[NI069622] Will of Joseph Mast: I Joseph Mast of Elklick Twp. Somerset Co. & of the commonwealth of PA farmer do make this my last will & testament. & 1st I do direct that my body be decently intured in a christian like manner. & as to such worldly estate as it has pleased God to intrust me with, I dispose of them in the following manner: 1st I direct that all my funeral expenses & debts be pd as soon after my decease as possible out of the 1st money that shall come into the hands of my executors from any part of my estate. 2ndly I give & bequeath unto my wife Mary the plantation on which I now reside, with the appurtences, to be held by her during her natural life, if she shall so long remain my widow or single & upon her death or marriage, it shall be sold or divided equally among my chldn as may be deemed the most equitable & advantageous. I also give & devise unto my said wife Mary all the furniture which is or may be in the small house which I now live in, at the time of my death. Also 4 cows, selected or chosen by herself. All the sheep, hogs & fowls I may own at the time of my decease, all of which she is to hold during her life or so long as she shall remain my widow or bear my name. After her death or marriage, said property, together with all my other property (not herein otherwise by me disposed of) & effects, shall be also equally divided among my chldn. The money which my wife Mary brought to me, together with all her effects when sold, she is to retain to herself forever (& I do give & bequeath the same to her for ever). I also give & bequeath to my said wife all the grain due me by my son Sem Mast. All the legacies & devises given to my said wife Mary in this my last will & testament are considered to be in lieu of her dower in my estate. Whereas all my other sons have been furnished with land, I therefore give & bequeath forever unto my son Jonas a certain lot of woodland situate in the state of OH lying [_] my sons Christian & Daniel containing 100 acs for which he shall be charged $370, possession of which he shall have when he shall arrive to the age of 21 yrs the taxes of the said lot shall be pd out of [my] estate till that time. The remainder of my effects shall be [equally] divided among all my chldn. & whereof I have kept [a book] in which I have charged my chldn with whatever articles they received from me, so it is my will that all matters shall be according to said book as far as it goes, to charge any of my [chldn] for anything or commodity they may have received of me or in part of their portions. Further I give & bequeath unto my said wife 2 head of horses (at her own choosing) to be held by her during her life or widowhood. Further it is my will that my said wife Mary shall immediatly after my desease appoint or name 2 competant persons as executors or this my last will & testament. If I die ere the lease on my plantation expires which I have given my son Sem, my Executors shall draw the third or rent & thereof from the date thereof proported In witness whereof I have hereunto further set my hand & seal this 1 July 1839 I having it twice ere then Viz: at the bottom of the proceeding 2 pages. Joseph Mast (signed in German) Signed Sealed & acknowleged in the presence of us Jost Stutzman Michael Divly Proved 6 April 1846

[NI069627] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 16 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
144 150 BLOUGH Benjamin 58 M Farmer 3000 acres PA can't read or write
Susan 26 F PA can't read or write
Abraham 24 M Farmer PA
Mary 20 F PA
Magdeline 19 F PA
Noah 14 M PA
Matilda 13 F PA
Sarah 11 F PA

[NI069629] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 16 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
139 145 BLOUGH Joseph 49 M Farmer 3000 acres PA can't read or write
Sally 45 F PA can't read or write
Henry 21 M Farmer PA
Mary 20 F PA
Eliza 7 F PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
193 211 BLOUGH Joseph 57 M Farmer 2500 1135 PA
Sarah 53 F PA
Eliza J. 17 F PA.
Elizabeth BAKER 38 F Servant PA

[NI069630] 1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 21 Oct Henry Cook
42 180 202 Dibert Rachel 46 F 5,000 Pa
Dibert Jacob 31 M Saddler 1,250 Pa
Dibert John 19 M Merchant 1,250 Pa
Dibert Sarah 17 F 1,250 Pa
Dibert Samuel 15 M 1,250 Pa
Dibert Mary 12 F 1,250 Pa
Dibert Elizabeth 10 F 1,250
Dibert Abraham C. 6 M 1,250 Pa
Goan Andrew 23 M Clerk Pa

[NI069633] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
224-164 Specht, George 42 M Farmer PA
Sarah 48 F PA
Susanna 20 F PA
Noah 18 M PA
Nancy 16 F PA
John 14 M PA
Joseph 12 M PA
Mary 11 F PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 7 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
16 136 136 Specht George 62 M W preacher 2,000 1,400 P
17 136 136 Specht Mary 30 F W wife P

[NI069637] Blough Cem. listing of Quemahoning Twp.: Frany BLOUGH d 13 Nov 1881, age 80. List is followed by Sarah HORNER Consort of Solomon S. Horner d. 8 Mar 1841, age 39-9-24 & Susanna HORNER, Consort of Solomon S. Horner d. 11 May 1847, age 31-1-19.

[NI069638] She was the d/o Christian Blough & the gdaug. of Jacob Blough.

[NI069640] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 15 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
119 124 SPECHT Daniel 55 M Farmer 3000 acres PA
Nancy 58 F PA can't read or write
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 12 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
223 240 SPEICHT Daniel 62 M Farmer 3000 679 PA
Elizabeth 37 F PA
Sarah 2 F PA

[NI069657] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 11 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
17 99 100 Saylor Christain 57 M Farmer 3,500
18 99 100 Saylor Lydia 52 F
19 99 100 Saylor John 87 M None
Christian Saylor's subsequent m Lydia Herrington resulted in chld "D. M." no dates, no spouse info. 3rd m Anna Livengood lists no chldn.

[NI069658] 1850 Federal Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on the 10 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
15 54 54 Saylor John J. 51 M Farmer 5,000 PA
16 54 54 Saylor Elisabeth 52 F PA
17 54 54 Saylor Henry 24 M Labourer PA
18 54 54 Saylor Sarah 22 F PA
19 54 54 Saylor Martin 21 M Carpenter PA
20 54 54 Saylor Joseph 18 M Labourer PA
21 54 54 Saylor Fanny 16 F PA
22 54 54 Saylor William 15 M Labourer PA
23 54 54 Saylor John 8 M PA

[NI069660] Herald of Truth Vol XVI # 7 Jul 1879 pg 137, 138. Jun 2, in Masontown Congregation, Fayette Co, Pa the aged bro Jacob Saylor, 82y 11m 10d.For last 2 wks, he had smothering spells, yet not severe. On evening of Jun 1st he told his 2 daus to go to bed, as he felt as well as he had for a long time. In the morn he was found dead. He came from Meyersdale, Somerset co, Pa to Fayette co, where he united with Menn Ch 58y ago, & remained memb till death. For 30y he used 1 cane, & for 12y 2 canes to assist him in walking. Funeral by John N Durr. Bur Bapt grvyd at Smithfield on 3rd of Jun.

