[NI057141] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 24 Oct by Henry Cook
39 269 303 Jacoby Peter 55 M Farmer 4,500 Pa
40 269 303 Jacoby Margaret 52 F Pa
41 269 303 Jacoby Levi 22 M Shoemaker Pa
42 269 303 Jacoby Epharim 18 M Laborer Pa
1 269 303 Jacoby Elizabeth 16 F Pa
2 269 303 Jacoby Jacob 14 M Pa
3 269 303 Jacoby Susan 11 F Pa
4 269 303 Jacoby Rebecca 10 F Pa
5 269 303 Jacoby Mary J. 7 F Pa

[NI057153] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Elias B Horner State: PA Enumeration District: 0128 Color: W Age: 25 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0199 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02140953 Other Residents:
Wife Jessie M 27, PA
Sister Lizzie M 23, PA

[NI057160] 1850 Federal Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 9 Nov by Henry Cook
1 107 113 HELSELL Martin 34 M Farmer 900 PA
2 107 113 HELSELL Margaret 35 F PA
3 107 113 HELSELL Mary 14 F PA
4 107 113 HELSELL Julia A. 13 F PA
5 107 113 HELSELL Amelia 11 F PA
6 107 113 HELSELL Jonathan 8 M PA
7 107 113 HELSELL Elizabeth 6 F PA
8 107 113 HELSELL Catherine 3 F PA
9 107 113 HELSELL Daniel 11/12 M PA

[NI057161] Johnstown Daily Trib, Mar 27 1900. Eva, wife of Henry P. J. Custer, d. at her home in Holsopple, Somerset Co., at 12:30 A. M. today, after an illness of 5 wks of inflammation of the bowels. She was aged 62 yrs 9 mo.s & 23 dys. The maiden name of the deceased was Eva Oaks, b. in Shade Twp., Somerset Co., in early womanhood being wedded to Martin Helsel, who lost his life while fighting during the Civil War. To this m. were b. the following chldrn: Louis Helsel, a merchant at Holsopple; Samuel, of Holsopple; & Elizabeth, wife of Cyrus Horner, of the 7th Ward, this city. Some yrs after the death of her 1st husb. she wedded Mr. Custer, who survives her, with the following chldrn: Annie, w. of Scott Wise, of Baumer st.; Priscilla, w. of L. E. Holsopple, proprietor of the Holsopple Hotel; Sue E., w. of Sidney Holsopple, who was killed about 2 yrs ago in a boiler explosion near Holsopple; David Custer, of Holsopple; Joseph, Amanda, Justus, & Daisy, single & at home. Mrs. Custer is also survived by 2 bro.s & 1 sis. - Jeremiah Oaks, of Holsopple; Alexander, last heard of at Connellsville, but whoses whereabouts is ukwn, & Elizabeth, w. of Aaron Algiers, of Holsopple. The deceased was for many yrs a member of the Un. Breth. Church & was esteemed by all her acquaintances as a loving mother, a good wife, & a kind neighbor. She was known far & wide for her deeds of kindness to the sick & needy. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 3 p.m. Serv.s will be conducted by the pastor of the U. B. Church at Holsopple & interment will be made in the Custer graveyard, about a mile from the late home of the deceased.

[NI057199] 1850 Federal Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 Oct 1850 by John J Schell
14 75 79 Horner Solomon S 48 M W Blacksmith 500 PA
15 75 79 Horner Nancy 36 F W PA
16 75 79 Horner Christian 18 M W Blacksmith PA
17 75 79 Horner Caroline 18 F W PA
18 75 79 Horner Isiah 6 M W PA
19 75 79 Horner Daniel 4 M W PA
20 75 79 Brubaker Nathan 14 M W PA
21 75 79 Horner Amanda 2 F W PA
22 75 79 Fleck Franklin 10 M W PA
23 75 79 Fleck Sophia 8 F W PA

[NI057217] REFN: DATE

[NI057294] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Annanias Horner State: PA Enumeration District: 0112 Color: W Age: 51 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0128 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02140923 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 14, PA
Son Trvin A 24, PA
Son Charles A 10, PA
Son William H 09, PA
Son Harry G 08, PA
Son Harvey H 01, PA

[NI057302] Trib Dec 14 1912 MRS. SAMUEL JUDY EXPIRES IN MOXHAM mrs. Samuel Judy, 68 yrs old, d. of pneumonia 10:05 this morning at her home, 559 Highland ave, Moxham, after an illness of 3 wks. Her funeral will be held Mon., with services at the house 2 pm, conducted by Rev. G. W. Rench, of the Somerset-St. Breth. Ch. Interment will be in Headrick's Cem. Mrs. Samuel Judy before her marriage was Miss Lavina Horner, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Christian Horner. m. Samuel Judy Apr 15 1855, in this city by Squire Rutledge. Mrs. Judy was the last of her family. survived by hus., the only surviving mem. of the 11th PA Reserves living in Johnstown chldn living: Mrs Mary Loudenstein, South Fork; Bertha, w/o Daniel Stump, Franklin; George C., Ebensburg; Daniel E., Greensburg, & Howard L., the South Side. Some gchldn & a ggchld, a d/o James & Catherine Stump Morgan, also survive Mrs. Judy was a mem. of the Progressive Breth. Ch.

[NI057305] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
134 140 FORD David 22 M Laborer
Martha 19 F
Mary C. 2/12 F

[NI057594] 1974-1978: Lived in Alliance,OH; 1978-1995: Lived in Union, MO- graduated from Union High School, Union, MO. as salutatorian in June of 1993; 1997: Graduated from Rose Hulman University, Terre Haute, Indiana with a BS-EE - cum laude (studied Japanese also) ; June 1997: employed in Georgia

[NI057595] 1979-1995: Lived in Union, MO. Attended Union RXI school district until her Junior year. 1995: Moved to Hermitage, PA. Graduated from Hickory High, Hermitage, PA with honors. Attending Washington University of St Louis: will graduate in 2001.

[NI057689] Johnstown Trib 8-20-1900 EMMA ELIZABETH WEBB, w/o S. E. {Samuel Earl} Webb, d at home, No. 720 Cypress Ave., 17th Ward, Moxham, 8:15 last night. been sick several weeks with heart trouble, which caused her death. b Stanton's Mills, Somerset, Nov 20 1875, m S. E. Webb at Elton, this Co., Sep 4 1898. survived by hus., parents - Charles & Anna Lohr, who reside Upper Yoder Twp; bro., Lowman, who lives with his parents, & 3 sis.s -- Mrs. John Stephens, Cypress Ave., & Mrs. Mahlon Beachley, Horner St. The remains will be taken from the Webb home 7 am tomorrow to Stoyestown, where Rev. F. W. Ware, pastor of the Moxham U. Evan. Ch., will conduct the obsequies 11 am the Luth. Ch. Bur. Odd Fellow's Cem. at that place

[NI057743] Born12AM on December 16, 1887 at home by Mrs. P. Ritsch of 771 Kinnickinnic Ave. She was a midwife. Name on birth Certificate is John Hugo Gust. Arndt. He was named after his Grandfathers, John Arndt and August Beyer. Birth Address: At Home Beacher St. Birth Name: December 16, 1887, John Hugo August Arndt.

