
Catherine 41 F PA
Eveline 21 F PA
William 18 M Farmer PA
Samuel 16 M Farmer PA
John 11 M PA
Mary 8 F PA
Nathaniel 6 M PA
James F. 4 M PA
Thomas 8m M PA

[NI046615] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 18 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
39 42 44 Hummel Henry 72 M W Blacksmith 550 300 PA
40 42 44 Hummel Susan 66 F W Keeping house PA
Know all men by these presents that I Henry Hummel of Shanksvill in the Co. of Somerset & State of PA being in good health & of sound mind, do make & publish this my last will & testament. And as to my worldly estate, & all the property real personal & mixed, of which I shall die seized & possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease, I devise bequeath & dispose thereof in the manner following to wit 1st, my will is that all my just debts & funeral Expenses be pd out of my estate as soon after my decease as shall be found convenient. Item, I bequeath devise or give to my beloved wife Susannah Hummel all my household furniture, 1 cow, Blacksmith tools, Bonds, notes, Book accounts, & all other property belonging to me, also 1 house & 2 Lots of ground with all thereto belonging. Said 2 lots are situate in Shanksvill on Main St adjoining lots No. 44 on the east, west by interest alley being lots No. 45 & No. 46, all the above property as described in this my last will & testament, shall belong to my wife as her own property, & live there from during her natural lifetime, further it is my will that my only daug Polly Hummel now intermarried with Robert Smith, shall have the balance of the above described property that will remain after the death of my wife Susanna Hummel. And lastly I do appoint or nominate my son-in-law Robert B. Smith, to be the Executor of this my last will & testament. In testimony whereof I the said Henry Hummel have to this the last will & testament contained in 1 sheet of paper, subscribed my name & affixed my seal this 4 Nov 1870. Signed sealed published & delivered or declared by the said Henry Hummel as & for his last will & testament in the presence of us, who at his request & in his presence & in the presence of Each other have subscribed our name as witnesses there to. Henry Hummel {seal} Herman Buleheim William Baldwin

