[NI071133] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Oct J. J. Schell
33 297 308 Knopsnyder George 27 MLaborer.PA
Knopsnyder Christina 22 F.PA
Knopsnyder Sabina M. 4 F.PA
Knopsnyder Catharine 3 F.PA
Knopsnyder Cyrus 1 M.PA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 23 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
16 344 342 Knopsnider George 49 M W Farmer 1,000 300 Pa.
Knopsnider Christina 52 F W Keeping house Pa.
Knopsnider Catharine 23 F W Pa.
Knopsnider Cyrus 21 M W Apprenticed to carpenter. Pa.
Knopsnider Rose A. 16 F W Pa.
Knopsnider William 14 M W Pa.
Knopsnider John H. 10 M W Pa.
Knopsnider Abraham 3 M W Pa.

[NI071134] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 23 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
7 342 340 Brown William 43 M W Laborer 200 150 Pa.
Brown Sarah 37 F W Keeping house Pa.
Brown Uriah J. 7 M W Pa.
Brown Mary A. 4 F W Pa.
Brown Susanna 3 F W Pa.
Brown Henry 2 M W Pa.
Brown Samuel 1/12 M W Pa. Apr.
Nedrow Catharine 69 F W Keeping house Pa.
Knopsnider Sabina 24 F W Pa.

[NI071154] 1850 Census Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford, PA Sep 11 Thos Hughes
32 99 101 Burket Benjamin 31 M Farmer 1,000 Pa
Burket Rebecca 32 F Pa
Burket Lucinda 20 F Pa
Burket Ellen 17 F Pa
Burket John 16 M Farmer Pa
Burket William 12 M Pa
Burket Elizabeth 9 F Pa
Burket Josiah 6 M Pa
Burket Susan 5 F Pa
Burket Harriet 2 F Pa
Burket Catharine 3/12 F Pa

[NI071156] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
36/36 Samule BURKERT, 39, Farmer, $1000, Pa.
Mary, 34, Pa.
Jacob, 13, school
Moses, 6
Michael, [age unclear]
Peggy, 17, school
Sarah, 15, school
Betsy, 11
Susan, 3

[NI071220] Johann Jacob Menges came to Philadelphia the 19th of Nov 1771 ship Tyger from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, England did this day take & subscribe the foregoing oathes of Qualifications Consigned to Mess'rs Willing & Morris Index to Rev. Soldiers (7820) p 398 Johann Jacob Menges, Phila.,Pa. 1771. Served from Berks, Co.,Pa. 1781 1798: 18 Mar 1798. MENGES, Jacob. Appointed constable for Stoney Creek Twp for coming year. Henry Hess, who held the position the previous year was dismissed. Quarter Sessions Docket, Somerset Co., Docket A Vol3 No 1 p 9 1799: No 29, MENGES, John vs. Jacob KELLER (no case listed) Somerset Past, Vol 4, No 3, p13 Somerset Co. Will Book # 2 p. 505 & 506 Last Will & Testament of John Jacob Menges Transaction the original being in the German language see page 479 In the name of God amen I the undersigned John Jacob Menges of Somerset Co. being as long as God pleases of sound mind do therefore write here my last will & testament as follows to wit. first I command my immortal soul into the hands of my God and to his mercy & my body to be buryed by my Executors in the earth honestly & in a christian like manner & whatsoever concerns my worldly estate they shall first pay my just debts, then they shall give to my beloved wife the house, 2 gardens, the meadows, 2 fields from before the house upwards, & if she wants any ploughing done, then he who lives on the old place shall do it & bring in the garden firewood & make the hay & put it on the stable, they shall give her yearly 10 bushels of wheat get it ground & bring it to her Then shall they make vendue & sell the loose property & clear the place with it, & after that divide it as follows. my son John shall have the trifle which is in the book against him & my son Henry shall have as much as any of the others. If none will take the place then they may sell & divide it & I appoint my son in law Christian Ling & my son Yost Henry Menges as Executers to settle this, but not as long as mother lives. Such is my last will & Testament amen, yet according to law. written the 7 Jun 1825. Witness Peter Kimmel George Boyer John Jacob Menges The following is an appendage (codicil) & addition to my Will & Testament above which I do hereby declare & pronounce as such, to wit it is my Will & I do order my son Yost Henry Menges & my son in law Christian Ling to divide my place as well as they can, and to pay out to each as follows to wit to my dau. Anna Margaret 50 dollars in 1 year after my death, then the 2 year that which stands in the book against my son John till it amounts to 50 dollars and so to each of my children according to their ages each yr 1 in succession but should the place not be appraised or valued high enough that so much will come to 1, then whatever it will amount to left, to the further attestation I have hereunto set my own hand & seal so done in Stoney Creek Twp Somerset Co 1825 Aug 31 N.B. the Mare The mare sadle & ridle she shall keep as long as she pleases or as long as she keeps my name to wit my wife Elizabeth shall but should Christian Ling not wish to be executor by reason of no learning then in that case my son Peter Menges shall have the full power according to law. And its my Will that they shall give to my son Henry as much as to any one of the others, & they shall thereafter hold the vendue & sell the loose property J. Jacob Menges

[NI071246] 1850 census Berlin Borough, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
325 104 Dively Michael G. 46 M Stonemason PA
Elizabeth 46 F PA
William 17 M PA
Charlotte 16 F PA
Margaret 13 F PA
Michael 7 M PA
John 2 M PA
1870 Federal Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 24 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
29 237 243 Dively Michael G. 66 M W Stone Mason 600 300 PA.
30 237 243 Dively Lydia 63 F W Keeping House PA

[NI071247] 1850 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
233 8 MANGES Adam 42 M Farmer PA
233 8 MANGES Elisabeth 43 F PA
233 8 MANGES Jeremiah 19 M Laborer PA
233 8 MANGES Julian 16 M Laborer PA
233 8 MANGES Hannah 13 F PA
233 8 MANGES Mary 8 F PA
233 8 MANGES William H. 1 M PA
233 8 MANGES Mary M. 73 F PA

[NI071272] 1870 Census Berlin Borough, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 25 Aug 1870 by Jno. Hicks
11 3 3 Menges William H. 21 M W Shoemaker 200 PA
12 3 3 Menges Susan 27 F W Keeping House PA.

[NI071286] 1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 24 Oct Henry Cook
35 274 308 Ling Jacob 49 M Laborer Pa
Ling Elizabeth 47 F Pa
Ling Benjamen 14 M Pa
Ling David 9 M Pa
Ling John 7 M Pa

[NI071289] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA John J. Schell
224-161 Mangas, John 26 M Farmer PA
Margaret 19 F PA
Nathaniel 9m M PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Jul 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
4 133 136 Menges David 49 M W farmer 4,000 1,600 Pa
Menges Margarette 39 F W wife Pa
Christina 17 F W at home Pa
Menges Mary J 14 F W at home Pa
Menges Joseph 6 M W at home Pa
Menges Eliza 3 F W at home Pa
Craver Jacob 21 M W farm labr P
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 16, 15 Jun 1880
437B 10 137 142 Manges David W M 57 Farmer PA PA PA
Manges Margaret W F 49 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Manges Joseph W M 15 Son PA PA PA
Manges Eliza W F 12 Daughter PA PA PA
Manges David W M 8 Son PA PA PA

[NI071292] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
228-192 Ling Catharine 57 F PA

[NI071295] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 1, 3 Jun 1880
430A 42 9 10 Ling Pearson W M 28 Farmer PA PA PA
430A 43 9 10 Ling Margaret W F 34 Wife Keeping house PA Germany PA
430A 44 9 10 Ling Charles W M 6 Son PA PA PA
430A 45 9 10 Ling Mary W. W F 4 Daughter PA PA PA
430A 46 9 10 Ling Susan W F 3 Daughter PA PA PA
430A 47 9 10 Moyer Sarah W F 15 Servant Domestic PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 23 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
139B 58 212 219 Ling Pearson Head W M Aug 1851 48 M 28 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 170
139B 59 212 219 Ling Margaret Wife W F May 1846 54 M 28 5 5 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
139B 60 212 219 Ling Charles Son W M Nov 1873 26 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer Yes Yes Yes
139B 61 212 219 Ling Annie Daughter W F Feb 1884 16 S PA PA PA 6 Yes Yes Yes
139B 62 212 219 Ling Elnora Daughter W F July 1890 9 S PA PA PA 6
139B 63 212 219 Ling Nephew W M Apr 1885 15 S PA PA PA
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Pearson Ling State: PA Dist: 0159 Color: W Age: 58 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0070 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02740662 Other Residents:
Wife Margarette 63, PA

[NI071296] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
228-196 Ling, Joseph 36 M Farmer PA
Sarah 28 F PA
Priscilla 11 F PA
Elisabeth 8 F PA
Thompson 6 M PA
229- Emanuel 3 M PA
Josiah 1 M PA
Elisabeth 69 F PA
Goon, Josiah 18 M Laborer PA

[NI071304] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 16 June Willis L. Powell
136B 60 151 157 Ling Ellsworth Head W M July 1861 38 M 20 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O M F 122
Ling Elmira Wife W F Apr 1854 46 M 20 7 7 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
Ling Glen Son W M Nov 1880 19 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 4 Yes Yes Yes
Ling Jennie Daughter W F Jan 1883 17 S PA PA PA 5 Yes Yes Yes
Ling Howard Son W M Feb 1885 15 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 5 Yes Yes Yes
Ling Myrtle Daughter W F Sept 1886 13 S PA PA PA 6 Yes Yes Yes
Ling Sarah May Daughter W F Oct 1888 11 S PA PA PA 7 Yes Yes Yes
Ling Earl Son W M Feb 1892 8 S PA PA PA 5
Ling Pearl Daughter W F Feb 1892 8 S PA PA PA 5
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Ellworth Ling State: PA Dist: 0159 Color: W Age: 48 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0100 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02730599 Other Residents:
Wife Elvina 55, PA
Son A Glenn 29, PA
Dau Sadie M 21, PA
Son Earl H 18, PA
Dau Pearl 18, PA

