[NI075295] He built a mill at the conjunction of Cocalico & Hammer Creeks at Millway, Lancaster Co., PA

[NI075310] CHRISTIAN MUSSELMAN 1st appears on the 1724 tax list in Conestoga Twp., then Chester Co.. He provided for his dau.s & wife in his will, but did not mention their names. He willed a plantation to his son David who had to pay the other heirs, including Michael. Peter inherited the land in Lancaster Twp. where his father had lived. Michael Gritor & Michael Frantz witnessed the will. The chldrn of Christian were Henry, Frena, Eva, David, Michael and Peter.

[NI075318] The first settlement in Warwick Twp. was made by CHRISTIAN BOMBERGER who, with his wife Maria, 2 sons, & 6 dau.s, left the tenantry of 'Baron von der Fels', Eschelbronn, Baden, on May 12 1722, & was given a certificate of honorable dismissal by government officials. He arrived 6 wks later at Philadelphia. He took up 546 acres of land, & later added thereto 23 acres & built a dug-out at Newport Road in 1734. He d. in 1742, & is buried in God's acre at the old homestead on the hill. Christian Bomberger left the Fatherland because of hostilities & warfare, only to become a fighting man when he reached Lancaster Co.. He discovered that he had to defend his family against roving bands of Indians & hungry wolves. And he didn't own a gun. Somehow the Bombergers escaped death in their wilderness home. As the yrs went by the dug-out was superseded by a residence made of logs. By 1740 Christian Bomberger found himself living 'by the side of the road' but he didn't have much of a human parade to watch. Instead of the highway which now transverses his land, the road was nothing but a trail. Then as industry progressed & the Grubbs started their Hopewell furnace at Mt. Hope, the road grew in importance. The Bomberger Cem. is located 2 miles north-west of Lititz, 400 ft. north of the Bomberger marker at the old Newport Road. The first body interred was the dau. of Christian Bomberger prior to 1740; the grave was marked with a small limestone, no date. The first marker is M.B. Mary Bomberger, C.B. Christian Bomberger, no date. 7 generations of the Bomberger family are interred in the plot.

[NI075322] Jacob Erb was brought from Switzerland to America by his parents in 1728. He was but 4 yrs old at that time, so that practically his entire life was passed in the New World. They located near Hammer Creek. About 1782 Jacob removed to Clay Twp., where he purchased several hundred acres of land, with mill privileges. Besides a mill at Clay village, he operated another farther up Middle Creek, & he also cleared & improved large portions of his extensive estate. Until the outbreak of the Rev. war he was a believer in the Men. faith, but the principle of non-resistance taught by that society was in too great opposition to his patriotic spirit, & he withdrew his membership to support the privisionary government. He became a man of prominence in public affairs, & represented his district in the State Legislature.

[NI075326] Miller; owned 160 acres on Chickies Creek near Sporting Hill in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

[NI075346] Hans Heinrich Bar was 21 yrs old & living at Ober Albis in 1709. He was probably the Henry Pare who in 1717 warranted 424 acres with Michael Shenk in what is now the city of Lancaster. In 1728 his wife's name was Barbara, who was probably Barbara Schenk. By 1734 his wife's name was Barbara Eby, dau. of Theodorus Eby & his first wife. He was naturalized on Feb 14, 1729, as John Henry Bare. He participated with John Fredericksfulls & Peter Bellar in a 3-way arrangement that traded the land in the city for 200 acres in Earl Twp., where he d. in 1738.

[NI075351] Henry probably came to America before his father, for he had land surveyed in 1717. He was not mentioned in his father's will, no doubt because he had already received his inheritance. Henry owned several tracts of land in what is now East Hempfield Twp. He may have m. twice since an age difference of about 10 yrs existed between his first 2 children & his last 3.

[NI075358] He inherited a plantation from his father in 1734. A 1773 deed states that David d. intestate & left 2 children, David & Christian. Christian sold his share of his father's estate to his bro. David for 550 pds.

[NI075372] The first minister known to have served in the Hammer Creek section was Christian Bomberger, a son of the first settler. He was ordained about 1760, lived on the old homestead farm left to him by his father, & served his people in private houses for about 27 yrs. He d. in 1787.

[NI075380] Grandpa LEVI E. SNYDER spent a lot of time at our place the Levi B. Snyder farm, coming almost every dy at different times of the yr. He did field work as long as we used horses. He was known for talking to himself. If he was cultivating corn in the field across the road, depending on how the wind was blowing, we could hear him talking to himself, or he may have been having conversation with a horse. He was also known for poor driving habits with the car. Occasionally, if Aunt Mary & Mother were going to sewing circle & the other men were out in the field, Grandpa would take them. When he started up his car the take-off was a noisy one, & sometimes not very safe. My guess is that some of these older people found it hard to go from driving horses to shifting gears on cars

[NI075381] My father, LEVI BENDER SNYDER, was b. Jul 8 1898 on a farm at Mount Joy, Route 2. He lived on that farm until 1955 when my parents moved to their retirement home on School Lane, Mount Joy. My father continued to go to the farm almost daily for another 20 yrs after they moved to School Lane. My grandparents [Levi E. & Sue (Bender) Snyder] moved off that farm around 1921 or 1922 because Uncle Irvin [my father's bro.] got m. & wanted to farm. Irvin & his wife Mabel only stayed there for one year, then they bought a farm along the Fruitville Pike, close to Mabel's family. So that father lived in Mount Joy with his parents. By the time Irvin moved, Dad & Mother were getting m., so they moved to the home farm on Route 2. My parents often told how there was a snowstorm the week they moved, April 1, so that they could not get all their furniture right away. They sat around on apple crates for chairs. My parents were m. Thanksgiving Day 1923. I think my father still drove horse & buggy in the early 1920s but probably had a car by the time they got m.. My father said that, a few times when the roads were closed from a snowstorm, he walked across the fields to John Brubaker's for a date with Mother. One of my father's interests was going to farm sales. I don't remember that he ever bought much. He just liked to stand around & talk to people. My father did go out at hunting season for small game - rabbits or ring-neck pheasant. Both were good eating. This time ofyr.we would see some of our relatives. Mother's bro. Engle & his sons loved to hunt. When Mother knew they were coming she got to baking pies. Snitz pie was the most popular. My parents tried to keep the farm buildings in good shape. The Keller bro.s, who were in & out of our farm a lot to buy & sell cattle, said Levi had one of the cleanest cow barns around. He kept the manure off the forebay so that when they walked around they didn't get dirty shoes. My parents did a lot of visiting neighbors, & we had the greatest neighbors - the Mussers, the Herrs, the Nissleys, & Jonas & Fannie Brubaker. We visited on Sun. evening if there was no Ch. service. We'd sit on the porch swing or on rockers & catch up on the latest news.

[NI075382] My mother, HETTIE HELEN MUMMA, was b. west of Mount Joy, close to Kraybill Mennonite Ch., on Mar 24, 1901. Her father Jonas d. in 1906. Mother said she didn't remember her father. Grandma Mumma went to work after she was a widow. She spent time in homes after a new baby arrived - they called it 'taking baby cases'. When Grandma talked about things on the farm while Jonas was still living, she just had to have a little cry. She usually tried to sober up quickly, but life was hard for her in those days. I think the 3 older chldrn were m. by this time. Aunt Rhoda m. John Brubaker. I'm not sure how it happened, but it was decided that my mother would live with them. This put Mother about 2 farms away from the Snyder farm, & she began attending Erisman Mennonite Ch. where the Snyders attended. Mother's great love was her flowers, indoors & outdoors. We had wide window sills & she filled them up with ferns, African violets, geraniums & gloxinia. The flower beds in the yard were always colorful. Mother's other interest was going to sewing circle at the Ch.. It met on a Tue. once a month. Of course, if she was away she had to be sure there was something ready for the men to eat at home. From my parents I learned honesty, promptness, fairness, & the importance of helping others in need - all without complaining. During Mother's illness Dad sat by her side most every day until he got sick. When things looked discouraging, he would say, 'We have it good'. Mother's favorite saying in those days, as long as she could talk, was 'There's my good man.

[NI075385] On the 5 Nov 1906, of the infirmities of old age, PETER KRAYBILL, aged 86 yrs. He resided near Donegal Springs. He was a member of the Old Men. Ch. & leaves a wife & 8 chldrn to mourn his death. Funeral was held on Fri. at Kraybill's meeting house." Herald of Truth, Nov 15 1906, Vol.XLIII, No.46 "PETER NISSLEY KRAYBILL m. FANNIE SNYDER in 1848. They had 8 chldrn, all of whom grew to maturity & m.. He was b. on what is now the David Witmer farm in 1819. He was a small man, never weighing over 140 pounds. He was about 5'6" tall.

[NI075387] Bishop MARTIN RUTT, of the Men. Ch., was found dead at his home, 2 miles north of Maytown, on Tue. night. He was in the enjoyment of good health all of Tue., & in the evening m. a couple who called at his home. After the ceremony he was about driving away to visit a sick member of his Ch.. As he stepped into his buggy he complained of feeling ill. He was talking to his dau., Mrs. Harry Erb, who lives next door. She assisted him into his home. Shortly afterwards Mr. Erb called at the bishop's house & found him dead. Apoplexy was the cause. He was 65 yrs old & a retired farmer. He was chosen as a Men. minister many yrs ago, & 10 yrs ago he was elected bishop. His wife is dead. His chldrn are: Mrs. John L. Garber & Mrs. Harry Erb, all living near home, & Mrs. Tillman Kraybill, of Conoy." "MARTIN RUTT was called to the ministry at Bossler's in the summer of 1871 & served faithfully in this office for 9 yrs, when this district was enlarged to its present territory. He was then advanced to become the first bishop at Good's meetinghouse on Mar 11 1880, when the lot was cast between him & Benjamin Lehman. He laid aside all other labors & attended to the ministrations of the Ch., which extended far beyond his home community. He d. suddenly at his home in the 65th yr of his life, Nov 8 1905."