[NI046616] I Samuel Hummel of Twp. of Adams in the Co. of Cambria & State of PA (Yeoman) being of sound mind memory & understanding do make & publish this my last will & Testament hereby revoking & making void all former will by me at any time heretofore made. & first I direct that my body be decently buried & that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate & situation in life. As to such estate as it hath pleased God to entrust me with I dispose of the same as follows viz: 1st I direct that all my funeral expenses be pd out of my personal Estate. 2nd I give devise & bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Hummel in lieu of her dower if she should so elect the farm on which we now reside situate in the Twp. of Adams aforesaid & containing 64 acres or thereabouts together with all live stock, horses cattle sheep swine etc., by me now owned & kept therein & all the house hold furniture & all other items not particularly named & otherwise disposed of in this my last will, to have & to hold the said messuage & appurtenances & the said goods & chattels for & during her natural life. & at the death of my said wife all the property hereby devised or bequeathed to her as aforesaid or so much thereof as may then remain unexpended I give & devise unto my son Samuel S. & my 3 dau.s Elizabeth, Nancy & Sarah share & share alike their heirs & assign forever. Lastly I hereby constitute & appoint my said wife Sarah & my said son Samuel S. to be the Executrix & Executor of this my last will & testament. In witness whereof I Samuel Hummel the Testator have to this my last will written on 1 sheet of paper set my hand & seal this 16 March 1881. Samuel Hummel His mark Signed, sealed, published, & declared, by the above named Samuel Hummel as & for his last will & Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto in the presence of the said Testator & of each other. B.F. Varner [?] Stull Cambria Co., ss: Before me John H. Brown Register of the Probate of wills & granting Letters of Administration in & for said Co., personally came B. F. Varner & Samuel Shank, 2 of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will who being duly affirmed according to law, do depose & say that they were present & saw & heard Samuel Hummel the within named testator, sign, seal, publish, pronounce & declare the foregoing instrument of writing as & for his last Will & Testament, & at the time of so doing he was of sound mind, memory & understanding, to the best of their knowledge, observation & belief. B. F. Varner Samuel Shank Affirmed & subscribed this 31st day of March A.D. 1883. John H. Brown Register. State of PA, Cambria Co., ss: Before me John H. Brown, Register of the Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Administration in & for said Co., personally came Samuel S. Hummel, who being duly affirmed according to law, doth depose & say that Samuel Hummel, late of Adams Twp. in said Co., d. on or abt 28 Feb 1883, abt 7 am. Samuel S. Hummel Affirmed & subscribed this 31 Mar 1883. John H. Brown Register. State of PA, Co. of Cambria, SS. We Sarah Hummel & Samuel S. Hummel do affirm that as the Executors of Samuel Hummel late of Adams Twp. deceased, we will well & truly administer the goods & chattels, rights & credits of said deceased, agreeably to law, & that we will comply with the provisions of the law relating to collateral inheritances. Sarah Hummel Her mark Samuel S. Hummel Affirmed & subscribed before this 31 Mar 1883, & letters testamentary granted to Sarah Hummel & Samuel S. Hummel John H. Brown Register. Cambria Co. (ss) Personally came before me a Justice of the Peace in & for said Co. Jacob S. Kring who deposeth & saith that by request of the Executor of the Estate of the late Samuel Hummel Sr. he did appraise the property of the said Estate of to the best of his judgment & skill. Jacob S. Kring Sworn & subscribed before me this 11th day of April 1883. Henry Eschenseler J.P. A true & perfect inventory & just appraisement of all & singler[?] the goods & chattels rights & credits which were of Samuel Hummel late of the Twp. of Adams Co. Cambria State of PA received at the time of his death to wit April 11th 1883. Appraisement total amount $170.80. This is the total amount of sale $204.28 Cambria Co. ss Personally came before me a Justice of the Peace in & for said Co. Alex Murphy who upon his solemn affirmation did depose & say that he by request of the Executor did well & truly & without prejudice or partiality value & appraise the goods & chattels & credits which were of Samuel Hummel Sr. Dec'd as set forth in the inventory hereto annexed & in all respects perform their duties as appraisers to the best of his skill & judgement. Alex Murphy Affirmed & subscribed this 10 Apr 1883 before me Henry Eschenseler J.P. To the Honorable Judge of the Orphans Court of Cambria Co.. The petition of Sarah Hummel, widow of Samuel Hummel Sr. & assignee & vendee of Samuel S. Hummel, Elizabeth Hummel now married to John Yeager, & Nancy Hummel now married to Simon Thomas, said parties being children of Samuel Hummel Sr. late of Adams Twp. Cambria Co. deceased respectfully represent. That the said Samuel Hummel Sr. d. on or abt the day of Mar 1883 leaving a last will & testament bearing date the 16 Mar 1881 since his decease to wit, on 31Mar 1883 duly proved before the Register of Cambria Co. & now remaining of record in his office the testator in & by said will devised all his real estate to his widow Sarah Hummel the petitioner for her natural life, & after her death to his son Samuel L. Hummel & his three daughters Elizabeth, now married to John Yeager, residing at Franklin Borough, Cambria Co., Nancy married to Simon Thomas residing in Somerset Co. & Sarah married to William Layton residing at South Fork, Cambria Co., share & share alike. That Elizabeth Yeager & her husband John Yeager, Nancy Thomas & Simon Thomas her husband & Samuel S. Hummel the said son & daughters have sold & assigned all their right title & interest in said real estate devised to them by the will of Samuel Hummel Sr. to Sarah Hummel your petitioner. She therefore, owning a life estate & three fourths of the remainder of said real estate, & Sarah Layton the other one fourth of the remainder interest. The real estate devised as aforesaid consists of a farm situate in Adams Twp., Cambria Co., PA. Bounded & described as follows. Beginning at a Spruce on original corner of survey South 60 degrees, west 23 perches to a post, thence by land of L. B. Cohicks, north 62 degrees west 143 perches to stones, north 28 degrees east 52 perches to stones, thence by L.B. Cohicks & S. Rose north 62 degrees west 168 perches to a small beach, thence by Wm Beaty survey, north 20 degrees east 56 1/2 perches to stones, thence by S. P. Harshberger division south 60 degrees, east 168 perches to a post, south 28 degrees west 20 1/2 perches to stones, thence south 60 degrees, east 158 1/2 perches to post on original line, thence by same south 30 degrees west 60 perches to the place of beginning. The petitioner therefore prays the Court to grant a rule on Sarah Layton returnable to next argument Court to show cause why an inquest to make partition of the said land to & among the said parties should not be awarded. Sarah Hummel her mark Cambria Co. ss On this 30th day of November 1888, personally appeared Sarah Hummel, who, being duly sworn says the facts set forth in the foregoing petition are true. Sarah Hummel Her mark Sworn & subscribed before John Fisher Justice of the Peace State of PA, Co. of Cambria, SS. The Commonwealth of PA To Sarah Layton Greeting: You are hereby cited to be & appear before the Judge of our Orphans' Court, at Ebensburg, in & for said Co., on the Seventh day of January next, then & there to show cause, if any you may have, why her request to make partition of the Real Estate of Samuel Hummel Sr., late of Adams Twp., Cambria Co. deceased, should not be had. Herein fail not. Witness the Honorable Robert L. Johnson, President Judge of our said Orphans' Court, at Ebensburg, this 3 day of Dec., A.D. 1888. Celestine J. Blair Clerk O. C.
OBIT: Samuel Hummel--In last Thur.'s Trib we published a notice of death of Mr. Samuel Hummell, of Adams Twp. Since then we have received the following brief sketch of the deceased: Mr. Samuel Hummel died at his residence in Adams Twp., on Wed. morn. Feb. 28 1883, in his 75 yr of age. He formerly resided in Somerset Co., but moved to what is now Adam Twp., this Co. about 25 yrs ago. Unassuming in his deportment, a man of unblemished character & strict integrity, he made friends wherever he became acquainted, & his death has left a void in the neighborhood that may not be easily filled. He leaves a widow & 4 chldrn, 1 son & 3 daug.s, to mourn the most kind & affectionate husb. & father. 1 daug. preceded him across the dark river a few yrs ago. Of those who survive 1 daug. resides in Bedford Co. & 1 in Somerset Co.; the other members of the family reside in this Co., & all rank among the most respectable citizens in the several communities in which they live. His remains were interred in the Dunmire Cem., near his late residence, on Fri. last, a large concourse of rel.s & friends being in attendance.
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
111 Hammel, Samuel 43 M Farmer - 1000 Acres
Hammel, Sarah F
Leviston, John 16 M Laborer
Leviston, David 14 M
Leviston, Margaret 12 F
Leviston, Jacob 10 M
Hammel, Elisabeth 5 F
Hammel, Samuel 3 M
Hammel, Nancy 3 mo F

