[NI128658] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
John J Kuhns State: PA Enumeration District: 0064 Color: W Age: 49 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0344 Co.: Jefferson Relation: Husband ImageNum: 02460631 Other Residents:
Wife Lydia C 41, PA
Dau. Mary O 17, PA
Son Daniel A 16, PA
Dau. Elen E 12, PA
Dau. Irma S 04, PA

[NI129234] 1900 Census Lower Turkeyfoot Twp
203A 14 107 109 Tannehill Zacharias L Head M Apr 1834 66 M 43 Pa. Pa. Pa. Farmer T
203A 15 Susan Wife F May 1838 62 M 43 7 6 Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 16 George Son M May 1873 27 S Pa. Pa. Pa. Day Laborer T
203A 17 James Son M Feb? 1877 22 S Pa. Pa. Pa. Farm Laborer T
203A 18 Lida G Daughter F Feb 1884 16 S Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 19 Effie G Daughter F Oct 1887 12 S Pa. Pa. Pa. at School T

[NI129238] 1870 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: James Eudsley
570a. 40 Whipkey Henry 37 m w Farmer 3000 Pa
570a. 40 Whipkey Maria 27 f w Keeping House Pa.
570a. 40 Whipkey Delilah 8 f w Pa.
570a. 40 Whipkey Emeline 6 f w Pa.
570a. 40 Whipkey John 4 m w Pa.
570a. 40 Whipkey Andrew 2 m w Pa.
570a. 40 Whipkey -------- 2m m w Pa. March
1880 Census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: A. N. Snyder
6 25 54 56 Whipkey Henry W m 47 Farmer Penn Pa Pa
6 26 54 56 Whipkey Leney ?? (Taped) W f 37 Wife Keeping House Penn Pa Pa
6 27 54 56 Whipkey Emma W f 16 Daug Penn Pa Pa
6 28 54 56 Whipkey John W m 14 Son Works on Farm X Penn Pa Pa
6 29 54 56 Whipkey Jackson W m 12 Son Works on Farm X Penn Pa Pa
6 30 54 56 Whipkey William W m 6 Son Penn Pa Pa
6 31 54 56 Whipkey James W m 4 Son Penn Pa Pa
6 32 54 56 Whipkey Matilda W f 1 Daug Penn Pa Pa
6 33 54 56 Whipkey Catharine W f 77 Mother Penn Pa Pa

[NI129245] 1900 Census Lower Turkeyfoot Twp
203A 4 105 107 Tannehill Norman Head M Apr 1867 33 M 11 Pa. Pa. Pa. Day Laborer T
203A 5 Jeanetta Wife F Feb 1872 28 M 11 4 4 Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 6 May Daughter F May? 1889 11 S Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 7 Harry Son M Nov 1890 9 S Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 8 Sarah Daughter F May 1893 7 S Pa. Pa. Pa. T
203A 9 Alma Daughter F May? 1894? 5? S Pa. Pa. Pa. T

[NI129259] 1850 Federal census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator: John H. Smith
511 60 Boulby, John 40 M Farmer PA
Rebecca 22 F PA
Josiah 19 M Labourer PA
John 17 M Labourer PA
Elizabeth 14 F PA
Mary A. 12 f PA
Samuel 10 M PA
Lucretia 3 F PA

[NI129276] NOV 10 1911 SOMERSET LEDGER ROSS BOWLBY, aged 26 yrs, was accidently shot & killed while hunting. Mr. Bowlby had lived with his widowed mother, Mrs. Delilah Bowlby, Garrett. He was engaged to be m to Miss Lena Long. Besides his mother, he is survived by these bros & sis's: Harmer, Albert & Milton, all Garrett; Lorenzo, Stoyestown; John, CA; Matilda, at home & Bertha, w/o Charles Claar, Garrett.

[NI129371] pvt. Capt John Reynolds Co. the Flying Camp - REV WAR. Rev War pension application #W18463. Also listed: Drum Major Capt Matthias Hite's co., Col Abraham Bowman 8th VA reg. DAR ID # 33667 Jacob served extensively the Rev. War. He enlisted York Co, Pa 1775, & was discharged 1776. He re-enlisted & went with a recruiting party to Stanton, Va. He was discharged & settled Merklenburg, Berkley Co, Va. He signed up again, this time with Capt. Abraham Bowman's 8th VA Reg., & was discharged 10 May 1777. He got again by taking an oath of allegiance on 18 Sept 1777. Oct 1778, he & his brother, Feidt Wysong, were drafted into Capt. John Swearington's Co., Col. John Morrow's Bat. of Berkley Co. Militia of Gen. McIntosh's campaign. Jacob & Feidt were discharged 18 Dec 1778. Jacob re-opened his shoe shop only briefly. He again served the War, this time with Capt. Abraham Morgan's co. of inf., & was discharged 6 May 1779. Jacob must have d before his wife, Mary, for she filed an application for a Rev. War pension. Per "200 Yrs' History of Shepherdstown, WV", by Clifford S. Musser, pub. 1931: pg 33: 2 Apr 1798, Jacob was elected town trustee; pg 39: 18 Jul 1803, Jacob was elected market master at annual salary of $20.00; pg 65: 1 May 1820, Jacob served on the grand jury; pg 68: Jun 1821, Jacob Wysong, Jr, John Wisong, & Lewis Wysong signed a petition to the VA General Assembly for the formation of a fire co. for the town; pg 113, 31 Mar 1882, John Wysong was paid for performing work on the courthouse; pg 128: 13 Nov 1899, William Wysong & 14 others submitted bills to the Co. court for work; Pg 144: 2 Jan 1922, J.R. Wysong & 50 others signed a petition for electric lights for the town.

[NI129373] 1793 census Heidelburg Twp is listed as 'wagonmaker'. Listed 1796 Tax Roll of Bedford Boro, PA as a wagonmaker. Listed 1807 Tax Rolls of Somerset Boro, PA as a butcher. Listed 1814 Tax Rolls of Somerset Boro, PA as a carpenter.

[NI129375] John Platt (Plott) Rev War Patriot 30 Aug 1747 - 12 Feb 1850 John Platt was allowed a pension of $46.66 per annum. executed 25 Jun 1844 when he was listed as then 99 yrs old & living Cambria Rev. claim recorded by J.P. Chases, Clerk, Book E2, Vol. 5, Page 49. Pension Papers Vol. 72, Pg 148 Vets Admin., Washington, D.C. From the Pension App.: John Platt b near Littlestown, the part of York Co. which later became Adams Co, PA He volunteered the spring of 1775 for the PA Militia at Gettysburg Tavern near Gettsyburg as a pvt. Capt. Michael Doudel's & Capt. Henry Miller's Co. under Col. Thompson. They left Gettysburg Jul 2 1775 for Boston. On the way they had a skirmish with the British & therefore reached Boston a few dys after the Battle at Bunker Hill. John Platt & co. were an engagement near Boston. John Platt was discharged about 2 dys before the battle of Long Island. John Platt enlisted again 1777 into Capt. Nicholas Gelwick's 1st Co. 8th Bat. was in the battle of Brandywine Sep 11 1777, & the retreat from White Horse he was wounded the foot by stepping on a bayonet point, which rendered him unfit for futher duty this enlistment. After the Rev., John Platt resided York Co.where Dec 1800 his dau. Sarah m Jacob Litzinger Conewago. Then 1801 he moved to Huntingdon Co., that part which was later Cambria, Co. the Census of Pensioners for Rev. or Military Serv. the 6th Census 1840 there is listed: John Plott, age 85, location Somerhill. bur. Hart's Sleeping Place, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cem., St. Benedict, Cambria.