[NI069663] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
233 5 SEYLOR Samuel 36 M Cooper PA
233 5 SEYLOR Caroline 26 F PA
233 5 SEYLOR Mary A. 8 F PA
233 5 SEYLOR Polly 6 F PA
233 5 SEYLOR Andrew J. 3 M PA
233 5 SEYLOR Catharine 1 F PA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 17 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
2 284 284 Saylor Samuel 54 M W Laborer PA
Saylor Caroline 49 F W Keeping house 500 200 PA
Saylor Emma 11 F W PA
Saylor William 7 M W PA
Saylor Elizabeth 3 F W PA

[NI069664] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
17 Hershberger, Jonas 39 M Farmer - 1500 Acres
Hershberger, Barbara 40 F
Hershberger, Henry 15 M
Hershberger, Esther 13 F
Hershberger, John 11 M
Hershberger, Mary 9 F
Hershberger, Jonathan 8 M
Hershberger, Lewis 6 M
Hershberger, Franey 2 F
Berkey, Catherine 22 F

[NI069665] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun Josiah H. Zimmerman
97 107 SHAFFER Noah 32 M Farmer 8000 1245 PA
Catharine 31 F PA
Emma 2 F PA
Austin 8/12 M PA
Julie DICKEY 19 F Servant PA

[NI069668] Herald of Truth Vol XVI # 5 May 1879 pg 96, 97. Apr 6, Elkhart Co, IN of dropsy & infirmities of old age, Caristian Blauch aged 72y 3m 18d. Bur on 8th, Dunker M H near Goshen, serv by J. F. Funk & Moses Hess. He leaves widow & 8 chdn. He b Somerset co, Pa & lived 15y in IN. Memb Menn Ch.
1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
218 226 BLOUGH Christian 43 M Farmer
Mary 39 F
Barbara 16 F
Mary 14 F
Sarah 12 F
Aaron 10 M
Jessee 8 M
Susanna 6 F
Jacob 3 M
Nancy 1 F

[NI069672] Herald of Truth Vol XXVII # 24 Dec 15 1890 pg 380 & 381. REAM. On 4 Nov 1890, Stony Creek Twp, Cambria Co, Pa Anna Ream, aged 87y 10m 2d. Bur in Blough family grvyd on 6th. Serv by S Gindlesperger & M L Weaver. She m John Ream for abt 65y & has been a widow for last 26y. She was mother of 7 chdn; 6 of whom survive, 55 gchdn & 74 ggchdn. She was memb Menn Ch for 65y. She was d/o Jacob Blough, 1st Menn preacher in Somerset Co, Pa & sis of Jacob Blough, preacher, who d Dec 1878.

[NI069673] 1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 22 Oct Henry Cook
36 214 243 Ream John 45 M Farmer 200 Pa
Ream Nancy 47 F Pa
Ream Susanah 20 F Pa
Ream Henry 14 M Pa
Ream Samuel 8 M Pa
Ream Barbara 4 M Pa

[NI069675] Abraham Blough b on old homestead of his father, Jacob (also the son of Jacob), in Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co., in 1814. he has constantly resided here, & has witnessed the gradual transformation of the country from a wilderness to its present populous & prosperous condition (in 1884). His son, Abraham, Jr., lives with him, & is a carpenter by trade & a school teacher by profession, working at the former avocation in summer & at the latter in winter. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)
Herald of Truth, Vol XXVIII, # 19, Oct 1, 1891� pg 302, 303, 304. Blough. On 20 Aug 1891, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Bro Abr. Blough, aged 77y 1m 29d. Bur on 22d, at Blough Menn M H, where he used to attend abt 50y. His wife preceded him nearly 4y ago. His family consisted of 4 sons & 2 daus who were all present at funeral. He also had 27 gchdn, 20 living & 7 d. Funeral conducted by Henry Blauch from Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., Simon Layman, Samuel Gindlesperger & Emanuel Blough.
1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
61 63 BLOUGH Abraham 36 M Farmer
Sarah 28 F
Peter 7 M
Catharine 4 F
Jacob 1 M
BLOUGH Jacob 49 M Farmer
Henry 22 M Laborer
Jonas 19 M Laborer
Rachel 18 F
Joseph 8 M
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 8 Aug H. J. Boyts
32 23 23 Blough Abraham 56 M W Farmer 6,000 1,400 Penna
Blough Sarah 48 F W wife Penna
Blough Catharina 23 F W at home Penna
Blough Rachel 18 F W at home Penna
Blough Lesei 15 M W at home Penna
Blough Abraham 8 M W at home Penna

[NI069678] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
8 8 RUMMEL John 44 M Farmer
Magdaline 30 F
David 9 M
Catharine 7 F
Anne 5 F
Susan 1 F
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 10 Aug H. J. Boyts
5 56 56 Rummel John 53 M W Farmer 7,000 1,300 Penna
Rummel Martha 52 F W wife Penna can't write
Rummel Maria 18 F W at home Penna
Rummel Eliza 15 F W at home Penna

[NI069680] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
245 94 FIKE John 25 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 25 F PA
Susan 3 F PA
Barbara 1 F PA

[NI069681] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 21 Oct by Henry Cook
11 198 224 Plough Christian 28 M Farmer Pa
12 198 224 Plough Magdalene 27 F Pa
13 198 224 Plough Ephriam 2 M Pa
14 198 224 Brewbecker Nathen 14 M Pa

[NI069684] Emanuel Blough State: PA Enumeration District: 0162 Color: W Age: 75 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0099 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00300538 Other Residents:
Wife Kate 59, PA

[NI069686] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 20 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
37 83 87 Shrock David 40 M W Farmer 5,000 1,400 PA
Shrock Rachel 33 F W Keeping house PA
Shrock Sarah 19 F W PA
Shrock Sybilla 17 F W PA
Shrock Lydia 16 F W PA
Shrock Ellen 14 F W PA
Shrock Daniel 8 M W PA
Shrock Henry 11/12 M W PA June
Zerfass Patterson 13 M W Domestic servant PA

[NI069688] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 1 Aug Christian Streng
11 501 495 Keller Edward 35 M W Shoemaker 5,000 2,000 PA
Keller Susan 30 F W Keeping house PA
Keller Sarah E. 10 F W PA
Keller Emma C. 8 F W PA
Keller Daniel 6 M W PA
Keller Clara S. 3 F W PA
Keller Maggie Mary 1 F W PA
Shaffer Mary 16 F W PA
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Edward Keller State: PA Dist: 0161 Color: W Age: 75 B Pl: PA Visit: 0436 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 02430006 Other Residents:
Wife Susan 70, PA

[NI069690] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
191 209 BLOUGH Henry 31 M Farmer 6000 3000 PA
Susan 31 F PA

[NI069696] Only chld of John & Susanna (Blough) Zimmerman, b Somerset co, PA & was educated in the common schools of his native twp. He was a properous farmer & a highly respected man, always interested in promoting any good cause & worthy enterprise. He was an offical memb. of German Ref. ch., & was a Rep. in politics, & a soldier in the late war, but never a seeker after office. He m. Sarah J. Stufft, a desc. of a family as old & worthy as his own.

[NI069702] Herald of Truth , Vol XLI, # 51, Dec 15, 1904 � pg 408. Blough. �Nov. 28, 1904, Johnstown, Pa, Anna, wid/o Samuel W. Blough aged 72y 2m 23d. She was memb German Bapt Ch & leaves to mourn her departure, 2 sons, 2 daus, 10 gchdn, 1 ggchd, 2 bros & 3 sist'. Bur Maple Spring M. H.

