[NI174318] 1850 Census Carroll Twp., Cambria Co., PA 15 Aug 1850 Henry Cook
36 80 81 Luther John 45 M Farmer 3750 PA
Luther Mary A. 45 F PA
Luther Augustine 22 M Carpenter PA
Luther Lucinda 17 F PA
Luther John 15 M PA
Luther Matilda 13 F PA
Luther Mary 11 F PA
Luther Chrysostom 9 M PA
Luther Catherine W. 6 F PA
Luther Henry 26 M Laborer PA
Luther Ann 22 F PA

[NI174319] Census: 1870, # 126 Carroll Twp
Widow age 67

[NI174331] Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg, PA, FRI 9 JAN 1891. LOCAL & PERSONAL: Louis, the 4 yr old s/o William W. & Sophia Luther, of Carroll twp, d Tue last from pneumonia. His remains were interred at St. Benedict's cem at Carrolltown on Thu.

[NI174391] John Michael Zellhoefer was married to "Anna", had 4 chldn, she d in childbirth of the twins George & Sophie, later adopted by Klotz. At that time they lived near Rome, Sullivan Twp, Jefferson Co, WI.

[NI174422] 1850 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 22 Jul Jno. J. Schell
5 124 131 Weimer Frederick 45 M W Blacksmith 400 PA
Weimer Margaret 39 F W PA
Weimer Frederick, Jr. 14 M W PA
Weimer Emma 1 F W PA
Buchanon Margaret 81 F W Ireland
1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 25 June Christian Streng
23 131 140 Weimer Frederick 65 M W Retired Blacksmith 2,000 200 PA
Weimer Margaret 59 F W Keeping house PA
Weimer Amanda 18 F W PA
Weimer Frederick F 34 M W Blacksmith 1,000 PA

[NI174915] Seems Jeremiah was an interesting individual. He ran away to Ireland & changed his name to McCarthy.

[NI175019] The Mennonite Apr 2 2002 pg 25-27 Vol. 5 # 7. Thomas, Mildred (Hammer) 96, Thomas Mills, Pa d Feb 20. Spouse Kenneth R Thomas (deceased). Parents George & Elsie Hammer (deceased). Surviving chdn Louise Cullar, Lila Rae Stetter, Elsie Fetterman; 11 gchdn; 27 ggchdn. Funeral Feb 23 at Mason Funeral Home, Davidsville, Pa.

[NI175085] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
132/132 Henry ICKES, 75, Nothing [occupation], $3000, Pa.
Margaret, 60, Pa.
Catharn, 25
Henry, 11

[NI175106] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
138/138 Isaac COBLER, 40, cannot read & write
Sarah, 38, Pa.
George, 17, school
Andrew, 9, school
John, 7, school
Francis, 5
Susan, 11

[NI175123] 1910 Census Miracode Index
David D Brumbaugh Age: 55 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0017 Br Pl: Visit: 0124 Co: Bedford Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Keturah 53
Son John 21
Dau A May 16
Son William L 14
Dau Maggie Manges 32
Gdau Pearl K 03

[NI175130] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
133/133 Michael ICKES, 32, Pa.
Hannah, 30, Pa.
Joseph, 9, school
Hermann, 7, school
Ann Mary, 5
Maryan, 2

[NI175138] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
56/56 Adam ICKES, 65, Farmer, $6000, Pa.
Mary, 69, Pa.
Isaac, 27, Farmer, m within yr
Sarah, 21, m within yr
Adam, 20, Farmer
George, 17, Farmer
Leah MOSES, 22

[NI175169] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
42/42 Phillip ICKES, 70, Farmer, $1000, Pa.
Elisabeth, 72, Pa.

[NI175182] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
George H Dibert Age: 56 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0054 b place: PA Visit: 0335 Co: Blair, Altoona Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Sarah J 54 PA
dau Catharine 17 PA
Son David R 16 PA
dau Ruth E 12 PA
Boarder David A Hicks 23
Boarder Rachel Hicks 19

[NI175222] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
121/121 Phillip ICKES, 32, Blk Smith, $1000, Pa.
Barbara, 28, Pa.
Wm. H., 6
Joseph, 4
Mary Ann, 10, school
Sarah, 8, school
Ann Maria, 1

[NI175238] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
118/118 Danule WENTZ, 45, Laborer, $150, Pa.
Elisabeth, 35, Pa.
Isaac, 17, school
Phillip, 15, school
Joseph H., 1
Susanna, 14, school
Rebeca, 10, school
Elisabeth, 6
Catharn, 4

[NI175324] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 7 Thos Hughes
33 66 70 Dodson Levi 34 M Farmer Pa
Dodson Ann M 34 F Pa
Dodson John 8 M Pa
Dodson Mary 4 F Pa
Dodson Joseph 4 M Pa
Dodson Ann M. 9 F Pa

[NI175326] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 20 Thos Hughes
36 83 85 Dollord Patrick 40 M Farmer 800 Ireland
Dollord Eliza 35 F Pa
Dollord Mary 7 F Pa
Dollord Catharine 5 F Pa
Dollord William 2 M Pa
Mower John 10 M Pa
Gorgner Michael 60 M Laborer Pa

[NI175346] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 12Thos Hughes
28 156 165 Clotz Jacob 50 M 150 Pa
Clotz Catherine 60 F Pa
Clotz Susann 19 F Pa