[NI129419] 1890 census page 498 house 1861
ADAMS, Peter 24 boatman $60 of property
Jane 20 can't write
Nancy C. 3
Samuel H. 1
house 325 family317
ADAMS Peter 39 M Pa Laborer
Jane 31 F Pa Keeping House
Nancy 13 F Pa
Samuel 11M Pa
George 5 M Pa
Alvin 3 M Pa
Delia 7/12 F Pa
ADAMS, Peter 43 carpenter(shafts?? in cars)
Taylor Twp., Cambria Co., PA, value of $60
Will from Orphans Court of Ebensburg , Cambria Co., 31 Mar 1904: states that Peter d 8 Sept 1903 leaving his widow, Jane Adams & the following chldn: S.H. Adams,George, Alvin, Alfred, John, Simon, Kate, Della, & Emma. It records the land he owned & it states to divide it with ea chld receiving 1/9th & to Jane Adams, her dower or interest therin as provided by the intestate laws of PA. Map of land. Near Cambria Iron Co. which owned minerals on the land. It appears that the family did not want the land, but sold it, valued at $885. His goods & chattels were appraised at $107.80.(see list in papers). Alfred Adams was administrator of Will. Jane kept abt $300 worth of goods & cash. Witnesses: Delia J. Griffith, J.W. Stiffler, Alex N. Hart(?). // Petition "To the Honorable F. J. O'Connor, Judge of the Orphans Court of Cambria Co. The petition of S. H. Adams, s/o Peter Adams, late of the Twp of West Taylor, Cambria Co, deceased, respectfully represents: That the said Peter Adams d intestate on or abt 8 Sep 1903, leaving to survive him a widow, Jane Adams, & the following chldn or heirs: viz, your petitioner, S. H. Adams residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co, PA, George Adams residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co., Alvin Adams residing West Taylor Twp., Cambria Co, Alfred Adams residing West Taylor Twp., Cambria Co, John Adams residing West Taylor Twp., Cambria Co., Simon Adams residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co, Kate Adams intermarried/w Jerry Clark & residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co, Della Adams intermarried/w Eugene Griffith & residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co, & Emma Adams intermarried/w J. C. Stombaugh residing West Taylor Twp, Cambria Co. That at the time of his death the said Peter Adams was seized in his denusne as of fee of & in a certain tract or pc of land situate in Twp of West Taylor, Co of Cambria, State of PA, bounded & described as follows:
"Being the remaining land purchased by the said Peter Adams from Kizzie Griffith & her husb & originally by lands of the Cambria Iron Co. & lands of N. B. Griffith, & now bound by lands of Anson Cooper, Cambria Iron Co., D.R. Williams et al. IN Pike, & Twp Rd, & which is more fully described in the deed from said Kizzie Griffith & husb to Peter Adams dated May 10 1890 recorded in Recorder's Office of Cambria Co. on 7 Mar 1892, in Deed Bk, Vol 82, pg 265, containing at the present time 50 acs more or less. It being a part of a larger tract of land warranted in the name of John Gill & by sundry conveyances became vested in the Cambria Iron Co., who by their conveyances conveyed the same to James Cooper, & by the last Will & Testament of the said Cooper, it became vested in his heirs who by their deed dated Jan 7 1890, conveyed the same to the said Kizzie Griffith, excepting & reserving the mineral rights of said land for the use of the Cambria Iron Co., containing now 50 acs more or less with the appurtenances. That under the intestate laws of this commonwealth it belongs to each of said chldn to have an undivided 1/9th interest therein & to Jane Adams w/o Peter Adams her dower or interest therein as provided by the intestate laws of this commonwealth. That no partition of said land has ever been had. Your petitioner therefore prays the court to make & award an inquest of said land to & among the parties according to their respective rights. & now Mar 21 1904, inquest awarded returnable 1st Mon Jun 1904. By the court."
OBIT Johnstown Trib, Wed Sep 9 1903. Peter Adams, aged almost 68 yrs & a well-known resid West Taylor Twp, d last night at 11:30 pm after an illness of a few dys duration. The cause of his death was an attack of dysentery, followed by pneumonia. Funeral serv at the home of his son-in-law, I. C. Stombaugh, West Taylor, Thu, Sep 10, the cortege leaving for Benshoff Hill Cem at 2 pm. The deceased was a lifelong resid of the vicinity & in his youth was employed on the PA Canal. He was a good citizen & enjoyed the respect & esteem of a large circle of acquaintances. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jane Adams, 6 sons, & 3 daugs, all residing West Taylor. The sons are S. H., George F., Alvin F., Alfred M., John & Simon. The daugs are Mrs. Catherine Clark, w/o Jerry Clark; Mrs. Della J. Griffith, w/o E. B. Griffith, & Mrs. Emma Stombaugh, w/o I. C. Stombaugh.
Census 1850 - states that he was 15 yrs old laborer living with parents, b PA. Census
Residences: 1850 - living with parents in Jackson Twp, Cambria Co,PA 1860 - living in Taylor Twp, Cambria Co,PA with wife, Jane & children 1880 - living in Taylor Twp, Cambria Co, PA with wife, Jane & children 1903 - West Taylor Twp, Cambria County, PA, Above residences according to administration of will documents.
LAND: Deed dated 10 May 1890, recorded 7 Mar 1892, deed book, Cambria Co., PA, Vol 82, p.265, West Taylor Twp.(50 acres more or less)
OCCUPATION: 1860 Census notes, boatman;1880 Census notes, carpenter, shafts?? in cars;1850 states, laborer

[NI129422] DOD & DOB of Joseph are on his headstone at Clarksville Cem. Bur. the same plot: John Wysong; Jamima Wysong; Ed Wysong; Evaline Wysong; Harlan Wysong; Helena Wysong; Eugene Wysong; & "Mary A. wife of Alfred Cass"; nearby is headstone for Clark W. Hadley & "Caroline wife of CW Hadley." Per "History of Clinton Co., OH", Chicago: W.H.Beers & Co., 1882: pg 793: "Joseph Wysong was an early settler of Clarksville. He was a shoemaker by trade; was the 1st Postmaster of the town, an office which he held for a great number of yrs. He kept a hotel up to the time of his death, & early times his hotel was a popular place for teamsters & travelers. He was a peculiar man, gruff & almost severe his manners, yet there was an undercurrent of humor & kindly good nature his character. Numerous anecdotes could be told of him, of the rich jokes & passages of wit & sarcasm he indulged with the teamsters, who enjoyed the old man's gruff ways. 3 of his sons still live Clarksville." pg 787: "He was an active Democrat the 1840s". 1840 census for Vernon Twp, Clinton Co, Oh, pg 356: Joseph Wysong; males: 10-15 = 1; 15-20 = 1; 20-30 = 3; 50-60 = 1; females: 15-20 = 1; 60-70 = 1. 1860 census for Clarksville, Clinton Co, Oh, pg 240B (taken 10 Jul 1860): Joseph Wysong (age 76; landlord; $3000 real estate & $250 personal; b. Va); Mary (age 48; b. Va); Lucinda (age 24; b. Oh); John (age 20; b. Oh); Helen (age 18; b. Oh); Ella (age 16; b. Oh);Anninta (age 14; b. Oh); Mary Fitas? (age 17; b. Oh); Joseph Fitas? (age 17; b. Oh); Alice Glazier (age 11; b. Oh); John Word (age 70, b. Va; hostler; black male). 1870 census for Clarksville, Vernon Twp, Clinton Co, Oh, pg 656: Joseph Wisong (age 87, b. Va; keeping hotel; real estate $6210 & personal $150); Lucinda Cast (age 25, b. Oh; housekeeper); John Ward (age 75, b. Va; black male; invalid) with 2 others (presumably employees or boarders hotel).

