[NI060166] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Charles Reighard State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0093 Color: W;W Age: 23 B-Place: PA Visit: 0369 Co.: Cambria, Relation: Boarder Image #: 03870160 Other Resid.s:
Husb.Samuel C Gillman

[NI060200] From the Johnstown Trib..LEWIS WISSINGER, CENTENARIAN A Short Sketch of the Life of a Remarkable Man. D. Sat Lewis Wissinger, notice of whose death Sat. last, was aged a 102 yrs 3 mos, a day of having been b. on 21 Jun 1793. He 1st saw light on farm now owned by Abner Griffth, on Bedford Pike, Stoneycreek Twp abt 2 1/2 mi.s from Johnstown. His father, having served in Rev. War, secured a grant of a tract of land there & moved on to it from Manns Choice, Bedford Co., 10 yrs or so before the beginning the present century. The newly acquired prop. was one vast wilderness, there the elder Wissinger lived & toiled & brought up his family of 11 chldrn, of whom Lewis was 7 in order of birth & the last to d., the others having d. at ages ranging 80-90 yrs. The father d. at 90. The mother, who survived him a few yrs, was also very aged when she d. When abt 25 yrs of age Lewis m. Ms Barbara Strayer, & for several yrs he farmed the old homestead for his father, after which he drove a 6-horse team for some time on Pittsburgh Pike, hauling metal from Shade Furnace to Pittsburgh. Mr. Wissinger was considered an expert teamster, as well as an excellent farmer, & engaged in one or the other of these pursuits for his entire life 'til abt 4 yrs ago, when the task of running a farm became too burdensome for him, & he moved to a 3 room 1 story house on the farm of his son Harry, Conemaugh Twp, which was placed at his disposal. It was here he d. During the past few yrs, he & his wife did some gardening & kept several cows, from which they continued to make their own living. Although he was an expert farmer & a hard worker all his life, the fruits of his labors & knowledge in this direction were reaped by some one else, & he was never able to get a farm of his own, but lived on rented ones, & d. poor in this worlds goods. After some 17 yrs of m. life, that b. 5 chldn, his wife d. He mourned her for abt 4 yrs, & in 1839 m. Ms Margaret Lint, who survives him, & is now in her 78th yr. To this m. b. 6 chldn. The surviving chldn to his 1st wife, in the order of their birth, are: Sarah, w/o David Kauffman, Croyle Twp; Eli, Walnut Grove; & John, farming in Jackson Twp. The chldn of 2d wife, in order of their birth: Harry, engaged in lumber line, & coal business, Conemaugh Twp; Esther, who d. at 23 yrs; Samuel, E. Taylor Twp, engaged in butchering business, Conemaugh; Barbara, w/o Peter Keiper, RR switchman, Conemaugh; Annie w/o Daniel Fyock, Adams Twp, & Adam, in lime & coal business, Scalp Level. Mr. Wissinger memb. of German Bap. Ch. over 1/2 century, having connected himself with that denomination when about 49 yrs of age. His wife has been a memb. of that ch. almost 55 yrs. The end of this aged man was peaceful, & he slipped away surrounded by wife & several chldn. His death can be attributed to the wearing out of vital organs. Up to a few mos ago he had never been ill a day in his life. 6 wks ago his strength began to fail, & he gradually grew more helpless until the end. In recent yrs it had been the custom to hold family reunions at his home on the ann. of his birth, or near that time, which were attended by many hundreds of persons from all over the Co. This yr it was omitted because of his feeble condition. The last such gathering was 8 Aug 1894. He was then in excellent health & spirits & enjoyed the festivities of the dy greatly, shaking hands twice around with all the guests. Among his direct descendants could be numbered at the time 48 gchildren & 40 ggchildren. The funeral took place this morn 9 am, bur. Gossard Graveyard, Conemaugh Twp. The cut which accompanies this article is from a photograph of Mr. Wissinger & his wife, which was taken some 3 yrs ago. At that time both enjoyed the best of health & had the full use of all their faculties. Lewis was a wonderful man, & lived through a brilliant period in the history of the world. He lacked but a few yrs of being, on his native ?, a subject of King George III, living through the French Rev. & the reigns of the Napoleons. He was one the few persons who was a citizen of the Country under Washington & every succeeding Pres. up to the present. He became of age the yr before the Battle of Waterloo, when Madison was Pres., & cast his 1st Pres.'l ballot 1816, for Rufus King, the Federalist, then & always opposing the party of slavery & Free Trade. In his youth the household supplies & other merchandise were brought from the Eastern cities on pack mules, then by the Nat'l Turnpikes, & these were succeeded by the canal & RR. Only a short distance to the west, in his youth, Indians & white men were at war. He was familiar with the War of 1812, & remembered when Jackson fought his winning battle at New Orleans. He remembered, too, of the message of non-interference, in 1823, since known as the Monroe Doctrine. Opposed to the Free Trade policy, he was friendly to Jackson in his enforcement of the law, & applauded when the Pres. declared he would hang Calhoun "higher than Haman" for persisting in the Nullification Act of 18?2. He was a strong supporter of the Govern't in war with Mexico & the Civil War 1861 When he was 50 yrs of age the magnetic telegraph was invented by Morse & a short time prior the 1st steam RR had been built. He was one who saw his nation commence with 13 States & at his death have 44, he saw the continent being spanned by the RR & telegraph, & the world girdled by the cable; he lived in a period that revolutionized travel, reducing the passage across the ocean from 5 wks to 6 dys, & from Johnstown to Philadelphia from 3 wks to 6 hrs. He lived to see his neighbors & tradesmen doing bus. by the aid of the telephone, while several hundred miles apart, & to see heat, power & light ground out of small pieces of steel for the use of mankind. He saw the cradle & scythe replaced by the reaper & mower. Lewis' life began in the latter part of 18th cent., & lasted almost over the 19th, through the most glorious period of the earth, when the darkness gave way to the dawn of many possibilities for making life better, with more pleasure & happiness & less labor to secure it; when slavery was abolished & all men made peers & whatever is better today than it was 100 yrs ago; whatever in our glorious country makes life less of a burden & more of a pleasure, makes it easier to give every child the heritage of a good education & guarantees to every person the enjoyment of rights as dear as life itself, whatever of this there is today, owes its existence to the upright, straighforward lives of that sturdy class represented by Lewis Wissinger.
J-town Trib Fri 10 Aug 1894 PICNIC IN E. TAYLOR TWP IN HONOR OF LEWIS WISSINGER & WIFE A REMARKABLE REUNION Gathering of Desc.s of Lewis Wissinger Many Rel.s & Friends of Cambria Co.'s Centenarian Spent An enjoyable day with him & his wife at the Home of His Son, In E. Taylor Twp, Taking Presents & Provisions With Them. The Old Gentlemen Still Able to Earn His Own Living -- A Sketch of His Life A most extraordinary & pleasant family reunion & picnic was that which was held Wed at home of Mr. Samuel Wissinger, E. Taylor Twp, about 1 mi. above Conemaugh, in honor of Cambria Co.'s venerable patriarch, Lewis Wissinger, who reached the remarkable age of 101 yrs on last 21 June, & who resides Conemaugh Twp, about 2 mi.s above Franklin Boro. The guests began to arrive early in the am & continued coming until abt noon, at which time the no. had swelled to between 400 & 500 persons. A no. of large tables were set in the orchard of the aged gentlemen's son Samuel, & abt 1 pm the guests were invited to sit down to these tables which were fairly groaning under the wgt of good things of this life that had been abstracted from numerous baskets & bundles brought along by the guests. As this remarkable gathering was seated at the tables, doing justice to the good things spread before it, Photographer I. J. Wissinger took the picture of the entire group. After the inner man had been satisfied, Mr. Wissinger & his venerable wife were singled out for the purpose of having a likeness of their features transferred to cardboard; then another photograph of the whole assemblege was taken. When the photographer had finished his work, the gathering resolved itself into a sort of social convocation, Prof. J. W. Leech, of Ebensburg, acting as master of ceremonies. The Professor, in making a few remarks, said he had tried to bring along with him the oldest person in Ebensburg, but, failing in this, had brought the next oldest Hon. A. A. Barker. Mr. Leech said that while Mr. Barker was a very old man, he appeared as a sprightly boy compared to Mr. Wissinger, & it must be remembered that the latter had cast his 1st vote before the former had seen the light of day, & has lived under the administration of every Pres. of the US, having been b. during Washington's 2nd term. Rev. W. M. Covert, Conemaugh Presby. Ch., followed Mr. Leech in a brief address, & Rev. R. Sirhowy Jones, Ebensburg Congreg. Ch., sang a hymn entitled, "Going Through the Valley". Hon. A. A. Barker was then introduced, & made a short but very happy speech suitable to the occasion. Prof. Leech then closed the ceremonies with a few appropriate remarks. Mr. and Mrs. Wissinger were the recipients of a great many presents, including dry goods, groceries, and provisions, as well as a considerable amount of money. Notwithstanding his great age, Mr. Wissinger looked as well Wed. -if not better- than he did on the day of the celebration of his 100th b-day June 21, 1893. He shook hands twice around with all present, & seemed to enjoy the festivities of the day very much. He has never been sick in bed a day in his life, & does not use spectacles. His aged wife also enjoys the best of health, & the venerable couple, from present indications, seem to be good for at least a 10 or 15 yr lease of life.
1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 22 Oct Henry Cook
21 247 280 Wissinger Lewis 50 M Farmer Pa
Wissinger Ciate 39 F Pa
Wissinger Henry 9 M Pa
Wissinger Esther 7 F Pa
Wissinger Samuel 4 M Pa
Wissinger Barbara 1 F Pa
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA HA McPike, Aug 20, 1860
428 39 2812 2847 Wissinger Lewis 60 M farmer 650 PA
Wissinger Margaret 39 F PA
Wissinger Henry 19 M farm laborer PA
Wissinger Esther 17 F PA
Wissinger Samuel 14 M PA
Wissinger David 11 M PA
Wissinger Mary A 7 F PA
Wissinger Adam 4 M PA

[NI060202] Immigrant's surname: KOHLER COOLAR KOLLER Immigrant's given name(s): Andreas Ship name: Robert & Alice U.S. arrival date: 3 Dec 1740 Port: Philadelphia, PA Place of origin: Germany Notes: Andreas KOHLER b. ca1720 Palatinate d. Jan 1787 Manchester Tp, York, PA Res: York, Pa; Manchester Tp, York, PA m. Maria Magdalena [ SPANGLER] children: Joseph - Jul 1816; Philippina - ?? m. William BISHOP/BISHOFF; Philip 1747 Maria Magdalena 4 Jul 1748 - 28 Jul 1748; Balthasar 21 May 1749 - 20 Jul 1820 m1 Christina LENTZ m2 Sarah/Salome Reiman; Katharine 1750-22 Nov 1814 m. John Peter MOHR; John George 8 Feb 1752; Susanna 1758- ??; Maria Appolonia 1754-?? m. Philip Christopher MOHR; Valentine 1755-12 Sep 1839 m. Magdalina BECKER; Maria Elizabeth 1756-ca1825 m. Adam LICHTENBERGER; Andrew 29 Oct 1760-30 Apr 1825 m. Margareth BECKER; Mary Magdalena 1761-8 Oct 1836 m. Abraham BRUCKART/BROOKHART

[NI060204] Seattle Times, Sun Jul 23 1995; Robert Ralph Wissinger, Age 79, d Jul 14 1995, Kirkland, WA. b Aug 22 1915, Mt. Vernon, OH; grad Kenyon College, Gambier, OH. He worked in Philadelphia, PA, Cincinnati, OH, & Des Moines, IA, chemist in Carbon Paper industry before retiring 1968. He moved family to Issaquah, WA in 1985. He enjoyed reading & fishing. Survived by wife of 55 yrs, Opal WISSINGER, Issaquah; dau Kay HENN, Mercer Island, WA; son Robert A. WISSINGER, Phoenix, MD, 5 gchdn 2 ggchdn. Mem. serv. Sun. Jul 30 3:30 pm Evergreen Hospice Chpl. Memls may be made to Evergreen Hospice, Kirkland, WA.

