[NI139508] Boyne Citizen Fri Aug 22 1902 Glenn Stutzman was very much surprised when abt 20 of his young friends gathered at his home Thu afternoon to help him celebrate his 10th b-day. Ice cream & cake were serv & an enjoyable time was had by all. We called Glen Uncle Fudd, a name given to him by my mother (Bertha Stutzman) because he was always "fuddin" around. He had a heart attack abt a yr before his death & he had to be put in a nrsg home. He has been fondly remembered by everyone that knew him. Monroe Frederick (Bertha Stutzman's bro-in-law who was a Minister) officiated at his funeral. Bur Ottawa Park Cem., Independence Twp, Pontiac, MI.

[NI139538] d 11 m 15 d

[NI139581] This is the will but not the entire estate record for Peter Troutman. He lived in Southampton Twp., Somerset Co. & d.1846. The estate record is file #8-1846. The estate record is 20 pages of material. At the end is a listing of the heirs as set out in the estate record. Other related will & estate records for this family are: Elizabeth Troutman #4-1808, Benjamin Troutman #8-1856 & William Troutman #27-1941. Peter Troutman & William Troutman were bro.s, Elizabeth was their mother. Benjamin was a s/o Peter. The record numbers for the Somerset Co. Courthouse. In the name of god amen I Peter Troutman, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co. PA being of sound mind memory & understanding thanks be given unto god for the same; Calling unto mind to mortality of my body Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make & ordain this my Last will & Testament that is to say principally & 1st of all I give & recommend my Soul into the hands of almighty god that gave it & my body to the earth to be bur. in a decent christian bur. at discretion of my executors herein after mentioned & as touching such worldly estate as it has pleased god to bless me in this Life I give & devise & dispose of the same in the following manner & for to viz: 1st it is my will that all my just debts funeral & other expenses shall be 1st pd as soon as conveniently can be done after my decease by my Executors. 2nd my will is that my son Jacob Troutman Shall have my old plantation where I now live on for the sum of $1500 to be pd in the following pym'ts my son Jacob Troutman shall pay 2/3 of this money unto my 8 chldn share alike in yrly pym'ts which is $160.66 2/3 cents yrly till 2/3 of the money is fully pd which is $1000 the 1st pym't shall be pd 1 yr after my death & then yrly as before mentioned till the 2/3 of the money is pd unto the heirs before mentioned & the 1/3 of the money which is $500 shall remain in the hands of my son Jacob Troutman as long as my wife Catherine Liveth & Jacob Troutman shall Pay the interest of the 1/3 yrly unto my wife Catherine during her life & after my wife Catherines death then my son Jacob Troutman shall pay this 1/3 of this money which is $500 as before mentioned yrly as before mentioned to my 8 chldn share alike 3rdly I will unto my wife Catherine 1 cow & all her household property what she brought to me when I married her. 4thly my will is that the balance of my estate shall be equally divided amongst my 8 chldn share & share alike. 5thly I will unto my gson Solomon Troutman s/o Jacob my smooth bore gun & Last of all I nominate & appoint my son Jacob Troutman & William Critchfield Esqr. & my son Benjamin Troutman to be my Executors of this my Last will & testament & I do hereby utterly disannul revoke & disallow all & every other former testaments will Legacies bequests & Executors by me in any will before named wills bequeathe ratifying & confirming this & no other to be my Last will & testament In Witness where of I have there unto set my hand & seal 6 Jul 1843 signed sealed published pronounced & declared by the said Peter Troutman in presence of us where in the presence of him have here unto subscribe out names. Signed by Peter Boyer, Abraham Bayor, Samuel Comp, Peter Troutman with his seal The following are listed as the heirs in the estate paperwork: Benjamin & Jacob Troutman, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co.; Rachel m. Daniel Martz, Alleghany Twp; Elizabeth m. Michael Warner, Greenville; Mary Ann m. John Emerick, OH; John, Knox Co.; Christena m. Michael Boyer, Holmes Co., OH; Catherine m. John Meese, Fayette Co., PA. Another part of the estate record: Peter Troutman d. seized in his demise as of see & in 3 certain tracts of land situated in Southampton Twp aforesaid to wit no.1 called the old place on which the said Peter d. adjoining lands of Solomon Comp & Joseph Emerick containing 200 acres more or less about 100 acres cleared with a large Weather boarded dwelling house thereon erected with other improvements & a large Orchard With the appurtenances No.2 A tract of land known as the George Witt(?) improvement containing 100 acres more or less of timber about 6 or 7 acres cleared adjoining the old place & Joseph Emerick, Samuel Comp & others. No.3 one other tract containing 100 acres more or less with about 35 acres cleared 1 hewed log cabin & a half story dwelling house 1 cabin barn there or ___ adjoining lands of Jacob Leidig, Daniel Leidig, Henry __therington & others. Your petitioner therefore. There is an interesting statement dating from after the death of Catherine, Peter's 2nd wife. It states that "Amount Rec on dower in the Kossel land after sale by Sheriff with interest to date: $255.03" This is interesting because Kossel is supposed to have been her maiden name & Peter specified that she was to retain what she brought to him in marriage. Death date from estate record: 6 Mar 1846. Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed Jun 7 1832 - State of PA Somerset Co. On 16 Oct 1832, personally appeared in open court, before the Judges of the court of common pleas now sitting at Somerset in & for the said Co. of Somerset, Peter Troutman a resident of Southampton Twp. in said Co. aged 75 yrs, 9 mo. 25 dys, who being 1st duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed Jun 7 1832 - That he entered the service of the U.S. in the summer of 1776, having been drafted in Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., PA & was commanded by the following officers, Capt. Paul Grosscup, Lieut. Jacob Levan, Ensign Philip Gehr, Maj. Martin Carigher, & Col. Baltzer Gehr, that he marched through Eastern PA, crossed the DE & through NJ to Ambay. That he remained in Ambay 2 mo. & received his discharge & returned home to Berks Co., PA - that during the fall of the same year he again entered the service as a substitute for Henry Grim under the following officers for 2 mo., viz Capt. Philip Martz, Lieut. Jacob Zimmerman, Maj. Carigher, & Col. Gehr - that he marched to Philadelphia from there to Newtown & was there at the battle in which Gen. Mercer was killed & saw him bur. at Philadelphia. That he was orderly sergeant of the co., & that after he served a campaign of 2 mo. he again received a discharge & returned home. That in the fall of 1777 he was again drafted for the term of 2 mo. in a co. commanded by Capt. Peter Spangler that he marched through Easton to Brunswich, NJ where served out his time & having obtained his discharge he again returned home. That he served a 4 compaign of 2 mo. in the fall of 1778 having been drafted in Capt. Jacob Leidich's co. in the reg. commanded by Col. Samuel Elly - that he marched to Newtown where he served out his 2 mo. & got a discharge, when he again returned home to Berks Co., PA That he had 4 certificates of discharge signed by the respective capt.s of the several campaigns to which he had been attached, 1 for each term of serv., but that they have all been destroyed or lost by time or accident. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state -Sworn to & subs in open court the dy & yr aforesaid. Signed by Peter Troutman himself.
Peter Troutman serv 2 mos during the summer of 1776 as a Pvt in Co of Paul Crosscups; in the fall of 1776 for 2 mos as an Orderly Sgt with Capt. Phillip Marts; Battle of Princeton under Col. Balzer Gheer; in the fall of 1778 for two months in Capt. Leidick's company; and in Battles of Bronswick, Amboy, Newton, and Philadelphia. He received a pension in 16 Oct 1832.

[NI139583] Fiddler
Benjamin Troutman apprenticed himself to George Rizer of Cumberland, MD for one year starting 27 Nov 1807 to learn the gunsmithing trade. His indenture is recorded at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD. Ultimately he was established as one of the finer craftsmen among gunsmiths of the Bedford school. Misc: In 1808 a fair was held in Berlin (Somerset Co.). There was fiddling & dancing from morning 'til night & from night 'til morning. Among the fiddlers were John Lane, Peter Lane, & Benjamin Troutman of Southampton. Residence: Listed, triennial assessment of Southampton Twp., Ben Troutman, gunsmith. Probate: An inventory of estate was filed 4 Apr 1856 by Samuel Compton & Joseph Emerick. Issued named: sons Adam, John, George, Daniel B.; daugs Mary Leydeg & Sarah Shiver. This is the will but not the entire estate record for Benjamin Troutman. He lived in Southampton Twp., Somerset Co & d 1856. The estate record is file #8-1856. The estate record covers from the time of his death Mar 18 1856 until 1874 when Benjamin�s wife passed away & encompasses abt 27 pages of handwritten text. At the end is a listing of the heirs as set out in the estate record. Other related will & estate records for this family are: Elizabeth Troutman #4-1808, Peter Troutman #8-1846 & William Troutman #27-1941. Peter Troutman & William Troutman were bros, Elizabeth was their mother. Benjamin was a s/o Peter Troutman, a Rev. War Vet. The record no.s for the Somerset Co. Courthouse.
In the name of God Amen I Benjamin Troutman of Southampton Twp Somerset Co & State of PA being sick & weak in body but of perfect mind & understanding thanks be to god. Calling unto mind the mortality of my body & knowing that is appointed for all men come to die do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say firm officially & 1st of all I give & recommend my Soul unto the hand of the almightygod that give it & my body recommend to the earth to be bur in a decent christian bur at the discretion of my Executor herein after named. Nothing douthing but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the almighty by power of god & as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased god to ___ me in this life give ___ & repose of the same in the following manner & from 1st I will that my old home place being 148 acs the same shall be praised together with the persnoally property & shall be sold & divided among my chldn equal shear. I give & bequesth unto my beloved wife, Catherine, 65 acs land & 1 cow 1 heiffer & the house & 2 beds & bedding kitchen in furniture all what we have now & after her death the same shall a sold & divided among my chldn in equal shear. & here by utterly disallow, revoke, ____ any other testament or will. With before named willed & bequethed satisfying & confirming this to be my last will & testament & I make & dain Samuel Comp & Joseph Emerick Executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 14 March 1856. Signed & sealed published pronounced as his last will & testament in presents of us whom his presence of each other have hereunto subscribed out names. Benjamin Troutman made his mark as a signature. Signed by: Alexander Emmik (who made his mark) & Henry Martz (how signed his name) Somerset Co SS This 4 Apr 1856 Before me Jacob Reff Register for the probate of wills & granting letters of Administration in & for said Co. Henry Martz & Alexander. The following is a list of his heirs according to the estate papers: Joseph Troutman, Adam Troutman, George Troutman, John Troutman, Danl. B. Troutman, Elizabeth Troutman, Nancy Troutman, Harriett Troutman, Ellen Troutman, Mary Leydig, Sarah Shirer, Christina Close.
1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 21 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
16 148 151 Troutman Benjamin 69 M Farmer 1,500 PA
Troutman Catharine 55 F Md
Troutman Adam 18 M Labourer PA
Troutman Eleanora 15 F PA
Troutman Harriet 13 F PA

[NI139584] Included in the Estate Papers of Jacob Troutman, Decd., No. 33, 1868, Somerset Co, PA: Sale List of the property of Jacob Troutman, Decd. Names of heirs Elizabeth m to Solomon Sturtz, Rachel, Lydia m to William Bonnell, Jacob, Peggy m to Peter Emerick, Lena m to Jacob Emerick, decd., Louisiana, Solomon, Amanda m Jacob Engle, Benjamin, Leah intermarried with Dennis Leidig, Susanna decd. m to John A. Sturtz leaving issue 7 heirs viz John A. Sturtz, husb., Sarah, Adam, Ellen, Jacob, Charles, Franklin. Also included in the Estate Papers was the following: To Augustus Davis, Register of Wills & etc. of Somerset Co. I the undersigned widow of Jacob Troutman, Sr., deceased do hereby wave my right to act as administratrix of my deceased husb's Estate & request you to appoint Jacob Troutman Jr administrator of said Estate. Rachel X Troutman, her mark Witness Jacob Kennell
1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 21 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
7 147 150 Troutman Jacob 62 M Farmer 2,000 PA
Troutman Rebecca 54 F PA
Troutman Jacob 28 M Labourer 1,300 PA
Troutman Rachel 31 F PA
Troutman Louisa 21 F PA
Troutman Solomon 19 M PA
Troutman Leah 16 F PA
Troutman Amanda 14 F PA
Troutman Benjamin 10 M PA

[NI139589] Will of her father, states that Elizabeth & her husb are of Greenville.

[NI139591] Will of her father, Peter TROUTMAN, states that Mary Ann & her husb are of _____ Co., OH

[NI139593] Will of her father, states that Christina & her husb were of Holmes Co., OH.

[NI139594] Will of her father, states that Catherine & her husb were of Fayette Co., PA.

[NI139597] 1850 Federal Census Summerhill Twp., Cambria Co., PA
217 222 Croyle Joseph 26 M Farmer Pa
Barbara 20 F Pa
Valentine 2 M Pa
1870 Federal census Croyle Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 23 Jul 1870 by John Wilkin
9 162 158 Croyle Joseph 46 M W Farmer PA
10 162 158 Croyle Barbary 40 F W Housekeeper Baden
11 162 158 Croyle Wender 21 M W Laborer PA REMARKS: on tombstone his name spelled Wendell
12 162 158 Croyle Fredrick 19 M W PA
13 162 158 Croyle Catherine C. 17 F W at home PA
14 162 158 Croyle Annie L. 15 F W PA
15 162 158 Croyle William H. 13 M W PA
16 162 158 Croyle Amanda 10 F W PA
17 162 158 Croyle Elener 8 F W PA
18 162 158 Croyle Ulessus L* 6 M W PA
19 162 158 Hull Edward W. 24 M W England

[NI139598] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ulysses S Croyle Age: 46 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0108 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0122 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Marinda 41, Pennsylvania
Son Miller H 20, Pennsylvania
Son Frank A 17, Pennsylvania
Son Forest J 07, Pennsylvania

[NI139601] Probate: A listing of wills and administrations names the deceased as Trautman, Jacob P. with administrators: Maria Troutman and Jacob Kloz. They would be Jacob's widow and his brother-in-law, husband of Catherine Troutman.

