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[NI107755] Migrated to Green Co., OH, in 1803 & was killed in the War of 1812.

[NI107757] Helped organize Brethern Congregation in Nettle Creek, IN. Then moved to St. Joseph Co., IN. 11 chldn.

[NI107759] Helped organize Brethern Congregation in Nettle Creek, IN. Then moved to St. Joseph Co., IN. 13 chldn.

[NI107761] Was executor of his fathers estate. He affirmed, rather than swore, so it is to be assumed he was a Dunker.

[NI107803] came to America shortly after the Rev. He Settled in Bedford Co., PA & came to Perry Co., Ohio in 1809 where he built the first grist mill on Jonathon's Creek.

[NI107814] 1850 Federal Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 7 Nov by Henry Cook
32 91 97 ROSE Joseph 54 M Lumberman 3,700 PA
33 91 97 ROSE Elizabeth 54 F PA
34 91 97 ROSE Joseph 20 M Laborer PA
35 91 97 ROSE Eve 17 F PA
36 91 97 ROSE Samuel 14 M PA
37 91 97 ROSE James 8 M PA
38 91 97 ROSE Rachel 7 F PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 21, 1860
431 29 2832 2867 Rose Joseph 65 M farmer 3500 1000 PA
431 30 2832 2867 Rose Elizabeth 60 F PA
431 31 2832 2867 Rose Samuel 26 M farm laborer 300 PA
431 32 2832 2867 Rose James 19 M farm laborer PA
431 33 2832 2867 Kellly Christian 26 M cooper Baden
431 34 2832 2867 Kellly Rachel 20 F PA
Will Dated: Apr 8 1867; Registered May 18 1869 Last Will & Testament of Joseph Rose Sr. dec'd. I, Joseph Rose Sr. of the Twp. of Richland in the Co. of Cambria & the State of PA Yeoman, being of sound mind & memory & understanding do make & publish this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking & making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. As to such estates as it hath pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of the same as follows viz: 1st, I give & bequeath to my oldest son, Adam Rose, the sum of $50. 2nd, I give & bequeath to my 2nd son, Peter Rose, the sum of $500. 3rd, I give & bequeath to my 3rd son, Joseph Rose, the sum of $1 & also the amount I had given him before in land. 4th, I give & bequeath to my gchdn Sylvia Rose, Sarah Rose & Susan Rose, chdn of my son William Rose dec'd the sum of $100 to be equally divided among the 3 said gchdn. 5th, I give & bequeath to my 5th son, Samuel Rose, that land on which he now lives providing he pays to my executor herein after named the sum of $500 for the use of the other heirs. 6th, I give & bequeath to my 6th son, James Rose, all my personal property providing he pays to my executor herein after named the sum of $500 for the use of the other heirs. 7th, I give & bequeath to my gchdn, chdn of my dau., Christiana, w/o John Orris, the sum of $100 to be equally divided among said gchdn. 8th, I give & bequeath to my dau., Susan, w/o George Helsel the sum of $1. 9th, I give & bequeath to my dau. Elizabeth, w/o William Hoffman the sum of $50. 10th, I give & bequeath to my dau., Rebecca the sum of $50. 11th, I give & bequeath to my dau., Rachel the sum of $50. 12th, I give & bequeath to my dau., Eva, w/o John Orris, that certain piece of land on which she now resides. & I do hereby constitute & appoint J.R. Stull & my son James Rose Executors of this my last Will & Testament: In witness whereof, I, Joseph Rose Sr. the testator have to this my last Will written on 1 sheet of paper set my hand & seal 8 Apr 1867. his mark: Joseph "X" Rose Seal Signed, sealed, published & declared by the above named Joseph Rose Sr. as & for his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto in his presence & in the presence of each other at his request subsribed our names as witnesses thereunto. M. Smith, Charles Helsel, Michael Scherle, Cambria Co.: Before me, James Griffin, Register for the Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Administration in & for said Co. personally came M. Smith, Charles Helsel & Michael Scherle - the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will who being duly affirmed according to law do depose & say that they were present & saw & heard Joseph Rose the within named testator, sign, seal, publish, pronounce & declare the foregoing instrument of writing as & for his last will & testament & at the time of so doing he was of sound mind, memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge, observation & belief. Affirmed & subscribed 18 May 1869, James Griffin Register. M. Smith, Charles Hilsel, Michael Scherle Letters granted. Registered May 18 1869. James Griffin, Register.

[NI107825] John August Meyer was a jeweler, specializing in watch repair. He operated a watch repair shop in Belle Vernon, PA for a time. He later worked as a gunsmith.

[NI108530] The death records are from Wayne Co., OH vol. 1 pg 147. Record of Deaths, Probate Court, in & for Green Twp. Shallenberger, Henry G age 62 male/white, married, occupation was laborer, d from Lung disease on Aug 22 1883 in Smithville.

[NI108554] Found Penn, Philadelphia Co., PA

[NI108562] CENSUS: 1865 Otoe, NE Vol 19 No. 2 pg 19; 1860 Otoe, NE, p 65 fam 431; 1870 Otoe, NE pg 367 fam 40. m Margaret b Feb 1820 , PA. CENSUS: 1885 Otoe NE

[NI108587] From Wayne Co. Demo. dated Dec 9 1903 Elizabeth Shallenberger, aged a little over 81 yrs, d on Thu morn, having had a stroke Tue. eve. Funeral last Sat 3 pm. Her sons John, Canal Fulton; Frank, Massillon, & their wives; Josephine, who has been at Carnegie, PA; Lem Davidson & wife, Coshocton; & other friends from a distance were here to the funeral services, in the Lutheran church, conducted by Rev. A. K. Fulton.

[NI108590] Jacob Shallenberger age 27 male/white, single, occup. Blacksmith, d of lung disease on Feb 26 1884, Smithville.

[NI108605] 1870 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
31 217 221 Baker Levi 34 M W Shoemaker 150 PA.
Baker Margaret 28 F W Keeping House PA
Baker Conrad 10 M W PA
Baker Elizabeth J. 08 F W PA
Baker Freeman E. 06 M W PA
Baker Charles T. 02 M W PA
1880 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA J. R. Boose Pg 15, 7 & 9 Jun 1880
3 15 236A 21 134 137 Baker Levi W M 46 Boot & shoemaker Rhuematism PA PA VA
Baker Margaret W F 38 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Baker Conrad W M 21 Son Coal miner PA PA PA
Baker Freeman E W M 17 Son Coal miner PA PA PA
Baker Elizabeth J W F 19 dau PA PA PA
Baker Charles T W M 16 Son Errand boy PA PA PA
Baker Parkey P W M 10/12 Jul. Son PA PA PA

[NI108608] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Joseph Baker State: PA Enumeration District: 0139 Color: W Age: 70 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0094 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00230026 Other Residents:
1 non-relative

[NI108613] 1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 8 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
2 63 64 Baker David 43 M W Farmer 800 500 PA
Baker Lucy 37 F W Keeping House PA
Baker Emoline 14 F W PA
Baker Henery 9 M W PA
Baker Sarah J. 6 F W PA
Baker Lydia I. 4 F W PA
Baker James M. 3 M W PA
Baker Charles 1 M W PA
Baker John 4/12 M W PA Jan
1880 Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA H. L. Walker 17 Jun 1880
226B 38 224 229 Baker David W M 53 Laborer PA PA PA
Baker Lucy W F 48 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Baker Henry W M 19 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Baker Lydia W F 16 Dau At home PA PA PA
Baker James W M 13 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Baker Chas. W M 11 Son Laborer PA PA PA
Baker John W M 10 Son At home PA PA PA
Baker William W M 8 Son PA PA PA
Baker Burt W M 6 Son PA PA PA
Shoemaker Lizzie W F 32 Sis-in-law At home PA PA PA