[NI057749] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 13 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
134B 84 118 123 Fleegle Ewalt Head W M Dec 1855 44 M 20 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 95
134B 85 118 123 Fleegle Margaret Wife W F Jan 1861 39 M 20 5 5 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
134B 86 118 123 Fleegle William Son W M Aug 1881 18 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes
134B 87 118 123 Fleegle Jennie Daughter W F Oct 1885 14 S PA PA PA 5 Yes Yes Yes
134B 88 118 123 Fleegle Lettie Daughter W F Oct 1888 11 S PA PA PA 6 Yes Yes Yes
134B 89 118 123 Fleegle Prudence Daughter W F July 1895 4 S PA PA PA

[NI057753] Passenger's Name: Franz Korsch
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Basket maker
Last Residence: Germany
Date of Arrival: Mar. 20, 1882
Final Destination: USA
Purpose for Travel: Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Ship's Name: Rhynland
Manifest ID Number: 36495
Port of Embarkation: Antwerp
Mode of Travel: Steerage

[NI057755] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 14 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
135A 9 125 130 Fleegle Norman Head W M Jan 1868 32 M 5 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 101
135A 10 125 130 Fleegle Catherine Wife W F Apr 1876 24 M 5 3 3 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
135A 11 125 130 Fleegle Henry Son W M Mar 1896 4 S PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
135A 12 125 130 Fleegle Lowman Son W M Mar 1898 2 S PA PA PA
135A 13 125 130 Fleegle Lizzie Daughter W F Mar 1900 3/12 S PA PA PA

[NI057756] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 13 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
134B 55 113 118 Fleegle Joseph Head W M Jan 1863 37 M 16 PA PA PA Day Laborer 2 Yes Yes Yes H
134B 56 113 118 Fleegle Sophia Wife W F Dec 1864 35 M 16 3 3 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
134B 57 113 118 Fleegle Sarah Daughter W F Sept 1885 14 S PA PA PA 5 Yes Yes Yes
134B 58 113 118 Fleegle Leroy Son W M Feb 1896 4 S PA PA PA
134B 59 113 118 Fleegle Phebe Daughter W F July 1899 10/12 S PA PA PA

[NI057772] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 14 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
135A 2 123 128 Fleegle William Head W M Dec 1860 39 M 17 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 99
135A 3 123 128 Fleegle Rebecca Wife W F Dec 1860 39 M 17 2 2 PA PA PA Yes No Yes
135A 4 123 128 Fleegle Irvin Son W M June 1883 16 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes
135A 5 123 128 Fleegle Bella Daughter W F Aug 1887 12 S PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes

[NI057782] JOHN F. BREHM, a successful farmer of West Taylor twp, who is largely engaged in market gardening, is a son of Frederick & Caroline (RINEBOLT) Brehm b Cambria city, now Johnstown, Cambria co., PA Jul 8 1855. He grew up in West Taylor twp, on the farm, & trained in all farming employments. He received his education in the common schools, & then turned his attention to farming & market gardening, in which lines of labor he has met with success. He owns a good farm of 36 acres, on which he has resided continuously since 1877. political views a rep., & while a strong advocate of the principles of his party, is never an aspirant for party favors, his time & energies being given rather to his daily routine of farming & market gardening. Dec 21 1876 m Mahala ROGERS. To this union were b 7 chldrn, 3 sons & 4 dau.s: Annie M.; Charles J.; Earnest; Gertrude E.; Wilder; Florence Helen, & Margaret F. (Samuel Wiley's Biographical Cyclopedia, Cambria Co, PA)
1910 Miracode PA census
John F Brehm State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 Color: W Age: 53 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0044 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00570006 Other Residents:
Wife Mahala J 47, PA
Daughter Helen F 18, PA
Daughter Freda M 14, PA
Daughter Hazel M 12, PA
Son John 10, PA
Son Edgar 08, PA
1 non-relative

[NI057784] Charles J Brehm State: PA Enumeration District: 0111 Color: W Age: 31 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0172 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00550674 Other Residents:
Wife Effie 25, PA
Son Donald J 04, PA
1 non-relative

[NI057787] Wilder Brehm State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 Color: W Age: 24 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0025 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00580203 Other Residents:
Wife Mahala 18, PA
Daughter Hazel M NR, PA

[NI057791] Frederick Brehm was b. & reared in Germany, which he left at 27 yrs of age to come to Cambria city, now Johnstown, where he followed his trade as carpenter for nine years. He then removed to a farm in West Taylor twp, & was engaged in market & truck farming up to the time of his death, which occurred March 8, 1893, when he was in the 69th yr of his age. He was a hard-working & well-respected man, who had a large circle of friends. He was a patriotic citizen, and served 3 mo.s as a soldier in the Union army. Mr. Brehm m. Caroline Rinebolt, of Ben's Creek, now in the 66th yr of her age, & a resident of Johnstown, where she is a member of the Meth. Episc. church. (Samuel Wiley's Biographical Cyclopedia, Cambria Co, PA)

[NI057792] Her father, George Rinebolt, was a native of Germany, & a resident of this co. for many yrs before his death, in 1886, at 82 yrs of age. He was a German Luth.; served as an engineer for the Cambria Iron Co. for many yrs, & m. Catherine SHAINHAIR, who is well known all over the city of Johnstown, where she still resides, a very active & well-preserved woman for the weight of her 85 yrs. (Samuel Wiley's Biographical Cyclopedia, Cambria Co, PA)

[NI057813] She is his first wife & was never entered into the Scothorn Bible. Her chldrn were never entered into the Scothorn Bible either.

[NI057823] Owned a general store in Idlewild, Kentucky. Sold everything from gasoline, clothes, dishes, coal oil, fencing & seeds as well as groceries. Owned 54 acre farm on Route 20 & Ashby Fork Road.

[NI057826] Family Bible says 12-1970; Death Certificate in Frankfort shows 01-11-1970. Burial: Petersburg Cem., Petersburg, KY Death Certificate: 01-11-1970

[NI057833] Owned auto dealership in Idlewild, KY. Later opened another branch in Erlanger, KY. Resid. 1: 1920, Petersburg, Boone Co., KY Resid. 2: 1910, Bullettsville, Boone Co., KY

[NI057837] Date born 2: 10-28-1921, Per Social Security Records Burial: Petersburg Cem., Petersburg, KY

[NI057842] Boone Co. Recorder Obit: Nov. 15 1989 Bertha E. Scothorn of Burlington d. Nov. 5, 1989 at St. Luke Hospital West. She was a homemaker & memb. of Bullittsburg Bapt. Church. Survivors include dau.s, Beverly Kay Scothorn, at home, & Beth Lainhart of Burlington; sons, Ronald Scothorn & Donald Scothorn, both of Petersburg; sis.s Dottie Delnegro of Cincinnati,OH; Evelyn Evans & June Elleh, both of CA; a bro. Franklin Reed of CA; & 6 grandchldrn. Serv.s were held Nov. 9 at Middendorf-Bullock Funeral Home, Hebron. Burial was in Petersburg Cem., Petersburg, KY