[NI075388] FANNIE EBERSOLE, dau. of Fannie Longenecker Ebersole, was b. in 1842 & m. MARTIN RUTT, a minister ordained in 1871 & made Bishop in 1880 over Bosslers, Goods, Rissers, Stauffers, Stricklers & Shoops Men. 'Fannie' was such a popular name that Veronica Longenecker named her dau. Fannie & Fannie named her dau. Fannie & then Veronica changed her name to Fannie. For on the tombstones of her 3 young chldrn, Rachel, Mary & David, Veronica calls herself 'Fannie'.

[NI075390] Ira Z. Miller, of Bainbridge, was ordained as an assistant minister for this part of the district at Goods on Thur., Jun 29 1916, & is fulfilling the duties devolving upon him as pastor of the several congregations. He shares the work with those of his co-laborers in the field. He served with his father, Deacon Martin L. Miller, on the same bench, 6 yrs.

[NI075405] PETER D. KRAYBILL was b. at the mill & later moved to a farm near the present-day Kraybill Men. School. He m. ELIZABETH NISSLEY & they had 8 chldrn, including PETER N. KRAYBILL. Elizabeth d. in 1826. Peter D. then m. Lydia Wayne & they had 9 chldrn." According to the 1850 Census, PETER KRAYBILL Sr. 65 lived in East Donegal Twp. with 8 of his chldrn. Both of Peter's wives, Elizabeth Nissley & Lydia Wayne, had d. by this time. The oldest child living at home was Mary, Peter's 28-yr-old dau. by his first wife. The other 7 were from his second marriage: Henry (21), Abraham (19), Eli (14), Joseph (11), Martha (9), Daniel (6) & Benjamin (4). Martha was identified as "idiotic". Peter's occupation was farmer; his real estate was valued at $11,480. A 40-yr-old woman named Susanna last name illegible, identified as "Maid", also resided in the house. The census taker, John Breneman, visited the Kraybill household on Sep 13 1850

[NI075407] According to the 1850 Census, HENRY 71 & MARY 67 SNYDER lived in East Donegal Twp. with one of their grown dau.s, Catharine 37. The census taker, John Breneman, visited the Snyder household on Sep 14 1850. d.: "On Sat. the 4 June 1864, in East Donegal Twp., Bro. HENRY SNYDER aged 85 yrs, 5 mo.s & 9 days. He was the survivor & last 1 of a family of 12 chldrn - 6 Bro.s & 6 Sis.s. 3 of his Bro.s were among the 1st settlers of Waterloo Co., Canada, & all d. at an advanced age in that Co.. The 3 other Bro.s & all the Sis.s d. in Lancaster Co., Pa. A large concourse of friends & relatives followed the deceased to his resting place, where the brethren Brubaker & Nissley made remarks appropriate to the occasion from the 6th verse of the 20th chapt. of Revelation. - Peter Nissley

[NI075409] Harry 'Henry' m. Annie Nissley & they had 3 chldrn. He was quiet-mannered but liked to tease. He sold 'Dr. Daniels' health remedies for farm animals. He was a member of the Mt. Joy Men. Ch.

[NI075411] Levi S. m. Anna Longenecker & they had 5 chldrn. A farmer, he was conservative, sober-minded & serious. He was opposed to having his photograph taken. He attended Bossler Men. Ch. & d. in a farm accident when unloading a wagon.

[NI075415] Peter S. m. Sarah Lehman & they had 5 chldrn. They attended Kraybill Men. Ch.. He was a farmer & built the new set of farm buildings on the 47 acres that were subdivided from the Peter N. farmstead in 1880. He was a director of the Maytown Bank. They moved to Mt. Joy for retirement & attended the Mt. Joy Congregation where he also served as janitor. He kept peppermint candy in his desk.
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Peter S Kraybill State: PA Enumeration District: 0029 Color: W Age: 54 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0178 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02510919 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 52, PA
Dau. Fannie 26, PA
Son Amos 22, PA
Dau. Lizzie 19, PA
Son Lennan B 17, PA
Dau. Emily 12, PA

[NI075417] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Samuel Kraybill State: PA Enumeration District: 0029 Color: W Age: 51 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0194 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02510922 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 50, PA
Son Ira 27, PA
Dau. Ada 25, PA
Son Elmer 23, PA
Dau. Annie 21, PA
Son Henry 18, PA
Son Peter 15, PA
Son Clarence 09, PA
Mother Fannie 81, PA
Samuel S. Kraybill m. Mary G. Reist & they had 7 chldrn. All the chldrn graduated from Maytown HS. He attended Millersville State Normal School & taught school for 6 yrs. He bought the Peter N. Kraybill homestead of 55 acres in 1884 along Landis Road now Garner Welding. He lived here until 1916 when he moved to Rheems & operated a general store across from Wenger's Feed Mill. In 1922 he retired & moved to Mt. Joy.

[NI075419] Fannie 'France' m. Harry Engle & they had no chldrn. They raised Laura Strickler, a niece. They lived in Rowenna, Maytown, Florin & Mt. Joy. Harry had an implement store in Rowenna. They retired in Mt. Joy near the Men. Ch. which they attended. Harry worked in the office of Bachman Chocolate factory & served as Burgess of Mt. Joy at the time of his death.

[NI075420] Started farming on the homestead where the River Brethren Ch. was organized. Lived there 5 yrs & then built a home at Rowenna, & built up a coal & implement trade. Lived there 23 yrs & then sold out the business & moved to Florin. Four yrs later moved to Mt. Joy. He is one of the organizers & charter members of the Maytown National Bank. He is also one of the organizers & a director of the Bachman Chocolate Manufacturing Company, of Florin. He is retired & lives at 40 Donegal Springs Street, Mt. Joy.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Harry Engle State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0029 Color: W Age: 49 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0288 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 01270899 Other Residents:
Wife Fannie 48, PA
Niece Laura M Strickler 08, PA

[NI075421] Mary S. 'Mays' m. William H. Strickler & they had 10 chldrn. She was known as a friendly person who served good meals. William was a dealer in farm horses. They were members of the United Brethren Ch. in Mt. Joy.

[NI075428] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John L Garber State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0031 Color: W Age: 48 B-Place: PA Visit: 0263 Co.: Lancaster, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01670963 Other Resid.s:
Wife Amanda E 46, PA
Dau. Mary R 19, PA
Son Ezra R 16, PA
Dau. Fannie R 08, PA
Nephew Jacob B 12, PA

[NI075439] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Joseph W Kraybill State: PA Enumeration District: 0135 Color: W Age: 70 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0021 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02510906 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth N 67, PA

[NI075451] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Peter E Kraybill State: PA Enumeration District: 0123 Color: W Age: 63 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0040 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02510918 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth B 57, PA

[NI075460] 1850 Federal Census Elklick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 16 Oct 1850 by John H. Smith
36 20 21 Livengood Jacob L. 34 M Joiner 1,000 Pa
37 20 21 Livengood Elizabeth 22 F Pa
38 20 21 Livengood Barbara 8 F Pa
39 20 21 Livengood Arch. 7 M Pa
40 20 21 Livengood Jonas 5 M Pa
41 20 21 Livengood Sarah 3 F Pa
42 20 21 Livengood Eliza 2 F Pa
1870 Federal Census Elklick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 20 Aug 1870 by Michael G.Smith
12 117 117 Livengood Jacob Jr. 54 M W Farmer 6,000 2,692 Penna
13 117 117 Livengood Elizabeth 43 F W House Keeper Penna
14 117 117 Livengood Archibald 27 M W Penna
15 117 117 Livengood Jonas 25 M W Penna
16 117 117 Livengood Elijah 22 M W Penna
17 117 117 Livengood Mahlon 18 M W Penna
18 117 117 Livengood Lydia 12 F W Penna
19 117 117 Livengood Harriet 10 F W Penna
20 117 117 Livengood Harvey 5 M W Penna
21 117 117 Livengood John 2 M W Penna
22 117 117 Engle Belinda 38 F W Penna
1880 Federal Census Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator David Fuller 1 Jun 1880
6 1 269A 17 Livingood Jacob W M 64 Farmer Rheumat pain PA PA PA
6 1 269A 18 Livingood Elizabeth W F 53 Wife Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 19 Livingood Jonas W M 35 Son Laborer Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 20 Livingood Lydia W F 22 Daughter Servant Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 21 Livingood Harry W M 15 Son Laborer Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 22 Livingood John W M 12 Son Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 23 Miller Harriet W F 16 Servant Servant Well PA PA PA
6 1 269A 24 Holiday **** W M 22 Married Laborer Well PA PA PA * illegible
6 1 269A 25 Holiday Harriet W F 19 Wife Keeping house Well PA PA PA