[NI108614] 1850 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 5 Oct J J Schell
34 305 316 Baker Solomon 27 M Farmer 1,500 PA
Baker Judith 28 F PA
Baker Nelson 4 M PA
Baker Lydia 1 F PA
Baldwin Polly 18 F PA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 30 Jul Christian Streng
15 429 425 Baker Solomon 47 M W Farmer 6,000 1,600 PA
Baker Judah 47 F W Keeping house PA
Baker Nelson 24 M W PA
Miller Lyia 21 F W PA

[NI108616] 1850 Federal Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 17 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
10 69 70 Baker Jesse 24 M Farmer 500 PA
11 69 70 Baker Mary 24 F PA
12 69 70 Baker Simon 3 M PA
13 69 70 Baker Mary E. 1 F PA

[NI108620] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Charles Baker State: PA Enumeration District: 0137 Color: W Age: 41 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0024 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00220132 Other Residents:
Wife Emma C 37, PA
Son Roy 16, PA
Son Ralph 14, PA
Dau. Mayme C 12, PA
Son Oscar R 10, PA
Son John C 07, PA
Son Russsel A 06, PA
Son Clarence E 02, PA

[NI108633] started in Derbyshire, England when Henry Neal b 1880. he came from England to Canada until he m Katie Belle Schreck. Katie b 1886 Reading, Pa. They lived in several areas of Westmoreland Co. & finally settled in Yukon, Pa. The big 9 room house sat at the "Y" of Yukon, Wyano, & Waltz Mills. They had a small store from which they sold gasoline & a small variety of other items. Henry became the "Squire" of Yukon. There were 7 Neal chldn b yrs of 1904 - 1918. 5 of the sons worked for Westmoreland Coal, 1 son & dau were school teachers for South Huntingdon Twp.

[NI108638] 1870 Census Stoney Creek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug 1870 Christian Streng
6 169 175 Wild Josiah 43 M W Laborer 200 PA
Wild Elizabeth 37 F W Keeping house PA
Wild Robert 6 M W PA
Wild Julia 4 F W PA
Wild Daniel W. 2 M W PA
Wild John L. 3/12 M W PA Feb

[NI108650] 1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 4 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
34 36 BENDER Samuel 37 M Farmer PA
Elisabeth 39 F PA
GARMAN Michael 8 M PA
BARNET Jacob 70 M Farmer 1600 GER
Margaret 66 F PA

[NI108656] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
182 198 MOURER George J. 34 M Farmer 2500 660 PA
Eliza 36 F PA
Josiah 9 M PA.
Mary J. 6 F PA.
Joanna 2 F PA

[NI108657] John Steinbaugh came from Germany to this county in 1832. He died in Quemahoning in 1881 at the age of seventy-four. He married first, Nancy Shaffer, and second, Sarah Baker. Children: Lewis (deceased), George, John J., Henry (deceased), Catherine and Julia (Lambert). (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)
1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated on 10 Oct 1850 by J. J. Schell
46 49 STEINBAUGH John 44 M Farmer GER
Sally 37 F PA
Catharine 9 F PA
Ludwig 7 M PA
George 5 M PA
John 4 M PA
Henry 3 M PA
Julian 1 F PA
SMITH Catharine 55 F PA
SMITH Ludig 47 M Laborer PA
SMITH Elisabeth 40 F PA
1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
94 103 SMITH Catharine 76 F Farmer 3000 725
John STINEBAUGH 52 M Day Laborer Germany
Sarah 47 F PA
Catharine 19 F PA.
Lewis 17 F PA.
George 15 M PA.
John 14 M PA.
Henry 13 M PA.
July Ann 6 F PA

[NI108662] 1850 Federal Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 17 Oct 1850 by John J Schell
21 83 87 Maurer Jonas 31 M W Farmer PA
22 83 87 Maurer Elisabeth 29 F W PA
23 83 87 Maurer William 6 M W PA
24 83 87 Maurer Catharine 3 F W PA

[NI108667] John H. Zimmerman, s/o Michael Zimmerman, Jr. & Catherine Koontz Zimmerman, b on family farm in Quemahoning Twp, Somerset Co. Sep 2 1830. He was m Nov 1850, to Ms Susan Zimmerman, Quemahoning Twp. During the war of the rebellion he did good serv as memb Co G 93rd reg PA Vol Inf. 4 chldn have been b to them, 2 of whom, John A. & Anna (Mrs. William Winters) are living in 1884. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, PA, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)

[NI108682] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 12 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
224 241 BLOUGH Jonathan 34 M Farmer 4000 854 PA
Susana 34 F PA
Mary 7 F PA.
Sarah 5 F PA.
Percy 1 M PA
1910 census PA Miracode index
Jonathan W Blough State: PA Enumeration District: 0155 Color: W Age: 84 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0072 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00310082 Other Residents:
Wife Susanna 84, WV

[NI108683] Herald of Truth Vol XXXIII # 10 May 15 1896 pg 158. Blauch. On Apr 15 1896, Stony Creek Twp, Cambria Co, Pa Samuel W Blauch, aged 68y 2m 25d. Bur 17th in Fry grvyd, serv by Abraham Frick & Emanuel Blauch. He was memb Dunkard Ch. He leaves a widow, 2 sons & 3 daus. His sickness lasted abt 20m.
1870 Census Conemaugh Twp, Cambria Co, PA 17 Aug by Geo Engelbach
11 94 90 Blough Saml W 42 M W Farmer 7,000 1,200 Pa
Blough Anna 38 F W Keeping House Pa
Blough Josiah 16 M W Pa
Blough Christiana 14 F W Pa
Blough Emma 10 F W Pa
Blough Lavina 6 F W Pa
Blough Andrew 2 M W Pa
Blough Mary 1 F W Pa

[NI108686] Gospel Herald - Vol VII, # 35 - Nov 26, 1914, pg 567, 568. Blough, Jesse Blough b Somerset Co, Pa, Aug 2 1834 d at his home, Ionia Co, MI Nov 1 1914 aged 80y 2m 30d. He m Magdalena Kime Jan 1860. For 1st 5y of their m life they resided in PA & IN, coming to MI 48y ago. Survived by 1 son, 1 dau, 1 bro, & 5 gchdn. Memb COB 51y ago Funeral from Menn Ch in Bowne, Nov 3 conducted by John Smith, asstd by Sam Smith & Peter Messner. Bur in adjoining Cem.

[NI108689] Michael W Blough State: PA Enumeration District: 0126 Color: W Age: 65 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0316 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00310326 Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 57, PA
Son Lloyd 18, PA

[NI108690] Michael Barnhart, father, was b in Quemahoning twp, Somerset co, in 1809. He attended the old subscription schools of his boyhood days, & then engaged in farming, to which pursuit he always directed his attention. He was a memb of Luth ch, & lived a straightforward & honest life in community in which he resided. He was a rep in politics, but, while taking an active part in local politics, would never hold any office. He m Elizabeth Sell & had 7 chdn, 4 sons & 3 daus, all of whom are living, except the oldest dau, who d in 1893. He d Nov 1889, & although he had reached advanced age of 80 yrs, his mental faculties & physical powers were unusually well preserved.
1850 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 16 Oct 1850 J. J. Schell
143 149 BARNHART Michael 41 M Farmer 2000 acres PA
Elisabeth 36 F PA can't read or write
Mary 15 F PA
Henry 11 M PA
Almira 7 F PA
Isaac 5 M PA
Elisabeth A. 2 F PA

[NI108693] HENRY BARNHART. Michael & Elizabeth (Sell) Barnhart, no longer living, are parents of our subject, who was b Somerset Co, PA, Aug 1 1839. Amanda Bowman became his companion on life's journey in Johnstown, PA, Jan 18 1866. She was b in that co Dec 19 1844. Her father, Benjamin Bowman is still spared, but her mother, Susan (Berkey), has gone to her reward. 8 chdn have graced this m, Isaac H., William H., Malinda M., Franklin P., Emory E., Gilbert, dec., Mary E., & Laura H. When the war broke out, he responded to pres's call for brave boys to don the blue in defence of the Stars & Stripes. He was 21 yrs of age & had been engaged in farming near Johnstown, PA, when he enlisted from there as a pvt in CoG 3d PA VoI. In summer of 1861 he was detailed at Chambersburg to work in commissary. He was honorably discharged Jul 30 1861 & re-enlisted Aug 20 1861 in CoD 54th PA VoI. In 1862 he was detailed as a scout; in spring of 1863 as a wagon master & in 1864 as horse forayer. In Jan 1863 he was obliged to seek hosp care at North Mt, VA, 2 wks suffering from pleurisy. In summer of 1863 he was again confined in hosp at Romney, VA, 4 wks with same disease. In summer of 1863 he was given a leave of absence for 30 dys & in winter of 1863-4 he was given a leave of absence for 15 dys, returning to duty at the expiration of ea. He was again discharged Feb 23 1864, & immediately re-enlisted as a vet in same command. Oct 19 1864 he was captured in Cedar Creek, VA, being held in Libby 1 mo & Pemberton 3 mos. With his reg' he faced the enemy at battles of Falling Water, Lexington, Lynchburg, & many skirmishes. His honorable discharge was dated Jul 15 1865. His ggfather, John Sell, served in Rev War. Comrade Barnhart is living in retirement & in Johnstown, PA.