[NI046619] In the early 1700s a family named Rummel left its home in Rummelsburg, Germany, near the town of Berlin, & came to Amer. More than a century & a half later a village situated in the far northern end of Somerset Co. in the state of PA was named for a descendant of this immigrant family. The Village of Rummel, east of Windber Boro, was named for the area's 1st postmaster, John M. Rummel he was the 7th chld b. to Joseph & Maria Meyer-Blough Rummel in 1853 in the Morningland dist. of Paint Twp. He grew to manhood in this area & m. Hannah Oaks, dau. of Joseph & Margaret Custer Oaks. They had 1 chld b., Elizabeth, who died when she was 11 yrs of age. John & Hannah Rummel purchased land from Andrew & Noah Shaffer, sons of Daniel, on Nov 3 1884, which was situated at a post at the public rd leading to Ashtola where the state rd & the Ashtola Rd fork. The land extended to the Jacob Rose estate. The Rummel post office was established on the parcel of land directly across from the German Bapt. Ch. The post office became a major pickup place for the mail, which was housed in a small grocery store operated by John M. Rummel, the postmaster. The store also became one of the busiest business places when the farmers came into town for supplies & mail long before Windber Boro existed with its many newer stores. The Luth.s of Rummel decided to erect a church building in their vicinity & on Feb 23 1903, a charter was signed for the Mt. Zion Luth. Ch. by John P. Statler, John M. Rummel, Simon P. Naugle, Lewis Weaver, William Weaver & Isaac Ream. On Mar 29 1903, the cornerstone was laid for the building & John M. Rummel donated the bell, which was thought to be the finest in Somerset Co. John & Hannah remained as residents of the Village of Rummel until their deaths in 1933 & were buried in the Luth. Church Cem. in Scalp Level.
The Somerset Co. Outline, written in 1922 by John C. Cassady, gives the establishment date for the village as 1875 & the date of the naming of the Village of Rummel as 1881. The rural community nestled in the hills of Paint Twp is a close-knit hamlet with the residents, for the most part, being direct desc.s of the original landowners. In the early 1800s the land was called Greenland.

[NI046621] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
James E Hershberger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0158 Color: W Age: 23 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0011 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02090436 Other Residents:
Wife Violet 21, PA
Son Gilford NR, PA

[NI046629] 1850 Federal Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 14 Nov by Henry Cook
41 201 209 KAYLOR Philip 45 M Laborer 66 GERMANY
42 201 209 KAYLOR Bena 44 F GERMANY
1 201 209 KAYLOR Catherine 15 F GERMANY
2 201 209 KAYLOR Nancy 13 F GERMANY
3 201 209 KAYLOR Elizabeth 11 F GERMANY
4 201 209 KAYLOR Mary A. 9 F PA
5 201 209 KAYLOR Charles 6 M PA
6 201 209 KAYLOR Matilda 3 F PA

[NI046631] At the d of Delano, Isaac Kaufman was listed as the guardian of Eliza Jane, & W. F. Schell was listed as guardian of Isaiah

[NI046634] John Clark built the first gristmill in Hooversville in 1834. John Clark was the first Justice of the Peace - serving 1852 to 1862. John Clark & Susannah Smith, his wife, were among the first communicants of St. Paul's Reformed Church, Hooverville, PA, November 1857.
1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
217-115 Clark, John 57 M Farmer PA
Susanna 54 F PA
John A 22 M Farmer PA
David 21 M Millwright PA
Hoover, Susanna 22 F PA
Hoover, William 4m M PA
Clark. Margaret 76 F PA

[NI046639] German Baptist Church

[NI046640] German Baptist Church

[NI046657] After he served in Co. D of the 133rd PA Volunteer Infantry he served in Co. D of the 20th PA Cavalry as a sergeant.