[NI071305] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
223-166 Ling , Henry 34 M Farmer PA
Mary 32 F PA
Debean 7 F PA
Mosouri 5 F PA
Washington 3 M PA
Emeline 1 F PA
Elisabeth 6m F PA

[NI071338] Pa. 1810 Census Peter, Bedford Co. St Clair Twp Bedford Co. Will Book # 4 p 418-420 Last Will of Peter Manges I Peter Manges of Napier Twp Bedford Co. & State of PA (Yeoman?)( add?) make & publish this my last will & testament hereby revoking & making void all former wills by me at any time before made & first I direct that my body be decently interred & as such was ? ?as ? hath ? God ? me with I dispose of the same as follows First I direct that all my debts & funeral expenses be ? out of the first monies that shall come into the hands of my Executors from any portion of my Estate real or personal & as to my Real Estate as surveyed & divided by Michael Reed Esq. under my direction on the 28 Aug last past as plot draft is here unto annexed & the several parts numbered 1,2,3 & 4 I devise & bequeath unto my 4 children as follows To my dau. Hannah intermarried with Benjamin Pisel I will & bequeath the part numbered 3 with the appurtenances containing 61 acres 85 perches allowance as represented by the annexed draft for the case & benefit & for the no other use during her natural lifetime & after her decease to her heirs in fee simple To my son John Manges I will & bequeath the part numbered 4 with the appurtenances containing 57 acres 122 perches of allowance as represented upon the attached draft to him his heirs & assign to fee simple To my son Jacob P. Manges I will & bequeath the part numbered 1 with the appurtenances containing 58 acres 94 perches of allowance as represented upon the annexed draft to him his heirs & assigns in fee simple To the Heirs of my son Joseph Manges deceased I will & bequeath the part numbered 2 with the appurtenances containing 58 acres 34 perches & allowance as represented by the draft here unto annexed being the homestead where I now reside & their heirs & assigns in fee simple on reference to the here annexed draft the division of my real estate will more fully & plain appear & the remainder of my estate after my debts & funeral expenses are paid are to be by my executors herein after named equally divided among my 4 heirs share & share alike & effectually this my intentions do hereby vest in my executors full ? & authority to execute the ? ? convey & to my said heirs or otherwise in as full & in a manner in every respect as I could myself do if living & I do hereby make & ordain my beloved son Jacob P. Manges & my esteemed friend Joseph Baughman of the Borough of Schellsburg Executors of this my last will & testament in witness where of I Peter Manges the ? have here to my last will & testament written on 1 sheet of paper set my hand & seal 11 Sep 1862. Peter X Manges Signed sealed published & declared by the above named Peter Manges as and for his last will & testament in the presence of us who have here unto subscribed our names as Witness here in the presence of the said testator & in the presence of each other. Michael Reed Geo. W Manges
1850 Federal Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 29, 1850 by Thos Hughes
7 280 285 Mangus Peter 65 M Farmer 1,400 Pa
8 280 285 Mangus Susanna 72 F Pa
9 280 285 Petrie Susanna 47 F Pa
10 280 285 Beisel Ellen 6 F Pa

[NI071340] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
207-47 Miller, Michael 40 M Farmer PA
Margaret 39 F PA
Agnes 17 F PA
Catharine 15 F PA
Alexander 13 M PA
James 11 M PA
Jeanette 9 F PA
Mary J. 6 F PA
Josiah 7 M PA
Margaret 5 F PA
Martin H. 3 M PA
Patterson 3m M

[NI071353] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
John H Constable State: PA Enumeration District: 9154 Color: W Age: 44 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0348 County: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00810714 Other Residents:
Wife Margret J 48, PA
Son Blake L 22, PA
Son Willard G 17, PA
Son John M 14, PA
Daughter Mary A NR, PA
1 non-relative

[NI071386] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
Ling, Samuel 37 M Farmer PA
Catharine 40 F PA
Rosanna 17 F PA
Jonathan 13 M PA
Gephart 11 M PA
Amanda 9 F PA
Charlotte 7 F PA
Cornelius 1 M PA
Grove, Daniel 24 M Laborer PA

[NI071390] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jul 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
30 207 207 Ling Jonathan 33 M W farmer 2,000 800 Pa
Ling Elisabeth 30 F W wife Pa
Ling Araminta 7 F W at home Pa
Ling Elisa 5 F W at home Pa
Ling Clara 2 F W Pa
Ling no name 11/12 F W Pa July
Shaffer Daniel 28 M W farmer 800 440 Pa
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Jun 1880
431A 1 19 20 Ling Jonathan W M 42 Farmer Palsy PA PA PA
Ling Elizibeth W F 39 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Ling Anna A. W F 17 Daughter PA PA PA
Ling John W. W M 7 Son PA PA PA
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 25 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
140A 24 227 234 Ling Jonathan Head W M Mar 1837 63 M 37 PA PA PA Farmer
Ling Elizabeth Wife W F Dec 1839 60 M 37 11 5 PA PA PA
Ling Louisa Daughter W F Feb 1881 19 S PA PA PA
Ling Mattie Daughter W F Mar 1883 17 S PA PA PA
Ling Eppie Daughter W F May 1887 13 S PA PA PA
Ling John B. G-Son W M July 1891 8 S PA PA PA

[NI071391] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 22 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
34 140 146 Ling Gebhart 30 M W Laborer 100 PA
Ling Margaret 25 F W Keeping house PA
Bisbon Catharine 11 F W PA
Miller Charles 7 M W PA

[NI071396] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
210-67 Ling, James 34 M Farmer PA
Rachel 33 F PA
Edwin 10 M PA
Christian 8 M PA
William 5 M PA
Ann Jane 3 F PA
Malinda 1 F PA
Devine, Rosanna 16 F PA

[NI071400] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
228-194. Miller, James 30 M Farmer PA
Mary 28 F PA
Franklin 6 M PA
Maria 4 F PA
Daniel 2 M PA
Elisabeth 1 F PA
Summers, Michael 13 M PA

[NI071402] 224-160 Mangus, Christina 50 F PA
Caroline 22 F PA
John 24 M Farmer PA
Henry 20 M Farmer PA

[NI071405] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 7 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
18 137 139 Mengez John 45 M W farmer 4,000 1,200 P
Mengez Sophia 43 F W wife P
Mengez Maryann 14 F W at home P
Mengez Ann Catharina 12 F W at home P
Mengez Sarah 10 F W at home P
Mengez Rebecca 8 F W at home P
Mengez Jacob 9 M W at home P
Mengez Henry 6 M W at home P
Mengez Elisabeth 3 F W at home P
Mengez John 3/12 M W at home P Mar
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA O.W.Williamson Pg 16, 15 Jun 1880
437B 20 139 144 Manges John W M 56 Farmer PA PA PA
Manges Sophia W F 47 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Manges Rebecca W F 20 Dau PA PA PA
Manges Jacob L. W M 18 Son PA PA PA
Manges Henry W. W M 15 Son PA PA PA
Manges Elizabeth W F 13 Dau PA PA PA
Manges John G. W M 10 Son PA PA PA
Manges Charles A. W M 8 Son PA PA PA
Manges Amanda W F 5 Dau PA PA PA
Manges Abraham W M 1 Son PA PA PA

[NI071407] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
202-8 Mengas, Abraham 33 M Farmer PA
or Mangus) Sarah 25 F PA
Ananias 5 F PA
Mary 3 F PA
Nehemiah 1 M PA
1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 8 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
33 160 162 Menges Abraham 50 M W farmer 5,000 1,200 P
34 160 162 Menges Elisa 37 F W wife P
35 160 162 Menges Nehemiah 20 M W at home P
36 160 162 Menges Mary 18 F W at home P
37 160 162 Menges Henry 14 M W at home P
38 160 162 Menges Amanda 12 F W at home P
39 160 162 Menges Olunda 2 M W at home P

[NI071412] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 16 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
138 143 MANGUS Jacob 53 M Cooper 300 acres PA
Elisabeth 50 F PA can't read or write
Sally 29 F PA can't read or write
Adam 16 M Laborer PA
Polly 13 F PA
Elisabeth 12 F PA
Anne 7 F PA

[NI071415] 1850 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: John H. Smith
518 116 Holbrook, Henry L. 56 M Farmer N.Y.
Mary 44 F PA
Charles H. 20 M PA
Egleton 18 M PA
Bernard 16 M PA
Bruce 14 M PA
Marsailles 12 M PA
Emily 9 F PA
Mary B. 7 F PA
1860 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated by John Campbell
15 190 190 Holbrook Henry L. 61 M Farmer 300 New York
16 190 190 Holbrook Mary 55 F Seamstress Pa.
17 190 190 Holbrook Emily J. 19 F Teacher C. S. Pa.
18 190 190 Holbrook Mary B. 17 F Seamstress Pa.
19 190 190 Snyder Harrison 20 M Farmer Pa.
20 190 190 Wills Josiah 15 M Pa.