[NI057853] Boone Co. Recorder Obit: Feb 12 1992 Bowman, 23 Michael G. Bowman of Burlington d. Feb 4 1992. Survivors include his parents Robert L. Bowman, Jr. & Bertha Bowman of Burlington; a sis. Karen B. Garland of Elsmere; paternal grandparents Robert & Debbie Bowman of Hebron; & maternal grandmother, Hazel White of Petersburg. Middendorf-Bullock Funeral Home, Hebron, was in charge of arrangements. Burial was in Petersburg Cem. Date b. 2: 09-04-1968, Lakeland Gen. Hosp., Lakeland, Polk Co., FL. D. 2: 02-04-1992, St. Luke Hosp., Florence, Boone Co., KY

[NI057861] Boone Co. Recorder Obit: Aug. 5 1982 GARLAND: Timothy Garland, 22, Florence, d. July 29 at St. Vincent Hosp., Toledo, OH from injuries suffered in a truck accident 42 days ago in Perrysburg, OH. Driver, Maxwell Trucking Co. Mem. KY Nat'l Guard 130th Maintaince Division & Florence Bapt. Temple. Survivors include widow, Karen Bowman Garland, son Travis; mother Betty Garland, Burlington; maternal grandfather Basil Wilson, Burlington & sis.s Judy Butcher, Sandy Courtney & Debbie Mitchell all of Burlington & Sheila Utley, Covington. Birth Certificate: 01-26-1982, KY Year 60; Cert 12272 Burial: 08-02-1982, Petersburg Cem., Petersburg, KY. Cause of Death 07-29-1982, Sepsis & trama related injuries from "Semi" truck accident.

[NI057873] Emma was b. at Bloomfield, Walworth Co., WI. Obit: Mrs. Emma Hargis nee Katzenberger passed away at her home, 7506 Emerald Ave., Chicago. Death was due to heart trouble from which she was a patient sufferer for many years. She was born at Powers Lake 20 Sep 1871 being the oldest dau. of the late John and Ida Katzenberger. She was married to Chas. Hargis 9 Feb 1891. Mr. Hargis d. 26 Sep 1916 & a dau., Mrs. Iva Gleason d. 25 Nov 1921. She leaves to mourn her death 1 son Henry of Chicago & 4 dau.s: Mrs. Hazel Gleason, Mrs. Dell Warren, Mrs. Emily Bell, & Cecile Hargis. Mrs. Hargis was the 1st to depart out of a family of 9 sis.s & bro.s. 3 sis.: Mrs. Laura Sauer, Mrs. Ida Gleason, & Mrs. Caroline Steffen. 5 bro.s: William, Michael, Frank, Edward, & Phillip. Funeral serv.s were held in Chicago Sat. morning & Sun. afternoon in Genoa City. Interment was at Hillside Cem.

[NI057896] Leonard probably went to Albemarle with his parents. He and his brothers, George & Adam, bought 267 acres at the headwaters of the Hardware River in 1789. In 1805, he bought 82 acres of land in the same area, which included Appleberry Mountain.

[NI057899] He was m. to Elisabeth Shoener (dau. of Johan Shoener & Anna Maria) on 27 Dec 1795 in Falkener Swamp Reformed Church.19 Elisabeth Shoener was born on 10 Oct 1770. She d. between 1825 and 1855 in Earl Twp.,Berks Co., PA. The Hist. of Berks Co. records a Nicholas as m. to " a Shaner " New Hanover Luth. Church records show " Johannes Trumheller ( m. ) Elisabeth Shoner" 12- 27- 1795 Either he went by the name Johannes Nicholas, or Elisabeth m. one of the Johannes'. It seems most likely that he is Johannes, son of Johannes D. All of the church records of the chldrn refer to Johannes & Elisabeth ( Shoner) as the parents.

[NI057902] According to the 'History of Berks Co. PA' "Leonard lived in Earl Twp. He is b. in an unmarked grave at Oley Churches. He was a farmer & owned a small farm, now the property of the Andrew Leffel estate. He m. Susanna Breidegam. She is buried at Oley Churches and has a tombstone. He is buried by her side..." He was married to Susanna Breidigam (daughter of George Br´┐Żutigam and Sarah).13 Susanna Breidigam was born on 17 Feb 1787. She died on 14 Dec 1873 in Earl Twp. Berks County, PA

[NI057904] was born on 18 May 1792 in Earl Twp., Berks Co. PA. He d. on 24 Apr 1882 in Earl Twp., Berks Co. PA. William owned the the farm in Earl Twp that descended to his only son, Charles; his grandson, Henry; & his great-grandson, Luther. He was a well read & intelligent, & was "as well known for his fine physique & great strength as for his sterling traits of character." He was a captain in the War of 1812. He is b. next to Elizabeth at the Oley churches in Spangsville. He was m. to Elizabeth Fisher (daughter of Jacob Fisher and Anna). Elizabeth Fisher was born on 9 May 1793 in Oley Twp. Berks Co. PA. She died on 20 Oct 1867 in Earl Twp., Berks Co. PA.

[NI057916] At the time of Philip's birth, the family lived in the Mahantango valley. He later moved to Adamsdale, and finally to Landingville, where he died. He is buried in the old cemetary at Schuylkill Haven. He was married to Elizabeth Emerich.

[NI057919] His his birthdate on his tombstone reads Nov 7, 1772. He d. 7 Feb 1859 in Pike Twp. There is some question as to the identity (parentage) of Daniel, grandfather of Reuben. There are 3 possible individuals: Daniel, son of J. Nicholas & Catherine (Floyd- Northumberland Co.),who's d.o.b. we can put at after 1776, when his parents were married; Daniel, son of Johannes & Regina, who's d.o.b. we know is 11-17-1773 (birth records- Zion [Moselem] Lutheran, Richmond Twp.); & Daniel, son of Leonard & Susanna Breidigam, ( Montgomery, Hist. of Berks Co. ,1909, pp 1029) who's d.o.b. we can, after a series of deductions,place after 1800. In the Book of Biographies , Berks Co. , pp 360-361,in an article about J.L. Drumheller, "an enterprising merchant of Topton " we find that J.L. is a son of Jacob F., b. 12-8-1812 / d. 1890 , m. Cath. Leiss; & is the youngest of 10 chldrn of Daniel, an" early settler of Pike Twp." who m. Elizabeth Frey & d. at age 80. The Hist. of Berks Co. Pa. (1909) has 2 somewhat contradictory entries: 1. pp 1675- " Nicholas Drumheller had a son Daniel, who lived in Pike Twp. His wife Elizabeth bore him chldrn as follows: Elizabeth ; Hannah ; Daniel ; John ; Lydia; Jacob & Reuben, the 2 last being named executors of the will probated Mar 1 1859." This being the Nicholas who had a son "above 16" according to the 1790 census.(J. Nicholas) 2. pp 1029" Leonard, son of John (& Regina), d. in 1837. His wife Susanna obtained 30 acres David & Hettie are the only chldrn mentioned in the will, but reference is found elsewhere to Daniel , whose wife was Elizabeth, a resident of Pike Twp. Daniel's will probated in 1859, mentions these chldrn : Elizabeth, Hannah, Daniel, John, Lydia, Jacob & Reuben." I believe Daniel, grandfather of J.L., is the same person as Daniel, father of Reuben. The alternative is that there is a Jacob F. & 9 siblings that there appears to be no other record of. While this is not impossible, it seems unlikely. Also, birth & death records point to this fact. The only problem is the statement that Jacob was the youngest of 10 chldrn. The biography was written with info obtained from interviews w/ J.L., maybe it was simply a mistake on his part or a transcription error. Tombstone readings done at Hill Church Cem. abt. 1940 which are at the Historical Soc. of Montgomery Co. give Daniel's d.o.b. 7 Nov 1772. And an obit in the Berks & Schuylkill Journal of 26 Feb 1859 says Daniel of Pike Twp. d. at age 87. I believe these 2 sources are conclusive evidence that the Daniel in question was the son of Johannes D. He was m. to Elizabeth Frey (daughter of Jacob Frey & Maria Catherine Schadt) on 2 Apr 1795 in Falkener Swamp Reformed Church.19 Elizabeth Frey was born on 4 Sep 1775. She died on 12 Feb 1859 in Pike Township.