[NI139617] Gravestone indicated he was 12 y 24 d old when he d on Apr 4 1837 & that he was the s/o B. & Catherine TROUTMAN.

[NI139618] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 21 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
20 154 158 Troutman Joseph 34 M Farmer 300 Penna
Troutman Elizabeth 26 F Penna
Troutman Daniel 9 M Penna
Troutman Peter 8 M Penna
Troutman Catharine 5 F Penna
Troutman Ellen 1 F Penna

[NI139622] Tombstone inscription: Delila d/o D. B. and C. Troutman, d 8 Oct 1853 aged 9 m 4 d
Daniel Troutman learned gunsmithing from his father, followed the trade for 20 yrs in the Somerset-Bedford Co. area, & then moved to Ottawa, KS where he prospered in the business. His widow & son Noah continued the business, adding locks & hardware in 1898 & bicycles in 1907. Daniel Troutman resided in Palo Alto, Londonderry Twp., Bedford Co., then Wellersburg, Somerset Co., followed by Mt. Savage, MD prior to moving in 1865 to the western frontier at Ottawa, KS.

[NI139633] Gravestone indicated he was 16 y 15 d old when he d on Jun 5 1839 that he was the s/o J. & Rebecca TROUTMAN

[NI139634] Will of her father, states that Rachel & her husb are of Alleghany Twp.

[NI139637] 1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 2 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
32 6 6 Troutman Jacob 48 M W Farmer 2,000 200 PA
Troutman Ann E. 36 F W Keeping house PA
Troutman Mary R. 17 F W PA
Troutman Clara E. 16 F W PA
Troutman Laurie J 12 F W PA
Troutman Emma F. 11 F W PA
Troutman Alpheus G. 3 M W PA
Troutman Annie E. 1 F W PA
Menges Charles 7 M W PA
Emrick John 30 M W Works on Farm PA

[NI139642] 1880 Federal Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA Enumerator H.L.Walker 10 Jun 1880
222B 16 150 152 Engle Jacob W M 48 Laborer Saxony Saxony Saxony
222B 17 150 152 Engle Amanda W F 44 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
222B 18 150 152 Engle Mary W F 12 Daughter At home PA Saxony PA
222B 19 150 152 Engle Elmer W M 9 Son PA Saxony PA
222B 20 150 152 Engle William W M 7 Son PA Saxony PA

[NI139643] bur Comp Cem with siblings. Military service: Abt. 1862, Civil War - Co. D 2nd MD Inf. Reg. Vol.
1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 8 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
36 62 63 Troutman Benjamin 29 M W Farmer 2,500 1,000 PA
Troutman Rebecca 74 F W Keeping house PA
Troutman Rachel 52 F W PA
Troutman John 60 M W PA Idiot
Bonnel * Elizabeth 21 F W House Keeper PA * difficult to read
Bonnel * Newton 19 M W Works on Farm PA * Difficult to read

[NI139647] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 17 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
30 83 85 Sturtz John A. 32 M Farmer 3,000 PA
Sturtz Susan 30 F
Sturtz Solomon 11 M
Sturtz Michael 8 M PA
Sturtz Rebecca 6 F PA
Sturtz Sarah C. 4 F PA
Sturtz Adam 10/12 M PA
Sturtz John A. 73 M None PA
Sturtz Catharine 66 F PA

[NI139651] 1850 census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA
362 241 Miller Jonathan 25 M Farmer PA
Caroline 27 F PA
William 17 M PA
Michael 21 M Laborer PA
1870 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA 24 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
39 232 238 Miller Jonathan 45 M W Farmer 15,000 2,180 PA.
Miller Caroline 47 F W Keeping House PA
Miller William 21 M W Harm Lab. PA.
Miller Ellen 09 F W PA
1880 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA J. R. Boose Pg 20, 12 Jun 1880
3 20 238B 24 177 186 Miller Jonathan W M 55 Farmer PA PA PA
Miller Caroline W F 57 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Miller Ellen W F 19 dau PA PA PA
Schrock Minerva W F 15 Servant Servant PA PA PA

[NI139653] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA
22 13 13 Geiger John, Jun. 32 M Labourer PA
Geiger Rebecca 21 F PA
Geiger Solomon 3 M PA
Geiger Mary E. 2 F PA
Geiger Matilda C. 10/12 F PA

[NI139658] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 16 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
20 19 19 Troutman Michael 26 M Carpenter 550 PA
Troutman Rachel 27 F Md
Troutman Elizabeth 3 F PA
Troutman Sarah 1 F PA
Troutman W'm. G. 5/12 M PA

[NI139660] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
4 99 101 Troutman W'm. T. 23 M Farmer 2,000 PA
Troutman Louisa 21 F PA
Troutman John 2/12 M PA
1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 11 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
13 95 95 Troutman William 43 M W Farmer 7,000 3,000 PA
Troutman Louisa 41 F W Keeping House PA
Troutman William Sr. 77 M W PA
Troutman Diannah 18 F W PA
Troutman Samuel 20 M W Works on Farm PA
Troutman Amos 14 M W Works on Farm PA
Troutman Missouri 11 F W PA

[NI139667] Records of Wellersburg Cem, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA., indicate that she was the wife of Solomon WILHELM. Tombstone inscription states she was 23 y 8 m 5 d at the time of her death.

[NI139675] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 22 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
16 173 177 Long Jonathan 54 M Farmer 2,000 PA
Long Elizabeth 44 F PA
Long Jonathan 22 M Labourer PA
Long Sam'l. 20 M PA
Long Catharine 19 F PA
Long Enoch 14 M PA
Long Louisa 11 F PA
Long Ephraim 4 M PA
1870 Census Larimer Twp., Somerset Co., PA Aug 25, 1870 By Lewis G. Dom.
40 7 7 Long Jonathan 75 M W Retired Farmer 500 400 PA
Long Elizabeth 65 F W Keeping House PA

[NI139687] Johnstown Wkly Trib Apr 24 1896 Samuel Clark, the subject of this notice, d at his home, No. 130 F St, Morrellville, 9:45 am Wed, after an illness of 6 days. He was in his 73rd yr. He is survived by wife, 4 sons, & 5 daugs, viz: George, Millard & Frank, Morrellville; Mrs. Frank Swartz, New Florence; Mrs. Jerry Ling, Indiana Co; Mrs. Jacob Sell & Mrs. Maggie Sell, 17th Ward. Mr. Clark was a pvt in Co M., 113th Reg, 12th PA Cav. He was mustered into service Oct 16 1864, & mustered out with the co Jul 20 1865. He was a memb of Isaac Decker Post, GAR Morrelville. Funeral at 2 pm this afternoon. Bur Pleasant Hill Cem, West Taylor Twp.
1850 Census Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA 30 Aug 1850 John J Schell
1 9 9 Clark Samuel 26 M W Collier PA Handwritten page # 164.
2 9 9 Clark Eve 21 F W PA
3 9 9 Clark Catharine J 5 F W PA
4 9 9 Clark George 3 M W PA
5 9 9 Clark Isaac 1 M W PA

[NI139688] Johnstown Wkly Trib Dec 22 1899 Mrs. Eve Clark, relict of the late Samuel Clark, d at the home of her daug-in-law Mrs. Millard Clark, B st, Tue morn, aged 70 yrs & 5 days. She had been ill for a long time. The deceased came to this place with her husb from Oil City abt 14 yrs ago, & since the death of Mr. Clark, 4 yrs since, had been making her home with her daug-in-law. She was the mother of 13 chldn, of whom the following survive: Katharine, w/o Frank Swartz, New Florence; Tillie, w/o Jerry Ling, East Wheatfield Twp, Indiana Co; George, Morrellville; Jerry, West Taylor Twp; Frank, Westmont; Annie, w/o Jacob Sell, 9th Ward; Maggie, w/o William Sell, 17th Ward; & Alice, w/o Charles Dick, 19th Ward. Mrs. Clark was a sis of Harry Helsel, Morrellville; Mrs. James Murty, 1st Ward, & Mrs. Lizzie Crouse, who lives near South Fork, & half sis of Michael Helsel, 8th Ward. The funeral took place yesterday 10 am, bur Benshoff's Cem.

[NI139689] Since 1907 William G. Troutman, a successful farmer in York co. for many yrs, has lived retired in York. He was b in PA 31 Mar 1850, s/o Michael & Rachael (Winters) Troutman. William G. Troutman received his educ in IL & after putting his textbooks aside began life as a farmer. While residing in IL he rented a farm but in 1875 purchased some land in York co. & 4 yrs later removed to that co. The land he had purchased was unimproved railroad land in Lockridge twp, & for many yrs he made his home there, residing in a little frame house, 16 X 24 ft. In that early day there were not schoolhouses & churches & for the 1st few yrs of his residence in that twp, school & ch servs were held in the different homes. He engaged in general farming & also fed live stock. In 1907 he decided to retire from active farm life & so removed to York, bldg a fine home at 1026 Grant ave, although he spends considerable time on his farm. He is owner of a farm in Lockridge twp & a half section of fine land. He rents his farm to his son on a 50-50 basis. Besides the interest he still retains in his land he holds stock in the telephone co. & elevator at Benedict. In 1875, while residing in IL, Mr. Troutman m Ms Malinda Harden, a native of MD & d/o Jacob & Catherine (Cook) Harden. To the union 6 chldn have been b: Josie, w/o S. S. Reed, who is farming in York co; Flossie C., w/o C. E. Huff, a farmer raising principally wheat in Kimball co; Agnis E., w/o T. L. Green who is in the lumber & coal business at Sterling, CO; Lester L., a farmer in York co; Bertha, who is living at home; & Forrest H., who is residing on his father's farm. Mr. Troutman has always given his allegiance to the republican party & is well versed on the questions & issues of the day. Fraternally he is a memb of Ancient Order of United Workmen in which order he has won the degree of honor. Mr. Troutman has made his way in the world by his own diligence & labor & he is a well known & representative citizen of York.

[NI139698] Lewis W. Troutman, who is now living retired at Benedict after many yrs of successful farming, was b Sumerset co., PA, Dec 10 1853, s/o John & Rebecca (Hoyman) Troutman. His father was a farmer in the Keystone state for some yrs & d in 1854 at the very early age of 25 yrs, the subject of this sketch at that time being a mere infant. John Troutman was a memb of the Luth ch & in politics gave his support to democratic policies. Some time later his widow m for her 2nd husb Nicholas Burket, also a native of Pennsylvania, and to this second union 5 chldn were b: Benjamin Franklin Burket, who d in OH; James P., deceased; Charles W., living in KS; Emma, w/o Lee Smith, & Anna, who m a Mr. Frantz, & lives in MD. The mother of these chldn passed away in 1865, in her 37th yr. She was an earnest memb of Luth ch, which she assisted by her moral & financial support. Lewis W. Troutman, deprived of his father in the 1st year of his life, was taken to IA & IL by his mother after her 2nd marriage, & in the schools of these states he secured his education. When 14 yrs old he commenced his farming career in IA & continued to work out on farms in IA & IL for about 12 yrs, later farming on his own account for 12 mos. With the experience thus gained Mr. Troutman came to York co. in the spring of 1879 & resumed working on farms by the mo. Later he bought 160 acs of land which he devoted to general farming & stock raising. His 1st house was a frame structure, 14 X 20 ft, & he continued to occupy this for 12 yrs. His success in agriculture has been mainly through his own efforts & untiring energy. He retired in 1916 & went to reside in Benedict, where he built a fine residence in 1917. On Mar 23 1881, Mr. Troutman m Emma J. Troutman, who was b in Blackhawk co, IA. His political leanings are toward the republican party, but he frequently votes an independent ticket. His wife is a memb of the Luth ch.

[NI139707] Taken from "Compendium of Local Bio for Butler, Polk, Seward, York & Fillmore Co.s, NE" Geo. A. Ogle & Co. dated 1899. William P. Troutman, although still on the sunny side of 50, is spoken of as one of the older settlers of York co., & from his pleasant rural home in the vicinity of Benedict, Morton twp, he can look out upon a prairie that he has seen transformed from original wildness to high cultivation, & rich productiveness. He has done well in the past yrs, & can well hope for peace & comfort in the home he has won by hard work, for yrs to come. Mr. Troutman was b in Fayette co., PA, in 1852, & is a s/o Charles & Mary (Harden) Troutman. They were both natives of PA. They came west in 1858, & located in Grundy co., IA, where he followed farming until the day of his death in 1862. The grandfather of the gentleman who forms the theme of this article was George Harden, & he d in PA at the age of 83 yrs. William P. Troutman was the youngest son of his parents, & remained with them until the death of his father, when at the tender age of 11 yrs he began life on his own account. He was reared to a farmer's life, & when he became a man embraced it as his own calling. He followed it in IA until 1878, when he came to York co., NE & bought 240 acs of railroad land on section 33, Morton twp. It was all raw prairie, & while it offered neither rocks nor woods to hinder his toil, yet the labor of improving it was immense. He put up a good house, & began at once the labor of putting his farm in order. The 1st yr of his residence here he broke 100 acs, & now has the entire place under cultivation. Mr. Troutman m, in 1880, to Ms Mary Miller, d/o Daniel & Leah Miller, residents of Lee co., IL. She has presented her husb with 5 chldn, whose names are Charles A., Leah M., May, Ralph D., & Lydia V. They are all living, & parental partiality seems warranted in painting a bright future for them. The father & mother are membs of the Luth ch at Benedict, & are active & devoted supporters of that noble organization. He is a memb of the fraternal order of United Workmen, & the Modern Woodmen of Amer. He is a Republican, but has never sought or accepted an office. He has had many difficulties in the past yrs, but has been quite successful. He has a good home, which is out of debt, & he is surrounded by friends, who testify of his good character.