[NI071418] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Earl L Eddy State: PA Enumeration District: 0091 Color: W Age: 31 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0053 Co.: Fayette Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01240514 Other Residents:
Wife Mary E 25, PA
Dau. Marguerite H 05, West Virginia
Son Reynold A 02, PA
Son Charles S NR, PA

[NI071421] 1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 7 June 1900 by Willis L. Powell
131A 45 60 63 Croyle John Head W M Apr 1860 40 M 20 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 50
131A 46 60 63 Croyle Sarah Wife W F Oct 1850 49 M 20 6 6 PA PA PA Yes No Yes
131A 47 60 63 Croyle Harvy Son W M Jan 1883 17 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
131A 48 60 63 Croyle John Son W M Mar 1885 16 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
131A 49 60 63 Croyle William Son W M Jan 1889 11 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
131A 50 60 63 Croyle Mary M. Daughter W F Jan 1891 9 S PA PA PA 7
131B 51 60 63 Croyle Annie Daughter W F Mar 1895 5 S PA PA PA Yes Yes
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Croyle State: PA Enumeration District: 0159 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0028 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00920236 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 59, PA
Son William 21, PA
Daughter Mary M 19, PA
Daughter Anna E 15, PA

[NI071423] 1850 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
218-125 Bepley, David 68 M Farmer Ger.
Barbara 51 F PA
Elisabeth 24 F PA
Christina 20 F PA
George 19 M Laborer PA
Maria 16 F PA

[NI071426] 1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 1 Jun 1900 by Willis L. Powell. Written Sht No. 1A
128A 13 3 4 Pebley Jeremiah Head W M Oct 1853 46 M 4 PA PA PA Farmer O M F
128A 14 3 4 Pebley Mary E Wife W F Feb 1849 50 M 4 7 6 PA PA PA
128A 15 3 4 Pebley Robert Son W M Mar 1882 18 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer
128A 16 3 4 Pebley Elnora Daughter W F Apr 1883 17 S PA PA PA
128A 17 3 4 Pebley William Son W M May 1885 15 S PA PA PA
128A 18 3 4 Pebley Alda Daughter W F Nov 1887 12 S PA PA PA
128A 19 3 4 Ling Elmer Stepfather W M Aug 1890 9 S PA PA PA
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Jerry Pebley State: PA Dist: 0164 Color: W Age: 56 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0077 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 03510666 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 60, PA
Stepson Elmer Ling 19, PA

[NI071428] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 21, 21 Jun 1880
440A 6 181 191 Bebley Jonathan W M 22 Laborer PA PA PA
440A 7 181 191 Bebley Susan W F 17 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
440A 8 181 191 Bebley Luther W M 10/12 July Son PA PA PA
440A 9 181 191 Bebley Jeremiah W M 26 Brother Laborer PA PA PA

[NI071433] Johnstown Trib Sep 2, 1927 Page 17 NONAGENARIAN OF BEDFORD, EXPIRES Mrs. Mary Spiker, 92, Dies at Old Folks' Home; Funeral Sun Morn Special to The Trib BEDFORD, Sept. 2. - Mrs. Mary SPIKER, aged 92 yrs, a native of Bedford Twp. & 1 of the oldest residents of this Co., d yesterday at the Old Folks' Home, near here, where she had been an inmate for some time. Death was attributed to a complication of diseases. Mrs. SPIKER'S husb preceded her to the grave. She leaves 1 son, Jacob SPIKER, residing at Krings Sta, near Johnstown. Funeral servs will be at 10 am Sun United Breth Ch., at Helixville, this Co., conducted by the deceased's grandson, who is a minister. Bur. will be in the Ch. Cem. Undertaker J. H. Blansett, of Stoyestown, has prepared the body for Bur.

[NI071435] 1870 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 4 Jul 1870 by Hiram J. Boytz
33 86 86 Bebly George 35 M W farmer 400 260 Pa
34 86 86 Bebly Mary 35 F W wife Pa
35 86 86 Bebly Samuel 19 M W at home Pa
36 86 86 Bebly Ellen 16 F W at home Pa
37 86 86 Bebly William 15 M W at home Pa
38 86 86 Bebly Charles 12 M W at home Pa
39 86 86 Bebly Albert 7 M W at home Pa
40 86 86 Bebly Emanuel 3 M W at home Pa
1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 7, 8 Jun 1880
432B 48 55 59 Bebley George W M 49 Farmer PA PA PA
432B 49 55 59 Bebley Mary W F 48 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
432B 50 55 59 Bebley Samuel W M 28 Son Laborer PA PA PA
433A 1 55 59 Bebley Barbara W F 26 Daughter At home PA PA PA
433A 2 55 59 Bebley William W M 24 Son Laborer PA PA PA
433A 3 55 59 Bebley Charles W M 21 Son Laborer PA PA PA
433A 4 55 59 Bebley Albert W M 16 Son Laborer PA PA PA
433A 5 55 59 Bebley Emanuel W M 14 Son PA PA PA
433A 6 55 59 Bebley Godfrey W M 10 Son PA PA PA
433A 7 55 59 Bebley George W M 5 Son PA PA PA

[NI071445] 1850 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator John J. Schell
203-20 Mangus, Catharine 45 M PA
Elisabeth 11 F PA
Edward 8 M PA
Jacob 6 M PA

[NI071451] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 29 Thos Hughes
22 280 287 Beisel Hannah 40 F Pa
Beisel Noah 21 M Pa
Beisel Susanna 19 F Pa
Beisel Hosanna 6 F Pa

[NI071452] 1850 Federal Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 29, 1850 by Thos Hughes
11 280 286 Mangus Joseph 38 M Farmer Pa
12 280 286 Mangus Mary 15 F Pa
13 280 286 Mangus Elizabeth 12 F Pa
14 280 286 Mangus Elizabeth 38 F Pa
15 280 286 Mangus Jacob 11 M Pa
16 280 286 Mangus Joseph 10 M Pa
17 280 286 Mangus Ephraim 9 M Pa
18 280 286 Mangus Daniel 6 M Pa
19 280 286 Mangus Sarah 4 F Pa
20 280 286 Mangus Charlotte M 3 F Pa
21 280 286 Mangus Melinda 9/12 F Pa

[NI071453] 1850 Federal Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 29, 1850 by Thos Hughes
2 279 284 Mangus Jacob 31 M Farmer 700 Pa
3 279 284 Mangus Mary A. 37 F Pa
4 279 284 Mangus Susanna 12 F Pa
5 279 284 Mangus Abraham 8 M Pa
6 279 284 Mangus Emanual 2 M Pa

[NI071460] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 26 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng
33 243 248 Dively William 37 M W Blacksmith 600 300 PA
34 243 248 Dively Susan 34 F W Keeping house PA
35 243 248 Dively Lilly 12 F W PA
36 243 248 Dively Mary 10 F W PA
37 243 248 Dively George B. 7 M W PA
38 243 248 Dively William 6 M W PA
39 243 248 Dively Albert 4 M W PA
40 243 248 Dively Alexander H. 2 M W PA
1 243 248 Dively Harman 11/12 M W PA Jan

[NI071465] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Elizabeth Baughman Age: 73 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0057 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0039 Co.: Indiana Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Son Simon H 48, PA
Grandson James K 12, PA
Son John S 30, PA

[NI071469] Johnstown Daily Trib - Apr 26 1907 THE DEATH ROLL - Abram Manges passed away 11:40 pm last night at his res., No. 313 Carr St., 1st Ward, after an illness of 11 mos of Bright's Disease; aged 65 yrs & 4 dys. b Napier Twp., Bedford Co., Apr 22 1842, & remained there until 1861, when he enlisted Co. H, 14th Reg. PA Vol. under command of Capt. Thomas Holland, serving 3 mos. then enlisted Co. B, 12th US Inf. & served throughout the Rebellion. He took part in the following engagements: Gaines' Hill, Melvin Hill, Bull Run; Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, & Mine Run. During the battle of Gaines' Hill he was wounded in the hip, & while being taken to the Hosp in an ambulance through the Wilderness, he was taken prisoner by a squad of guerillas under Col. White. He was taken to Libby Prison & from there to Andersonville, where he was kept a prisoner for 7 mos, undergoing all the horrors that those who were prisoners there alone know. He was transferred from there to Macon & finally removed to Savannah, where he was exchanged by the Confederates after 15 mos & 5 dys in captivity. He was sent North by the Union Army to Fort Hamilton, N.Y. where he was honorably discharged Apr 22 1865. After leaving Fort Hamilton, Mr. Manges went to Brooklyn, where he m Miss Adelia H. Campbell, who survives him. From Brooklyn he returned to his home in Bedford Co., where he remained abt 3 yrs, after which he came to Johnstown, where he entered the employ of the Cambria Iron Co., working as a puddler & heater under the late Alexander Hamilton until some few yrs ago. For the past yr he was employed as a watchman at the Gautier Dept. Cambria Steel Co., being compelled to relinquish the arduous work of a heater on account of his advanced age. Mr. Manges is survived by his wife, 2 sis.s, Mrs. Elizabeth Baughman, Blairsville, & Mrs. Malinda Hite, of this city; also cldn: Elizabeth, w/o Seth Hoskins, Wheeling, WV; Mary, w/o Herman S. Aaron, No 302 Market St.; Malinda A., w/o Charles H. Stroup, No 242 Union St.; Floyd, No 313 Carr St., & Clifford B., Stockton, CA. He was a memb. Franklin St. M. E. Ch. & Mineral Lodge, No. 89, Knights of Pythias. The funeral will be in charge of Mineral Lodge. Services will be by the deceased's pastor, Rev. Thomas H. Woodring, at the Manges residence Sun afternoon 2:30. Bur. Grandview Cem.

[NI071470] Johnstown Daily Trib - Dec 23 1907: THE DEATH ROLL - Mrs. Adelia Henrietta Manges, widow of Abram Manges, a Civil War vet whose death occurred but 9 ms ago, expired at the home of her son, J. Floyd Manges, No. 313 Carr St., 1st Ward, 11:45 am yesterday after a long illness of a complication of diseases, in her 63 yr. The deceased, nee Adelia Henrietta Campbell, b Edgeworthtown, Co. Longford, Ireland, Aug 10 1845, being a d/o Mr. & Mrs. Owen Campbell, deceased. The Campbell family came to America in 1864 & settled in Brooklyn, where Miss Campbell m Abram Manges. after their marriage, located in Bedford Co., coming to Johnstown in 1870. Abram Manges d 1st Ward Apr 25. Mrs. Manges is survived by 3 daus & 2 sons, as follows: Elizabeth, w/o Seth Hoskins, Wheeling, WV; Mary, w/o Herman S. Aaron, No. 302 Market St.; Malinda, w/o Charles H. Stroup, Union St.; Clifford Manges, CA, & J. Floyd Manges, mentioned above. also survived by 3 gsons & 1 gdau - Frank L. & Herman Aaron; Miss Helen Brubaker, & Horace Stroup. Frank Aaron a student at the U of PA, Philadelphia, & his cousin Miss Brubaker, Newpaltz, NY. both having arrived home last wk to spend their X-mas vacation. The funeral will take place 2 pm tomorrow when the deceased's pastor, Rev. J. W. G. Fast, Franklin St. Meth Episc Ch., will conduct the obsequies. Bur. Grandview Cem. She joined the M. E. Ch. during the pastorate of Rev. Dr. H. L. Chapman 20 yrs ago.