[NI175350] May have traveled West & d before returning for his family

[NI175436] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 16 Thos Hughes
40 224 236 Hite David 30 M Farmer 300 Pa
Hite Mary 28 F Pa
Hite William 4 M Pa

[NI175480] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA Abm. B. Bunn
89/89 Jacob WEISEL, 52, Farmer, Pa.
Mary, 45, cannot read & write
John, 22, Farmer
George, 6
James, 3
Nancy, 10
Hannah, 11
Maria, 14
Ann, 15
Margart, 18
Ellen, 21

[NI175497] 1850 Census Union Twp., Bedford Co., PA
184/185 Samule HITE, 46, Carpenter, Pa.
Mary, 42, Pa.
Jacob, 10, school
Danule, 8, school
Hester, 18, school
Delilah, 16, school
Sarah, 2

[NI175628] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
13/13 George HERSHBERGER, 31, Farmer, Pa.
Elizabeth, 29, Pa.
Henry, 6
John, 3
George, 1
William SIPES, 20, Farmer

[NI175630] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
33/33 Daniel HERSHBERGER, 28, Farmer, Pa.
Mary, 21, Pa.
Samuel SPIDLE, 12, school

[NI175632] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
32/32 Henry HERSHBERGER, 26, Farmer, Pa., married within the year
Eliza, 19, Pa., married within the year

[NI175663] 1850 Census: E Providence, Twp, Bedford Co, PA 14 to 19 Oct Thos. Hughes
52/52 George RITCHEY, 40, Farmer, $1600, Pa.
Ann, 30, Pa.
Catharine, 11, school
Elizabeth, 9, school
Rachel, 7, school
Sarah, 4
William, 2

[NI175697] 1850 PA Census: E Providence, Twp, Bedford Co, PA 14 to 19 Oct Thos. Hughes
20/20 William RITCHEY, 50, Farmer, $1700, Pa.
Juliann, 42, Pa.
Michael, 17, Farmer, school
George, 11
Lewis, 7
Joseph, 4
Henry, 2
Mary D. ARMAN, 17

[NI175720] Family came to Washington Co, IN abt 1822. John started a ferry service accross the White river.

[NI175731] Listed on 1790 DE Census living in Northwest Fork Hundred, Sussex Co, DE. In 1795 he was in Guilford Co, NC. On 14 Oct 1795 he purchased 320 acres in guilford, NC from Francis McBride - Deed bk # 6 pg 82.

[NI175841] Married had 5 chldn 1 dead

[NI176297] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
25/25 Adam RITCHEY, 37, Farmer, Pa.
Catharine, 32, Pa.
Hannah, 13, school
John, 8, school
Maria, 11, school
George, 6, school
William, 4, school
Samuel, 2

[NI176301] 1850 Census Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 5 Thos Hughes
30 4 4 Baker Jacob B. 36 M Blacksmith Pa
Baker Mary H. 30 F Pa
Baker Lucy Ann 13 F Pa
Baker George W. 9 M Pa
Baker Mary *. 5 F Pa * may be J or Q
Baker Frank *. 4 M Pa * may be J or Q
Baker John 2 M Pa

[NI176318] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
30/30 Andrew SNOWBERGER, 48, Farmer, $3000, Pa.
Rosanna, 45, Pa.
David, 20, Farmer, school
Joseph, 18, Farmer, school
Catharine, 15, school
Elizabeth, 13, school
Rosanna, 11, school
Mary, 10, school
Andrew, 8, school
Sarah, 5
Susanna, 3

[NI176465] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
34/34 Henry SNIDER, 50, Farmer, $2500, Pa.
Sarah, 40, Pa.
Daniel, 21, Farmer
Sarah, 17, school

[NI176468] 1850 Census W Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA214/215
35/35 Samuel ZOLLENBERGER, 27, Carpenter, Pa.
Catharine, 32, Pa.
Henry, 4
Mary A., 2


[NI176548] Abram was an 1812 soldier. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]

[NI176554] Josiah is the proprietor of the Glade House, Somerset. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]
1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 24 June Christian Streng
23 99 107 Brant Josiah 42 M W Hotel Keeper 15,000 3,500 PA
Brant Mary A 39 F W Keeping house PA

[NI176555] Chauncey A. Brant, Esq., learned the saddler's trade in Stoystown, receiving $2.50 for 18 mos work. 10 yrs later he worked 18 mos in Pittsburgh, & at end of that time had $22. clear of all expense. He has the 1st dollar (silver) that he earned (1847). Mr. Brant has been engaged in mercantile business in Shanksville since 1868. Prior to that time he had followed saddlery business for 16 yrs in this place. He was justice of peace 20 yrs, & has held other important Twp offices. Mr. Brant enlisted in Aug 1862, & was discharged May 1865; he serv as 1st sgt in Co D 133d regt PA Vols. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]

[NI176563] The Colemans, of Stony Creek, are descended from John Coleman, a native of Germany, who was one of the earliest pioneers of the Co, & settled in Brother's Valley. It is stated that he was once offered an unimproved farm near Berlin in exchange for a cowbell. John came to Coleman station in 1855, & has since been engaged in farming & milling. He m Susan Foust, & was father of 9 chdn : Nicholas, John, George, Frederick, Jacob, Susanna, Sarah, Catharine & Eve. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 517.]

[NI176623] Joseph, another son, served one year in the late war. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Counties, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 517.]