[NI075463] 1880 Federal Census Salisbury Boro, Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator Harvey Hay 4 Jun 1880
7 9 287A 43 Ord Street 80 83 Livengood Jesse W M 59 Laborer PA PA PA
7 9 287A 44 Ord Street 80 83 Livengood Rosanne W F 58 Wife Keeping house MD Conn MD
7 9 287A 45 Ord Street 80 83 Livengood Isobel W F 24 Daughter MD PA MD
7 9 287A 46 Ord Street 80 83 Livengood Minerva W F 19 Daughter MD PA MD

[NI075481] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Barton Hess State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 Color: W Age: 46 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0162 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01820040 Other Residents:
Dau. Lucretia 16, PA
Son William B 11, PA
Dau. Myrtle I 09, PA
NR Amanda Adams 41, PA
NR Eva Adams16, PA
NR David Adams 05, PA
Johnstown Trib, Oct 27 1948 ADAMS - Mrs. Amanda E., 80, Tanneryville, suddenly afternoon of Oct 26 1948. b. Oct 21 1868, in Indiana Co., dau. of Andrew & Mary (Rowe) Lambing. Hus., Alvin F. Adams, d. 44 yrs ago. Survived by son, David R. Adams, Flint Stone R. D. 1, MD. 5 gchldrn, 4 ggchldrn. Remains may be viewed at home of Mrs. Noah Horner, 466 Cooper Ave. Funeral services from Cooper Ave. E. U. B. Ch. at time to be announced. Burial, Benshoff Hill Cem. John A. Conway Funeral Home.

[NI075483] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Eugene B Griffith Age: 41 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0144 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0054 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Della J 40, Pennsylvania
Daughter Flora 17, Pennsylvania
Daughter Bessie 16, Pennsylvania
Daughter Mable 14, Pennsylvania
Son William J 12, Pennsylvania
Son Samuel 10, Pennsylvania
Daughter Gertrude J 08, Pennsylvania
Daughter Myrtle E 05, Pennsylvania
Daughter Marie H 02, Pennsylvania

[NI075488] Johnstown Trib, Jul 13 1912 FORMER JOHNSTOWN WOMAN DEAD IN WEST Word has been recieved here from University Place, Neb., announcing the death of Mrs. Maria Douglass Adams, relict of Henry Adams, which occurred there on Tue. at the home of her son-in-law, Daniel Zech, aged 87 yrs. The deceased was b. Indiana Co. & was m. to Henry Adams, for a long time an employee on the Pennsylvania Canal. He d. here 21 yrs ago. Mrs. Adams made her home in Coopersdale for a long time, going to NE in 1905. Mrs. Adams was the mother of W. B. & James Adams, Twenty-first Ward; A. F. Adams, Denver; Mrs. Mary Parks, Conemaugh; Mrs. Daniel Zech, University Park, & Mrs. Jennie Link, East Taylor Twp. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zech arrived in Johnstown this morn. with the body which was taken to the home of William B. Adams, No. 246 Cooper avenue. Funeral services will be held there at 9:30 am Mon. by Rev. James E. Inskeep, pastor of the Cooper avenue M. E. charge, which Mr. & Mrs. Henry Adams helped organize. Bur. will be in Wesley Chapel, where her hus. & father-in-law are buried. 6 grandsons of Mrs. Adams will act as pallbearers. Beside her sons & dau.s, Mrs. Adams is survived by 36 gchildren & a large number of ggchildren. She was a half-sis of Mrs. Jane Adams, Tanneryville, & Mrs. Andrew Adams, Strongstown. Indiana Gazette, Jul 17 1912 Mrs. Maria Adams Word was received in Indiana on Fri. of the death of Mrs. Maria Adams, aged 87 yrs, the widow of Henry Adams, at the home of her dau., Mrs. C. A. Zeck, University Place, NE. The remains were brought to Johnstown this morn. & taken to the home of William B. Adams, where the funeral services will be held on Sabbath. The dau. of Mr. & Mrs. John Douglass, the deceased was b. in Cherrytree, where she spent her early childhood. Her husband, who d. about 21 yrs ago, was captain of one of the boats used on the old Portage Canal. She leaves 7 chldrn & 2 sis.s, 1 of the latter being Mrs. Nancy Adams, of Strongstown.

[NI075489] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 16 Oct by Henry Cook
32 106 117 Adams Henry 24 M Boatman 300 Pa
33 106 117 Adams Maria 25 F Pa
34 106 117 Adams William 4 M Pa
35 106 117 Adams Mary E 2 F Pa
He worked on the canal, as did 3 or 4 other men in the Adams family. According to their daug Jennie's obit, Henry built the 1st house in what is now Coopersdale. After the canal closed in the late 1850's, the Adams men who worked on the canal went for other work. Henry Jr to Jackson Twp, William to Indiana Co, his younger uncles Andrew Jr & Peter going to Pine Twp & Green Twp, respectively, in Indiana Co.
// Johnstown Trib, Oct 2 1889 Henry Adams. An old PA Canal boatman. Henry Adams d yesterday eve at his home in Jackson Twp. He lived nearly all his life where he d. He was abt 65 yrs of age. For many yrs he was engaged on the old canal between this city & Pittsburgh, & was for a time capt. of a boat. He leaves a family.He ran canal boats from Johnstown to Pittsburgh until 1860. Then he sold his boat & bought land near Johnstown. // Henry Adams, Jackson Twp., 10-01-1889 Will; filed 10/19/89 State of PA, Cambria Co, Before me, Celestine J. Blair, Register of Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Admin in & for said Co, personally came Nannie E. Adams who being duly affirmed according to law, doth depose & say that Henry Adams late of Jackson Twp in said Co, d on or abt 1 Oct 1889, at abt 5 am. Nannie E. Adams affirmed & subscribed this 12 Oct 1889. Celestine J. Blair, Register. I Henry Adams of twp of Jackson, Co of Cambria, & commonwealth of A. Being of sound mind & memory; & understanding to the end that I may be better prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please God to call me hence do make & declare this my last will & testament in manner following to wit: 1st, I commit my soul into the hands of my creator who gave it & my body to the earth to be intered at Wesley Chapel Cem., Taylor Twp, PA. According to the rites & cerimonies of the meth Episc Ch & as to such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased god to intrust me. I dispose of the same as follows. to wit: I give & devise & bequeath to my beloved wife Maria Adams. All my property Real & personal owned by me at my death, she to have & to hold the same or dispose of any land or personal property which she may think proper. After the death of my wife all that may be left of my estate is to be sold & divied share & share alike among our chldn except my son Willliam Adams shall have $150 more than the remainder of my chldn. Should my wife Maria again marry then it is my will that all the property remaining real & personal shall be sold at public sale & divided as above stated. She said Maria receiving only share & allowance of the estate as are allowable by the intestate laws of PA. I hereby appoint as the executix of this my last will & testament my wife Maria. In witness whereof I Henry Adams, testator, have to this my last will written on one sheet of paper set my hand & seal this 22 Aug 1889. Henry Adams (seal) Filed 10/19/89 Cambria Co, SS: Before me Celestine J. Blair, Register of Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Admin in & for said Co, personally came Joseph Masters & Robert L. Hunt the subscribing witnesses to the forgoing will, who being duly sworn according to law, do depose & say, that they were present & saw & heard Henry Adams the within-named testator, sign, seal, publish, pronounce, & declare the foregoing instrument of writing as & his last Will & Testament, & at the time of so doing he was of sound mind, memory, & understanding, to the best of their knowledge, observation, & belief, sworn & subscribed 12 Oct 1889. Celestine J. Blair, Register Signed, sealed, published & declared by the within named Henry Adams as & for his last will & testament in the preasance of us who have here unto subscribed our names at his request as witnesses thereto in the presance of the said testator & of ea other. Joseph Masters, Robert L. Hunt. State of PA, Cambria Co, SS: Maria Adams do affirm that as the Executrex of Henry Adams late of Jackson Twp deceased. I will truly administer the goods & chattels, rights & credits of said deceased, agreeable to law, & that I will comply with the provisions of the law relating to collateral inheritances. Maria (x, her mark) Adams, affirmed & subscribed before me 12 Oct 1889 & letters testamentary granted to Maria Adams. Celestine J. Blair, Register Also included in will is list of sale of personal property of Henry Adams.