[NI071480] Obit Johnstown Daily Trib - Jan 9 1919: EMANUEL MANGES DIES SUDDENLY AT SCHELLSBURG. Spent Most of His Life on Farm Where He Was b & Was Widely Kwn in Community. Geistown, Jan. 9 - Emanuel S. MANGES, a venerable res of Schellsburg, d at his home at that place very suddenly Sat morn of apoplexy. He was 70 yrs old. Mr. MANGES was b on the farm on which he d & spent almost his entire life there. He had a wide acquaintance & influence in the community & news of his sudden end was received with general regret. Surviving Mr. MANGES are his wife, Mrs. Della HAMMER MANGES, & following chldn: Laura w/o Howard J. MOCK, Johnstown; Daisy w/o George L. DALEY, Windber; Rhoda w/o Stanley BAREFOOT, Osterburg; Myrtle w/o Barkley P. BAREFOOT, Windber; Curt MANGES, Windber; Dorsey MANGES, Detroit, MI; Irene w/o John A. NEES, Geistown, & Rush, Freda & Jessie, at home. 3 gchldn also survive. Funeral was held Mon 2 pm at Manges home. The servs were conducted by Rev. John WINWOOD, New Paris. Bur New Paris Cem. with Undertaker J. S. Otto in charge.

[NI071483] Johnstown Trib Jun 7 1921 MRS. MAGGIE WONDERS - SIDMAN, Jun 7 - Mrs. Maggie Wonders, aged 78 yrs, d 2 pm yesterday her home here. Death was due to general debility. Mrs. Wonders was d/o John & Rachel (Fleegle) Mangus. Her husb passed away some time ago. Following chldn survive: Mrs. Adda Hiner, David Wonders, Mrs. William Carpenter & Mrs. Henry Patterson, all Lovett; J. C. Wonders, Tunnelhill; William Wonders, Salix, & James Wonders, Windber. She also leaves these bros & sis': Bird Mangus, Wilmore, David Mangus, KS, Mrs. Harry Heater, Hastings; Mrs. Mary Smay & Mrs. E. G. Buchanan, both South Fork, & Mrs. Thomas Walker, Warren, OH. 32 gchldn & 15 ggchldn also survive. Funeral serv will be at the house at 2 pm tomorrow, conducted by Rev. Clemant, Johnstown Christian & Missionary Alliance, pastor. Bur Evang Ch Cem, Pringle Hill, George Bros, local undertakers have prepared the body. NOTE: Mrs. Heater, Mrs. Smay & Mrs. Buchanan are half-sisters.

[NI071487] 1850 Federal Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Taken Aug 29, 1850 by Thos Hughes
25 277 282 Hiner Peter 63 M Farmer 1,500 Md
26 277 282 Hiner Elizabeth 51 F Md
27 277 282 Hiner Eve 22 F Pa
28 277 282 Hiner Benjamin 21 M Farmer Pa
29 277 282 Hiner John M. 18 M Farmer Pa
30 277 282 Hiner Margaret 16 F Pa
31 277 282 Hiner Rebecca 15 F Pa

[NI071490] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Joseph A Hiner State: PA Dist.: 0026 Color: W Age: 55 B Pl: PA Visit: 0187 Co.: Bedford Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02050207 Other Residents:
Wife Anna M 51, PA
dau. Dagre R Blackburn 5-, NR
Son William F Hiner 2-, NR
Son John L 18, PA
dau. Mary A 14, PA
dau. Margret C 14, PA

[NI071491] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Albert W Hiner State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0025 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0052 Co.: Bedford Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02050693 Other Residents:
Wife Margret E 50, PA
dau. Ida T 18, PA
Son Frank B 14, PA

[NI071493] OBITUARY: Johnstown Tribune, Cambria Co., Pa: August 26, 1912; Henry Heiner, Near Hooversville, Dead: Special to the Tribune. Hooversville, Aug. 26. - Henry Heiner, about 50 years old, died at 4:30 o'clock last evening at his home in Shade Township, near Hooversville, following an illness of several months. Mr. Heiner had tubercular peritonitis. His case attracted the attention of several physicians. Besides his widow, Mr. Heiner, is survived by four children. His funeral will be held tomorrow, with services at 2 o'clock at Graef Church.
1900 census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 13 June Willis L. Powell
133A 13 88 93 Heiner Henry Head W M Feb 1861 39 M 14 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 74
Heiner Sidney Wife W F Dec 1865 34 M 14 4 4 PA PA PA Yes Yes Yes
Heiner Clarence Son W M Apr 1893 6 S PA PA PA 2 Yes Yes Yes
Heiner Blaire Son W M Oct 1894 5 S PA PA PA
Heiner Chester Son W M July 1897 2 S PA PA PA
Heiner Jesse M. Daughter W F Apr 1899 1 S PA PA PA
Thomas Lucy M-in law W F July 1826 73 W 1 1 PA PA PA No No Yes
Thomas Katie Aunt W F Feb 1888 12 S PA PA PA 6 Yes Yes Yes
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index Henry J Hiner State: PA Dist.: 0159 Color: W Age: 49 B Pl: PA Visit: 0138 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02060042 Other Residents:
Wife Sidney J 45, PA
Son Clarence 17, PA
Son Blair 16, PA
Son Chester 13, PA
dau. Jessie May 10, PA

[NI071494] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
George C Hiner State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0043 Color: W Age: 45 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0068 Co.: Blair, Altoona Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02050949 Other Residents:
Wife Lulu 40, PA
Son William E 19, PA
Son Harry L 17, PA
Son Chester C 15, PA
Son Roy F 14, PA
dau. Katherine 10, PA

[NI071501] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Daniel Manges State: PA Enumeration District: 0002 Color: W Age: 45 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0259 County: Bedford Relation: Husband ImageNum: 03170592 Other Residents:
Wife Minnie 43, Pennsylvania
Daughter Ethel 13, Pennsylvania
Son Homer 09, Pennsylvania
Daughter Gladys 03, Pennsylvania

[NI071506] Obit dated 1953: JOSEPH C. MANGES, Joseph C. MANGES, former resid of Bedford, d Mon afternoon at a Baltimore, MD, hosp. He was 76. Mr. MANGES was s/o Josiah MANGES & Susan BENDER. He m twice. His 1st wife was former Nettie HORNE, & his 2nd wife, who also preceded him in death, was the former Mary DIEHL. He leaves 4 chdn. They are: Mrs. Christine CONIVITCH, Middletown, PA, Josiah W. MANGES, & Kenneth MANGES, both Baltimore, & Robert F. MANGES, Venezuela. Also 2 bros: Frank, Reynoldsdale, & Walter, Akron, OH, & 1sis Mrs. Pearl ANDERSON, Hershey, PA. The deceased was memb Loyal Order of the Moose. Funeral serv at the Barefoot Funeral Home, Bedford Thu at 2 pm with Rev. H. T. COVERT officiating. Bur Fishertown Cem.

[NI071507] Obit in the Johnstown Trib - Apr 28 1951: MANGES, Mrs. Della (HAMMER) 86, Schellsburg, at 8 pm Apr 17 1951, at home of a dau Mrs. Forrest MILLER. B in Bedford Co Oct 1 1864, d/o Caleb & Mary (SNOWDEN) HAMMER. Wid/o Emmanuel MANGES. Survived by chdn: Mrs. Howard MOCK, Johnstown; Mrs. George DALEY, Mrs. Barclay P. BAREFOOT & Mrs. Elton LEACH, all Windber; James D., Detroit, MI; Mrs. Irene BAUMBAUGH, Schellsburg; Rush A., Alum Bank; Mrs. MILLER, mentioned. Also 37 gchdn & 65 ggchdn: a bro Miles HAMMER, Johnstown, & 2 sis: Mrs. George MICKLE, Windber, & Mrs. James MILLER, Central City. Preceded in death by 3 chdn, Curt C., Mrs. Rhoda SCHROYER & an infant son. Memb Helixville EUB Ch. 6 gsons will be pallbearers. Servs at 2:30 pm Mon at Geisel Funeral Home, Pleasantville, Rev. C. W. WION & Rev. Elmer E. EBERSOLE. Bur New Paris Cem. Friends received 7 pm Sat at funeral home.

[NI071509] PA 1910 Census Miracode IndexHoward J Mock Age: 26 State: PA Color: W Dist: 9154 B Pl: PA Visit: 0019 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Laura B 24, PA

[NI071537] 1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 5 Nov by Henry Cook
9 46 47 WENDELL Charles 42 M Laborer GERMANY
10 46 47 WENDELL Catherine 42 F GERMANY
11 46 47 WENDELL Charles 16 M Laborer PA
12 46 47 WENDELL Philip 13 M PA
13 46 47 WENDELL Jacob 12 M PA
14 46 47 WENDELL John 10 M PA
15 46 47 WENDELL Catherine 5 F PA
16 46 47 WENDELL Mary 7 F PA
17 46 47 WENDELL Elizabeth 9 F PA
18 46 47 WENDELL David 3 M PA
19 46 47 WENDELL Lovenia 1 F PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 23, 1860
437 10 2872 2909 Wendell Charles 51 M farmer Darmstadt
437 11 2872 2909 Wendell Catherine 57 F Darmstadt
437 12 2872 2909 Wendell Jacob 22 M farmer 400 400 PA
437 13 2872 2909 Wendell Mary 16 F PA
437 14 2872 2909 Wendell David 12 M PA
437 15 2872 2909 Wendell Levinia 10 F PA
437 16 2872 2909 Wendell Rebecca A 8 F PA
437 17 2872 2909 Wendell William 6 M PA