[NI129428] Never Married

[NI129429] Never Married

[NI129442] Moved to OH with her older bro., George Washington Claar, bet. 1811 & 1820 .

[NI129443] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
65/65 Fred CLAAR, 70, Pa.
Christin, 70

[NI129447] From "The History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co.s, PA" pub.1884: John Whysong, a native of this Co., settled Union Twp 1825. He susequently removed to Fayette co., but returned after a short time. d this Twp at the age of 77. He was the regular army for 6 yrs & served during the War of 1812 under Gen Harrison. He received a land grant AK but never lived there. m Elizabeth, d/o Jacob Burket, 1 of the early settlers, & had 9 chldn: Josiah(deceased), Maria, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel, Jacob, Harrison, & Rachel. The homestead is owned by Samuel Whysong who has 652 acres of land. He has followed carpentry for 26 yrs & is interested the lumber business. Mr. Samuel Whysong served the late war during 2 terms of elistment, & was twice wounded at the Battle of Drury's Bluff. He enlisted the service 8 Aug 1861; re-enlisted Feb 1864 & was discharged 16 Aug 1865. Pavia Cem., Union, Bedford co., PA
1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
109/109 John WISANG, 55, Farmer, $1500
Elisabeth, 54
Samule, 18, Farmer, school
Jacob, 16, Farmer, school
Harrison, 14 , school
Rachele, 12 [F], school
Polly, 8

[NI129453] Raised Smithfield, Fayette Co, PA moved to Hardin Co, OH 1851, moved to DeKalb Co, 1861 & then to Steubin, Co, 1863

[NI129454] 1792 John Storm built the 1st grist mill Cambria Co along Clearfield Creek. Mill was later known as Dawson's Mill & then Seibert's Mill. Jerome Dawson bought John Storm's property abt 1850. John Storm, was a carpenter, according to family history, John built the chair which Father Gallitzin used his confessional. Additionally, John's son, Lewis, was also a carpenter as well as the 1st undertaker Loretto. He prepared the remains of Father Gallitzin for bur. Jun 1808 Civil court jury docket(ejectment VS John Myers) Sep 1809 Constable for Allegheny Twp // John STORM Sr. of Allegheny Twp. "Being sick" Wife: Susanna. Mentions chldn but not by name. Mentions monies due him. Wishes to be bur Cath Ch Yard, Loretto. Executors: wife Susanna & James Gallagher. Witnesses: Walter Elder, Joseph Cadwalader & John (x) BURK. (Codicil: $50 towards bldg a new ch at Loretto to remain in the hands of his wife until the ch bldg is actually begun. Witnesses to codicil- John (x) BURK, Joseph CADWALADER) Will dated Feb 4 1816 proved Feb 11 1816. Will book 1 page 32

[NI129458] 1860 chld #2, 7 & 8 living togather Allegheny Twp. #2 housekeeper; #7 laborer & #8 servant. #6 living with John Sanker & is a teacher at the Catholic School. # 3 is a farmer living next to his Uncle Michael Storm & sister Catherine. Cambria Co. Will from Your Family Tree 1978 pg. 98. Storm, Peter, late of Allegheny Twp. Will dated 1/13/1849 ; probated 1/24/1849. Wife Anne; daus: Mary Ann, Susan, Elizabeth; sons: Francis (my 7 other chldn (not named) real Estate to be appraised by Thomas Gallagher & Jerome Daws/o Alleg. Twp. Exrs: son Francis & George Bruce. Wit: M. Leavy, Thomas Parrish pgs. 246, 247. Anna: 1850 census Alleg. Twp. Cambria living nest to Elizabeth Durbin. Storm, Ann age 48 b. MD; Mary A 26 b. Pa; Susan 24; Francis 22; Sarah 18; Catherine 16; John 14; Amelia 12.

[NI129464] Original Bap. by midwife due to danger of death. Bap. by Rev Demetrius Gallitizin 2 Jul 1809. Godparents: Peter & Elizabeth Kehler. 1st undertaker Loretto area. Assist Rev D A Gallitizin with his last mass. Responsible for the undertaking & bur. of Rev D A Gallitizin. 6 May 1840 bur. Rev Gallitizin

[NI129466] 1850 Federal Census Washington Twp., Cambria Co., PA
192 197 Storm Michael 39 M Farmer 400 Pa
Margaret 35 F Pa
Edward J. 13 M Pa
William 10 M Pa
John 4 M Missouri
Mary 2 F Pa
Michael 4/12 M Pa
1860 cenus list chldn William, John & Mary as well as Michael & Margaret as resident of Loretto Boro.

[NI129467] Sold land inherited from his father 1838 while living Campbell Co, KY

[NI129555] d. young

[NI129573] The Byrne family came originally from Ireland, & were among the early pioneer settlers of Cambria Co. John Byrne, ggfather, b Ireland, & was founder of family in this country. He emigrated to Amer 1795, bringing with him 3 sons & 5 daus, his wife having d in Ireland. He located near Loretto, on what is now kwn as Flick farm, & engaged in farming. He was one of very early settlers of this Co, locating here previous to Father Gallitzin, who was a pioneer in Cambria Co. His chdn were: Henry, John, Thomas, Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. Levi, & Mrs. Platt. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)