[NI139711] John Ahrend appears in the household of Jerome Troutman in the US Census 1870 for Benton Co, IA along with wife Elizabeth Ahrend who is Jerome's sis Lydia Elizabeth Troutman. They have 2 chldn, William b. 1868 & Franklin b. 1869.

[NI139760] Johnstown Trib issue of 13 Jun 1918: Samuel H. Colbert, of Greensburg, d this morning [13 June 1918-ed.] at the Mem. Hosp., where he had been a patient since last wk. He was 55 yrs of age & formerly resided in this city. Mrs. L.B. Stutzman, 819 Central ave, Moxham, is a daughter of the deceased. The body has been turned over to the John Henderson Co.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown, Died at Memorial Hospital, 8th Ward
2. Full Name: Samuel Colbert
3. Sex: Male
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Married
6. Date of Birth: January 15, 1863
7. Age: 55 yrs, 4 mo, 27 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Salesman: Porch Bros.
9. Birthplace: Penna.
10. Name of Father: William Colbert
11. Birthplace of Father: Virginia
12. Name of Mother: (Don't Know) Hess
13. Birthplace of Mother: Virginia
14. Informant + address: E.J. Holmes, Memorial Hospital
15. Filed June 18, 1918, D.T. Edwards, Registrar
16. Date of Death: June 13, 1918
17. Cause of Death: Cholelithiasis
18. Length of residence (for hospital, etc.): 7 days, disease contracted at Greensburg, former residence: Greensburg
19. Place of Burial: Grandview, date of burial June 15, 1918
20. Undertaker: John Henderson Co., Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139761] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Wm Colbert Age: 72 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0142 Birth Place: Virginia Visit: 0106 County: Cambria, Johnstown Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Nancy 66, Pennsylvania
Johnstown Trib issue 11 Jun 1917: WILLIAM COLBERT, OF COOPERSDALE, DIES SUDDENLY Cambria Steel Co. Pensioner Became Ill While Conversing on Street. He was b VA. William Colbert, aged 79 yrs, d unexpectedly this morn at the home of his daug, Mrs. George Warsing, 19 Cooper ave, 21st Ward. Mr. Colbert was a Cambria Steel Co. pensioner, having been retired abt 9 yrs ago. He left the Warsing home shortly after 9 am & was conversing with a neighbor at the corner of Royer & Butler sts when he became suddenly ill & started for his home. As he entered the residence he collapsed & a physician was sent for but Mr. Colbert could not be revived & passed away shortly before 10 am. William Colbert was b VA in Jul 1838, & was a chld when his parents, Robert & Rebecca Colbert, located in this section. The deceased was a bro of Mrs. Helen Wonderly, Mrs. Ellen Vann, Miss Matilda Colbert & Otho Colbert. In 1860, the deceased & Nancy Hess were m in this city, Mrs. Colbert having passed away at the Colbert home on Royer street in April, 1912. William Colbert is survived by these chldn: John Wesley, Morrellville; Samuel, Greensburg; Mrs. Rebecca Warsing & Jacob Colbert, 21st Ward; Gilbert Scott, Market st; Francis, Duquesne; & Bertha Irene, Pittsburg. The late Mrs. Sylvester Kunkle was also a daug of the deceased. The deceased was a lifelong memb Meth Episc Ch. He united with the mission below Coopersdale & was one of the organizers of the Cooper ave congregation. For many yrs he was a memb of the Official Board & was a class leader for some 30 yrs. The time of the funeral will be announced tomorrow.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown, 197 Cooper Ave, 21st Ward
2. Full Name: William Colbert
3. Sex: Male
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widowed
6. Date of Birth: July 22, 1838
7. Age: 78 yrs, 10 mos, 20 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Retired Laborer, Cambria Steel Co.
9. Birthplace: Va.
10. Name of Father: Robert Colbert
11. Birthplace of Father: Do not know
12. Name of Mother: Rebecca Wetherow
13. Birthplace of Mother: Do not know
14. Informant + address: George B. Warsing, 197 Cooper Ave., Johnstown, Pa.
15. Filed June 13, 1917, D.T. Edwards, Registrar
16. Date of Death: June 11, 1917
17. Cause of Death: acute dilation of heart
18. Length of residence (for hospital, etc.): [not stated]
19. Place of Burial: Grandview, date of burial June 13, 1917
20. Undertaker: John Henderson Co., Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139762] Johnstown Trib issue 13 Apr 1912: MRS. NANCY COLBERT DIES IN COOPERSDALE Mrs. Nancy Hess Colbert, w/o William Colbert, d unexpectedly Sat night 6 Apr 1912 at her home in Coopersdale, aged 68 yrs. Mrs. Colbert had been suffering from rheumatism for some time, & was sitting in a chair in her room when the end came. Her death was due to heart failure. The funeral will take place at 2 pm tomorrow from the Cooper ave M.E. Ch, of which the deceased was a communicant for many yrs. Servs will be conducted by Rev. James E. Inskeep, with bur Grandview Cem. Nancy Hess was b below Perkinsville & d/o Jacob & Sarah Hess. She was a sis of Mrs. Noah Rose, I st; & Jacob & Campbell Hess, Morrellville; Mrs. Elizabeth Skiles, D st, & Mrs. Alice Knipple, Moxham. The late Mrs. Alexander Wilson was also a sis. Miss Hess & William Colbert were m in this city on January 12, 1860, by Rev. S.E. Babcock, then the pastor of the Franklin-street M.E. Ch. Besides her husb & bros & sis' Mrs. Colbert is survived by these sons & daugs: J.W. Colbert, Fairfield ave; S.H., Park Ave; Annie, w/o George P. Warsing, Cooper ave; Jacob M., Wood alley; G.S., Market st; Frank, Pittsburg, & Bertha, w/o James Rice, Pittsburg. Another daug, Sarah D., w/o S.V. Kunkle, d less than a yr ago at her home in Coopersdale. 20 gchldn & 2 ggchldn also survive.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown, 222 Boyer Street, 1st Ward
2. Full Name: Mrs. Nancy Ann Colbert
3. Sex: Female
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Married
6. Date of Birth: January 28, 1844
7. Age: 68 years, 2 months, 16 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Housewife
9. Birthplace: Pa.
10. Name of Father: Jacob M. Hess
11. Birthplace of Father: [not stated]
12. Name of Mother: Sarah Slosser
13. Birthplace of Mother: [not stated]
14. Informant + address: William Colbert, 222 Boyer St., Johnstown, Pa.
15. Filed April 16, 1912, D.T. Edwards, Registrar
16. Date of Death: April 13, 1912
17. Cause of Death: Complications of diseases, valvular heart lesions
18. Length of residence (for hospital, etc.): [not stated]
19. Place of Burial: Grandview, date of burial April 16, 1912
20. Undertaker: John Henderson, Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139763] Creamated
Johnstown Trib issue of 19 Nov 1935: JOHN W. COLBERT DIES IN WEST END Memb of Prominent Coopersdale Family Succumbs in 76th Yr. John Wesley Colbert, 75, identified with one of the oldest families in the Coopersdale section & in later yrs a Morrellville resident, d 1:25 pm this afternoon at the home of his daug, Mrs. W.G. Ling, Martz Apts, 109 F St, Morrellville. His death followed an illness of 9 mos of a complication of diseases. He was b Williamsburg, PA, but had resided for many yrs in Coopersdale. He lived in Coopersdale at the time of the Flood of 1889. Mr. Colbert had worked for many yrs as a foreman for Johnstown Water Co. John Wesley Colbert was an active worker in Calvary M.E. Ch, where he was a memb of the official board. He had been identified with this ch for abt 30 yrs. Besides his widow, he is survived by 2 daugs, Mrs. W.G. Ling, with whom he made his home, & Mrs. R.H. Ling, Holliday's Cove, WV. He is also survived by 1 son, N.M. Colbert, Lorain, OH; 1 sis, Mrs. Anna Warsing, Cooper Ave, & 2 bros, Frank Colbert, Mineral Point & Jacob Colbert, Lorain, OH. The body will be prepared for burial by Carl Davis of Conemaugh, but funeral arrangements are incomplete. The family requests that friends omit flowers. // Johnstown Trib issue of 23 Nov 1935: WESLEY COLBERT FUNERAL SERV MARK OF ESTEEM Hundreds Attend Last Rites of Prominent Citizen of West End. AN ACTIVE CHURCHMAN Evidence of the high esteem in which John Wesley Colbert was held in the West End during his long residence there was shown in the large number of persons who attended his funeral servs yesterday afternoon at Calvary M.E. Ch, F St, Morrellville. Hundreds of friends of Mr. Colbert & his family almost filled the auditorium of the ch of which he had been a memb for abt 30 yrs & in which he had taken an active part as a memb of the official board, a regular attendant at sessions of the Wesley Bible Class & a former teacher of classes of boys & of girls. Mr. Colbert's death occurred Wed afternoon. Eulogy for the late Mr. Colbert was given by Rev. Paul Lindberg, his pastor, & music was furnished by a quartet composed of Ewart Roberts, Mrs. Helen Merritts, Miss Viola Jones & Clarence Dill, who sang "My Jesus, As Thou Wilt," "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" & "Abide with Me." Mrs. Elizabeth Ruth, ch organist, accompanied the singers & also played softly on the organ "Asleep in Jesus" at the opening of the serv & "There'll Be No Sorrow There" at the close of the serv. Fellow-membs of the Wesley Bible Class officiated as pallbearers. They were Clarence Dill, Edward Dill, John F. Carroll, Ewart Roberts, Charles Tomb & Justus G. Penrod. The class is taught by Mr. Carney. Bur Grandview Cem. under the direction of Carl Davis, Conemaugh mortician. John Wesley Colbert was b in Williamsburg, PA, & would have been 75 yrs old next Jan. Accompanied by his parents, William & Nancy (Hess) Colbert, he came to Johnstown many yrs ago & resided in Coopersdale at the time of the Flood of 1889. His father & mother both d in Coopersdale. Mr. Colbert & Miss Martha Hagin, who then resided in Tyrone, were m Jun 23 1883, by Rev. Daniel Poling, who was then pastor of the 1st Evang Ch in the central part of the city. Mrs. Colbert survives & is enjoying good health at the age of 69. While a resident of Coopersdale, John Wesley Colbert was identified with the Cooper Ave M.E. Ch, serving on the official board for 13 yrs & having been superintendent of the Sun school there for 1 yr. For a period of abt 30 yrs, up until recently, Mr. Colbert had been a foreman for the Johnstown Water Co. Before entering the serv of the local utility co., had been a policeman for 1 yr for the old Cambria Iron Co. The Colbert family moved from Coopersdale to Morrellville a number of yrs ago, residing on Boyer St, Barron Ave & Fairfield Ave, & since last Jun Mr. Colbert & his wife made their home with a daug, Mrs. W.G. Ling of Martz Apts, F St. Mr. Colbert became ill last Nov, his death being due to a complication of ailments. In addition to his widow, Mr. Colbert is survived by the following chldn: Mrs. W.G. Ling, Martz Apts, Morrellville; Mrs. R.H. Ling, Holliday's Cove, WV, & Newton M. Colbert, Lorain, OH. He is also survived by 1 sis, Mrs. Anna Warsing, Cooper Ave, & 3 bros; Frank Colbert, Mineral Point; Jacob Colbert, Lorain, OH, & Bert Colbert, St. Petersburg, FL, who was unable to get here in time for the funeral servs. A son, George ("Toots") Colbert, for yrs a memb of the city fire dept, was a capt at Engine Co No. 6 when he d Jan 10 1933. Another son, Sylvester James Colbert, d Dec 3 1924, Oakhurst, & a daug, Olive, w/o Ira Williams, d Morrellville abt 20 yrs ago. Out-of-town attendants at the funeral servs were the bro, Jacob, Lorain, OH; son, Newton, Lorain, OH; Mrs. William Snyder & Mrs. Blair Johnson of Tyrone & Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Ling & son Carl of Holliday's Cove, WV.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown
2. Full Name: John Wesley Colbert
2a. Residence: 109 F Street
3. Sex: Male
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Married
5a. If married, widowed, or divorced, Husband of: Martha Colbert
6. Date of Birth: Jan. 9, 1861
7. Age: 74 years, 10 months, 10 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Foreman: Johnstown Water Co.
9. Birthplace: Williamsburg, Blair Co.
10. Name of Father: William Colbert
11. Birthplace of Father: Virginia
12. Name of Mother: Nancy Ann Hess
13. Birthplace of Mother: Pennsylvania
14. Informant + address: Mrs. John W. Colbert, Johnstown, Pa.
15. Filed: Nov. 21, 1935, Warren S. Krise, Registrar
16. Date of Death: November 19, 1935
17. Cause of Death: Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, contributory: diabetes
18. [no operation, no autopsy]
19. Burial, Cremation or Removal: Grandview Cemetery, Nov. 22, 1935
20. Undertaker: Carl E. Davis, Conemaugh, Pa.