[NI071542] Obit: Trib-Demo Johnstown, Cambria Co, Pa; Sat Aug 15 1931. Clarence Hiner, 37, Called By Death. Central City Resident Succumbs in Pittsburg After Long Illness. Central City, Aug 15 Clarence L. Hiner, aged 37, d this am at Presby Hosp, Pittsburgh, following an illness of several mos of complication of diseases. He had been a pt at Pittsburgh insitution for last 6 wks. Surviving are his widow Mrs Goldie (Cook) Hiner, & 6 sons: Vanburen, Sharon, Wayne, Meredith, Clell, & Delbert. Funeral Mon 2pm in Ch of Christ here. Rev Byron Mahan will officiate. Bur Glade Cem, in charge of Undertaker, Charles E. Brumbaugh.
Obit: Trib-Demo Johnstown, Cambria Co, Pa. Mon Aug 17 1931. Clarence L Hiner, Mine Official, Dies. Was Asst Foreman at No 3 Reitz Mine for Past 10y. Special to Trib. Central City, Aug 17. Clarence L Hiner, 38, d Sat in Presby Hosp, Pittsburgh where he had been pt for a few wks, although his health had been impaired for a long time. Mr. Hiner was former Councilman here, memb Ch Christ & WOW & PAL, of Johnstown. Funeral 2 pm today in local Ch of Christ here by Rev Byron Mahan & Bur in Graef Cem, in charge of Undertaker Charles E Brumbaugh. Pallbearers were W G Blackburn, James Estep, George Hitechew, F J Mulcahy, Charles Ashman, & Lloyd Gordon. Mr. Hiner is survived by widow, Mrs Goldie (Cook) Hiner; 6 sons: Van Buren, Sharon, Wayne, Meredith, Clell, & Delbert Hiner; his mother Mrs Sidney Hiner, Central City; a sis Jessie w/o George Mowry, Central City, & a bro Chester Hiner, Cresson.
Clarence L. Hiner, April 1893
1920 Census: Central City Boro Shade Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Feb 17 Grover C Johnson Dwelling # 856 Visit# 971
Hiner, Clarence L head home is owned free m w 26 m Can read, write, & speak English b PA Parents b PA Occ Asst Foreman coal mines, works for a wage
Goldie M f w 24 m Can read, write, & speak English b PA Parents b PA
Vanbur D son m w 4 PA
Sharon O son m w 3 PA
Wayne I son m w 2 PA
Meredith R son m w 10mo PA.
1930 Census: Reitz No 4 Shade Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Apr 10 Mary J Krishak Pg# 12B Dwelling# 192 Visit# 195
Hiner, Clarence head home rented $16m radio set not a farm m w 36 m at age 21 Can read, write, & speak English b PA Parents b PA Occ Foreman for coal mines, works for a wage, currently working, not a vet
Goldie wife f w 33 m at age 18 Can read, write, & speak English b PA, Parents b PA
Vanbur son m w 14 in school Can read, write, & speak English b PA
Sharon son m w 13 in school Can read, write, & speak English b PA
Wayne son m w 12 in school Can read, write, & speak English b PA
Meredith son m w 11 in school Can read, write, & speak English b PA
Clell son m w 9 in school b PA
Delbert son m w 8 in school b PA.

[NI071543] Obit: Johnstown Trib-Demo Cambria Co, Pa; Wed Jan 5 1972. Bartholomew-Sell-Hiner, Mrs Goldie M, 76, Central City, d Jan 3 1972, Somerset Co Home for Aged, Berlin; b Nov 20 1895, Ogletown, d/o late William P & Jennie E (Lambert) Cook. Preceded by 1st husb Clarence L Hiner; 2nd husb Mayberry Sell; 3rd husb Matthew Bartholomew; son Meredith Hiner; gson David Hiner; & bro Ernest L Cook. Survived by these chdn: Vanbur Hiner, Canton, OH; Sharon, Wayne & Clell E "Lefty" Hiner all Central City; Delbert Hiner, Bladensburg, MD, & S/Sgt John D Sell, Shreveport, La; also 13 gchdn & 10 ggchdn. Also survived by these stepchdn; Charles Bartholomew, Windber; Merle, Oregon; Mrs Evelyn Wise, Lancaster; Mildred Naughton, Windber; & Dorothea Sell Vendur, Johnstown. Sis of Wava w/o Col Earl Ringler, Cherry Hill, NJ; Ila w/o Robert C Gray, Rochester, NY; & Beam, Central City. Friends received 7pm Thu Charles E Brumbaugh Funeral Home, Central City, service at 2 pm Fri, Robert H Woods officiating. Bur McGregor Cem, Cairnbrook.

[NI071573] There were 11 chldn to this m. to Sarah. It has been written that this man was b in VA or MD. John Penrod who m abt 1768. It has also been written that after his chldn were grown he went to KY & was never heard from again. His Will was probated 14 Jan 1823, Warrick Co., IN. It appears he had a 2nd wife, Hannah Lout. John's daug's Beulah, Sarah, & Mary (Polly) settled in OH

[NI071575] Administrative bond filed 4 Jan 1804, Administrators Barbara Penrod & Issac Husbands, Bondsmen John Gebhart & Peter Kimmel. Petition of Barbara Penrod widow asks for guardians for her 4 chldn, all minors, named: Christina, John, Henry, & Margaret. Gillian Lichtenberger & Jacob Lehman appointed Guardians.

[NI071580] 1850 census Berlin Borough, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
319 51 Meese Alexander O. 29 M Inn Keeper PA
Elizabeth 25 F PA
Irwin W. 5 M PA
Melinda 2 F PA
Rubright Margaret 18 F PA
Brooks Daniel 49 M Laborer PA
Granger B.H. 25 M Blacksmith Great Britain
Miller Charles 37 M Laborer Germany

[NI071595] 1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 2 Nov Henry Cook
19 449 499 Stutzman Abram 43 M Farmer 4,017 Pa
Stutzman Sarah 43 F Pa
Stutzman Jacob 17 M Laborer Pa
Stutzman Catherine 15 F Pa
Stutzman Tobias 12 M Pa
Stutzman Lydia 10 F Pa
Stutzman Sarah 7 F Pa
Stutzman Hanah 4 F Pa
Stutzman Abram 2 M Pa

[NI071596] Bedford Co PA Wills Vol. 3 page 329 Thomas Vickroy, St. Clair Twp. probated 12 Aug 1845 I, Thomas Vickroy, St. Clair Twp., Bedford Co. being at present of sound & disposing mind & memory & understanding do make & ordain this my last will & Testament as following. In the 1st place I give & bequeath unto my wife Sarah Ann Vickroy all my household & goods & furniture including my Swedenbergian Books to be her own absolutely & at her own disposal. 2nd, I order & direct that whatever Stock or personal property of mine may remain upon the farm at my decease (exclusive of the bequest ot my wife) shall be sold by my Executors & applied to the pymt of any necessary expenses. 3rd, it is my will that my debts be pd out of my Real Estate & for that purpose I hereby order & direct my Executors to Sell my real estate or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay my debts, & that they are able to do so. I hereby authorize & empower them to Sell the same either at public or private sale whichever may be to the most advantage & to make & Execute deeds therefor to the purchasers in fee simple. 4th, after the pymt of my debts as aforesaid I give & devise the rest & residue of my estate wheresoever situated to my following named chdn: William, Edwin, George, Mary, Matilda, Louisa & my gdau. Charlotte Sleck, d/o John Sleck whom we have raised from infancy to be divded amongst them either in Land or otherwise in the following proportions that is to say the whole to be divided into 10 equal parts, of which Willam is to have 2 parts, Edwin 2 parts & George 2 parts & Mary 1 part, Matilda 1 part, Louisa 1 part & Charlotte Sleck 1 part to have & to hold the same to them their heirs & assigns forever. But in Said division my wife is to have her 3rds, during her life according to the inestate laws of this State, the portion so reserved for her to go to my chdn as aforesaid at her death. In this division & disposition of my property I have said nothing abt my other chdn in as much as I have already amply provided for them. Lastly. I hereby nominate, constitute & appoint my 3 sons William, Edwin & George to be the Executors of this my last will & Testament hereby revoking any other will that may have been made, & declaring this & no other to be my last will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 21Feb 1844. Thomas Vickroy (seal) witnesses: Geo. W. Anderson, John Mower. Be it remembered that on the 12 Aug 1845 Letters Testamentary were issued to Edwin Vickroy, George Vickroy & Dr. William A. Vickroy Executors in the foregoing will named they having been first duly sworn & affirmed accordng to law. Jos. B. Noble, Regr.
Thomas Vickroy who is buried at Spring Meadow Quaker Cem near Pleasanville/Alum Bank in Bedford owned much land including the land that became Ferndale in Johnstown. This land also seemed to be the only land that became valuable. He was married to Sarah Ann Atlee. The Vickroy family also owned land in the Wilmore area. Sarah Ann Atlee was the d/o William Augustus Atlee 1st President Judge of the Courts of York Co. & he is mentioned in history books on York Co. PA.

[NI071604] 1850 Federal Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 18 Oct 1850 by John J Schell
1 106 110 Besaker Frederick 56 M W Farmer 6,000 PA Handwritten page # 178.
2 106 110 Besaker Mary 55 F W PA
3 106 110 Besaker Mary 23 F W PA
4 106 110 Besaker Sarah 19 F W PA
5 106 110 Besaker Judith 17 F W PA
6 106 110 Besaker Eve 15 F W PA
7 106 110 Besaker Lydia 13 F W PA
8 106 110 Besaker Wilhelmina 10 F W PA
9 106 110 Ankeny Henry 10 M W PA
10 106 110 Whipkey Peter 17 M W Laborer PA
11 106 110 Marshall Emanuel 21 M M Wagoner PA

[NI071619] Reportedly walked to Canada

[NI071622] The 2nd chld of Christian & Elizabeth was John who m. Barbara Hertzler on Feb 12 1808. In that same year, they moved to Delaware Twp, Juniata Co., PA from Berks Co. where all their chldn were b. They then followed the migration to Fairfield Co., OH in Apr 1835.