[NI176624] 1870 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA 21 Jun 1870 Jno. Hicks
18 176 180 Coleman William H. 50 M W Farmer 12,000 1,800 PA.
Coleman Matilda 37 F W Keeping House PA
Coleman Sarah E. 15 F W PA
Coleman Agnes J. 10 F W PA
1880 Census Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA J. R. Boose Pg 33, 22 Jun 1880
3 33 245A 19 302 319 Coleman William W M 60 Farmer PA PA PA
Coleman Matilda W F 47 Wife Keeping house PA PA PA
Coleman Sarah S W F 24 dau PA PA PA
Coleman Agnes J W F 20 dau PA PA PA
Hoover Cora A W F 11 Niece PA PA PA

[NI176628] 1850 census Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
241 67 KELLER Frederick 53 M Laborer PA
KELLER Polly 54 F PA
KELLER Sarah 24 F PA
KELLER Lavenia 14 PA
KELLER Chauncey 10 M PA
LAMBERT Benjamin 30 M La borer PA

[NI176630] never married

[NI176631] Josiah Keller, Somerset, s/o Frederick Keller (whose father was Jacob). Josiah came to Somerset in 1858, & followed blacksmithing until 1875. He was then elected Co treas. Since 1878 he has been in the mercantile business. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos, 1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. pp. 517 & 519.]
1870 Census Somerset Boro, Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 25 June Christian Streng
11 120 128 Keller Josiah 46 M W Blacksmith 1,800 500 PA
Keller Caroline 40 F W Keeping house PA
Keller Margaret A 15 F W PA

[NI176641] William is living on homestead of 200 acs, known as the old Kimmel farm, one of oldest in Twp. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 517.]

[NI176644] Mr. E. G. Mostoller follows farming, & also owns & operates a sawmill.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]

[NI176654] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 15 Jul Pg 35 Christian Streng
31 275 276 Beachley Daniel 36 M W Farmer 4,000 970 Maryland
Beachley Mary 27 F W PA
Beachley Catharine 5 F W PA
Beachley Noah J. 3 M W PA
Beachley Mahlon 3/12 M W PA March
Sibert Harriet 14 F W Domestic Servant PA

[NI176669] Oliver enlisted in Sep 1861, & was discharged in Dec 1864 Co C 53d regt PA Vols wounded in the head at Gettysburg & also at Mine Run. He is now farming in this Twp.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518.

[NI176670] Conrad Sease came from Germany to Brother's Valley in 1834. He moved to Stony Creek in 1845, where he still resides. He follows shoemaking, & has worked at trade since he was 14 yrs old. He m Sarah Hoyl. Chdn: Oliver, Levi, Julia A. (Gindlesperger), Mary, Eva (Schrock), Sarah (Miller) & Amanda (Ringler). Both sons were in the army. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 518.

[NI176677] 1850 census Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
232 148 SPICHER Tobias 55 M Carpenter PA
BECHTEL Martin 32 M Laborer PA
MILLER Susan 10 F PA

[NI176679] 1870 Census of Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA 17 Aug 1870 by H. J. Boyts
Yoder Elisabeth 79 F W Retired Farm Housekeeper . 100 Penna

[NI176682] John, the 2nd s/o Joseph Speicher, Sr., has been living in Shanksville since 1847. He followed carpentry 18 yrs, & is now leading a retired life.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 521.]

[NI176683] Adam Stull, who removed from Lancaster Co, settled where Berlin now is at a very early date. At that time people in this Co went to Hagarstown, 75 mis away, for flour. Mr. Stull was a blacksmith, & worked at his trade in Berlin. He d age 85. His Chdn were George, John, Catharine & Susan. [Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]

[NI176687] Joseph serv as 1st lt Co H 171st regt PA Vols; enlisted Oct 1862, discharged Sep 1863. He kept hotel at Roxbury 3 yrs, at Berlin 2 yrs, & has been in the same business in Shanksville since 1861. Mr. Stull has been Twp constable since 1864.[Source: History of Bedford, Somerset, & Fulton Cos1884. Waterman, Watkins & Co. p. 516.]

[NI176695] Herald of Truth Vol XXVI # 22 Nov 15 1889 pg 350, 351. Kauffman, On 16 Sep near Davidsville, Somerset Co, Pa, of typhoid fever, Catharine w/o Jacob Kauffman & d/o Christian & Polly Blough aged 33y 1m 1d. Bur 18th. Serv by Moses B Miller & Jonathan Hersberger. She was memb Amish Menn Ch. Her baby had to stay with its gmother till 28 Sep, when little Homer, at age of 1m 8d passed away. Bur 30th by her side. Serv by Jonathan Hershberger.

[NI176778] Gospel Herald Vol VI # 45 Feb 5 1914 pg 699, 700. Custer, Lydia (Blough) w/o Joseph Custer, of Kaufman congregation, Johnstown, Pa dist b Oct 18 1858 d Jan 11 1914 aged 55y 2m 23d. Survived by 2 daus & 7 gchdn. Funeral Kaufman Ch on 13th by W C Hershberger. Bur Kaufman Cem.

