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[NI160938] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 14 Thos Hughes
16 201 211 Barnhart Margaret 38 F Pa
Barnhart Joseph 39 M Md
Earnest David 16 M Farmer Pa
Earnest Jacob 14 M Pa
Earnest Josiah 11 M Pa
Earnest Mary A. 9 F Pa
Barnhart Elizabeth 2 F Pa

[NI160951] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
50/50 Thomas DIBERT, 47, Farmer, Pa.
Elizabeth, 43, Pa.
Andrew, 26, Laborer
Henry, 23, Laborer
Charles, 21, Farmer, school
Jacob, 19, Farmer, school
Thomas, 15, Farmer, school
John, 14, school
George, 13, school
David, 10, school
Ann A., 9, school
Isaac, 6

[NI160953] never married

[NI160954] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
50/51 William DIBERT, 22, Farmer, Pa.
Elizabeth, 21, Pa.
Sarah J., 2

[NI160955] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Samul D Dibert Age: 55 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0055 b place: PA Visit: 0004 Co: Berks, Reading Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth G 48 PA
dau Blanche E 17 PA
dau Ruth C 10 PA

[NI160962] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Thomas Dibert Age: 77 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0030 b place: PA Visit: 0294 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
dau Mary E Millott 40 PA
Son-in-law John 31 PA

[NI160966] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Daniel W Dibert Age: 48 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0024 b place: PA Visit: 0177 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Susie C 47 PA
Son William R 20 PA
dau Millie E 18 PA
dau Elsie 14 PA
Son Walter J 11 PA

[NI160967] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Thomas F Dibert Age: 41 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0027 b place: PA Visit: 0004 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Sophia R 54 PA
Son Charley S 19 PA
Son Joseph-S 18 PA
Son John S 16 PA

[NI160968] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
George W Dibert Age: 65 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0002 b place: PA Visit: 0317 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Son David F 43 PA
Housekeeper Sarah Kauffman 70

[NI160987] never married

[NI161011] d while attending a watch meeting serv.

[NI161033] a cripple from spinal problem

[NI161039] Burned by gas fired & badly scarred & disfigured

[NI161070] Killed in sawmill accident

[NI161143] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 13 Jhos Hughes
Zimmer Jacob 28 M Farmer Pa
Zimmer Susana 24 F Pa
Zimmer Sarah A. 3 F Pa
Zimmer David 6/12 M Pa
Canon Margaret 11 F Pa

[NI161167] Never married

[NI161187] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
7 219 231 Stickler Susan 33 F Pa
Stickler Samuel 14 M Pa
Stickler Mary A. 13 F Pa
Stickler Rebecca 11 F Pa
Stickler Sarah A. 9 F Pa
Stickler Joseph 6 M Pa

[NI161216] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
27 229 241 Holderbaum Rachel 62 F 2,000 Pa
Koontz Zachariah 27 M Farmer Pa
Koontz Rachel 32 F Pa
Koontz Maria 2 F Pa

[NI161225] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 14 Thos Hughes
13 200 210 Russell Nicholas 26 M Farmer Pa
Russell Sarah 23 F Pa
Russell Peter 1 M Pa

[NI161232] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
8 236 248 Ling Lewis 33 M Farmer 1,000 Pa
Ling Rebecca 27 F Pa
Ling Sarah A. 6 F Pa
Ling Francis 4 M Pa

[NI161233] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
111/111 Henry CLAAR, 35, Miller
Catharn, 35
Elisabeth, 12
Mary, 8, school
Rachule, 5, school
George, 1
Polly DAVIS, 60

[NI161243] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 14 Thos Hughes
11 199 209 Rickle George 23 M Farmer Pa
Rickle Rosanna 22 F Pa


[NI161390] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
26 222 234 Earnest Michael 40 M Farmer 600 Pa
Earnest Margaret 30 F Pa
Earnest Rebecca 10 F Pa
Earnest Philip 7 M Pa
Earnest Hester 5 F Pa
Earnest Elizabeth 4 F Pa
Earnest Sarah 2 F Pa

[NI161423] d young

[NI161430] killed when his horses were scared by an auto

[NI161648] From Hazleton Standard-Speaker 25 Nov 1996
Gertrude T. Hollick
Died - Sunday
Place of birth - Freeland
Place of death - Drums
Church - St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran, Freeland
Spouse - Andrew Hollick, deceased
Father - Frederick Poltrok
Mother - Lulla May Admitz
Undertaker - Cotterall-Petrilli, Freeland
Place of burial - Freeland Cemetery
Occupation - garment worker

[NI161660] 1880 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA J. R. Boose Pg 7, 3 Jun 1880
3 8 232B 11 69 69 Rayman Urias F W M 28 Carpenter-Farmer PA PA PA
Rayman Susan W F 26 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA

[NI161668] 1870 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA 24 Aug 1870 by Christian Streng, p.27
33 207 211 Lowry Josiah 45 M W Laborer 1,500 PA
Lowry Hester 40 F W Keeping house PA
Lowry Susan 9 F W PA
Lowry Charles 2 M W PA
Kelley Joseph 19 M W PA
1880 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 9 Jun 1880 O. W. Williamson pg 9
434A 9 73 78 Lowery Josiah W M 57 Farmer PA PA PA
Lowery Hester W F 47 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Lowery Susan W F 20 Dau PA PA PA
Lowery Hariman W M 11 Son PA PA PA
Lowery Mary W F 8 Dau PA PA PA
Lowery George W M 6 PA PA PA

[NI161669] 1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 19 Jun 1900 Willis L. Powell Sheet 10A
137A 20 163 169 Lowry Ester Head W F Mar 1834 66 W 10 5 PA PA PA Farmer 0 Yes Yes Yes O F F 132
Lowry Herman Son W M July 1870 29 S PA PA PA Farm Laborer 0 Yes Yes Yes

[NI161672] 1870 Census Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA on 25 August 1870 by Christian Streng, p.29
34 222 227 Lowry Chancey 34 M W Farmer 600 PA
35 222 227 Lowry Catharine 31 F W Keeping house PA
36 222 227 Lowry Lydia 13 F W PA
37 222 227 Lowry Sybilla 11 F W PA
38 222 227 Lowry John 9 M W PA
39 222 227 Lowry Benjamin 7 M W PA
40 222 227 Lowry Ellen 5 F W PA
on 25 August 1870 by Christian Streng, p.30
1 222 227 Lowry Josiah 3 M W PA Twin to George.
2 222 227 Lowry George 3 M W PA Twin to Josiah.
3 222 227 Lowry Abraham 2 M W PA

[NI161701] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 9, 1860
405 19 u 2679 Reighart Edward 30 M farmer 650 PA
405 20 2544 2679 Reighart Sarah A 27 F PA
405 21 U 2679 Reighart George H. 4 M PA
405 22 U 2679 Reighart William 2 M PA
405 23 u 2679 Paul Martha A. 10 F PA