[NI071624] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 22 Oct by Henry Cook
10 217 246 Stutzman Jacob 40 M Farmer 800 Pa
11 217 246 Stutzman Catherine 24 F Pa
12 217 246 Stutzman George 15 M Pa
13 217 246 Stutzman David 12 M Pa
14 217 246 Stutzman Daniel 10 M Pa
15 217 246 Stutzman Samuel 8 M Pa
16 217 246 Stutzman Benjamin 5 M Pa
17 217 246 Stutzman Aaron 2 M Pa

[NI071625] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 25 Oct by Henry Cook
16 326 365 Stutzman John 38 M Farmer 2,000 Pa
17 326 365 Stutzman Sarah 39 F Pa
18 326 365 Stutzman Jacob 11 M Pa
19 326 365 Stutzman Lydia 9 F Pa X
20 326 365 Stutzman Christina 3 F Pa
21 326 365 Stutzman Frances 7 F Pa
22 326 365 Stutzman Martin 3 M Pa
23 326 365 Bushy Quannes 25 M Laborer Germany

[NI071632] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 23 Oct by Henry Cook
42 263 297 Stutzman Yost 36 M Farmer 1,500 Pa
1 263 297 Stutzman Catherine 30 F Pa
2 263 297 Stutzman Joseph 10 M Pa
3 263 297 Stutzman Moses 8 M Pa
4 263 297 Stutzman Catherine 7 F Pa
5 263 297 Stutzman Yost 5 M Pa
6 263 297 Stutzman Mary 3 F Pa
7 263 297 Stutzman Susan 10/12 F Pa

[NI071642] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 25 Oct by Henry Cook
24 327 366 Stutzman Samuel 28 M Farmer 600 Pa
25 327 366 Stutzman Barbara 26 F Pa
26 327 366 Penrod Elizabeth 9 F Pa

[NI071645] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 30 Oct by Henry Cook
34 379 422 Knable George 30 M Farmer 1,000 Pa
35 379 422 Knable Hanah 31 F Pa
36 379 422 Knable Abram 4 M Pa
37 379 422 Knable Barbara 10/12 F Pa

[NI071647] 1850 Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA 22 Oct by Henry Cook
35 228 259 Stutzman Stephen 24 M Farmer Pa
36 228 259 Stutzman Rachel 20 F Pa
37 228 259 Stutzman Jacob 71 M none 4,000 Pa
38 228 259 Stutzman Susanah 64 F Pa
STEPHEN STUTZMAN. Abt middle of 18th century a German, filled with the spirit of enterprise, left his native land & settled in what is now the little mtn republic of Switzerland. The German referred to was Abram Stutzman, ggfather of subject of this sketch. In that land of the mtns Abram Stutzman, gfather, was b. Abram Stutzman continued the journey west begun by his father, & emigrated to US, settling at old German settlement, Franklin Co., PA, on waters of Conococheague creek, where he lived remainder of his life, following pursuits of a shoemaker & farmer. Jacob Stutzman, father, was b Franklin Co. 1777, & d Taylor Twp, this Co, 1859. He was reared in Franklin Co, & learned trade of shoemaker with his father, & when a young man came to Cambria Co, seeking work along line of his craft. In those early pioneer days it was custom of trade to travel from house to house seeking employment, & it was while thus engaged that he became acquainted with a family by the name of ULERY, 1 of daus of this family he later took as his wife. Jacob Stutzman was an industrious worker, & carefully saved his earnings & purchased a farm of 231 acs, now kwn as Osborn, or 7th ward of Johnstown. He lived on his homestead until 1853, then sold it to son Stephen, & removed to Taylor Twp & spent his remaining days with his son, Samuel Stutzman. He m, when young to Susanna ULERY, & they had 11 chdn: Daniel, Abraham, Jacob, John & David, all deceased; Elizabeth, deceased, w/o Abraham WEAVER, also deceased; Hannah, w/o George KNABLE; Susanna, w/o John Knable, deceased ; Mary, who m 1st time to Samuel BERKEY, & 2nd to Christian GOOD, who is deceased; Samuel, resid Taylor Twp, & Stephen, subject of this sketch. Stephen Stutzman was b old homestead, now kwn as Osborn, Dec 20 1825. His education was in old log school-houses, & was taught usually by so incompetent set of teachers, who "boarded around.'' Being reared on the farm, he naturally took to agricultural pursuits. He farmed for his father a no. of yrs. The latter, after considerable importuning on the part of Dr. Henry YEAGLEY, consented to sell the farm to the latter for $6000, whereupon young Stephen, seeing the old homestead abt to pass from the family, made the proposition to buy it himself. The old gentleman was very much surprised at this manifestation of so great an amount of pluck on the part of his son, remarking that he did not see how he, the son, could pay for it; but Stephen persisted, & his father consented. This amt of money, in those days, was comparatively a much larger amt than it would be considered at the present day, & the undertaking foreshadowed that enterprising & thorough going spirit in the young man which contributed so lgly, in after yrs, to his success. He soon, however, sold the farm to George W. OSBORN for $7000. With the surplus $1000 he made a down pymt on a farm of 175 acs in Upper Yoder Twp, for which he pd $3600. Upon that farm he lived, successfully pursuing the arts of husbandry until 1888, when he removed to Westmont, where he has since lived, enjoying the fruits of an industrious & honorable career. Mr. Stutzman is rep, & serv 3 yrs as tax collector of his Twp. He had interest in cause of popular educ, & for 18 yrs serv as memb of school board of his Twp. He was memb German Bapt Ch. Mr. Stutzman has been twice m. His 1st m was March, 1849, to Rachel BERKEY, d/o Peter Berkey, Somerset Co., & resulted in chdn: Peter, agriculturist, Taylor Twp; Sarah, w/o Aaron STRAYER, Morrellville; Franklin, farmer, Upper Yoder Twp; Jacob S., farmer, same Twp; Mary Jane, w/o Slater ALLEN, Johnstown ; Lovina & Lizzie, twins (Lovina is w/o Dr. L. S. LIVINGSTON, Johnstown ; Lizzie, w/o Joseph D. FINLEY, Glenford, OH) & Williarn, farmer, Upper Yoder Twp. Mr. Stutzman m 2nd Mary FYOCK, wid/o Samuel Fyock, Paint Twp, Somerset Co., PA. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)

[NI071650] 1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 25 Jun 1870 by Christian Streng
15 139 148 Knable John 56 M W Merchant 6,000 10,000 PA
Knable Mary 48 F W Keeping house PA
Knable Martha 27 F W PA
Knable Mary 20 F W PA
Knable John 12 M W PA
Knable Ida 8 F W PA
Lowry Julia 17 F W Domestic servant PA
1880 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA by Geo. W. Benford Jun 1-10 1880
24 11 490A 30 99 116 Knable John W M 66 Merchant PA Md. Md
Knable Mary W F 59 Wife HouseKeepng PA Pa Pa
Knable Martha W F 37 Dau PA Pa Pa
Knable Walter W M 35 Son Clerk in Re*st. Re*ds. PA Pa Pa
Knable Ida B. W F 18 Dau PA Pa Pa

[NI071653] qualified as a british subject
At the Courthouse aforesaid Sep 28 1733 Present: The Honourable the Lt. Governor & Severals of the Magistrates. 43 Palatines, who with their families, making in all 137 persons, were imported here in, Briganteen Richard & Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Christopher Clymer, Master from Rotterdam, but last of Plymouth, as by clearance thence, were qualified as before, & their names are:
Hans Jacob Lebegood

[NI071658] Catharine and John Roudabush's family Bible which is in the possession of an aunt of mine in MI. Lizzie, Samuel, & Willis all lived in MI among a number of Mennonites & Church of the Brethren people from Somerset.

[NI071693] Children
1. Barbli KNUSSLI
3. Madlena KNUSSLI
5. Maria KNUSSLI
6.+Hans KNEUSS
7.+Ulrich KNEUSS
8. Cathri KNUSSLI
9. Margreth KNUSSLI

[NI071699] The 1st Hershey family to set foot on American soil was CHRISTIAN HERSHEY & his 3 chldrn, BENJAMIN, Andrew & Anna, in the yr.1709. They located on a farm 1/2 mile west of Herr's Ice Factory, on the Lincoln Highway, 1 mile west of Lancaster City. This Christian Hershey was a bishop in the Mennonite Ch., & was succeeded by his son, Benjamin, to the same office.

[NI071715] ordained for the Mt. Joy community in 1790, preaching for the several congregations until the time of his death, Oct 12, 1819, at the age of 72 yrs

[NI072070] 1st to Elizabeth Kauffman, & 2nd to Catherine Gerber, dau. of Christian Gerber (d. 1769). John's bro.s, Henry & Jacob Neff, were executors of his estate.