[NI139764] Johnstown, PA Daily Trib issue Mar 1951: COLBERT, Mrs. Martha, 514 Vine St, d Mar 10 1951. Friends received John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, serv 2 pm Tue, Rev. A.J. Kestle. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139765] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Campbell Hess Age: 50 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0140 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0247 County: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Lucinda 51, Pennsylvania
Daughter Gertrude 18, Pennsylvania
Son Raymond 15, Pennsylvania

[NI139766] Johnstown Trib issue of 11 Jan 1933: FIRE CAPT, ILL A LONG TIME, DIES AT LEE HOSP. George A. Colbert, 45, Succumbs Following Recent Major Operation WAS WIDELY KNOWN Capt. George A. Colbert, aged 45 yrs, a well-known local fireman, d at 8 pm last eve at Lee Hosp, where he had been a patient for the last 6 wks. Capt Colbert, who was stationed at Engine Co No. 8, Franklin st, underwent a major operation 5 wks ago & for a time was believed on the rd to recovery, but complications developed which caused a relapse last wk, since which time a marked decline was noted in his condition. The deceased was well known by a host of acquaintances, especially the firemen, as "Toots" Colbert. The death of Capt Colbert makes the 3rd in the Colbert family within the last few wks. C.S. Hess, an uncle of John Wesley Colbert, father of Capt Colbert, d in Morrellville Dec 17, & Richard Colbert, an Oakhurst school boy, a nephew of Capt Colbert, d a wk later. George A. Colbert was b in Coopersdale on Nov 5 1887, s/o John Wesley & Martha (Hagins) Colbert, now residing at 167 D st, Morrellville. In addition to his parents he is survived by a bro, Newton Colbert, Lorain, OH, & 2 sis', Mrs. Ling, w/o Rev. R.H. Ling, pastor of the Homer City Meth Ch, & Miss Nancy Colbert, at home. Abt 20 yrs ago George Colbert joined the fire dept & was stationed for some yrs at the Morrellville fire house. He served for a long time under former Chief Logan Keller before leaving the dept for abt 5 yrs. He was reappointed to the fire fighting forces Jan 27 1920, & for the last 8 yrs had been a capt. Before being placed in charge of the 8th Ward co., George Colbert was stationed at Engine Co. No. 5, Fairfield ave, & No. 6, Railroad st. Capt Colbert was a memb of the Jr. O.U.A.M. & the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He held membership in the Franklin-street M.E. Ch & the Vincent Bible Class. Funeral servs will be conducted at 2:30 pm Fri at the Colbert residence by Rev. C.P. Salladay, pastor of Calvary M.E. Ch. Bur Grandview Cem., with 6 membs of the fire dept serving. // Johnstown Trib issue of 16 Jan 1933: FUNERAL SERVS FOR CAPT. COLBERT Large Attendance at Last Rites Held on Fri for Local Fireman Funeral servs for Capt. George Colbert, local fireman, who d Tue eve Lee Homeopathic Hosp, were held Fri at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. J. Wesley Colbert, 167 D st, Morrellville, parents of the deceased, & were largely attended. A delegation of 40 firemen attended the servs in a body along with the 6 pallbearers, also firemen, & formed in open file as the body was carried from the house to the funeral car. These relatives & friends were here from out of the city for the servs: Rev. & Mrs. R.H. Ling, Homer City; Mr. & Mrs. Newton Colbert & Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walters, Lorain, OH, & Mr. & Mrs. William Snyder, Misses Verna & Mamie Snyder, Mrs. Blair Johnson, & Fred & Oscar Snyder, all of Tyrone. The servs were in charge of Rev. C.P. Salladay, pastor of Calvary M.E. Ch, assisted by Rev. Wayne Patch, formerly of Morrellville, now pastor of the Bolivar M.E. Ch. Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI139767] Johnstown Trib issue 3 Jun 1911: DEATH OF MRS. KUNKLE. Well-Known Coopersdale Woman Expires of a Complication of Diseases. Mrs. Sarah Ellen Colbert Kunkle, w/o Sylvester Kunkle, d of a complication of diseases at Kunkle home, No. 201 Cooper Ave., 21st Ward, this morning, aged 55 yrs. The funeral will be 2 pm Mon, when servs will be conducted by Rev. J.E. Inskeep, of Cooper-ave M.E. Ch. Bur Grand-View Cem. Mrs. Kunkle is survived by her husb, who is engaged in business in Coopersdale, & by the following chldn: Charles W., Homer, Pearl, Wilda, & Roy, all at home. She was a sis of John W., Samuel, & Jacob Colbert, of this city; Frank, of Pittsburg, Mrs. Bertha Rice, also of Pittsburg, & Mrs. George Warsing, of Coopersdale.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown, 201 Cooper Avenue, 21st Ward
2. Full Name: Mrs. Sarah Ellen Kunkle
3. Sex: Female
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Married
6. Date of Birth: January 19, 1866
7. Age: 45 years, 4 months, 15 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Housewife
9. Birthplace: Penna.
10. Name of Father: Wm Colbert
11. Birthplace of Father: Virginia
12. Name of Mother: Nancy Hess
13. Birthplace of Mother: Pa.
14. Informant + address: Sylvester Kunkle, 201 Cooper Avenue, Johnstown, Pa.
15. Filed June 3, 1911, D.T. Edwards, Registrar
16. Date of Death: June 3, 1911
17. Cause of Death: Carcinoma of stomach & liver
18. Length of residence (for hospital, etc.): [not stated]
19. Place of Burial: Grandview, date of burial June 5, 1911
20. Undertaker: John Henderson, Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139768] Johnstown, PA Daily Trib issue Dec 1958: KUNKLE, Charles William, 71, 445 Tioga St, d 9:35 am Dec 11 1958, at home; b Mar 3 1887, Johnstown, s/o Sylvester V. & Ellen (Colbert) Kunkle. Survived by widow, Maud Boyer, & chldn: Mrs. William V. Price; Craig B.; Charles Jr., all Johnstown; 9 gchldn & these bros & sis': Homer M., Roy; Pearl Kunkle; Mrs. William Griggs, all Johnstown. Former manager of Johnstown Water Co., memb Westmont Presby Ch, Masonic Lodge, PA Society of Professional Engineers, Amer Society of Civil Engineers, Amer Water Works Assc, Sunnehanna Country Club. Family will receive friends 7-9 pm Thu & 2-4 pm & 7-9 pm Fri H.M. Picking Sons Mortuary, serv 2 pm Sat, Rev. John H. Stanton. Bur Grandview Cem.. // C.W. Kunkle of Westmont Dies at 71. Serv as Manager of Water Co Here for 33 Yrs. Charles W. Kunkle 445 Tioga St d 9:35 am today at his home. He was 71. The Westmont man was at the helm of the Johnstown Water Co for a long period during the utility's major growth & development. He serv as vice pres & gen manager for 33 yrs. He retired in 1955 after 40-yr assc with water co & was succeeded by his son, Charles Kunkle Jr. PA State Grad. The elder Mr. Kunkle was grad from PA State College in 1910. He was employed by the old Cambria Steel Co until 1915, when he entered the employ of the local utility. It was under his supervision that the big North Fork Reservoir was constructed. He was a registered professional engineer & a memb Johnstown Chptr, PA Society of Professional Engineers. He serv as vice pres of PA Water Works Assc for 5 yrs. Mr. Kunkle formerly had been active in Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce. b Mar 3 1887, Coopersdale, s/o Mr. & Mrs. S. V. Kunkle. He m Maud Boyer, a HS classmate.

[NI139769] Robert S. Colbert. was b in MD, near Hagerstown, 1809. He was 7 yrs old when he left MD & went to VA. He remained in that VA until 1852, when he moved to PA & settled in the vicinity of Johnstown, where he resided up to the time of his death, with the exception of 4 yrs which he & his family spent in Blair Co. When the Rebellion broke out he took an active part on the side of the Union. He moved 5 or 6 families from VA to PA & changed his own residence back to Cambria Co. He lived at East Conemaugh for abt a yr & then bought a piece of ground from Col. James Cooper, within a mi of Coopersdale, & for 21 yrs he resided there. Deceased was employed at Rolling Mill up to within 5 yrs, although his health was not very good from the time the PA RR sta platform fell, he being one of the victims. Abt 3 yrs ago his eyesight began failing. 17 yrs ago he united with the Meth Episc Ch under Rev. Montgomery, & was a consistent memb. Mr. Colbert is survived by his wife & 3 sons & 5 daugs. John & William live in Coopersdale. The other son is at home. Mary w/o John Herdman, Johnstown; Helen w/o William Wonderly; Ellen is Mrs. John Van, Coopersdale; Kate lives in Blair Co & is w/o Samuel Burns. The 5th daug is at home.
MEMOIR. Bro Robert Scott Colbert passed peacefully to his heavenly rest on Fri morn, April 8 1887 at the advanced age of 77 yrs, 7 mos & 7 dys. It can scarcely be said that he d from any disease but rather that his physical strength gradually gave away under the wgt of yrs; the earthly house gradually dissolved & his spirit gently passed from earth to heaven. Bro Colbert was b near Hagerstown, MD. He moved to PA in 1852. For 21 yrs he had lived near Coopersdale where he d. Until 5 yrs ago he had been employed at the Rolling Mill. In his best yr he was a man of unusual strength. He received some injury at the time of the accident at the PA RR sta in Johnstown after which he was not as rugged as before, abt 3 yrs ago his eyesight began to fail & for abt a yr previous to his death he was totally blind. He was received into the Meth Episc ch 17 yrs ago by Bro. M.J. Montgomery since which time he had been a consistent, God-fearing Christian. He is survived by his wife & 8 sons & daugs 7 of whom live in this vicinity & 1 in Blair co. The funeral servs took place on Sun April 10 at 1:30 pm Bur Dunkard Cem, a large concourse of people attending. Bro Colbert is the 1st to fall from our ranks during the present pastorate. Someone will be next. May we all be ready for the summons home.

[NI139771] Johnstown Trib issue 5 Nov 1926: GEORGE B. WARSING HAS PASSED AWAY. Coopersdale Resident Had Not Enjoyed Good Health for 5 Yrs. George B. Warsing, a well-known resident of 21st Ward, passed away at his residence, 197 Cooper ave, at 4:40 am this morn, in his 64th yr. His health had been impaired for abt 5 yrs, but he was able to continue his work at the Cambria wire mill until last Jul. His death was due to a complication of diseases. Funeral servs will be at Warsing home at 2 pm Sun & conducted by Rev. O.E. Krenz, pastor of Cooper-ave Meth Episc Ch. Bur in family plot Grandview Cem. The deceased was b at Red Bank, Clarion Co., in June, & was a mere boy when he located in this place. He started to work at the Cambria blast furnace for the late Jeremiah Vaughn & went from there to the 16-inch mill. After the Flood of May, 1889, he went to work at the Franklin coke plant & later returned to the lower mills. During the last 5 yrs he had been employed at the wire mill. In Dec, 1887, Mr. Warsing & Miss Anna Colbert, d/o William Colbert, were m by the Rev. Dr. C.L.E. Cartwright. Mrs. Warsing survives him, with a daug, Mabel, w/o Edward Lynn, Scottdale; 2 sons, William Warsing, 150 Cooper ave; & Frank Warsing, at home, 4 gchldn, 2 bros, Samuel & Thomas Warsing, Morrellville; & 2 sis', Miss Rachel Warsing, 12th Ward, & Mrs. Sara Copeland, McKeesport. George B. Warsing was an active memb Cooper-ave M.E. Ch for many yrs. For over 35 yrs he serv as a Steward & as a Trustee. He was identified with the Knights of the Maccabees.

[NI139772] 1850 Federal Census Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA Enumerated 25 Oct by Henry Cook
42 316 354 Hess Jacob 28 M Founder Pa X
1 316 354 Hess Sarah 27 M Pa
2 316 354 Hess Mary E. 8 F Pa
3 316 354 Hess Nancy A. 6 F Pa
4 316 354 Hess Henry 5 M Pa
5 316 354 Hess George 3 M Pa
6 316 354 Hess Elizabeth 1 F Pa

[NI139774] Johnstown Daily Trib issue Jan 1955: COLBERT - Frank S., 74, 271 Cooper Ave, d 12:45 pm Jan 3 1955, Cumberland, MD, b Aug 15 1880, Johnstown, s/o William & Nancy (Hess) Colbert. Preceded in death by wife, Ella Hickey, & these bros & sis': Edward, Wesley, Samuel, Gilbert, Jacob, Emma & Mrs. Ella Kunkle. Survived by daug, Dorothy, w/o Joseph J. Mehle, Cresaptown, MD; gchldn, Nancy Ellen & David J., & sis', Mrs. Anna Warsing, 255 Cooper Ave, & Mrs. Bertha Kelley, Fontana, CA. Affiliated with Cooper Ave Meth Ch. Memb BPOE, Braddock. Retired in Oct 1950, from Johnstown Water Co. Friends received after 1 pm Wed in John Henderson Co Funeral Home, 632 Main St, where serv will be at 2 pm Fri, Rev. Wallace L. Faas, Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI139775] JOHN E. COLBERT DEAD. Former Resident of Johnstown Expires at Home of His Son in West. Word has just been received here of the death of a former Johnstowner, John E. Colbert, aged 77 yrs, 1 mo, & 21 dys, who passed away last Sun 5 May 1911 at Rutland, ND. His death was due to pneumonia. He was b in VA & came to Johnstown in 1852. His wife, Lucinda Marsh Colbert d Johnstown in 1907. Mr. Colbert was one of the pioneer employees of the Cambria Iron Co, going to the West to join his sons 3 yrs ago. He is survived by 2 sons, James & Harry Colbert, both of Rutland; 2 bros, William Colbert, 21st Ward & Otha Colbert, West Taylor Twp & by 3 sis' - Mrs. Helen Wonderly, Dale; Miss Tillie Colbert, Tanneryville; & Mrs. Ellen Van, 21st Ward. Mr. Colbert was a life-long memb of Meth Episc Ch.
Place of Death: County of Sargent, Township of Dunbar
Full name: John Eddy Colbert
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of Birth: [not given]
Age: 77 years
Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced: Widower
Birthplace: Harding Co. West Va.
Name of Father: Robert Scott Colbert
Birthplace of Father: Va.
Name of Mother: Rebecca Colbert
Birthplace of Mother: Va.
Occupation: [not given]
Date of Death: May 5, 1911
Cause of Death: Ina***tion due to age
Undertaker: L. Steimke, address: Forman
Filed: May 9, 1911

[NI139776] Mrs. John Colbert. Lucinda Marsh Colbert, w/o John Colbert, d of pneumonia yesterday afternoon 15 Apr 1904 at Colbert home, 13th Ward, was b 69 yrs ago in Centerville, Indiana Co, d/o Mr. & Mrs. James Marsh. Her mother d Morrellville in 1881 & her father in Coopersdale in 1886. Mrs. Colbert was a sis of Jacob Marsh, Morrellville; William, Sharon; Lavinus, Vinco; Noah, 13th Ward; Mrs. Margaret Young, Youngstown; Mrs. Catherine Young, Alliance; & Mrs. Abbie Kettering, Lorain, OH. Lucinda Marsh & John Colbert were m Franklin-st M.E. Church, this city, by the Rev. William F. Lauck in 1854, & they had since resided in this vicinity. 10 chldn were b to Mr. & Mrs. Colbert, 8 of whom preceded their mother to the grave. The living are James, ND, intermarried with Kate Constable, d/o David Constable, 14th Ward, & Harry, Llewellyn st, intermarried with Maggie McAfee, d/o Mr. & Mrs. John McAfee, also of this city. Mrs. Colbert was a memb Meth Ch for 52 yrs. She became identified with the congregation at Cambria Furnace in 1852 & joined the Franklin-st congregation in 1893, during the pastorate of Rev. W.F. Conner, D.D., having been transferred from the Cooper-ave congregation. The funeral will be Sun afternoon, when Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Woodring, her pastor, will conduct the obsequies, probably at the Meth Ch at 2 pm. Bur Sandyvale Cem.