[NI176781] Gospel Herald - Vol XXV, # 8 - May 26, 1932 � pg 174, 175. Blough. Jeremiah s/o late John H. & Fannie Blough, b Shade Twp, Somerset Co, Pa Jun 21 1857; d his home near Jerome, Pa May 5, 1932; aged 74y 10m 15d. He m Polly Eash Sep 26, 1880. 1 dau Catherine Stayrook d 21y ago. His wife d Jun 2, 1924. 2 sons & 3 daus survive: Lydia w/o Homer Byers; Minnie w/o Harvey Hershberger, with whom he had his home; Fannie w/o Orange Saylor; Josiah, & Harry; all living Conemaugh Twp. Also survived by 25 gchdn & 16 ggchdn. 5 bros, Josiah, David, Hiram, John, & William. He was memb Menn Ch Blauch congregation. Funeral in home & in Blauch Ch by S. G. Shetler, asstd by L. A. Blough. Bur in family plot in Blauch Cem.
1910 PA Miracode
Jeremiah Blough State: PA Dist: 0133 Color: W Age: 52 B Pl: PA Visit: 0249 Co: Somerset Relation: Husb ImageNum: 00300881 Other Residents:
Wife Polly 53, PA
Son Josiah 18, PA
Son Harry 16, PA

[NI176892] 1910 PA Census Blair Co, PA
David H Dibert Age: 57 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0070 b place: PA Visit: 0016 Co: Blair Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Sadie L Dibert 58 PA
Son Wilber D 30 PA
dau Pearl 20 PA
Son Chester 19 PA
dau Stella M 14 PA

[NI176898] Joseph DIBERT 1859
1910 PA Census Miracode Index
Joseph Dibert Age: 50 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0070 b place: PA Visit: 0269 Co: Blair Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Mary A 46 PA
dau Ruth 15 PA
Son Clyde 13 PA
Son Vernon 07 PA

[NI176900] 1910 PA Census Miracode Index
West Dibert Age: 44 State: PA Color: W Dist: 0070 b place: PA Visit: 0180 Co: Blair Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Wife Mary K 40 PA
dau Emma 22 PA
dau Lizzie 20 PA
Son Jaboc 17 PA
Grandson John W 04 PA

[NI177148] 1870 Census Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, PA 27 Jun Pg 1 Christian Streng
40 25 25 Countryman Jacob 50 M W Farmer 7,000 2,100 PA
Countryman Lydia 47 F W Keeping house PA
Countryman Mary 16 F W PA
Countryman Belinda 14 F W PA
Countryman Franklin 12 M W PA
Countryman Edward L. 10 M W PA
Countryman Harvey 8 M W PA
Countryman George L. 2 M W PA

[NI177602] 1850 Census Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford, PA Sep 13 Thos Hughes
3 179 182 Rose Aleander 45 M Farmer 100 Pa
Rose Rebecca 40 F Pa
Rose Margaret 11 F Pa
Rose Thomas 9 M Pa
Rose Eliza J. 8 F Pa
Rose Henrietta 7 F Pa
Rose William P. 6 M Pa
Rose Barton 2 M Pa

[NI178289] 1850 Census Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford, PA Sep 12 Thos Hughes
25 163 166 Rose Arthur 60 M Farmer 2,000 Pa
Rose Elizabeth 59 F Pa
Rose Samuel 22 M Farmer Pa
Rose Ellen 18 F Pa
Rose Harriet 12 F Pa

[NI178291] 38 165 168 Rose John 38 M Laborer Md
Rose Maria 34 F Md
Rose Talbert 10 M Md
Rose William 8 M Md
Rose Lloyd 6 M Md
Rose Mary L. 3 F Pa

[NI178341] Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
John W Croyle State: PA Enumeration District: 0001 Color: W Age: 47 Birth Place: PA Visit: 0419 County: Bedford Relation: Husband ImageNum: 00920265 Other Residents:
Wife Delonra 42, PA
Daughter Odra 18, PA
Daughter Ethel 14, PA

[NI178599] 30 164 167 Rose Henry 35 M Farmer Md
Rose Tabitha 34 F Md
Rose George 8 M Pa
Rose William H. 7 M Pa
Rose Arthur 6 M Pa
Rose Agnes 4 F Pa
Rose Emanuel 2 M Pa
Ash Catherine 60 F 3,000 Md

[NI178767] 1870 Census Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA 13 Aug 1870 by Jno. Hicks
18 127 134 Walker Justus 40 M W Farmer 10,000 2,000 PA
19 127 134 Walker Caroline 36 F W Keeping house PA
20 127 134 Walker Mahlen W. 11 M W PA
21 127 134 Walker Annie M. 8 F W PA
22 127 134 Walker Norman B. 6 M W PA
23 127 134 Walker Edwin 1 M W PA

[NI178824] Paint Twp. Taxable inhabitants for 1837 Henry Foust - miller
1850 census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA
108 Foust, Henry 37 M Farmer - 5000 Acres
Foust, Eve 40 F
Foust, Samuel 11 M
Foust, Anne 8 F
Foust, Elisabeth 5 F
Foust, Sarah A. 3 F
Foust, Henry 9 mo M
Blough, Eve 13 f
Levingston, Sameul 50 M Millwright - 300 Acres
Wible, Henry 24 M Laborer
1870 Census Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA 17 Jun 1870 H. J. Boyts
6 167 161 Foust Henry 46 M W farmer 3,700 6,000 Pa
Foust Eve 50 F W wife Pa
Foust Sarah 22 F W domestic servant Pa
Foust Louisa 18 F W At Home Pa
Foust Henry 20 M W At Home Pa

[NI178958] Raised by his gmother Sophia Elizabeth MITCHELL-EDMISTON & her 2nd husb, Joseph Scidman KAUFFMAN.