[NI072098] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
199 207 YODER Jacob 34 M Farmer
Nancy 33 F
Elisabeth 8 F
Levi 6 M
Christian 3 M
Franey 3/12 F
Christina 11 F

[NI072107] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Carl A Eddy State: PA Enumeration District: 0132 Color: W Age: 30 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0039 Co.: Westmoreland, Greensburg Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01240508 Other Residents:
Wife Nora E 23, Virginia
Son Paul E 06, PA
Son Gerald D 04, PA

[NI072113] The following article 14 Feb 1912, is taken from a scrapbook in possession of the PA Room at Uniontown PA Library, Uniontown, Faith Co., PA. Dunbar Man Has Over 100 Living Desc.s 90 yrs of healthy, industrious life, 63 yrs of wedded happiness, & more than 100 descs form the rare combination of blessings vouchsafed to ELIJAH ELLENBERGER, of this town, who is celebrating his b-day today & receiving the congratulations of many relatives & friends. His wife, who will be 81 yrs old next Jul, is sharing in the honors."I was always a boy & I'm a boy yet," said Elijah in referring to his anniversary. "I was ways light & jolly & never worried. I'm a colt yet & I ain't fell once this winter. During this cold weather I had a severe sick spell & was housed up 4 wks, but Thank God, I'm not dead yet. God is leaving me here for some purpose. There's a part God wants me to fulfill. I'm ready to go whenever he calls me & I'm not making any calculations on how long I'll live. "I never run across the man yet who could pick up a cradle or scythe & go away from me. We worked from sun to sun, & if necessary, a good while after the sun went down. We didn't care for the 8 or 9 hr system. I always worked for other people & never had any trouble getting work. In the early days wages were very small & I've worked for 20 cents a day & board after I was full grown man. "When I was 10 yrs old I began working on my own for a living & I've been making it ever since. I did nothing else but farm work & I'd like to be there yet, if I was able to work. I'd like to travel with you 2 wks & show you the farm where I worked for the STRICKLERS, COCHRANS & HUSTONS. I was raised where the town of Dawson now is. It was all farm land then & the best land too."Somerset Co. was my b-place 24 Feb 1822, but my parents brought me to Fayette when I was abt 2 1/2 yrs old. Grandfather ELLENBERGER lived in Upper Tyrone Twp at the upper end of the Stewart STRICKLER coke ovens. The 1st coke I can remember was made in these ovens. They shipped coke to Louisville & Cincinnati & all down the river on flat boats, & I went on 2 or 3 trips, once to New Orleans. "The 1st coke oven STRICKLER built he just ricked it up & covered it just like a big lime kiln, & I claim his coke was better than that made now. They didn't make such large ovens in those days & their coke came round quicker. I've known all the old families around Dawson. I know M.M. COCHRAN, Uniontown, & I knew his ggfather too. What do you think of that? His father was as nice a man as ever I seen." After my marriage I worked 8 yrs for the late Joseph STRICKLER, Upper Tyrone, whose widow, Mrs. Barbara STRICKLER now lives in McKeesport, & she was 90 yrs old last Nov. I worked on a farm until we moved to Dunbar 7 yrs ago. "On 1 Feb 1849, at 8 am, I m Ms Jane M. Bales, as fine a woman as there is in God's world. I never regretted my bargain & I like her better now than when I m her over 63 yrs ago, when I was 27 yrs old & she was not yet 18." It was a trip of 25 or 30 mis on horseback that I took to get my bride. I was working for John W. STAUFFER on Jacobs Creek near Scottdale, & they let me take g-mother STAUFFER'S riding horse to go after the girl. I got her at Youngstown at the foot of the ridge east of Greensburg. The day after the wedding she & I rode horseback to the place where I was working, & we started housekeeping in a log house." For 3 yrs, during the Civil War, I was away from my family. My wife had 7 chldn to take care of when I was in the Army, but she was as stout as a horse & could bind sheaves after the cradle, cut corn, & wash, or do anything. When I was in Harrisburg I was 2 yrs too old to get in the army, but I told a lie & got accepted & fought through the war. I get a pension of $20 a mo now & ought to have more at my age in life. I was in Co. B, 16th Cavalry, enlisting in Connellsville. My bro John was also in the army. Bro Henry was b a cripple & went as far as Camp Howe, Pittsburg & was sent home. "We've had a round dozen chldn, & 9 are living now. We lost 3 girls, 2 of them d of diphtheria the same night in 1878. "I've been a memb of the M.P. Ch since 1872, & my wife is a memb too. Every Sun I'm able I go to Ch & Sun School & I tie up some of your smart, educated people on the scripture sometimes. I didn't go to school hardly any, but studied the Bible. When I was a boy we had to go 4 or 5 mis to school & the snow was very deep in the winter & we had to work in the summer. "I was raised a republican, but the last few yrs I've voted for the man & not the party, unless the man was a Socialist. "Mr. & Mrs. ELLENBERGER & their living descs number 105, counting the wives & husbs of the m ones. There is 1 desc of the 5th gen, this gggchld being the 18 mo old s/o Mr. & Mrs. Roy SHERAW of Hunker. The 9 chldn of this old couple are Mrs. Mary McNALLY, Ruffsdale; James D., Dunbar; Joseph formerly of Ruffsdale; Stewart, Iron Bridge; Mrs. John REED, Westmoreland Co.; Mrs. Buell TARR, Dunbar; Mrs. Ezekiel WILSON, New Castle; Mrs. John SHIREY, Layton; & Mrs. John INGOLD, Ruffsdale.One of the gdaugs, Ms Sadie LOUCKS, Ruffsdale, who is here for the celebration, observes the same b-day as her gfather, having also been b on Feb 24. Mrs. ELLENBERGER is in excellent health & works & reads without glasses. During the past 6 yrs she has quilted 48 quilts.

[NI072114] Born crippled

[NI072121] Parents of Anna were listed as Johann Adam Uhl and Appolonia. (Appears to be a discrepancy in church records or family records). A girl with this name traveled to Amer with the Carl Uhls & was reared as their daug. Did the chld's parents die, necessitating an "adoption" by another Uhl couple whose daug had d recently? There were several Uhl families in the records of this small Parrish, suggesting a fairly broad extended family of Uhls in the area.

[NI072123] 1850 Federal Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
36 54 55 Troutman Peter 53 M Farmer 3,000 PA
37 54 55 Troutman Ann 47 F Germany
38 54 55 Troutman Mary J. 18 F PA
39 54 55 Troutman Levi 15 M Labourer PA
40 54 55 Troutman Jonathan 13 M PA
41 54 55 Troutman Dan'l. 12 M PA
42 54 55 Troutman John H. 12 M PA
In 1855 Peter Troutman & his family & Emanuel Baker & family moved to Benton Co., IA.
Troutman, Peter, died Aug 2, 1866 age 68 yrs 10 mos 28 days. Probate: Probate Notice: To: Sarah Troutman, Daniel Troutman, John Troutman, Jerome Troutman, Luther Troutman, Catherine Troutman, Martha Troutman, Leander Troutman, Elizabeth Ahrend and _____ Ahrend, her husband, and Matilda Baker: Notice that a final report on the estate of Peter Troutman is to be filed at the Court House in Vinton 1 May 1869. Emanuel Baker, Administrator.

[NI072125] File #23 - 1848, Book 4, Page 421 July 19 1848 Isaac Harden, d intestate Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 1848 leaving a widow [Catharine] & issue of 10 chldn. These chldn are listed as George Harden, Allegany Co., MD; John Harden, Allen Co., OH; Eliza, w/o John Cook, Bedford Co., PA; Eleanor, w/o William DeHaven; Maria, w/o Peter Miller; Lydia, deceased w/o Peter Troutman; (all Somerset Co., PA.) Mary, deceased w/o Joseph Crichfield, Knox Co., OH; Hanna, deceased w/o Jesse Tomlinson residing somewhere near Indianapolis, IA; Nathan Harden, Knox Co., OH; Rachel, w/o James Devore, whereabouts ukwn. July 19, 1848 the widow certified that she had chosen George Harden & George Cook, Esq. administrators "of the estate of my late hus. Isaac Harden deceased". George Harden, referring to himself as the oldest son, petitioned the court to award an inquest to make partition of the estate. This inquisition was held at the dwelling house of the late Isaac Harden on Oct 27, 1848 by "12 free, honest & lawful men of the bailiwick". The men valued & appraised: The home place of 100 acres with a log house, barn & apple orchard. Land adjoining that of J. Cox, Jacob Witt's heirs & Peter Troutman. A frame house & smokehouse on Lot #1 purchased by Isaac from George & Rachel Cook in 1843. Land bounded by the Meeting House on the west & J.R. Brinham on the east. A 1 1/2 story frame house & a stable on Lot #5, bounded by George Winters on the west & an alley on the east. Double story frame house on Lot #29, fronting the Turnpike. Single story house & blacksmith shop on Lot #33 & #34. Single story frame house & 1/2 acre lot known as the "Old Gate House". Probate records reveal further information about the heirs of Isaac Harden: 1) Petition of Hanson Cook, a minor son of John Cook & Eliza, his wife (now deceased) who was a dau. & heir at law of Isaac Harden. 2) Petition of John Cook, represents that his 1st wife Eliza, now deceased left issue as the fruits of their matrimonial union 4 chldn, to wit, Hanson, William, David & Mary Catharine who are minors. That the three last of said minors are under the age of 14 yrs. 3) Petition of Peter Troutman respresents that his late wife Lydia Troutman, a dau. & heir at Law of Isaac Harden, died some time previous to her said father leaving issue 7 chldn of whom to wit, Daniel, Jonathan & John are under 14 yrs of age. 4) Account of John R. Brinham, Guardian of John H. Troutman 5) Auditor's account stating that Hannah Tomlinson's share is to be divided among 10 heirs. 3 of them, John J. & Jesse Tomlinson & Joseph Barnhill & wife (Drusilla) have been paid in full. William McInturf(?) & wife, George W., James & Joseph Tomlinson have received partial payment & the rest of the Tomlinson heirs have received nothing. 6) Auditor's account naming Lydia Troutman's heirs as Mary Ann, Levi, Daniel, Jonathan & John H. Troutman, Isaac Troutman & Matilda Troutman. 7) Administrator's vouchers naming heirs of Mary Crichfield as George, Peres, John, Nathaniel, Lewis, Meshack, Hannah Rightmire, Harrison & Amy Rightmire, James & Lydia Rightmire. NOTE: According to a biography of Jacob Harden, son of George Harden, contained in the history of Lee Co., IL printed in 1892, the widow Catharine was Isaac's 2nd wife & her maiden name was Beal. Isaac's 1st wife was "Miss" Neymeyer.