[NI046663] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Elias Fike State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0147 Color: W Age: 81 B-Place: PA Visit: 0160 Co.: Somerset, Meyersdale, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01310709 Other Resid.s:
Wife Phebe 65, PA

[NI046667] This note is to explain the location of the Beam Cem. where Matilda is buried. It is situated in Jenners twp., Somerset co., PA about 1 mile north of the town of Gray.

[NI046671] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Susan Lint State: PA Dist: 0161 Color: W;W Age: 56 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0008 Co.: Somerset Relation: Mother-in-law ImageNum: 02760287 Other Res.s: Head Frank Knupp

[NI046680] Herald of Truth, Mar 15 1893 CUSTER - On 19 Feb 1893, Kent Co, MI, of dropsy, Jacob S. Custer, aged 45y 10m 14d. Bro Custer was a faithful & devoted Christian. He leaves wife, 2 daugs & 3 sons. Funeral servs by Peter Kime & C. Wenger from 2 Cor. 4:18.

[NI046681] Trib, Aug 25 1909 MI WOMAN DIES IN RICHLAND Mrs. Catherine Custer, Here on Visit to Her Mother, Expires Suddenly REMAINS TO BE TAKEN HOME Mrs. Catherine Lehman Custer, w/o Jacob Custer, d. of apoplexy at the home of her bro.-in-law & sis., Mr. & Mrs. Frank Orris, Richland Twp, 1:05 am, 64 yrs, 3 mo.s, 13 dys. came here 10 dys ago to visit her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver Lehman, who resides with the Orris family, & was stricken with apoplexy last Fri b. in Richland Twp. 1845, d/o David Lehman, deceased, & Mrs. Elizabeth Lehman. She & Jacob Custer m. in this Co. & moved to MI long time ago. Mr. Custer has been dead for some yrs. Besides her mother, is survived 2 dau.; Mrs. Ernest Campfield, Alberta, Canada, & Mrs. Melvin Hooper, Clarksville, MI; 3 sons - William, Melville, & John, of Elmdale, & 3 sis.s - Mrs. P. A. Thomas, NM; Mrs. E. S. Keim, Elmdale, & Mrs. Frank Orris, above. The remains were prepared for bur. today by Undertaker Henderson, & will be taken to Elmdale this evening for bur.
Gospel Herald Sep 2 1909 Custer. Katy Anne Lehman Custer, Kent Co, MI, while visiting her many relatives & friends in PA, became suddenly ill at home of her mother & Mr. & Mrs. Frank Orris of Johnstown, PA, d of Paralysis Aug 25 1909, after 4 dys of sickness. Her age was 64y 3m 13d. An aged mother, 5 chldn, 3 sons & 2 daugs & 3 sis mourn her departure. She was memb Menn ch. May her departure be the means of drawing others heavenward. Short servs were conducted at house by D. S. Yoder before remains were removed to Johnstown from whence they were taken to Elmdale, MI, where bur took place.

[NI046688] To begin with, there has been much confusion about Conrad Gillian Lint. Much of the confusion is brought about by the fact that the Bishop Conrad Gillian Lint [born 10 May 1834] was named after his uncle Conrad Gillian Lint who was born 2 Dec 1798 & married Martha Findley. Inadequate research has mixed up both birth dates & wives. One researcher even tacked Jr. onto the Bishops name in the belief he was his uncles son. Bishop Conrad Gillian Lint who was married to Catherine Elizabeth Flickinger.
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Conrad G Lint State: PA Dist: 0147 Color: W Age: 75 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0075 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760136 Other Res.s:
Wife Kathrine 77, PA
OOKW Laura A Hersh 8-, NR
1 non-relative