[NI179029] Johnstown Trib-Demo, Feb 4 1985 KEIPER-HELSEL - Mrs. Bertha M., 67, Ottawa St., formerly of Riffith Ave, d Feb 2 1985, at Mercy Hosp. b Jul 31 1917, Johnstown, d/o Joseph & Annie (Smith) Wolford. Preceded in death by parents; 1st husb, Aubrey R. "Bob" Helsel; & 2nd husb, Clarence S. Keiper. Survived by these chldn: Robert B. Helsel, m to former Beverly Holsopple; Barbara, w/o William Mangus; Clarence E., m former Judy Amick; Kurt Keiper, m former Debbie Maldet; & Lida Rose, w/o Anthony Prestipino, all of Johnstown; also 15 Grandchldn. Sister of Leona Johns, Erie; Margaret Schellhammer & Ruth Gaston, both of Johnstown, & Mabel Helsel, Ebensburg. Memb Oakl& UBC. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Mon at John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, serv will be at 11 am Tue, Rev. Harold Greenway. Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI179241] 1850 census Stonycreek Twp., Somerset Co., PA
242 71 SPICHER Mary 52 F PA
SPICHER Amelia 28 F PA
SPICHER William 26 M Farmer PA
SPICHER Daniel 24 M Farmer PA
SPICHER Margaret 22 F PA

[NI179242] 1850 census Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA by J. J. Schell
120 125 SPEICHER John 27 M Carpenter 1000 PA
Mary 23 F PA

[NI179244] Johnstown Trib, Jul 13 1906 MRS. SARAH SPEICHER Mrs. Sarah Speicher, formerly of Stoyestown, d last eve at home of her son-in-law & daug Mr. & Mrs. Norman Coder, No. 724 Franklin st, in her 54th yr. Mrs. Speicher fell over a chair Sun night & fractured her hip. The cause of death. however, was heart failure, though due indirectly to the accident. The deceased was b Somerset & was a d/o Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kantner, deceased. She was a sis of John Kanter, Somerset, Joseph & Harry, Johnstown, Charles, NYCity; Miss Lucy, Stoyestown, Misses Lillian & Annie, 1st Ward; Mrs. George Hershberger, Pine st, & Mrs. Maggie Baer, NE. Besides these bros & sis, she is survived by a daug Marion w/o Norman Coder; son C. Bert Speicher, agent for PA RR Co at Derry, & several gchldn. Funeral will take place from Coder home at 2 pm Sun, when her pastor, Rev. E. A. Hibler, of 1st Christian Ch will conduct obsequies. Bur Grandview Cem.

[NI179246] Obit Johnstown Trib - Apr 21 1902: MRS. FRANK SPEICHER - Mary Clinger Speicher, w/o Frank Speicher, d this morn at her home, No. 24 Prospect st, Mt. Washington, Pittsburg, Bright's disease. The deceased was 45 yrs of age & is survived by her husb, who is s/o Mrs. Mary Fleegle, Stoystown, & by 5 chldn - 3 sons & 2 daugs. Her father is dead but her mother is still living, residing on Fronheiser st, this city.

[NI179247] Obit Johnstown Trib - Apr 5 1917: JOHN H. SPEICHER, ILL FOR 14 YRS, IS DEAD. Bro of William H. Speicher, Trib Correspondent, Expires at Somerset. John H. Speicher, who had been an invalid for 14 yrs, d last eve at Somerset Co Hosp, where he had been a patient for almost a yr. His death was due to general debility. The body was brought from Somerset to home of William H. Speicher, Stoyestown this afternoon, funeral to take place there at 2 pm tomorrow. Rev. J. S. English, pastor of Luth Ch of Stoyestown, will be in charge of servs. Bur Odd Fellows' Cem, Stoyestown. John H. Speicher was b Quemahoning Twp, Somerset Co, Mar 4 1865, date of 2nd inauguration of Pres Lincoln. J. H. Speicher was s/o John J. & Mary Berkey Speicher, latter being sis of William Berkey, whose widow d in Stoyestown only a wk or so ago. Mrs. Berkey was in her 90th yr. Besides William H. Speicher, well-known Trib correspondent known as "Rispah", Mr. Speicher is survived by another bro Frank E. Speicher 1334 Beechwood Ave, Pittsburgh.

[NI179336] Johnstown Trib-Demo; Jan 22 & 23 2001 TRANTER - Violet G., 89, resid of South Fork Welcome Home, d Jan 20 2001, Conemaugh Mem Med Ctr. b Jun 23 1911, Mt Hope, d/o Philip & Annie (Smith) Custer. Preceded in death by parents; husb, Earl "Zeke" Tranter; who d Jan 14 1993; son Devon Earl; sis' Pearl Traner & Annie Weaver; & bros, Earl, Howard, Homer, Herbert, Willard & Gerald. Survived by chldn, Joanne w/o Matthew Waddell, South Fork; David m Nadia, Suffren, NY; Karen Carroll, Fredericksburg, VA; Linda Gaglio, Clinton Twp, MI; & Erlene, w/o Keith Naugle, Fisherville, VA, & former daug-in-law, Shirley (Dierling) Tranter, Pearl River, NY. Also 11 gchldn, 14 ggchldn & 2 gggsons. She was last surviving memb of her immediate family. Violet was a retired secretary from Ebensburg State School. Mrs. Tranter was memb 1st UBC, South Fork; Forest Hills Golden Age Club; Forest Hills Senior Ctr; & South Fork Library Board, where she was a former secretary. She graduated from former Adams Twp Hi School, Class of 1929. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Tue Charles O. Dimond Funeral Home Inc., South Fork, serv will be at 11 am Wed, Rev. Ed Jenkins. Bur Forest Lawn Cem.