[NI108695] ISAAC B. BARNHART, an intelligent, enterprising & progressive farmer of Upper Yoder twp, this co, s/o Michael & Elizabeth (Sell) Barnhart, & b Feb 6 1846, Yoder twp, near Roxbury, this co. The trans-Atlantic ancestry of the Barnharts can be traced to the German Empire, but the paternal gfather, David Barnhart, was b in this country, & settled at an early day in what, at that time, was a part of Somerset co, PA, now Cambria co, where he located on a farm, & followed farming for many yrs. Isaac B. Barnhart was reared on old homestead in Yoder twp, & received his education in common schools of that locality. On leaving school he worked on his father's farm until 1864. In the latter yr he entered the rolling-mill of Cambria Iron co, under Alexander Hamilton, where he remained for 18 yrs. In 1882 he removed to his present home in Upper Yoder twp, & adopted the pursuits of a farmer, which he has followed until the present time. In 1895 he sold 10 acs of his farm to Roxbury Driving assc, which they have since converted into a driving park.
In politics he adheres to the principles of Rep party, & has been an active supporter of the maxims of that party. He has at various times filled nearly every local office in his community. He has filled the office of school director several terms, & at various times has served on election board, & is at present time judge of that board. He is prominently identified with the Meth Episc ch, & takes an active interest in its advancement.
In 1869 he was m. The union has the birth of 10 chdn: Mary, Charles, Herbert, Lizzie, Myrtle, Curtis, Ralph, Irene, Horace, & Freddie.

[NI108699] 1860 Census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1860 by Josiah H. Zimmerman
192 210 BLOUGH Noah 24 M Farmer 3500 900 PA
Rosia A. 24 F PA
Jefferson F. 1 M PA
Newton 7/12 M PA
Morgan F. WITHAROM 12 M PA

[NI108701] Gospel Herald - Vol VII, # 52 - Mar 25, 1915 - pgs 835, 836. Blough, Benjamin Samuel b Somerset Co, Pa Aug. 28, 1839; d Mar. 8, 1915; aged 75y 6m 10d. He m Rachel Berkey in Aug, 1865. To this union were b 9 chdn, 7 of whom survive. Also survived by 5 gchdn. His wife d Nov 4, 1882, leaving on him care of chdn. Bro. Blough was memb Menn Ch from his youth. He was last survivor of family of Bishop Samuel Blough who d abt 38y ago. Funeral Blough Ch, Somerset Co, Pa., on 10th by L. A. Blough & E. J. Blough. Bur in family grvyd on farm he was living.
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Aug H. J. Boyts
19 196 195 Blaugh Benjamin 31 M W Farmer 12,000 1,700 Pa
Blaugh Rachel 29 F W wife Pa
Blaugh Lena 4 F W at home Pa
Blaugh Nancy 2 F W at home Pa
Blaugh Catharina 16 F W Domestic Servant Pa
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Benjamine Blough 70 W PA Somerset Head of Household
dau Mollie 39 PA
dau Ellen 35 PA

[NI108702] Herald of Truth - Vol XIX, # 23 - Dec 1, 1882 - p 364, 365. Blough. On 4 Nov, Somerset Co, Pa, of typhoid fever, Rachel w/o Benj. Blough, aged 21 (or 24)y 8m 10d. Funeral by Jonas & Emanuel Blough.

[NI108715] Herald of Truth, Vol XXXVI, # 20, Oct 15, 1899 pg 317,318. BLOUGH. On 3 Oct, Geistown, Cambria Co, Pa, John S. Blough, aged 67y 10m 13d. Just 1 wk before his death, he left his home as usual to visit his sis & friends in Somerset Co, & while being with his sis, Mrs Gindlesperger on evening of 26 Sep, he had a paralytic stroke which made him helpless & unable to speak, from effects of which be gradually became weaker until death. On 4th they took corpse to his home. Funeral 5th at his home conducted by Saml. Gindlesperger, Jonas Blough, & L. A. Blough.
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA HA McPike, Aug. 14
416 21 2725 2761 Blough John S. 28 M farmer 3500 1150 PA
Blough Rachel 29 F PA
Blough Samuel 4 M PA
Blough Noah 2/12 M PA
1870 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 10 Aug John Wilkin
18 50 50 Blough John S. 38 M W farmer 15,000 700 PA
Blough Rachel 39 F W housekeeper PA
Blough Simon 18 M W farm laborer PA
Blough Samuel 13 M W PA
Blough Noah 10 M W PA
Blough Mary J. 7 F W PA

[NI108719] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob D Swank Age: 61 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0160 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0605 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
wife Mary 56, PA
daug Sadie 23, PA
daug Lucy 20, PA
Son Harry 15, PA

[NI108720] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
44 45 SHETLER Christian 44 M Farmer Germany
Franey 40 F
John 17 M Laborer
Moses 14 M
Christian 12 M
Maria 8 F
Jacob 2 M
John 76 M Farmer Germany
Maria 70 F Germany
COOCOO* Christian 26 M Laborer Germany
1870 Census Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Aug 1870 H. J. Boyts
5 203 202 Shettler Christian 66 M W Farmer 5,000 1,100 Prussia Ger
Shettler Frany 60 F W wife PA
Shettler Lewis 19 M W at home PA
Shettler Abraham 17 M W at home PA
Shettler Jacob 22 M W Farm Laborer 200 PA
Shettler Amelia 21 F W wife PA Mar

[NI108729] Gospel Herald Vol IX # 18 Aug 3 1916 pg 343. Blough, Madgalena (Speicher) b Somerset Co, Pa Oct 22 1835 d at home of her son, Josiah, Elmdale, MI Jul 18 1916 aged 80y 8m 26d. She m Jacob Blough in 1852. To this union were b 8 sons & 5 daus. Her husb, 1 sons, & 2 daus preceded her. She leaves 7 sons, 3 daus, 30 gchdn, 46 ggchdn, 4 bros & a host of friends. Memb Bowne Menn congregation. In 1865 she & husb moved to Kent Co, MI, where she has since resided. She had made her home with her son Josiah & wife last 14y. She was stricken with sciatic rheumatism in Mar. Funeral on 20th at Bowne Ch. Serv by Jacob P. Miller of Lagrange, IN, asstd by Charles H. Deardorff.

[NI108730] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 14, 1860
Speicher Henry 22 M farmer 3000 600 PA
Speicher Catherine 20 F PA
Speicher Elizabeth 3/12 PA
Keim Elizabeth 58 F PA

[NI108731] Gospel Herald Vol IV # 50 Mar 14 1912 pg 803, 804. Speicher, Elizabeth (Blough) w/o Samuel Speicher b Somerset Co, Pa Oct 22 1849 d Feb 24 1912, Lake Odessa, MI of enlargement of liver aged 62y 4m 2d. She leaves husb, a son, a dau, 6 gchdn, 2 bros, & 3 sis'. Abt 1866 she with her husb moved to Elkhart Co, IN where they lived abt 3y. Then they moved to Kent Co, MI later to Campbell Twp. Last fall they moved to Lake Odessa. It was during 1st yr spent in IN that she joined COB & was memb until death. Funeral Feb 28 at Methodist Ch in Lake Odessa by Samuel Smith & Peter S Messner. Bur Lake Odessa Cem.