[NI075492] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Albert Adams State: PA Enumeration District: 0142 Color: W Age: 59 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0158 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00040317 Other Residents:
Wife Mary J 58, PA
Dau. Carrie 21, PA
Son William E 20, PA
Dau. Pearl NR, PA

[NI075495] Johnstown Trib Tue Jul 30 1935, pg 13. RITES TOMORROW ARE PLANNED FOR MRS. SAMUEL LINK Former Jennie Adams Dies as Son's Car Hits Tree near Lancaster. OF A PIONEER FAMILY Arrival of the body of Mrs. Matilda (Adams) Link, 80, memb of a pioneer Johnstown family who was fatally injured yesterday afternoon when a car driven by her son, Anson B. Link, 514 Frankllin St., crashed into a tree near Lancaster, was expected late today. The aged woman d of a skull fracture. Mr. & Mrs. Anson B. Link continued patients, St. Joseph's Hosp., Lancaster, where the death of the former's mother occurred abt 2 pm yesterday, but hoped to leave the institution this afternoon. Both suffered head injuries in the accident. Mrs. Anson Link had severe lacerations. Hosps in such cases ordinarily insist on the patients remaining at least 24 hrs for observation. Tentative arrangements were made today for the funeral servs 3 pm tomorrow at the home of a son & daug-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. H. Herbert Link, 186 Strayer St, Morrellville. Bur in the family plot in Wesley Chapel Cem, in charge of Carl E. Davis, Conemaugh mortician. Rev. Paul Lindberg, Calvary M. E. Ch will officiate. In a statement to Dr. J. F. Trexler, coroner of Lancaster Co., Mr. Link said a truck swerved out to pass another car as he undertook to pass the truck. He drove his car from the road to avoid a collision & struck a tree. The aged woman had been suffering of asthma for some time & was being driven to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin W. Downs, Bridgeton, NJ, where she planned to make her home & benefit from a change of climate. Mrs. Downs is a d/o Mr. & Mrs. Anson B. Link. Matilda Jane Adams, known to her many friends as "Jennie", was b Oct 1 1854, in the first house built in Coopersdale, then known as Perkinsville. She was d/o late Capt.Henry & Maria (Douglass) Adams. Her father was a pioneer canal boat captain & one of the community's early settlers. She attended Jackson Twp schools. Her m on June 17, 1875, to Samuel Link was solemnized by Rev. Solomon Keebler, a minister of the Meth Episc demonination. Mrs Link was a lifelong memb M. E. Ch & worshipped for many yrs in the Cooper Ave edifice. Samuel Link was a carpenter. The family resided for many yrs in Park Hill. Mr. & Mrs. Link removed to Harrington until a yr ago, when she came here & had been with her daug, Mrs. Pearl Stager, 740 Cypress Ave, & the Anson B. Link family on the South Side. Surviving Mrs. Link are 7 sons & 2 daug, as follows: Ira Link, Fifth & Locust St.s, Conemaugh; H. Herbert ("Bert") Link, 186 Strayer St, Morrellville; Walter Link, Ambridge, PA; Daniel Link, Harrington, DE; James Link, Altoona; Boyd Link, Waverly, NE, Anson B. Link, 513 Franklin St; Pearl, w/o Joseph Stager, 740 Cypress Ave, & Clemison, w/o Bertram Oaks, Petersburg, OH. 1 sis & 2 bros also survive, as follows: Mrs. Mary Parks, 1st St, Conemaugh; J. W. Adams, Los Angeles, CA, & A. F. Adams, Denver, CO. 2 bros & a sis preceded her in death: William & James Adams, Coopersdale & Mrs. Annie Zeck, University, NE. Survivors also include 36 gchldn, 9 ggchldn.

[NI075498] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jerry Clark Age: 53 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0144 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0165 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Nancy C 52, PA
Son Charles B 24, PA
Son Edward L 19, PA
Son Ervin 17, PA
Son Alvin R 14, PA
Son Percey L 07, PA
1 non-relative

[NI075499] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
I C Stombaugh Age: 32 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0144 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0168 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Emma 31, Pennsylvania
Son Peter H 12, Pennsylvania
Son John A 11, Pennsylvania
Daughter Margaret E 10, Pennsylvania
Daughter Freda G 07, Pennsylvania
Daughter Gevennie L 05, Pennsylvania
Daughter Irene C 04, Pennsylvania
Son Frank S 02, Pennsylvania
Son Kenneth E NR, Pennsylvania

[NI075500] Indiana Gazette, Nov 22 1905 TRIVIAL CUT CAUSES DEATH 4 Mo.s After Injury Woman d. of Blood Poisoning A trivial cut in her thumb, sustained while she was cutting a slice of ham 8 wks ago, resulted on Fri. am in the death of Catherine, wife of George Adams, of Prosser Hollow, Cambria Co. The wound at the time it was inflicted attracted only passing notice, & Mrs. Adms epxerienced neither inconvenience nor pain from it for a mo., when it began to trouble her, & finally she was compelled to seek the service of a physician. Mrs. Adams was able to be around until Wed. evening, when she became suddenly very ill & was put to bed. Dr. E. J. Burkhart was summoned early Thur. morn. In the afternoon a consultation of 3 or 4 physicians was held when it was learned that the pus following the wound had affected the heart & nervous system. Mrs. Adams rapidly declined, passing away at 4:55 am Fri. The deceased was the mother of Walter Adams, of Bolivar

[NI075502] Johnstown Trib, Mar 17 1924 GEORGE ADAMS, 82, SUDDENLY EXPIRES Well-Kwn Prosser Hollow Resident & Civil War Veteran d. This Morn. George Adams, aged 82 yrs, d. suddenly at 3:50 am this morn. at his home in Prosser Hollow, West Taylor Twp. His health had been impaired for several mo.s, but he was not compelled to stay in bed. He retired early last night, but in the early morn. suddenly collapsed & d. before a physician could be summoned. The deceased was a son of Andrew & Lucinda (Weaver) Adams & was b. in Taylor Twp. Apr 6 1842. During the Civil War he offered his services to the Governor, in place of his bro, Peter Adams, who was m., & was assigned to Co. F, 149th Reg., P. V. I., which was a part of the old Bucktail Reg. under command of Col. Roy Stone. His Capt. was James Post, who was captured during the Battle of the Wilderness in VA, where Pvt. Adams was also taken prisoner & served almost a year in Andersonville Prison. Mr. Adams was honorably discharged from the Army in Jun 1865. Upon his return to Johnstown he resumed his work for the Cambria Iron Co. & remained with the Co. until 6 yrs ago, when he became a pensioner. The deceased's wife d. here 1905. She was Catherine Bowser, & was a dau. of Mr. & Mrs. George L. Bowser. The following sons & dau.s survive their father: George, James, Joseph & Jacob, West Taylor Twp.; Sylvester & Harvey, Twentieth Ward; Michael, Twenty-first Ward; Anna, wife of Alvin Rininger, Morrellville, & Louise, wife of Thomas McKeel, Wehrum. In addition to these, he is survived by 45 gchildren & 13 ggchildren. The funeral will take place on Wed. afternoon, with burial in the Benshoff Hill Cem. The Rev. F. W. Ellenberger, of the Evangelical Ch., will have charge of the service.

[NI075503] 1850 Federal Census Jackson Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 17 Oct 1850 by Wm. L. Shyrock
40 19 19 Adams Andrew 68 M W None Md
41 19 19 Adams Elizabeth 47 F W Md
42 19 19 Adams Andrew Jr. 19 M W Boatman Pa
1 19 19 Adams Jacob 16 M W Labourer Pa
2 19 19 Adams Peter 15 M W Labourer Pa
3 19 19 Adams Catherine 13 F W Pa
4 19 19 Adams Samuel 11 M W Pa
5 19 19 Adams George 8 M W Pa
6 19 19 Adams William 4 M W Pa

[NI075509] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob Adams State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 Color: W Age: 42 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0192 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00040638 Other Residents:
Wife Jennie E 33, PA
Son Woodward 15, PA
Son Jonathan E 13, PA
Son Spurgeon 10, PA
Son Lewis E 08, PA
Dau. Ruth NR, PA
Trib, Apr 25 1928 GUNSHOT WOUNDS OF 7 YRS AGO CAUSE MAN'S DEATH. HAD LARGE FAMILY. Jacob Adams, Bowser Hollow, W. Taylor Twp, d. 12 am last night at Mem. Hosp., where he had been a patient since Apr 14. His death due diabetes, which resulted from gunshot wounds he received while hunting in Huntingdon Co. 7 ys ago, when he was accidently shot in the neck & face. His health had been impaired since the accident. The body was prepared for burial by Undertaker Flick, who will take it to George Bush home, Bowser Hollow this evening. Funeral serv.s will be at Bowserdale Evan. Ch. Fri. afternoon by Rev. J. H. Booser, pastor, with bur. Benshoff's Cem. Jacob Adams W. Taylor Twp 1868 s/o Mr. & Mrs. George Adams. For many yrs he was employed as laborer in Cambria mills. He was compelled to relinquish his duties there following the hunting accident. The disease which caused his death was directly due to the gunshot wounds, physicians say. Besides his widow, is survived by 7 chldn: Jonathan, Ferguson & Lewis Adams, all of W. Taylor Twp; Morrell Adams, 973 Ash st., 7th Ward, & Ruth, Alberta & Norman Adams, all of 8th Ward. 11 chldn were b. to Mr. & Mrs. Adams, 4 passed away in infancy.

[NI075510] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Sylvester Adams State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 olor: W;W Age: 36 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0100 Co.: Cambria Relation: Boarder ImageNum: 00050018 Other Residents:
Husband Joseph Ratzel
Sylvester Adams 84, of 169 C St d. 4:00pm Apr 21 1957 at home. b. Jan 16 1873 in Coopersdale, son of George & Catherine (Bowser) Adams. Survived by widow Elizabeth & these chldrn: Mrs Maude Layton, 56 D St; Dewalt Adams, 348 Beatrice Ave.; Mrs Dorothy Bomba, 107 Tremont Ave.; John Adams, 9 Laura St.; Mrs Mary Ferguson & Mrs Betty Potter both of OH; Donald & Joanne both of the home; 14 gchldrn. Bro. of Mrs. Fred Darby, Shady Lane & James, Prosser Hollow Friends will be recieved a A.A. Wagner Funeral Home where services will be held at 2 pm Wed. Rev Darl E. Reichard. Internment in Grandview Cem.