[NI060205] Cambria Co., PA, Historical Society Surname File Approx. Date: Oct 1974 Wissinger - Clarence L., 71, 1155 Second St., Scalp Level, d Oct 25 1974, at home; b May 19 1903, Scalp Level, s/o Edmund & Alice (Berkey) Wissinger. Survived by mother , Elton; wife Vesta Whistler; & 2 sons, Orva "Happy", Shiremanstown, Pa.; & Russell B., m to Helen Bouschak, Windber; also 4 gchldn & ggchld. Bro of Lunda, w/o Mark Kimmel, Elton; Jewel, Central City; & Kenneth, Windber. Retired from Berwind Corp. Memb Windber Local 6186, UMWA, & Scalp Level Paint Vol Fire Co. Friends received 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Mon at Lloyd G. Shank Funeral Home, Windber, service at 10:30 am Tue, Rev. John Stubbs. Bur Richland Cem.

[NI060216] Gospel Herald - Vol LXI, # 1 - Jan 2, 1968 ≠ pgs 22 & 23. Wissinger, Graham G s/o Edmund & Alice (Berkey) Wissinger, b Cambria Co., Pa Jun 20 1913 d of heart attack Nov 23, 1967, Richland Twp aged 54y 5m 3d. Oct 26 1935, he m LaVern Hironimus, who survives. Also surviving are 5 chdn Melvin; Bruce; Janet Mrs William McCuch; Blaine; & Lois, 5 bros & sis' Clarence, Kenneth, Lunda Mrs Mark Kimmel; Elton; & Jewell. He was memb Weaver Ch, funeral held Nov 26, Harold E. Thomas officiating; bur Blough Menn Cem

[NI060323] Johnstown-Trib Jan 6 1922 Mrs Mary Ann STUTZMAN, w/o Daniel Stutzman, d. 3:30 am this morning at the home of her dau., Mrs. J. Roy STIFFLER, 237 4th St., Conemaugh after a sudden attack of acute indigestion. Mary Ann (COBAUGH) Stutzman, d/o the late Frederick & Susan Cobaugh, b.this Co. 80 yrs ago last May. She & Daniel Stutzman m. 18?0. Most of their married life was spent on the Stutzman farm, above Mineral Point. Since the death of her hus. Oct 1904, Mrs. Stutzman lived with her m. chldn. 9 chldn b. to Mr. & Mrs. Stutzman, 5 are deceased, Emma & Lydia having d. in youth; Mrs. Sarah BAUMGARDNER d. 1901; Mrs. Ellen BURKHART d. 1917 & Mrs. Katherine GROVE d. Sep 1921. she is survived chldn: Mrs. J. Roy Stiffler, Conemaugh; Mrs. George BYERS, Mineral Point; Fred B. Stutzman, Conemaugh; & John A. Stutzman, Johnstown. also 34 gchldn & 40 ggchldn. The Stutzman family was 1 of the oldest families of the Breth. Ch. of this community, the deceased being a member of the Conemaugh Breth. Ch., to which she was always faithful. Funeral services will be conducted from the Conemaugh Breth. Ch. 2 pm Sun, with internment in Mt Union Cem.*, Mineral Point. Rev. George H. Jones, will be in charge of services. Howard Davis & Son, undertakers of Conemaugh, have prepared the body for bur.. *a.k.a. Rose Hill Cem. & Echo Cem.. Tombstone: Mary A. Stutzman May 4 1841-Jan 5 1922; next to Daniel Stutzman Jan 30 1838-Oct 27 1904.

[NI060352] Mrs Mary Ann Parks, aged 88 d at her home Thur eve after an illness of abt 4 days. Mrs. Parks hadn't been well for about a yr , but a stroke of paralysis received last Sun from which she scarcely recovered consciousness, was the immediate cause of her death. Mrs. Parks, whose maiden name was Shaffer was b Somerset Co 88 yrs ago. In 1837 she moved to Johnstown, Cambria Co. & m John Parks, a carpenter. Mrs. Parks was the sis of the late Col. Emanuel Shaffer, a well known Johnstown contractor & builder before his serv. Civil War. She is surv. by sis Miss Margaret Shaffer, Somerset, 2 nieces residing in Johnstown (Mrs. Jacob C. Horner & Mrs. Mary Robinson) & 2 nieces residing in Somerset Misses Elizabeth & Christina Shaffer. Funeral arrangements are pending.

[NI060618] Johnstown, PA Trib-Dem issue of Jul 1990: VAN -- Grace E., 64, 1025 Hill Place, d. Jul 10 1990, at home. B. Jun 6 1926 Johnstown, d/o Frederick & Gertrude (Himes) Noon. Preceded in death by parents, & several bro.s & sis.s. Survived by hus. Charles T., & these chldn: Doreen, w/o William A. Fisher; & Fredrick, m. to former Kathleen Reighard, both of Johnstown; Robert, m. to former Linda Robins, Cleveland, OH; & Karen, w/o Gary Brandle, Johnstown; 9 gchldn. Sis. of Harold, Arlington, TX; & Florence Eckenrod, & Dorothy Margroum, both of Johnstown. Member of Trinity Un. Meth. Ch. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu. at John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where service will be held at 11 am Fri., Rev. Dr. David B. Cable. Interment, Richland Cem. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Windber Hospice.

[NI060619] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo 28 Nov 1962: VAN, Charles E., 66, 21 Irene St, d 3:20 pm Nov 27 1962, at home; b Apr 8 1896, Johnstown, s/o William H. & Elmira A. (Boring) Van. Survived by widow, Ethel B. Wensel, & these chldn: Mrs. Elmira Blackburn, Thomasboro, IL; Charles T., 560 Brotz Pl; Francis, 114 Walnut St; Mrs. Laura Wissinger, 1077 Solomon St, & Mrs. Margaret Waterman, 1067 Franklin St; 3 stepchldn: Thomas Edwards, 113 Cherry St; Mrs. Marian Kyle, Bangor, ME; & Robert Edwards, 21 Irene St; 20 gchldn & 1 ggchild. Bro of Calvin, Cherry Tree; Quentin, 854 Freedom Ave, Mrs. Ellen Inscho, 104 Gap Ave, & Mrs. Edna Scott, Benson, AZ. Memb Park Ave EUB Ch; Cambria Lodge 278, A.F. & A.M.; Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Jaffa Shrine & Pittsburgh Consistory. Vet WWI & memb Menoher Post 155, VFW. Retired employee of U.S. Steel Corp. Friends received 7 pm Wed John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, serv 11 am Fri, Rev. Kenneth Barnette. Bur Grandview Cem.. Military rites by VFW Post 155.

[NI060644] Gospel Herald - Vol 74 # 35, Sep 1 1981, pg 670. Croyle, Moses E s/o Joseph & Polly (Kauffman) Croyle b Somerset Co, PA Apr 1 1893 d Mem'l Hosp Jul 30 1981, aged 88y. He m Sarah Eash, who d Jul 16 1972. Surviving are 1 dau Edna Mrs James E Lehman, 4 gchdn & 9 ggchdn. He was preceded by 1 son Paul on Mar 20 1980, 3 sis' & 4 bros. He was memb Thomas Menn Ch, where funeral Servs were held Aug 2, in charge of Donald Speigle & Aldus Wingard; bur Ch Cem.

[NI060648] OBIT: John Adam Diettle of Greenville Twp., Somerset Co. PA. Death of this well known & universally respected man came so suddenly that the announcement was a profound shock to all of his friends, neighbors & acquaintances. He was taken ill from a severe cold at the residence of his son, which developed into pneumonia, & which proved fatal in a few dys. d. Dec 9 1897, Greenville twp, aged 63 yrs, 3 mos & 23 dys. He immigrated to this Co. from Germany & settled in Greenville. By thrift & wise management he amassed a competence & leaves, besides his good name & honest career, to his chldrn a goodly portion of this world's goods. wife d. abt 14 yrs ago. sons William & Adam, & his dau.s Mary, m. E. Geiger, Sarah, m. C. M. Christner, all of this Co. & near town, & Kate, m. Harvey M. Faidley, Burr Oak, KS, who is now here on a visit. All the chldrn were present & ministered to their loved father in his last illness. Interment was made by the side of his departed wife in the Cem. of the Greenville Ch., in the midst of a large concourse of sorrowing relatives & friends, Bishop C. G. Lint officiating. Mr. Diettle's was a familiar figure on our st.s, his genial smile & even temper making him a great favorite with all. Peace to his ashes.

[NI060664] 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ira Manger Age: 36 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0159 Br Pl: MO Visit: 0236 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Ada E 36
Son Orlo C 17
Dau Alma A 13
Mother-in-law Hannah Shaffer 66

[NI060676] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William Dietle State: PA Enumeration District: 0139 Color: W Age: 52 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0018 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband
ImageNum: 01060397 Other Residents:
Wife Christianna 51, PA
Son Frank 22, PA
Dau. Eliza 18, PA
Son William 16, PA
Son Harvey 12, PA
Dau. Emma 12, PA

[NI060677] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Adam Dietle State: PA Enumeration District: 0139 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0019 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01060338 Other Residents:
Wife Susan 46, PA
Dau. Sadie 20, PA
Son John 18, PA
Son Harry 16, PA
Son Simon 13, PA
Son Irvin 11, PA
Dau. Clara 09, PA
Son Lloyd 06, PA
Adam Dietle, a prominent farmer & beloved citizen of Greenville Twp, d. Dec 27 on the farm on which he was b. & lived all of his life. He was aged 71 yrs, 3 mos & 19 dys, having been b. Aug 28 1859. The epitaph of Mr. Dietle was engraved by himself in the hearts & minds of his fellowmen by his unfailing kindness & generosity, an ardent lover of home & family, as is proven by the fact that he never moved away from his ancestral home, but within its walls reared a family that is a credit to him & for whom he provided most bounteously. It is said of Adam Dietle that he never spoke a harsh word to any of his family & none ever spoke an unkind word to him. His attitude toward everyone he knew was that of a friend. He displayed that friendly comradeship that made a friend of everyone with whom he ever associated. 1 of Greenville's most successful farmers. always busy, industrious & generous & was noted for his absolute honesty & prompt payment of all debts made by him. 1 of his last requests was that the debts which were made during the time that he was bedfast should be paid. Mr. Dietle's health had been failing during the last yr, but it was not until about 2 wks ago that he became bedfast, his death being due to a complication of diseases. Father of 8 chldrn 2 of whom preceded him to the grave. The surviving chldrn, Mrs. Mildred Steinly, John, Simon, Irvin, Mrs. Harvey Geiger, & Lloyd Dietle, all m. & living on farms in the vicinity near his home, with the exception of Mrs. Harvey Geiger, Corriganville, Md. Lloyd, the youngest son, lives on the home farm. He also survived by his wife & 1 bro., William Dietle, residing near the ancestral home, & 1 sis, Mrs. Catherine Fadely, Topeka, KS. Funeral Services were held on Tue. afternoon, Dec. 30, in the Greenville Luth. Ch. of which he was a life-long member. Rev. S. D. Sigler, conducted the funeral services. William C. Price of Meyersdale was in charge of the burial arrangements. Interment was made in the Ch. cem.. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, the funeral was not as largely attended as it otherwise might have been. Still many braved the prevailing snow storm to pay their respects to the friend they loved. Mr. Dietle's only sis., Mrs. Catherine Fadely, Topeka, KS, pd her bro.s a visit last fall, but was unable to attend the funeral."

[NI060681] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 8, 8 Jun 1880
433B 25 67 71 Small Chancy W M 28 Farmer PA Scotland PA
433B 26 67 71 Small Missouri W F 29 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
433B 27 67 71 Small Benjamin F. W M 7 Son PA PA PA
433B 28 67 71 Small Lawrence W M 1 Son PA PA PA

[NI060694] Never married

[NI060701] JOHNSTOWN TRIB 9/28/1934. Mrs. Rebecca E. Small. SOUTH FORK, Sep 28 Mrs. Rebecca Elizabeth Small, aged 77, a former resident of South Fork, d yesterday afternoon at Evang'l Home, Lewisburg, where she had been a guest for several yrs. Her husb David Small, passed away at the home in Jan. The body will be removed to South Fork by George Bros., local morticians, where it may be viewed at the Evang'l Ch 12-3 pm Mon. Bur Pringle Hill Cem.