[NI139778] Johnstown, PA Daily Trib issue Jan 1937: MRS. WONDERLEY OF DALE EXPIRES IN HER 92ND YR. Dale Woman Was Oldest Memb Franklin St. ME Ch BUR FRI. Husb Civil War Vet; Descs of 4 Gens Survive. Mrs. Mary Maretha (Colbert) Wonderley, 91, d yesterday pm at home of gdaug, Mrs. Lester R. Dull, 308 Strayer St, Dale. She was w/o William H. Wonderley, Civil War vet. The nonagenarian's demise terminated an illness of several yrs. Although bedfast for that period of time she was in possession of all her faculties & had an excellent retentive memory. Mrs. Wonderley's husb passed away Dec 20 1906. Funeral serv for the nonagenarian will be at 2 pm Fri at Dull home by Rev. Dr. William K. Anderson, pastor Franklin St ch. Bur Benshoff Cem, Stephen J. Conway, Main St mortician. Mrs. Wonderley was b VA Jun 29 1845, d/o Robert & Rebekah (Witherow) Colbert. She came to this locality with her parents when a young woman. The family settled in Cambria Furnace, West Taylor Twp. The Dale woman at an early age became affiliated with Cooper Ave Meth Ch, but later transferred her memb to Franklin St congregation. She was 1 of 3 persons presented with canes by membs of downtown Sun school. The custom was started 1935 when the 3 oldest membs of congregation were given canes. Upon demise of a possessor the cane is passed on to next oldest person in the charge. Mary Maretha Colbert & William H. Wonderley were m Feb 22 1864, Martinsburg Meth Ch by Rev. Mr. Lape, then rector. Surviving Mrs. Wonderley are dau, Mrs. A.N. Motter, East Pittsburgh, & 4 gchldn: Mrs. Lester R. Dull, with whom she made her home; Mrs. James H. McDowell, East Pittsburgh; H.A. Motter, Duncansville & Mrs. Albert Reffner, Blacklick; 4 ggchldn & 2 gggchldn.
Commonwealth of PA, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Pl of Death: Cambria Co, Dale Boro
2. Full Name: Helen M. Wonderley
2a. Resid: 308 Strayer St.
3. Sex: Female
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widow
5a. If married, widowed, or divorced, Wife of: Wm. H. Wonderley
6. DOB: 6-29-45
7. Age: 91y 6m 21d
8. Occupation of deceased: at home of granddaughter
9. Industry or business: [not stated]
10. Date deceased last worked at this occupation: [not stated]
11. Total time (yrs) spent in this occupation: [not stated]
12. B-pl: Hardy Co. Va.
13. Name of Father: Robert S. Colbert
14. B-pl of Father: [not stated]
15. Name of Mother: Rebekah Wetherow
16. B-pl of Mother: [not stated]
17. Informant + address: Mrs. Lester Dull, 308 Strayer Street
18. Bur, Cremation or Removal: Benshoff, Cambria Co Pa Jan 22 1937
19. Undertaker: S.J. Conway, 211 Main St.
20. Filed: Jan. 21, 1937 Warren S. Krise, Registrar
21. DOD: 1-19-1937
22. Cause of Death: Bronchio Pneumonia, contributory: chronic myocarditis

[NI139779] W.H. Wonderly, a prominent Grand Army man of Johnstown d 6 am 20 Dec 1906 at Wonderly home, No. 987 Bedford St, Walnut Grove; 63 yrs. He had never been well since being in army in 1865 but was able to be abt until within past 2 dys. The cause of his death is said to have been traceable to an injury in RR wreck while being transferred from Andersonville Prison to Savannah, GA by Confederates. Mr. Wonderly serv 2 enlistments in Rebellion, 1st from Aug 1862 to May 1863 in Co I 137th Regt, PA Vols, under Capt William E. Johnston, & 2nd in Co I, 55th Regt, PA Vols. This enlistment was for 3 yrs. He was with Ames' Div when it met Terry's Div at Drury's Bluff near Richmond in May 1864 & was captured there together with a no. of other membs of 55th Regt. Mr. Wonderly was a prisoner for 6mo & 4d. From Drury's Bluff he was taken to Libby Prison, from there to Andersonville & later to Savannah, having had his back badly injured in RR wreck already referred to. He was paroled in Dec & was patient at hosp in Annapolis for a while before returning home. Mr. Wonderly was unable to accompany the ex-prisoners of war in dedication of monument erected by State of PA at Andersonville last Dec in memory of large no. of PAians who lost their lives there during the struggle. Deceased was s/o William & Susan Wonderly, deceased, & was b & reared in Blair Co, PA. DOB was Jun 12 1844. He & Ms Helen Colbert were m at Roaring Spring, Blair Co, soon after war & since then they have made their home in Johnstown. A few yrs ago Mr. Wonderly sold peanuts from a stand at corner of Main & Bedford sts, disposing of his wagon 3 yrs ago. Besides his wife, he is survived by a daug, Rhuey, w/o Andrew Motter, Monongahela City; 2 sis' Mrs. Mary Weimer, 13th Ward, & Mrs. Nina Boose, Huntingdon; 2 bros, Samuel & David Wonderly, also of Huntingdon Co, & by 4 gchldn, Mrs. James McDoel, Miss Daisy Ferrier, & Harry & Agnes Motter. The funeral will take place at 2:30 pm Sat, bur Benshoff's Cem. in West Taylor Twp. W.H. Wonderly was a memb Emory Fisher Post 30, Grand Army of the Republic.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Certificate of Death:
Place of Death: Cambria Co, Stony creek Twp, Johnstown, 987 Bedford St.
Full Name: William H. Wonderley
Sex: Male; Color: White
Date of Birth: [not stated]
Age: 62y 9m
Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced: Married
B-pl: Blair Co. Pa
Occupation: retired
Name of Father: Wm. Wonderly
B-pl of Father: Brush Valley, Blair Co.
Name of Mother: Susan Bartley
B-pl of Mother: Brush Valley, Blair Co.
Informant: Mrs. William Wonderley
Address of Informant: 987 Bedford St. Johnstown, Pa.
Date of Death: Dec 19 1906
Cause of Death: Complications following long-standing spinal curvature
Place of Bur: Benshoff Cem
Date of Bur: Dec 22 1909

[NI139782] Mrs. Rebecca Colbert. Rebecca, relict of Robert Colbert, d at her home, West Taylor Twp, at 12:20 am this morn, in her 84th yr. Mrs. Colbert was b Hagerstown, Md., December 16, 1810, & was united in marriage in 1828 to Mr. Colbert, who died April 8, 1887. She was the mother of 13 chldn, 5 of whom are dead. The living are: Mary Jane, w/o John Herdman, 13th Ward; John E., 6th Ward; Matilda, who lives at home; William M., Coopersdale; Katie, w/o Samuel Burn, Roaring Spring, Blair Co.; Helen, w/o William Wonderly, 7th Ward; Ellen, w/o John Vahn, Coopersdale; & Otho, who lives at home. She is also survived by 31 gchldn, 55 ggchldn, & 2 gggchldn. The funeral will take place at 2 pm tomorrow Rev. Latshaw McGuire, of Coopersdale Meth Episc Ch, of whom the deceased had been a memb for many yrs, will conduct the obsequies, Bur Benshoff's Cem.

[NI139783] Johnstown Trib issue 30 Jul 1930: MRS. ELLEN VAN CALLED BY DEATH W/o John Van Expired in Her 83rd Yr at Schwartz Home Last Eve. Mrs. Ellen (Colbert) Van, aged 82 yrs, whose health had been impaired since last fall, d last eve at the home of her son-in-law, & daug Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Schwartz, 313 Ash st, 7th Ward. She was the w/o John Van who was fatally injured on Jun 9 1898, when he was unloading a car of grain for the Cambria Iron Co. Funeral servs for Mrs. Van will be held at 2 pm tomorrow at Schwartz home by Rev. Boyd E. Coleman, pastor of Bedford-st Evang Ch, bur alongside the remains of John Van in the Pleasant Hill Cem in Middle Taylor Twp. Mrs. Van was b near Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA, on July 19, 1848, d/o Robert & Rebecca (Witheroe) Colbert, who settled in the vicinity of Coopersdale many yrs ago. Several bros & bros-in-law serv in Civil War during the 60's. Miss Colbert & John Van, also a native of the Shenandoah Valley, m in Coopersdale in 1870 by Rev. George Grant, who served at that time as the pastor of the Coopersdale Wesley Chapel of the Meth Episc Ch. Mrs. Van is survived by the following chldn: Harry B. Van, Pittsburg; William H. Van, Cooper ave; Druscilla, w/o C.W. Schwartz, Ash st; & Thomas F. Van, Joseph ave. 14 gchldn & 16 ggchldn survive. Mrs. Van was a sis of Otha Colbert & Mrs. Helen Wonderley, both of Strayer st, Dale borough.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Johnstown
2. Full Name: Elenore Vann
2a. Residence: 813 Ash St., 7th Ward
3. Sex: Female
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Wid.
5a. If married, widowed, or divorced, Wife of: John H. Vann
6. Date of Birth: July 19, 1848
7. Age: 82 years, 0 months, 10 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Rtd. household duties
9. Birthplace: Virginia
10. Name of Father: Robt. S. Colbert
11. Birthplace of Father: Maryland
12. Name of Mother: Rebecca Wetherall
13. Birthplace of Mother: Maryland
14. Informant + address: Chas. W. Schwartz, 813 Ash St.
15. Filed Jul. 31, 1930, D.T. Edwards, Registrar
16. Date of Death: July 29, 1930
17. Cause of Death: Arterial Sclerosis, chronic myocarditis, chronic nephritis, contributory: acute cardiac deletation
18. [no operation, no autopsy]
19. Place of Burial: Benshoff Cem., date of burial July 31, 1930
20. Undertaker: Frank W. Gocher, Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139784] Johnstown Trib issue 9 Jun 1898: KILLED WHILE AT HIS WORK. J.H. Van, of Coopersdale Meets Death This Morning--A Companion Probably Fatally Hurt. John H. Van, No. 358 Main st, Coopersdale, was instantly killed on the Cambria Iron Co's railroad at 1 am this morn & William Scott, also of Coopersdale, was dangerously injured at the same time. The 2 men were unloading a car of grain, which they were conveying in a wagon to the Co's stables in the 14th Ward when the accident occurred. They had just put a load in the stable & were on their way to the car, when one of the Cambria's engines run them down. Mr. Van's neck was broken & Mr. Scott's right arm was torn out at the shoulder. The wagon was broken to pieces, the harness on one of the horses was torn to shreds, & the horse was badly bruised. The other horse attached to the vehicle was not injured, however, & is being worked today. The remains of the dead man were taken charge of by Undertaker John Henderson, who had them conveyed to his establishment, on Main st, where they were prepared for burial. They will be taken to the deceased's late home this eve. Mr. Scott was taken by ambulance to Cambria Hosp, where Dr. W.B. Lowman attended him. Beside having his arm torn out, he was hurled a considerable distance & was badly bruised. It is thought he cannot recover. John H. Van was b in Shenandoah Co., VA 51 yrs ago, & came here abt 1870 & began to work as a driver for the late James Cooper. Since the death of the latter he had been employed in the Cambria Co's stables. Abt a yr after his arrival here he m in Coopersdale to Ellen Colbert, who, with the following chldn, survives him: Harry B., No. 164 F st, 20th Ward; William, No. 317 Main st, Coopersdale; Lucy, w/o Charles Swartz, No. 154 F st, this city, & Robert & Frank, at home. He is also survived by 3 bros & 3 sis'. The funeral will take place at 10 am Sat morn, when Rev. Thomas Patterson, pastor of Coopersdale Meth Episc Ch, of which Mr. Van was a memb, will conduct the servs. Bur Pleasant Hill Cem, in West Taylor Twp.

[NI139796] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Feb 1991: BRICKNER, Nancy Colbert, 87, Cherry Valley, CA, d Feb 10 1991, Sunset Haven Convalescent Hosp.; b Aug 26 1903, Johnstown. Survived by son, Paul G. Ling, Glendale, CA. Also survived by 3 gchldn. She had been a telephone operator with Bethlehem Steel for 20 yrs. Graveside servs 10 am Thursday, Grandview Cem.. Rev. Ray Streets. Arrangements by John Henderson Co. Funeral Home.