[NI069703] Gospel Herald - Vol XII, # 47 - Feb 19 1920, pg 894. Blough, Jeremiah b Apr 2 1848 d Holsopple, Pa Jan 22 1920 aged 71y 9m 20d. He m Sarah Alwine Oct 7 1870. Survived by widow, 6 chdn, 27 gchdn, 1 ggchd & many other relatives & friends. He was memb Menn Ch for many yrs. Funeral Blough Ch Jan 25 conducted by S. G. Shetler & James Saylor.
1910 Miracode
Jeremiah Blough State: PA Dist 0155 Color: W Age: 62 B Pl: PA Visit: 0066 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 00300881 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 61, PA

[NI069704] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 27 Sep J. J. Schell
11 234 243 Speicher Jacob P. 35 M Farmer 3,000 PA
Speicher Sarah 28 F PA
Speicher Polly 9 F PA
Speicher Catharine 6 F PA
Speicher Margaret 2 F PA
Zurfoss Josiah 16 M Laborer PA
Speicher William 1/12 M PA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 30 Jul Christian Streng
2 475 470 Spic*er Jacob 52 M W Farmer PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Spic*er Sarah 48 F W Keeping house 10,000 2,435 PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Spic*er Peter 18 M W PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Spic*er Ephraim 16 M W PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Spic*er Sarah 13 F W PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Spic*er Emma 10 F W PA *Last name looks like Spicher, but may be Spiker.
Schrock Fanny 88 F W PA

[NI069705] Herald of Truth , Vol XXIV, # 24, Dec 15, 1887 - pp 381,382. Blough. On 8 Nov, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co, Pa, after a long illness, Sarah w/o Abraham Blough, aged 65y 11m 27d. Bur at Blough Ch. Services by Jonas Blough & Jonathan Harshberger. deceased leaves her husb & 6 chdn besides a host of friends. She was memb of Ch for abt 40y.

[NI069707] Gospel Herald - Vol XVII, # 12 - Jun 19, 1924 - pg 255 Blough. Peter A. b Somerset Co., Pa Jan. 17, 1843; d his home, Johnstown, Pa May 17, 1924; aged 81y 4m. He did not complain of being ill when he arose in morning & ate a hearty breakfast. Following meal, he sat down in a chair to do some reading, when he collapsed & d before a physician could be summoned. deceased was identified with one of oldest families in Somerset Co. His gfather, Jacob Blough, was 1st bish elected to serv Menn Ch in Somerset Co over 100y ago. He 1st m Catharine Baer Jan. 28, 1868. To this union 4 sons & 1 dau were b. His 1st wife & 2 sons preceded him. His 2nd wife Mary Miller to whom he m 1898, survives him. Also survived by 16 gchdn, 6 ggchdn, 2 bros Jacob A. & Pre. L. A. & 1 sis Mrs Catharine Sala. He united with Menn Ch many yrs ago & d in faith. Funeral conducted at Blauch Ch by S. G. Shetler, asstd by Pastor E. M. Detwiler of COB. Bur in Cem adjoining Ch plot.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Peter A Blough 68 W PA Cambria, Johns Town Head of Household
Wife Mary 55 PA
Son Ira 26 PA

[NI069708] Gospel Herald Vol XVIII # 41 Jan 7 1926 pg 830, 831. Sala, Kate (Blough) widow/o late Joseph Sala, Johnstown, Pa b Feb 3 1846 d Dec 13 1925 aged 79y 10m 10d. She m Joseph Sala Jan 14 1872. Not having any chdn of their own, they adopted James Blough, who d after lingering quite awhile from an accident. She also helped to care for 2 bros-in-law, Levi Sala & Moses Sala. Both have passed away. Another bro-in-law Solomon Sala remained in her home & d on day of her funeral. Though she was afflicted for some yrs, her death was caused by pneumonia which terminated in a few days. She was memb Menn Ch for many yrs. She is survived by 2 bros Pre Levi A Blough & Jacob A Blough. Some yrs ago Harvey M Gindlesperger & family moved into the home to help to take care of the farm. Funeral Blauch Ch by Bro S G Shetler assisted by Bro W C Hershberger. Bur Blough Cem.

[NI069709] Gospel Herald Vol V # 5 May 2 1912 pg 79. Sala, Joseph Sala, Hollsopple, Pa d Apr 12 1912 aged 64y 9m 13d. Funeral Apr 14 at Blough Ch by S G Shetler, James Saylor & Simon Layman. He was memb Menn Ch for many yrs. He is survived by widow, 6 bros & 1 sis. 3 of his bros had their home with him. 1 is crippled, confined to his bed & 1 is a lunatic.he is ready & willing to go.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Joseph Sala 62 W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Katie B 64 PA
Bro Levi 59 PA
Bro Solomon 57 PA
Bro Moses 51 PA

[NI069710] Gospel Herald - Vol XXXI # 12 Jun 23 1938 pg 279, 280. Blough, Jacob A s/o Abraham & Sarah Blough b Somerset Co, Pa Oct 20 1848 d his home near Johnstown, Pa May 31 1938 aged 89y 7m 10d. He m Sarah Baer May 12 1872. His wife d Oct 5 1915. Of 7 chdn b to union, 1 dau & 1 son preceded him. Besides 5 chdn, he is survived by 20 gchdn & 14 ggchdn. He was last of family of 6 to pass away. For more than 70y he was memb Menn Ch, & his quiet, peaceful, & honest life won for him many friends within & without the Ch. Funeral servs in home & in Kaufman Menn Ch, of which he was memb, by S G Shetler, assisted by Irvin J Holsopple. Bur Bough Cem, Jerome, Pa.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Jacob A Blough 61 W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Susan 59 PA
dau Lizzie A 36 PA
Son Milton 23 PA
Son Lemon 18 PA
Gdau Annie E Griffith 09 PA

[NI069711] Gospel Herald Vol XXXVI No 18 Jul 29 1943 pg 375. Hostetler. Barbara Edna (Thomas) b Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Nov 22 1889 d Jun 25 1943 aged 53y 7m 3d. She m Isaac Hostetler Jan 8 1911. To this union were b 4 sons all of whom survive as follows: Lester & Kenneth, Jerome, Pa; Glendon, Hollsopple, Pa; & Norman Merle, Farnhurst, DE. Also 7 gchdn & a bro Norman, Hollsopple. She was preceded by husb who d abt 5y ago, also 1 gchd. Memb Blough Menn Ch abt 40y & was faithful until death. Short funeral in home after which the body was removed to Blough Menn Ch where servs were conducted by Sanford G Shetler, John A Lehman & H C Blough. Bur in cem adjoining ch.

[NI069712] Herald of Truth, Vol XXXIV, # 13, Jul 1, 1897 - pg 206, 207. Blough. On 30 May 1897, Roxbury, Cambria Co, Pa of typhoid fever, Bro A. A. Blough, aged 35y 1m 15d. Death of this bro was quite a shock to his friends as he was sick only abt a wk & doctor thought he was on a fair way to recovery. Only an hour before he d he asked physician whether he thought he could help him. He told him he thought there was no danger. He was a young man of talent & had many warm friends & was strong & vigorous. He left a widow & 4 chdn, 1 of them sick with same disease. He also left 3 bros & 2 sis'. Bur Jun 1st at Blough Menn M.H. Funeral by S.G. Shetler, Jonas Blauch, Sam'l Gindlesperger, Simon Layman & Alex Weaver.

[NI069714] GOSPEL HERALD - Vol VIII # 31 Oct 28 1915 pg 511, 512. BLOUGH, Susan Baer w/o Bro. Jacob A Blough b Somerset Co, Pa Apr 26 1850 d Oct 5 1913 (NOTE: 1915?) aged 65y 5m 9d. She m Jacob A Blough 43y ago. To this union were b 8 chdn, 1 d & 7 living, also 14 gchdn. She & husb united with Menn Ch abt 41y ago & she was faithful memb until death. Funeral serv Bloug Ch on 7th, by Jas Saylor & E J Bough. Bur Cem near Ch.