[NI060709] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
29 246 258 Croyles George 54 M Farmer 500 Pa
Croyles Susan 47 F Pa
Croyles John 22 M Laborer Pa
Croyles Catharine 20 F Pa
Croyles Adam 13 M Pa
Croyles Thomas 8 M Pa
Croyles Hester 11 F Pa
Croyles George W. 7 M Pa

[NI060710] "History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton counties" 1884. Waterman,Watkins & Co. p. 496. Quemahoning twp. Joseph was formerly engaged in the lumber bus. He is now 82 (1884) yrs old & resides with his J.W. in Quemahoning. He m. Sarah, dau. of Michael Mowry & is father of 9 chldrn: David; Charles (d.1884); J,W.; Louisa (LAMBERT); Elizabeth (d. 1884); Mary (WILT); Rosa A. (d. 1884); Nancy (LAMBERT); & Belinda (CARVER). David & J.W. served in the late war, the former 1 yr & the latter 3 yrs. J.W. was captured & held in Libby prison 2 mo.s. Obit Johnstown Daily Trib Feb 24 1888 - With the death of Joseph Mostoller, one of the most prominent figures in the history of Somerset Co. passed away. For more than 1/2 a cent. he was a leading citizen, & the northern portion of the Co., in particular, felt the weight of his good influence. He was b. on what is known as Butcher Stahl farm, about 2 mi.s north of Stoystown, on 5 May 1801, & d. on 11 Feb 1888. In about a yr after his birth, his father moved with his family to 1 mi. east of Friedens's where Jospeh was reared. In 1824 he m. Sarah Mowry, a sis. of Mr. Mowry who founded the Somerset Herald, & who was a memb. of the Legislature, & also filled the Sheriff's office for 1 term in Somerset Co. He followed farming, but in conjunction carried on an extensive lumber bus. up to within a few yrs of his death. Endowed with a powerful memory, he was extremely methodical & exact. He had a legal & judicial mind &, had he been so disposed, would have shone at the bar or on the bench. His judgement seldom, if ever, erred, & his reputation for honesty & fair dealing was not questioned. Mrs. Mostoller, who is still living at the age of 85 & is yet quite firm & sprightly, bore to her husb. 10 chldrn: 3 boys & 7 girls. 2 sons & 4 dau.s survive The couple have had 67 grndchldrn & 65 grt-grndchldrn. Mr. Mostoller, though totally blind since 1883, retained his faculties to within a yr of his demise, when they began to fail him somewhat. He cast his 1st vote as a Democrat, but then changed to be a Whig, & held to that until the Rep. party came into existence, when he joined that party & continued a staunch Rep. until death. He was a confirmed memb. of the Luth. Church in 1816 at Berlin, before there was a church at Frieden's, & was a consistent memb. to the last. He was well versed in the Sacred Scriptures, ancient & modern history, & in the general topics of the day. The internment took place in the Odd Fellows' Cem., Stoystown. Rev. A. Sell conducted the funeral serv.s. (A similar obit was printed in the Feb. 22, 1888, issue of the Somerset Herald From an article appearing in the May 1984? Laurel Messenger - During the Civil War, Joseph Mostoller built a water mill to saw timber, a few hundred yds from where Wells Creek empties into Stoney Creek. Then a race was built from Stoney Creek to divert water to power the sawmill. In Sep 1864 John W. Mostoller, son of Joseph was mustered out of the Union Army in time to help his father build the mill race. The following June another son, David, was honorably discharged from the Union forces. He joined his father & brother in the operation of the sawmill. It is in this setting that the story of the Mostoller bean takes place. This story was related to a grt- grndsn by Sarah herself & became a lasting memory for the Mostoller family. Of their 10 children, 6 are living: Lousie, widow of Abraham Lambert; David; Mary, who is the wife of Jeremiah WILT and has 4 children (Rosa, Lizzie, Sidney, and James); Nancy, widow of Samuel Lambert and mother of 8 children (Edward, Lorenzo, Jairus, Ellsworth, Azariah, Sidney, Irvin, and John); Belinda, wife of Abraham Carver and mother of 2 children (Ira and Cynthia); and John W. There is a difference in the number and names of the children. All references seem to agree on Louisa, Elizabeth, Nancy, Mary, Charles Henry, Rose, David, John W.and Belinda. The couple have had 67 grandchildren and 65 great-grandchildren. Mr. Mostoller, though totally blind since 1883, retained his faculties to within a year of his demise, when they began to fail him somewhat. The deceased cast his first vote as a Democrat, but then changed to be a Whig, and held to that until the Rep. party came into existence, when he joined that party and continued a staunch Rep. until death. Later in life he removed to the home of his son, John W., in Quemahoning twp, where he died in 1888. OLD SAW MILL MOLDERS TO DUST ( written by Bill Jones) The old sawmill at Mostoller Station has moldered to dust. The only sign that it ever existed is the mill race that diverted water from the Stonycreek to turn its overshot water. wheel. The mill was built around the time of the Civil War by Joseph Mostoller. It was located a couple miles west of Lambertsville, near where the road from Lambertsville meets the Stonycreek. Joseph was a grandson of Frederick Mostoller, who settled near Friedens in 1776 & built a gristmill. Joseph's father, John, served as a co. commissioner, & represented Somerset Co. in the state Legislature in 1820 & 1821. The sawmill flourished for a time. But when the B&O RR built its line to Johnstown in 1881 it became easier to take timber by rail to Johnstown for processing. Joseph died in 1888. Joseph's great-grandson; Ralph V. Mostoller of Moxham, remembers the site of the old sawmill. He grew up in the Lambertsville area, but because Stonycreek Township had no high school he spent his school wks with relatives in Moxham. Coal became a valuable commodity during WW I. It was mined in the hill between Lambertsville & Mostoller Station & hauled to the railroad in bobsleds during the winter. 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Joseph 49 M Farmer PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Sarah 47 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Elisabeth 23 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER David 21 M Farmer PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Mary 20 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Rose 16 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Nancy 14 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER Belinda 10 F PA
265 234 MOSTOLLER John 7 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
16 195 200 Mostoller Joseph 68 M W Farmer 10,000 300 PA
17 195 200 Mostoller Sarah 67 F W Keeping house PA
18 195 200 Mowry Henry 76 M W PA

[NI060711] GOOSE SOWS BEAN SEEDS INTO HISTORY ( written by Bill Jones) We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, in which a handful of magical beans grew overnight into a stalk that reached high above the clouds. But do you know about magical beans that were carried to Somerset Co. by a goose and are still growing more than 130 years later And they're still traveling. It was the fall of 1865 or 1866, when a flock of Canada geese on their flight so. paused on the Stonycreek a couple miles west of Lambertsville. One got caught in the mill race that fed the water wheel that operated Joseph Mostoller's sawmill. One of the Mostoller sons, John or David, shot the goose and took it to their mother to be cleaned and prepared for dinner. As Sarah Mostoller cleaned the goose, she felt that its craw was distended, opened it and found a handful of beans. Being a frugal person, Sarah placed the beans on the window sill to dry, and planted them the following spring. Members of the Mostoller family have been replanting the beans every year since, and so have others who acquired seed. The Mostoller Wild Goose Beans, as they have come to be kwn, are pole beans that grow rapidly to a height of 10 feet or more. The bean is white, pinkish buff around the eye and with splotches of reddish brown in varying amounts. They can be eaten as snap beans when green, and reportedly are excellent dried in baked beans or soup.
Many years after they were taken from the goose, the beans were identified by an expert in beanology (my work) as being a Seneca Indian bean. It is believed the goose gobbled the beans on the Cornplanter Indian Reservation on the upper Allegheny River, flew to the Somerset Co. area and was shot before the beans could deteriorate. Ralph Mostoller of Moxham got his Goose Bean seed from Willard and Pauline Constable, then residents of Riverside who had obtained them from another member of the Mostoller family. She wanted to know whether the Mostoller name could be used in connection with the beans, a sample of which had been sent to the US Dept. of Agric. Experimental Stat. in Beltsville, MD. Dr JP Meiners, chief of applied plant pathology at Beltsville, wrote that he found the beans somewhat unique. He planted them and sent samples to a Dr. Dolan at Geneva, NY who he said, is very much interested in heirloom beans.
The Wild Goose beans were getting around, but it didn't stop there. Samples went to John E. Withee in Lynnfield, MA, who founded Wanigan Assc. to preserve historic heirloom beans and seeds. The project outgrew Withee, who appealed to two other org.s for help. They were the Seed Savers Exchange, operated by Kent Whealy near Princeton, MO and the Organic Gardening and Farming Research Center in Kutztown. They also are grown in the heirloom seeds projects at the Somerset Co. Historical and Genealogical Society and the state owned Landis Valley Farm Museum north of Lancaster. The Landis Valley heirloom seed catalog lists the Mostoller Wild Goose Bean. It describes the bean as white, oval seed with reddish speckled orange-brown spot over the eye and says it has excellent flavor, vigorous grower with good production. They sell the seed for $3 a packet. Besides those sold, the Mostoller Wild Goose Bean has been given to interested people throughout the United State. It is listed in the Seed Savers Exchange annual catalog and has been exchanged over a wide area. That goose had no idea what it was starting when it began its ill-fated flight from Canada more than 130 years ago.

[NI060715] Jacob Lambert was indentured as a servant to William Moor(e) of Chester Co PA. 4 yrs later when Jacob turned 21 he was by law supposed to receive his Freedom Dues from his master but Moor(e) refused. Matthias Lambert traveled the 29 mis from his Lancaster home to Chester Co PA & petitioned the court on 30 Aug 1737 to terminate his sonís servitude. Matthias produced records from his previous German ch that documented Jacobís age as 21. The court ordered Moor(e) to release Jacob who returned to Lancaster Co PA with his father (Court of Quarter Sessions Docket 1733-42, p. 112, Chester Co PA).
York Co., PA Wills, 1749-1819 Surname: Lambert Given Name: Jacob Title: Jr. Description: Decedent Res.: Dover Twp. Date: 29 Jan 1788 Prove Date: 5 Mar 1788 Remarks: Lambert, Jacob Jr. Jan 29 1788. Executors: Jacob & John Lambert. Dover Twp. Wife: Mary Lambert. chdn: Jacob, Ann, Elizabeth, George, John, Mary, Catharine w/o John Yoner, & Matalina.

[NI060719] Jacob Seabolt who had moved to Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA. The last name is also spelled many phonically different ways (Seybolt, Sabold, Cabolt, Seybold, Saybold, etc.) Jacob Sabolt d. on 12/6/1813 leaving a Will that lists 4 surviving dau.s & their spouses. Michael is listed as Michael Waggon intermarried to Maria.

[NI060730] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
228-190 Wagner, Jonathan 49 M Farmer PA
Sevilla 46 F PA
Daniel 23 M Farmer PA
Maria 20 F PA
Eliza 18 F PA
Anne 16 F 'PA
Sophia 12 F PA
David 9 M PA
Jane 7 F PA
Jonathan 4 M PA
Charles 1 M PA
Doyle, William 29 M Laborer PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 29 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
25 38 39 Wagner Jonathan 69 M W farmer 6,000 1,300 Pa
26 38 39 Wagner Savilla 66 F W wife Pa
27 38 39 Wagner Jane 22 F W at home Pa
28 38 39 Wagner Charles 20 M W at home Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 18, 17 Jun 1880
438B 47 164 169 Wagner Jonathan W M 80 Retired farmer PA PA PA
438B 48 164 169 Wagner Sevilla W F 76 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
438B 49 164 169 Wagner Jane W F 34 Daughter At home PA PA PA

[NI060731] Johnstown Trib 1/26/1934. DAVID R. SMALL. South Fork, Jan. 26. David Rogers Small, aged 83, formerly of near Summerhill, d yesterday in Evang'l Home, Lewisburg, Union Co, after a long illness. He had been located at the home since Oct 21 1924. Mr. Small was a native of Buckstown, Somerset Co. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Rebecca E. Small, 3 bros, Robert, John & Arthur Small, & a sis Mrs. Ida Thomas, Rockingham. The body was prepared for bur by George Bros., local morticians, & will be removed to 1 Evang Ch Sun 1 pm, where it may be viewed until 2:30 pm, when servs will be conducted by Rev. Dr. F. E. Hetrick & Rev. G. E. Hetrick. Bur Pringle Hill Cem. near Summerhill.