[NI057943] He was considered by all as one of the most progressive men in that (Pike) Twp

[NI057948] He was a tailor by trade, working at it from the time he was 11 until 2 yrs before his death. In 1860 he bought the farm " previously owned by David Drumheller in Oley Twp." A series of deductions & the 1860 atlas of Berks Co., which shows a piece of property belonging to the "estate of Dd. Drumheller", points to the conclusion that this was the farm of David, son of David, who was "shot by a man named Pott at Earlville" in 1859.

[NI057955] " William, son of Leonard, was b. in Earl Twp. He was a shoemaker, post - fence maker and farmer. Before 1845 he bought a fifty acre tract near Pine Grove school house, now owned by his son, Mahlon B. " "Wilhelm" , according to New Hanover Church marriage records.

[NI057959] tombstone at Oley Churches cemetary reads 'Trumheller'

[NI057984] He was a prominant citizen of Landingville. He was, at different times, a boat builder, a merchant, & was postmaster. He is buried at Schuylkill Haven.

[NI058013] George served as an artillary Lieutenant in the CSA. He was wounded on 3 Jun 1864 near Richmond, VA. He d. of those wounds on 11 Jun. Place of burial is ukwn. After his death his widow & chldrn moved to Marshall, MO. Sometime after that the surname changed to "Drumeller". One version holds that Martha objected to the word 'hell' in her surname. Another holds that Drumeller corresponds more closely to a common German name: Mueller. Still another holds that Martha wanted a complete break from her late husb. family. This version is plausible, for no info on the Drumheller family was passed to the chldrn.

[NI058071] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Abner Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0009 Color: W Age: 66 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0394 Co.: Berks Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190598 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 67, PA
1 non-relative

[NI058073] The article in the Book of Biographies on her son, J.L. Drumheller give her surname as "Leiss." According to students of German, the difference between 'ie' and 'ei' is a definite & important one. It is a mistake Germans seldom make. "Leiss" would be pronounced "Lice" and "Liess" would be "Lease" Her gravestone reads "Catherine Liess." I believe this to be the correct spelling.

[NI058094] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0042 Color: W Age: 68 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0155 Co.: Berks Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190624 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 69, PA

[NI058110] Computing her birth from the age given on the gravestone we get July 1. Birth record for a "Debora", dau. of David & Elizabeth on 30 Jun 1834 are probably for her.

[NI058114] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Samuel R Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0062 Color: W Age: 67 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0067 Co.: Berks, Reading Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190638 Other Residents:
Wife Emma G 63, PA
Son Milford G 29, PA
Dau. Eva G 24, PA
gson George D Freyberger 19, PA

[NI058120] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob B Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0018 Color: W Age: 66 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0175 Co.: Berks Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190620 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth 67, PA

[NI058121] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Mahlon Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0018 Color: W Age: 63 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0174 Co.: Berks Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190630 Other Residents:
Wife Rebecca 58, PA
Dau. Clara Stapleton , NR
Son-in-law John 28, PA
gDau. Agnes C NR, PA

[NI058132] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jeremiah Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0018 Color: W Age: 54 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0170 Co.: Berks Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190623 Other Residents:
Wife Anna 53, PA
Son Lawrence 18, PA
1 non-relative

[NI058137] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Wellington Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0111 Color: W Age: 65 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0123 Co.: Montgomery, Norristown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190643 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth W 65, PA
Dau. Charlotte K 25, PA
Dau. Elsie K 22, PA

[NI058154] Pvt. Peter Drumheller served in the 151st PA Vol.s, Co. 'K'; losing his life in the 1st day at Gettysburg, probably on McPhearson's Ridge. His wounds were described as "abdomen torn open & both legs severed at the upper joint by a cannonball, & d." At about 2:30 on July 1st, the 151st was ordered to a reserve position on the ridge, just behind the Iron Brigade & Biddles Brigade. Within half an hr. a gap, caused by severe losses, opened between those brigades. The 151st was ordered into that gap. In perfect order, the Reg.'t moved forward. Men began to fall even before they gained their position. Pettigrew's 26th NC came within 50 ft of the 151st. Then the the two reg.'s riddled each other at almost point blank range. Soon Biddles Brigade fell back, & then the Iron Brigade, exposing the 151st to terrible flanking fire. Finally, the order was given to retire, firing. The 26th NC lost 584 out of 800 men, the 151st, 337 out of the 467 engaged, mostly in the space of 40 min.s. One survivor later wrote: "Every man stood up to the work & fought like a tiger without a single exception. Our poor boys fell around me like ripe apples in a storm. God bless them. They were heroes - every one of them." General Doubleday, commander of the 1st Corps, says this: "At Gettysburg they won, under brave M'Farland, an imperishable fame. They defended the left front of the 1st Corps against vastly superior numbers; covered its retreat against the overwhelming masses at the Seminary, west of town, & enabled me, by their determined resistance, to withdraw the corps in comparative safety. This was on the 1st day. In the crowning charge of the 3d day of the battle, the shattered remnants of the 151st PA, with the 20th NY State Militia, flung themselves upon the front of the rebel column & drove it from ..a slashing in which it had taken shelter from a flank attack of the VT troops. I can never forget the serv.s rendered me by this regiment, directed by the gallantry & genius of M'Farland. I believe they saved the 1st Corps, & were among the chief instruments to save the Army of the Potomac, & the country, from unimaginable disaster."