[NI075511] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Harvey Adams State: PA Enumeration District: 0148 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0243 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00040597 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 39, PA
Dau. Leona 17, PA
Son Diasy 13, PA
Son George 10, PA
Dau. Helen 07, PA
Dau. Kathryn 05, PA
Dau. Stella 02, PA

[NI075516] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Thomas McKeel State: PA Enumeration District: 0144 Color: W Age: 19 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0086 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02900249 Other Residents:
Wife Lula L 18, PA
Dau. Myrtle M NR, PA
Father-in-law George Adams 69, PA

[NI075517] ADAMS--Mrs. Elizabeth, 80, 169 C St, d. Oct 12 1964, at home. b. Jan 18 1884 in Huntingdon Co., dau. of Daywalt & Mary (Deeter) Goodman. Preceded in death by hus. Sylvester Adams. Survived by these chldrn--Maude, wife of A. J. Layton, 56 D St; Dewalt, m. ot Marion Snoby, 368 Beatrice Ave.; Dorothy, wife of Andrew Bomba, 107 Tremont Rd.; John m. to Eva Kinash, 9 Laura St; Mary, wife of Paul Ferguson, Warren OH; Donald m. to Evelyn Borelle, Barron Ave.; Betty, wife of Edwin (Ted) Potter, Minerva OH; Joann wife of Michael Nolan, Wimber, & Ralph Goodman, Prospect.

[NI075538] 4 Apr 1902 Johnstown Trib Mrs. Nancy Sherman d. at the home of her son-inlaw & dau. Mr. & Mrs. B.F Peyton, Eighth Ward at 10:00 pm Wed. She had been ill abt. a yr & was bedfast about a mo. before her death. The deceased was b. near Elton, Cambria Co. in 1814, her maiden name being Nancy Albaugh. Her parents were Peter & Nellie Albaugh, deceased. She was m. twice. Her 1st hus. was Alexander Mitchell, & to this union was b. 1 son Phillip P. Mitchell who was burned to death with 5 of his chldrn in West Taylor Twp. last week. Her 2nd hus. was John Sherman. He fought in the Civil War, d. in Pittsburg in 1885. Mrs. Sherman is survived by 2 chldrn: Matilda, wife of B.F. Peyton, mentioned above, & Amos Sherman, IL. She was the sis. of Mrs. Archibald Johns, South Fork, Mrs. Paul Dishong, IA, Mrs. Charles Vickroy, Burton, OH; Phillip Albaugh, IA, & Mrs. Elizabeth Berg, Jackson Twp. The funeral took place this afternoon at 2 pm on Benshoff Hill, where services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Hildebrand. The funeral party left the home of Mr. & Mrs. Peyton at 1:30 pm. Interment was made at Pleasant View Cem.

[NI075544] 1850 Federal Census Jackson Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 17 Oct 1850 by Wm. L. Shyrock
8 47 48 Albaugh Peter 58 M W Farmer Md
9 47 48 Albaugh Eve 43 F W Pa
10 47 48 Albaugh Daniel 23 M W Labourer 150 Pa
11 47 48 Albaugh Margaret 19 F W Pa
12 47 48 Albaugh Samuel 17 M W Labourer Pa
13 47 48 Albaugh Sophia 14 F W Pa
14 47 48 Albaugh Matilda 13 F W Pa
15 47 48 Albaugh Peter 11 M W Pa
16 47 48 Albaugh Isaac 9 M W Pa
17 47 48 Albaugh Levi 6 M W Pa
18 47 48 Albaugh Eliza J. 7 F W Pa

[NI075558] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 31 Oct by Henry Cook
5 381 424 Riblet Bartholemew 52 M Farmer 2,500 Pa
6 381 424 Riblet Elizabeth 50 F Pa
7 381 424 Riblet Frederick 23 M Laborer Pa
8 381 424 Riblet Abram 17 F Pa
9 381 424 Holms Bartholmew 10 M Pa
10 381 424 Holms Catherine 77 F Md

[NI075563] June 1864 Enrolled in Co C 93rd reg PA Vol Inf. 5 feet 7 inches; fair complextion; fair hair; eyes blue. Discharged 27 Jun 1865 Harrisburg PA. While in the line of duty in front of Petersburg Va. on or abt 15 Jan 1865 he had his feet frozen that became sore from that time & now the right foot is off up to the instep, the left two toes are off.

[NI075565] Obit. Cambria Trib: Andrew ABLER, an old an well-knwn resid d Dec 15 1890 at his home, Bedford Pike, 7th Ward, of Bright's Disease [a kidney ailment]. Mr. Abler was b Baden, Germany & came here when he was 19 yrs of age. Abt 1852 he m Margaret Helfer, by whom he had 8 chldn. 7 of them survive. All m but 2 & all are resids of the city except Andrew who has been living in Cairo, IL for the past 13 yrs. When Mr. Abler 1st came to Johnstown he clerked for Mr. John Geis. Later he was employed on the canal. When operations on that closed he followed teaming. Afterward he kept a saloon on Portage St. His last occup was under Cambria Iron Co. He was a memb Cath Ch.
Their is an obelisk abt 5 ft high in Andrew's plot in the SE quadrant of the St. Joseph's German Cath Cem, Geistown, east of downtown Johnstown, PA. The raised letters are very deteriorated from ? acid rain & can only be read when the light is tangential. There are 6 smaller stones on the plot. From left to right these are: 1 & 2 not legible [virtually nothing remains of the inscription]. 3 Margaret A. Stephens, d 4/2/1898. Age at death is lost in a 4 inch chip out of stone. 4 is John Helfer, Mary Margarets father, 5. Anna M. Helfer her mother, & 6. Anna F. Abler. Andrew's Declaration of Intent for naturalization: Jun 1850, Cambria Co, PA.

[NI075566] St Joseph's Cemetery in Johnstown ABLER MARGARET (HELFER) DEC 11 1897 JUL 12 1907

[NI075568] St Joseph's Cemetery in JohnstownABLER MATILDA (PFEISTER) 1859 1920 W/O JOHN

[NI075575] PA1910 Census Miracode Index
Louis Abler State: PA Dist: 0129 Color: W Age: 41 B Pl: PA Visit: 0220 Co: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husb ImageNum: 00010565 Other Residents:
Wife Annie 36, PA
Son Raymond 14, PA
Dau Marie 08, PA
Son Robert 06, PA
Son Louis 03, PA
Dau Petronella 01, PA

[NI075604] VICKROY, David, 68, 244 Vine St., d. 2:35pm Sep 28 1953 in Lee Hosp. b. Jun 2 1885 in East Taylor Twp., Cambria Co., son of William & Alice (HILDEBRAND) VICKROY. Survived by widow, former Mary DAVISON; following chldrn: Ethel, m. to Francis RICHTER, 428 Linden Ave; Rhoda m. to John YODER, Hollsopple RD2; & Sue m. to Harry REDICK, Johnstown RD3; 3 bro. Walter, Crown Point, IN; Emanuel, 808 Coleman Ave. & Lemon, Dearborn, MI; sis., Mrs. Sue MOYER, Vineland,NJ & gdau. Gretchen Ann REDICK. Preceeded in death by parents & 2 bro. Grant & Howard. Member of Homestead EUB Ch. Retired machinist for Bethlehem Steel Co. Friends received 7pm Tue. in John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave. Service there at 2pm Thur., Rev. George Biggs. Interment Richland Cem.

[NI075605] Johnstown Trib-Demo VICKROY, Mrs. Mary Ellen, 77, Johnstown, d. 12:50am May 7 1967 at Lee Hosp. B. Sept. 27, 1889, Clearfield Co., d/o Robert & Mary (HUDDARD) DAVISON. Preceeded in death by hus. David, Sep 28 1953; parents, & 5 bro.s. Survived by these dau.s; Ethel, w/o Francis L. RICHTER, & Sue, w/o Harry REDICK, both of Johnstown; & Rhoda, w/o Jennings MINOR, Dayton, OH; 2 gdau.s, Gretchen & Harriet REDICK, & sis. Mrs. Sue COOPER, Ebensburg. Member of Bethany EUB Church. Charter member of Hope Sisterhood 130, Dames of Malta, Member of Protectors Assembly & the Degree of Honor Protective Assc. Friends will be received after 7pm Mon. at R. Owen Ketterer Funeral Home, Geistown, where serv. will be held at 2pm Wed., Rev. Gerald O. Bishop. Interment Richland Cem.

[NI075614] Johnstown Trib-Dem VICKROY, Emanuel, 80, 808 Coleman Ave., d. 4 am Nov 9 1967, at Mem Hosp.. B. Feb 24 1887 in E. Taylor Twp., s/o William & Alice (HILDEBRAND) VICKROY. Survived by son, Harry L., 822 Harlan Ave. & dau. Violet, w/o William HAGERICH, 1602 William Penn Ave.; also 2 gchldn, 2 ggchldn, & a bro. Walter of Gary, IN. Preceeded in death by parents; 1st wife Lilly ANTHONY; 2nd wife former Edythe HAMMERS; bro.s Grant, Lem, David, Howard, Melon & sis. Sue. Member Moxham Colonial Ch. of the Breth. Retired in 1955 as employee of Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Corp. Friends received 7-9 pm Thu. & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Fri. at John Hendersin Co. Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., where services will be held at 11 am Sat., Rev. John D. Ellis. Interment, Headrick Cem.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Emanuel Vickroy Age: 23 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0111 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0179 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Lily M 21, PA

[NI075617] from The Johnstown Trib or The Johnstown Democrat VICKROY, Grant age 48 of Wesley Chapel, Conemaugh R.D. d. at 8:10 pm Apr 10 1950 at Lee Hosp. B. East Taylor Twp. Aug 26 1901 s/o William & Alice (Hildebrand) VICKROY, both deceased. Was a craneman at Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Co. Survived by widow, the former Julia WAGNER; a son James Grant married to Jean McDonald & a daughter Joan, at home; also these brothers & sisters--Walter of Gary, Ind.; Mrs. T.H. Moyer of Vineland, NJ; David & Emanuel both of Johnstown & Lem of Dearborn, Mich. Member of Church of the Brethren, East Taylor Twp. Fire Co. Friends received after 7 pm Tue at Carl E. Davis Funeral Home. Funeral services will be conducted at Ch of Breth at 2pm Fri, Rev. Charles Heltzel, pastor. Interment at Forest Lawn Cem.