[NI060734] 1880 Fed Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 18, 17 Jun 1880
438B 27 161 166 Lohr David W M 20 Farmer PA PA PA
438B 28 161 166 Lohr Susan W F 20 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
438B 29 161 166 Lohr Gracie W F 4 Daughter PA PA PA
438B 30 161 166 Lohr Cora W F 3 Daughter PA PA PA
438B 31 161 166 Lohr William W M 5/12 Son PA PA PA
438B 32 161 166 Lohr Mary W F 58 Mother PA PA PA
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
David J Lohr State: PA Dist: 8115 Color: W Age: 54 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0088 Co.: Westmoreland Relation: Head ImageNum: 02780897 Other Res:
Son Floyd 22, PA
Son Robert 18, PA
Dau May 16, PA
Dau Beatrice 15, PA

[NI060738] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 14, 1860
414 26 2710 2747 Strayer Eli 29 M farmer 300 PA
414 27 2710 2747 Strayer Barbara 24 F PA

[NI060742] Calvin was raised by Della Strayer Wagner

[NI060746] Indian girls take their mother's maiden name, not their father's last name. Massacred by Indians along with husb & 7 of their 12 chdn. Remaining chdn traveled from OH back to Jamestown to live with their uncle. This is where Christopher met & m his cousin Elizabeth.

[NI060747] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 23 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
40 167 173 Lambert Josiah 56 M W Farmer 5,000 1,000 PA
Lambert Margaret 46 F W Keeping house PA
Lambert William 26 M W Laborer PA
Lambert Lewis C. 22 M W PA
In the name of god amen. I Josiah Lambert of twp of Stoneycreek, Co. of Somerset, PA, Farmer, being of sound mind, memory & understanding do make my last will & testament in manner & form following. 1st it is my will & I do order that all my first debts & funeral expensed be duly pd & satisfied as soon as conveniently can be after my demise. 2nd I give desire & bequeath to my beloved wife all my personal & real estate during her natural life providing my wife keeps my son William who is not compatent to keep himself during his life with good & sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing, lodging & attendance in sickness & in health. 3rd After the demise of my beloved wife I desire that my real estate be divided equally between my sons William Lambert & Lewis Lambert & their heirs & ? forever. I here establish & appoint my nephew Johnathan Lambert as guardian to see that my son William Lambert is provided for as is provided for in my will. & lastly I nominate constitute & appoint my son Lewis C. Lambert my executor of this my will declaring this & no other to be my last will & testament. In ? whereof I have set my hand & seal. 23 Oct 1882 the deed of the ? real estate was distroyed by fire. Josiah Lambert Sighned sealed & delivered as the said estate as his last will & testament in presence of us. G. M. Williamson Abraham Lambert

[NI060757] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 23 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
1 151 158 Lambert Moses 60 M W Farmer 4,000 800 PA
2 151 158 Lambert Elizaberh 57 F W Keeping house PA
3 151 158 Lambert Mary 24 F W PA
4 151 158 Lambert Willliam 21 M W PA
5 151 158 Lambert Maria 18 F W PA
In the name of God Amen. I Moses Lambert of Stonycreek twp Somerset Co. PA (Farmer) being sick in body but of sound mind, memory & understanding considering the certainty of death & the assertainly of the time thereof, made ordain & constitute this my last Will & Testament in the manner following. I direct that all my just debts & funeral expences to first pd by my executor herein after named. I will & bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth all my personal property of what ? ? I now ? ? after my ? & I also will & bequeath unto my said wife all my real estate viz; ? plantation or farm in which we now reside, during her natural life & afterwards ? ? ? heirs. & I hereby nominate, constitue & appoint my beloved wife sole executrix of this my last will hereby revoking & making void all former wills by me at any time made & I herby impower my said wife or executrix to sell & convey my real estate, & make ? & ? title deeds for the same. The same as I would during my life time ( without holding an inquesition) & further I impower my said executrix to divide the above described plantation if she chooses to do so in her lifetime. & make title deeds for ? as follows viz: William M. Lambert shall have ? ? acres of the south east end including the bldgs in which he now lives for which the said Wm M. Lambert shall pay $500. to my daug. Mariah Lambert in yrly installments of $100. ea yr commencing five yrs after the delivery of the deed. Joseph M. Lambert shall have that part in which heresides containing 85 acs for which the said Joseph M. Lambert shall pay to my daug now Mary Custer the sum of $250. dollars in yrly pymts of $50. ea commenry 2 yrs after the delivery of the deed. Hugh M. Lambert shall have that part on which he now resides containing abt 100 acs for which the said Hugh M. Lambert shall pay to my daug now Mary Custer the sum of $250. dollars in yrly pymts of $50. dollars ea commencing 2 yrs after the delivery of the deed. & this shall be their shares in full out of my real estate, & my daug Catherine now intermarried with Jacob J. Miller shall have that part on which she now resides containing abt 30 acs which shall be her full share, intrest or part of all my real estate. In ? whereof I ? Moses Lambert have this my last will & testament set my hand & seal this 15 Sep 1877. Mose Lambert (Seal) Signed, sealed, published & declared by the testator Moses Lambert as & for his last will & testament in the presents & at his request have subscribed our names as witnesses ? W. M. Schrock Jonathan Miller
Somerset Co. On this 12th day of Apr 1878 before me A. F. Dickey register for probate of wills & granting letters of admin. in & for the co. aforesaid, personally came Wm M. Schrock & Jonathan Miller the subscribing witnesses to the will hereto attached, who being duly ? according to law, do say that they were present & saw & heard Moses Lambert the testator sign, seal, publish, pronounce & declare the foregoing instrument as & for his last will & testament, & that at the time of so doing he was of sound mind, memory & understanding, to the best of their knowledge & belief. Affrimed & subscribed to before me the date aforesaid. A. F. Dickey Register. W. M. Schrock Jonathan Miller
Oath of the death of Moses Lambert. The Commonwealth of PA. Somerset Co.: Personally appeared before me A. F. Dickey Register of Probates & wills & granting letters of adminstration in & for said co. of Somerset Elizabeth Lambert who having duly affirmed ? ? ? says that Moses Lambert d on the 21st day of Mar 1878 between the hours of 8 & 9 pm. Elizabeth (her mark) Lambert

[NI060759] He was only 7 yrs old when his father was killed by Indians. He & John & their wives & some of the chdn from both families are bur in Dibert Cem with their father Christopher Dibert, now on the Alvia Claycomb Farm (1977). Will: October 06, 1818 Will probated 1826.
1790 Bedford Co, PA:
Frederick Dibert 1 male 16 & over 2 males under 16 2 females
1800 Bedford Co, PA:
Frederick Dibert 2 males under 10 1 male 10-15 1 male 45 & over 1 female under 10 1 female 10-15 1 female 26-45

[NI060763] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
David A Lambert State: PA Dist: 0162 Color: W Age: 62 B Pl: PA Visit: 0440 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 02720843 Other Residents:
Wife Annie M 65, PA

[NI060776] Baltzer Kohler Estate, York, PA 12 Sep 1820, York Co. Courthouse, Vol ? p.? "Petition of Philip Kohler eldest son of Baltzer Kohler, late of Manchester twp, York Co. deceased, was read to the court setting for the That said Baltzer d intestate leaving widow SARAH, & chldn to wit, PHILIP, HENRY, JACOB, JOHN, CHRISTIANNA, intermarried with JACOB FREY, & issue of CATHARINA intermarried with SAMUEL HYKES, who d in the lifetime of her father, to wit, LEAH, JESSE, HENRY, JACOB, & SAMUEL, that the intestate, d seized in his demesasne as of fee of & in a certain messuage & tract of land containing abt 27 acres situated in Manchester twp, York Co., on the turnpike rd leading from York to York Haven adjoining lands of SAMUEL HYKES, DANIEL GROSS, CHRISTIAN HARTMAN & others, & praying to court to grant an inquest to make partition or division of said messuage & tract of land & premises with the appurtenances & among the chldn & issue of intestate it the same will admit."

[NI060791] Charles came to Johnstown abt 1903. He made beer under his sink during Prohibition. Religion UB. Was in the 1936 Johnstown Flood, where his streetcar got stuck in the rising waters. Belonged to Approved Order of Red Men, Junior Mechanics. // OBIT SEP 23 1965 Johnstown TRIB-DEMO. THOMAS, Charles H, 78, 1178 Bedford St. d Sep 22 1965 Mem. Hosp. b Apr 7 1887 Bedford Co. s/o Samuel & Margaret (Wonders) Thomas. Preceded by wife, Edith Long. Surv. by chldn: Harold L., 1122 Miles St; Della, w/o Evan Nash, 1084 Bedford St.; Marie, w/o John Ruckser, 1178 Bedford St., & Samuel, EL Paso, TX; 11 gchldn & 77 ggchldn; bro. of Clarence, Scalp Level, & Cora Belle Pearce, Strayer St.. Retired motorman of Johnstown Traction Co. Friends received 7-9 pm Thu & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Fri Picking Mortuary, where serv.s will be 10 am Sat, Rev. David N. Finney Jr. Bur. Richland Cem. According to dau. Marie, he got his trolley stuck in the water during the 1936 Johnstown Flood. Belonged to Ku Klux Klan. Charles 1903 Laborer, 1905 Millhand, Loraine Steel, 1907 Craneman, Loraine Steel, 1925 Motorman, Johnstown Traction Co., 1952 Retired Bur. Richland Cem. Memb. Woodmen of the World, Ku Klux Klan, Approved Order of Redmen, Junior Mechanics. Registered Rep. party. Memb. UB Ch. Med Info Had Arteriosclerosis. // According to daug Marie, he got his trolley stuck in the water during the 1936 Johnstown Flood. Belonged to Ku Klux Klan.

[NI060792] ELWOOD L. SWANK - AN OCTOGENARIAN CALLED BY DEATH - Davidsville, Somerset Co., PA Mar 1 1934, Elwood Swank, 85, d at his home here at 5:15 pm last eve after a 5 mo illness. He was the s/o Josiah & Elizabeth (Levy) Swank. The deceased's father was a pioneer of Tanner of this place. His wife was a d/o Peter Levy, one of the founders of Davidsville & who serv as JP for many yrs. Mrs. Josiah Swank was a sis of Mrs. Catherine Carpenter, mother of P. L. Carpenter of J-town. Elwood serv as JP here until abt 5 yrs ago. Surviving is his 3rd wife Mrs. Mary (Hershberger)Swank. To his 1st wife Susan (Custer) Swank, deceased, he leaves 2 daugs, Mrs. Thomas (Elizabeth Eve) Taylor, Middle River, MN; & Mrs. Emma Harshberger, Roxbury, J-town. He leaves 4 chldn to his 2nd wife the late Mrs. Catherine (Custer) Swank, a daug Mrs. B. R. Winkleman & 3 sons, Daniel, Market St.; Samuel, Cohagen & David, WV. He was a bro of Jacob & Mrs. Charlotte Spangler both Somerset & Dr. Peter, Boalsburg. Bur Kaufman cem., Davidsville, Pa.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Elwood Swank Age: 59 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0133 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0004 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary A 57, PA

[NI060795] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 7, Thos Hughes
14 23 24 Cessna William 55 M Shoemaker Pa
Cessna Rachel 33 F Pa
Cessna Rebecca 21 F Pa
Cessna Sarah J. 14 F Pa
Cessna George 10 M Pa
Cessna Emeline 5 F Pa
Cessna Amanda 3 F Pa
Cessna Sarah 8/12 F Pa
Cessna Jacob 14 M Pa

[NI060797] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Sep 4 Thos Hughes
39 407 415 Flegle John 52 M Laborer Pa
Flegle Jane 50 F Pa
Flegle Sarah 17 F Pa
Flegle John 13 M Pa
Flegle Ellen J 11 F Pa
Flegle Thompson 7 M Pa
Flegle Cynthia A 5 F Pa

[NI060799] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Daniel M Given State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0133 Color: W Age: 49 B-Place: PA Visit: 0212 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01520260 Other Resid.s:
Wife Anny 50, PA
Son Samuel H 25, PA
Son S Harry W 17, PA
Dau. Sara M 16, PA
Dau. Catherine 13, PA
Son William J 10, PA
Brother-in-law Sam Wichery 56, PA
Johnstown Newpaper Jun 26, 1924 DANIEL GIVEN, 62, CALLED BY DEATH Dropsy & Heart Trouble Are Given as Cause; Funeral Sat, d. last night 10:20 at his home, 795 Railroad St. s/o Henry W. & Catherine Given, both deceased. Mrs. Catherine Given, his mother, d. 8 mo. ago. The deceased b. Mar 4 1861, & has lived in Johnstown all his life. He formerly worked in the Cambria mills, but had been retired for the past 10 yrs. leaves a widow, Mrs. Anna Given, & chldn: Mrs. Charles Ashfield Hemming, Walnut Grove; Mrs. Thomas Hammond, Walnut Grove; Mrs. Morton Phillips, at home; Charles V., & Samuel H. Given, both at home. 2 bro., Samuel Given, Woodvale, & Harry S. Given, Wilson Heights survive. 8 gchldn. The funeral Sat 2:30. Rev. Charles H. Ashman, of the 1st Breth. Ch., will have charge of the services. Bur. will be in Grandview Cem.