[NI046698] 1880 Federal Census Jefferson Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator William P Hay 11 Jun 1880
9 13 304A 13 . . 101 105 Nair John W M 57 . . . X . . Farmer X . . . . X . . . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 14 . . 101 105 Nair Delilah W F 46 . Wife . X . . Keeping house . . . . . . . . . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 15 . . 101 105 Nair Kate M W F 20 . Daughter X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 16 . . 101 105 Nair Lewis G W M 17 . Son X . . . Farm laborer X . . . . . . X . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 17 . . 101 105 Nair Walter F W M 13 . Son X . . . Farm laborer X . . . . . . X . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 18 . . 101 105 Nair Elizabeth W F 10 . Daughter X . . . . . . . . . . . X . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 19 . . 101 105 Nair Martha E W F 8 . Daughter X . . . . . . . . . . . X . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 20 . . 101 105 Nair Daisy H W F 6 . Daughter X . . . . . . . . . . . X . . Penna PA PA .
9 13 304A 21 . . 101 105 Nair No name W M 1/12 May Son X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Penna PA PA

[NI046700] 1870 Federal Census Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA
29 169 180 Baker John D 33 M W Farmer 7,000 6,210 Pa
30 169 180 Baker Matilda 31 F W Keeping house Pa
31 169 180 Baker Charles 8 M w Pa
32 169 180 Baker Raleigh 6 M W Pa
33 169 180 Baker William W. 3 M W Pa
34 169 180 Baker Lewis 1 M W Pa
35 169 180 Baker Eliza 1 F W Pa
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John D Baker State: PA Enumeration District: 0129 Color: W Age: 73 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0095 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00220908 Other Residents:
Wife Matilda 71, PA
Son Rolland 46, PA

[NI046721] Albert S Bridigum State: PA Enumeration District: 0157 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0242 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00520108 Other Residents:
Wife Cordie J 38, PA
Daughter Edna L 11, PA
Son Paul F 05, PA

[NI046730] In Thayer co., NE at 11 AM the 9 June 1883 a land transaction was filed in the Co. courthouse. It recorded a transaction whereby a William G. Lint & wife Phoebe [Horner] Lint & A.E. [Alexander Easton] Shumaker & wife Lydia [Lint] Shumaker all of Meyersdale Borough, Somerset co., PA conveyed to Daniel D. Gnegey of Summit twp., the Co. & state aforesaid what appears to be 40 acres of land for the sum of $175. This is about 3 yrs before the main group of Somerset Co. Brethren came to Thayer co., NE in 1886. The actual transaction took place 4 Mar 1882.

[NI046763] It is interesting to note the following; In Thayer co., NE at 11 AM 9 June 1883 a land transaction was filed in the Co. courthouse. It recorded a transaction whereby a William G. Lint & wife Phoebe [Horner] Lint & A.E. [Alexander Esten] Shumaker & wife Lydia [Lint] Shumaker all of Meyersdale Borough, Somerset co., PA conveyed to Daniel D. Gnegey of Summit Twp., Co. & state aforesaid what appears to be 40 acres of land for the sum of $175. This is about 3 yrs before the main group of Somerset Co. Brethren came to Thayer co., NE in 1886.

[NI046767] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Lewis G Nair Age: 49 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0144 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0157 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth C 41, PA
Son Charles C 18, PA
Son Harry B 16, PA
Son Norman R 14, PA
Son Elmer L 12, PA
Daug Edna E 09, PA
Son John P 07, PA
Daug Elsie C 02, PA
Son Walter B NR, PA
1 non-relative

[NI046806] 1850 Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA 24 Oct 1850 John J Schell
16 244 254 Coleman Philip 36 M W Farmer 3,000 PA
Coleman Elisabeth 32 F W PA
Coleman Mary C 8 F W PA
Coleman Phoebe J. 6 F W PA
Coleman Peter 3 M W PA
Coleman Matilda S 10/12 F W PA
Sherbine Nancy 14 F W PA
Koontz William 14 M W PA

[NI046826] 1850 Census , Milford Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator- John W. Smith
497 343 JUDY, Daniel 47 m Farmer PA
Elizabeth 40 f PA
Margaret 20 f PA
Franklin 18 m PA
Mary 16 f PA
Elizabeth 14 f PA
Phebe 11 f PA
Isabella 7 f PA
Lavina 4 f PA
Mathias 1 m PA

[NI046831] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Jacob Lint State: PA Dist: 8115 Color: W Age: 51 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0047 Co.: Westmoreland Relation: Head ImageNum: 02760188 Other Res.s:
Wife Margaret E 59, PA
Son William H 21, PA
Dau-in-law Bertha 19, PA
gson Willie 02, PA
gdau Margaret NR, PA
Mother Martha 61, PA

[NI046832] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Lewis Lint Age: 49 State: PA Color: W Dist: 8115 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0046 Co: Westmoreland Relation: Brother Other Res.s: Head of Household Levi Lint