[NI129589] Aug 19 1869 Cambria Freeman. In Loretto, on Wed 11th inst., Mr. William Ryan Sr., aged abt 81. Mr. Ryan b on Spruce Creek, Huntingdon Co, & came to this co when he was a young man, attracted hither, like so many others of our early settlers, in consequence of the erection of a Cath Ch at Loretto, abt the yr 1800, by distinguished Dr. Gallitzin, princely apostle of Alleghanies. Mr. Ryan was a modest, unassuming gentleman & in all his intercourse with his fellow citizens conducted himself as becomes an honest & high-minded man. How rapidly are the hardy pioneers of Cambria Co civilization disappearing from our midst. // Last Will & Testament of William Ryan, dec'd. "In the name of God, amen, I William Ryan of Loretto, in the Co of Cambria & State of PA, being old & frail in body but of sound & disposing mind & memory do make & (word scratched out) declare this to be my last will & testament in manner following, that is to say: 1st, I order that all my just debts & funeral expenses be fully pd & satisfied. 2d, I give & bequeath & order that $1 be pd to my daug Julian MKinsie, $1 to my daug Sarah Todd, $1 to my son William, $1 to my son James, $1 to daug Emily Ivory, $1 to my daug Ellen Carroll, $1 to my daug Margaret Ryan, $1 to my son, David, $1 to the s/o my daug Elizabeth, $1 to my daug Anastatia Delosure & $1 to my daug Mary Kelly. 3d, I give & bequeath my daug Catherine the house, the stable & the lot of ground situate on the west side of St. Joseph St., Loretto, being the lot on which the building I now (word scratched out) occupy are on. 4th, I give my son Joseph the lot of ground situate between the lot already bequeathed & lot of Catharine Scanlon being the lot on which the spring is. I also give & bequeath to my son Joseph my wagon, cow, cooking stove & parlor stove, note to the amount of $300 or upwards is due to me from a friend, which I order to be collected. 5th, after paying & disposing of aforesaid then whatever shall have been left of money & household furniture, I order that they be equally divided between my daug Catharine & my son Joseph, share & share alike as near as can be. I do hereby nominate, constitute & appoint my son Joseph & my daug Catharine executors of this my will heretofore made by me, & declare this only to be my last will & testament. In witness thereof I, the said testator, William Ryan, have to this my last will & testament set my hand. Sealed this 4 Aug 1869. William Ryan Signed, sealed & delivered if published in presence of us the witnesses hereto. Francis O'Friel. Thomas McGillen "

[NI129655] Headstone at Cem. says: "Mary A, w/o Alfred Cass d Jul 12 1870, aged 55 yrs & 10 mo" She is bur. Wysong plot along with Joseph Wysong & others.

[NI129656] 1870 census for Clarksville, Vernon Twp, Clinton Co, Oh, pg 656 (taken 22 Jul 1870): Matthias Wisong (age 53, b. Va; wagon maker; real estate $2600 & personal $472); Mary (age 53, b. Oh); Johannes (age 23, b. Oh; jour. carpenter); Sophina (age 22, b. Oh; helps mother); Emerson (age 21, b. Oh; jour. painter); Eugene (age 17, b. Oh; apprentice blacksmith); Lauren (male, age 16, b. Oh; works on farm); Flora (age 13, b. Oh; at school); Elmer (age 10, b. Oh; at school). Mary: Bur. Dec 1888 Clarksville Cem., Clarksville, Clinton Co, OH.

[NI129668] Never Married

[NI129709] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
91/91 Josiah WISONG, 27, Farmer, Pa.
Hester, 20, Pa.
John, 1

[NI129744] 1850 Federal Census Summetville Boro, Cresson Twp., Cambria Co., PA
20 24 Storm Rosanna 60F Ireland
John E. 26M Carpenter Pa
Bridget 26F Pa
Hugh F. 25M Carpenter 800 Pa

[NI129752] 1850 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Cambria Co., PA 11 Sep by Henry Cook
30 225 231 STORM Ann 48 F Md
31 225 231 STORM Mary A. 26 F Pa
32 225 231 STORM Susan 24 F Pa
33 225 231 STORM Francis 22 M farmer 1,500 Pa
34 225 231 STORM Sarah 18 F Pa
35 225 231 STORM Catherine 16 F Pa
36 225 231 STORM John 14 M Pa
37 225 231 STORM Amelia 12 F Pa

[NI129761] 1860 census Allegheny Twp she is listed as a school teacher living with John & Elizabeth (Storm) Sanker (her sister)

[NI129768] JOSUE D. PARRISH citizen of Cambria co & bldr & contractor of Ebensburg, PA. He has honor of being one of famous "Cambria Guards," a co which serv with great distinction in Mexican War. This co was raised mostly in Ebensburg, & left Ebensburg Jan 2 1847, going to Pittsburg in wagons. Jan 5 1847, Cambria Guards were mustered into serv, to serve during the war, with the following officers: Col. Wm. B. ROBERTS; Lt-Col John W. GEARY, who was afterwards Gov of PA; Maj BRINDLE. James MURRAY was capt of co D, the co in which our subject serv. Charles HIRE was 1st lt, & John GIVEN was 2nd lt, & Chas. MCDERMOTT, 3rd lt of same co. They were sent to aid Scott's army, were detained at Lobos Island with 9 cases of small-pox abt 1 mo & landed at Vera Cruz 3 dys after the battle; but their enthusiasm was not dampened, & they pushed on after Scott, coming up just 1 dy after battle of Cerro Gordo; the fight, however, was not over, & we find the brave "Guards" from this time to taking of Mexico in thickest of the fight, every where performing valorous serv. Their 1st engagement was at Lahoya; followed by those famous battles in the valley of Mexico, at Contreras, Cherubusco, Tucabya, Chapultepec, & lastly at taking of the city of Mexico. Gen QUITMAN, who commanded the div in which Mr. Parrish serv, was 1st to raise the flag over the "halls of the Montezumas" & to accomplish by strategy the capture of the citadel of the city of Mexico; for this brilliant feat the div was highly complimented by Gen SCOTT. The inferiority in no.s of Amer army to Mexicans contributes much to the glory of this victory, Amers no. 9,500, & Mexicans, according to Mexican stmt, 19,000. Aug 1848, after having won glory for themselves, Mr, Parrish's co returned to Ebensburg. Our subject took up his resid in Ebensburg, where he has lived ever since, following carpentering & contracting & bldg as his life work. In this capacity he erected many of best bldgs in town, the Opera House, etc. Politically, he is a Dem & is a justice of peace of the boro having been appointed Sep 1895), by Gov PATTISON, & elected Feb for term of 5 yrs. He also serv as co cornmissioner, & has filled local offices. Mr, Parrish is s/o George & Catharine (STORM) Parrish, & b Jun 3 1825, in what is now known as O' Hara's Mills, Munster twp. His gfather, Joshua Parrish, was native of England, who emigrated at very early dy, & m Barbara THIMBLE, German woman whose father serv in German army. Joshua Parrish, was mill wright, who learned his trade in Western MD. He came to US upon the solicitation of Prince Gallitzin, & settled in Cambria co, dying Cambria twp, a mi from where our subject was b. He blt in Cambria twp the mill now called O'Hara's, & which was among the 1st mills of the co. George, father of Josue D. Parrish, was b Jul 28 1795, & d Aug 25 1837, from injuries received by a fall. His death was followed by that of the mother of our subject on Nov 20. He helped to bld O'Hara mill, where he learned the trade of miller, following it mainly as a means of securing a livelihood. He was Whig in politics, & devout memb Cath ch. Josue D. Parrish, was educ in subscription schools prior to adptn of common-school sys. The 1st free schools were held in his father's house, & this house is still standing. He attended 1 term of free schools for abt 3 mos. After death of his father he went to live with his gfather, where he worked on the farm. He then learned trade of carpenter, & worked in Loretto 2 yrs. In spring 1844 he came to Ebensburg, lived there since, except during the before-mentioned serv in Mexican War. His wife was Mary Magdalene MEYERS, d/o John Meyers. Of his chdn, Evaristus C. was born September 5, 1853, & is in grocery business. He has serv 3 terms as school dir of boro although Dem, & is also boro weighmaster & sec of Cath Beneficial soc. Callistus M. grad from Philadelphia Coll of Pharmacy, & is in drug business in Bellefonte, PA, being a well qualified & successful druggist. Flora P. at home; John S. a real estate & collecting agent & notary public, Pittsburg. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)
1850 Census Ebensburg Boro., Cambria Twp, Cambria Co., PA 28 Nov 1850 by Henry Cook
37 23 24 Myers James 23 M Carpenter 2,500 Pa
38 23 24 Myers Mary 31 F Pa
39 23 24 Myers Cornelia G. 4 F Pa
40 23 24 Myers Clarinda 2 F Pa
41 23 24 Hughes John 23 M Carpenter Wales
42 23 24 Murphy John 20 M Carpenter 1,000 Pa
1 23 24 Evans Rowland 18 M Carpenter Pa
2 23 24 Blair John 25 M Carpenter 125 Pa
3 23 24 Parrish Joshua 23 M Carpenter 700 Pa
4 23 24 Ivory William 20 M Laborer Pa
5 23 24 McMullin Sarah 18 F Ireland
1870 Census Ebensburg Boro, Cambria Twp, Cambria Co, PA 3 Jun 1870 by Thomas Davis
38 72 81 Parrish J.D. 45 M W Carpenter 1,400 200 Pa
39 72 81 Parrish Mary 46 F W Keeping House Pa
40 72 81 Parrish Evaristus 16 M W Printer 125 Pa
1 72 81 Parrish Callistus M 14 M W At Home Pa
2 72 81 Parrish Flora P. 12 F W At Home Pa
3 72 81 Parrish John S. 7 M W At Home Pa
4 72 81 Cline Margaret 17 F W Domestic Servant NJ