[NI058157] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Hiriam Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0048 Color: W Age: 61 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0138 Co.: Berks, Reading Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190618 Other Residents:
Wife Mary J 51, PA

[NI058162] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob G Hoffman State: PA Enumeration District: 0068 Color: W Age: 73 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0113 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01790647 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 69, PA

[NI058164] Sarah & Abraham settled in Brookville Illinois, where they lived out their lives

[NI058179] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Samuel C Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0069 Color: W Age: 59 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0089 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190638 Other Residents:
living alone

[NI058181] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Emanuel C Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0069 Color: W Age: 64 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0003 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190610 Other Residents:
Wife Sidney A 59, PA
Dau. Mamie E 21, PA
Dau. Emma V 16, PA

[NI058183] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Hiram C Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0069 Color: W Age: 56 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0051 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190617 Other Residents:
Wife Susan A 59, PA
Son Isaac F 22, PA
Dau. Eva E 17, PA
gson Earl Hill 03, PA

[NI058222] VARNER-- Oliver, s/o Martin L. & Mary Varner, d. South Fork, Cambria Co., Oct 4 1887, of diphtheria, aged 2 y., 1m., & 13 ds. The parents are now bereft of all their chldrn.

[NI058223] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 22, 1860
435 5 2857 2893 Varner John 38 M farmer 100 PA
435 6 2857 2893 Varner Annie 25 F PA
435 7 2857 2893 Varner Francis 7 M PA
435 8 2857 2893 Varner Cyrus 5 M PA
435 9 2857 2893 Varner Sarah J 2 F PA
Trib Fri Dec 9 1898 JOHN VARNER'S DEAD BODY FOUND THE AGED MAN HAD WANDERED TO NEAR NO. 6 BRIDGE & PERISHED John Varner who had been missing from the home of his dau. Mrs. John Fisher, 558 Plum St., Walnut Grove, since Thu of last wk, was dead about a half mile from No. 6 bridge of the PA RR, E. Taylor Twp, 11:30 am last Sun by Charles Kuddel, of Franklin Boro accompanied by several other persons. He had left the home of his dau. Thu afternoon, presumably to come to Johnstown. He had been in the habit of following the st. car tracks home, & it is supposed he got on the wrong line, which led him through Franklin Boro where he was seen Thu eve. A search in the vicinity Fri & Sat, however, was fruitless. A large posse was organized in Franklin Sun morn for the purpose of searching the woods above that village for the old gentleman. He was tracked to the Emerson Farm & thence to the Wilson stone quarry. From there he went to the Old Portage RR & then cut down over the hillside to No. 6 bridge, which he crossed & wandered a half mile north where he was found lying in a hole by the roots of a tree that had been blown down but a short time. As soon as he was discovered other memb.s of the searching party were called & someone of them suggested that the Coroner be informed. Police man Samuel Snyder, Conemaugh, arrived soon, however, & when he saw no tracks about the place except those made by Mr. Varner, he suggested that the remains be carried to the PA RR. this was done, & the body was placed on an empty freight engine & brought to Conemaugh, where it was placed in charge of Undertaker Howard Davis, who prepared it for bur. Mr Davis took the remains to the home of Mrs. Fisher between 12-1 pm Mon. & at 9am Thu they were taken overland to Elton, this Co., where serv.s were held in the afternoon in the Luth. Ch. at that place by Rev. Oscar Wilson, Walnut Grove U.B. Ch.. Bur. the Ch. cem. Mr. Kuddel & others had been in the vicinity of No. 6 bridge Sat afternoon in search of Mr. Varner. They had with them a dog & when they started for home in the eve. they had considerable trouble in getting the animal to follow them. He had been barking at some object a short distance from where they had been searching, & they are now under the impression that he had discovered the body. They took the dog with them again Sun morn & followed him to the place where the body lay, which was 2 miles east of Conemaugh, on a piece of land owned by the Cambria Steel Co. It is thought by those who made the discovery of the body that Mr. Varner tripped & fell into the hole, being stunned by the fall, & that he was frozen to death. There were no marks on the body to indicated that he received any violent treatment. John Varner b. Adams Twp, this Co. spring of 1822, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Justus Varner, deceased. a bro. of David, Jesse, & Daniel Varner, Adams Twp; Mrs. Henry Smay, Elton; Mrs. George Custer, Conemaugh Twp, this Co., & Mrs. George Orris, Elton. m. almost 50 yrs ago to Anne Harr, who d. 7th Ward, this city 15 yrs ago, while on a visit to Mr. & Mrs. Fisher, who then resided in this place. survive a son Francis Varner - whose home is on Westment. Cyrus Varner, another son of the subject of this sketch, d. 13 yrs ago, & since that time the old gentleman had made his home at Elton with his gson John Varner - son of Cyrus Varner, who brought his gfather to this vicinity Tue. of last wk to visit Mrs. Fisher.

[NI058228] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Louis D Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0103 Color: W Age: 55 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0187 Co.: Northumberland, Shamokin Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190630 Other Residents:
Wife Sara 52, PA
gson Raymon Ressler 14, PA
gDau. Helen 12, PA
gDau. Catherine Reichbach 6-, NR

[NI058233] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levi Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0068 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0053 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190629 Other Residents:
Wife Sarh E 42, PA
Dau. S Lydia 16, PA

[NI058234] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
David C Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0068 Color: W Age: 37 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0089 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190607 Other Residents:
Wife Kate A 32, PA
Dau. Beulah E 14, PA
Dau. Edna I 09, PA
Son L Nathan 07, PA
Son Marvin D 04, PA
Son Edward T 02, PA
Son John A NR, PA

[NI058244] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Adam K Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0125 Color: W Age: 37 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0405 Co.: Northumberland Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190598 Other Residents:
Wife Mrs Kate C 32, PA
Son Clarence D 10, PA
Dau. Ida L 08, PA
Son Guy A 06, PA
Son Andrew R 02, PA
Father Adam T 82, PA

[NI058246] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Oliver Drumheller State: PA Enumeration District: 0112 Color: W Age: 55 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0238 Co.: Northumberland, Sunbury Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01190635 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth I 51, PA
Dau. Mary E 25, PA
Son Walter E 31, PA
Dau.-in-law Grace M 30, PA
13 non-relatives

[NI058310] Complete though this may not be As others bring to thee Will show if we do never meet That I remembered thee. Though there be little I can claim To honor or descent But may I never be ashamed That to this school I went. (verse found in the Moon family bible written by Anna P. Moon)

[NI058311] Volunteered in Civil War at age 16, giving a false age of 18. Following Robert & Anna's deaths, the five youngest children were sent to an orphanage in Atchinson, KS. Three were adopted by different families. Member of the United Brethern Church.

[NI058316] Rufus and Laban left Emporia & went to OK territory in OK Land Rush, but didn't get any land. Came across a man from Ark City who had 160 acres that was willing to trade it to them if they would cut wood & haul it back to Ark City for him. Rufus & Laban did that for 2 yrs, after which Rufus settled the homestead & Laban returned to the Winfield area.

[NI058325] Moved from NC to Doan Farm, Hamilton Co, IN around 1820. Made log cabin 29 Sep 1832. Moved to Emporia area (Moon Creek) in 1855.

[NI058331] Moved to Emporia KS in fall 1855.

[NI058336] Other source lists DOB as 10 Oct 1812. Moved to Emporia KS from NC in fall 1856. Received land grant from President James Buchannan.

[NI058337] The first minister of the Cottonwood Meeting of Quakers in Emporia, KS.