[NI060800] Trib-Demo: YEAGER, Edward S., 86, 232 Bedford St., d. 1:25pm May 1 1963. b. mar 19 1877, Johnstown, s/o John & Elizabeth (REIGHARD) YEAGER. Survived by widow, Eva STUTZMAN, & chldn: Alma, w/o George SUMMERALLS, Arcadia, FL; Ruth, w/o Clair HENNESSEY, rear 806 Central Ave.; Elda, w/o Algie VARNER, 1197 Bedford St.; Hazel, w/o Daniel BUCHAN, 825 Coleman Ave.; Sgt. Maj. Clarence, m. Betty KIDD, with US Army in Saigon; T.Sgt. Harold, m. Alice SNYDER, with US Air Force at Elgin A.F.B, FL, & Merle m. Catherine GARDNER, San Diego, CA; 25 gchldn 33 ggchildren. Preceeded in death by 2 sons, Ralph & Herman. Mem. Walnut Grove Ch. of Breth. Retired National Radiator employee. Death ended m. union of 64 yrs. Friends received 7pm Fri. John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave. Other arrangements are incomplete.

[NI060832] Z. T. Lambert, is a farmer in Stony Creek Twp & the owner of six hundred acres. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
21 180 186 Lambert Zachariah 23 M W Farmer 8,000 1,100 PA
Lambert Susan E. 18 F W Keeping house PA
Lambert John 75 M W Retired farmer 10,000 PA
Reed Carissa 19 F W Domestic servant PA
Pugh James 19 M W Domestic servant PA

[NI060833] PA 1910 Miracode Index Samuel H Whistler Age: 42 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0097 B Pl: PA Visit: 0197 Co: Juniata Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:Relation Name Age Birth Place
Wife Emma J 40 PA
Dau Mary Grace 17 PA
Son Clarrence J 16 PA
Dau Anna L 08 PA
Son Evert W 06 PA
Son Robert C 04 PA
Dau Vesta M 03 PA

[NI060858] Johnstown Trib 1/17/1937. MRS. PEARSON, 79, CALLED BY DEATH. Native of Buckstown Had Been Ill Several Mos in Washington, DC. BUCKSTOWN, Jan. 14; Mrs. Catherine (Williamson) Pearson, aged 79, a native of Buckstown, d 7 am today at her home in Washington, DC, where she had been ill for the last 3 mos, suffering from a complication of diseases. She was d/o C. W. & Susan (Lambert) Williamson, both deceased. Her husb Samuel P. Pearson, passed away 20 yrs ago. He was a former soldier. Mr. Pearson's father was postmaster at Buckstown for many yrs prior to his death. Mrs. Pearson is survived by a daug Mrs. M. M. Watson, Washington; a sis, Mrs. Maude Bricker, Buckstown, & 3 bros: O.W. & D. W. Williamson, both Buckstown, & John L. Williamson, Davidsville. 2 bros & a sis preceded her in death. C. W. Williamson passed away Nov 1835 & J. H. Williamson d 3 yrs ago. Ms Grace Williamson's death occurred Mar 1935. Funeral arrangements have not been completed, but bur will be Arlington Cem., Washington, DC

[NI060859] Johnstown Trib 11/18/1935. C. W. WILLIAMSON, BUCKSTOWN, DIES; ILL SHORT TIME
Had Served As Merchant There for Last 30 Years; Was 74 Years Old. BUCKSTOWN, Nov. 18 -- Charles W. Williamson, aged 74, a merchant here for the last 30 yrs & a lifelong resident of this place, d last night at 11:30 pm after a brief illness of a complication of diseases. Mr. Williamson apparently was enjoying good health until yesterday afternoon when he was taken suddenly ill. A physician was called, but he continued to grow weaker until the time of his death. Charles W. Williamson was a son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Williamson, early Somerset Co settlers, & was b Buckstown. Mr. Williamson was active in civic & church affairs. Memb Buckstown Luth Ch. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. (Stoy) Williamson, & these bros & sis': John T. Williamson, Davidsville; O. W. & D. W. Williamson, both Buckstown; Mrs. Katherine Pierson, Washington, DC, & Mrs. Maude Bricker, Buckstown. He was preceded in death by James H., Emmel, Susan B., & Grace M. Williamson. Funeral serv Wed 2 pm at Williamson home by Rev. Louis F. Foltz, pastor of the Stoystown Luth Ch. Bur Buckstown Cem, under the direction of (rest of item is missing)

[NI060860] WISSINGER, Eli B., 88 of Conemaugh R. D. 1, d. 4:30 am Mar 2 1954 at home. b. in Johnstown May 4 1865, a son of John & Sophie (MACKALL) WISSINGER. Preceded in death by wife, the former Mary HUNT, who d. Aug 14 1948; also a son, Paul, & dau., Ruth. Survived by chldrn: Ralph, Alliance, OH; Bess & Leona, both at home; Irvin, Wesley Chapel; Clarence, Crescent City, CA.; Russell, Falls Ch., VA; Edith, wife of William LESLIE, Drexil Hill; Lucy, wife of Frank ADKINSON, Geistown; 5 gchldrn & 3 ggchldrn; also a bro., Walter E., Geistown, Deacon of Vinco Brethern Ch. Friends received 7 pm Tue. at H. M. Picking Sons Mort., where services will be held at 2 pm Thur., Rev. Earl M. Riddle. Interment, Wesley Chapel Cem.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
E B Wissinger Age: 44 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0117 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0392 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary 40, PA
Dau Bessie 16, PA
Son Iroen 14, PA
Son Clarence 13, PA
Son Russell 10, PA
Dau Edith 09, PA
Dau Lucy 05, PA

[NI060900] Johnstown Demo Feb 6 1937 Obit MARGARET THOMAS, AGE 82 SUCCUMBS OAKHURST HOME Mrs. Margaret (Wonders) Thomas, a native of Cambria Co., & 1 of the oldest res.s of Oakhurst, d 630 pm last eve. at the home of her dau., Mrs. Cora Pearce, 355 Edith Ave. in her 83rd yr. d attributed to extended illness of diseases incident to advanced age. been bedfast for several wks. Mrs. Thomas b Summerhill Oct 21 1854, d/o John & Elizabeth (Pringle) Wonders, early res.s of the Co. hus. Samuel Thomas, d 3 yrs ago Bedford Co. Surviving are chldn: Mrs. Adam Rouzer, New Paris; Clarence Thomas Ogletown; Frank Thomas, Lorain St., Johnstown; Mrs. Cora Pearce, mentioned above; & Charles Thomas, 942 Fronheiser St. sis. of F. W. {**ERROR It should be Otto}, Mars, PA., Mrs. Jacob Wonders, Pittsburgh, & William Wonders, New Brighton. Funeral serv.s will be conducted probably Mon afternoon, the Ogletown Ch. of the Breth., Rev. m L. Kaufman, pastor of Evan. Ch. will officiate. Bur. Ch. Cem., under the direction of Fred Geisel, Dale mortician. FEB 8 1937Johnstown DEMO MRS. MARGARET (WONDERS) THOMAS - Funeral serv.s for Mrs. Margaret Thomas, d Fri. eve. at home of dau., Mrs. Cora Pearce, 355 Edith Ave., Oakhurst, will be conducted at 1:30 pm today at the Pearce home, after which the body will be taken to the Ogletown Ch. of the Breth. for additional rites. Rev. m L. Kaufman, pastor of Pleasantville Evan. Ch., will officiate. Bur. Ch. Cem., under direction of Fred G. Geisel, Dale mortician. // FEB 8 1937, Johnstown Demo. MRS. MARGARET (WONDERS) THOMAS - Funeral servs for Mrs. Margaret Thomas, who d Fri eve at home of daug, Mrs. Cora Pearce, 355 Edith Ave, Oakhurst, will be conducted at 1:30 pm today Pearce home, after which body will be taken to Ogletown COB for additional rites. Rev. M. L. Kaufman, pastor, Pleasantville Evang Ch, will officiate. Bur ch cem, under direction of Fred G. Geisel, Dale mortician.

[NI060906] Johnstown Trib Jan 24 or 25 1934 FUNERAL OF SAMUEL THOMAS New Paris, Jan 23. Funeral serv.s for Samuel Thomas, a pensioner of the Lorraine Steel Co., who d yesterday morn at the home of his dau., Mrs. Adam Rouzer of that place, will be tomorrow. The cortege will leave the Rouzer home 1 pm for Ogletown Ch., where serv.s will be held by Rev. Martin Kaufman, pastor of the Pleasantville Evan. Ch.. Bur. Ogletown Cem.. Mr. Thomas, 86 yrs of age, resided Johnstown.until 10 yrs ago, when he removed to New Paris to make his home. Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Margaret (Wonders) Thomas m Mar 27 1872, & celebrated their golden wedding ann. last yr. Mr. Thomas is survived by this widow & these chldn: Frank Thomas, 8th Ward, Johnstown; Clarence Thomas, Ogletown; Charles Thomas, 942 Fronheiser St., Johnstown; Mrs. Cora Belle Pearce, Oakhurst & Mrs. Adam Rouzer, with whom he resided. also a bro. John Thomas, Easton, a sis., Mrs. Christina Helsel, Elton, 30 gchldn, 40 ggchldn, & 2 gggchldn. A dau., Mrs. May Webb, & 6 bro.s precede him to the grave. Worked Lorraine Steel Co.