[NI069715] Herald of Truth Vol XXV # 2 Jan 15 1888 pg 29-31. Blough. On 9 Dec, Davidsville, Somerset Co, Pa of catarrh & pneumonia, Wesley s/o Levi & Annie Blough, aged 5y 10m 21d. Bur 11th at Blough's Ch. Services by Jonas Blough, S. Gindlesperger & C. Hershberger.

[NI069716] Gospel Herald Vol XXXVII # 43 Jan 26 1945 pg 870, 871. Thomas, Polly d/o Pre & Mrs L A Blough b Somerset Co, Pa Feb 18 1884 d Dec 16 1944 aged 60y 9m 28d. On Oct 9 1904 she m Edward E Thomas. She is survived by husb, 2 sons Kenneth R, Hollsopple, Pa; & Harold E, Johnstown, Pa, 6 gchdn, & 5 sis' Suie w/o S K Eash, Hollsopple, Pa; Katie w/o Austin Thomas, Davidsville, Pa; Margaret w/o Lawrence Speigle, Boswill, Pa; Elsie w/o John Showalter, South English, IA; & Edith w/o Clarence Collins, Ellicott City, MD. Funeral conducted at Thomas Ch by James Saylor, Harry Blough, & Aldus Wingard. Bur in Ch cem.

[NI069717] Herald of Truth, Vol XXVII, # 22, Nov 15, 1890, pgs 350 & 351. BLOUGH. On 17 Sep, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa, of diphtheria, Sallie d/o Levi A. & Anna Blough aged 4y 2m 27d. Bur on 19th at Blough M H. Funeral by Jonas Blough, Samuel Gindlesperger & Simon Layman.

[NI069718] Herald of Truth, Vol XXVII, # 19, Oct 1, 1890, pgs 300 & 301. BLOUGH. On 9 Sep, Somerset Co., Pa, of diphtheria, Bertha d/o Levi A. & Anna Blough, aged 1y 7m 9d. Bur 11th at Blough M H. Funeral by J. N. Durr, of Fayette Co.

[NI069720] Gospel Herald - Vol 80 # 26 Jun 30 1987 pg 478. Speigle, Margaret Blough d/o Levi & Annie (Wingard) Blough b Somerset Co, Pa Jul 23 1896 d Mem'l Hosp, Johnstown, Pa, May 29 1987 aged 90y. She m Lawrence Speigle, d 1954. Surviving are 1dau Twila Ogburn, 1 son Donald, 2 stepchdn Erma Hostetler & Paul, 34 gchdn, 67 ggchdn, & 23 gggchdn. She was preceded in death by 3 gchdn, 5 stepchdn, 8 sis' & 1 bro. She was memb Blough Menn Ch, servs held Jun 1, in charge of David Mishler, Harold Thomas, & Norman Moyer; bur Blough Cem.

[NI069721] Gospel Herald Vol LXIV # 24 Jun 15 1971 pg 555, 556. Showalter, Elsie d/o Levi A & Annie (Wingard) Blough born Hollsopple, Pa Aug 31 1899 d her home, Goshen, IN May 16 1971 aged 71y 8m 16d. Apr 3 1926 she m John Showalter who survives. Also surviving are 2 chdn Evelyn Mrs Royal Bauer & Bernard, 5 gchdn, & 3 sis' Mrs Katherine Thomas, Mrs Margaret Spiegel, & Edith Mrs Clarence Collins. Memb Waterford Menn Ch, Goshen, IN. Funeral at Yoder-Culp Funeral Home on May 18, in charge of Paul M Gingrich & Elno Steiner bur Yellow Creek Frame Cem.

[NI069722] Gospel Herald Vol 70 # 31 Aug 9 1977 pg 606. Collins, Edith d/o Levi & Annie (Wingard) Blough, b Johnstown, Pa Apr 20 1902 d Rockingham Mem'l Hosp, Harrisonburg, Va Jul 10 1977 aged 75y. Surviving are 2 daus June Marie Weaver & Marlene C Showalter, 2 sons Robert E Collins & Ronald C Collins, 17 gchdn, & 2 sis' Margaret Speigle & Katie Thomas. Memb Harrisonburg Menn Ch, funeral Jul 12 in charge of Samuel Janzen & Harold Eshleman; bur Trissels Menn Ch Cem.

[NI069723] Gospel Herald - Vol I, # 27 - Oct 3, 1908 - pg 431. Blough, Annie Ruth d/o L. A. & Anna Blough d Somerset Co, Pa, after illness of 2 wks of typhoid & brain fever; aged 3y 9m 8d. Funeral Sep 20, at Blough Ch by Jas. Saylor, Simon Layman, S. Gindlesperger, & S. D. Yoder. Bur Cem nearby.

[NI069727] In 1731, On his 21st b-day, arrived Amer. on "Brittanica" with his parents.They sailed from Rotterdam. The ship's list contains 269 people 106 families. Port clearance mentions 21 Sept 1731 as approximate date of arrival. He settled Manchester Twp. York Co., PA. his will he listed his children's last name as Holsable. Erasmus's godfather was Asmus Katterman, citizen of Michelfeld. WILL & LAST TESTAMENT OF ERASMUS HOLSAPLE (HOLTZAPFEL): the Name of God Amen. I ERASMUS HOLSAPLE, of Manchester Twp, York Co., PA, am old but of good, disposing mind, memory & understanding, Thanks be given unto God, do make Obtain & Publish, declare my Last Will & Testament faloing manner, that is to say, 1st I commend my soul unto the Almity God who gave it to me & my body to the Earth to be bur. a Christian lick maner at the discarsion of my Executors hereafter named & as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with I give devise & dispose of the same the folowing manner; I (?) it is my will & I hereby order that my just debts & fines & al Expenses shall 1st be payed by my Executors hereafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my decese. Item I give & bequeath unto my son ADAM HOLSAPLE the sum of 12 pounds ober & above his equal share here-after named; Item & is my will, & I give & bequeath unto my son HENRY HOLSAPLE the sum of 10 pounds ober & above his equal share hereafter named; Item & I give & bequeath unto my son JACOB HOLSAPLE the sum of 10 pounds ober & above his equal share hereafter named. Item & I give & bequeath my son ERASMUS HOLSAPLE the sum of 20 pounds over & above his equal share hereafter named; Item & I give my son BERNED HOLSAPLE the sum of 10 pounds ober & above his equal share hereafter mentioned. Item & it my will that my now tweling plantation shall be sold for the best price at bublick seal by my hereafter named Executors & give good deet or deets thereof as if I hat don myselve & all my other goods is to be sold as soon as to be convenand & it is my will & I herebye ordain that all the money to be raised & of my whole Estate & if all my just debts & demands is to be 1st paid & wichis afore bequeathed are dook of then the resotu is to be devited among my 5 sons: ADAM, HENRY, JACOB, ERASMUS & BERNED; & among my Dau.; MARY, w/o PHILIP MENCTS; & ELIZABETH, w/o DAVID SHOCK; & CATARINE, w/o JACOB CLINGMAN; & BARBARA, w/o JACOB FOCKLER; & CHRISTINE, w/o DAVID STEIN; & MARGRED, w/o FREDERICK HOOBER; lick equal shares & to be for their heirs & assigns forever, & wen my said plantation is to be sold & then it is my will that wen the money will com so then it shall be devited yearly among my children all aforesaid lick equal shares & that so on every Year that the whol is paid & lastly I do hereby nominate & asine my ERASMUS HOLSAPLE & my son-in-law GODLIB FOCKLER, both of the Twp. of Manschester, to be my lawful Executors of this my Last Will & Testament; & I do hereby revoke & make void all other & forme wills by me herefore made, ratifying, allowing & holding this for firm & effectually. Witness wereof the said ERASMUS HOLTSABEL the Testator set hereto my hand & seels this 26 dy Dec the Year of Our Lord, 1792. his ERASMUS A. HOLTZABEL (Seal) mark Signed, Seeled, Published, pronounced & declared by the said ERASMUS HOLSAPPLE as assd. for his Last Will & Testament. NICHOLAS HENTZ (sig.) JOHN JACOBY (sig.) York Co. As. Before Jacob Barnitz, Esq. Register for the probate of Wills & Granting Letters of Administration & for the Co. of York the State of PA personally came NICHOLAS HENTZ & JOHN JACOBY the 2 subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of Writing & their solemn oath do severally say, that they were personally present & saw & heard the above named ERASMUS HOLTZAPFEL make his mark unto & seal & publish the foregoing Instrument of Writing as, & for, his Last Will & Testament & at the time of doing thereof he, the said ERASMUS HOLTZAPFEL, was of sound & disposing Mind, Memory & Understanding to the best of their Knowledge & Belief & that they subscribed their names thereto as Witnesses the presence of the said Testator & at his request & the presence of each other at the same time. Sworn & Subscribed before me at York, the 10th dy Dec A.D. 1793. NICHOLAS HENTZ (sig.) JOHN JACOBY (sig.) J. BARNITZ, Reg. (sig.) A true copy taken from & compared with the original. J. BARNITZ, Reg. (sig.) Memorandum that the Letters of Testamentary common form were granted unto ERASMUS HOLTZAPFEL & GOTLEIB FACKLER of the Estae of ERASMUS HOLTZAPFEL, Deceased. Inventory 2 mo.s, & an account or reckoning a yr or when legally thereunto required. Given under my Hand & Seal of Office at York, the 10th day of Dec A.D. 1793 J.BARNITZ, Reg. (sig.) Bap. Sep 27 1710, Eschelbach, Germany