[NI129776] 1840 John & Elizabeth & family moved to Perry Co, OH.

[NI129785] Nun with Holy Cross Sisters at Notre Dame; Mother Praxiedes. May 1897 located at St Mary's Academy, Salt lake City, UT

[NI129788] 1850 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Cambria Co., PA 11 Sep by Henry Cook
19 224 230 PARISH Thomas 47 M farmer 1,702 Pa
20 224 230 PARISH Mary 48 F Pa
21 224 230 PARISH Margaret 23 F Pa
22 224 230 PARISH Ann M. 19 F Pa
23 224 230 PARISH Francis J. 18 M laborer Pa
24 224 230 PARISH Sylvester 16 M laborer Pa
25 224 230 PARISH Ann E. 14 F Pa
26 224 230 PARISH Charlotte 13 F Pa
27 224 230 PARISH Thomas 7 M Pa
28 224 230 PARISH Alocious 5 M Pa
29 224 230 PARISH Frances A. 5 F Pa

[NI129801] Sister Amanda RSM

[NI129804] 1850 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Cambria Co., PA 26 Aug by Henry Cook
39 12 12 McGUIRE John 52 M farmer 600 Pa
40 12 12 McGUIRE Susanah 44 F Pa
41 12 12 McGUIRE Mary A. 21 F Pa
42 12 12 McGUIRE James 21* M laborer Pa
1 12 12 McGUIRE John 18 M laborer Pa
2 12 12 McGUIRE Felix 10 M Pa
3 12 12 McGUIRE Richard 8 M Pa
4 12 12 McGUIRE Jackson 6 M Pa
5 12 12 McGUIRE Charity 3 F Pa
6 12 12 McGUIRE Susanah 1 F Pa

[NI129823] 1870 Federal Chest Springs Boro, Clearfield Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 13 - 14 Jun by John W. Gillespie
22 22 22 Storm Joseph 27 M W Carpenter 400 300 Pa
23 22 22 Storm Mary J. 25 F W Keeping House Pa
24 22 22 Storm Thomas 3 M W Pa
25 22 22 Storm Mary 3/12 F W Pa March

[NI129939] "The History of Blair Co. PA" 1830 Mary owned 147 acres, 1 horse and 1 cow. Mary Hopkins ( a civil war nurse) is buried at Arlington Cem.

[NI129940] "The History of Blair Co. PA" 1810 Joseph served as auditor of the twp. 1829 Joseph served as overseer of the poor. 1830 Joseph owned 187 acres, 2 horses, and 2 cows. He served as auditor of the twp.

[NI129943] "The History of Blair Co. PA" 1810-1850 James Jr. owned 150 acres valued at $250.00 1843 James Jr. served as appraisor for the twp. "The History of Blair Co. PA"1830 Mary owned 30 acres, 1 horse & 1 cow.

[NI129944] "The History of Blair Co. PA" 1810-1850 Benjamin and Jonathan owned 300 acres valued at $680.00 1830 Benjamin owned 156 acres, 2 horses and 2 cows 1832 Benjamin served as overseer of the poor 1840 Benjamin served as overseer of the poor

[NI129963] Married Twice

[NI129974] 1850 Census Blair Co., Antis Twp., PA. Reel No. M432-755 Page #210b Reference: enumerated 27 Sep 1850 by Thomas Brown
42 36 36 McFarland Davidson 32 M M Farmer 600 Pa
1 36 36 McFarland Mary Ann 31 F F Pa
2 36 36 McFarland James Irvin 10 M M Pa
3 36 36 McFarland Mary Matilda 8 F F Pa.
4 36 36 McFarland Ann Elizabeth 6 F F Pa
5 36 36 McFarland Jonathan Hopkins 4 M M Pa
6 36 36 McFarland Henrietta 2 F F Pa

[NI129980] 1850 Census Blair Co., Pa
225b 34 Long David 27 Pa
Long Sarah 23 Pa
Long William F. J. 1 Pa

[NI129982] 1850 Census Antis Twp., Blair Co., Pa.
Dwelling 175 Family 179
Grove, Francis 29 birth state M. Occupation carpenter
Grove, Rachel 22 birth state looks like F
Grove Mary Margaret 3 birth state looks like F

[NI130005] a lawyer in the Cedar Rapids National Bank Building. Residence was 1040 5th Ave.

[NI130009] Caroline ba covered wagon, while her parents were emigrating from Ohio to IA in 1853. Also in 1853, Johathon & family moved from PA to IA, where Benhamin met & m. Caroline Cloud. Her parents Homesteaded near Iowa City. Her greatgrandfather was a Rev. Soldier from NC & found this branch of the family in KY. The Clouds were among the 1st Scotch (covnanters) to settle in SC from which this branch went to NC, then to KY & finaly to OH. Nathanial Cloud, gfather of Caroline, b KY & was founder of this branch in OH. And moved to IA prior to the out break of the Civil War.

[NI130017] Rosetta was killed on the Kate Shelly Bridge while walking to town.

[NI130024] Information on Jennie comes from pension records that Lizzie filed. In the records her last name is hard to read. Could be Murray, Morey or Mowry.

[NI130029] Alta died when Vera was 6 years old.