[NI161703] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Wayne Zimmers Age: 57 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0002 b place: PA Visit: 0044 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Annie 55 PA

[NI161708] 1850 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA
29 156 162 REIGHARD Jonas 45 M Farmer 300 PA
30 156 162 REIGHARD Sarah 40 F PA
31 156 162 REIGHARD Frances 18 F PA
32 156 162 REIGHARD Benjamin 17 M Laborer PA
33 156 162 REIGHARD Nancy 15 F PA
34 156 162 REIGHARD John 11 M PA
35 156 162 REIGHARD Lydia 7 F PA
36 156 162 REIGHARD Joseph 4 M PA
37 156 162 REIGHARD Sarah 3 F PA

[NI161720] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 10, 1860
405 36 2648 2682 Grumbling John 25 M Miller 400 100 PA
405 37 2648 2682 Grumbling Maria 24 F PA
405 38 2648 2682 Grumbling Jonathan 2 M PA
405 39 2618 2682 Grumbling S******* 5/12 F PA may be Sheoin

[NI161731] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 10, 1860
408 37 2671 2708 Kiper Jacob 35 M farmer 3000 600 Berne
408 38 2671 2708 Kiper Sarah 35 F PA
408 39 2671 2708 Kiper William 13 M PA
408 40 2671 2708 Kiper John 11 M PA
409 1 2671 2708 Kiper George 9 M PA
409 2 2671 2708 Kiper Adam 7 M PA
409 3 2671 2708 Kiper Elizabeth 6 F PA
409 4 2671 8 Kiper David 2 M PA
409 5 2671 2708 Kiper Abraham 4/12 M PA

[NI161759] 1860 census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA by John Campbell, PO: Paddytown HW Pg 24
39 155 155 Stukoff Henry 33 M Farmer 50 Hannover Germany
40 155 155 Stukoff Jamima 27 F Spinster Pa
1870 census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA
568b. 20 Struckoff Henry 40 m w Farmer 5000 800 Prussia
568b. 20 Struckoff Magdalin 36 f w Keeping House Pa.
569a. 20 Struckoff John 10 m w Pa. pg 4
569a. 20 Struckoff Mary 8 f w Pa.
569a. 20 Struckoff Amanda 6 f w Pa
1880 census Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset Co., PA
12 6 105 110 Struckoff Henry W m 53 Farmer Hannover Hannover Hannover
12 7 105 110 Struckoff Lanah W f 46 Wife Keeping House Penn Pa Pa
12 8 105 110 Struckoff John W m 19 Son Works on Farm Penn Hannover Pa
12 9 105 110 Struckoff Mary E. W f 17 Dau at Home Penn Hannover Pa
12 10 105 110 Struckoff Amanda W f 14 Dau Penn Hannover Pa
12 11 105 110 Struckoff Annie W f 6 Dau Penn Pa Pa

[NI161785] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Scott Miller, Jr Age: 53 State: PA Color: W Dist: 8154 Birth: PA Visit: 0097 Co: Cambria Relation: Head Other Residents:
Wife Elizabeth 59, PA
Son William A 24, PA

[NI161795] PA 1910 Miracode Index
Layman Simon 59 W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Elizabeth 53 PA
Son John 28 PA
dau Maggie 17 PA

[NI161800] Gospel Herald Aug 3 1939 Vol XXXII No 18 pg 382,383. Blough, Josiah b May 22 1855, Johnstown, Pa. At age 22 he left PA & moved to MI. He m Sarah d/o Pre & Mrs Peter Keim on Dec 15 1878. To this union were b 1 son Titus & 1 dau Mrs Minta King deceased. He & his wife were received into Menn Ch Feb 26 1893. He was preceded by wife, who passed away May 25 1912, & by his dau Dec 22 1933. He d Fri morn Jun 30 1939 at home of his son Titus aged 84y 1m 8d. Surviving are his son, 4 gchdn, 2 ggchdn, 4 half sis', & host of relatives & friends. Funeral at home & at Bowne Menn Ch by T. E. Schrock, on Jul 2. Bur in adjoining Cem.

[NI161801] Herald of Truth Nov 1865 Vol II #11 pg 96. On 6 Oct, Richland Twp, Columbia Co, Pa of dysentery, Hiram, aged 6y 6m 2d & on 7th Levi, aged 4y 8m 11d, s/os John Blauch. 2 little bros took sick on same day, & were laid together in 1 grave on 8th, discourse by Jacob & Samuel Blauch.

[NI161842] Herald of Truth Vol XXVI # 8 Apr 15 1889 pg 125, 126, 127. WEAVER. On 10 Mar, Scalp Level, Cambria co, Pa, of typhoid fever, Bro Henry Weaver, aged 35y 4m 6d. He leaves companion & 7 chdn to mourn, also father, mother, bros & 1 sis. He was bur on 13th in family grvyd, servs by Jonas Blough, Samuel Gindlesperger & Henry Gelnett, from Clearfield, co.

[NI162307] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
J E Faust State: PA Enumeration Dist.: 0153 Color: W Age: 54 B-Place: PA Visit: 0081 Co.: Somerset, Relation: Husb.Image #: 01320840 Other Resid.s:
Wife Fannie 53, PA
Dau. Hannah 19, PA
Son Clark 16, PA
Dau. Ruth 12, PA

[NI162318] HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol XXIV # 12 Jun 15 1887 pg 190,191. WEAVER. On 12 May, Davidsville, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co, Pa, sis Christina w/o bro Moses Weaver aged 33y 3m 25d. She leaves husb & 8 chdn, parents, bros & sis' to mourn her. Bur on 14th in family grvyd, followed by a lg concourse of friends. Servs by Jonas Blough & S S Gindelsperger. Sis Weaver was a faithful christian.