[NI069729] According to "The PA LeFevres", Philip owned a large tract of land that lay about 5 miles west of Abraham's home & about 4 miles south of Lancaster, in what is now West Lampeter Twp. He was a gunsmith & a blacksmith. He made smoothbore guns that were used in the Rev. War.

[NI069732] Only one to escape at the age of 16 "with difficulty" from being killed along with the rest of his family by Roman Catholics after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. All that he out of his wrecked home was his father's Bible, published in Geneva in 1608. This he cherished & preserved through all his flights from France, through Bavaria, Holland & England, until he made his home in Strasburg Twp, Lancaster Co., PA in 1712. He had it by his side until his 83 yr, when his body was laid to rest. It is now in the library of the Lancaster Co. Historical Society, Lancaster, PA. It is believed that he is buried in the LeFevre Cemetery located one mile north of Strasburg, PA. He was founder of the PA family of LeFevres.

[NI069733] She is believed to be buried beside her husband in the LeFevre Cemetery located one mile north of Strasburg, PA.

[NI069734] Jacob Kreider was the 1st Kreider on record in Lancaster Co.. At a meeting of Penn's Commissioners on Feb 18 1718, they signed warrants for both Jacob Kreyter & Jacob Hochstetler. Each warrant authorized surveys for 250 acres. It is probable that Jacob came on one of the 3 ships which arrived in Philadelphia on Sep 17, 1717. Until now nobody had pinpointed the location of his land. According to tradition, it lay 2 miles south of Lancaster city near the Conestoga Creek. A search in 1975 uncovered Jacob's survey, which was indexed under 'Grogder'. At first some doubt existed as to whether this was really Jacob's land because it appeared to lie south of the Conestoga River. However, noting the direction of the flow of the Conestoga, one could see that the plot had been drawn with the southern direction toward the top of the page. We have no record of Jacob's wife. Contrary to the belief that Jacob had 11 chldrn, only 3 chldrn have been documented: Jacob, Jr., Michael & Ann.

[NI069744] He and his family being Huguenots, French Protestants, were killed by the Roman Catholics after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Oct. 18 1685, except Isaac, his third son, then a boy of 16, who escaped to Bavaria, and later came to America.

[NI069748] He was ennobled by Royal Duke Antoine, the "Good Duke of Lorraine," and granted a Coat-of-Arms, which was registered in 1543.

[NI069749] Another Huguenot family known as LeFerree, Ferree, Ferrie, Fuehre, Fierre, Firre, Ferie, were of nobility of France, & originally seated at Forchamps, in Lower Normandy. The founder of this family was Robert Ferree, who in A.D. 1265 was confirmed to an extensive estate. (See "Nobility of Normandy," Vol. II, p.357 Stapleton, p.100-108). Daniel was a descendent of this family. In 1685 the family fled to Strasburg, France & while here were joined by Isaac LeFevre, who had fled his home when the members of his family were killed by the Roman Catholics. The whole group then fled to Bavaria & while living there, Isaac & Catherine were married. They stayed there until the early part of 1708 when the senior Daniel died. Children; Catherine, Daniel, Mary, Jane, Phillip, John

[NI069764] imprisoned in a convent until her death

[NI069765] died a martyr after 17 years of suffering from the murderous cruelty of the Roamn Catholic church authorities



[NI070138] Abraham Deardorff served under Capt. Smuller, PA Line. He was b. Germany; lived in Huntingdon, PA, & was killed, 1805, by Indians on the border.

[NI070159] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Gunnet State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0067 Color: W Age: 74 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0321 Co.: York Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 01630786 Other Residents:
Wife Lucy 50, PA

[NI070221] Christian Zehring & his 2nd wife migrated to Warren Co., OH, 1819 (according to Wm. H. Egle) Christian & his 2nd wife had 11 chldn, Christian Zehring was a blacksmith & farmer & regularly conveyed agricultural produce to Philadelphia & bringing in return merchandise for the neighborhood stores. He also filled offices of Supervisor; Overseer of Porr with credit. He built his large farm buildings (Swiss type). Christian Zehring resided in Union Twp, near (west of) Jonestown until 1819 when he relocated to Warren Co., OH.

[NI070458] Christopher enlisted in the Bedford Co. Militia on the 20th of Jul 1776 Capt Kilgore's Co. as a pvt for 53 mo.s & 27 dys, being released on 27 Jan 1781.