[NI075621] Sat. evening, Aug 25 1951 BOYER - Mrs. Elizabeth (Wirick), 81, 2620 Bedford St., d. 2:30 pm Aug 24 1951, in Mem. Hosp. b. Aug 16, 1870, Somerset Co., dau. of Reuben & Mary (Wentz) Wirick. Survived by hus. David E., & these chldrn: Mrs. L. R. Allen, Geistown; Mr. W. H. Buchanan, Sarasota, FL; S. R. Boyer, Johnstown; & Martin C. & Mrs. R. C. McAnulty, both of South Fork R.D.; 2 sis.s Mrs. D. L. Jones, Lorain,OH, & Mrs. Albert Gramling, South Fork R.D.; 22 gchldrn & 25 ggchldrn. Member of South Fork E.U.B. Ch. & Dames of Malta. Friends received 7 pm Sat. in George Funeral Home, South Fork, where funeral service will be held 2 pm Mon. Rev. R. G. Feather. Bur., South Fork Cem. Mrs. L. R. Allen is Norah Lucretia Shaffer, dau. of Elizabeth Wirick to her 1st hus., Howard Shaffer, who d. in the 1889 Johnstown flood. 2 yrs later Elizabeth m. David Edward Boyer who raised Norah, "Noney", as his own dau. Mrs. R. C. McAnulty is a half-sis whose hus. was Ray C. McAnulty. He wrote an article sometime after 1966 about the Gramlings.

[NI075622] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
David E Boyer State: PA Enumeration District: 8152 Color: W Age: 40 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0296 Co.: Cambria, South Fork Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00410858 Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth 39, PA
Dau. Evaline 18, PA
Son Ruben S 16, PA
Dau. Elizabeth 05, PA
Son Martin NR, PA Mon., Sep 22 1952 BOYER - David E., 84 of 304 Boise St., Geistown, formerly of South Fork, at 3:30 pm Sep 21 1952, at the home of his son, S. R. Boyer, with whom he resided. b. May 19 1868, Adams Twp., a son of Solomon & Louisia (Wechtenheiser) Boyer. His wife, the former Elizabeth Wirick, preceded him in death. Survived by these chldrn: Mrs. L. R. Allen, Sarasota, FL, formerly of Geistown; Mrs. W. H. Buchanan, also of Sarasota; Martin G., South Fork R.D. 1; S. R. mentioned above, & Mrs. R. C. McAnulty, South Fork R.D. 1; 22 gchldrn & 26 ggchildren. Was charter member of Knights of Malta & POS of A & member of Woodmen of the World, South Fork. Friends received 6 p.m. Mon. at George Funeral Home, South Fork, where services will be held 2 pm Wed., Rev. G. K. Hetrick. Interment, South Fork Cem. David Boyer & Elizabeth Wirick had 9 chldrn of their own, plus Norah Lucretia Shaffer (Elizabeth dau. by 1st m.), & 2 chldrn d. when quite young of diptheria, Della Ireta age 3 & Ray Cury at 3 mo.

[NI075649] Camden Courier Post Jun 16 1992 Ethyl M. (RODDY) HUNTLEY, Turnersville, NJ, formerly of Johnstown, PA d. Mon Jun 15 1992 after a long illness. 80 yrs old. Beloved w/o John A., devoted mother of Charlene & Jim Werner, Turnersville, NJ, Sally Huntley & Diane Snipas, Collingswood, NJ. 3 gchldn Monica, Nicole & Renee. Mass of Christian bur. 10:00am Fri, Holy Family Ch., 226 Hurffville Rd. Sewell, NJ. Relatives & friends may call 7-9 pm at the Bell-Hennessy Funeral Home, 420 So. Main St. Williamstown, NJ. Bur. New St. Mary's Cem., Bellmawr, NJ. Ethyl was the last survivor of a family of 9 chldn, Sydney Earl & Mary (VICKROY) RODDY. b. Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA Apr 7 1912 & lived many yrs in the Johnstown area. She had been a mem. the 1st Ch. of the Breth. before leaving Johnstown, PA.

[NI075653] Altoona Mirror - Oct 22 1969 CHARLES L. MICKLE, 120 5th Ave., d 4:15 am today, Oct 22 1969, Geisinger Hosp., Danville, after a brief illness. He was b Lincoln Twp., Bedford Co., Oct. 9, 1899, s/o Ira O. & Rebecca (LING) MICKLE & on Sept. 9, 1925, in Cumberland, MD m Ella Mae RODDY. Surviving are wife, 8 chldn: Harold & Darryll, Alum Bank; Bernard D., Lancaster; Ronald A., James R., Wayne A., Thomas M., & Mrs. Cheryl MACAK all Altoona; 17 gchldn, & 2 bros & a sis: Albert I., Johnstown; Glenn E., Lakemont; & Mrs. Margaret DAUGHENBAUGH, Altoona. Mr. Mickle was a retired serv sta operator. Friends received in Bigelow Funeral Home from 2-4 & 7-9 pm tomorrow. // MICKLE - serv for Chalres L. MICKLE, 120 5th Ave., will be at 1 pm Fri in Bigelow Funeral Home by Rev. Erwin D. Bennett. Bur Pleasant Hill Cem., Johnstown. Friends received in funeral home 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu.

[NI075658] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 31 Oct by Henry Cook
4 386 430 Benchoof Paul 74 M none Md
5 386 430 Benchoof Barbara 72 F Md

[NI075664] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 30 Oct by Henry Cook
11 374 417 Cobaugh Frederick 54 M Farmer 2,000 Pa
12 374 417 Cobaugh Susanah 50 F Pa
13 374 417 Cobaugh Lewis 17 M Laborer Pa
14 374 417 Cobaugh Mary A. 9 F Pa

[NI075669] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 31 Oct by Henry Cook
6 00 431 Benchoof Lewis 35 M Farmer 3,320 Pa
7 00 431 Benchoof Christina 33 F Pa
8 00 431 Benchoof Catherine 11 F Pa
9 00 431 Benchoof Barbara 10 F Pa
10 00 431 Benchoof Hanah 8 F Pa
11 00 431 Benchoof George L. 6 M Pa
12 00 431 Benchoof Paul B. 1 M Pa
13 00 431 Hildebrand Stephen 21 M Laborer Pa

[NI075672] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 2 Nov by Henry Cook
34 452 502 Strayer David 34 M none Pa
35 452 502 Strayer Elizabeth 31 F Pa
36 452 502 Strayer Jeremiah 9 M Pa
37 452 502 Strayer Franklin 7 M Pa
38 452 502 Strayer Charlotte A. 3 F Pa
39 452 502 Weis William 28 M Gluemaker Germaker

[NI075673] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 4 Nov by Henry Cook
23 458 508 Strayer Joseph 32 M Farmer Pa
24 458 508 Strayer Susanah 28 F Pa
25 458 508 Strayer George 10 M Pa
26 458 508 Strayer John 8 M Pa
27 458 508 Strayer Levi 6 M Pa
28 458 508 Strayer Elizabeth 1 F Pa
29 458 508 Dickey Susanah 15 F Pa
30 458 508 Strayer John 60 M none 4,000 Pa

[NI075727] T.Roy BURKEY, Vet of WW I, 1 of South Fork's enterprising & successful young business men. b. at this place Jun 8 1899, s/o David M. & Jennie (HILDERBRANT) Burkey.T. Roy Burkey attended pub. schools graduated from South Fork HS 1917. entered the employ of the PA RR as a clerk in the super.'s office at South Fork. Oct 1 1918, enlisted for serv. in WW at Carlisle, PA & serv. as mem. of the Student Army Training Corps, Dickinson College, until Dec 14 1918. then returned to his former position with the RR & Mar 16 1920, was transferred to Conemaugh, where he handled passenger train detentions in the master mechanic's office. Mar 15 1921 when that office was transferred to Pittsburgh, Mr. Burkey left the serv. of the RR & engaged in business at South Fork. He organized the South Fork Wall Paper & Paint Co. & served as sec., treas. & gen. manager. Later he became sole owner of the business. also treasurer of the Conemaugh Valley Ins. Agcy. Nov 1925, Mr. Burkey was elected vice pres. of the school board, South Fork for 6 yrs. serv, as pres. of the South Fork HS Alumni Assc. 1922-24, & reelected for 3 more yrs 1925. treas. of the South Fork Basketball Assc. & faculty manager HS basketball team. Mr. Burkey a Rep., mem. ofe U.E. Ch., Amer. Legion & IOOF unmarried. T. Roy d.1949 bur. South Fork Cem. along side his parents.