[NI058346] Moved to Emporia KS in fall 1855

[NI058349] Moved to Emporia KS in fall 1856. Later returned to IN

[NI058377] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William Vickroy Age: 53 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0111 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0092 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Alice 52, PA
Son Grant 08, PA

[NI058378] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Harry Colbert State: PA Enumeration District: 0111 Color: W Age: 44 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0023 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00720935 Other Residents:
Wife Catharin 54, PA
Son Harry 19, PA
Son Edward 17, PA
Son Charley 15, PA
Daughter Grace 13, PA
Son Dewey 11, PA
Johnstown, PA, Daily Trib issue 5 Dec 1946: Harry Colbert Dies at Age 83, an East Taylor Twp. farmer for 50 yrs, d 1:15 pm yesterday at his home at Wesley Chapel. Mr. Colbert had serv as rd supervisor in East Taylor Twp. for 3 terms & at one time was a foreman for Johnstown Water Co. He was b in what is now the 8th Ward Apr 10 1863, s/o Robert & Catherine (Pier) Colbert. His wife, Catherine Cute, d 15 yrs ago. Surviving are 9 chldn: Mrs. Ella Moore; Mrs. Grace Varner; Harry & Charles Colbert, all East Taylor Twp.; Robert, Johnstown; Mrs. Catherine Munday, Parkhill; Mrs. Annie Varner, South St.; Edgar, Wesley Chapel, & Dewey, Belsano. 1 sis Mrs. Belle Wonder, 628 Pine St., & 19 gchldn & 36 ggchldn also survive. Mr. Colbert had 8 gsons in the Army & 1 gdaug, Ms Helen Munday, in Army Nurse Corps during WWII. 1 gson, Lawrence D. Varner, was killed in Italy Jan 9 1944. Friends received at home of a daug, Mrs. Herman (Catherine) Munday, Parkhill. Servs Munday home at 2 pm Sat by Rev. G.E. Letchworth. Bur Wesley Chapel Cem. under the direction of Carl E. Davis Funeral Home.

[NI058380] Johnstown Trib-Demo issue 11 Oct 1956 COLBERT - Harry Jr., 66, Wesley Chapel, d 10 am Oct 10 1956 b May 10 1890, Johnstown, s/o Harry Sr. & Katherine (Cute) Colbert. Survived by widow, Mrs. Fannie (Varner) Colbert, & chdn: Cyril, Confluence; Woodrow, Nicktown; Mrs. Mildred Haupt, William Penn Ave., & Mrs. Donna Lee Reed, Johnstown; 7 gchdn. bro. of Mrs. Katherine Mundy, Parkhill; Mrs. Annie Varner, Johnstown; Mrs. Grace Varner & Charles, both William Penn Ave., & Dewey, Belsano. Last employed in plate mill in Franklin Div. of Bethlehem Steel Co. Memb. ME Ch., Wesley Chapel. Friends received 2 pm Thu Carl E. Davis Funeral Home, Conemaugh, service 2 pm Sat, Rev. Robert Crouse, assisted by Rev. F.L. Teets. Burial, Wesley Chapel Cem.

[NI058386] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue 1 Sep 1953: William Van. Nearing, 80, 205 Cooper Ave will observe his 80th b-day ann Tue. The occasion will be marked by visits from membs of the family, including a daug Mrs. Edna Scott, Akron, OH. The Coopersdale man was b Sep 1 1873, s/o Mr. & Mrs. John Van. He & Elmira Boring m Jan 10 1893. The couple celebrated their 60th wedding ann this yr. Mrs. Van will be 80 Feb 17 of next year. Mr. Van was employed at Coopersdale School as custodian for almost 40 yrs until his retirement abt 9 yrs ago. A lifelong resident of Coopersdale, Mr. Van is fairly active & in good health. He attends meetings of Coopersdale Council 97, Jr Order Un Amer Mechanics, & also memb Moxham Lodge 1044, IOOF. He is father of 5 chldn: Mrs. Ellen Inscho, 830 Fronheiser St; Charles E., Irene St; Mrs. Scott, mentioned; Quentin, at home, & Calvin; 12 gchldn & 16 ggchldn. // Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue 23 May 1961: VAN, William H., 87, 830 Fronheiser St, d 1:30 pm May 22 1961, at home; b Sep 1 1873, Johnstown, s/o John & Ellen (Colbert) Van. Preceded in death by wife Elmira M. Boring. Survived by these chldn: Mrs. Ellen J. Inscho, with whom he resided; Charles E, 21 Irene St; Calvin H., Cherry Tree; Mrs. Edna M. Scott, Benson, AZ; & Quentin A., 854 Freedom Ave. 12 gchldn, 29 ggchldn, 3 step-gchldn & 10 step-ggchldn.. Bro of Frank, Arthur St, & Mrs. Drucilla Schwartz, Allegheny Luth Home, Goucher St. Life memb Cooper Ave Meth Ch & Men's Bible Class of ch. Memb Johnstown Lodge, IOOF, & Coopersdale Council 97, Jr OUAM. Retired custodian of Coopersdale School. Friends received John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, serv 2 pm Thu, Rev. Roy C. Dowling. Bur Forest Lawn Cem..


[NI058414] McNUTT - Mrs. Henrietta (Hattie) 84, Boswell d. Oct. 24, 1961 in Somerset Comm. Hosp. B. Feb 20 1877, in Shade Twp, dau. of Solomon & Julia (CUSTER) SPANGLER. Preceded in death by husb., Samuel A. McNutt, in 1926; also son, Leroy R.; 5 sis.s & 2 bro.s. Surv'd by these chldrn: Earl M. Spangler, Johnstown; Walter E. McNutt, Somerset; John P. McNutt, Boswell; William W. McNutt, Johnstown, Virgil E. McNutt, Johnstown, & Lester R. McNutt, Hayden, AZ. Sis. of Mrs. Esther Woy & Henry Spangler, both of Friedens; & Mrs. Sarah Rayman, Derry. Also surv'd by 12 grandchldrn & 24 great-grandchldrn. Memb. of Hopewell Meth Church for 64 yrs. Widow of Civil War Veteran. Arrangements in charge of Joseph H. Hoffman Funeral Home, Boswell, incomplete.

[NI058415] EX-MISSIONARY, SOMERSET, DIES A Christian missionary forced to quit when she contracted malaria fever some yrs ago, d. yesterday. She was Ms Carrie Allice Spangler of Somerset, who had been assistant matron of the Somerset Co. Aid Home for the past 16 yrs. Death came at 8 a.m. in Somerset Comm. Hosp., where she had been a patient since Mon. She was 57. B. Nov. 18, 1888, in Shade Twp., she was a dau. of Solomon & Julia Spangler. Surviving are bro.s & sis.s: Mrs. Harriet McNutt, Boswell; Mrs. George Woy, Friedens; Mrs. Sarah Rayman, Derry; Henry Spangler, Buckstown; Daniel Spangler, Gray; Mrs. Elizabeth Giffin, Stoystown & Mrs. Charles Barnhart, Crafton. She represented the Evangelical Church while serving as a missionary in the KY Mountains.