[NI070466] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
213-88 Burket, Mary A. 96 F PA
Sesinger, Jane 46 F PA

[NI070467] James Ross, a Scotchman, was an early settler of this Co. His sons were Michael, Joseph, Adam & John, all of whom are dead.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]
The Commonwealth of PA c/o Sheriff of Somerset Co. Greetings. Whereas Michael Ross, oldest son & heir of James ROSS late of Stoney Creek Twp. yeoman deceased this day, presents a petition to our Justice of the Orphans Court, the saim Co., that the said James Ross died intestate leaving here besides your petitioner 8 children and his widow, 1named John, 1 named Adam, 1 named George, 1 named Joseph, 1 named Jacob, Mary intermarried with Stophel BURKET, 1named Christina intermarried with Noah CLARK, & Elizabeth, that the same James Ross at the time of his death was [seized?] of a certain plantation & tract of 300 acres of land more or less situated in Stoney Creek Twp. adjoining the lands of Henry Ross & others. That the said petitioner is praying and desirous the premisis and pay the of the widow other children of the deceased, in case the same cannot be divided to and amongst the said widow & children of the said deceased without prejudice to and spoiling the whole & praying the Court to award an inquest to [view?] the said tract of land if they find that the same can be divided to & amongst the said widow & children of the said deceased without prejudice to & spoiling the whole, then to make a partition thereof, but if they find that the same cannot be divided then to value & appraise the same & make return of their procedings to the Orphan's Court. & the said inquest is awarded by the said Cour t awarding to the prayer of the said petition. We therefore command you, that taking with you twelve honest & lawful men of your Bailiwick you go to the said & plantation & these by their solemn affirmation, in the presence of the parties aforesaid, b________ to be warned (if upon being warned they may be present) & the said Tract of land & premisis with the appurtasnses you cause to be divided & posted amongst the said widow & children, so that neither the said Widow, Michael, the oldest son, John, Adam, Joseph George Jacob, Mary, Christina & Elizabeth, have more of the said tract of land & premisis than to them of 8, in post thereof to her belongings during her natural life, & the said Michael, John, Adam, Joseph George Jacob, Mary, Christina & Elizabeth have their equal parts thereof to them respectively & may be able severally posses themselves, if the saim can be divided without ...But if the same cannot be divided without, to value the same undivided. & also to enquire whether the same will conveniently accomodate more than 1 of the chldrn of said intestate. & that that partition or valuation so made you distinctly & openly have before our Justice at Somerset at Orphan's Court ther to held the 2 monday in May, next under your hand & Land under the honors & seals of those* by whose th or affirmation you shall make that partition or valuation. & [have you them those?]. Witness Abraham CABLE, Esquire at Somerset the 8 March 1802

[NI070469] signer of the Constitution of the United States

[NI070475] 1850 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 29 Jul J J Schell
1 1 1 Burket John 40 M W Carpenter 600 PA Handwritten page # 43.
Burket Rebecca 40 F PA
Burket William L. 12 M PA
Burket Narcissa I. 8 F PA Middle initial could be J.
Burket Quintillian 2 M PA

[NI070476] Isaac BURKET (BURKHART) b 1810-1811PA m. ca. 1835 PA to Barbara THOMAS. Barbara b 1819 & was in Armstrong Co, PA in 1862. It is thought Isaac is s/o Christopher BURKET & Mary Ann ROSS of Quemahoning Twp, Somerset Co, PA The chldn: Israel b. 21-May-1836, Christopher b. 1-May-1837, Jonathan b. 9-Jan-1840, Garrett Thomas b. 22-Mar-1842, Mary Ann b. 1844, Rosanna b. 8-Oct-1846, & Isaac b. 20-Jan-1849. ISAAC (b. 1810-1811) was in Armstrong Co. from approx 1836 until 1850. In 1850 ISAAC appears in Indiana co. PA

[NI070478] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
239 52 BURKET Israel 37 M Carpenter PA
239 52 BURKET Mary 39 F PA
239 52 BURKET Noah 12 M PA
239 52 BURKET Daniel 10 M PA
239 52 BURKET Rachel 8 F PA
239 52 BURKET Frank 6 M PA
239 52 BURKET Ellen 4 F PA
239 52 BURKET Catharine 2 F PA
239 52 RINGLER Samuel 16 M Laborer PA
239 52 BURKET Levi 24 M Carpenter PA

[NI070482] 1870 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
9 157 155 Rummel David 29 M W Farm Laborer 500 Penna
10 157 155 Rummel Elisabeth 27 F W wife Penna
11 157 155 Rummel Allenetta 8 F W at home Penna
12 157 155 Rummel John W. 6 M W at home Penna
13 157 155 Rummel Catharina A. 4 F W at home Penna
14 157 155 Rummel Sarah 2 F W at home Penna
15 157 155 Rummel Herman 8/12 M W at home Penna Oct
16 157 155 Kauffman Stephan 18 M W at home Penna
17 157 155 Kauffman Elisabeth 16 F W at home Penna
18 157 155 Kauffman Catharine 9 F W at home Penna
19 157 155 Kauffman Levi 8 M W at home Penna
20 157 155 Kauffman Noah 5 M W at home Penna

[NI070484] William Snably remarried. When he remarried, he changed the spelling of his surname to Snavely.

[NI070497] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
J W Dunwiddie State: PA Enumeration District: 0117 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0207 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01130837 Other Residents:
Wife Emma 39, England
Son Walter 16, PA
Dau. Hellen 13, PA
Dau. Edna 12, PA
Dau. Winifred 10, PA
Dau. Laura 09, PA
Son John 07, PA
Dau. Dorothy 05, PA
Dau. Geendline 04, PA
Dau. Mary 02, PA
Dau. Blanche NR, PA

[NI070516] died right after birth

[NI070520] Grad from MI University & took further post-grad courses in Philadelphia. Dr. Dunwiddie practiced medicine at Warriors Creek, PA from 1866-1881. With health failing, he returned to his boyhood home at Pine Flates, Indiana Co., PA to recuperate. Opened the 1st mine in Nanty-Glo, PA in 1885/6. He resumed his medical practice in Philipsburg, PA in 1885. His practice continued in Philpsburg until his death in 1918. He sold the Dunwiddie, or Nanty-Glo Coal Co. mine (later the Heisley No. 3, & Bethlehem Collieries No. 31) to J.H. Weaver in 1902. In 1885, Dr. Dunwiddie secured the coal mining rights beneath the lands in Jackson Twp owned by Sol Wagner & John Lloyd. He open the mines & began operations in 1886. John Click was the 1st mine foreman. According to a newspaper article (abt 1954), it was stated that in 1895 Dr. James W. Dunwiddie, Pine Flays, Indiana Co, PA secured the coal mining rights in Jackson Twp, beneath the lands owned by Sol Wagner & John Lloyd. Began operations in 1896 as the Nanty Glo Coal Co. The more comonly-known Dunwiddie Mine was sold in 1902 to J.H. Weaver. Under a photo of Dr. Dunwiddie, the following caption: :"Dr. Dunwidddie
who opened the 1st mine in Nanty Glo in 1895-96, graduated in medicine
from MI Univ. & took further post-graduate course at a medical college in Philadelphia. He practiced at Warrior's Mark, PA from 1866-1881 when his health failed & returned to his boyhood home at Pine Flats, Indiana Co. to recoperate. He resumed practice in Philipsburg in 1885 until his death in 1918."