[NI162416] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 20, 1860
428 3 2807 2842 Gerhart William 44 M farmer 1000 1000 Darnstat
428 4 2807 2842 Gerhart Elizabeth 44 F Darnstat
428 5 2807 2842 Gerhart Peter 19 M farm laborer Darnstat
428 6 2807 2842 Gerhart Catherine 17 F Darnstat
428 7 2807 2842 Gerhart Elizabeth 14 F Darnstat
428 8 2807 2842 Gerhart Jacob 11 M PA
428 9 2807 2842 Gerhart Eliza 7 F PA
428 10 2807 2842 Gerhart William 6 M PA
428 11 2807 2842 Gerhart Samuel 1 M PA

[NI162446] d young

[NI162510] Gospel Herald Jan 30 1936 Vol XXVIII # 44 pg 941, 942, 943. Baumgardner, Lewis b Mar 16 1860 d Dec 9 1935 aged 75y 8m 23d. He is survived by wife Mary Baumgardner, a dau Laura, & a gdau Mary Orcina. His son Oliver d 5 yrs ago. Also survived by 3 sis' Mrs Amanda Perkins, Mrs B E Noon, & Lizzie Baumgardner & a bro Henry Baumgardner. 2 bros Cyrus & George preceded him to grave. He united with Menn Ch at Pleasant Grove Ch, Salix, Pa, abt 10y ago & since that time has been faithful & active laborer. As super of Sun school & Ch worker he was always interested in welfare of Ch. His illness of past yr culminated in serious complications in past few wks. Funeral servs home by Sanford G Shetler & L A Blough, & at Weaver Ch by Sanford G Shetler, A J Metzler, & L A Blough.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Lewis Bomgardner 50 W PA Cambria Head of Household
Wife Mary 46 PA
Son Oliver 23 PA
dau Laura 21 PA

[NI162513] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 21, 1860
430 30 2825 2860 Hofecker Christian 33 M stone mason 600 280 Berne
Hofecker Eve 25 F PA
Hofecker Margaret 9 F PA
Hofecker Catherine 7 F PA
Hofecker Eve 5 F PA
Hofecker Mathias 4 M PA
Hofecker Adam 9/12 M PA

[NI162534] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 22, 1860
433 17 2845 2880 Dunmire Jacob 29 M farmer 2500 1000 PA
433 18 2845 2880 Dunmire Sarah A 25 F PA
433 19 2845 2880 Dunmire Simon 4 M PA
433 20 2845 2880 Dunmire Catherine 3 F PA
433 21 2845 2880 Dunmire Lewis 5/12 M PA
433 22 2845 2880 Rose Elizabeth 23 F domestic PA
433 23 2845 2880 Wissinger Henry 18 M farm laborer PA

[NI162553] 1850 census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 13 Nov by Henry Cook
18 178 185 HAYS Warren 58 M Farmer 5,000 PA
19 178 185 HAYS Mary 42 F PA
20 178 185 HAYS Hiram 25 M Laborer 400 PA
21 178 185 HAYS Thomas 22 M Laborer PA
22 178 185 HAYS Lavinia 19 F PA
23 178 185 HAYS Samuel 16 M Laborer PA
24 178 185 HAYS Julia A. 13 F PA
25 178 185 HAYS Uriah 7 M PA
26 178 185 HAYS Mary 4 F PA

[NI162614] Moved to Windber, PA in 1894 where he did surveying & was the boro engineer. 1886 Bedford Co PA Directory: Surveyor, Pleasantville.Taught school at The Eight Square School House.

[NI162619] Adopted by John & Susan, grandparents.

[NI162770] 1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 23, 1860
436 39 2871 2908 Costlow James 39 M farmer 1200 500 PA
436 40 2871 2908 Costlow Sarah 39 F PA
437 1 2871 2908 Costlow Rachel 16 F PA
437 2 2871 2908 Costlow Peter 14 M PA
437 3 2871 2908 Costlow John 12 M PA
437 4 2871 2908 Costlow Henry 9 M PA
437 5 2871 2908 Costlow David 7 M PA
437 6 2871 2908 Costlow Joseph 5 M PA
437 7 2871 2908 Costlow James 3 F PA
437 8 2871 2908 Costlow Mary M. 1 F PA
437 9 2871 2908 Costlow Mary 34 F 60 PA

[NI162782] 1850 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA 6 Nov by Henry Cook
23 79 84 FOY David 24 M Farmer PA
24 79 84 FOY Mary 24 F PA
25 79 84 FOY Gideon 1 M PA
1860 Census Richland Twp., Cambria Co., PA by HA McPike, Aug 23, 1860
437 40 2877 2914 Fye David 33 M farmer 2200 600 PA
438 1 2877 2914 Fye Mary 35 F PA
438 2 2877 2914 Fye Gideon 11 M PA
438 3 2877 2914 Fye Josiah 9 M PA
438 4 2877 2914 Fye Sarah A 7 F PA
438 5 2877 2914 Fye Mary J 5 F PA
438 6 2877 2914 Fye Rebecca 5 F PA
438 7 2877 2914 Fye Susan B 2 F PA

[NI162804] Johnstown Trib 12/14/1906. Death Roll. Israel Kring, Salix, Dec 13. In the death 1:00 am Wed of Israel Kring, this vicinity has lost one of its representatives & best known resids. Mr. Kring was 48 yrs of age. Ever since chdhood when he suffered a siege of fever the deceased had been badly deformed. He never fully recovered from effects of this illness, but had enjoyed fair health until a few mos ago & for yrs conducted a truck farm. With the rest of family he retired abt 11:00 pm Tue night, complaining however of not feeling very well. He was very restless during night, & passed away at hr mentioned. Israel Kring was s/o Moses & Susanna Kring & b on farm near here. His father d in Adams Twp abt 16 yrs ago. But his mother is still living & resides with her dau Della, w/o Samuel Daugherty, 17th Ward, Johnstown. Mr. Kring once owned a number of valuable farms in this vicinity, dividing them some time ago among his chdn. For 25 yrs he had resided on farm at the summit along the RR from Lovett to Scalp or between Salix & Elton. Mr. Kring had been m twice, after death of his 1st wife, he m Miss Rebecca McCreary, Bedford Co. Besides his wife & mother, he is survived by following chdn: Lewis, Harry W., Dorsey L., George W., Grace, Daniel H., Charles H., Ivy Jane & Laura E., all at home with exception of Lewis who is located in CO. Besides Mrs, Daughtery the following bros & sis' also survive: Albert, New Cambria, KS; John G.. OK; Lewis, Adams Twp; Moses E, Adams Twp; I.N., Adams Twp; Annie, MI; Jean w/o George Rhoads, 17th Ward, Johnstown. Mr. Kring never took much interest in politics, but was nominally a Demo. He made many friends wherever he went & was held in the highest esteem by all those who knew him. Funeral serv Dunmyer Ch 2:00 pm tomorrow. The obsequies will be conducted by a representative of Watch Tower Bible Attract Society of Allegheny. Bur by Undertaker F. W. Fouch in cem adjoining ch. Mr. Kring will be remembered by many people in Johnstown who purchased garden vegetables from him. He had quite a number of friends here & was memb Dawn Bible Class of this city. A party of Johnstown friends were ready to drive out this morning to visit him, when they received news of his death.