[NI060908] Thomas & son Thomas & John came to Amer on the ship S. S. Johnson in 1732

[NI060909] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
8 185 191 Miller Jacob 36 M W Laborer 400 PA Personal estate may be 1100.
9 185 191 Miller Catharine 31 F W Keeping house PA
10 185 191 Miller Sidney 12 F W PA
11 185 191 Miller John 10 M W PA
12 185 191 Miller Alice 8 F W PA
13 185 191 Miller Ezra 7 M W PA
14 185 191 Miller Harvey 5 M W PA
15 185 191 Miller Edward 2 M W PA
16 185 191 Miller Robert 1/365 M W PA May

[NI060916] The 1st coal mine in Shade Twp. was opened in 1820 by George Lambert. The mine was located on W side of Little Shade Creek abt 1,200 ft S of Central City line along Rt. 160. This C-prime coal was mined until 1904 under succeeding ownerships of George Lambert, Jr., Noah Blough & Rollin Baldwin.
George Lambert, one of Shade Twp's earliest settlers, accompanied by his 2 bros, Jacob & John, came here from Cumberland Co. in 1789. George purchased & received warrants for more than 1000 acs of land located on Little Shade Creek & including all lands surrounding junctions of Beaver, Crooked, Dark Shade, & Little Shade creeks, also lands extending westward into Miller Run Valley. This was still a great wilderness overrun by many wild animals when George blt his cabin here in 1790. This is illustrated by a story told by Mr. Lambert in later yrs. Lambert, in company of several other settlers from this vicinity, journeyed to Greencastle, Franklin Co., a distance of 70 mis, to purchase some badly needed supplies. Among other things, Mr. Lambert brought back home several pigs which he placed in a wooden pen for the night. The next morn he awoke to find his pigs gone, eaten by bears. In 1793, George m Elizabeth Stotler, 2nd d/o Casper Stotler. George blt their cabin home on the west bank of Little Shade Creek, abt 1/2 mi S of its junction with Dark Shade Creek. now kwn as Henry Umberger Farm. Here on Little Shade Creek in 1800, George Lambert blt 1st sawmill in Shade Twp. (This land is now occupied by the Landis Sunoco Sta & Tremel residence.) The mill was a crude machine run by water power developed by old bucket-type water wheel. The saw operated with an up-&-down motion, hence the up-&-down mill. This sawmill in later yrs became a boom to Lambert family. Yrs later, when their chldn grew to maturity, George & Elizabeth (Stotler) Lambert divided their lands among their 8 chdn. Upon ea tract of land they placed a log cabin home, a home for ea of their chdn. George & Elizabeth (Stotler) Lambert were parents of: Jacob, John, George, Jr., Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, Eleanor, & Elizabeth. George & Elizabeth are both bur Stotler Cem on farm of Guy Lambert, 3 mi. NE of Reel's Corner, Shade Twp, Somerset Co, PA

[NI060918] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
207-45 Lambert, Mary 50 F PA

[NI060922] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 18 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
136B 74 154 160 Lambert Charles Head W M Oct 1854 45 M 16 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 124
136B 75 154 160 Lambert Carrie Wife W F Feb 1858 42 M 16 3 3 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
136B 76 154 160 Lambert Guy Son W M July 1884 15 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
136B 77 154 160 Lambert Earl Son W M Oct 1885 14 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
136B 78 154 160 Lambert Mary M. Daughter W F Mar 1893 7 S PA PA PA 7

[NI060923] Charles is a millwright. In 1871 he blt the 1st planing-mill in Shanksville. It burned & was rebuilt in 1883. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518 & 520.]
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 18 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
24 31 33 Shank Charles 36 M W Carpenter 2,500 1,000 PA
Shank Mary 26 F W Keeping house PA
Brant Maggie 12 F W PA
Shank David 21 M W Apprenticed to carpenter PA
Foy George 20 M W Appre. to carpenter PA

[NI060925] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 28 Aug 1850 by J. J. Schell
35 195 203 Kantner Joseph 22 M Weaver Maryland
Kantner Ann 17 F PA

[NI060932] Herman works with his brother Charles at the trade.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518 & 520.]
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 18 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
34 55 59 Shank Harman 29 M W carpenter 1,400 300 PA
Shank Sarah E. 24 F W Keeping house PA

[NI060941] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 20, 1850 Thos Hughes
31 88 90 Mangus John 27 M Laborer Pa
Mangus Rachel 20 F Pa
Mangus Anna 4 F Pa
Mangus Margaret 2 F Pa
Mangus Samuel 1 M Pa
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jul 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
20 104 106 Mengez John 47 M W farmer 2,500 600 Pa
Mengez Amanda 25 F W wife Pa
Mengez Samuel 21 M W farm labr Pa
Mengez Isaac 18 M W at home Pa
Mengez David 16 M W at home Pa
Mengez John 14 M W at home Pa
Mengez Catharina 11 F W at home Pa
Mengez James 8 M W at home Pa
Mengez Lora Bell 6 F W at home Pa
Mengez Charles 4 M W at home Pa
Mengez Carrie 3 F W at home Pa
Mengez Edmond 1/12 M W Pa May

[NI060947] Philip KOHLER on Berwick Twp, Adams Co, Pa TAX 1814 through 1818

[NI060953] J-town Trib-Demo, Sat 02 Jun 2001. Ling, Elsie (Penrod), 94, Hollsopple d 1 Jun 2001 at home; b 21 Mar 1907, Jenner Twp d/o John & Eve (Eppley) Penrod. Preceded by parents; husb Merle in 1966;son Donald in 1991; dau Fay in 1994; ggdau Brittany in 1996; infant sis Alma; infant bro Alfred; & bros & sis'-in-law: Cletus & wife Ada; & Clayton & wife Elsie. Survived by dau Hazel at home; gchdn: Timothy & wife Cindy; Brian & wife Lee Ann; & Scott, all Mansfield, OH; & Heidi Hibbler, Columbus, OH; & ggchdn: Erica, Lindsay, Emily, Brianna, Adrienne, Brandon, Sydney, Marissa & Austin. Life memb Centennial UMC, Johnstown. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon Hoffman Funeral Home, Boswell, serv 11am Tue, Rev Mark A Griffith officiating. Bur Thomas Menn Cem, Thomas Mills.

[NI060979] Jacob, d. Intestate 1864 son, Dennis, petitioned the Co. of Somerset to distribute Jacob's Estate to his chldrn or the chldrn's surviving chldrn. This document spells out the names of Jacob's chldrn, or in the event of their demise, the names of their chldrn. That document is on file at the Somerset Courthouse. b Jan 31, 1789, d 1856, married Catherine Hardin (189- ). Jacob owned a house & barn, tax parcel 43-08-80, just north of Wellersburg that he obtain from sometime before 1830 from the Korns Family. At the time it was acquired by Jacob, it was located on a 190 acre parcel. Jacob also owned lots & a tavern in Wellersburg & Hyndman. Jacob, in his barn, started the 1st distillery in the area. This homestead tract was purchased by his son, Dennis, who was 1 of Jacob's 10 chldrn. Dennis was a Somerset Co. Commissioner in 1878. The substantial property holding is a reminder of this influential family & its contribution to the twp & co. Previous to living in the Wellersburg area, it is thought Jacob lived & was raised in the Harrisburg, PA area.

[NI060980] Arrived Amer.1727 Oct. 2nd in Philadelphia aboard the ship Adventure which embarked from Rotterdam. Johann originaly settled in Trappe Twp Montgomery Co., where his first 4 children were born, and bapt. by the Rev. William Casper Stoever according to the Trappe Luth. Ch. Records. The Trappe Ch. was not organized or built until after the rev. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg arrived in 1742. The last 6 children were born in in Upper SausonTwp. Johann lived to the age of 56. Death Oct.19,1751 in Upper Saucon Twp. Northampton Co. PA. Burial in Oct. 21 1751, in Blue Ch., Coopersburg Pa. [St. Pauls Luth.] Age 56. Resided in Hereford Twp. Berks Co. Pa. Occupation as a blacksmith. Johan was naturalized on Apr.10,1741 apparently because he had not taken the oath of allegiance when he arrived in 1727, he was appointed the first constable when Sauson County was organized in Mar.1743. Johan George was also one of the founding members of the St. Pauls Luth. Ch., [called the blue church] where he is buried. In 1753 Anna Margretha married a second time to Jacob Ludwig according to Blue Ch. record. Since George and Margretha came to Amer. in 1727, they must have been married in Germany. They settled in Northhampden Co. near Philadelphia. When Johann got his warrant for 200 acres dated Jan. 7th 1735, this was frontier land and then part of Bucks Co.[now Lehigh Co.] and his 200 acres were just above the present line separating Buck and Lehigh co.s. This area was sparsely settled in 1735; so it was not until 1743 that the settlers petitioned for the creation of Saucon Twp. Northhampden Co. was then created from Bucks Co. in 1752 and the 200 acres of Johann were barely within the southern side of the new co. All of Johann's children were bapt. by Luth. preachers. It can be presumed that they lived in the area of New Hanover Luth. Ch. which was the first Luth. ch. in Amer. to be organized in Amer. around 1703. From mid 1500-1700 this region of the world was plaqued by severe religious persecution and constant feudal war. The great majority of people who came to the colonies in the late 1600's and early 1700's were raised in an era of intoleration and lived in fear of the state gov.'t (and Nobel/Feudal Lord). Many families moved throughout the German regions, up and over into Switzerland and back across to what is now France (Alsace-Lorraine) just to stay alive. They came to Amer. in the hope of finding freedom from persecution and a chance to raise their families without fear. Most found this freedom early on, however, as the years drew closer to the Revolutionary War things began to change. When the English parliament inacted heavy taxes and began to treat the colonists with disregard, many German settlers refused to go against King George and the oath that they took when they first arrived. The idea of war did not seem to be important to them. They chose, instead, to move farther west into unprotected areas of PA, WV (then VA & MD). d/o Born in Hesse Darmstardt, Germany in 1702 and immigrated to No. Amer. with his wife Barbara, in 1729 on the ship Mortonhouse. The records show that this ship sailed from Rotterdam and, clearing from Deal, England, June 21, 1729, arrived at Philadelphia on August 19, 1729, and immediately upon his arrival, Frederick Ludwig subscribed to the oath of allegiance to George II of England.)

[NI060981] Obit Nov 7 1913, Johnstown Wkly Trib. MRS. WONDERS, 90, IS LAID TO REST. Survived by 74 Descendants, including 3 gggchldn. HUSBAND A BOATMAN. Rev. Franklin E. Hetrick, pastor South Fork UEC at 2 pm Sun conducted the funeral servs over the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Pringle Wonders, w/o John Wonders, whose death occurred last wk at the home of her daug, Mrs. David R. Small, Pringle Hill, Summerhill Twp, in her 90th yr. The servs were held in Pringle Hill UEC & were largely attended, among the relatives from Johnstown being Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Otto & family from Southmont; J. F. Wonders & family, Horner St, Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Snyder & daug, Ms Eva J Snyder, South St, John A. Shinafelt, Pitcairn, s/o Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Snyder, Carey W. Wonders of Bedford St, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Thomas, 17th Ward, & their son-in-law & daug Mr. & Mrs. Pearce, along with Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wonders, Burner, WV, & John Wonders, Elton. A quartet from South Fork E.E. Church, composed of Ms Agnes DeLong, soprano, Ms Ella Salkeld contralto, James Dunmyre, bass, sang "Rock of Ages", "When the Roll is Called up Yonder" & "In That City". Bur Pringle Hill Cem. Pallbearers were John A. Shinafelt, Pitcairn, & J. H. Wonders, C. B. Wonders, Carey W. Wonders, Harry Otto, & C. A. Thompson, of this city, all gsons of the deceased. Elizabeth Pringle was d/o George & Catherine (Paul) Pringle, 2 of the early settlers of Cambria Co, & was b Pringle Hill Oct 9 1823. She m in this Co some 60 yrs ago to John Wonders, a boatman on the Leech Line of the PA Canal for many yrs. After the canal was abandoned, Mr. & Mrs. Wonders removed to New Paris, Bedford Co, where they made their home for a period of 34 yrs. They returned to Cambria Co 20 yrs ago, Mr. Wonders passed away Jun 1898. 13 chldn were b to Mr. & Mrs. Wonders, the surviving being Maria, w/o James Fleegle, Ryot, Bedford Co, Lucinda, w/o T. W. Snyder, South St, Margaret B., w/o Samuel Thomas, 17th ward, Catherine, w/o Frank W . Otto, Southmont, John W. Wonders, formerly of this city, now of Greensburg, Jacob F. Wonders, 544 Horner St, Daniel R. Wonders, Burner, WV,& W. H. Wonders, Dover, DE. Mrs. Wonders was sis of Hannah, w/o George Dopp, Pringle Hill, Mary, w/o William Gable, & Susan, w/o Daniel Seibert, Summerhill. Besides these, Mrs. Wonders is survived by 36 gchldn, 27 ggchldn; 3 gggchldn, one of the latter being Grace Estella Little, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Little, Ash St. Mrs. Ada Wonders Little, mother of Ralph Little, d 2 mos ago at her home, Bedford Co. Mrs. Elizabeth Wonders death was due to gen debility. She had been bedfast for 8 wks. She was one of Cambria Co's oldest residents, & was highly esteemed by all who knew her. TOMBSTONE Mother ELIZABETH WONDER Born Oct. 9, 1823 Died October 30, 1913

[NI060994] George Marsteller, the eldest son and second child of Johann Georg and Anna Margaretha (Erlebach) Marsteller, was born in what was then Philadelphia Co., Pa., near Trappe, on June 14, 1731.He was baptized by the Rev. William Casper Stoever as were his oldest sister, Amelia, and his next two sisters, Anna Margaretha and Catharine. His family moved to the frontier area later organized as Saucon Twp, where he grew up.The first records of him as an adult appear after his father's death. In the administration of his father's estate, George, as eldest son, received two shares totalling 127 pounds, 19 shillings, and 8 1/2 pence. Deeds and Orphans' Court records in Northampton Co. in a period Jan., 1754 to April, 1754, show George wanting to purchase the real estate of his deceased father. However, as of Apr. 1754, he decided not to acquire the home place. By Feb. 4,1755, he sold his interest to his brother-in-law, Nicholas Frantz.
George was a blacksmith by trade, as was his father and also his grandfather, Nicholas Marsteller in Pfungstadt,Hesse,Germany.The next matter mentioned here has not been well-documented at this time in spite of much diligent research. Hans Jerg (George) Marsteller, age 22 yrs old, arriving on the ship "Brothers" on Sept. 26, 1753. Also, George Marsteller of Hereford Twp, Berks Co., is listed as being naturalized on Sept. 24, 1765. The question arises, if he was born in the Trappe area and grew up in Amer., could this possibly be young George's name on a ship's list and later on naturalization George may have gone to Germany after his father's death, reporting to the relatives in Pfungstadt. This round trip to Germany might have caused him to be out of the colony for more than six months. There was a colonial law in Penn Colony requiring a new "Oath of Allegiance" after an absence of over six months. The next time his name appears is in Berks Co. Tax Lists show George Marsteller, blacksmith, taxed beginning in 1759, continuously until his death in 1787. He is also listed as one of the first members of the Zionsville Luth. Ch. in Upper Milford Twp. in 1759. He married Margaretha. The date and place of their marriage, and the exact dates of their three eldest sons' births have not as yet been documented. He and his wife had nine children. Berks Co. Hist. Soc. records show that in 1778, he took the Oath of Allegiance before Charles Shoemaker and is recorded during the Revolution as a Patriot. George Marsteller died in March, 1787. No information has as yet been found which would tell us for how long he was survived by his widowed wife Margaret.