[NI075752] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
William S Boyer State: PA Enumeration District: 0139 Color: W Age: 41 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0033 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00430628 Other Residents:
Wife Amanda J 42, PA
Dau. Emma D 17, PA
Son William M 06, PA

[NI075753] ADAM EPPLEY, 68, DIES, SWISSVALE. Benshoff Hill Resident Expires of Heart Attack Visiting Relatives. Adam Wesley Eppley, 68, d 7 pm last eve at home of his sis-in-law, Mrs. Julius Ford, Swissvale, where he had been visiting in company with Mrs. Eppley. A heart attack was believed to be cause of death. Mr. Eppley was an employee of Swank Hardware Co for many yrs. He & Mrs. Eppley resided with Anstead family, Benshoff Hill. He is survived by widow, Emma Rogers, & 1 son, Walter Eppley, Swissvale. 2 bros David E. Eppley, 327 Chandler Ave & Frank Eppley, Dorothy Ave, Oakhurst, also survive. Funeral arrangements, in charge of John Henderson Co were incomplete this afternoon.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Adam W Eppley State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0144 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0020 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 01200218 Other Residents:
Wife Emma J 35, PA
Son Walter H 18, PA

[NI075758] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
James M Eppley State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0144 Color: W Age: 50 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0045 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 01200242 Other Residents:
Wife Mary A 47, PA
Son Howard B 13, PA
Mother-in-law Susan Ribblet 72, PA

[NI075811] Johnstown, PA Trib 14 Jul 1942: LEROY B. STUTZMAN OF 7TH WARD DIES Was Auto Salesman 20 yrs; Lifelong Local Resident Leroy B. Stutzman, 52, of 324 Pine St., 7th Ward, well-known local automobile salesman for approximately 20 yrs, d. at his home about 9:30 am this morning following a brief illness. For the last few yrs he had been employed by the Tulip Bottling Works & last worked on Jul 8. He was b. Johnstown, Nov 4 1889, a son of Abraham & Louise (Baltzer) Stutzman, & had resided in this city his entire life. He was a member of the Park Ave. United Brethren Ch. & of the All-Aboard Bible Class of that congregation. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Edith (Colbert) Stutzman, & 3 children; Francis Louise, wife of J. Clayton Menhorn, 408 Hickory St., & Leroy B. Jr. & Martha May Stutzman, both at home. Mr. Stutzman was a bro. of Russell Stutzman, 710 Coleman Ave.; George B. Stutzman, 7 Cleveland St.; Martha, wife of John F. Bowman, 1504 Franklin St.; Bessie, widow of Frank D. Walt, Cleveland, OH, & Luella, wife of Frank C. Pifer, 416 Wood St. 1 gchild. A bro., Earl Stutzman, is deceased. Funeral services will be conducted at the Stutzman home at 2 pm Fri. by Rev. Earl Crosby Weaver, pastor of the Park Avenue United Brethren Ch. Other arrangements, in charge of the Henderson Funeral Home, are incomplete.

[NI075818] Alton Demo, Alton, IA, Sat Feb 2 1924 Henry GOEBEL, a pioneer of IA, d. at his home N. of Granville Jan 10 1924 from the ailments due to old age & Pnemonia. wife d. 3 wks Before. m. 62 yrs last Jul. & 1 of the oldest m. couples in this section of the Co. Jul 2 1911 they with their family & friends celebrated their golden wedding Ann. Deceased b. Apr 15 1838 Gerbershausen, Saxony, Germany. m. New Vienna, IA to Catherine HEYING, Father ORT officiating. Of a family of 8, Mr. GOEBEL survived by 1 sis., Mrs WEISMANN, New Vienna, & by 7 chldn, 37 gchldn, 7 ggchldn. Well known throughout these parts having been an old settler, moving to the Granville vicinity 32 yrs ago & witnessing the growth into a country. Mr GOEBEL faithful memb. of St Joseph's Parish & ever ready to help with a good cause. funeral was held that Ch. 12 Jan 9:30 am. Bur. St. Joseph's Ch. Cem. beside his wife.

[NI075825] Possible father William

[NI075896] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 25 Thos Hughes
37 224 228 Hill William 42 M Farmer Pa
Hill Catharine 33 F Pa
Hill Mary J 12 F Pa
Snoaks Jacob 12 M Pa

[NI075966] Trib Jul 14 1931 Ira Stephen Potter aged 38 yrs dies suddenly of heart trouble at his home on Liberty Ave., Riverside, Stoneycreek Twp. last eve., having been stricken while working on his autombile. b. Westmont, s/o the late Mr & Mrs. L Z Grant Potter (Maggie Gregory). Besides his widow Mrs. Vera (Conrad) Potter, survied by 7 chldn. Russell, Thomas, Earl, Charles, Edwin, Dorothy, & Shirley Potter, all at home. bro.s & sis.s also survive;Mrs. Hazel Baumbaugh, Wonder St., Mrs Katherine Barron, Krings, Mrs Margaret Conner, Highland Ave., Earl Potter, Lemon St. Roy Potter, Canton OH & L Z (Thomas) Potter, Krings. Ira was employed for a number of yrs in the electrical dept of the Cambria plant of Bethelem Steel but for the last 14 yrs was employed on the Conemaugh & Blacklick RR by the Bethelem Corp. Ira Potter & Vera V Conrad were m. 1911. He was a member of the 1st Breth. Ch., Napoleon & Dibert St. Funeral servicees will be in charge of his pastor Rev Charles H Ashman, Interment in Grandview Cem.

[NI075967] Trib 3/2/1938 Mrs. Vera Virgina (Conrad) Potter, 43, d. Mem. Hosp. this morn. following a major operation performed Sat.. Mrs Potter, a resident of Riverside, Johnstown R D 4 , w/o Ira S Potter, Conmaugh & Blacklick man who d. Jul 14 1931. she was b. Johnstown Jul 24 1894, d/o Charles Conrad, now of Hollidaysburg, & the late Mrs. Ellie (Leiford) Conrad. survived chldn: Russell, rear 112 Station St, Ferndale: Thomas of 213 Wheat St, Moxham; Earl, Edwin, Ira S. jr.,Dorothy & Shirley of the home. 1 son, Charles, d. May 28 1934. sis. of Mrs. Grace Busher, Baltimore. Mrs. Potter was a member of 1st Breth. Ch., Napoleon St. Services at the Potter home with interment in Grandview.

[NI075975] Trib 1/31/28 DECEASED WAS FOR MANY YRS EMPLOYED AT CAMBRIA; OFFICER ON WESTMONT FORCE. L Z Grant Potter 59 yrs, a former Westmont resident & well knwn in Johnstown succumbed to pneumonia at his home in Canton, OH, Sat. He became ill last Thu. & had been sinking rapidly. b. Phillipsburg, Sep 19 1868 to Robert M. & Mary E (Kinkead) Potter. For a period of 20 yrs he was employed in the rail mill of Cambria Steel Works & that of his trade as a carpenter. He was an officer on the Westmont Boro police force for abt 2 yrs (1903-1905) & again in 1918. He m. twice, 1st to Margaret Gregory d. Jan 20 1918. d/o Mr & Mrs Stephen Gregory. m. in 1880.The chldrn survive this union: Ira Potter; Earl M Potter; Hazel Baumbugh; Margaret Conner; Ellroy & L Z jr at home. 2nd to Mrs Emma Weaver m. 12/24/1918, in Cumberland MD. Interment in the family plot at Grandview.

[NI075992] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
David J Hershberger State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0147 Color: W Age: 63 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0387 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb. ImageNum: 02090407 Other Residents:
Wife Rachael 61, PA
dau. Pearl A 24, PA
Son Elbert S 19, PA
Rev. and Mrs. D.J. Hershberger, of the Pittsburgh Conference, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at Scottdale,Pa on the evening of Nov. 15, 1916. A large number of friends of this estimble couple,inculding ten pastors of the churches of the various denominations of the city and most of the members of our Scottdale Mission of which Brother Hershberger is the faithful and beloved pastor, assembled in the church to congratulate them and spend the evening with appropriate exercises and in a social way. Agold headed ebony cane given to him by the pastor of the Presbyterian church representing the ministerial Association which was pasted on to a son when he died.
Was a druggist who became an Evang. minister. From an obit [probably in a Johnstown newspaper]: Not long after his birth, his family moved from Davidsville to Jenner Cross Roads, where his parents united with the Reformed Ch. He attended the public schools of Somerset Co, PA, & later enrolled at the Berlin Normal. He was a student for 2 yrs at Westmoreland College, located at Mt. Pleasant, PA, when his father d. & was consequently compelled to relinquish his studies. He was converted whan a young man at a great revival meeting held near Boswell, Somerset Co, PA conducted by the Freewill Bapt. Ch. of Jennerstown, Somerset Co, PA. He united with the Ref. Ch. with his parents. In 1877 he moved with his family to Johnstown, Cambria Co, PA where he became identified with the Trinity congregation of the Evang. Assc. He was a charter memb. of church & a memb. of the 1st board of trustees. He also serv. as class leader. In 1879 he received his license as a preacher. In the spring of 1880 he came to the annual conference, which met in Johnstown, PA, as an applicant for work. He was stationed on Morrelville Circuit. And from that time until the fall of 1920, he was an active itinerant, when he was compelled because of failing health to resign his work. He had been pastor of the Salix Un. Evang. Ch. from the fall of 1898 until the fall of 1920. He serv. the following fields of the Pittsburgh Conference: Morrelville mission, Johnstown, Cambria Co, 1 yr; Millwood, 2 yrs; Salem, 3 yrs; Mechanicsburg, 2 yrs; Cherrytree, 3 yrs; Marchand, 2 yrs; Worthville, 3 yrs; Hawthorne, 3 yrs; Alum Bank, 2 yrs; Somerset, 4 yrs; Hyndman, 3 yrs; Portage, 4 yrs; Westover, 2 yrs; Scottdale, 3 yrs; & Salix, 2 yrs. He built a number of churches during his services, the last being the church & parsonage at Portage. His funeral serv.s were held in the Salix church 23 Feb 1921, the church in which he preached the last yrs of his ministry. Bur. Grandview Cem.