[NI046880] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Martha Lint Age: 61 State: PA Color: W Dist: 8115 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0047 Co: Westmoreland Relation: Mother Other Res.s: Head of Household Jacob Lint

[NI046887] Reformed Lutheran Church or Brethren

[NI046917] Gillian Seese, son of Philip & Lizzie (Ripple) Seese, dec. was b. in Somerset Co., PA Apr 1844. On Feb 8 1874 he was married in his native Co. to Elizabeth Beaner, & their hearthstone has been graced with 4 chldrn, William, Philip, Jennie & Thomas. His wife was also b. in Somerset Co., PA Nov 15 1841, a dau. of George & Mary (Helman) Beaner, no longer living. He was engaged in farming when the Stars & Stripes were hauled down at Sumter. He was 18 yrs of age when he was enrolled from Johnstown, PA as a pvt. in Co., K, 130 PA V.I. In the spring of 1863 he was confined in Hosp. at Bell Plain Landing 2 wks with diarrhea. He took active part in the battles of Petersburg, Fredericksburg, & several skirmishes & was honorably discharged May 29 1863 at Harrisburg, PA He is a laborer & his address is Scalp Level, PA.
1890 Census Veteran's Special Schedule Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
44 201 212 Gillian Seese Pvt K 13 Pa vol 20 Aug 1862 29 May 1863 9 9 Scalplevel Cambria Co Pa Pleurisy draft

[NI046925] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Emerson Carney State: PA Enumeration District: 0087 Color: W Age: 57 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0004 County: Indiana Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00930432 Other Residents:
Wife Nannie 52, PA
Son Merrit B 16, PA

[NI046928] 1926 History of Cambria Co.. D.G. Seese, principal of Nanty Glo High School is a veteran of the World War & a prominent citizen of Cambria Co.. He was born at Scalp Level, PA Jan 16, 1891 & is the son of William G. & Anna (Dietz) Seese. D.G. Seese received his early education in schools of Paint Twp.. He then taught for 6 terms in Paint Boro for 1 term, spent 1 term in Richland Twp., Cambria Co., & at the same time attended summer courses at Juniata College. On Feb 12, 1918, he volunteered for serv. in the World War & was assigned to Co. H, 80th Reg. Infantry, at Camp Lee, VA & later transferred to the US medical Corps. He was discharged Feb 12, 1919, after which he completed his course at Juniata College in 1923. Mr. Seese was then appointed teacher of history & mathematics in the elementary dept of the Nanty Glo schools, & in 1924 was promoted to teacher of mathematics & English in the local hi schools. The following yr he was elected principal. On June 3, 1925, Mr. Seese was united in marriage with Ms Verna Statler, the daug. of Lewis & Elizabeth (Seese) Statler. Mr. Seese is a Republican & holds membership in the Church of the Brethren. He is capable in his work & is intensely interested in all education movements in Cambria Co.

[NI046938] History of Cambria Co, 1926. Frank Horner is one of Adams Twp.'s most successful farmers & represents one of the very earliest families of Cambria Co.. He was born near Windber, Richland Twp., Jul 28, 1868, the son of Jeremiah S. & Anna Mary (Beckley) Horner. On Aug 13, 1893, Mr. Horner was united in marriage with Ms Fannie Custer, daug. of Joseph & Margaret (Rothenhoefer) Custer, natives of Germany. Mr & Mrs Horner have 4 chldrn: Lottie, widow of George Livingston, lives with her parents, & has a daug., Mary; Charles, married Lucille Wright, lives at Salix, & they have 5 chldrn, Hershell, Vern, John, Jay & Warren; Walter, married Goldie Crawford, lives at Salix; & Mabel, attends Salix High School. Mr Horner is director of salix State Bank & a director of Sterling Commercial Mortgage Co of Johnstown. He is a Republican & has served as school director of Adams Twp. for 12 yrs. He is a member of the UBC 7 the Grange. He was active in the organization of Cambria Co. Fair Assc. & as a delegate from Adams Twp.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Franklin B Horner State: PA Enumeration District: 0093 Color: W Age: 42 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0218 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02140964 Other Residents:
Wife Annie 35, PA
Dau. Lottie 17, PA
Son Charles 13, PA
Son Walter 06, PA
Dau. Mabel NR, PA
Father-in-law Joseph Custer 79, PA
1 non-relative