[NI179345] Johnstown Trib Fri Jul 13 1900, pg 6. Rachel, w/o David Rorabaugh, Jackson Twp, d yesterday at home of her son-in-law & daug H.V. Rorabaugh, Conemaugh age 60 yrs. She had cancer of the bowels. She was b Jackson Twp 1839, d/o David Paul. 7 chldn were b to her & David Rorabaugh 5 of whom are living - Mary w/o Milton Funk, Jackson Twp; D.H., PA RR engineer, living Conemaugh; Emma w/o V.H. Rorabaugh, Clara w/o Jacob Custer, Vinco; & W.H. living on old homestead. Amanda d in infancy & Lizzie d in 1887. Her husb survives. In latter yrs aged couple lived on old Paul homestead, Jackson Twp. Sis of Benjamin, Jackson Twp; Solomon, Blacklick Twp; Mrs. Keagy, MD; Mrs. John Funk, Homestead; Mrs. William Shuman.
Jul 20 1900 (probably Johnstown Trib) Mrs. Rachael Rorabaugh, w/o David Rorabaugh, Jackson Twp, d Mon eve at home of her son-in-law & daug Mr. & Mrs. Henry Valentine Rorabaugh, 4th St, Conemaugh. She was in 61st yr. For some time she had been in Mem Hosp receiving treatment for cancer of the bowels. Not being benefited she went to home of her daug where she d. She was d/o David Paul & Catherine Rager & b 1839 & 1861 m David Rorabaugh. 7 chldn were b to them of which 5 are living: Mary w/o Milton Funk, Jackson Twp; David H., PA RR engineer living at Conemaugh; Emma w/o Henry V. Rorabaugh, at whose home she d; Clara w/o Jacob Custer, Vinco; & W.H., living on old homestead. Anna Elizabeth & Amanda d in infancy.

[NI179356] Johnstown Trib-Demo, May 4 2001 CUSTER - Donald L., 73, Upper Yoder Twp, formerly from Davidsville, d May 1 2001, Select Specialty Hosp. US Navy vet. b Aug 3 1927, s/o late Foster D. Sr. & Louisa M. Custer. Preceded in death by bro Foster D. Jr., & sis Florence Adams. Survived by wife, former Patty Ripjack; & chldn: Beverly Grimme, Winchester, VA; Donald C., & wife Glenda, Stonewall, LA; & Barbara & T. Thomas, Huntsville, AL; sis Janet, m to David Lint, Mars, PA; stepmother, Verna Custer, & sis-in-law, Mary Custer, both Davidsville; bro-in-law, James "Bud" Adams, CA; 6 gchldn, Joseph, Jason, Brandy, Jessica, Shalonna & Krystal Marie. No visitation. Pvt serv at family's request. NOTE: T. Thomas is listed as a son; possibly Barbara is m to a T. Thomas.

[NI179478] Johnstown Trib-Demo, Jan 10 2001 CUSTER - Albert C. Sr, 79, Hollidaysburg Vets Home, formerly of Schellsburg & Johnstown, d Jan 9 2001, Van Zandt VA Med Ctr, Altoona. b Johnstown Aug 26 1921, s/o Josiah & Sally (Yoder) Custer. He was truck driver for McQuaide Trucking of Johnstown for 25 yrs. He serv WWII as PFC in US Army, serving in Europe & Africa. Life memb Shawnee Valley Vol Fire Co, where he was fire police chief Emeritus. Memb Schellsburg VFW Post 4440 & Bedford American Legion Post 113. He enjoyed hunting, fishing & NASCAR racing. He is survived by sons, Albert C. Custer Jr h/o Linda Cuppett, Alum Bank; Robert A. Custer, Schellsburg; daug Peggy w/o Herbert Whitfield, Martinsburg; bros, Boyd Custer, AZ & Howard Custer, Johnstown; & sis' Edith Miller, Bedford, & Mable, New Paris; also 6 gchldn & 4 ggchldn. He was formerly m to Olga (Palm) & is also survived by a no. of nieces & nephews. Funeral serv 11 am Thu at Mickle-Geisel Funeral Home, Schellsburg, Rev. Michael Van Dyke officiating. Bur Schellsburg Cem, with graveside military rites by Ft Bedford Honor Guard. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Wed at Mickle-Geisel Funeral Home. Family suggests donations to Shawnee Valley Vol Fire Co, Schellsburg, PA.

[NI179491] Gospel Herald, Nov 9 1939 Custer. Polly d/o Jonas & Martha Kauffman, was b Somerset Co, PA Feb 12 1862. Her parents came to MI when she was young girl of 6 yrs. They made their home in Kent Co., MI, where her early life was spent. After she m Emanuel Custer, her life was spent in vicinity of Clarksville, & last 5 yrs in village. She passed away Oct 8 1939 aged 77y 7m 26d. She had been cared for in home of her daug (Mrs. Gladys Hanson) since death of her companion abt 6 wks ago. She had been a faithful memb Menn Ch for many yrs & her trust was in her Lord & Saviour. Her patience under much suffering was an inspiration & help to those who came in contact with her. Of her immediate family left to mourn their loss are daug Mrs. Gladys Hanson, 8 gchldn, 7 ggchldn, 1 bro (Jerry Kauffman) & other relatives & friends. Funeral serv was held Oct 11 at home & at Bowne Menn Ch, conducted by Brethren Sherman Maust & T. E. Schrock. Bur adjoining Cem.