[NI075998] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Harry Wissinger Age: 68 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0105 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0148 Co.: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
NR Walter R Berkley 05, PA
1 non-relative

[NI075999] d. 23 yr old maiden

[NI076000] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Samuel Wissinger Age: 62 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0139 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0187 Co.: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Caraline 67, PA

[NI076029] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levi Ebersole State: PA Enumeration District: 0042 Color: W Age: 69 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0246 Co.: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01210578 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 61, PA
Ebersole was ordained a minister at Goods meetinghouse, in the spring of 1875. He ministered to the spiritual needs of his several congregations for 45 yrs. He laid down the burdens of a useful life at the age of 80 yrs, Oct 8 1920, at his home in Elizabethtown. His remains mingle with the dust of his ancestors, at Goods Cem., where he so often spoke words of consolation over the remains of his friends & neighbors. The funeral services were held in the Elizabethtown meetinghouse, where Brethren Noah Risser, John Ebersole, John Landis, & Simon B. Landis preached from II Timothy 4:6-8.

[NI076056] JOHANNES inherited the Hannes Schneider bible. They left their native home in the spring of 1736 for London, England, then to America in Aug 1736, arriving on the ship 'Harle' of London

[NI076074] Rev. Joseph Wolgemuth was a farmer by occupation, but for 10 yrs prior to his death he was an acceptable minister in the River Brethren Ch.. The beloved mother lived to be 72, dying in 1892, & both parents were buried in the cem. of the Cross Roads Meeting House, in East Donegal Twp.

[NI076076] Christ H. Nissley was b. on the family homestead where the Nissleys had long lived, & he d. in Florin, Pa., Sep 12 1804. He had operated the old Graybill mills for yrs, but in 1880 sold out to Levi R. Nissley, & moved to Florin. In his day he was an experienced miller & farmer, & engaged along both lines in Mt. Joy Twp. for many yrs. In local & Co. affairs Mr. Nissley had long held a prominent position. From 1866 to 1869 he was Co. commissioner, Co. auditor for 3 terms, prison inspector for 2 terms, & school director of Mt. Joy for many yrs."

[NI076077] Mrs. Barbara (Lindesmith) Nissley was b. in West Donegal Twp., & d. Jan 12, 1899, at the age of 74 yrs, & was buried in the cem. connected with the Graybills Ch.

[NI076098] After the death of their father, JACOB, with his family & his Bro.s Daniel & Michael, moved to Kennerland, Holland, about 12 miles west of Amsterdam. Jacob was in possession of Hannes' family bible, which was then passed on to Jacob's son John.

[NI076110] moved in 1653 to Spiers, about 12 miles from Heidelberg, Germany, where they resided for 18 yrs. In Jan 1672 they moved to Zweibrucken, Germany, about 48 miles from Strausburg

[NI076146] Because he was a grown man when he arrived in America, JACOB was probably b. in the late 1680s or early 1690s. Family tradition states that the family came from Lake Constance, Canton Zurich, Switzerland. The first official mention of Jacob is in 1717, when he received a warrant for 350 acres of land in Lancaster Twp. on the north bank of the Conestoga River at what is now ENGLESIDE. He eventually received a patent for 150 acres of the original 350 on Jun 5 1734. On this land in 1745 he erected a house on the farm currently owned by Sterling Elmer at Engleside. On Jul 30 1741, Jacob also received a patent for 475 acres in Manor Twp.. This farm is the location of the Hostetter-Miller Cem., which contains the oldest known graves of Hostetters. Before Jacob Hostetter d. he sold half of his Manor Twp. farm to his son Abraham in 1755. Jacob's will was probated on Jun 12 1761. JACOB HOSTETTER was ordained to the ministry in Switzerland before he was 30. He came to this country about 1712 & settled at present-day Engleside. He officiated as bishop in the Byerland district & also the in the 'distant countrysides'. The horseback trips to the 'distant countrysides' became a regular part of the bishop's work. These trips required much hard travel & took from 4 to 6 wks

[NI076160] Abraham lived his adult life on the Manor Twp. farm as his Bro. Jacob did. He was m. to Catherine Long, dau. of Herman Long & Anne Hershey & granddau. of Christian Long, the immigrant. Before his death in 1796 he sold his farm in Manor Twp. to his 2 sons, John & Abraham. On April 23, 1796, Abraham's will was probated, & after his wife, Catherine, received her due provision, his estate was divided among his chldrn

[NI076165] JOHN, the youngest son of Jacob I, lived on the original homestead at Engleside. He d. in 1765, & his will was probated Oct 22. He granted the use of his farm to his wife, ELIZABETH, until his son Jacob reached the age of 21 yrs, at which time he could purchase it. The rest of the chldrn - John, Anna, Barbara & Christian - shared in his estate. The names of the executors of the will & the appraisers of the land show the close links of the early Men. families. The executors were Jacob Mayer & Abraham Hostetter, John's Bro.. The appraisers were Abraham Herr, John Meilen/Mylin, John Huber, Jacob Neff, & John Schnebly/Schnabeli. These names indicate some of the earliest Men. families in Lancaster Co.

[NI076173] John Kreider was the youngest son of Michael, the immigrant. He was about 7 or 8 yrs old when his father d.. John inherited the plantation where Michael lived. John m. Anna Margaret Hostetter, dau. of Jacob Hostetter, an immigrant. The original home of Michael & his son John is located in the Hershey Heritage Village, along Wabank Road south-west of Lancaster city. Adjacent to the stone house & connected by an underground tunnel or cellar stands a larger house which might have been built prior to Michael's death in 1739. The large house is now being used as a business office & has received considerable renovation. It appears also that the ill-kempt, small stone house is being used as a tool shed, & the shingle roof is falling in. John d. intestate in 1784

[NI076174] All of the first Greiter immigrants to Lancaster & Lebanon counties were members of 2 families undoubtedly sired by bro.s: Jacob, the first immigrant, & MICHAEL his bro., whose parents were Jacob Greiter & Barbara Schenk. Jacob, who came 1st, probably had the financial support of Michael, who immigrated about 1723 or 1724. ... The first American record of Michael Grittor was found in the extant tax transcripts of Chester Co., PA, for the yrs 1724/25. Michael was traditionally known as the bro. of Jacob. This was verified when we found his family record of 1715 in Ittlingen, Germany. On May 31 1734, Michael received a patent for 200 acres that he had purchased in 1733 from the heirs of Martin Oberholtz. Michael d. 5 yrs after he took out the patent. The record stated that his will was written in High Dutch & was therefore not recorded. The original will of Michael Grittor was found in 1980. Michael signed his name as Michael 'Greutter'

[NI076175] On the 14 Oct, near Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption, Sister FIANNA, w/o Bro. JOHN G. SNYDER, aged 39 yrs, 1 mo & 19 dys. Funeral on the 17. Text: Luke 7:50. Buried at Ehrisman's Meeting House.

[NI076177] JOSEPH BENDER had 3 wives. All of his chldrn were b. to his 1st wife, LAVINA ROYER BENDER, who d. when she was 57. He then went on to marry 2 more times. SUE BENDER SNYDER was 16 yrs old at the time he remarried. Sue was not wanted by the 2nd wife, so she was sent away. We don't know the 2nd wife's name. The 3rd wife was a Casset who outlived him.

[NI076187] 1 May, in Rapho Twp., of consumption & bleeding of the lungs - which she bore with Christian fortitude - ANNA, widow & relict of LEVI EBY, aged 55 yrs, 8 mo.s, & 26 dys. She was buried on the 4th. Many friends & relatives were present, & suitable discourses delivered by the breth. Nissley, Landes, & Risser from Ps. 37:37. The deceased was a faithful member of the Mennonite Ch. for many yrs, & beloved by all the comm. - Peter Nissley

[NI076204] Leaves Wife & 15 Children
Yr 1850 No. 6 BEAL, Jesse N. Late of : Greenville twp. Somerset Co. Date of death: (blank) Date of Letters of App't: Aug 27 1850 Name of Ex., Admin.,Guard: George Klingaman Will recorded: VOl. 4, page 484.

[NI076211] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ben R Bender State: PA Enumeration District: 0134 Color: W Age: 47 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0265 County: Lancaster Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00390807 Other Residents:
Wife Emma 49, Pennsylvania
Son B Roy 16, Pennsylvania
Son Charles 13, Pennsylvania

[NI076220] Michael Witmer, is buried at the old Witmer graveyard beside the Reidenbach Ch.. Michael was the 1st deacon in Weaverland District & his son, Daniel, was ordained a minister for the same district.

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