[NI058416] HITECHEW - Mrs. Mary, 62, w. of Arthur HITECHEW, d. Aug. 24, 1955, at Somerset Comm. Hosp.. B. May 19, 1893, a dau. of Joseph & Hester (LAPE) BARNDT. Survived by mother; husb.; two chldrn: Harry, Central City, & Mrs. John B. WALTERS, Mifflintown; 5 grandchldrn; a bro., William BARNDT, Berlin; & 3 sis.s: Mrs. Cora MOSTOLLER, Somerset; Mrs. Homer FEIG, Friedens, & Ms Alice BARNDT, Cairnbrook. Serv. at 2 p.m. Sat. in Deaner Funeral Home, Stoystown, Rev. S.P. Bernard, Johnstown. Interment, Daley Cem., Shade Twp.

[NI058427] SPANGLER - Henry E., 83, Friedens, d. Dec 13 1963 at his home. B. May 14, 1880, in Somerset Co.,son of the late Solomon & Julia (CUSTER/SNYDER) SPANGLER. Preceded in death by wife, former Ruth STUTZMAN. Survived by 2 sis.s, Mrs. Elmer RAYMAN, Derry, & Mrs. Esther WOY, Friedens. Arrangements in charge of John H. Deaner Funeral Home, Stoystown, incomplete.

[NI058428] PA 1910 Census Miracode INex
Edward Rayman Age: 37 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0165 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0198 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary 38, PA
Son William H 16, PA
Son Merle C 15, PA
Daug Grace A 12, PA
Daug Elsie L NR, PA

[NI058446] 1870 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 5 Aug 1870 by John H. Lepley
13 67 62 Beal Andrew O. 24 M W Farmer 600 Pennsylvania
14 67 62 Beal Barbara E. 20 F W Keeping House Pennsylvania
15 67 62 Beal Harvey F. 2/12 M W Pennsylvania May
16 68 63 Beal Owen 55 M W Farmer 4,000 2,000 Pennsylvania
17 68 63 Beal Elizabeth 59 F W Keeping house Pennsylvania
18 68 63 Beal Drucilla 19 F W Pennsylvania
19 68 63 Beal Annie 13 F W Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
A O Beal State: PA Enumeration District: 0143 Color: W Age: 64 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0053 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00280106 Other Residents:
Wife Barbria 60, Pennsylvania
Son Simon J 31, Pennsylvania
Daughter Gertrude A 20, Pennsylvania
Daughter Grace 18, Pennsylvania
1 non-relative

[NI058448] Known as "The Quaker", moved from New Jersey to Lancaster Co, PA in 1738-44 and on to York Co, PA in 1762. A prominent member of the "Friends", the Quaker Movement. He was buried in the Friends burying grounds with a stone marker marking his grave

[NI058556] He was a deputy sheriff in 1714 in Bucks Co., PA. James Moon, Jr. came to the American colonies from England with his parents around 1682.

[NI058567] BIRTH: place from Hopewell Friends History;s/o Simon Moon and Lowry/Louretha Hunphrey (from Fran Colyer) !DEATH: from will, Berkeley Co, VA will book 3 p 622, written 2 May 1804, probated 25 Jun 1804; executors sons Thomas and Simon. Wife Jane and Chldn mentioned by name. RESIDENCE: England, by 1748 was in Frederick and Berkeley Co VA, in 1775 he founded the town of Arden WV southwest of Martinsburg, named for his home town in England. Middle Creek MM was held there.

[NI058574] Lived at East Calne, Chester, PA until 1731. Moved to Lancaster, PA. In 1747 moved to Frederick, VA and were members of Hopewell MM. Came to America with William Penn in 1683.

[NI058589] The Moon Family Source: "A Short History of the Moon Family" by Mrs. Elmer Anderson, Manhattan, KS - 1964 Legend gives us the origin of the name Moon & tells us it was 1st bestowed as an honor. Here is the story as it was given to us: "The Norsemen were great travelers & some of them went to France & settled in what is now Normandy, becoming a part of the Normans. They had a brotherhood called the "Order of the Crescent", the men of which were tall, with fair complexion & blue eyes, with character above reproach. When Wm the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, invaded England in 1066, the Order of the Crescent accompanied him. One of the native strongholds proved to be very stubb & the duke was unable to take it. He called for volunteers & the Order of the Crescent stepped forward. They successfully stormed the castle & William ordered that each member of the brotherhood should be called Moon, in honor of the event." Legend or history? It matters little. The members of the Moon colony in England prospered through the yrs, leading honorable lives, giving of their time to the religious life of the community. During the Protestant Reformation & later, during the times of rebellion against the Church of England, the Moons were staunch Protestants & Puritans. Among the many who suffered persecution for their religious beliefs, we find a number of Moons. They were followers of George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, members of which were called "Quakers". (The term Quaker resulted from Fox telling a magistrate he should "tremble at the word of God". Another derivation of the term says that the name came from the fervor of their religious services.) Wm Penn was imprisoned numerous times for writing & working to forward the Friends movement. On Sep 1 1682, a band of about 100 persons set sail from Deal, England on the ship "Welcome" with Wm Penn. They were bound for Penn's recently acquired province in the new land across the ocean where they could worship in freedom. They reached Newcastle on the DE River on Oct 27 1682, 1/3 fewer in number due to the ravages of smallpox on shipboard. Among those who came to the new land were James & Joan Moon & their 6 chldrn. The family settled near Falsington in Bucks Co., PA on a land grant given them by Penn. The original homesite is now said to be a freight yard near Morrisville, PA. We have the following information on the family. James Moon was b in Bristol, Eng. about 1640 & d in Jul 1713. He was m about 1665 to Joan Burgess, b 1649 & d Oct 1739. Their chldrn were Sarah, James, Jonas, Jasper (m twice & by his 1st wife had a son about 1700; by his 2nd wife he had a son, John, b about 1715), Mary & Roger. From the original home in PA descendants of James & Joan Moon have scattered far & wide. Often times the moves were prompted by pressure because of their religious beliefs, as was that first long journey to the new land. They settled in Bucks Co., PA in 1682. He lived at Fallsington, Bucks Co, PA. He was an innkeeper in Bristol, Bucks Co, PA. In 1688, he was listed as a laborer & planter. With James Jr, in 1688 he purchased about 125 acres from James Hill from a 500 acre tract Mr Hill bought from Wm Penn. He bought James Jr's portion of the land for 125 Eng. Pounds in 1701 at Pennsbury Manor, Bucks Co, PA. He transfered the title to that 125 acres to his son Roger in 1706. His will was dated 1710, in Bucks Co, PA.