[NI162835] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 17 Thos Hughes
13 267 280 Reighert George 62 M Farmer 4,000 Pa
Reighert Elizabeth 53 F Pa
Reighert Abram 19 M Farmer Pa
Reighert Elizabeth 25 F Pa
Faner Thomas 12 M Pa

[NI162836] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
45/45 Solomon REIGHART, 32, Farmer, Pa.
Margaret, 28, Pa.
Louisa A., 4
Solomon, 1
Philip CALAHAN, 8, school

[NI162849] 1850 Census Union Twp, Bedford Co, PA 26 Oct - 2 Nov Abm. B. Bunn
183/184 Jacob IMLER, 68, Laborer, Pa.
Christine, 69, cannot read & write

[NI162866] will #8. Somerset Co. dated 7 Nov. 1796, Probated Jun. 7, 1798. Resid Milford Twp. Bequeaths to his wife Mary, 100 pounds lawful money of PA, to be pd out of estate 3 yrs after his death, also house & all clear land, 1 cow, small heifer, household furniture, iron pots, kettle, frying pan, pewter, pot racks, sufficent fire wood, stable room for cow & heifer, provide 15 bu wheat & 5 bu rye yrly as long as she lives, all to be performed by son Abraham Cable on clear land mentioned, also chest, bed & bedding, 2 best cags in the house, all the shingle nails, at wifes death, the land is to go to son Abraham, & his heirs forever. The plantation on which he lives willed to his son Abraham. Also the wagon, gears, cross cut saw, farming utensils, his wearing apparel. Abraham is to pay all remaining pymts on said land to Adam KEEFER, he is to pay 25 shillings per ac after deducting 100 pounds as his share of legacy the rest of the money to be equally divided among the rest of chdn, namely, RACHAEL, ELIZABETH w/o George Hopple, SARAH, SUSANNA, ROSANNA, MARY, daugs to be paid at the end of 7 yrs after his death, the remaining goods to be equally divided the daugs, except a horse which he gives to Abraham, to the children of his daug Hannah deceased who was the w/o Daniel Bower, he bequeaths an equal share with the rest of daugs, wife & son Abraham appointed executors witnesses Jacob HECKLER, Nicholas BARON & David JONES. Inventory $731.80. Balance in hands to be divided $656.83

[NI162905] J-town Trib-Demo, Sat 09 Jun 2001(Pic). RIZZO, Jerry J, Windber d 7 Jun 2001, Windber Med Ctr; b 19 Mar 1955, Windber s/o Anthony J Jr & Mildred (Rillo) Rizzo. Preceded by father & infant bro Joseph. Loving son of Milderd Rizzo, Windber. Husb of 24y to Norma Hoffman. Father of Jeanna, Pittsburgh & Nicholas, at home. Bro of Dominick h/o Laura Dupre, Seven Springs; Anthony J Jr h/o Lynda Hornick, Johnstown; & Marie w/o Anthony Chippie, Windber. Also survived by in-laws William & Janet Hoffman, Windber; bros-in-law James h/o Suzy Matsko, & Dennis h/o Deanna Good, both Windber; also numerous aunts, uncles, nieces & nephews & many close friends. He was 1973 grad Windber HS & 1977 grad Susquehanna Univ. Co-owner/operator of Rizzo Restaurant, Windber. Memb St Anthony of Padra Cath Ch, where mass will be at 10am Mon. Committal All Faiths Chapel & Mausoleum, Windber. Family receiving 5-9pm Sat & 2-5 & 7-9pm Sun, Meek Funeral Home, inc, Windber.

[NI162909] d. infant

[NI162935] J-town Trib-Demo, Thur 05 Jul 2001. Ross, Jack R, 65, Central City, d 2 Jul 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 17 May 1936, Shade Twp s/o Milford & Louise Cuba (Coleman) Ross. Preceded by parents; bros Lester & Ralph; sis' Esther, Janet, & Bett. Bro of Charles, James, Kelen, Vada & Gloria. Also survived by 17 neices & nephews, & dear friend Sonya. Friends received 5-9 pm Thu at Mulcahy Funeral Home, Centeral City, serv 11 am Fri, Rev David Testa officiating. Bur Daley Cem with graveside military rites by Central City VFW & Amer Legion posts.

[NI162947] J-town Trib-Demo, Fri 29 Jun 2001. NEWMAN, Justine L, 82, Cairnbrook, d 27 Jun 2001, at home; b 3 Mar 1919, New Paris d/o Blaine & Mary (Railey) Gordon. Preceded by parents, 3 bros, 1 sis. Survived by husb Ezra E "Amos", & chdn: Janet Buelow (Wallace), AZ; Dolly Boring (Alan), NC; Fred (Gloria), Akron, OH;Shirley Spidle (Roy), Mogadore, OH; Tom (Judy), NC; 15 gchdn; 20 ggchdn; & special guardian angel nephew Bobby Newman. Sis of Caroline Newman (James); & Sarah Smith, both Cairnbrook. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Fri Mulcahy Funeral Home, Central City, funeral 11am Sat, Rev Eugene Daley & Rev Randy Reynolds officiating. Bur Daley Cem.

[NI162964] J-town Trib-Demo, Wed 27 Jun 2001. Horner, Beaverly L, 60, Forest ills Dr, Sidman, d 25 Jun 2001, UPMC Lee Regional; b 4 Mar 1941 d/o Herschel C & Eva L (Heaton) Horner. Preceded by father. Survived by mother, with whom she resided; son S. Scott Plummer m to Karen Rapski, Uniontown; dau Dana L w/o John S Shaffer, Ft Myers, FL; gson Brandon James Shaffer; bro Barry K Horner m to Deborah A Hannakan, Portage; niece Amber June Horner; & former hush Frank D Plummer, Johnstown. Memb Salix Bethel UMB. Data entry clerk 25 yrs. Pvt serv at convenience of family. Arrangements by Homer J George Funeral Home, Salix.

[NI163022] J-town Trib-Demo, Tue 26 Jun 2001. GENNETT, Catherine, 83, Oakland d 24 Jun 2001; b 20 Aug 1917, Johnstown d/o late Joseph & Maria (Lobue) Taormina. Preceded by husb John Sr; 3 sis'; & 1 bro. Survived by chdn: Elaine w/o Robert Barringer, Anaheim, CA; Guy h/o Gale Shaffer, Shellsburg; John Jr h/o Donna Esposito, Stoystown; Linda Speicher, Oakland, with whom she resided; & Donna w/o Robert McKendree Jr, Ebensburg; 15 gchdn; 19 ggchdn. Sis of Josephine Stewart, Pocono, & Lucy Jardina, Windber. Also survived by nephew Donald Stroscio, Richland. Memb St Benedict Cath Ch; Sons of Italy Lodge 1557 where she was 1 of 4 oldest membs. Catherine resided Geistown & Richland 56y. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Tue Henderson-Ketterer Funeral Home, Geistown, vigil held Tue. Funeral mass 10am Wed St Benedist Ch, monsignor Joseph Kiniry PA, VF. Bur St Anthony Cem.