[NI070534] Joseph Ballard Murray was killed building a tunnel through Tuscororra Mountain, PA for the south Pen. RR

[NI070566] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
William Lehner State: PA Dist: 0088 Color: W Age: 39 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0140 Co.: Blair, Tyrone Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02780367 Other Residents:
Wife Rebecca 33, PA
Dau Merie 15, PA
Son Paul 13, PA
Dau Barbera 04, PA

[NI070574] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
209 217 GRADY John 46 M Shoemaker Germany
Catharine 26 F Germany
Elisabeth 10 F
Caroline 7 F
Jacob H. 3 M
Catharine 6/12 F
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 18 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
28 190 188 Grady John 66 M W Shoemaker 1,200 4,100 Prussia Ger
29 190 188 Grady Catharina 48 F W wife Prussia Ger
30 190 188 Grady Emma 15 F W at home Penna

[NI070581] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Allen Bittner State: PA Enumeration District: 0143 Color: W Age: 28 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0123 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00270403 Other Residents:
Wife Linnie 25, PA
Son Neral 03, PA
Son Charles E NR, PA

[NI070583] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Elmer M Crissinger State: PA Enumeration District: 0143 Color: W Age: 30 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0030 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00890760 Other Residents:
Wife Lilly 33, PA
Son Howard 07, PA
Son Harry 04, PA
Daughter Nanny 02, PA

[NI070603] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
131 Wible, John 42 M Farmer - 1600 Acres
Wible, Elisabeth 40 F
Wible, Jonathan 16 M Laborer
Wible, Jacob 14 M
Wible, Samuel 12 M
Wible, Lavenia 9 F
Wible, Caroline 8 F
Wible, Leana 5 F
1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 17 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
14 161 154 Wible John 62 M W farmer 400 300 Pa
15 161 154 Wible Eliza 58 F W wife Pa

[NI070605] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
207-116 Clark, George W. 33 M Farmer PA
Matilda 27 F PA
Hezekiah 8 F PA
Franklin 6 M PA
Jeremiah 3 M PA
Albert 1 M PA
Laney, Eliza 11 F PA

[NI070608] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
79 Meyers, Solomon 50 M Farmer
Meyers, Rebecca 40 F
Meyers, Samuel 17 M Farmer
Meyers, Joseph 14 M
Meyers, Catharine A 7 F
1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 7 Jun 1870 by H. J. Boyts
7 1 2 Mayers Solomon 72 M W retired farmer 300 140 Pa
8 1 2 Mayers Rebecca 69 F W wife Pa

[NI070616] Shoemaker Reli: Reformed Michael OX (Oaks) is listed on the Oct 1798 tax rolls for Brothers Valley & Elk Lick Twp. The assessment in Brothers Valley shows, "Michael Ox. 1 dwelling at $60 - 20 x 28. 80 acres at $100." On May 1, 1799 he is listed in the Brothers Valley & Elk Lick records as having "1 dwelling adjoining Berlin - 48 perches - value $85." He is also in the 1810 Census from Somerset Twp. Michael is listed in the 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 & 1840 census from Somerset Co., PA. In the 1800 & 1810 cansus, Michael is listed as being bet 26 & 45 yrs of age, & in the 1820 census he is listed as being over 45. This would place his date of b bet 1765 & 1774. Michael Oaks & Barbara Elizabeth Zimmerman were m. Zion Reformed Ch., Hagerstown, MD. In the account book of Jacob Moses of Somerset Co. there was an entry - 1829 - Acct of Michael Oaks - Dt: making duplicate for rode tax. Cr: 25 lb bar iron at 6 cents a lb. Much of the local economy in rural areas at that time was based on a barter system. (This information was contained in the Laurel Messenger, Feb 1989. In the PA Series 3, vol 3, pg. 714 it lists "Michael Ox - Donation land for service as a pvt in the 8th Regiment." He served in the Rev War as a fifer from Jul 4, 1776 until 19 Jan 1781 under Colonel Daniel Brodhead, 8th PA Continental Line listed in the PA Series 2, vol 10, & also Feb., Mar., & Apr 1783 as a pvt under John Clark's Co., PA Line, commanded by Lt. Col. Stephen Boyard, Esq.

[NI070618] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jeremiah Clark Age: 63 State: PA Color: W Enumeration dist.: 0155 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0145 Co.: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mariah 65, PA

[NI070631] 20 Dec 1882 Affidavit from George Hoover age 49, half bro of David Hoover. Affidavit from Peter Lohr age 58 of Hooversville, known David for 40 yrs. Nov 28 1883 David is age 54, 130 lbs. 5' 7". 11 Aug 1888 Affidavit of Susan Hoover, that she m under the name of Susan Clark to David Hoover Jul 23 1849 by Jacob Hoffman at Scalp Level, Pa. & that David d 17 Jun 1888. Another one from Susan age 60 may be around the same time, with A. B. Clark Justice of the Peace; witness William E. Rodger. 12 Dec 1888 Affidavit from George E. Hoover, s/o David. After 1888 Didn't have a date on it. 1890 George Hoover age 54, Peter Lohr age 65, George W. Clark age 72 all of Hooversville have known David for 40 yrs, he was never m before until he m Susan Clark Jul 23 1849, & she was m to him until his death Jun 17 1888. Susan Hoover d Oct 23 1909. Other witnesses were Jane Winters in 1888 or 1890, John F. Bender in 1883
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
207 224 HOOVER David 31 M Mill Wright 200 130 PA
Susan 32 F PA
William 10 M PA.
Jonas 8 M PA.
George 6 M PA.
Mary J. 4 F PA

[NI070632] At age 22 yrs arrived in Philadelphia on Sep 17 1753 ship "Patience." John Ludwig Smith (Sr.) & family moved to Hagerstown, MD area for a few yrs. About 1785 he moved to Brothersvally Twp, Somerset Co., PA. The service of Ludwig Smith in Lancaster's 5th Battalion is found in Penna. Archives s5v7; pages 476, 479, 486, and 501.

[NI070639] 1850 Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Oct John J Schell
25 196 205 Smith George 51 M W Farmer PA
Smith Elisabeth 51 F W PA
Gibler Polly 22 M W PA Sex is listed as male.
Ankeny Levi 13 M W PA

[NI070645] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 13 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
246 263 ZIMMERMAN Jacob 64 M Farmer 2000 711 PA
Margret 54 F PA
Elizabeth 29 F PA
Nathaniel 21 M Day Laborer PA
Joseph 17 M PA.
Margret E. SHICK 9 F PA.
Catharine WILT 6 F PA

[NI070648] 1850 Federal Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 14 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
38 340 351 Lape George 38 M Laborer PA
39 340 351 Lape Polly 38 F PA
40 340 351 Lape Joseph 17 M Laborer PA
41 340 351 Lape John 16 M Laborer PA
42 340 351 Lape Ludwig 16 M Laborer PA
1 340 351 Lape Henry 13 M W PA
2 340 351 Lape Susan 13 F PA
3 340 351 Lape Elisabeth 9 F PA
4 340 351 Lape Sally 6 F PA
5 340 351 Lape Benjamin 5 M PA
6 340 351 Lape Noah 2 M PA

[NI070691] 1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 7 Nov by Henry Cook
39 82 88 HOSTETLER Peter 41 M Farmer 7,000 PA
HOSTETLER Elizabeth 5 F PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 16, 1860
418 25 2740 2776 Hostetler Peter 52 M farmer 6000 1500 PA
Hostetler Sarah 46 F PA
Hostetler Peter 19 M farm laborer PA
Hostetler Henry 17 M PA
Hostetler Sarah 12 F PA
Hostetler Lydia 10 F PA
Hostetler Susan 24 F PA
Yoder Stephen 16 M farm laborer PA

[NI070693] 1850 census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 16 Oct 1850, p. 134 by J. J. Schell
137 142 HOCHSTETLER Henry 34 M Farmer 1000 PA
Elisabeth 29 F PA
Daniel 11 M PA
Anne 8 F PA
Jacob 4 M PA
Franey 2 F PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
200 218 HOFSTETLER Henry 44 M Farmer 3600 [?] PA
Elizabeth 39 F PA
Anna 17 F PA.
Daniel 21 M Day Laborer PA
Jacob 14 M PA.
Franey 11 F PA.
Amanda 6 F PA.
Franklin 2 M PA

[NI070725] Herald of Truth Vol XL # 40 Oct 1 1903 pg 319. Hostetler. On 14 Sep 1903, Cass Co, MO, of complication of diseases, ending in consumption Emanuel J Hostetler aged 61y 3m 15d. He moved to this co from IN abt 22ys ago. He leaves a widow, 14 gchdn & 19 ggchdn. He m 1st wife having d in IN. He was memb Amish Menn Ch. Funeral Sycamore M H on 16th by Levi Miller & J J Hertzler & by B F Hartzler. Bur Clearfork grvyd.