[NI072126] settled in the area of Mt. Savage, MD. Across the state line from Wellersburg. He had bought land in OH & several of his children came in the early 1800's to what is now Holmes Co., OH.
Charles Uhl, Sr. (1761-1828) was b Wittenburg, Germany. In 1763 (at 22 yrs of age) he came to the US with his parents & his bros Jacob & Peter, settling in eastern PA. The 3 bros joined the "Continentals" & fought in the Rev War. Peter lost his life but Charles & Jacob fought until the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown & the final victory. Jacob raised a lg family in MD. Charles m Catherine Close in 1784 at age 23 & moved to Alleghney Co., MD, where they raised a lg family & lived until their deaths. (Catherine had a 1st husb - Abraham Arnold.) After the war, Charles was given the privilege of going west & buying government land. He came as far as Holmes Co., OH, in 1813, traveling by wagon. He bought 600 acs in Hardy Twp., paying $1.25 an acre for it with money he earned by his own labor. He also bought 320 acs in Mechanic Twp. & 160 acs in Tuscarawas Co., OH. He then returned to his home in MD. 7 of his sons & 1 daug (Catherine) came to OH & became residents. Besides Charles, Jr. & his family (who came in 1815), Jacob, William & George Uhl came in 1818, followed in 1820 by Samuel & Jesse. In 1832 the oldest bro John came & settled in Hardy Twp. These bros cleared & cultivated much of the land west of Killbuck Creek & southwest of Millersburg. Carl (Charles) Uhl serv Rev War as a Cpl in Jacob Lodicks Co., Col. Ely's Batt, PA Militia Berks Co. PA. (Reference-PA Archives Ser. 6. Vol 2 Page 602. DAR Patriot Index Page 694 also PA Archives Ser. 5 Vol. 5 Page 279) DAUGS OF THE AMER REV (DAR.): According to files of the DAR in Washington, D.C. the record of Charles Uhl was established by a DAR memb, Mrs. Cassell, of Fredericktown, OH. DAR reference to the following published record is sufficient for proof of his serv in Rev War. Charles Uhl's serv as a Cpl is to be found in the 5th volume of the PA Archives, Fifth Series, Page 279.

[NI072131] In the name of God Amen I Benjamin Troutman of Southampton Twp, Somerset Co.PA being sick & weak in body but of perfect mind & understanding thanks be to god. Calling unto mind the mortality of my body & knowing that is appointed for all men come to die do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say firm officially & 1st of all I give & recommend my Soul unto the hand of the almightygod that give it & my body recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent christian burial at the discretion of my Executor herein after named. Nothing douthing but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the almighty by power of god & as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased god to ___ me in this life give ___ & repose of the same in the following manner & from first I will that my old home place being 148 acres the same shall be praised together with the persnoally property & shall be sold & divided among my chldn equal shear. I give & bequesth unto my beloved wife, Catherine, 65 acres land & 1 cow 1 heiffer & the house & 2 beds & bedding kitchen in furniture all what we have now & after her death the same shall a sold & divided among my chldrn in equal shear. & here by utterly disallow, revoke, ____ any other testament or will. With before named willed & bequethed satisfying & confirming this to be my last will & testament & I make & dain Samuel Comp & Joseph Emerick Executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this the 14 Mar 1856. Signed & sealed published pronounced as his last will & testament in pressent of us whom his presence of each other have hereunto subscribed out names. Benjamin Troutman made his mark as a signature. Signed by: Alexander Emmik (who made his mark) & Henry Martz (how signed his name) Somerset Co. SS This 4 Apr 1856 Before me Jacob Reff Register for the probate of wills & granting letters of Administration in and for said Co. Henry Martz Alescander �.The following is a list of his heirs according to the estate papers: Joseph Troutman, Adam Troutman, George Troutman, John Troutman, Danl. B. Troutman, Elizabeth Troutman, Nancy Troutman, Harriett Troutman, Ellen Troutman, Mary Leydig, Sarah Shirer, Christina Close

[NI072139] 1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
133 Roudebush, Samuel 28 M Farmer - 1000 Acres
Roudebush, Elisabeth 22 F
Roudebush, Rachel 4 F
Roudebush, Nancy 3 mo F
1890 Census Veteran's Special Schedule Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
2 4 4 Samuel Roudenbush Pvt H 171 Pa militia 24 Oct 1862 12 May 1863 6 18 Holsopple Somerset Co Pa Elizabeth widow of draft

[NI072141] Jacob Messerbaugh land warrent area includes Windber (14 Jan 1829, 105 acs). Also in 1830 erected 1st up & down sawmill on Paint Creek. This mill was located in section between today's Windber fire hall & community bldg. Here, Messerbaugh assembled a flax breaking machine, 1st of its kind along Paint Creek. Paint Twp. Taxable inhabitants for 1837 Jacob Messerbaugh - saw & grist mill
1850 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
64 Messenbaugh, Jacob 68 M Farmer - 2000 Acres
Messenbaugh, Magdalene 48 F
Messenbaugh, Sarah 20 F
Messenbaugh, Elisabeth 18 F
Messenbaugh, Susanna 15 F
Messenbaugh, John 12 M
Hetzell, John 20 M Laborer
Hetzell, Martin 18 M Laborer

[NI072148] 1880 Federal Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator O.W.Williamson Pg 9, 9 Jun 1880
434A 49 79 84 Geiger Margaret W F 72 Keeping house Ireland Ireland Ireland
434A 50 79 84 Geiger John W M 37 Son Laborer PA PA Ireland

[NI072158] 1850 Census Greenville Twp. Somerset Co., PA
597-68 Keefer Adam 57 M Laborer MD
Catharine 56 F PA
Conrad 16 M PA
Gibler Caroline 18 F PA

[NI072160] 1850 census Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA
590-22 Garletz Jacob 63 M Farmer PA
Elizabeth 53 F PA
Catharine 18 F PA
John 15 M Labourer PA
Henry 14 M PA
Elizabeth 6 F PA
Jacob 23 M Labourer PA

[NI072171] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
346 126 Keefer George 47 M Laborer PA
Mary 47 F PA
Lena 20 F PA
Peter 17 M PA
Margaret 15 F PA
Israel 10 M PA
Jacob 6 M PA
David 3 M PA
Polly 1 F PA
Stull John 47 M None PA
1870census Alleghany Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 15 June 1870 by John H. Lepley
40 11 10 Keiffer George 65 M W Farmer 1,500 300 Pennsylvania
1 11 10 Keiffer Polly 55 F W Keeping House Pennsylvania
2 11 10 Keiffer Delana 40 F W Pennsylvania
3 11 10 Ringles Rosa A. 6 F W Pennsylvania

[NI072184] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Narhaniel L Kaufman State: PA Enumeration District: 0132 Color: W Age: 39 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0017 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02310048 Other Residents:
Wife Linnie M 31, PA
Son Newton H 13, PA
Son William S 08, PA
Father Tobias I 68, PA

[NI072188] 1850 Federal Census Addison Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 29 Jul 1850 by John H. Smith
39 6 6 Peck Moses 29 M Labourer PA
40 6 6 Peck Susanna 27 F PA
41 6 6 Peck Lavina 1 F PA
42 6 6 Peck Ananias 1/12 M PA

[NI072280] In the western end of the Men. settlement during the life of Hans Herr was Bishop BENJAMIN HERSHEY, who with his Bro. Andrew, also a preacher, lived with their father on 500 acres of land, most of which are now occupied by Herr's ice plant, Maple Grove swimming pool & mill, & Abbyville farms. There are two places on this farm where there are remains of old tombstones. Tradition has it that the bishop is interred in the one just south of the Abbyville barns, on a beautiful slope facing south, & that the old meetinghouse was near his tomb, which is unmarked. The plow has gone over the hallowed spot, & rich crops have been harvested by successive farmers, all ignorant of what has transpired here under the care of the first white owner who came into an unbroken forest to make a home for himself & his family." "The first bishop for this area was BENJAMIN HERSHEY, son of immigrant Christian Hershey. Benjamin was b. about 1696 & thus was about 21 yrs old when the family came to America in 1717. He seems to have had a better education for that time than those who were b. in this country. He is reported to have been a great help to his people in writing skills. He is thought to have been the writer of what was known as the Declaration of Peace, a message of appreciation sent to the PA state legislature after the Rev. War. He d. on Jul 29, 1789, at the age of 92, after being bedfast for 5 yrs. He was buried in the Cem. along the Abbeyville Road where the first Men. meetinghouse in Lancaster Co. was built. In 1791 the location for worship was moved to the site along the Rohrerstown Road where the Cem. is now located. The Cem. along the Abbeyville Road was destroyed when the building development took place.

[NI072292] Jacob II lived his adult life on the 475-acre Manor Twp. farm. In 1769 he finished building a house, which still stands today. It has been completely restored & is located on what is now the farm of Dr. & Mrs. Richard Mann. Besides the Manor Twp. farm, Jacob also owned Warwick Twp. land (in what is now Penn Twp.), which he acquired through his wife, Ann Elizabeth Hershey. She acquired this land in 1759 from her Bro., Christian Hershey. Ann Elizabeth's father was Benjamin Hershey, another early Men. bishop. Jacob II was a Men. deacon. He was listed on a deed in 1771 as one of 'the present Elders in the Religious Society of people called Menonists' in Manor Twp.

[NI072382] Came to Nuiden, Nederland, ship Emmentahler, 3 Aug 1711. Came to America, ship Mortonhouse, Philadelphia, 23 aug 1728

[NI072460] Johnstown Trib-Demo Jan 31 1972 Page 22 SPIKER - Joseph R., 71, Markleton, formerly of Jenners, d Jan 28 1972, Somerset Comm. Hosp., b Jul 12 1900, Bedford, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (BERKEBILE) SPIKER. Preceded in death by 1st wife, Anna J. GARDNER, sons Paul & Richard, dau., Agnes; 2 sis.s; 5 bros. Surv by widow, Ethel MAY, & chldn: Frieda, w/o Robert TURNER, Hooversville; Pauline, w/o Arthur YOST, Boswell; Anna, w/o Peter MOSKEY, Jenners; Robert D., m. Evelyn WEIMER, Palm Bay, FL; & Louise, w/o Robert BERKEY, Boswell; 11 gchldn; 4 ggchldn. Bro of Charles, Hollsopple; & Rev. Thomas, College Park, MD. Memb Jerome Local 1113, UMWA, & Somerset BPOE. Friends received Joseph H. Hoffman & Son Funeral Home, Boswell, serv at 2 pm Tue Rev. James F. Hoffmeyer. Bur. Mt. Zion cem.

[NI072463] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Godfrey State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0095 Color: W Age: 57 B-Place: PA Visit: 0068 Co.: York, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550866 Other Resid.s:
Wife Julia A 59, PA

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