[NI060998] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 18 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
Wilson Abraham 41 M W Miller 600 1,400 PA
Wilson Catharine 34 F W Keeping house PA
Wilson Mary 16 F W PA
Wilson Hester 12 F W PA
Wilson Daniel S. 10 M W PA
Wilson Ottis 5 M W PA
Wilson Newton 3 M W PA

[NI061011] Immigrant's surname: MARSTELLER, given name(s): Johann Peter Ship name: Townsend U.S. arrival date: 05 Oct 1737 Port: Philadelphia, PA Place of origin: Pfungstadt, Hesse, Germany. Notes: Johann Peter Marsteller, b. 1705, Pfungstadt, Hesse, Germany, m. Eva Elizabeth Sacks, children Peter, Conrad, John, George, Susanna, and Michael. Spelling changed to Mosteller. My husband descended from son Michael whose son Peter came to Hamilton Co., Ohio about 1817/20.

[NI061025] lived most of his life in Saxton, PA working on the railroad

[NI061026] 1840 census shows George in Turkeyfoot Twp (age 50-60) with one male 15-20, one male 20-30, on female 5-10, three 10-15 and one female 50-60
1850 Census Lower Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated by John H. Smith
15 94 97 Hartzell George 60 M Farmer 600 PA
16 94 97 Hartzell Mary 64 PA
17 94 97 Hartzell Catharine 26 F PA
18 94 97 Hartzell Mary 24 F PA
19 94 97 Hartzell Elizabeth 18 F PA

[NI061027] 870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 2 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
17 83 82 Whisker Lewis 38 M W farmer 5,000 4,000 Baden Ger
18 83 82 Whisker Mary 35 F W wife Pa
19 83 82 Whisker Rebecca 7 F W at home Pa
20 83 82 Whisker Clara J 5 F W at home Pa X Name possibly Clara I.

[NI061034] 1850 census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 10 Oct 1850, p. 134 by J. J. Schell
59 62 BERKEY Daniel 30 M Farmer 2000 PA
Catharine 27 F PA
BANKHART George 17 M Farmer PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 13 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
239 256 BERKEY Daniel 40 M Farmer 5000 1658? PA
Catharine 36 F PA
Abraham BARNHART 22 M Day Laborer PA
Cane OBER 8 M PA

[NI061039] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
238 43 FLEGEL Samuel 27 M Farmer PA
FLEGEL Sarah 24 F PA
FRY Mary 60 F PA
FRY Margaret 40 F PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 4 Jun 1860 Josiah H. Zimmerman
73 81 FLIGLE Samuel J. 36 M Farmer 3000 622 PA
Matilda 9 F PA.
Mary E. 8 F PA.
Rebeca 7 F PA.
Elizabeth FLIGLE 60 F PA
Sarah 26 F PA
Rachel 18 F PA Blind

[NI061040] Johnstown Trib Aug 4 1913 MRS. MARY FLEEGLE, AGED 85 YRS, DEAD Mother of "Rispah" Expired at Her Home Not Far from Stoyestown Grandchldn IN CITY Special to Trib Stoyestown, Aug. 4 - Mrs. Mary Berkey Speicher-Fleegle d 6 am yesterday at her home abt 1 1/2 mis from Stoyestown. Although almost 86 yrs old, as late as 3 or 4 wks ago she walked from her home to Stoyestown depot, carrying a heavy suit case. She & a son, John Speicher, were only ones at home & she did all the housework & also assisted with farmwork. The aged woman, however, had planned to move to Stoyestown & had purchased a property with idea of retiring. She expected to move to Stoyestown this fall. A severe attack of cholera morbus proved fatal. Mrs. Fleegle was d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Berkey. Her 1s husb was John J. Speicher, who d 1870. Abt a yr later she m Samuel Fleegle, who d 3 yrs ago. Her grandfather on maternal side was William Sadoris, one of 1st German settlers in Western PA. One of 3 surviving chldn to her 1st husb is William H. Speicher, Stoyestown, who is known to newspaper readers as "Rispah." Frank Speicher, Pittsburgh, & John Speicher, at home, are the other 2 chldn. There were no chldn to the 2nd m. 5 Grandchldn survive, among them C. Bert Speicher, B. & O. yards in this city, & Mrs. Coder, also this city. 1 sis Mrs. Louise Berkebile, Stoyestown, is living. Funeral cortege will leave home of deceased at 2 pm tomorrow for Stoyestown Luth Ch, where Rev. J. S. English will conduct servs at 2:30 pm. Bur Odd Fellow's Cem, Stoystown.

[NI061043] John was the first commander of GAR Post 318 at Stoystown, PA. The following article was written by Bill Jones published in the Tribune Democrat. ces of information Ralph Mostoller of Richland, PA SOMERSET HERO MADE IN BATTLE - Johnstown Tribune Democrat Lynchburg wasn't very big, as Civil War battles go. Only the better histories even mention it, but Lynchburg gave Somerset County one of its only two Medal of Honor winners of the war. Things were getting desperate for Gen Robert E. Lee in the early summer of 1864 as he tried to defend Richmond from the advancing Union hordes of Gen Ulysses S Grant. Lee needed every man he had, but he also needed to stop the Yankees from burning food crops and farms in the Shenandoah Valley and he needed to divert Grant's attention from Richmond. Lee sent Gen Jubal A. Early with between 10,000 and 15,000 men to the valley. They were to push Union forces out of the Shenandoah, then sweep around to the north and east and put pressure on Washington, DC. Early entered the valley at Lynchburg June 17 and ran into two divisions of Gen David Hunter's Army of WV, about 7,500 men. Among Hunter's troops was the 54th PA Volunteer infantry Regiment. Things didn't go well for the Union forces, which were cut up by Confederate artillery and musket fire. In the thick of it was the 54th PA and Pvt. John W. Mostoller, a soldier in Company B. His Medal of Honor citation tells what happened: "A Medal of Honor was awarded to him for most distinguished gallantry, at the battle of Lynchburg, VA, when the officers of his company being absent or disabled, he voluntarily led a charge upon a Confederate battery." The effects of his action are better described by Lisa A. Mostoller in her 1991 genealogy. "A Brief History of the Mostoller Family and Their Descendants." She wrote: Pvt. John W. Mostoller saved an entire Union brigade from certain destruction or capture. He led a charge against a battery of Confederate artillery, which so terrorized the enemy by its sheer audacity that it was successful. Routing the enemy battery provided an opportunity for Hunter to withdraw his brigade to the south and live to fight another day, while Early turned north. In the months ahead, Hunter was to prove a thorn in Early's flesh. About 200 Confederates were killed or wounded at Lynchburg. Union losses were about 100 killed, 500 wounded and 100 missing. John had been in several battles and skirmishes. He had spent two months in the infamous Libby Prison at Richmond in 1862, and received minor wounds at New Market in 1864. John W. Mostoller was mustered out of the Army Sept 16, 1864 having served a three-year enlistment. He returned to Somerset Co. where his father, Joseph, had built a water-powered sawmill a few hundred yards down stream from where Wells Creek empties into the Stonycreek River, west of Lambertsville. John farmed and helped his father at the sawmill. His brother, David, was descharged in August 1865. He joined the family enterprise as well as farming. John Mostoller married Ida C. Dibert, in April 1869 but she died at the age of 20, leaving him with a son Bertram and daughter, Ida. On July 18, 1877, he married Nancy Catherine (Kate) Barnhardt, daughter of Adam and Rachel Wilt Barnhardt. The couple had eight children which survived: Joseph F., Mary J., Adam F., Webster, Reno, John W. Jr., Margrette and Meriam. John became the first commander of GAR Post 318 at Stoystown. He also served as a school director. John died Dec 5, 1925. Kate lived until May 20, 1939. They are buried side by side in the Odd Fellow Cemetery at Stoystown. Per LAU 1161 - Medal of Honor, John W. Mostoller, Pvt., Co. B, 54th Pa. Vol. Inf. At the battle of Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1864, Capt. Cole of Co. B. was severely wounded, and none of the other officers were present. Mostoller saw the Confederate artillery raking the Union positions with demoralizing effect, and with military instruction beyond his years, he determined that the battery must be taken to save the Union lines from annihilation. The charge of Co. B terrorized the enemy gunners by the sheer audacity of such an attack. The Union positions were thereby saved, notwithstanding the Union soldiers had been without rations and worn out by several days of hard service and, worst of all, were much outnumbered by the enemy. The citation read that Mostoller, by his own initiative, gave the command, led the charge and captured the rebel battery on the hill side, and thereby saved an entire brigade of the Union Army from certain destruction or capture.
Fought in the Civil War 6/18/1864- led a charge that captured a battery of Rebel soldiers saving a Union brigade- fought at Lynchberg, VA decorated with Gold Distinguished Service Medal . medal on display in Somerset Co., PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
26 197 202 Mostoller John W. 27 M W Saw Miller 300 500 PA
27 197 202 Mostoller Ida C. 18 F W Keeping house PA
28 197 202 Mostoller Virgil 8/12 M W PA Sept

[NI061046] Johnstown, PA Trib issue of Feb 1951: STUTZMAN - Mrs. Anna R. (Stewart), 61, 69 Fairfield Ave., d. 3:10 pm Feb 9 1951, at home. b. Sep 4 1889, dau. of Colbert S. & Mary (Allen) Stewart. Survived by hus., William S. Stutzman; father, Colbert S. Stewart, Vintondale; 3 dau. Nora May, wife of William H. Zimmerman, 363 1/2 Beatrice Ave; Velma, wife of Durl Asel, at home, & Geraldine, wife of Thomas L. Shaffer, 1055 Jacoby Street; 2 gchldrn. Life-long resident of Johnstown. Friends received 1:30 pm Sat. in Stephen J. Conway Funeral Home, where service will be conducted 2 pm Mon., Rev. Roy S. Forney, Morrellville Ch. of the Brethren. Interment, Grandview Cem.

[NI061058] Daniel Wagner, a grandson of Michael Wagner, one of Shade Twp's pioneer settlers, owned & operated a store in Buckstown for more than 50 yrs. Mr. Wagner also served as postmaster of the Buckstown post office for more than 25 yrs until it was closed in 1909.