[NI130030] 1880 Florence Twp., Benton Co., IA ED 27 3/
Hopkins Samuel 38 Pa.
Louisa 36 Mo.
Charley 5 Ia.
1900 Census; Jefferson Twp., Shelby, IA Ed 172 5/22
Hopkins Charles born Apr 1875 Mar 5 yrs. IA unknown famhand
Naoma wife Apr 1876 OH IA mother of two, both living
Burma dau Dec 1896 IA IA
Harold son Jan 1899 IA IA
1910 Census Lincoln Twp., Shelby, Ia ED 173 83/83
Hopkins Charles head MW 35 mar 14 IA PA KY farmer
Neoma Inez wife FW 35 mar 14 5/5 IA OH IN
Burma Fay dau FW 13 IA IA IA
Harold son MW 11 IA IA IA
Jessie Milo son MW 8 IA IA IA
Orlo Malon son MW 5 IA IA IA
Opal Fern dau FW 1 1/2 IA IA IA
1915 IA State Census Shelby Co.card #267 Chas Hopkins age 39 farmer p.o. Harlan twp. Lincoln b. IA. father b. PA, mother b. OH. 1914 income from farming $200 m. no religion
#268 Naomi Hopkins 38
#269 Harold Hopkins 16
#270 Jessie Hopkins 12
1920 Census Harlan, Shelby Co., Ia ED 188 14/61 6th Street
Hopkins Charles head 44 IA
Nona wife 43 IA
Jesse son 18 IA
Orville son 16 IA
Opal dau 9 IA

[NI130031] Jessie died in his early 30's at the home of his brother John.

[NI130033] never married, d. in his early 20's

[NI130034] They came to Johnson Co., IA abt 1856. James, George, 1 or 2 sis.s were b. in Pa. Died when Josiah Jr. was young. He lived & worked for the extended Goss clan prior to coming to IA. He m. Rachel Goss, daug. of George Goss & Mary Hopkins. Born 1830 in Pa. & d abt 1900
She smoked a corn cob pipe, d. of starvation because of cancer of the jaw. Listed in the Cedar Rapids Directory for 1900 as Widow of Josiah, living at 1308 K. W. There was a printing press manufacturing co. connected to Rockwell International that was called Goss Co., Cedar Rapids. Rachel's family came from PA., when she & Josiah moved to IA, they came with Rachel's uncle & her cousin's family.

[NI130040] Cripple, could not have her baby. Fell off box at 2 or 3 years and knocked hip out of line, never fixed

[NI130084] never married

[NI130089] lived in Kalona, IA. Had family in the IA City area

[NI130091] History & Facts of Humbolt Co. page 295, Rural Electric Coop Sept 26, 1936 Articles of Inc. signed by following incorporators...Walter Millward.

[NI130093] D. in childbirth
She got the farm when parents died. Had false teeth that she only wore to town, but would take them out to eat. Was tall and skinny.

[NI130094] Tractor accident at age 61.

[NI130146] Within a few mo.s after J.W.H. d., Laura Hopkins took a job of Housekeeper for a bachelor farmer, William Pingel, at Calumet. She moved all her family still home to his farm.

[NI130149] 1924 Atlas of Farmers for Summitt twp. O'Brien Co., IA shows R.H. Hopkins, with wife Evelyn & chdn Enid, Grace, Jr., & Harold. P.O. Box, Archer, R 1. R212,50 acres, sc 28 (8). Owner T. G. Welt.

[NI130150] Maggie married late in life and didn't have any children.

[NI130152] Ora Francis & Marion Wood married 1913 at Justice of the Peace in Tennant, IA. On child-John Raymond. Marion died in fall 1915 after throwing kerosene on a fire. Died of burns. In summer 1916 Ora married Minnie Smith & moved to Newman' Grove, Neb. 2 children Valora b. 09/23/1918 & Earl b. 01/20/1920. In Spring 1822 Minnie died of bowel infection. At his time both children were takne to live with Ora's sister & husband, Isabella & Charley Mast at Primghar, IA. They would stay there three years. At the same time John Raymond was making his home with his Grandparents John W. & Laura Hopkins on their farm in O'Brien Co., IA. they continued to live there until after the death of J.W. Hopkins 1921. Sometime after that Laura Hopkins took a job as housekeeper for a bachelor farmer, William Pingle, whose farm was near Calumer, IA. She & all family, still home, moved to this farm. Eva. last to leave, helped with the younger children, including John Raymond. She lived there until her marriage in 1945.

[NI130153] 1900 census for Lenox twp., IA Co., IA, his name was spelt Evert. According to Viola's birth record, he was from IL. Everett & Viola were living with Everett's parents in Highland Twp., O'Brien Co., IA in 1920. Everett smoked a pipe, & always had it in his mouth, & he d. of cancer of the mouth.

[NI130155] She m. late in life & had no chldn. She was killed in a car accident at Sutherland, IA. Sometime after 1920 she began raising her nephew, John Raymond Hopkins.

[NI130163] Earl married an unknown Dakota girl who d. 1918. They had 2 children. Not sure if she was from the Dakota's or if she was a Dakota indian. Both Dakotas are in Indian Reservation territory.

[NI130166] Robert married a Dakota girl and had 2 children

[NI130175] They were married less than a year when she died of TB
Obit Harlan Trib Wed 12 May 1915, Harlan Public Library, Harlan, IA Mrs. Burmah Fay Kohl, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Charley Hopkins, d. at their home Mon. between 8 - 9 am of tuberculosis. The funeral will be held from the M.E. Ch. at 3 pm Wed. Harlan, Shelby, IA Cem. Record. Harlan Cemetery, Harlan, Shelby, IA Section 2 Lot 573-7 Burmah Fay wife of Atman V. Kohl Dec 31, 1896 May 10, 1915

[NI130176] Obit, Harlan News Advertizer, Thu 24 Sep 1936. Atman Van Kohl. Tennant Man is Accident Victim Sat. Fell from Silo Filler Sat. Eve: Dies Sun. Atman V. Kohl , Tennant, 45, d. early Sun. from injuries sustained when he fell from a silo filler & was run over by the machine late Sat. eve. Kohl & a hired man were enroute home with a grinder & tractor half way between Corley & Tennant when the accident happened. The wheels of the heavy machine passed over Kohl's head. Atman Kohl, s/o Ezra & Mary Kohl, b. on a farm in Lincoln twp., Apr 19 1891. His exact age at the time of his passing was 45 yrs, & 5 mo.s. He m. Burmah Fay Hopkins, Oct 15 1914 whose death occurred May 10 1915. He inlisted in the army, Batt. C, 49th C. & C. He served in France from Oct 5 1918 until receiving his honorable discharge, Mar 8 1919. Jun 1 1920, he m. Anna M. Anderson. To this union, 5 chldn were b., Warren George, Pearl June, Louisa Anna, William Donald & Betty Jean. Besides his wife & chldn those surviving are his mother, Mrs. Mary Kohl; 2 sis.s, Mrs. Essie Mastenbrok , Lebanon, OR; Miss Josie Kohl, Harlan; 1 bro. Morris Kohl, Tennant. His father & 2 bro.s, Ezra & William, preceded him in death. Funeral services were held from Meth. Ch., Harlan, Tue. 2 pm, Rev. P.J. Henderson, Tennant, officiating. Bur. Harlan Cem. Even though Burmah d. with in a yr of their marriage, & he remarried, he is buried next to her. There was no sign of his 2nd wife or chldn's graves in this area. Harlan Public Library, Harlan, Ia. Harlan, Shelby, IA Cem Record Section 2, Lot 573-6 Artman V. Kohl 19 Apr 1891-19 Sep 1936 Mil. service: Battery C, 49th C.&C.