[NI179497] Johnstown Trib-Demo, c. Apr 29 1995 CUSTER, Florence Marie (Blough), 88, Maple Mtn Manor, Berlin, formerly of Boswell d Apr 28 1995, at the manor, b Jun 13 1906, Scalp Level d/o Samuel & Lydia Viola (Eash) Blough. Preceded in death by parents; husb George W, in 1966; chldn: George W., Lee W., & Howard E.; bros, Sterling, Foley, & John; sis Evelyn; & gdaugs, Florence & Nicole Ann Horner. Survived by chldn: Ester V. w/o Ernest E. Burkhart, Ocala, FL; Marie w/o Carl L. Kring, Boswell; Bett I. w/o Arthur G. Horner, Levittown; & Robert E., Confluence; stepdaug Catherine Corbett, Stoystown; also 17 gchldn, 35 ggchldn, & 7 gggchldn. Sis of Mary Miller, Johnstown, Ivy Bush, Meyersdale; Violet Miller, Johnstown, Jay E. m to Martha Bender, Oak Grove; & Donald m to Mary Burkhardt, Davidsville; also sis-in-law Harriet Blough, Mine 40; & daug-in-law, Betty Custer, Arbutus Village, Johnstown. Memb Jerome Ch of Nazarene. Friends received from 2-4 & 7-9 pm Mon at Hoffman Funeral Home, Main St, Boswell, serv at 11 am Tue, Rev. Richard M. Jones. Bur Blough Mennonite Cem.

[NI179545] Johnstown Trib-Demo Apr 12 2001 FETTERMAN, James L., 85, Richland Twp, formerly of Ferndale, d Apr 11 2001, Mem Med Ctr. b Nov 21 1915, Johnstown, s/o David P. & Anna (Custer) Fetterman. Preceded in death by parents; bros David Percy & Fern; & sis' Thelma, Sara Sipe, Hazel Andrews, Hope Mikesell, & Opal Hill. Survived by wife, former Florence Wisor, whom he m May 9 1941; chldn: Karen widow/o Bill Miller, Johnstown; & David m Donna Anderson, Export; also gdaugs, Kerri w/o Geoffrey Gibbs, Greensboro, NC; & Sarah Fetterman, Export; & sis Evelyn Shaffer; & sis-in-law Catherine, widow/o Fern, both Johnstown. Member of Ferndale UBC. Retired clerk from Car Shop at Bethlehem Steel Corp. Army vet of WWII. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu John Henderson Co. Funeral Home, 215 Central Ave, serv will be at 11 am Fri, Rev. Denton Lester. Bur Grandview Cem. In lieu of flowers family suggests mem'l contributions to Ferndale UBC.

[NI179627] The Gospel Herald Dec 11 1913 Custer, Hettie Eash of near Boswell, PA, b Sep 27 1885 d Nov 14 1913 aged 28y 1m 17d. She was m to Bro. David L. Custer on Mar 5 1905. They had 2 chldn. She leaves mother, & 11 bros & sis'. She united with Menn Ch when she was abt 16 yrs old & was faithful until death. Funeral serv conducted at Thomas Ch by brethren, S. G. Shetler & James Saylor.

[NI179651] Johnstown Trib-Demo, Feb 20 1974 PIERCE-KRISE, Mrs. Susan, 71, 309 Knauer Ln, Conemaugh; DOA Feb 19 1974, Lee Hosp. b Jun 9 1902, Elton, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rose. Preceded in death by 1st husb Elvy Krise; 2nd husb John D. Pierce, & son Clifford. Survived by these chldn: Clyde Krise m to Hazel Howard, Belmont; Forest Krise m to Helen Bozak, Elton; Betty w/o Andrew Dell, Windber; Dean m to Audrey Border, Windber; Margie w/o Donald Charlton, Stoystown; Robert Crum m to Judy Probert, Krayn; & Carol w/o Delmos Charlton, Friedens, PA; 4 stepchldn, 30 gchldn & 9 ggchldn. Sis of Benjamin, New Paris; Elmer, Kantner; Mrs. Kathryn Davis, Walters Ave; Mrs. Gussie Snyder, Somerset; & Mrs. Margert Reed, Berlin. Memb Assembly of God Ch, Windber. Family will receive 7-9 pm Wed & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu at Geisel Funeral Home, serv at 10:30 am Fri, Rev. Kenneth Hershey. Bur Richland Cem.