[NI046949] Recorded as one of the oldest and best known men in Cambria, Bedford, & Somerset Co.s.
1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 5 Nov by Henry Cook
34 12 12 BOMGARDNER Adam 26 M Farmer 300 PA
35 12 12 BOMGARDNER Mary 23 F PA
36 12 12 BOMGARDNER Josiah 1 M PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 18, 1860
425 32 2792 2827 Baumgardner Adam 36 M farmer 1800 500 PA
425 33 2792 2827 Baumgardner Mary A. 33 F PA
425 34 2792 2827 Baumgardner Joseph 11 M PA
425 35 2792 2827 Baumgardner Lucy A. 9 F PA
425 36 2792 2827 Repropel Elizabeth 66 F PA
425 37 2792 2827 Repropel Barbara 46 F PA "idiotic from (illegible)"
1870 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 5 Aug 1870 by John Wilkin, pg 1
1 1 1 Bomgardner Adam 46 M W farmer 1,600 300 PA
2 1 1 Bomgardner Mary A. 43 F W housekeeper PA
3 1 1 Bomgardner Louise A. 19 F W at home PA
4 1 1 Bomgardner Josiah L. 21 M W laborer PA
5 1 1 Bomgardner Julia A. 6 F W PA
6 1 1 Bomgardner Elizabeth 9/12 F W PA Oct

[NI046954] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 4 Nov by Henry Cook
9 462 512 Strayer John P. 44 M Farmer 2,000 Pa
10 462 512 Strayer Julia A. 28 F Pa
11 462 512 Strayer Catherine 9 F Pa X
12 462 512 Strayer Jacob 7 M Pa X
13 462 512 Strayer Elizabeth 6 F PA
14 462 512 Strayer Anna 1 F Pa
20 Oct 1884; Mon. d. Lower Yoder Twp, Mr. John P STRAYER, aged about 78 yrs. Interment at Singer's Wed. He was s/o Peter STRAYER & was b. in Bedford Co. in Jun 1806. The subject m. 45 yrs ago Ms Julia Ann KLINEFELTER, who survives. They have 12 chldn, 1 deceased; Catherine, at home; Jacob J, Morrellville; Lizzie, at home; Aaron, Morrellville; Annie, w/o Scott McFEATERS of Morrellville; Sarah, w/o Peter STUTZMAN of Taylor Twp; Henry, Morrellville; Cyrus, Lower Yoder; & Emma, Walter, & Ella, all at home. John P. Strayer lived on the old Conemaugh Twp Homestead, now within the limits of Morrellville. He purchased a farm of 146 acres previous to his marriage, paying $1.50 per acre for the tract. This, with the exception of a small field, was in timber. He was among the very early settlers. A potter by trade, he carried on the business of manufacturing stone & earthenware until 1834, in conjuction with farming. He also did some work along the line of contract hauling. Politically he was a democrat.

[NI047002] Lutheran


100% confidence level these dates

[NI047043] Catholic

[NI047124] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Lewis T Downey State: PA Enumeration District: 0150 Color: W Age: 36 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0139 Co.: Westmoreland, Latrobe Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01110176 Other Residents:
Wife Burdeta T 30, PA
Dau. Lidga E 09, PA
Son James B 08, PA
Son Frank W 06, PA
Dau. Margaret R 04, PA
Son Lewis W NR, PA
Dau. Eliza C NR, PA

[NI047218] Up until now [22 Nov 96] we have had Solomon with one wife [Polly Platts]. The death records of Henry F. Lint found in the Coldwater recorders office in Branch Co. MI are very explicit in naming an Almeda Getchel as the mother. So I am now entering her as Solomon Lint's first wife.

[NI047220] Alice was prounounced dead on 15 Jan 1918. She was described as a white female housewife married + divorced aged 60y. 7m. 4d. who died in Kinderhook resulting from carcinoma of the breast [breast cancer]. She was born in MI. The father was Patterson Mott & the mother Antisae Hauford, both of NY. The death certificate was registered 27 Mar 1918.

[NI047284] Jacob fought in Civil War. the pension file on Jacob from the National Archives I was surprised to learn that Jacob enlisted on Sept. 26, 1864 (after his son was born) and died in route to Harpers Ferry from Washington DC from typhoid fever on Nov. 25, 1864 in Philadelphia.
1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
36 36 LEVINGSTON Jacob 21 M Laborer
Susanna 19 F

[NI047413] Medical examiner determined it to be accidental.

[NI047438] Hans Valentin (Veltin) Zahneisen immigrated to Amer. in 1754 but d. at sea aboard the "Barclay" & was probably buried at sea. The Barclay qualified in Philadelphia 14 Sep 1754 where Juliana (Clemenz) Zahneisen & her 5 yr old son Matthias depart the ship.