[NI163065] J-town Trib-Demo, Mon 09 Jul 2001. Yoder, Raymond Dean, 68, West Campus Ave, Hollsople, d 6 Jul 2001. Friends recieved Mon 2-4 & 7-9 pm at George E Mason Funeral Home, Davidsville, vigil for deceased Mon eve. Funeral mass Tue 10 am at St Andrew's Cath Ch, Rev Barry Baroni officiating. Bur St John's Cem, Geistown.

[NI163067] J-town Trib-Demo, Sat 16 Jun 2001. Thomas, Mildred, 94, COB Home, Windber, formerly of Berlin, d 14 Jun 2001, Windber Med Ctr; b 25 Jul 1906, Fairhope d/o Frank & Susan (Glessner) Shroyer. Precededby parents; husb Glenn; 4 sis'; & 3 bros. Survived by neice Nancy Rubright & her family, Berlin; & several other neices & nephews. Memb Sarver Comm Ch. Friends recieved 2-4 & 7-9 pm Sat at Deaner Funeral Home, where serv held at 2pm Sun, Rev Sa Coughenour officiating. Bur Beachdale Cem.

[NI163079] J-town Trib-Demo, Mon 18 Jun 2001 (Pic). Quinn, James R, 88, Roxbury d 16 Jun 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b Schuylkill Co in 1913 s/o late Thomas & Eleanor (McDonald) Quinn. Preceded by wife of 60y Mabel Derrick & bros John, William, & Joseph. Survived by bros Charles, Beaverdale; & Robert, Rochester, NY; & sis Eleanor Davis, NC. Also survived by daus: Miriam Alifano & dear friend Richard Benedetti, New Kensington; & Mary Alice, at home; sons: James E h/o Faith, Levittown; Tomas h/o Dr Mary Tierney, Washington, DC; Michael h/o Linda Lambert, Hollsopple; Stephen h/o Christine Ball, Charlotte, NC; John h/o Patricia Roberts, Kulpmont, PA; Timothy h/o Leslie Jiras, Bell Mead, NJ; & Kevin h/o Betty ann Hankinson, New Milford, CT; 20 gchdn; 17 ggchdn. He retired after long career as sales manager for Sanitary Dairy of Johnstown then joined Johnstown Redevelopment Authority as a real estate specialist for 22y until his death. Memb Visitation Parish for 48y. Mass 10am Mon, Rev Richard D Clark. Bur Forest Lawn Cem. Arrangements by John Henderson Funeral Home.

[NI163163] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 25 Thos Hughes
3 226 230 Oldham Nathan 32 M Pa
Oldham Mary 26 F Pa
Oldham Odilla 5 F Pa
Oldham Ellen 3 F Pa
Oldham Susan 1 F Pa
1870 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 5 Jul 1870 Hiram J. Boytz.
11 109 110 Oldham Nathan 40 M W farmer 9,000 800 Pa
Oldham Mary 38 F W wife Pa
Oldham Abi Mary 26 F W dom. servant Pa
Oldham Susannah 20 F W at home Pa
Oldham George 17 M W at home Pa
Oldham William 15 M W at home Pa
Oldham John 12 M W at home Pa
Oldham Charles 6 M W at home Pa

[NI163178] 1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 13 Jun 1900 by Willis L. Powell. Written Sht No. 7B
134B 94 120 125 Frasier Lydia Head W F July 1838 61 W 10 8 PA PA PA O F F 97
134B 95 120 125 Frasier Alexandria Son W M Dec 1880 19 S PA PA PA

[NI163179] J-town Trib-Demo, Tue 10 Jul 2001. Lasut, Stanley J, 76, Central City d 8 Jul 2001 at home; b 6 Jul 1925, Shade Twp s/o John & Catherine (Shelko) Lasut. Preceded by parents; 1st wife Ann Ball; bros John Jr, Rudy & John Suchian; baby bro Joseph; & sis': Marie Thomas, Julianna Shelko & Agnes Russell. Survived by 2nd wife Nina Lashley; chdn: Sandra, Vivian Monko & Kathy Weaver; gson Michael; gdau Mandy; & ggdau Emily. Bro of Paul, Tom,Madelain Mauger & Steve. Also number of nieces & nephews. US Arny vet WWII. Memb UMWA Local 6410. Friends received 2-9pm Tue Mulcahy Funeral Home. Funeral mass 10am Wed Our Lady Queen of Angels Cath Ch, Central City, father Charles Bodziak, celebrant. Bur Sacred Heart of Jesus Cem.

[NI163249] J-town Trib-Demo, Sun 15 Jul 2001. FISH, Ryan J, 57, Rockwood, d 14 Jul 2001, at his residence; b 17 Aug 1943, Kantner s/o Clark & Frances (Gindlesperger) Fish. Preceded by parents; bro Clark; & sis Joan Harman. Survived by friend Sarah Gross, Rockwood; sis': Lois w/o Calvin Landis, Toledo, OH; Joyce Ankeny, Lewisville, KY; Barbara Paugh, Boswell; Judy Maust, Hooversville; Gloria w/o Donald Deneen, Central City; & Nina w/o Fred Shaffer, Hollidaysburg; & several Nieces & nephews. Grad Forbes HS. Army vet Vietnam War. Memb Somerset VFW & played minor league baseball for Cincinnati Reds. Family receiving 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon Deaner Funeral Home, Hooversville. Serv 11am Tue, Rev Harry Bassett; bur POS of A Cem, Hooversville.

[NI163271] 1870 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 29 Jun 1870 Hiram J. Boytz
36 28 29 Dull William 38 M W farmer 800 500 Pa
Dull Amily 35 F W wife Pa
Dull Charles 15 M W at home Pa
Dull Ellen 14 F W at home Pa
Dull Martha 12 F W at home Pa
Dull Sydney 6 F W at home Pa
Dull Jesse 2 M W at home Pa
1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 25 Jun 1900 Willis L. Powell
140A 2 222 229 Dull William Head W M Mar 1832 68 M 45 PA PA PA Farmer
Dull Emma Wife W F Jul 1837 62 M 45 PA PA PA
Dull Charles Son W M Dec 1854 45 PA PA PA Farm Laborer
Dull Wilmer Son W M June 1871 28 PA PA PA Farm Laborer
Dull Olive Daughter W F May 1878 22 PA PA PA House Keeper
Lamison Walter G-Son W M Aug 1887 12 PA PA PA Farm Laborer