[NI061060] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 29 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
12 31 32 Wagner David 30 M W farmer 4,000 950 Pa
13 31 32 Wagner Mary 26 F W wife Pa
14 31 32 Wagner Robert 3 M W at home Pa
15 31 32 Wagner Elisabeth 2 F W at home Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 25, 24 Jun 1880
442A 10 219 230 Wagner David E W M 40 Farmer PA PA PA
442A 11 219 230 Wagner Mary L. W F 36 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
442A 12 219 230 Wagner Elisabeth W F 13 Daughter PA PA PA
442A 13 219 230 Wagner Harry W M 11 Son PA PA PA
442A 14 219 230 Wagner Lottie W F 9 Daughter PA PA PA
442A 15 219 230 Wagner William M. W M 7 Son PA PA PA
442A 16 219 230 Wagner Doyle W M 5 Son PA PA PA
442A 17 219 230 Wagner Russel W M 3 Son PA PA PA
442A 18 219 230 Wagner David E. W M 5/12 Jan. Son PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 14 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
135A 42 131 136 Wagner David Head W M Sept 1839 60 M 36 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 106
135A 43 131 136 Wagner Mary Wife W F June 1844 55 M 36 9 8 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
135A 44 131 136 Wagner David G. Son W M Jan 1880 20 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes
135A 45 131 136 Wagner Lewis Son W M Aug 1884 15 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
135A 46 131 136 Lambert Pierce S-in-law W M May 1867 24 M 4 PA PA PA School Teacher 2 Yes Yes Yes
135A 47 131 136 Lambert Lottie Daughter W F June 1872 27 M 4 1 1 PA PA PA House Keeper 0 Yes Yes Yes
135A 48 131 136 Lambert Willie G-Son W M Sept 1898 2 S PA PA PA

[NI061062] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 19, 18 Jun 1880
439A 1 165 170 Wagner Charles W M 31 Farmer PA PA PA
439A 2 165 170 Wagner Elizabeth W F 31 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
439A 3 165 170 Wagner Howard W M 4 Son PA PA PA
439A 4 165 170 Wagner Robert W M 1 Son PA PA PA
439A 5 165 170 Wagner Daniel W M 3/12 Son PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 14 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
135A 32 129 134 Wagner Charles Head W M May 1849 51 M 26 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 104
135A 33 129 134 Wagner Elizabeth Wife W F Oct 1848 51 M 26 7 6 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
135A 34 129 134 Wagner Carl E. Son W M Feb 1885 15 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 4 Yes Yes Yes
135A 35 129 134 Wagner Stewart Son W M Mar 1888 12 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
135A 36 129 134 Wagner Bessie M. Daughter W F June 1890 9 S PA PA PA 6

[NI061076] 1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 3, 4 Jun
431A 47 28 29 Statler Samuel W M 65 Farmer PA PA PA
Statler Margaret W F 56 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Statler Carrie W F 21 Dau PA PA PA

[NI061088] Daniel b Canada in 1810, & came to this Co when 7 or 8 yrs old. He was a minister of United Breth for a no of yrs. He moved to NE, his present home, in 1873. Daniel Shank m Eve Keller. Chdn : Charles, Alexander, Herman, David, Mary, Catharine & Sarah. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518 & 520.]
1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
250 134 SHANK Daniel 39 M Carpenter PA
SHANK Charles 16 M PA
SHANK Alexander 14 M PA
SHANK Mary 12 F PA
SHANK Harmon 10 M PA
SHANK Catharine 8 F PA
SHANK Rebecca 5 F PA
SHANK Sarah 3 F PA
SHANK David 1 M PA
1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 18 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
25 54 57 Shank Daniel 58 M W Minister 2,500 600 Canada
Shank Eve 57 F W Keeping house PA
Finnizi John 22 M W Saddler 300 PA
Finnizi Sarah 24 F W PA
Finnizi Jane 3 F W PA
Finnizi Charles 11/12 M W PA June
Stutzman Abraham 21 M W Merchant 4,500 PA

[NI061090] theMenn, Jan 30, 2001, pg 13, Vol 4, # 4. Mecum, Dorothy Blough, 92, Middlebury, IN, d Dec. 28, 2000. Spouse John Mecum (deceased). Parents Amos & Clara Yoder Blough (deceased). Survivors: chdn Stella Robertson, Stanford, Hubert, Patricia; stepdaus Viola Nusbaum, Betty Elliott; 11 gchdn; 10 ggchdn. Funeral: Dec. 31 at Middlebury.

[NI061091] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
208-54 Statler, Daniel 48 M Farmer PA
Sarah 38 F PA
William 22 M Farmer PA
Jeremiah 30 M Farmer PA
Kenedy, Elisabeth 38 F PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 1 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
8 64 67 Statler Daniel 69 M W farmer 4,000 2,500 Pa
9 64 67 Statler Sarah 54 M W wife Pa
10 64 67 Statler Sophia 20 F W at home Pa
11 64 67 Statler Charles 17 M W at home Pa
12 64 67 Statler Elisabeth 13 F W at home Pa

[NI061093] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
38 53 54 Wagner David 34 M W farmer 4,000 1,200 Pa
39 53 54 Wagner Maggie 23 F W wife Pa
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 22 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
139A 33 207 214 Wagner David Head W M Mar 1835 65 S PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Y Yes O F F 165
139A 34 207 214 Wagner Maggie Sister W F May 1845 50 S PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 4, 5 Jun 1880
431B 18 32 34 Wagner David W M 45 Farmer PA PA PA
431B 19 32 34 Wagner Margret W F 32 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
431B 20 32 34 Gohn Elmer W M 8 Nephew PA PA PA
1890 Vet census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA ENUMERATED: in June, 1890 by: M.D. Reel
16 227 231 David J. Wagner Pvt B 6 Pa Artil 2 Sep 1864 13 June 1865 Buckstown, Pa

[NI061095] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
25 59 61 Wagner John P 29 M W farmer 6,000 1,600 Pa
26 59 61 Wagner Mary 24 F W wife Pa
27 59 61 Wagner Henry S 1 M W Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 1, 3 Jun 1880
430A 48 10 11 Wagner John W M 39 Farmer PA PA PA
430A 49 10 11 Wagner Mary W F 33 Wife Keeping house PA Germany PA
430A 50 10 11 Wagner Spencer W M 11 PA PA PA
430B 1 10 11 Wagner Grace W F 7 Daughter PA PA PA
430B 2 10 11 Wagner John W M 1 Son PA PA PA
430B 3 10 11 Keller Margaret W F 18 Servant Servant PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 23 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
139B 55 211 218 Wagner John Head W M Feb 1841 59 M 33 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 169
139B 56 211 218 Wagner Mary Wife W F Dec 1845 55 M 33 3 2 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
139B 57 211 218 Wagner Spencer Son W M May 1869 31 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes

[NI061106] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PAEnumerated 5 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
129B 65 26 27 Heinemeyer John Head W M Dec 1872 M 5 PA Germany PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 24
129B 66 26 27 Heinemeyer Grace Wife W F Mar 1873 27 M 5 1 1 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
129B 67 26 27 Heinemeyer Mary A. Daughter W F Dec 1896 3 S PA PA PA

[NI061110] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 30 June 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
15 50 51 Statler William 44 M W farmer 5,000 1,610 Pa
16 50 51 Statler Catharina 35 F W wife Pa
17 50 51 Statler Lora 15 F W at home Pa
18 50 51 Statler Mary 11 F W at home Pa
19 50 51 Statler Abi 9 F W at home Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 3, 4 Jun 1880
431A 5 20 21 Statler William W M 53 Farmer PA PA PA
431A 6 20 21 Statler Sarah A. W F 43 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
431A 7 20 21 Statler Abbie M. W F 19 Daughter PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
136A 25 145 151 Statler William Head W M Jan 1826 74 M 45 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 119
136A 26 145 151 Statler Catherine Wife W F May 1830 70 M 45 3 3 PA PA PA Yes No Yes

[NI061113] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 18 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
136B 79 155 161 Bricker Luther Head W M Aug 1849 50 M 26 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 125
136B 80 155 161 Bricker Laura Wife W F Apr 1855 45 M 26 1 1 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
136B 81 155 161 Poorbaugh Edith Servant W F Jan 1886 14 S PA PA PA House Keeper 0 7 Yes Yes Yes

[NI061117] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 4, 5 Jun 1880
431B 3 29 31 Duppstadt George W M 25 Laborer PA PA PA
431B 4 29 31 Duppstadt Mary W F 21 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA

[NI061119] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Orlo A Duppstadt State: PA Enumeration District: 0209 Color: W Age: 26 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0141 Co.: Westmoreland, Vandergrift Relation: LO ImageNum: 00980928 Other Residents:
Husband Frank E H Allison

[NI061124] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Robert W Duppstadt State: PA Enumeration District: 0209 Color: W;W Age: 16 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0141 Co.: Westmoreland, Vandergrift Relation: LO ImageNum: 00980929 Other Residents:
Husband Frank E H Allison

[NI061132] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
William P Lohr State: PA Dist: 0196 Color: W Age: 28 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0105 Co.: Allegheny, Pitcairn Relation: Head ImageNum: 02790435 Other Res:
Wife Maud W 19, PA
Son Infant NR, PA

[NI061141] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 23 Oct by Henry Cook
28 267 301 Wertz Jacob 35 M Farmer 1,500 Pa
29 267 301 Wertz Mary 32 F Pa
30 267 301 Wertz Catherine 10 F Pa
31 267 301 Wertz Daniel 8 M Pa
32 267 301 Wertz Elizabeth 6 F Pa
33 267 301 Wertz Susan 5 F Pa
34 267 301 Wertz John 2 M Pa
35 267 301 Wertz Mary 7/12 F Pa
36 267 301 Wertz Hanah 12 F Pa


[NI061155] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Clarence Lohr State: PA Dist: 0196 Color: W Age: 26 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0263 Co.: Westmoreland Relation: Head ImageNum: 02780878 Other Res:
Wife Sarah J 25, PA

[NI061192] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
136A 27 146 152 Crissy Nathaniel Head W M Nov 1858 41 M 11 PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes H
136A 28 146 152 Crissy Abby Wife W F Dec 1862 37 M 11 4 4 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
136A 29 146 152 Crissy Bruce S-Father W M Mar 1884 16 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes
136A 30 146 152 Crissy William Son W M Aug 1888 11 S PA PA PA 6 Yes Yes Yes
136A 31 146 152 Crissy Katie A. Daughter W F June 1890 9 S PA PA PA 5
136A 32 146 152 Crissy Gracy M. Daughter W F Apr 1892 8 S PA PA PA 6
136A 33 146 152 Crissy Robert Son W M Jan 1894 6 S PA PA PA 4

[NI061202] Michael emigrated from Germany during a period of lg German immigration following the 30 Yr War.

[NI061225] believed to have moved from PA & had several children

[NI061236] He served in the Amer. Rev. War in Capt. Samuel Rogers' co., 1st batt., Cumberland Co., PA militia.

[NI061270] 1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 24 Jun 1870 by Christian Streng
34 110 118 Knepper Nancy 52 F W Keeping house 300 PA
Knepper Cyrus 18 M W Works with Shoemaker PA

[NI061272] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
219-133 Moses, Jacob 33 M Farmer PA
Eve 32 F PA
Mary 12 F PA
John 8 M PA
William 7 M PA
Margaret 5 F PA
Ann 4 F PA
Sydney 1 M PA
Hammel, Mary 19 F PA

[NI061287] 1850 Federal Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 5 Aug 1850 by J. J. Schell
36 104 112 Wendle Isaac 41 MLaborerPA .
37 104 112 Wendle Sarah 39 F.PA .
38 104 112 Wendle Mary 17 F.PA
39 104 112 Wendle Jonathan 14 M.PA
40 104 112 Wendle Josiah 11 M.PA
41 104 112 Wendle Elisabeth 9 F.PA
42 104 112 Wendle Belinda 7 F.PA
1 104 112 Wendle Sarah 5 F W. PA Handwritten page # 58.
2 104 112 Wendle Lavenia 3 F.PA

[NI061290] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 15 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
7 254 257 Baldwin Albert 26 M W Shoe Maker 400 100 PA Dec.
Baldwin Sarah 22 F W Keeping house PA Dec.
Baldwin Samuel 23 M W Shoe Maker PA

[NI061291] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Clarance Baldwin State: PA Enumeration District: 0162 Color: W Age: 34 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0476 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00330367 Other Residents:
Wife Edyth M 26, Pennsylvania
Son Kenneth N 04, Pennsylvania
Son Howard A NR, Pennsylvania

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