[NI108732] Gospel Herald Vol XI # 40 Jan 2 1919 pg 718, 719. Speicher, Samuel b Somerset Co, Pa Apr 16 1842 d at his home, Ionia Co, MI Dec 4 1918 aged 76y 7m 18d. He m Elizabeth Blough who d Feb 1912. He leaves 1 son William, 1 dau Ida Jane Mate, 6 gchdn, 2 ggchdn., 3 bros David, Henry & Abram. Funeral Dec 8 at home conducted by S M Smith & Peter Messner of COB of which he was memb. Bur Lake Odessa.

[NI108738] 1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 15 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
36 141 138 Blaugh Hiram 27 M W Farmer 1,600 400 Penna
37 141 138 Blaugh Eliza 22 F W wife Penna
38 141 138 Blaugh Emma 1 F W at home Penna
39 141 138 Blaugh Margareta 10 F W at home Penna

[NI108739] Gospel Herald - Vol XIII, # 48 - Feb 24, 1921 - pg 951, 952. Blough, Cyrus D. b Somerset Co, Pa Oct. 20, 1843; d Ionia Co, MI Jan 28, 1921; aged 77y. He m Anna Rummel Sep, 1865. He united with COB in 1867, of which he was a faithful memb. He leaves his companion, a son, a dau, 4 sis', & 8 gchdn. 1 dau preceded. In fall of 1880 he moved with his family from Somerset Co., Pa to Ionia Co, MI. Funeral at house of Gus Deardorf on old homestead. On account of Sis Blough being sick, services were held at house, conducted by Charles Deardorf. Bur Menn Cem.
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 9 Aug H. J. Boyts
13 27 27 Blough Cyrus 26 M W Farmer 800 400 Pa
Blough Ann 24 F W wife Pa
Blough Herman 3 M W at home Pa

[NI108742] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
95 98 ROCK Frederick 32 M Miller
Rachel 23 F
Margaret 10 F
James 8 M
Catharine 6 F
Isaac 4 M
Ann M. 2 F

[NI108746] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 30 Jul Christian Streng
37 440 436 Rock Isaac 24 M W Farmer 2,500 500 PA
Rock Harriet 23 F W Keeping house PA
Rock Edmond 2 M W PA
Barnt Sarah 52 F W PA

[NI108752] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 23 Aug J. J. Schell
28 146 154 Rhodes Jonathan 38 MFarmer 4,000 PA .
Rhodes Mary 35 F.PA .
Rhodes Jacob 19 MFarmerPA
Rhodes Isabel 17 F.PA
Rhodes Adeline 15 F.PA
Rhodes Noah 12 M.PA
Rhodes Catharine 10 F.PA
Rhodes Lydia 7 F.PA
Rhodes Sarah B. 5 F.PA
Rhodes Susan 3 F.PA .
Rhodes Joseph F. 3/12 M.PA
Rhodes Barbara M. 3/12 F.PA
Stern George 36 MLaborerPA
1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 21 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
9 327 324 Rhoads Jonathan 57 M W Farmer 8,500 1,883 PA
Rhoads Mary 56 F W Keeping house PA
Rhoads Joseph F. 20 M W PA
Rhoads Edward H. 18 M W PA
Rhoads Lillie 14 F W PA
Horner Lydia 27 F W PA
Horner Ida E. 7 F W PA
Swank Elizabeth 18 F W PA May

[NI108767] 1870 Census Lower Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated by James Eudsley
362a 56 Griffith John 23 m w Works in Carpenter S. 500 450 Pa.
362a 56 Griffith Balinda 24 f w Keeping House Pa.
362a 56 Griffith Laura 2 f w Pa.
362a 56 Griffith Charlie 1 m w Pa.

[NI108768] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Norman Geiser State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0169 Color: W Age: 39 B-Place: PA Visit: 0105 Co.: Somerset, Windber, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01550198 Other Resid.s:
Wife Emma 38, PA
Son Cortrell A 18, PA
Son Bernon Grant 15, PA
Son Owntes C 13, PA
Son Merrell H 09, PA
Son Herbert F 08, PA

[NI108776] Herald of Truth Vol XXXIV # 19 Oct 1 1897 pg 301, 302. Blaugh. On 30 Aug 1897, Johnstown, Cambria Co, Pa Rachel Blauch, aged 65y 1m 13d. Bur on 31st at Blough Menn M H. Funeral S G Shetler, Samuel Gindelsperger & Simon Layman. She was memb Menn Ch for a # of yrs. Her gfather, Jacob Blauch, who as 1st Menn minister & bishop in Somerset Co d abt 47y ago. Her father, Jacob Blauch, who was minister in same Ch d abt 18y ago. Survived by 4 bros: Bish Jonas Blauch, Johnstown, Pre H H Blauch, Tub, Pa, & A W Blauch & Joseph Blauch.
Herald of Truth Vol XXXI No 24 Dec 15 1894 pg 380, 381. Gindlesperger. On 13 Nov 1894, Paint Twp, Somerset Co, PA sis Rachel widow/o Bro Peter Gindlesperger who d Dec 24 1893. Bur 16th. Funeral German Bapt Ch by L A Blough, Sam Gindlesperger, Hiram Musselman & Joseph Berkey. She was mother of 13 chdn, 11 sons & 2 daus; 2 sons are d & 2 are in far West; the remaining 9 chdn were present to pay last respect to mother.

[NI108778] Jonathan Shunk mailing address was Jennerstown & he was in the Co. E. 52 Pa Vol Inf. d Oct 27, 1903. When asked for wife's name, stated she d 1880 & he never remarried. Also that the chldn are all past 21 yrs & did not list them although it asked him for all chldn living & their b dates

[NI108788] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
148 154 SHERMAN Elisabeth 39 F
John 15 M Laborer
Margaret 13 F
Priscilla 11 F
Burdine* 9 M
Robison 7 M
Elisabeth 5 F
Susan 2 F

[NI108803] killed himself with a shotgun

[NI108836] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
163 169 YODER Isaac 23 M Farmer
Susan 23 F
Joseph 2 M
Mary 9/12 F
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 17 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
8 163 161 Yoder Isaac 45 M W Farmer 9,000 1,800 PA
9 163 161 Yoder Susan 44 F W wife PA
10 163 161 Yoder Polly 21 F W at home PA
11 163 161 Yoder Elisabeth 18 F W at home Penna
12 163 161 Yoder Barbara 13 F W at home Penna
13 163 161 Yoder Catharina 10 F W at home Penna

[NI108837] Herald of Truth Jul 19 1906 pg 270. Yoder, Levi d Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Jul 1 1906 aged 78y 4m 23d. Bro Yoder was afflicted with dropsy for few yrs, & for nearly 2 yrs was unable to lie down to rest, day & night he sat in his chair. He bore his sickness with great patience & was faithful & devoted memb Amish Ch for over 50 yrs. He is survived by wife, 1 bro, 2 sons & 2 daus to mourn his death. Funeral servs on 2d at Stahl M H by S G Shetler, assisted by S Gindlesberger & L A Blough. Bur family grvyd.
1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
164 171 YODER Levi 22 M Farmer
Elisabeth 19 F
Isaac 9/12 M
MILLER John 21 M Laborer
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, PA 17 Aug H. J. Boyts
21 174 172 Yoder Levi 42 M W Farmer 25,000 2,700 Pa
Yoder Elisabeth 39 F W wife Pa
Yoder Isaac 20 M W at home Pa
Yoder Polly 13 F W at home Pa
Yoder Levi 8 M W at home Pa
Mishler Samuel 23 M W Farm Laborer June Pa
Mishler Sarah 16 F W wife June Pa

[NI108841] Gospel Herald - Vol II # 15 Jul 8 1909 pg 240. Yoder, Elizabeth Kauffman b Oct 6 1831 d Jun 25 1909 aged 77y 8m 19d. Survived by 4 chdn, 25 gchdn & 26 ggchdn; also 5 bros & 3 sis'. Funeral servs by S G Shetler. She was memb AMC. After serv she was bur in family grvyd.