[NI163277] 1900 Census Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA 26 Jun 1900 by Willis L. Powell. Written Sht No. 13B
140A 48 233 240 Wagner Joseph Head W M Feb 1848 52 M 12 PA PA PA Farmer R H 185
140A 49 233 240 Wagner Naoma Wife W F Mar 1862 38 M 12 3 3 PA PA PA
140A 50 233 240 Wagner Fern Son W M Jan 1890 10 S PA PA PA
140B 51 233 240 Wagner Darl Daughter W F Oct 1893 6 S PA PA PA
140B 52 233 240 Wagner Lizzie Daughter W F Sept 1895 4 S PA PA PA
140B 53 233 240 Specht Emaniel F-in-law W M Dec 1820 79 M 53 PA PA PA Farm Laborer
140B 54 233 240 Specht Katie M-in-law W F July 1827 72 M 53 5 4 PA PA PA

[NI163379] J-town Trib-Demo, Sun 16 Sep 2001. Seese, Mrs Anna I, 98, Allegheny Luth Home, formerly of Richland Ave, Mine 40, Windber d 14 Sep 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 22 Sep 1907, Adams Twp d/o Levi & Amanda (Horner) Ripple. Preceded by parents; bro Frank; sis': Pearl Morford, Elda Ripple & Edith Rhoads; son-in-law Charles Roxby; & ggchdn Tara Amanda Seese & Matthew Taylor Shaffer. Survived by Ronald D h/o Blanche Ott; & Donald E, both of Scalp Level; & dau Janet L Roxby, Salix; gchdn Leonard Seese h/o Linda Gaydis, Windber; Shirley Hunter, Richland Twp; Carol Shaffer, Salix; Diane w/o William Walter, Sidman; Charlene w/o James J Rice, Pittsburgh; Charles S Roxby h/o Amy Baroni, Salix; & Susan A Roxby & friend Frank DeCeasre, CA; & ggchdn Brian Hunter; Kimberly, Joshua, & Zachary Seese; Tonya, Kayla, & Jenna Shaffer; Veronica & William Walter; Jimmy T Rice; Kaitlyn, Jennifer, & Courtney Roxby. Mrs Seese was last memb of immediate family . She was cook for 20y at former Ripple's Inn, Richland Twp. Memb Windber COB. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon Meek Funeral Home Inc, Windber. Funeral at 2pm Tue, Rev Roydon Airesman & Rev Kermit Jones officaiting. Bur Richland Cem.

[NI163380] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Levis Ripple Age: 39 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0169 B Pl: PA Visit: 0045 Co: Somerset, Windber Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Manda 37, PA
Dau Pearl May 16, PA
Son George Frankli 14, PA
Dau Mary Elda 12, PA
Dau Edith Elsie 11, PA
Dau Annie Iola 02, PA

[NI163399] J-town Trib-Demo, Thu 30 Aug 2001. Naugle, John D, 74, Blough Rd, Hooversville d 26 Aug 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 21 Jul 1927 s/o Herbert J & Florence V (Butler) Naugle. Preceded by parents; & foster son John Wolf. Survived by wife Dorothy J MacLean; son David MacLean Naugle & wife Danette, Union City; & dau Dana Michelle McMillen & husb Clyde, Loysville; & gchdn Joshua, Alyssa, * abbey McMillen; & Joshua, Nathan, Rachel & Hannah Day. Also sis': Thelma Berkebile, Hooversville; & Darlene Catterall & Geraldine Naugle, both Johnstown. 1944 grad Shade HS. 1948 grad Pen State Univ. Retired 33y employee as director of Somerset Rural Electric Co-op. Memb St Thomas Evan Luth Ch, Hooversville. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Thu Hoffman Funeraal Home, Davidsville & at 10am until serv at 11am St Thomas Ch, Rev Gerald L Myers officiating. Bur ch cem.

[NI163411] J-town Trib-Demo, Thu 30 Aug 2001. Harned, Douglas H, 40, Jennerstown d 27 Aug 2001 as result of trucking accident; b 8 Mar 1961, Somerset s/o Fred M & Virginia R (Shaffer) Harned. Preceded by father-in-law James R Thomas. Survived by parents; wife Patricia A Thomas; & dau Amanda Dawn Harned, at home. Bro of Lynnlee F h/o Jennifer Merical, Nampa, ID; & Brian H h/o Elizabeth Lind, Chili, NY. Also mother-in-law Shirley (Peterson) Thomas, Boswell; & numerous nieces & 1 nephew. Memb Bethany UMC. A 1980 grad Somerset HS. Grad of Diesel Institute of Amer, Grantsville, MD. A US Navy vet. Employed by Shaffer Truckingof New Kingstown, PA. Observed 14th wedding ann 17 Jan 2001. Friends recieved 2-9pm Fri Hoffman Funeral Home, Boswell, serv 11am Sat, Rev Barry K Ritenour officiating. Bur Horner-Mt Tabor Cem.

[NI163416] J-town Trib-Demo, Thu 06 Sep 2001. Howard, Olive, 99, Armagh d 2 Sep 2001, COB Home; b 18 May 1902, Johnstown d/o late Dr E J & Belle (Hilderbrand) Burkhart. Also preceded by husb Clarence F Howard; dau Lois L Howard; bros Morris, Earl, Blair, & John Burkhart; & sis Viola Burkhart. Survived by sons: Richard A h/o Charlotte L Apple, Armagh; William C h/o Judith A Mittendorf, Waukegan, IL & Kenneth A h/o Bernadee Middleton, Croyton; 8 gchdn; 11 ggchdn. Memb 3rd Breth Ch. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Thu Richard C Stuart Funeral Home. Funeral 10:30am Fri, Pastor Raymond D Grumbling. Bur Headricks Union Cem.

[NI163425] J-town Trib-Demo, Tue 04 Sep 2001. Lohr, Betty A, 78, Stoystown, d 2 Sep 2001 at home; b 18 Feb 1923, Wilbur d/o Russell & Martha (McElhenny) Lohr. Preceded by parents; husb Harrison; infant dau Paula; & bro Warren Lohr. Survived by chdn: Lon h/o Gladys Brant, Stoystown; Scott h/o Christine Sotosky, Hooversville; & Marcia, Alexandria, VA; gchdn: Gina, Brad, & Jodi Lohr; Lisa Hoyman; & Tracy Knecht; & ggchdn Cody & Tyler Hoyman; & Nathan & Mitchell Knecht. Memb Grace Luth Ch, Stoystown. Charter memb Robert P Hite Post 257 Legion Auxiliary. Family receiving 2-4 & 7-9pm Tue Deaner Funeral Home, Stoystown, serv 11am Wed, Rev Walter L Starzel officiating. Bur Otterbein Cem, Wilbur.