[NI139799] Johnstown, PA Trib issue 3 Nov 1970: LING, Mrs. Lucy Mae (Colbert), 76, St. Petersburg, FL, formerly of Johnstown, d 2:45 pm Nov 2 1970, St. Petersburg; b Feb 14 1894, Johnstown, d/o John W. & Martha (Hagins) Colbert. Survived by husb Rev. Robert H. Ling, & son, Rev. Carl C. Ling, Fostoria, OH; also 6 gchldn. Sis of Mrs. Nancy (Colbert) Brickner, 168 Derby St. Former memb Calvary UMC. Friends received 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Thu John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave., serv 1 pm Fri, Rev. Lawrence Stahl. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139800] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue 7 Feb 1976: LING, Rev. Robert Henson, 88, Otterbein Un. Meth. Home, Lebanon, OH, d 4:15 am Feb 6 1976, Lebanon; b Mar 17 1887, Indiana Co, s/o William G. & Sarah (Stephens) Ling. Preceded in death by wife, former Lucy Mae Colbert. Survived by son, Rev. Carl C., Troy, OH; also 6 gchldn, & 2 bros, George, 120 Spring St., & Thomas, Hollywood, FL. Memb Western PA Un Meth Conference. Had serv churches in Conemaugh & Homer City. Friends received 7 - 9 pm Mon John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, serv 10:30 am Tue, Rev. Richard M. Burns. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139805] Johnstown Trib issue 4 Dec 1935: OTHO W. COLBERT, 79, PASSES AWAY Was b in West Taylor Twp; Funeral Servs Fri. A complication of ailments caused the death of Otho W. Colbert, 79, at 4:30 am this morn at Cambria Co. Hosp. Previously, Mr. Colbert had been a patient in Mem. Hosp. He had been in poor health several yrs. The deceased was b in Cambria Furnace, West Taylor Twp. S/o Robert S. & Rebecca (Witherow) Colbert. He was unmarried. A sis, Mrs. Helen Wonderley, 308 Strayer St, Dale, survives. Otho Colbert was a former employee of the Cambria Steel Co & the Midvale Steel Co. He had not been able to work for some yrs. Funeral servs will be Fri 3 pm in the George G. Viering funeral home, Franklin St. Bur Benshoff Cem.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics
1. Place of Death: Cambria County, Cambria Township
2. Full Name: Otto Colbert, formerly of 308 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa.
2a. Residence: Cambria County Home
3. Sex: Male
4. Color or race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Single
5a. If married, widowed, or divorced, Wife of: [X]
6. Date of Birth: July 14, 1857
7. Age: 78 years, 4 months, 20 days
8. Occupation of deceased: Steel Mill laborer
9. Birthplace: Cambria County, Pa.
10. Name of Father: "I do not know."
11. Birthplace of Father: "I do not know."
12. Name of Mother: "I do not know."
13. Birthplace of Mother: "I do not know."
14. Informant + address: J.A. Mackaye, Ebensburg, Pa.
15. Filed Dec. 4, 1935, S.A. Zubrok, sub registrar
16. Date of Death: December 4, 1935
17. Cause of Death: Chronic myocarditis, contributory: Arterio Sclerosis
18. [no operation, no autopsy]
19. Place of Burial: Benshoff Cem., date of burial Dec. 6, 1935
20. Undertaker: Geo. G. Vio****, Johnstown, Pa.

[NI139806] Johnstown, PA Daily Trib issue 16 Jul 1954: VAN, Mrs. Elmira Amanda, 80, 205 Cooper Ave, d 9 pm Jul 15 1954, at home; b Strongstown Feb 17 1874, d/o Reuben S. & Elizabeth J. (Imler) Boring. Survived by husb William, & these chldn: Mrs. Ellen J. Inscho, 830 Fronheiser St; Charles E., 21 Irene St; Calvin H., & Mrs. Edna M. Scott, both Akron, OH; Quentin A., at home; 2 bros Norris C., Armagh; & Mead, Cherry Tree; 12 gchldn, 20 ggchldn. Memb Cooper Ave Meth Ch. Bethany Bible Class, WSCS, Lady Moxham Rebekah Lodge 434, Ladies Auxiliary to Sons of Union Vets No. 16. Pres & teacher of Sun school class for many yrs. Couple celebrated 61st wedding ann. Jan 10. Friends received 7 pm Fri John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, servs 2 pm Mon, Rev. Wallace L. Faas. Bur Forest Lawn Cem..

[NI139807] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Jul 1964: VANN, Frank Thomas, 82, 695 Messenger St, d 7:30 am Jul 15 1964, at home; b Coopersdale Apr 1 1882, s/o John & Ellen (Colbert) Vann. Preceded in death by sis Mrs. Drucella Schwartz, & bros: Robert, William & Harry. Survived by widow, Bessie Goughenour, & 2 chldn, Harry C., m Viola Donnelly, 921 Bedford St; & Ida Duell, at home; 4 gchldn & 11 ggchldn. Memb 1st Evang Congregational Ch & Dale Vol Fire Co. Retired pensioner of Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Co. Family will receive friends 7 pm Thu Fred G. Geisel Funeral Home, serv 10:30 am Sat, Rev. C.F. Rissmiller. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139809] Johnstown, PA Trib issue 31 Dec 1937: MRS. C. E. VAN, SR., 7th WARD, DEAD. Former Coopersdale Resident Passes Away of Complications. Mrs. Mary Blanche Van, 40, w/o Charles E. Van, 89 Poplar St., d Mem'l Hosp 8:45 am today of a complication of diseases. She was admitted to the institution Wed. [section unreadable] Mrs. Van was b Christmas Day, 1897, Somerset Co., d/o Elih. Berkey, who d 1930, & Mrs. Minnie (Heffley) Berkey, 513 Coleman Ave. Surviving in addition to her mother & husb are 6 chldn: Elmira, Charles E. Jr., Francis, Laura Jean, Robert & Margaret Van, all at home. Mrs. Van was sis of Mrs. Margaret Bittner, 108 Main St., & Thomas Berkey, 513 Coleman Ave. One bro, Luther T. Berkey, d 4 yrs ago. Mr. & Mrs. Van formerly lived in Coopersdale, moving to 7th Ward 7 yrs ago. The body was prepared for bur by John Henderson Co. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. // Johnstown, PA Trib issue 1 Jan 1938: Funeral of Mrs. Van. Funeral serv for Mrs. Mary Blanche Van, 40, w/o Charles E. Van, 89 Poplar St., who d yesterday Mem'l Hosp, will be Mon 2:30 pm at John Henderson Funeral Home, Main St. Rev. E.D. Pinney, Christian & Missionary Alliance Ch. will officiate. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139810] Johnstown, PA Trib issue 6 Apr 1926: RICHARD J. VAN s/o Charles E. & Blanche (Berkey) Van, d of Bronchitis at the Van Home, 153 Cooper Ave., 21st Ward, at 7 am today, aged 15 mos. The funeral will take place at 2 pm Thu, servs conducted by Rev. O.E. Krenz, Cooper Ave Meth Episc Ch. Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI139811] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue 28 Sep 1981: VAN, Quentin A., "Red," 67, 854 Freedom Ave, d Sep 25 1981, Abington Hosp, Philadelphia; b Mar 30 1914, Johnstown, s/o William H. & Elmira (Boring) Van. Survived by widow, Beatrice Shomo, & daug Lois, w/o Francis Schiliventz, Falls Twp.; gchldn: Roxanne & David. Bro of Calvin, Cherry Tree; Mrs. Ellen Inscho, Johnstown; & Mrs. Edna Scott, OR. Memb Cooper Ave U Meth Ch. Memb Johnstown Lodge 175, BPOE, & Bethlehem Management Club. Retired from wheel Plant, Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Corp. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Mon Geisel-Kuhlman Funeral Home, Dale, serv 10:30 am Tue, Rev. Bert Domineck. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139812] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Dec 1996: VAN, Beatrice E. (Shomo), 82, Morrisville, PA, d Dec 24 1996, at home; b Jul 26 1914, Johnstown, d/o William & Esther Van Shomo. Preceded in death by parents, & husb Quentin. Survived by daug Lois, w/o Francis Schiliventz, Morrisville, PA; 2 gchldn: David Schiliventz & Roxane Weber. Memb Morrisville Sr Citizens. Friends received 12-1 pm John Henderson Co. Funeral, 215 Central Ave., serv 1 pm Mon Dec 30, Rev. Rita S. Platt. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139813] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Mar 1968: VAN, Mrs. Bessie, 79, 921 Bedford St., d morn of Mar 18 1968; b Feb 22 1889, Johnstown, d/o John & Ida (Wilson) Goughenour. Preceded in death by husb Frank T., Jul 1964. Survived by 2 chldn, Ida Duell, & Harry, m to Viola Donnelly, both 921 Bedford St; 4 gchldn & 11 ggchldn. Sis of Mrs. Jennie Dull, TX. Also survived by half bro Sylvester Thomas, 439 OH St., & half sis Mrs. Sarah Burkhart, Geistown. Memb 1st Congregational Evang Ch & Golden Age Club. Family will receive friends 9 pm Tue Fred G. Geisel Funeral Home, serv 10:30 am Thu, Rev. Richard Taubenheim. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139815] Johnstown Trib Dec 14 1940. MRS. IDA B. THOMAS, AGED 76, OF WINDBER EXPIRES IN HOSPITAL. Mrs. Ida B. (Small) Thomas, 76, 603 17th St, Windber, d 4:30 am yesterday Windber Hosp, where she became a patient Thu. A native of Somerset Co, Mrs. Thomas was b Buckstown, Sep 14 1864, d/o William & Adeline Small. She lived in Buckstown until a yr ago when she moved to Windber to reside with her son-in-law & daug MR. & Mrs. Harold Steele. Her husb Samuel Thomas, d Aug 30 1939. Mrs. Thomas was lifelong memb Central City Christian Ch. Surviving are these chldn: Harry Thomas, Detroit, MI; Mrs. Samuel Koontz; Mrs. Harry Blough; Lowman Thomas; Mrs. Herbert Gearhart; Mrs. Hulda Gray & Mrs. Robert Findley, all Central City; Sylvester Thomas & Mrs. Charles Shields, both Johnstown, & Mrs. Steele, Windber. Mrs. Thomas also leaves 2 bros, John Small & Robert Small, both Cairnbrook; 50 gchldn; 12 gggchldn. Funeral serv 2:30 pm tomorrow Central City Christian Ch. Bur Grafe Cem, Cairnbrook, directed by Charles E. Brumbaugh, Central City. Viewing at home of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Koontz.

[NI139816] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Jun 1994: INSCHO, Ellen J., 100, Meyersdale Manor, formerly of Johnstown, d Jun 1 1994, at the manor; b Oct 10 1893, Johnstown, d/o William H. & Elmira A. (Boring) Van. Preceded in death by parents; husb Ralph E.; bros, Charles E. & Quentin A.; gson, Craig W. Inscho; ggson, Daniel L. Kauffman; & ggdaug, Brenda Leitenberger. Survived by chldn: Jane L., w/o Karl Leitenberger, & William V., m to Louise Hoover, both Johnstown; 4 gchldn; 6 ggchldn. Sis of Calvin H. Van, Lovejoy, PA, & Edna M. Scott, Grants Pass, OR. Memb Grove Ave Un Meth Ch & GAR. Former memb Rebekah Lodge. Had been employed at Bell Telephone Co. During the war, had been employed at Goodyear Aircraft. More recently employed at Morrellville Cleaners. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, serv 1 pm Fri, Revs. Fred C. Vanderhoff & Nelson F. Ilgenfritz. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139817] Johnstown, PA Trib-Demo issue Dec 1955: INSCHO, Ralph E., 62, 830 Fronheiser St, d 8:22 am Dec 4 1955, at home; b Jun 5 1893, Swissvale, s/o David L. & Veenie (Kestner) Inscho. Survived by widow, Ellen J. Van; daug Jane, w/o Edward Karl Leitenberger, Somerset Pike; son, William Van Inscho, m to Louise Hoover, 825 Fronheiser St, & these gchldn: William & Susan Leitenberger & Craig, Keith & Brian Inscho. Memb Grove Ave Meth Ch. Past grand of Moxham Lodge 1044, IOOF. Memb board of directors Wayside Inn, Grove City. Also memb Moxham Rebekah Lodge 434, Sec-treas Co Auto Equipment Incorrect. Friends received John Henderson Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, serv 2 pm Tue, Rev. Kenneth P. Rutter. Bur Grandview Cem..

[NI139818] Johnstown, PA Daily Trib issue Mar 1953: COLBERT, Mrs. Ella (Hickey), 70, 271 Cooper Ave, d 2:50 pm Mar 6 1953, Lee Hosp.; b Johnstown Nov 24 1882, d/o John & Bridget (McHugh) Hickey. Survived by husb Frank; daug, Mrs. Frank Mehle, Cumberland, MD; 1 gchld; bros John Hickey, Tampa, FL, & Owen, Somerset Co, & sis' Mrs. Crede Davis, 1011 Vickroy Ave, & Ms Mary Hickey, Somerset Co. Mass of requiem 9 am Tue, St. Columba's Cath Ch, Rev. Father John Miller. Bur Grandview Cem. Friends received Stephen J. Conway Funeral Home 7 pm Sat.