[NI058598] Early in the 18th century a large number of Friends went from PA to Loudon, Fairfax & Frederick Co.s in northern VA. It is quite possible Simon & John, s/o's Jasper, were among this number, as Simon's home was in Frederick Co at the time of his death abt 1748. At an early date the colony of NC, in order to encourage immigration, offered complete religious freedom. This appealed to the Quakers & abt 1735 lg. no.s of Quakers went from northern VA & PA & located in Randolph, Guilford & Alamance Co.s in NC. John Moon settled on the Deep River in Randolph Co. Abt 1740 John Moon m Mary Farmer, who came from the Farmers of PA & their line from Northhamptonshire, England, where 1 ancestor was Lord Brewster (the line is now titled Earl of Pomfret). Records show that in 1545 Anne Farmer m William Lucy of Charles' Court & their son was knighted by Queen Ann. A Mary Farmer m Hon. Richard Byron, bro. of Lord Byron. The Farmers, like the Moons, came to Amer on the "Welcome" with Wm Penn. John & Mary Moon had 1 dau., Rachel, who m Marmaduke Bookout, & had 4 sons, John, James, Lawrence & Joseph. Religious freedom in NC was shortlived. Before the Rev War the colonial government passed a law making void all marriages performed by Quaker preachers & the offspring of such marriages illegitimate. Many other civil laws unfavorable to the Quakers were passed which caused them to look elsewhere for a place to live. In 1770 large groups left Randolph & adjoining co.s & formed a colony at Wrightsboro, Columbia Co, GA. Among those who went were 3 sons of John & Mary Moon - James, Lawrence & John & his wife, who was a Baldwin. Joseph, the 4ths/o John & Mary, b Mar 20 1750 on Deep River, Randolph Co, NC. Abt 1770 m Ann Brown, d/o Grace (Thompson) Brown & Daniel Brown, a Quaker preacher. Ann b in VA, Jan 22 1755. Joseph & Ann had 13 Chldn. (Data on these families found in the "Short History of the Moon Family"). William Moon, 3rd s/o Joseph & Ann, b Jan 22 1777 on Deep River, Randolph Co, NC. He m Jane Hutson or Hudson & later to Hannah Hockett. William & Jane had 7 Chldn.

[NI058610] Ran away from home OR was pressed into the British Navy where he served for 7 years. In 1643, he owned Plantation #18 at Gravesend, Long Island.

[NI058648] "Orphans Court Order of Partition Estate of Nathaniel Newlin 10 April 1734
Ref 001 Est N 1734 CCA To the Justices of the Orphans Court of the Co. of Chester: ...... And we have allotted & Set out to Richard Eavenson & Jemima his wife in right of [said] Jemima 1 of the Dau.s of the [said] Nathaniel Newlin in the Intestate for the [said] Jemima's part & Share of her [said] father's Lands & Tenements, All those 2 Tracts or parcells of Land Situate in the [said] Co. of Chester 1 of which Tracts Begins at a Black Oak at a corner of Joseph English's Land thence East South East 198 pches to a Black Oak, Thence North by the Land of John Newlin 417 perches & a half to a post, thence West North West by Bradford Twp 198 perches to a Black Oak, Thence South by the Land of the [said] Joseph English 417 pches & a half to the place of Begining ---Containing 503 Acres. The Other of the [said] Tracts Begins at a post being a Corner of John Newlin's Land Thence East South East by Marlborough Twp 170 pches to a post, thence North North East 386 perches to a post, Thence West North West by Nathaniel Newlin's Land 170 perches to a post Thence South South West by the Land of the [said] John Newlin 386 perches to the place of Begining Containing 410 Acres; "

[NI058678] Jacob B. Paul, b Nov 1822. He followed his father avocation, & has lived all his life in the Twp of his birth. Memb Rep party, & memb United Evang ch. He marriage resulted in birth of 6 chdn, 2 d in infancy; Jeremiah, farmer & lumberman, Adams Twp; William H.; Jacob, d young; & Mary A., w/o A. B. CUSTER, merchant, Conemaugh, this Co. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 22, 1860
433 24 2846 2881 Paul Jacob 43 M farmer 500 800 PA
433 25 2846 2881 Paul Barbara 31 F PA
433 26 2846 2881 Paul Jeremiah 6 M PA
433 27 2846 2881 Paul William H 5 M PA
433 28 2846 2881 Paul Jacob 3 M PA
433 29 2846 2881 Paul Mary A 1 F PA

[NI058679] William H. PAUL, a prosperous & successful farmer of Conemaugh twp, b. Adams twp, Cambria co., Sep 9 1855, s/o Jacob B. & Barbara (KRING) Paul. He received a limited educ common schools of Adams twp. For 12 yrs he did lumbering, & in 1890, purchased farm consisting of 99 acs, situated on Frankstown rd, abt 2 mis east of Johnstown, & has since followed pursuits of agriculture. He believes in principles of Rep party, which party has elected him to office of tax collector & constable, Conemaugh twp. On Oct 31 1883, m. Mary HOFFMAN. They have 4 chdn: Irvin Ellsworth, Cora May, Sidney Elmira & Minnie Mabel. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)
OBIT: Trib 11 Feb 1921 William PAUL, aged 65, Richland Twp, d. last eve. 11:30 pm while on his way home. Mr. & Mrs. PAUL had been to church & on their way home had stopped to visit Rev. & Mrs. Bristol Hardy. They left about 11:20 & had not gone far when Mr. PAUL was stricken. The cause of death is believed to be heart failure. Mr. PAUL lived Geistown many yrs. He is survived by his widow, Mary [HOFFMAN] PAUL & chldn: Irvin PAUL, Cora, w/o Frank BERKEY; Sydney PAUL; Olive PAUL; Miriam PAUL; Bertha, w/o Rudolph WOOLF.(remainder of item is missing)

[NI058681] Jacob B. Paul, was native of German empire, whence he emigrated to US & shortly afterward located in Adams Twp, this Co, being among the earlier settlers of that Twp. In that Twp, then mainly a wilderness, he cleared up a farm & lived the remainder of his life.(From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)
1850 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 9 Nov Henry Cook
18 124 130 PAUL Jacob 58 M Farmer 3,318 PA
PAUL Catherine 55 F PA
PAUL David 30 M Laborer PA
PAUL Jacob 27 M Laborer PA
PAUL Samuel 24 M Laborer PA
PAUL Daniel 22 M Laborer PA
PAUL Elizabeth 20 F PA
PAUL Barbara 16 F PA
PAUL George 15 M PA
PAUL Joseph 13 M PA

[NI058712] Leading merchant & prominent citizen. He was naturalized Apr 11 1749 Supreme Court in Philadelphia. He owned a large amount of real estate in the city of Philadelphia & several hundred acres in upper Hanover Co. He was a friend of his German countrymen & a respected leader of the German population of Philadelphia. He was a founding memb. of the Race St. Reformed Church in Philadelphia in 1727. Arrived in Philadelphia around 1723/24. Buried at Christ Church Burying Ground with his wife, 5th & Arch St., Philadelphia, PA. Bapt. Nov 15, 1696 Sinsheim, Germany. Confirmed 1711 & was merchant & potter. He was b. 1796 in Alsace & emigrated to America within the first quarter of the 18th century.

[NI058722] Took the Oath of Allegiance

Sailed from Rotterdam to Amer. in the ship William & Sarah with the co. including Rev. George Michael Weiss a Reformed Minister. Arrived in Philadelphia Sep 18, 1727 & took the oath of allegiance Sept 21, 1727. Settled in region known as Goshenhoppen in what is now Montgomery Co. Buried in New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church burial ground with her husb. John Fredrick Hillegas nearly opposite the front of the present church building.

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