[NI163434] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Annianias Breghly Age: 37 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0165 B Pl: PA Visit: 0199 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Cora 34, PA
Dau Verdia 15, PA
Son Floyd 13, PA
Son Owen 09, PA
Dau Ollie 03, PA
Dau Ruth 03, PA
Son Merritt NR, PA

[NI163469] Gospel Herald Vol XXI # 7 May 17 1928 pg 159. Wingard, Polly (Mishler) Cambria Co, Pa b Jun 1 1845 d May 4 1928 aged 82y 11m 3d. She m Levi Wingard & to this union were b 5 sons. Her husb & 2 sons preceded her. She was memb Weaver Menn Ch for many yrs. Funeral Weaver Menn Ch on May 6 by Hiram Wingard & Alex Weaver asstd by Wm C Hershberger & S G Shetler.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Polly Wingard 67 PA Cambria Mother
Head of Household George L Wingard

[NI163470] Gospel Herald - Vol XLI No 22 Jun 1 1948 pg 525-527. Wingard, Josiah s/o Levi & Polly Wingard b Mar 27 1867 d Apr 20 1948 aged 81y 23d. His 1st wife Mary Hershberger d Jan 1919. Surviving are 5 chdn, his 2nd wife Minnie Lowry Wingard & 1 stepdau. He was memb Weaver Ch, Johnstown, Pa, funeral by Hiram Wingard, Harry C Blough, & Rev Schnars. Bur adjoining Cem.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Josiah Wingard 43 W PA Cambria Head of Household
Wife Mary 39 PA
dau Sadie 19 PA
Son Cloyd 16 PA
dau Effie 12 PA
Son Howard 09 PA
Son Walter NR PA

[NI163474] J-town Trib-Demo, Sun 22 Jul 2001. Way, Carol E, 71, New Paris d 21 Jul 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 23 Jul 1929, Schellsburg, Bedford Co s/o J Earl & Florence M (Hillegass) Egolf. w/o S Arthur Way whom she m 25 Jun 1955 who survives with son Mark A h/o Connie O'Brien, Manns Choice; sis': Geraldine Barley & Janet Miller, both Bedford; & Pauline w/o Luther Berkey, New Paris; & twin bro Carl h/o Geraldine Taylor, Schellsburg; also gson Eric M Way. She was Secretary at REA of Bedford & worked at Wrights Orchard of Schellsburg. Memb United Ch of Schellsburg. Funeral 10:30am Tue Mickle-Geisel Funeral Home, Schellsburg. Friends can call 2-4 &-7-9pm Mon. Bur Fishertown Cem.

[NI163498] J-town Trib-Demo, Wed 05 Dec 2001. Shetler, Rev Charles R, 91, Donahue Manor Rd, Bedford, formerly of Schellsburg d 3 Dec 2001, UPMC Bedford Mem'l, Snake Spring Twp; b 23 Sep 1910, Conemaugh Twp, Somerset Co s/o late David H & Catherine (Yoder) Shetler. He was widow of Anna R nee Yoder whom he m 19 Apr 1930 & she d 18 Jun 1999. Memb Pleasantview Menn Ch, pastor for 54y. Survived by dau Laura w/o David Wiley, Fishertown; sons Paul h/o Mabel Yoder, Davidsville; & David h/o Linda Herline, Schellsburg; Bro William Shetler, Davidsville; sis' Lydia Holsopple, Hollsopple; & Mary Thomas, Davidsville; & sis'-in-law Mary Shetler, & Evelyn French, both Davidsville; 5 gchdn; 9 ggchdn; 7 gggchdn. Preceded by bros Harry, Paul, David, Ammon & Delmar; infant bro Robert & gson Danny Wiley. Funeral 2pm Thu, Pleasantview Menn Ch, Rev David Wiley & Rev Hubert Cagle & Rev Perry Rose officiating. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Wed Mickle-Getsel Funeral Home, Schellburg & 1-2pm Pleasantview Menn Ch, bur Schellsburg Cem.

[NI163502] J-town Trib-Demo, Sat 25 Aug 2001 (Pic). Smakula, John M Sr "Pap", 80, Hollsopple d 23 Aug 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 15 Aug 1921, Wilbur s/o Phillip & Anna (Benko). Preceded by parents; bro George; & sis Helen Gaulak. Survived by wife of 54y Mildred Struba & chdn: Joanne w/o Ron Blough, Johnstown; Linda w/o Gary Carney, Hollsopple; John Jr "Smacks", at home; & David h/o Carole Logan, Hollsopple; gsons Michael & David Blough. Bro of Joseph, Bedford & Philip "Smokey", Hollsopple. Memb St Anne Cath Ch, Davidsville. Grad of Hooversville HS. Retired from Jim Dewer's Olds, where he was mechanic & specialized in frony-end alignment. Navy Vet WWII, bomber plane radio operator. Life memb VFW Post 155; Somerset Firemen Relief Fund; & Nat'l Slovak Society. Friends received 7-9pm Sun & 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon at George E Mason Funeral Home Inc. Bur St Anne Cath Cem.

[NI163530] 1920 Census Nanty Glo, Blacklick Twp., Cambria Co., PA 31 January 1920 by John W. Dunn
218B 88 Fifth Street 729 843 Toatt Andrew Head R . M W 25 M 1912 AL Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak Yes Miner Coal Mine W
Toatt Susie Wife F W 23 M 1904 AL Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak
Toatt Mike Son M W 2 7/12 S PA Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak
Toatt Mary Daughter F W 1 2/12 S PA Slovakland Slovak Slovakland Slovak

[NI163553] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Thomas Dollard Age: 48 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0169 B Pl: PA Visit: 0599 Co: Somerset, Windber Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Mary 42, Ireland
Son Edgar 21, PA
Son Robert 18, PA
Dau Margaret 14, PA
Dau Marie 11, PA
Dau Regina 09, PA
Dau Beatrice 07, PA
Dau Helena 02, PA

[NI163560] J-town Trib-Demo, Wed 02 Jan 2002. Bittner-Robb, Beatrice F (Dollard), 99, Patriot Manor, Somerset, formerly of Jennerstown d 30 Dec 2001, Patriot Manor; b 8 Sep 1902, Windber d/o Thomas & Mary L (O'Brien) Dollard. Preceded by parents; 1st husb Merritt Robb; 2nd husb Lloyd J "Abe" Bittner; stepsons Robert & Richard Bittner; sis' Eleanor Dollard, Margaret Smith, Marie Beegle, Edith Dollard, Madeleine Ruckser, Regina McCallan, & Helen Leonard; Bros Edgar, Louis, & Joseph; stepgdaus Susan & Suzanne. Survived by chdn: Dorothy (Robb) Kendall, Mobile, AL; Richard Beegle, Anniston, AL; JoAnn (Bittner) w/o Col James Trayers, Springfield, VA; L James Bittner h/o Lois Gombita, Jennerstown; Nancy J (Bittner) w/o William Baer, Ft Myers, FL; & Michael L Bittner h/o Barbara Pugh, Bosewll; 32 gchdn & numerous ggchdn; dau-in-law Dorothy Bittner, Somerset; & Margaret Bittner, Sipesville. Memb All Saints Cath Parish. Grad of Windber HS. Attended former Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana, PA. Was teacher at former Seanor Elementary School from 1920 to 1930. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Wed Hoffman Funeral Home, Boswell. Bur St John's Cem, Windber.