[NI108842] PA 1910 Miracode Index
Isaac L Yoder 60 W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Catherine 66 PA
dau Sarah 33 PA

[NI108844] 1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 12 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
38 116 111 Yoder Moses C. 33 M W Farmer 8,000 1,100 Penna
39 116 111 Yoder Barbara 30 F W wife Penna
40 116 111 Yoder Elisa 9 F W at home Penna
1 116 111 Yoder Daniel 7 M W at home Penna
2 116 111 Yoder Frany 5 F W at home Penna
3 116 111 Yoder Jacob 3 M W at home Penna
4 116 111 Yoder Clara 1 F W at home Penna
5 116 111 Gindlesperger Gabriel 21 M W Farm Laborer Penna
6 116 111 Yoder Frany 69 F W Retired House Keeper . 200 Penna can't write

[NI108850] 1850 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA
186 194 BORDER Daniel 44 M Carpenter
Charlotte 40 F
John 18 M Carpenter
Frederick 16 M Carpenter
Catharine 14 F
Magdeline 11 F
Charlotte 9 F
Daniel 7 M
Mary E. 5 F
Joseph 3 M
Rebecca 1 F
Daniel, s/o John Border, b Bedford Co. 1804. He moved to Somerset Co. abt 1836, & followed his trade, carpentry & cabinet making. d Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co. 1875. His wife was Charlotte Goeb, their chldn were John, Frederick, Daniel W., Joseph, Edmund, Catharine, Magdalena, Charlotte, Mary E., Rebecca & Ellen. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co.)
HENRY D. BORDER, telegrapher in the employ of the PA RR Co, & prominently identified with the public affairs of Portage, Cambria co, PA, is a representative of a family which settled in that state many yrs ago. Daniel was b abt 1804. He was a farmer of Bedford co, PA, sold his farm there & removed to Paint twp, Somerset co, PA, & from there to Davidsville, where he resided until his death, in 1874. He was memb of Luth ch, & a Dem. He m Elizabeth Gabe, Bedford co, PA. Their chdn were: 1. John. 2. Fred, b 1832; was twice m, his 1st wife being a Miss Hoffman. 3. Daniel. 4. Joseph. 5. Catherine, m Jacob Swank, of Johnstown; both lost their lives in the great flood of May 31 1889. 6. Charlotte, m Henry Woolford. 7. Margaret, m William Lohr, deceased. 8. Mary, m Mr. Spangler.

[NI108852] John Border, eldest child of Daniel and Elizabeth (Gabe) Border, was born in Shelburg, Bedford county, Pennsylvania, July 28, 1830. He was apprenticed to a carpenter, and then followed his trade for a number of years, engaging then in the lumber business in Somerset county, Pennsylvania. He sold his mill to Bears, White &, Company in 1866, he remaining with them as manager for the following three years, when he removed with his family to Summer Hill township. Here he continued in his business as sawyer until his death, which occurred in September, 1897. He was a consistent member of the Lutheran church, and affiliated with the Democratic and Prohibitionist parties. He married Martha Ripple and they had children: 1. Henry D., the subject of this sketch. 2. Albert, born February 3, 1859; drowned at the age of two years. 3. Ida, born December 8, 1860; married John Green of Portage, and had children: Emily; Harry Edwin; Reba; and Theodore. 4. Emma, born February 24, 1863; married U. G. Hess; died, 1901. 5. Emerson W., born March 31, 1865; married Anna Paul, of South Fork. 6. Milton B., born September 21, 1864; married Eliza Huffman, and has one child Edna. 7. Dillie, born December 10, 1869; married Richard Bridge, of Derry, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. 8. Elmira, born May 22, 1872; married Evan D. Davies, and has two children: Thelma and Zula. They reside at Benscreek. 9. Charlotte, born January 16, 1874; married John Wilson and has one child, Maxwell. 10. Anna R., born May 17, 1876; married John Dugan and has three children: Ray, Juanita, and John. 11. Edna, born September 27, 1879; married John Logan, a dentist of Johnstown, and has two children: Glen and Martha.

[NI108856] 1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 20 Aug 1870 H. J. Boyts
2 210 208 Border Daniel W. 29 M W Lawyer . 600 PA
Border Rachel 19 F W wife PA
Border Lenora 1 F W PA
1890 Census Vet's Special Schedule Paint Twp, Somerset Co, PA
1 1 1 Daniel W. Border Pvt K 136 Pa Vol 21 Aug 1862 29 May 1863 9 8 Holsopple Somerset Co Pa Elizabeth widow of draft
1910 PA miracode Census
Daniel W Border State: PA Dist: 0152 Color: W Age: 69 B-Pl: PA Visit: 0054 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 00540291 Other Residents:
Wife Rachel 59, PA
Dau Jennie N 23, PA
Dau Freda D 19, PA
Gson Clair V Walter 02, PA
3 non-relatives

[NI108865] Gospel Herald Vol XIV # 17 Jul 28 1921 pg 334, 335. Yoder, Joseph T s/o Tobias & Susan Yoder b Sep 10 1849 d Lee Hosp, Johnstown, Pa Jul 13 1921 aged 71y 10m 3d. He m Catharine Wingard in 1874 who d in 1900. 3y later he m Mrs Eliza Berkey who d in 1920. Memb Menn Ch for abt 47y. Abt 3y ago he was poisoned by some foreign substance in some ice cream that he ate. He was spared for a few more yrs & was sick but a short time before he d. His parents, all his bros & sis' & his 2 wives preceded him. He is survived by 2 daus & 2 gchdn. Serv Stahl Ch by S G Shetler, asstd by Jas Saylor & W C Hershberger. Bur Cem adjoining Ch yd.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Joseph Yoder 60 PA Cambria, Johnstown Head of Household
Wife Eliza Jane 46 PA
Stepson Frederick J Berkey 20 PA
Servant Mary E Williams 23 PA

[NI108892] Gospel Herald Vol XXXVI No 43, Jan 20 1944 pgs 910 & 911. Kaufman, Noah s/o Sem & Christina (Johns) Kaufman b Somerset Co, Mar 17 1858 passed away at Belleville, Pa Dec 24 1943 aged 85y 9m 7d. Death was attributed to complications superinduced by injuries suffered in a fall at his home abt a mo ago. He was memb of Menn Ch since early manhood. He m twice. His 1st wife Mrs Catherine (Kaufman) Kaufman d Nov 9 1892. They m Dec 21 1884. 4 chdn b to this union survive: Ammon, Davidsville; Norman, Johnstown; Harrison, Belleville; Emma, w/o Noah Hostetler, Hollsopple. On Dec 26 1893, he m Malinda Kinsinger who d Jul 8 1941. Of this union 1 dau survives: Elda, w/o Ammon S Yoder, Hollsopple. Also surviving are a bro Daniel L Kaufman, Davidsville; a sis Mrs Elizabeth Shaffer, Anthony, KS, 23 gchdn & 8 ggchdn. Short servs were held at his home near Belleville by John L Mast & John B Zook on Sun afternoon Dec 26. Further servs held at Kaufman Menn Ch near Davidsville, Pa Dec 28 by John B Zook, Belleville, assisted by Bro Irwin Holsopple, Hollsopple, Pa. Bur Kaufman Cem.