[NI130191] Obit Yakima Herald-Republic Mon Feb 27 1984 Jesse M. "Bud" Hopkins; 81, of Yakima, d Sun am in Yakima Valley Mem. Hosp. He was b Mar 16 1902 s/o Charles & Naomi (Blair) Hopkins in Harlan, IA. Mr. Hopkins was reared & educated in IA. On Jan 8 1922 m. Elsie McDowell in Atlantic, IA. The couple moved to Yakima in 1925 & he worked with his father who operated a Yakima fruit trucking business. He later owned & operated Buds Radiatior Clinic in Yakima for many yrs. Mr. Hopkins was a musician, & organized & played banjo for a band known as the Yellow Jacket's, he also had managed several Yakima men's & women's softball teams. In his later yrs, he formed another band, the Red Coats, which played for area nursing homes, schools, & senior citizen ctrs. He was a memb. Yakima Eagles Lodge No. 289 & a life memb.of Musicians Union Local No. 442. Mr. Hopkins is survived by his wife, Elsie Hopkins of Yakima, 1 son, Richard D. Hopkins, Yakima, 2 dau.s, Mrs. Royce (Betty) Baker, Yakima & Mrs. Tony (Peggy) Marchalek, Jackson, MS; 1 sis., Lorrane Morrisette. Yakima; 8 gchdn, 5 ggchdn. A bro., Orlo Hopkins d earlier. Obit file, Yakima Historical Society, Yakima, WA Hopkins--Mr. Jesse M. (Bud) Hopkins, 81, Yakima, d Feb 26 1984, Yakima Valley Mem. Hosp. Funeral serv. will be Thu Mar 1 at 3:00 pm Shaw & Sons Funeral chapel. Rev. W. Duane Patterson will officiate. Concluding serv will be Terrace Hgts Mem. Pk. Pallbearers will be Floren Zirkle, Swede Miller, Al Maletta, Johnny Holm, Hank Williams & Marvin Purdin. If desired, memorials may be made to Amer Cancer Society or the WA State Heart Assc. Mr. Hopkins is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elsie Hopkins, Yakima; 1 son, Richard D. Hopkins, Yakima; 2 dau.s, Mrs Royce (Betty) Maker, Yakima, & Mrs. Tony (Peggy) Marshalek, Jackosn, MS; 1 sis., Mrs. Lorrane Morrisette, Yakima; 8 gchdn & 3 ggchdn. Bur. Mar 1 1984, Terrace Hgt Mem. Pk, Yakima, Yakima Co., WA

[NI130192] Obit File Jul 24 1981 Yakima Herald Review. Orlo M. Hopkins, 77, 1217 Fruitvale Boulevard, Yakima, d Thu Crescent Convalescent Ctr. b Jun 5 1904, Harlan, IA; came to Yakima in 1926, from Harlan. He was a well-known local musician & a life member of Musicians Union Local 442. He also had worked as a detail man for automobile firms. He was a memb. 1st Bapt. Ch. & for many yrs had been a memb. of the Eagles Lodge. his wife, Evelyn, d in 1978. Survived by 2 dau.s, Mrs. Dexter Sauve, Yakima, & Nadine Blanchard, Maches; 2 sons, Frank Hopkins, Prescott, AZ & Jack Hopkins, Naches; 1 bro., Jesse Hopkins, Yakima; 1 sis. Larraine Morrisette, Yakima; 15 gchdn & 9 ggchdn. Memorials my be made to the Amer Cancer Society.

[NI130193] Shelby Co., IA Birth Record, FHL 1517211 1897-1935, Shelby Co. Courthouse, Halan, IA
Opal Fern Hopkins b. 9 Apr 1910 Lincoln Twp, Shelby Co., IA
Father Charles Hopkins Mother Naomi Inez Blair
of Harlan, IA age 35 of Botna, IA age 35
born; Norway, IA born; Botna, IA
5th child/5 living.

[NI130196] Merille fell from a load of hay & d. at 11 years

[NI130210] listed on assessment Roll Record, dated Jan 25, 1935, as 46 yr. old at time.

[NI130214] Worked in Washington, D.C. during WWII

[NI130231] Married & divorced

[NI130233] D. at 5 wks of age

[NI130238] page 274 History of Humbolt Co. 1884: Myron Whipple farm plot has historical cem. located between Rutland & Humbolt.

[NI130239] She was premature lived 5 days.

[NI130243] CMT is Charcoal, Marine, Tooth. This is a disease that is herititary.

[NI130255] d. At age 3.

[NI130359] 1850 Census Berlin Boro, Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
317 36 Firl James 61 M Mason PA
Mary 59 F PA

[NI130381] Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg, PA, FRI 24 JAN 1896 LUTHER.-- d at home of her son, Michael J. Luther, in Ebensburg on Wed afternoon, Jan 22 1896, Mrs. Susan Luther, aged 57 yrs. The deceased was b in Carroll twp, & was eldest d/o Jacob Sharbaugh, one of early settlers in that locality, & was m to John W. Luther, who d a number of yrs ago. Mrs. Luther, with her dau Ella, resided in Carrolltown, & when her son, Michael, of this place, was stricken with typhoid fever, a couple of mos ago, with a mother's love & devotion she hastened to his bedside & day & night was untiring in her watchful care in nursing back
to health her stricken son. Abt 10 dys before her death, Mrs. Luther was attacked with same disease & although she had been in good health, the strain of continued watching of previous wks had weakened her physically & she continued sinking until death ensued. She was a woman of many virtues & the sad ending of her mission of maternal affection is deeply regretted by the whole community. She is survived by 2 sons, Michael J. & Edward, both Ebensburg; & 3 daus, Mary, w/o Adam Lieb, Nicktown; Emma, w/o Isidore Binder, Hastings, & Ella, who is single & lived with her mother. She is also survived by 3 bro, John W., James & C.A. Sharbaugh, Carrolltown, & 4 sis', Mrs. Valentine Thomas, Mrs. W.C. Severin, both Carrolltown; Mrs. Casper Leib, Nicktown, & Mrs. John McDermitt, Johnstown. Her remains were taken to her home in Carrolltown on Thu morn from whence the funeral will take place at 10 am today (Fri.)