[NI139839] Name shown as Orela TROUTMAN in the State Census, 1885, State of Iowa, Co. of Benton, Twp. of Eldorado

[NI139844] US Census 1900 IA, Sioux Co., town of Orange City, Holland Twp. 98-102 household of Dresselhuys, Frederick includes four female boarders one being: Troutman, Linnie Boarder, WF Oct 1875 age 24 born IA f PA m IL, Occup: Teacher

[NI139978] D in infancy

[NI140003] 1850 Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA 3 Sep 1850 John J. Schell
7 46 48 Martz Daniel 47 M Farmer & Justice 2,000 Penna
Martz Rachel 50 F PA
Martz Henry 8 M PA
Martz Elisabeth 17 F PA
Lideberger John 21 M Laborer Germany
Albright Rachel 2 F PA
Logue Samuel 12 M PA

[NI140012] Never married

[NI140014] 1850 Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Sep 1850 by John J. Schell
10 60 63 Emerick Peter 31 M Farmer Penna
Emerick Rebecca 25 F Penna
Emerick Joseph 1 M Penna
1870 Census Alleghany Twp., Somerset Co., PA 17 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
34 56 53 Emrick Peter 52 M W Farmer 2,000 300 PA
Emrick Rebecca 45 F W Keeping House PA
Emrick Jacob 20 M W Works on Farm PA
Emrick John 13 M W Works on Farm PA
Emrick Franklin 10 M W PA
Emrick Mary 3 F W PA

[NI140015] 1850 Census Somerset Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Oct 1850 J. J. Schell
22 294 305 Walker Perry 33 MStewardPA
Walker Lydia 33 F.PA .
Walker Charles 1 M.PA

[NI140032] 1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 2 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
8 16 16 Troutman Daniel 27 M W Teamster 100 PA
Troutman Mary A. 24 F W Keeping House PA
Troutman Sarah M. 2 F W PA
Troutman John E. 1 M W PA
Moodman Martha 14 F W Domestic Servant MD
Leydig William 61 M W Works on R.R. PA

[NI140036] 1850 Census Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 21 Aug 1850 by John H. Smith
15 142 145 Emrick Jonathan 51 M Farmer 1,500 PA
Emrick Rachel 44 F PA
Emrick Nathan 26 M Labourer PA
Emrick Jacob 21 M Labourer PA
Emrick Emanuel 18 M Labourer PA
Emrick Dinah 17 F PA
Emrick Josiah 15 M Labourer PA
Emrick Jonathan 13 M PA
Emrick Solomon 11 M PA
Emrick John 9 M PA
Emrick Rebecca 6 F PA
Emrick Lafayette 3 M PA
1870 Census Southhampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA 8 Jun 1870 John H. Lepley
40 56 56 Emrick Jonathan 70 M W Farmer 8,000 1,200 PA
Emrick Rachel 64 F W Keeping house PA
Emrick Nathan 46 M W Farmer PA
Emrick Lafayette 23 M W Farmer PA
Emrick Martha E. 2 F W PA
Emrick Sarah 1/12 F W PA Apr.
Burkett Emma 14 F W Domestic Servant PA

[NI140060] 1850 Census Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Sep 1850 by John J. Schell
14 56 58 Sturtz William 51 M Farmer 800 Penna
Sturtz Catharine 43 F Penna
Sturtz Solomon 23 M Farmer Penna
Sturtz Elisabeth 20 F Penna
Sturtz Sarah 19 F Penna
Sturtz John 16 M Laborer Penna
Sturtz Hanah 15 F Penna
Sturtz Mary 13 F Penna
Sturtz Amanda 12 F Penna
Sturtz Margaret 7 F Penna
Sturtz Samuel 5 M Penna
Sturtz Josiah 2 M Penna
Sturtz Daniel 1/12 M Penna

[NI140125] Hiram P. Walker is one of the sound & substantial contributions that PA has made to the prosperity of NE, & his career has reflected credit upon his native state. He is an honest & industrious man, strictly upright & straight Foward in all his dealing, & wronging no man deliberately. The vocation of a farmer calls for the exercise of good judgement, broad views & singleness of purpose. It develops neighborhood virtues, & makes for the noblest types of character. & the man whose name introduces this article may be regarded as representative of his calling. Hiram P. Walker was b in Somerset co, PA, Aug 1 1954, & is s/o Eligha & Hannah (Frickey) Walker. They were both natives of PA, & were devoted to agricultural pursuits. They left their native state & settled in Lee co, IL, in 1862. There the husb & father d in 1896, while his wife, the mother of our subject, still survives. They were the parents of 1 son & 2 daugs. Mr. Walker was educated in the common schools of PA & was very fairly prepared for the duties of life by their excellent instruction. When he reached manly yrs he took up the vocation of farming, & followed it in IL until 1880. At that time he came to York co, & bought a homestead on section 34, Morton twp. It was improved in a way at the time of his entrance upon it, having a sod house, which after a few yrs gave place to a very comfortable frame structure. He has given time & thought to his farm, & it may now be compared not unfavorably with the best in the co. He has followed an approved system of general farming & stock raising, & has accomplished very substantial & creditable results. He m in 1878 to Ms Ella Troutman, d/o Michael & Rachel (Winters) Troutman, a native of IL. They are the parents of 3 living chldn, Claude C., Bessie A., & Era P. The family belong to the Luth ch & parish. He belongs to the Ancient Order of United Workmen, & she to the Degree of Honor. In politics he is a free-silver Democrat, but has never been an office seeker or wire puller in any sense of the word. He has attended to his farm, & now derives much pleasure & comfort from the beautiful home he has secured. He stands well in the community, & hardly knows what more to ask.

[NI140132] HIRAM HERSHBERGER SR., AGE 78, d NOV. 22 1925 - a Cambria Pensioner was found dead in his bed at his residence on Jefferson St. near Roxbury, at an early hr this morn in his 79th yr. Mr. Hershberger suffered from a severe cold for the last few days but he was not compelled to take his bed. He was found dead when one of the membs of the family entered his room between 5 & 6 am. His wife has been ill for some time & Mr. Hershberger was helping to care for her. The deceased was s/o John & Rebecca (Meyers) Hershberger & b in Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, PA. Aug 31 1847. He was bro of John, Linden Ave. & Mrs. Elwood Swank, Davidsville. 3 bros, Joseph, Ephraim & Jacob Hershberger [Harshberger] & a sis Mrs. Allen Hoffman preceded him to the grave. Hiram & Ms Sarah Roseman, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Henry Roseman, m Mar 29 1868 & for many years resided in Roxbury. Mr. Hershberger was a roller for many yrs for Cambria Iron Co. becoming a pensioner 8 yrs ago. On the day of the flood in May 1889 while on his way home from the lower Mills, Mr. Hershberger was over taken by the water from the Southfork dam, before the breast work gave way at Frokler & Levergoods store, where he assisted the owners in carrying some of their groceries, etc. to the 2nd story of the building. He was caught in the structure when the flood came & spent the night in the building. Abt 25 yrs ago, Mr. Hershberger met with an accident at the Mills where his left hand was so badly mutilated that it had to be amputated. Later he resumed his work at the plant. Besides his widow, he is survived by 6 sons, 15 gchldn & 6 ggchldn. The sons are William & Ephraim, Upper Yoder Twp.; Freeman, at home; John, Somerset Co.; Josiah, 8th Ward, & Harry, Jefferson St. Hiram Hershberger Jr., a son, d here 36 years ago. 2 daugs are also dead. They were Mrs. Berkley w/o Rev. Albert Berkley who d 1918 & Mrs. Hermann A. Trexel who d 1920. Bur Berkleys cem.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Hiram Hershberger Age: 62 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0128 B Pl: PA Visit: 0108 Co: Cambria, J-town Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Sarah 59, PA
Son Freeman 36, PA
Son Josiah 31, PA
Son Harry 21, PA

[NI140133] 1850 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
43 Hershberger, John 31 M Farmer- 1000 Acres
Hershberger, Margaret 28 F
Hershberger, Josiah 9 M
Hershberger, Jacob 7 M
Hershberger, Ephraim 5 M
Hershberger, Hiram 3 M

[NI140135] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Jacob Hershmberger Age: 67 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0133 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0016 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Emma 33, PA
Son John T 05, PA
Brother David Swank 22, PA
JACOB HARSHBERGER - Davidsville Somerset Co., PA, Sep 13 1918 d at his home here yesterday 11:15 am of a complication of diseases. He was 75 yrs of age on Apr 12 of this yr & a vet of Civil War. Mr. Harshberger was m twice. His 1st wife was Mary Keyser, who d abt 19 yrs ago. There was 1 chld to this marriage, Mrs. E. J. Wolford, Davidsville. The 2nd wife was Emma Swank, Davidsville who survives her husb with 1 chld, John T. age 14 yrs. Mr. Harshberger was well known in J-town having resided here during the flood of May 1889, living on Sherman St. where he conducted a bakery. Shortly after the flood he moved with his family to Davidsville where he has been a prominent merchant. He is survived by the following bros & sis; Hiram Hershberger, Roxbury, John Hershberger, Moxham, Mary Hershberger w/o Elwood Swank, Davidsville. The bros who preceeded him to the grave were Josiah Hershberger, Ephraim Hershberger who d in the Army & a sis, Mrs. Barbara Hershberger Hoffman who d in Jenner Twp.

[NI140136] MARY KEYSER - Mrs. Jacob Harshberger d at her home near Davidsville Fri Mar 9, 1900 of pulmonary trouble, age 61 yrs. She was a native of Jenner Twp & was m to Jacob Harshberger in 1866. For some time before the great flood the Harshberger family resided on the southside of J-town & later located near Davidsville, owing to the poor health of the deceased. In addition to her husb & 1daug, Ms Mable, Mrs. Harshberger is survived by the following bros & sis'; Alexander Keyser, J-town, Joseph Keyser, Lincoln, NE; Mrs. Catherine Lohr, Davidsville, & Mrs. Christian Bowman, Westmoreland Co. Bur Calvary Ref Ch Cem., Davidsville at 10:00 am tomorrow.

[NI140139] DAVID ZANE HARSHBERGER - David Harshberger, 4 yr old s/o John T. & Fern Harshberger (Friedline), Northwood Ave., Roxbury, d early last eve. Funeral servs will be conducted at the parental home at 2:30 pm tomorrow by Rev. John M. Miller pastor Derby St. Evan Ch. Bur will be in the Kaufman Cem at Davidsville Somerset Co., PA.

[NI140141] JOHN J. HERSHBERGER - John J. Hershberger, 85, of 617 Linden Ave. d unexpectedly at 10:40 am today at his home. He was the oldest living employee of the J-town Tractor Co. Mr. Hershberger was b Somerset Co., PA Feb 14 1856, s/o Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hershberger. He was m twice, both wives preceded him to the grave. Surviving are the following chldn; Edward H., Houston, TX; Mrs. Elsie Blum, 617 Linden; Roy, Richland Twp.; & Henry P. & Vern, both Lima, OH. Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI140156] William Dickson was educated in the common schools of IA & started his farming career in his native place. In 1878 he came to York co & became the owner of 340 acs of railroad land which was in a raw condition when he acquired it. He figured prominently in connection with the pioneer development of the co is classed with those who aided in reclaiming this region for the purpose of civilization. In the early days of his residence he had to haul grain to Seward, usually returning with necessary supplies from the same point. He improved & developed his half section of land & as his financial standing permitted he bought another quarter section, this latter holding being located near Holdrege. He made everything through his own efforts & may justly be termed a self-made man. William Dickson m Mary Troutman & they became the parents of 7 chldn: Lela, w/o Bert Tilbert, Holdrege; Bertha, deceased; Hattie, w/o Dr. Frank Warner, Gresham; Ray, a farmer of Polk Co; Claude, also farming in Polk co; George H. ; & Earl, now attending school in Denver. Mr. William Dickson passed away in 1910, being then 55 yrs old. His widow is living in Denver & is in her 65th yr. Membs of the Luth ch, they were always earnest adherents of its religious practices. While giving his political support to the republican party he never sought public office, preferring to devote his time & attention to his agricultural interests; nevertheless he always gave a good citizen's attention to all movements calculated to advance the welfare of the community in the development of which he played an active part.
OBIT: Wm H. Dickson b in Iowa, Jan 20 1856 d at his home, York co, NE May 2 1910. His death was due to his having been kicked by a colt Apr 15. During these 5 days he suffered untold agonies. He was one of the early settlers here & has been a faithful mem Bethel ch. His aged parents of Marshalltown, IA, 3 bros & 4 sis survive him. He m Mary Ellen Troutman before coming to NE. To this union were b 7 chldn, 1 of whom passed away at the age of 7 yrs. Those of his family who are left to mourn his death are: Mrs. Bert Talbot, York; Mrs. F. W. Warner, Gresham; Ray Dickson, Polk co, & Claude, George & Earl who are at home with their mother. He will be greatly missed, not only by the family, but by his many friends who looked to him as an ideal neighbor. He was laid to rest in the Bethel cem, May 4, 1910.

[NI140164] OBIT: Funeral servs for Claude Clifton Dickson, 77, Gold Hill, who d Wed, will be held at 10:30 am Sat in Hillcrest Mem Chapel on the N. Phoenix Rd. Rev. Lochlen Gregory of Gold Hill Comm Meth ch will officiate. Bur. Hillcrest Mem pk, with Conger-Morris Funeral directors in charge of arrangements. Mr. Dickson was b 6 1886, Benedict, NE, & had lived in southern OR for 13 yrs. He was m 1913, Osceola, NE, to Harriet Warner, who survives. Other survivors include a son, Rush Dickson, Monitor, OR; 2 daugs, Mrs. Barbara Moser, Gold Hill, OR; & Mrs. Claudia Reasoner, Glendale, OR; a bro, Earl Dickson, Denver, CO; 2 sis, Mrs. Hattie Warner, Twin Falls, ID; & Mrs. Leilah Talbert, Holdridge, NE; 12 gchldn & 8 ggchldn. Casket bearers will include Paul Molley, Harry Foley, Howard Kell, Hilton Brignall, Frank Richardson, & Herbert Reed.