[NI108897] Obit - Johnstown Trib May 1948 THOMAS - Mrs. Susannah, 78, near Thomas Mills, 7:40 pm May 26 1948, at home. b Conemaugh Twp. Sep 16 1869 d/o Levi & Nancy (Kaufman) Hershberger; m Samuel Thomas 1890 d Apr 1934. Survived by 6 sons & 1 dau. Harry S., Owen W., Levi S., Newton H., John N., all Hollsopple; Robert S., Alum Bank, & Stella M., w/o Harry Y. Shetler, Davidsville; 1 step-son, Jacob Earl Thomas, Davidsville, a sis., Mrs. Mollie J. Hershberger, at home; 22 gchldn; 12 ggchldn. A dau. Mrs. Nora E. Kaufman, preceded her death Jan 1941. Funeral serv.s 2 pm Sat Thomas Mennonite Ch., Rev. Aldus Wingard, assisted by Rev. Jesse Short; bur. Ch. Cem., charge Geisel Funeral Home. Friends received at home of son, Harry Thomas, after 7 pm Thu.
Gospel Herald Vol XLI # 24 Jun 15 1948 pg 574. Thomas, Susannah Hershberger b Sep 16 1869 d May 26 1948 aged 78y 8m 10d. In 1890 she m Samuel J Thomas, who preceded her in death in 1934. Surviving are 7 chdn: Harry S; Owen W; Levi S; Newton H; John N; all Hollsopple, Pa; Stella Mrs Harry Y Shetler, Davidsville. Pa; & S Robert, Alum Bank, Pa, 1 stepson J Earl, Davidsville, Pa, & 1 sis Mollie J Hershberger, 22 gchdn, & 12 ggchdn. 1 dau Mrs Nora E Kauffman d 1941. She was memb Menn Ch for 56 yrs. Funeral servs held at Thomas Menn Ch, Hollsopple, Pa, by Aldus Wingard & Jesse Short. Bur in adjoining cem.

[NI108901] Gospel Herald- Vol XXI # 27 Oct 4 1928 pg 559. Thomas, George s/o late Emanuel & Hannah Stutzman Thomas b Somerset Co, Pa Jul 7 1859 d Sep 20 1928 aged 69y 2m 13d. He m Lydia Livingston abt 25y ago. His parents & several chdn preceded him. Besides his wife, he is survived by 3 daus & 1 son. A 1 sis, 2 bros, other relatives & friends. Funeral in home & in Stahl ch, Johnstown, Pa of which he was memb, by S G Shetler & W C Hershberger. Bur Samuel Livingston Cem.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
George Thomas NR W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Lydia 29 PA
Dau Lizzie A 05 PA
Son Jacob 03 PA

[NI108903] Herald of Truth Vol XXVIII # 10 May 15 1891 pg 158, 159. THOMAS. On 21 Apr 1891, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa of consumption, Jeremiah s/o Emanuel & Hannah Thomas aged 27y 10m 15d. Serv Stahl M H by Jonas Blough & S Gindlesperger. The deceased took a severe cold & in opposition to all attempts to be healed, d.

[NI108905] Gospel Herald- Vol XXXVI No 41 Jan 6 1944 pg 852 & 853. Thomas, Joseph of Stahl congregation, Johnstown, Pa b Jun 11 1867 d Dec 17 1943 aged 76y 6m 6d. He was s/o Emanuel & Hannah Stutzman Thomas. He had 10 bros & sis'; only 1 survives, a sis Elizabeth Dunmeyer. Deceased was memb Menn Ch for many yrs. He was never m. Stahl congregation had supported him for at least 20 yrs because he was not able to do so himself on account of unfortunate circumstances. Funeral Stahl Ch, in charge of Bros Lloy A Kniss & Sanford G Shetler.
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Joseph S Thomas State: PA Dist: 0132 Color: W Age: 42 B Pl: PA Visit: 0236 Co.: Somerset Relation: Hired man ImageNum: 0000788 Other Residents: Husb Joseph J Lehman

[NI108909] Gospel Herald - Vol XIV # 12, Jun 23 1921, pg 239. Hershberger, Sis Ellen w/o Bro Henry Hershberger, Holsopple, PA was b Aug 2 1859 d dropsy & other complicated diseases May 31 1921; aged 61y 9m 29d. She m Henry Hershberger Dec 23 1879. To this union were b 2 sons & 5 daus, who with her husb survive her. She also had 20 gchdn, 15 living & 5 d. She is also survived by her mother, 2 bros, & 1 sis. She was afflicted many yrs. She was faithful memb of Menn Ch for 27 yrs. Funeral Servs Jun 2 at Blough Ch conducted by E J Blough & Jas Saylor. Bur Cem near Ch.

[NI108914] Gospel Herald, Vol VII # 52, Mar 25 1915 pgs 835, 836. Eash, Moses D b Somerset Co, Pa, Apr 2 1828 d Mar 10 1915 aged 86y 11m 8d. He m Polly Wingard Jan 5 1851. To this union were b 12 chdn, 4 of whom are dead. He is survived by 8 chdn, 31 gchdn, 39 ggchdn, & 1 gggchd. He was memb of Amish Menn Ch for more than 60 yrs. Funeral at Kaufman Menn Ch by L A Blough in German & by E J Berkey in German. Bur Wingard Cem, Cambria Co, Pa.
1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 8 Aug H. J. Boyts
7 19 19 Eash Mosez D. 42 M W Farmer 4,000 1,400 Penna
Eash Polly 38 F W wife Penna
Eash Elisabeth 18 F W at home Penna
Eash Henry 14 M W at home Penna
Eash Susanna 13 F W at home Penna
Eash Catharnia 11 F W at home Penna
Eash Jacob 9 M W at home Penna
Eash Mary 7 F W at home Penna
Eash John 4 M W at home Penna
Eash Sarah Ann 2 F W at home Penna
Eash Eisabeth (W) 78 F W Retired Housekeeper . 1,800 Penna

[NI108916] Herald of Truth, Vol XXXV # 15, Aug 1 1898, pg 237. Eash - On 29 Jun 1898, Salix, Cambria Co, Pa, of dropsy of the heart, Sis Polly, w/o Moses D Eash aged 66y 6m. She leaves sorrowing husb, 8 chdn, 23 gchdn, 2 ggchdn, 3 bros & 2 sis'. She had been in failing health for 4 yrs, but bore her sickness with Christian patience. She was memb of Amish Menn Ch, devoted wife, kind mother, & beloved by all who knew her. She was bur Jul 1 in Wingard grvyd. Servs in Miller MH by Moses B Miller, Jonathan Hershberger, Jonas Blouch & Samuel G Shetler.

[NI108917] Gospel Herald - Vol XIII # 53 Mar 31 1921 pg 1043. Stahl, Elizabeth Eash b Apr 4 1852 d pleural pneumonia at her home near Stahl Menn Ch, Somerset Co, PA Mar 5 1921 aged 68y 11m 1d. Survived by husb, 3 sons, & 2 daus Moses, Mary w/o S R Miller, Emma w/o Henry Sauder, Joe, & George); 21 gchdn, 2 ggchdn, 2 bros, 5 sis', 1 stepson, 3 stepdaus. She 1st m Jacob Miller who d May 6 1906. On Dec 26 1913 she m John Stahl. Sis Miller-Stahl had been memb Menn Ch many years. Funeral Mar 7 1921 at Stahl Ch. Servs by Wm C Hershberger & James Saylor. Bur Dunmyer Cem.

[NI108919] Gospel Herald - Vol XLV # 41 Oct 7 1952 pg 997, 998. Eash, Jacob M s/o Moses & Polly (Wingard) Eash b Mar 29 1861 d Aug 29 1952 aged 91y 5m. He was memb Pleasant Grove Menn Ch for many yrs. Surviving are 2 sis' Mrs Mary Baumgardner, Windber, Pa; & Mrs Laura Yoder, Davidsville, Pa & 1 son Charles, Sidman, Pa. Preceded in death by 1st wife Annie Taylor, 2nd wife Annie McDonald, & a dau Mrs Elsie Beisel. Funeral servs at Weaver Menn Ch, Geistown, Pa, in charge of Eli Miller, assisted by Harold E Thomas & Harry C Blough. Bur Dunmyer Cem, Salix, Pa.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob Eash State: PA Dist: 0093 Color: W Age: 49 B Pl: PA Visit: 0213 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husb ImageNum: 01220198 Other Residents:
Wife Julia A 43, PA

[NI108921] Herald of Truth - Vol XVII # 4 Apr 1880 pg 76, 77, 78. Feb 25th, Cambria Co, PA of typhoid fever, JOHN EASH, s/o Moses Eash, aged 14y 3m 19d. Bur 27th. Servs by M B Miller & Jona Hershberger.