[NI070975] He lived on the upper tract of his father's original patent. In addition to farming, Abraham Reist engaged in distilling. This was quite profitable, but he discontinued it later, & it was his desire that none of his sons should engage in the business. Abraham enjoyed a wide acquaintance for that day, & he entertained lavishly. His house was the headquarters for all strangers who visited the neighborhood, & travelers, businessmen, peddlers, & drovers were always sure of a welcome under his roof. His circle of acquaintances grew because of his frequent trips to Philadelphia. He had the reputation of having the finest horses that drew the conestoga wagons between Lancaster & Philadelphia.

[NI070985] Signed will Johannes

[NI071009] PETER REIST was the son of Hans & Barbara Ryser Reist, who were living at Durrenroth, Canton Berne, in 1690. There were other children in the family, all b. at Durrenroth: Ulrich, Barbara, Hans, Casper & Maria. Although the births of 5 children of Hans & Barbara are recorded, there is no record of Peter's birth. He may have been b. before 1690 or after 1699 when his parents were in exile. We know neither the place nor date of his birth. We do know, however, that he lived at Rheinturkheim, in the Bishopric of Worms [Germany], that he was a citizen of the place, & that he had taken thither some of his property. In 1723 he was in the Canton of Berne to obtain what property of his remained there & to get his share of the estate of his bro. Hans, who had d. about 2 yrs before. At this time, too, he gave up his Bernese citizenship. On Oct 15, 1723, he got a passport at Sumiswald which shows that on Nov 29, 1723 he was at Montbeliard. He came to [America] probably in 1724. We know little about the appearance or character of Peter Reist. His passport is not carefully filled out, as it gives no description of the bearer; the space after age, height, hair are blank. Tradition says the boat on which he crossed the ocean sprang a leak, & the passengers were called on to give up clothing to calk the ship. On reaching America they had hardly any clothing left. Peter settled on land near KISSEL HILL at LITITZ, Lancaster Co..

[NI071010] Notes for Anaclore Boyer: "You have noticed that the name of Peter Reist's wife was ANACLORE. The name was not the same as Anna Clara. The name Anaclore, our first Reist mother in America, appears a score of times upon records that have been preserved. Some of them were written by her own hand, & in every instance they are spelled alike, appearing in one word & never in two. Without a doubt her name was Anaclore, which was not a Swiss German name, but rather a French name. From 1720 to 1740, while Swiss-German Mennonites migrated to America, many French Huguenot families came with them. They were also fleeing from persecution, & they settled upon lands among each other. They were friendly toward each other, & their young people frequently intermarried. We have other evidences that lead us to believe that Peter Reist's wife was a French Huguenot's dau.

[NI071043] the founder of Johnstown, PA. 3 Jan 1807 (Deed) Joseph JOHNS & Franny his wife of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., to Job GRAY of Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co. Whereas the Commonwealth, by patent dated 26 Apr 1788 (Patent book 13, pg 114), granted 249 acs, called 'Conemaugh Old Town', situate on the east side of Conemaugh Creek at the mouth of the Little Conemaugh, to a certain James McCLANAHAN. & whereas said McCLANAHAN, by deed dated 30 Sept 1793 (Bedford Co. Deed Book D, pg 113), conveyed this land to Joseph JOHNS. & whereas said JOHNS has now laid out a part of this land into out lots. Now for ?30 currency, JOHNS sells a 5 ac out lot (#5 in the general plan), situated on the north side of Little Conemaugh, bounded by the Little Conemaugh, John STUDYBAKER, other lands of Joseph JOHNS, & Daniel WERTZ. Witnesses: Mathias PEEK & Abraham HILDEBRAND. Joseph JOHNS signed in German, his wife signed with her mark.
Johnstown Trib Feb 9 1856 JOSEPH JOHNS, or Schantz, memb of Amish communion & an industrious & honest man, laid out Conemaugh bottom into town lots in 1800. Those who assisted him to lay out the town, & who became its 1st citizens, were PETER GOUGHNOUR, JOSEPH FRANCIS, LUDWIG WISSINGER, & a few others. They named it Conemaughtown, but it was generally called Johnstown. Mr. Johns d at an advanced age in Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co.

[NI071068] Gospel Herald Vol 86 # 17 Apr 27 1993 pg 15. Schrock, Celestia (Bontrager) Yoder, 95, S Hutchinson, KS b Aug 10 1897 Shipshewanna, IN to Joseph & Amanda (Yoder) Bontrager d Jan 2 1993 S Hutchinson, KS. Survivors - stepchdn: Lloyd Schrock, Beulah Yoder, Katherine Fireoned, Carrie Diener, Clara Bontrager, Esther Bontrager; 17 gchdn, 36 ggchdn, 11 gggchdn. Preceded by 2nd husb William H Schrock & 1st husb Henry H Yoder. Funeral Jan 5, S Hutchinson Menn Ch by Howard Wagler. Bur Yoder Ch Cem.

[NI071111] 1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
598-71 Miller Daniel P. 32 M Farmer PA
Barbara 31 F PA
Sarah 11 F PA
Mary 9 F PA
William 4 M PA
Leah 7 F PA
Catharine 5 F PA
Amanda 3 F PA
Barbara 1 F PA
Hochstetler Cornelius 22 M PA

[NI071126] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 26 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
29 259 263 Landis John 34 M W Farmer 8,000 1,400 PA
30 259 263 Landis Elizabeth 30 F W Keeping house PA
31 259 263 Landis Mary 7 F W PA
32 259 263 Landis Jefferson 5 M W PA
33 259 263 Landis Jacob 3 M W PA
34 259 263 Landis John 2 M W PA
35 259 263 Landis George 4/12 M W PA Jan. Twin to Sarah.
36 259 263 Landis Sarah 4/12 F W PA Jan. Twin to George.
37 259 263 Landis Abraham 70 M W Retired farmer 2,500 2,000 PA
38 259 263 Speicher Peter 20 M W Domestic servant PA

[NI071130] 1850 Federal Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 1 Aug 1850 by J. J. Schell
6 94 99 Meese George 66 M Farmer 5,000 Penna
7 94 99 Meese Lydia 63 F Penna
8 94 99 Meese Louisa 19 F Penna
9 94 99 Meese Catharine 4 F Penna

[NI071132] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
38 298 309 Nedrow Catharine 50 F.PA
39 298 309 Brown William 22 MCooper 100 PA .
40 298 309 Nedrow Martha 17 F.PA

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