[NI047519] The following was copied from a 22 Nov 1968 obit in the "San Antonio Light" : Mem. Obit "Entered into Eternal Rest" Thu., 21 Nov 1968. Mrs. Katherine Henry Long, age 70, of 255 Retama Place, Alamo Heights, TX passed on Thu. She was a member of 2nd Church of Christ, Scientist, Alamo Heights Chapter No. 734, Order of Eastern Star, Nekodah Temple No. 44, Daug.s of the Nile. Survivors included; a son, Frank Hoover Long, Jr., San Antonio; & daug.s Mrs. Geraldine Long Cassidy, Glen Burnie, MD, & Mrs. Helen Gloria Lint, El Cerrito, CA; also a bro. Clarence R. Henry, San Francisco, CA. She was also survived by 3 grand chldrn. Funeral services were held at 4 pm in the Georgian Chapel of Porter Loring Mortuary under the auspices of the Alamo Heights Order of the Eastern Star Chapter No. 44. Internment was in the Alamo Masonic Cem. Directed by Porter Loring, McCullough at Elmira.

[NI047694] Knapp was birth name. Adopted by WHEELER

[NI047887] Mary Lint was raised by her maternal grandparents after Jesse & Anna Metzger divorced in 1899 & Jesse disappeared.

[NI047976] At Grace Nicole's christening in St. Anthony's her 5 1/2 year old (big brother Matthew) gave the reading from the Gospel of Matthew. He had just started kindergarten two months before in August..!

[NI048153] Andrew R. Lind lived in Miami twp., Hamilton co., OH & was listed as a laborer on the 1850 census. He purchased a tract of land in Miami twp., in 1853 from Addison Eckman [son of Jacob & Margaret lind Eckman][Hamilton co., Deed Book # 243 page 221]. Andrew served as justice of the peace in Miami twp., from 1865 to 1880, apparently the yr he died. Only the descendants of his son Thomas have been identified. Some of the other children are believed to have gone to KS.

[NI048154] Charles T. Lind grew to manhood in OH & studied medicine at Louisville, KY. He & his family lived in Ballard co., KY for several yrs but then moved to Knox Co., IN & lived on a farm near Sandborn, IN. He was an examining physician for the Union Army during the Civil War. He was one of the few physicians in that part of the state & it is said that he died of overwork. He & his family were members of the Pleasantville, IN Meth. Church & he is buried there. This is the same church attended by his aunt, Phebe Bly Garrett & her family. Info on the descendants of Dr. Charles Lind has been compiled by Mr. & Mrs. Don Lind of Sandborn, IN.

[NI048155] Thomas N. Lind is reputed to have been a teacher & tutor for the grandchldrn of William Henry Harrison, who lived at nearby North Bend. He lived in Cleves, OH & is buried in the old Twp. Cem.. His grave is marked by a Masonic stone. A will written in Jul 1874 was probated 25 Oct 1875 [Hamilton co., Will Book # 27 page 96].

[NI048161] Addison Shannon LIND. Among the prominent families of Faulkner Co. is one whose well-kwn rep heads this sketch. Of German descent, the gfather of our subject immigrated from PA to OH shortly after the yr 1800, at which time Cincinnati was a sm village. A.R. Lind, his father, was at this time a sm lad. He was reared under the disadvantages of those days, & upon attaining manhood, m, 7 sons & 4 daugs bless his union, 7 chdn now living. After a long & useful life, he d, Oct 1883, esteemed by all who knew him. A.S. Lind was reared on father's farm, but at age of 17, his peaceful career ended for the time being. In 1862 he enlisted in Co C 5th Reg't OH Vol Cal, Col Taylor commanding, & serv many of the hard fought battles of the war, among them being Altoona Pass & Corinth. He was with Sherman on his memorable march to the sea, & later with him through the Carolinas, being honorably discharged at the close of war, with rank of sgt. At conclusion of the war, he learned stone-mason's & cutter's trade, & was engaged in that occup in Cincinnati for 3 yrs. He then took Greeley's advice & went west, & was for a time occupied at his trade on the State house at Topeka, KS. The succeeding 2 yrs were spent in working at his trade in NE, IA, IL & MN. While in the latter State he learned telegraphy, but only worked at that 6 mos, when he moved to AR, this being late in 1870. He entered a sawmill on Gold Creek for a time, but in 1874 sold his mill & commenced farming on his present tract of land. This he has improved, until it is now one of the most valuable farms of the co. Dec 31 1878, m Florence, d/o George Barley, & had 3 sons & 4 daugs: Hetty b Dec 1879, George b May 1881, Edna b Jan 1883, Addison b Nov 1886, Pearle b Sep 1887, & Benjamin H. b Jun 1889. Addison d March 17, 1888. For the past 8 yrs Mr. Lind has serv as justice of the peace, & during this time m 10 couples. He is a Rep in politics, a Mason, & memb of G.A.R. He makes it a rule to take an advanced part in all matters pertaining to the welfare of his community, & is one of the staunch men of the co.

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