[NI108922] GOSPEL HERALD Vol XXII # 50 Mar 13 1930 pg 1039, 1040. KAUFMAN, Sadie d/o late Moses & Polly (Wingard) Eash b May 31 1868 d Feb 24 1930 aged 61y 8m 23d. She m Bro Harry J Kaufman to them b 2 chdn Maggie & J Walter. Maggie, who m Bro Harley Hershberger d in parental home just a little less than 2 yrs ago. Sis Kaufman had strong desire to help orphans & poor people. 2 orphans Morton Stayrook & Ralph Kissel were brought up in this home. Since death of her dau she took care of an adopted dau, now abt 5 yrs old. She was memb Menn Ch for 37y. She attended a funeral on Sun Feb 16, & also visited a sick bro & sis. On Tue she remained in bed & on following Mon she passed away, result of a stroke. She is survived by following bros & sis': Henry, Jacob, Mrs Susan Reynolds, Mrs Katie Wissinger, Mrs Mary Baumgardner, & Mrs Laura Yoder. Funeral servs in home by S G Shetler & in Kaufman Ch by S G Shetler, assisted by W C Hershberger. Bur Kaufman Cem.

[NI108924] Gospel Herald - Vol. XVII, # 33 Nov 20 1924 pg 672. Hershberger, Jacob J b Dec 18 1855 d Nov 6 1924 aged 68y 10m 18d. He m Savilla Kinsinger May 7 1885. To this union were b 4 sons & 2 daus, all of whom, with the widow & 3 gchdn, survive. Bro Hershberger is last of family to pass away. He was faithful memb Kaufman congregation. Bro Hershberger was present at servs regularly & will be very much missed in Ch & Sun School as well as at home. He was operated on Tue at Mem'l Hosp for strangulated Hernia, after which pneumonia set in, causing his death. Funeral servs conducted by S G Shelter & E J Blough at Kaufman Ch. Bur Kaufman Cem, Holsopple, Pa.

[NI108928] The Gospel Herald - Vol XVI # 45 - Feb 7 1924 pg 909, 910, Blough, Elizabeth Keifer b Somerset Co, PA Aug 17 1845 d Jan 6 1924, at her home where she lived abt 40ys. She m Daniel D Blough Jan 28 1866 & to this union were b 8 chdn, 3 sons & 5 daus, all living; also 28 gchdn & 5 ggchdn. She was memb of Menn Ch for a # of yrs. Funeral Servs conducted by Aldus Brackbill & D. A. Yoder. Burial in Cem adjoining Bowne Menn Ch, EImdale, MI.

[NI108929] Gospel Herald - Vol XLVII # 26 Jun 29 1954 pg 621, 622, 623, Blough, Jeremiah D s/o Daniel & Elizabeth ( Keifer) Blough, b Dec 8 1866, Somerset Co, PA; passed away at Bateman Nrsg Home near Hastings, MI Jun 2 1954; aged 87y 5m 25d. He had been ill 5 wks with heart ailment. He grew to manhood in Kent Co, MI & in 1892 he m Anna Walton, who preceded him in death Dec 6 1944. To this union were b 2 sons Jesse & Roy, Freeport, MI. He was oldest s/o a family of 8 chdn. He is survived by both sons, 16 gchdn, 16 ggchdn, 3 sis' Mrs Lucy Yoder, Fisher, IL; Mrs Mattie Birkey, Grand Rapids, MI; & Mrs Elizabeth Blough, Clarksville, MI, as well as many nieces & nephews & large # of other relatives & friends. On Apr 14 1940 he united with Bowne Menn Ch & held his membership there until death. Funeral Servs were held at Bowne Menn Ch Jun 5 in charge of T. E. Schrock & Daniel Zook, Bur adjoining Cem.

[NI108931] Gospel Herald - Vol XIV, # 4 - Apr 28, 1921 - pg 79 .Blough, Anna Rummel b Somerset Co, Pa Nov. 28, 1845; d of cancer of liver in Ionia Co, MI, Mar 24, 1921; aged 75y 4m. She m Cyrus D. Blough Sep 1865. She was memb COB for many yrs. She leaves 1 son, 1 dau, 1 bro, 1 sis, 8 gchdn. Funeral Mar 26 atBowne Menn Ch conducted by Elder Peter Messner. Bur Menn Cem.

[NI108939] Gospel Herald - Vol XXXVI No 25, Sep 16 1943, pg 527, 528. Saylor, Fannie J, d/o Jeremiah & Polly Eash Blough b Hollsopple, PA Jan 15 1889 d Windber Hosp Jul 11 1943; aged 54y 5m 26d. She m Orange Saylor Mar 24 1910. She is survived by husb, 2 daus Ruth, w/o Henry Yoder, Davidsville; Wilma, at home, 2 gchdn Betty & Carlton Yoder, a sis Minnie, w/o Harvey Hershberger & 2 bros Josiah & Harry Blough, Hollsopple, Pa. 1 dau & 2 sis' preceded her in death. She united with Blough Menn Ch abt 39ys ago & remained faithful until death. Funeral Servs conducted Jul 14 at Blough Menn Ch by Harry Y Shetler & Harry C Blough. Bur Ch Cem.

[NI108947] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levi K Eash State: PA Enumeration District: 0151 Color: W Age: 45 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0133 Co.: Cambria Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01220228 Other Residents:
Wife Lucy 40, PA
Son Benjiman 21, PA
Son Cloyd 19, PA
Dau. Maggie 17, PA
Dau. Cevilla 13, PA
Dau. Stella 11, PA
Dau. Mary 08, PA
Son Walter NR, PA

[NI108948] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Tobias Eash State: PA Enumeration District: 0132 Color: W Age: 43 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0207 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 01220273 Other Residents:
Wife Mary 32, PA
Dau. Pearl E 06, PA
Son Cletus F 03, PA

[NI108961] Gospel Herald - Vol III # 10 Jun 9 1910 pg 159, 160. Harshbarger, Eliza, w/o Bro Tobias Harshbarger, Holsopple, Pa, d of typhoid fever, May 22 1910 aged 46y 10m 19d. Bur May 24, Blough Ch. Funeral servs by S G Shetler & L A Blough. The hand of affliction was resting heavily on this family. Bro Harshbarger has been afflicted with dropsy for quite a while. He is hardly able to get around. Abt 6 wks ago his dau took typhoid fever & after she was able to be out of bed his wife took the fever & then his son, whom they took to hosp, so the whole family, with exception of 1 little boy was sick. The boy at hosp did not know anything of death of his mother. Bro Harshbarger & family are in a sad condition. They have the sympathies & prayers of the community in their sad bereavement.

[NI108969] Herald of Truth Vol XXXIV No 15 Aug 1 1897 pg 238, 239. SALA. On 2 Jul 1897 in Scalp Level, Cambria Co, Pa Annie w/o Jacob Sala, aged 36y 5m. She was bur on 4th at Maple Spring Dunkard ch of which Cong she was memb. Funeral by Samuel Zimmerman & L A Blough. She left behind a husb, 2 chdn & many friends.