[NI163589] 1920 Census Nanty Glo, Blacklick Twp., Cambria Co., PA 8 Jan 1920 by John W. Dunn
179B 52 Cambria Street 145 148 Carmel Edward Head O M M W 46 M PA NY NY Electric Wire Man Coal Mine
Carmel Helen Wife F W 43 M 1887 England England England
Carmel Guy Son M W 16 S PA PA England Clerk Supply House
Moody David Son in Law M W 20 M PA Scotland PA Miner Coal Mine
Moody Anna Daughter F W 18 M PA PA England

[NI163687] J-town Trib-Demo, Wed 07 Nov 2001. Dagostine-Lifford, Joycelyn, 65, Johnstown, d 2 Nov 2001, Mem'l Med Ctr; b 6 Dec 1935, Windber, d/o Walter & Mabel (Thomas) Caton. There will be no viewing. Visitation from 11am to time of serv at 11am Wed, Berkey COB. Bur Berkey Ch Cem. Arrangements by Geisel Funeral Home, Dale.

[NI163713] J-town Trib-Demo, Sun 30 Dec 2001. Blough, Zella June, 80, Harrah, OK, formerly of Davidsville, d 27 Dec 2001, OK; b 7 Jun 1921, Conemaugh Twp d/o Dewey P & Trella (Swank) Holsopple. Preceded by parents & husb Robert D Blough, who d 10 Mer 1996. Survived by chdn: Robert D Jr m to Ruth Stevenson, Novi, MI; Richard W & wife Nancy, Orange Co, CA; & Kathryn w/o George T O'Shea, Moore, OK; & gchdn Matthew M, Karin & Bridget. Former memb St David's Luth Ch, Davidsville. Friends recieved 11 am to time of serv 2 pm Wed at George E Mason Funeral Home, davidsville, Rev Nelson Igenfritz. Bur Maple Spring Cem.

[NI163787] J-town Trib-Demo, Sat 17 Nov 2001. Spangler, Mrs Irma K, 93, guest at Epworth Manor, Tyrone, formerly from Bedford d 15 Nov 2001; b 19 Jun 1908 Somerset Co d/o Albert P & Mary (Stutzman) Kimmel. On 16 Oct 1929 at family hoe she m Peter J Spangler who d 22 Aug 1987. Survived by son Gerald L Spangler h/o Eleanor Oldham, Yyrone; gchdn: Lee Ann Price, Port Matilda; Jeffrey Spangler, Tyrone; Sharee Sypinski, Dover, DE; James B Spangler, Boca Raton, FL; & Steve Spangler, Dover; 7 ggchdn & sis LaRue Walker, Friedens. Preceded by son James B Spangler on 21 Sep 1960. She was memb St John's United Ch of Christ, Bedford; 50 yr memb OES of Bedford; & Bedford Hosp Auxilary. She was grad Dormont HS. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Sun, Funeral 1pm Mon at Timothy A Berkebile Funeral Home, Bedford. Emtombment in Bedford Cem.

[NI163992] Daily Amer., Somerset, PA, pg 2 sect. C 11 June 2002. Thelma Kay Long, 57, formerly of Berlin d Dec 18. Mem'l srev 10 am Sat at Grace Breth Ch, Reading Mines. Bur 11 am Somerset Co Mem'l Pk.

[NI163993] PA1910 Census Miracode Index
John L Dunn Age: 36 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0153 B Pl: Scotland Visit: 0282 Co: Somerset Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Hennrietta 35, England
Son George 15, PA
Son Joseph 13, PA
Son William 12, PA
Daug Lula 05, PA
Son David NR, PA

[NI164100] J-town Trib-Demo, Mon 20 Aug 2001. Dowdell, Leroy Paul "Roy", 69, Uniontown, PA d Sat 18 Aug 2001, Uniontown Hosp; b 28 Jan 1932, Johnstown s/o late James Nicholas & Veronica (McHugh) Dowdell. Memb St John the Evangelist Cath Ch where he was Eucharistic Minister. Former employee Bethlehem Steel Corp, retiring in 1983. Also memb Friendship Bowling League. survived by a bro James Dowdell, a gdau Ariel Dowdell. Survived by wife of 50y Lenora (Mayer) & chdn: Jeffrey Michael h/o Janet, Bridgeport, WV; Barbara Dowdell Donesec, Uniontown; Paula w/o Lwarence Ruane, Harrisburg; Timothy h/o Marybeth, Uniontown; Shaun, Uniontown; Adrian, NYC, NY; Maureen w/o Drew Wilkins, Brooklyn, NY; Roy h/o Linda, White Plains, NY; Mary w/o George Singh, Middletown, NY; 18 gchdn; 1 ggson; sis' Eileen Caster, Johnstown; Gerry Cortes, Pinehurst, NC; & Kathleen Muenzer, Pittsburgh; & bros Charles, Burtonsville, MD; & Richard, Duncanville. Friends received at Stephen Kezmarsky III Funeral Home, Uniontown, PA on Mon 7-9pm; Tue 2-4 & 7-9 & Wed Aug 22 until 9am when blessing serv held, 9:30am mass St John the Evang RC Ch, Rev William J Kiel as celebrant. Entombment Chapel Of Memories Mausoleum, Sylvan Hgts Cem, Uniontown.

[NI164147] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Orlando Berkley Age: 49 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0008 B Pl: PA Visit: 0063 Co: Berks Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Dau Annie V 21, PA
Son Frederick B 19, PA
Dau Nancy P 17, PA
Son George C 16, PA
Dau Grace C 14, PA
Dau Jesse B 13, PA
Son Julius 11, PA
Dau Alice M 07, PA
Son Adam P 05, PA
Dau Eve P 05, PA
Son Edward L 03, PA
Niece Anna S Stahler 25, PA
Dau Bernice M Stahler NR, PA

[NI164159] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Leonard Bloom Age: 58 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0151 B Pl: PA Visit: 0078 Co: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Anna 55, PA
Son Waldo A 20, PA
Dau Clara P 17, PA
Son Rolla C 15, PA
Son Ralph M 13, PA

[NI164164] PA 1910 Census Miracode Index
Philip Lenz Age: 38 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0151 B Pl: Germany Visit: 0130 Co: Cambria Relation: Head of Household Other Residents:
Wife Laura 36, PA
Son Conrad 17, PA
Dau Katie 15, PA
Dau Hilda 13, PA
Dau Laura 11, PA
Son George 03, PA

[NI164353] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA
225/232 John SNOWBERGER, 26, Farmer, Pa.
Susan, 22, Pa.

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