[NI140165] Taken from "York Co NE & Its People" Vol. II by T. E. Sedgwick dated 1921. The potential possibilities of farming & stock raising in York co have no more able exponent than George H. Dickson, who is operating a fine farm on section 5, Thayer twp, & in the management of which he has demonstrated his fitness for agricultural life. He was b the co, Feb 18 1890, s/o William & Mary (Troutman) Dickson, both natives of IA who were reared in that state. George H. Dickson was reared on his father's homestead & early became acquainted with agricultural operations, fitting himself for the responsibilities which ultimately devolved upon him. He was edu. in public schools of co & worked on the home farm, giving his father the benefit of his labors. He is now actively engaged in general farming & stock raising & during the period the place has been in his possession has made many excellent improvements thereon, converting it into one of the model farm properties of the co. In 1913 he m Hazel Warner, d/o George E. Warner, a native of PA, & to this union 2 chldn have been b: Lowell & Lyle, residing with their parents. Mr. & Mrs. Dickson are membs of Luth ch & he is a republican in political affiliation.
Retired Farmer Dies From Gun Wound York Daily News-Times Oct 25 1957 George H. Dickson, 66, retired Benedict farmer, d at the family home about 8 am today of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The body was found in the basement of the farm home by Mrs. Dickson, shortly after the tragedy. In failing health for more than a yr, Mr. Dickson had been hospitalized at York Gen twice this mo. Mr. Dickson was b Feb 18 1891, s/o William H. & Mary Ella Troutman Dickson, both deceased. He was b & had lived his entire life on the farm on which he d. It is situated 2 mis north & 1 3/4 mis east of Benedict. Abt a yr ago, Mr. Dickson was obliged to give up farming because of ill health. Mr. & Mrs. Dickson continued to live in the farm home which was built in 1949. He was a memb of the Bethel Luth ch, located near the family farm home. Surviving besides his wife, Hazel, are 3 sons, Lowell, Kasson, MN; Lyle, Bradshaw, & Robert, Stromsburg; 2 sis, Mrs. Leila Talbert, Loomas, NE., & Mrs. Hattie Warner, Twin Falls, ID, & 2 bros, Claude C., Gold Hill, OR, & Earl W., Denver, CO, & 7 gchldn. Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by 1 sis & 1 bro. Funeral serv will be from Metz Chapel at 2:30 pm Mon with Rev. Robert Gaston officiating. Bur Bethel Luth cem.

[NI140166] OBIT: Servs for Earl W. Dickson, Sr., 75 10051 E. Walsh Pl., retired businessman & a Denver resident 63 yrs, will be at 11:30 am Fri Moore Mortuary. Bur Fairmount. Dickson was a co-owner of C. H. Parker & Sons Electric Co. until 11 yrs ago when the business was sold & he retired. b York Co, NE, Nov 28 1901, d Tue at Presby Denver Hosp after a short illness. He was a past master of Denver Masonic Lodge No. 5, memb Rocky Mountain Consistory, El Jabel Shrine, the Lions Club, Denver Athletic Club & St. Paul's Luth Ch LCA. Survivde by widow, Elizabeth; 2 sons, Earl Jr., Denver; & Dale, Grand Junction, CO; a daug, Mrs. Marguerite Young, Aurora, & 7 gchldn & a ggson. The family suggests contributions to St. Paul's Luth Ch LCA, 1621 Logan St., Denver 80203, or to Shine Hosps for Crippled Chldn, 4625 W. 50th Ave., Denver 80212.

[NI140178] Who's Who in NE 1940 Published by the NE Press Assoc., Lincoln, NE
1903- prac dentistry, Gresham; past mayor; past mbr sch bd; IOOF; MWA; past mbr Royal Highlanders; Meth Ch, past SS supt 12 years, 1920 awarded gold cane for service; hobby, fishing; res Gresham.

[NI140181] OBIT: Dr. George William Warner, 79, a distinguished physician & surgeon, faithful husb loving father & gfather, d Thu Nov 18 1999, SunBridge Care & Rehabilitation Ctr, Twin Falls, following a courageous struggle with Parkinson's disease. He was b Feb 4 1920, Gresham, NE, to Dr. Frank Willard Warner & Hattie Florence Warner. He knew at the age of 13 that he wanted to be a doctor. During hi school, he competed in co & district music contests in voice & trumpet horn. He graduated from Doane College in 1941, where he played the trumpet in a "Big Band" & sang in a trio for the "Big Band" also & majored in chemistry. There he met a beautiful freshman girl named Gerry Barber whom he later m. Upon graduation , he attended the Univ of NE Medical School in Omaha. He graduated in 3 yrs in 1944, due to the concentrated study afforded by WWII. He m Gerry in 1944, & after his internship in Denver, he went on active duty with the Army attaining the rank of capt. During part of his military serv, he was posted in MA where he performed some of the 1st surgeries on servicemen coming home from Europe. After the war, he returned to Denver, CO, to begin his surgical residency at the Univ of CO Med Ctr. He moved to Twin Falls in 1951 & joined the staff at Twin Falls Clinic & Hosp, where he practiced medicine until his retirement in 1985. Dr. Warner was also on the staff of several Magic Valley hosps including Minidoka Mem Hosp, courtesy staff of the Cassia Regional Med Ctr, Gooding Co Mem Hosp, St. Benedict's & Magic Valley Regional Med Ctr. He was truly a Magic Valley physician & surgeon. Dr. Warner was a memb & past pres of South Central Med Society, Idaho Med Assoc, & the AMA. He was a fellow of Amer College of Abdominal surgeons, & the pres of Idaho Med Assoc from 1971-72 & became Speaker of the House to the Idaho Med Assoc in 1975. He was active in med politics for 25 yrs. He also serv at the request of then Gov. Evans on the Idaho Health Facility Review Board in 1982. Dr. Warner was an elder at the 1st Presby Ch, team physician for the Twin Falls HS football teams for 10 yrs, longtime memb of Rotary Club & Blue Lakes Country Club. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, skiing, golfing, reading Zane Grey novels, & in his younger days, the Frontier Riding Club. He was a founding memb of Skyline Med Assoc which meets annually in Sun Valley. Dr. Warner truly loved spending time in Ketchum, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, & enjoying early morning walks there with his devoted wife, Gerry. He hunted bear near Warren, ID, & flew as a memb of the "Baja Air Force" on fishing trips to Mexico. Upon retirement, he enjoyed playing golf with his friends & son, Dave. He & his wife traveled, extensively; during this time to Europe, British Isles, Spain, Sicily, Egypt, Russia, China, Greece, Morocco, Canada, Mexico & most of the U.S. Many trips were medically related. They especially enjoyed their trips back to NE for Doane reunions & reunions of the class of 1944 of Univ of NE Med Sch. Dr. Warner is survived by wife Gerry; daug Pam, son-in-law Doug, gdaug Jan & gson Ales, Scottsbluff, NE; daug Diane & gdaugs Sarah 7 Kaitlin, Colorado Springs; son Roger, daug-in-law Suzanne, Jonathan, Jason & Catherine, gsons & gdaug, Chicago, IL; son Dave & gdaug Natalie & gson Grant, Edmonds, WA. Dr. Warner was preceded in death by his son Douglas Bryan. A mem serv to celebrate Dr. Warner's life will be held at noon Tue, Nov 23 1999, 1st Presby Ch of Twin Falls. Servs are under the direction of White Mortuary. Dr. Warner was a kind man whose quiet inspiration will be missed.

[NI140182] OBIT: Funeral servs for Mrs. Hattie Mable Dickson, 85, 352 1st Ave., Gold Hill, d Sun, will be held 11 am Fri Hillcrest Mem Chapel on the N. Phoenix Rd. Rev. L. Raymond White of 1st Meth Ch will officiate. Bur. Hillcrest Mem Pk, with Conger-Morris Funeral Directors in charge of arrangements. Mrs. Dickson was b 6 Feb 1882, Benedict, NE, & had lived in Gold Hill for the past 17 yrs. She was preceded in death by her husb, Claude Dickson, 1963. She was a memb Gold Hill Comm Meth Ch. Survivors include a son, Rush Dickson, Monitor, OR; 2 daugs, Mrs. Barbara J. Moser, Gold Hill, & Mrs. Claudia Reasoner, Glendale, OR; a bro, Merle Warner, Benedict, NE; a sis, Mrs. Hazel Dickson, Benedict, NE; 13 gchldn & 12 ggchldn. Casket bearers will include Harry Foley, Wilbur Martin, Earl Moore, Howard Kell, Elwood Abbott & Paul Molloy.

[NI140183] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Martin D Helsel Age: 27 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0152 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0008 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Theodora E 31, PA
Son Howard L 03, PA
daug Marion C NR, PA
Son Lawrence M NR, PA
Bro-in-law Chas B Acker 28, PA

[NI140192] Somerset (PA) Daily Amer obtained from Somerset Co. Historical Soc. Clarence E. SPEICHER, 95, Stoystown (Lambertsville) d Oct 30 1996, Siemon Lakeview Manor Estate. b Mar 20 1901, Bedford Co, s/o Charles & Mary (FRITZ) SPEICHER. Preceded in death by parents, bros: Oscar & Daniel; sis, Stella KELLER; daug, Janet; gson, Gordon KIMMEL & son-in-law, George KIMMEL. Survived by wife of 71 yrs, Edna DIEHL; daug, Marjorie KIMMEL; gsons, Richard, m Marie SHROYER; Timothy & Robert, all Stoystown; ggchldn, Christopher, Larissa, & Hanna KIMMEL. Bro of Bertha ADAMS, Buffalo Mills; Grace SIVITS, Berlin; & Florence SPEICHER, Everett. Retired from Highland Tank & Manufacturing, Stoystown. Memb St. Mark's Ch, New Beuna Vista, & Shanksville Silver & Gold Sr Citizens. Family receive friends 2 - 4 & 7 - 9 pm Fri at Deaner Funeral Home, Stoystown, where serv will be held at 11 am Sat [Nov.2], Rev. Kerry Cathers. Bur Shellsburg Cem.

[NI140194] OBIT: BURLEY- Wilfred Lyle Dickson, 67, Burley, d Thu in Cassia Mem Hosp Burley, ID of a short illness. He was b May 18 1917, York Co, NE., s/o George & Hazel Warner Dickson. He grew up in NE attending public schools at Benedict, NE. He m Ann Johnson on Nov 27 1943, KS. They were later divorced. He farmed in NE until 1958, then came to ID. He lived in Buhl for a yr before coming to Burley in 1960, where he had since resided. He worked at the Burley Co-op Supply for many yrs, then operated a landscaping business. He had been retired the past several yrs due to ill health. He was a memb of Luth Ch. Surviving are 1 son, James D. Dickson, Layton, UT, 1 daug, Yvonne Potts, Aurora, NE, 2 bros, Lowell Dickson, Rochester, MN, & Robert Dickson, Stromsburg, NE; & 3 gchldn. The funeral will be at 10:30 am Mon at Joseph Payne Mem Chapel, with Dr. R. Paul Freed officiating. Bur Pleasant View Cem. Friends may call at Payne's Sun 6:30 - 8:30 pm & Monday 1 hr prior to serv.

[NI140210] J-town Trib Feb 6 1911 Pg 4 BRO OF J. R. HUMMEL. Samuel D. Hummel, Native Somerset Co, d MD. Samuel D. Hummel, bro of Squire Joseph R. Hummel, Dale, d yesterday at his home at Grantsville, MD, at the age of 69 yrs. The deceased was s/o David & Mary Hummel, of Shade Twp, Somerset Co. His early days were spent in & around old Ashtola. His widow, Mollie Tate, of Osceola, PA, & 8 sons & 4 daugs survive. Samuel D. Hummel also survived by these bros & sis': Squire J. R. Hummel; Joshua Hummel, Hooversville; Mrs. Solomon Jones, Sandy Lake, PA, & Mrs. Mary Shaffer, Dale. The funeral tomorrow at Grantsville.

[NI140213] J-town Trib-Demo Jun 29 1961 WYSEL- Mrs. Hattie Florence, 79, South Fork, d 1:30 am Jun 28 1961 at her residence.b Jul 26 1881 Bakersville, Somerset Co, d/o Terry & Amendia (Brunner) Weyand. Preceded in death by husb Joseph; daug, Arrilda & son Walter. Survived by son, William, J-town & daugs, Edna, w/o Glenn Claycomb; Alice, w/o John Tranter & Helen, w/o Dean Wirick, all of Baltimore; Gertrude, w/o Ernest Newpher, Birdsboro, PA & Mildred, w/o Carroll Frye, Reading; 19 gchldn & 23 ggchldn. Sis of Roy, Somerset; Calvin, J-town, & Mrs. John Weible, Kantner. Friends received 4 pm Thu in Charles O. Dimond Funeral Home, where serv will be at 2 pm Sat. Bur South Fork Cem.

[NI140214] He had small pox which left him deaf.
PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Perry Weyand Age: 56 State: PA Color: W Enumeration District: 0159 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0042 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Amanda 50, PA
daug Myrtle 22, PA
daug Alma 19, PA
Son Roy E 14, PA
Son Calvin 10, PA
Grandson Clarence Snyder 11, PA
Grandson Elwood 06, PA

[NI140215] Trib Demo May 2 1943 Mrs. Amanda Weyent, Kantner - Mrs. Amanda Weyent, 84, d 1 pm yesterday at her home here. Her husb Perry Weyent, is dead. 6 chldn survive - Silas Weyent, Lebanon; Mrs. Hattie Wysel, South Fork; Roy Weyent, Friedens; Mrs. Myrta Weible, Kantner & Mrs. Alma Shaffler & Alvin Weyent, both Kimmelton; 44 gchldn & 37 ggchldn. Funeral servs at 2 pm Tue at the Otterbein UBC by Rev, A. L. Thompson. Bur in ch cem under the direction of John H. Blanset, Stoystown mortician.

[NI140216] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Ellis Penner Age: 16 State: PA Color: W;W Enumeration District: 0013 Birth Place: Maryland Visit: 0064 Co: Bedford Relation: Servant Other Residents: Head of Household Hezekiah E May
J-town Trib Jul 11, 1947 PENNER - Ellis J., 51, Hollsopple, Jul 10 1947. Leaves wife, Blanche (SPEICHER) PENNER & 2 bros & sis'. Father of Ellis D., J-town; Mrs. Harry MILLER, Sidman; Mrs. Gerald BLANK, Hollsopple; Ross, Clara & Janie, all at home. Stepfather of William SPEICHER, Sidman. Memb Amer Legion Post 461, Boswell; Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 48, J-town. Servs 2:30 pm Mon at late home in charge of Amer Legion. Rev. Howard Stahl officiating. Bur Hopewell Meth Cem, Jenner Twp., Hay Funeral Home, Boswell.

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