[NI108973] 1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerated 20 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
32 62 61 Leventry Henry 56 M W Shoemaker 1,600 1,900 Prussia Ger
33 62 61 Leventry Catharina 41 F W wife Prussia Ger
34 62 61 Leventry William 19 M W at home Penna
35 62 61 Leventry Henry 17 M W at home Penna
36 62 61 Leventry Herman 14 M W at home Penna
37 62 61 Leventry Edward 12 M W at home Penna
38 62 61 Leventry Lewis 9 M W at home Penna
39 62 61 Leventry Louisa 6 F W at home Penna
40 62 61 Leventry Charles 4 M W at home Penna
1 62 61 Leventry Josiah 2 M W at home Penna
2 62 61 Leventry Elisa 2 F W at home Penna

[NI108993] Gospel Herald Vol XVI # 52 Mar 27 1927 pg 1049. Kauffman, Elizabeth (Blough) b Mar 30 1844 d Mar 6 1924 aged 79y 11m 7d. She m Emmanuel Kauffman Sep 20 1866. To this union were b 3 sons & 2 daus, all of whom live in Johnstown, Pa dist & were present at funeral. Also survived by 12 gchdn, 9 ggchdn, & 1 sis out of a family of 10. Her husb d Sep 26 1911 & 3 ggchdn also preceded. Memb Menn Ch of Stahl congregation. Servs at home by S G Shetler & at Stahl Ch by S G Shetler, L A Blough. Bur in Ch Cem.

[NI108994] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Josiah E Kauffman State: PA Dist: 0132 Color: W Age: 43 B Pl: PA Visit: 0109 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 02300948 Other Residents:
Wife Nancy 39, PA

[NI108995] Gospel Herald - Vol XXVII No 9, May 31 1934, pg 189, 190, 191, 192. Croyle, Lovina d/o Emanuel & Elizabeth (Blough) Kaufman b Somerset Co, PA Jul 2 1869 d May 8 1934 of complication of aliments, being bedfast since last Nov; aged 64y 10m 16d. She m Daniel Croyle Aug 26 1894 & the same yr she was received into Menn Ch & remained faithful memb until death. Besides her husb, she is survived by following chdn: Minnie w/o L E Croyle; Edgar, & Clarence, all Conemaugh Twp. Also survived by sis Mrs Daniel Kaufman & 3 bros Josiah, Edward, & Andrew, all Conemaugh Twp. Funeral Servs conducted at home by S G Shetler, assisted by Harry C Blough. Bur Thomas Cem.

[NI108998] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Stephen Gindlesperge* State: PA Dist: 0132 Color: W Age: 53 B Pl: PA Visit: 0243 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 01640036 Other Residents:
Wife Lovinia 53, PA
Dau. Lillie M 19, PA
Son Peter 17, PA
Father Joseph 75, PA

[NI108999] HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol XLII No 41 Oct 12 1905 pg 328. GINDLESBERGER. On Sep 26 1905, Davidsville, Somerset Co, PA Sarah d/o Joseph Gindelsperger aged 42y 7m 14d. The disease which caused her death was contracted abt 20y ago. She was helpless for abt 14y, during which time she required nrsg by her father & friends. Her mother d nearly 12y ago. She was memb Menn Ch. She leaves father, 2 bros & a sis. Funeral Blough M H on 28th by L A Blough, Jos Saylor & Simon Layman.

[NI109000] GOSPEL HERALD- Vol XXXIV # 31 Oct 30 1941 pg 662, 663. Gindlesperger, Josiah s/o late Joseph & Elizabeth (Yoder) Gindlesperger b Oct 7 1865 d his home Davidsville, PA Oct 9 1941 aged 76y 2d. He m Elizabeth Livingston Apr 16 1893. To this union were b 4 chdn of whom the following survive: Emma Jane w/o John Miller, Hollsopple, PA; Nannie w/o Ross Williams, Tire Hill, PA; Joseph, at home. Besides wife & chdn, he is survived by 13 gchdn. He was memb Stahl Menn Ch. Funeral in home & in Blough Menn Ch by S G Shetler. Bur Blough cem.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Josiah Gindlesperge* State: PA Dist: 0133 Color: W Age: 44 B Pl: PA Visit: 0185 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 01640015 Other Residents:
Wife Lizzie 37, PA
Dau. Emma J 13, PA
Son Joseph 10, PA
Dau. Nannie 07, PA

[NI109008] Herald of Truth, Vol XXXI No 18 Sep 15 1894 pp 286, 287. Alwine. On 8 Jul 1894, Sentinel M H, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa, after 7y of suffering of spinal disease, the last 15 wks he was confined to bed most of time, Josiah Alwine, aged 40y 6m 18d. Bur Sentinel M H on 10th. Funeral servs by Evang minister & S Gindlesperger.

[NI109032] After Oliver's death 1887, Elizabeth went to CO to live with her dau. Emma. While there m Al Haines & it is conceivable that she is Bur. Adgate, CO.

[NI109040] Delbert Sultz was having Laura committed to the Colorado Psychopathic Hosp. due to her senility. She was to reside at the Hosp. until the final judgement of her condition was decided by the courts. The final court date was set for Mar 25 1952. Laura d. Mar 22 1952 in the hosp.

[NI109076] Gertrude had two sons & one daughter & lived near Denver CO.

[NI109159] Dorothea was b Germany. She was confirmed age 22 in 1759 at "Trappe Ch." aka Providence Ch. in Montgomery Co., PA (then Philadelphia Co., PA).

[NI109160] Sebastian "Bastian" was confirmed age 14 in 1759 at Trappe Ch., Montgomery Co., PA. Later, after moving to NC, this family line would eventually use the derivations of Houpt, Houpe, & Houp.

[NI109170] Gospel Herald - Vol XXI # 45, Feb 7 1929, pg 942, 943. Polly Kaufman Croyle beloved w/o Joseph Croyle b Nov 14 1857 d Thomas Mills, PA Jan 22 1929; aged 71y 2m 8d. She m Joseph Croyle Dec 31 1882, thus sharing with her husb over 46ys. To this union were b 8 chdn, 2 of whom d over 30ys ago. Besides her husb & 6 chdn, she is survived by 17 gchdn, 1 ggchd, 4 bros, 2 sis' & many other relatives & friends. The cause of her death was gangrene which resulted from a scratch from a pin. Her suffering was intense, but she bore it without a murmur. Knowing that her death was approaching, she made some of arrangements for her funeral. The deceased & her husb united with Menn Ch over 45ys ago & she remained faithful until death. Funeral Servs were conducted in home by S G Shetler & O N Johns. At Thomas Ch, S G Shetler, L A Blough & O N Johns assisted in Servs. A lg concourse of relatives & friends had assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to a devoted, faithful Christian woman. Bur Ch Cem.

[NI109193] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Gabriel Berkey State: PA Enumeration District: 0142 Color: W Age: 42 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0157 County: Somerset Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00450269 Other Residents:
Wife Catherine 37, Pennsylvania
Son Clarence 13, Pennsylvania
Daughter Dora 09, Pennsylvania
Son Arlo 05, Pennsylvania
Daughter Elvira 03, Pennsylvania

[NI109199] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levi J Gimdlesperge* State: PA Dist: 0142 Color: W Age: 45 B- Pl: PA Visit: 0126 Co.: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 01640017 Other Residents:
Wife Rebekah 43, PA
Son Russel Allintera 23, PA
Son Earl J Gindlesperge* 19, PA
Son Robert M 18, PA
Dau. Annie C 14, PA
Dau. Leora C 13, PA
Dau. Edna M Gindlesperge* 11, PA
Dau. Mary F 09, PA
Son John L 05, PA
Dau. Blanche M 03, PA
Dau. Edith M NR, PA

[NI109201] Herald of Truth Feb 22 1906 pg 64 Vol XLIII # 8. Gindlesperger, On 31Jan 1906, Johnstown, PA Daniel Gindlesperger aged 35y 10m 22d. Bur Feb 2. Funeral by S G Shetler.
The Gospel Witness Vol 1 # 46 Feb 14 1906 pg 431. Gindlesperger. On Jan 31 1906 at home Johnstown, PA of typhoid fever Daniel Gindlesperger aged 35y 10m 22d. Funeral Feb 2 Meth Ch, Johnstown, PA by S G Shetler, bur Berkley cem.

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