[NI130385] From Biographical & Porttrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co., PA 1896. DEMETRIUS A. LUTHER, SR., ex-sheriff of Cambria Co., & successful, enterprising & benevolent gentleman, of near Carrolltown, this Co., s/o John Luther, Sr., & Mary Ann Platt & b in Carroll Twp., Cambria Co., PA, Oct 31 1827. His gfather, Conrad Luther, was a native of Hesse, Germany, & was among that body of Hessian soldiers who were brought to Amer by the government of Great Britain during the Rev War, but tiring of this serv he deserted the English army in Lancaster Co., PA. In his flight he met Elizabeth Smith, who was engaged in the bleaching of linen; she carefully concealed him until his pursuers went by, & thus enabled him to make his escape. He afterwards m the young lady, & remained in that section some time working for the farmers, but abt 1796, shortly after the issues of the war had been decided, he removed to what is now Carroll Twp., this Co., where he became one of the pioneer farmers, & spent the remainder of his days. He had 6 chldn, 5 sons & 1 daug. John Luther, father, was b in that Twp. in 1800, & lived all his life in the Twp. of his birth, dying Apr 22 1862. He took up the avocation of an agriculturist, & became one of the most successful farmers & business men of that section of the Co., owning 400 acs of land on the Carrolltown & Ebensburg rd, 1 mi from Carrolltown, & at the time of death was estimated to be worth $20,000. He m Mary Ann Platt, d/o John Platt, then a resident of Susquehana Twp., but a native of Germany, & they had 4 sons & 6 daugs: Henry, of Gallitzin, PA; Demetrius A., subject; Sarah A. w/o Henry Bender, a farmer of this Twp.; Elizabeth, deceased, was w/o James Weakland; Lucinda, w/o Michael Snyder, Houtzdale, Clearfield Co., this State; Matilda, w/o Anselum Weakland; Mary Ellen, w/o John Latternes, a farmer & butcher in Munster Twp., this Co.; Victoria, w/o Joseph Lied, Barr Twp., John W., deceased; & Chrysoslom, a farmer, of Carrolltown. Demetrius A. Luther was reared on his father's farm, receiving the advantages of such educ training as were afforded by the subscription schools as they existed in this Co. prior to the adoption of the common-school system. At the age of 21 he apprenticed himself to learn the trade of a carpenter, & after mastering that trade, followed it for 20 yrs as a contractor & builder throughout Cambria & adjoining cos. In 1872 he purchased a farm of 170 acs near Carrolltown, & has since lived there & devoted himself to the arts of husbandry. This farm is well improved, & underlaid with coal, & is considered one of the best in the Co. Politically, Mr. Luther is a strong believer in the party of Jefferson, & has frequently represented his party in political conventions, & been honored by it in being elected to positions of honor & trust. In 1875 he was elected mercantile appraiser, in 1866 Co. auditor, & in 1882 to the responsible position of sheriff of this Co. Religiously, Mr. Luther is a devout memb of Roman Cath ch, & active in all matters pertaining to the work of the same, & for the promotion of the cause of christianity. In connection with ch he is a memb of Holy League. Mar 1 1859, Ms Mary M., d/o Thomas Bendon, Gallitzin Twp., this Co., became his wife. To their marriage had 14 chldn: Harry A., who is in the hotel business at Nicktown, this Co.; Utha C. & W. A., of Carrolltown; Mary Ellen, w/o C.O. Stultz, a butcher of Carrolltown; R. Augusta, deceased; Andrew R., deceased; Mary A., deceased; Rudolph, deceased; James W., painter, of Elyria, OH; Beno M., a farmer of this Co.; Rose A., w/o Francis Bearer, Spangler, this Co.; A. L., Urban, & John, at home.

[NI130401] Johnstown Trib Jul 12 1948 ECKENRODE, Mrs. Elmira (Weakland), 83, Allport; 12:30 am Jul 11 1948; b Jul 22 1864, d/o John M. & Margaret (Plott) Weakland. Survived by dau Mrs. Dorothy Moore, Cleveland, OH; 4 sons: Anacetus, Akron, OH; Isadore, Ebensburg; Jennings & Raymond, both at home; 28 gchdn. Husb Enslam, & daug preceded her in death. Friends received in late home afternoon Mon. Memb St. Edward's cath Ch, Barnesboro. Servs: 9 am Wed, St. Edward's Ch, Rev. John P. McIntire; bur St. Benedict's Cem, Carrolltown, Askew Funeral Home, Ebensburg

[NI130403] Thomas Byrne was b Ireland, & as a boy, came with his father to US. He asst his father on farm until he reached mature yrs, when he located on a farm in Carroll Twp, where he followed pursuits of farmer all his life. He d 1832. He m Miss Burgon, they had 13 chdn: Bernard, Michael, Augustine, Catherine Little, Henry, James, Nancy Buck, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Frances & Mary Ann. They were a family of farmers, & are now all deceased but Frances, who resides at Carrolltown, this Co. (From Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria Co by Samuel Wiley 1896, Union Pub Co)

[NI130510] Edwin & served in the late war. .[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 519.]

[NI130526] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Samuel H Shaffer Age: 33 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 9154 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0208 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Rose E 32, PA
Son Clair E 07, PA
Daughter Hellen E 05, PA
Son Ray R 02, PA
Daughter Ethel L NR, PA

[NI130536] Trib Wed Oct 14 1925 pg 17; Mrs. Mason Mangus aged 44 yrs, nee Hannah Melvina Shaffer, d yesterday at Winber Hosp, where she was operated on yesterday. Her death was due to heart failure. The deceased was d/o Samuel and Mary (Pergrin) Shaffer & b Mineral Point on July 25, 1881. She & Mason Mangus m at the parsonage of the Barron-Ave Un Breth Ch in Morrellville, by Rev. J.S. Hays in Dec 1898. Mrs. Mangus is survived by her husb & the following chldn: Beatrice, w/o Russell K. Bosley, 716 Clark St.; James, Braddock, Naomi, Katherine, Ralph, Clyde, & Charles, all at home; 3 gchldn; & these bros & sis': Sadie, w/o A.J. Strayer, 1056 Berg St.; William M. Shaffer, 269 David St.; Jennie, w/o Moody Paul, 720 Clark St.; Samuel Shaffer, 1070 May St.; & Levi W. Shaffer, 718 Clark St. A bro Edwin Shaffer d at Wellsburg, WV, 7 yrs ago. Mrs. Mangus' mother d here in 1889 & her father passed away at Mem Hosp in 1918. Funeral servs will be conducted at 2 pm Fri at Dale Evang ch, the pastor, Rev. R.L. Griffiths, officiating. Bur Grandview Cem. Mrs. Mangus was an active worker in the Evang Ch & Sun School for a no. of yrs

[NI130584] Somerset Land Deeds Book 7. p 256 Michael Pile...Oct. 28, legacy from Casper Pile of $225, he received such a sum.

[NI130594] He was married in Indiana under the name of Boarts

[NI130599] 1- Salome, 2-Lydia, 3- Anna, #4- Henry, 5- Benjamin, 6- Esther,7- Peter, 8- Edward, 9-Carolina (twin), 10- Louisa (twin), 11- Edwin, 12- Jonas

[NI130601] 1- Ukwn, #2- Jacob ,3- George, 4-Philip, 5- John, 6- Henry, 7- Christopher, 8- Margaretha, 9- Magdalena, 10- Eva. As the story goes, Henry & his 2 bro.'s brought their families to Amer. When within sight of land Henry's oldest chld d. & ship's capt. allowed them to bring the body to land for burial.

[NI130608] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 15 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
10 255 258 Spangler John J. 29 M W Speculator 500 PA
Spangler Amanda 23 F W Keeping house PA
Spangler Cora 1 F W PA
Spangler Catharine 68 F W 800 PA

[NI130614] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 15 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
14 256 259 Spangler George 38 M W Farmer PA
Spangler Rossanna 34 F W Keeping house 2,500 700 PA
Spangler Martha 16 F W PA
Spangler Edward 10 M W PA
Spangler Helen 7 M W PA
Spangler Anna 1 F W PA
Cupp Elizabeth 63 F W 500 PA

[NI130657] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
John Esh State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0100 Color: W Age: 50 B-Place: PA Visit: 0046 Co.: Lancaster, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01220209 Other Resid.s:
Wife Elizabeth 47, PA
Son Daniel B 19, PA
Son Benjamin 17, PA
Dau. Rebecca S 14, PA
Son John M 11, PA
Dau. Rachael 06, PA

[NI130696] D. in auto accident in Germany

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