[NI179652] Johnstown Trib-Demo Feb 20 1974. 3 KILLED IN TRAFFIC; VICTIM'S WIFE DIES. 3 persons were killed on dist hwys Tue morn & w/o one of victims d apparently of heart attack after hearing of her husb's death. The victims were Mrs. Elda J. Stutzman, 60, & Mrs. Dorothy Hoffman, 48, both Stoystown, & John D. Pierce, 81, 309 Knauer Ln, Welsey Chapel. Mr. Pierce's wife Susan, 71, was heart attack victim. The 2 Somerset co women were occupants of a car that was involved in collision with an empty coal truck shortly before 10 am on Rte 30 approx 2 mis E of Stoystown. Mrs. Stutzman was identified as driver & Mrs. Hoffman as her passenger. The 2 were pronounced DOA at Somerset Comm Hosp. Somerset Co Coroner Wilbur Miller said Mrs. Stutzman had d of a compound fracture of skull, broken legs & a cut of the right arm. He said Mrs. Hoffman had d of fractured skull, shock & compound fractures of right shoulder & left leg. The state police said the truck was driven by Edward Lee Hoffman, 27, Rockwood, who apparently was not related to Mrs. Hoffman. The police said the 2 women were traveling W on Rte 30 when the car skidded on the snow-covered rdwy. The car crossed into the eastbound ln, according to police, & crashed head on with truck. The 1968 model car, valued at approx $2,000, was demolished, the police said, & damage to the truck as estimated at $800.Mrs. Stutzman is survived by her husb Eugene. She was b Oct 13 1913, Stonycreek Twp, d/o Orie & Elizabeth (Lape) Grove. Mrs. Hoffman is survived by her husb James & 4 chldn, 2 of them at home. She was b Dec 24 1925, Somerset Co, d/o William & Elsie (Stotler) Berkebile. The Hoffmans operated Hoffman Nurseries near Stoystown. Mr. Pierce was DOA shortly after 10 am after his van had crashed on Rte 22 approximately 3 mis W of Mundys Corner. Frank Hillman, Cambria Co chief deputy coroner, listed cause of death as broken ribs, a cut of the liver & internal bleeding. Cambria Co Coroner Joseph Govekar said Mr. Pierce's wife had gone to a neighbor's home after she had been notified of accident. Mrs. Pierce collapsed & was taken to Lee, where she was pronounced DOA shortly before noon. Mr. Govekar listed cause of death as an apparent heart attack. The state police said Mr. Pierce was traveling W on Rte 22 on a downgrade when his truck went out of control & struck a rock on one side of hwy. The police said the truck then skidded back across both lns & came to rest against a tree. The 1964-model van, valued at approx $1,000, was demolished, police said. Mr. Pierce was former employe of Swank Hardware Co, & was a retired truck driver. He was b May 16 1892, Greensburg. Mrs. Pierce was former Susan (Rose) Krise.
Johnstown Trib-Demo Feb 20 1974 PIERCE, John D., 81, 309 Knauer Ln, Conemaugh, DOA Feb 19 1974, Lee Hosp. b May 16 1892, Greensburg. Preceded in death by 1st wife, Nellie Evans, & daug Dorothy. 2nd wife, Susan (Rose) Krise d Feb 19 1974. Survived by chldn: Mary w/o Russell Corle, 1620 Florida Ave; James H., CA; Frances w/o John Yarina, Johnstown; & John E. m to Catherine Dynice, 312 Knauer Ln, Conemaugh; 8 stepchldn, 7 gchldn & 6 ggchldn. Former employee Swank Hardware Co. Retired truck driver. Family will receive 7-9 pm Wed & 2-4 & 7-9 pm Thu at Geisel Funeral Home, serv will be at 10:30 am Fri, Rev. Kenneth Hershey. Bur Richland Cem.

[NI179653] Johnstown Trib-Demo Apr 14 1969 PIERCE , Mrs. Nellie, 71, 309 Knauer Ln, Conemaugh, d eve of Apr 11 1969, Mercy Hosp. b Feb 26 1898, Flinton, PA d/o George W. & Alice (Tonkin) Evans. Survived by husb John D. & chldn: Mary w/o Russell Corle, 1620 Florida Ave; James H. m Mabel Struck, CA; Frances R. w/o John Yarina, Johnstown; John E. m Katherine Dynice, 312 Knauer Ln; & Dorothy, at home; also 7 gchldn & a ggchild & 2 sis', Mr. Mabel Hite & Mrs. Catherine Kinary, both Coopersdale Homes. Family will receive 2-4 & 7-9 pm Mon at Geisel Funeral Home, serv at 10:30 am Tue, Rev. Peter Bury. Bur Richland Cem.

[NI179667] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 25 Thos Hughes
4 218 222 Blackburn John 54 M Farmer 3,500 Pa
Blackburn Sarah 44 F Pa
Blackburn Mary C 21 F Pa
Blackburn Samuel O 18 M Farmer Pa
Blackburn Herbert O 17 M Farmer Pa
Blackburn Sarah E 8 F Pa
Blackburn Ann M 5 F Pa
Blackburn Margaret 2 F Pa
Snoaks Emanuel 10 M Pa

[NI179692] Will of Herbert Otto-1843 Bedford Co, PA. Wills Testators - Napier Twp. Co 5 Vol 3- PG 308 Will of Herbert Otto - some parts illegible- I Herbert Otto of Napier Twp, Bedford Co State of PA, a Farmer, do make & publish this last will & testament, & hereby making void all former wills by me at anytime heretofore made. 1stly I direct my Immortal Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it, hoping forgive, pardon & redemption of my sins through the grace of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ my body to be decently bur & my funeral expenses pd by my Executor, hereafter named, out of 1st monies that may come unto their hands out of my estates. 1st I divide & bequeath to my beloved wife Anna Maria during her natural lifetime, all that the mansion place, a home I now live, containing abt 200 acs & usual allowance with all bldg & improvements therein made or executed, after all the rents, -------& profits thereof. Also to my personal estate I do bequeath unto her as aforesaid my clock & case, 1 stove & pipe & such other household & kitchen furniture, as she will want & need for her own use, 2 bedsteads & bedding, corner cupboard, chest of drawers, breakfast table, choice of 2 cows, me house creature, 4 pigs & 4 sheep different grain for her for 1 yr, & grain & hay, sufficient for her stock for 1 yr after my decease; while said bequests are in lieu of my said wife's dower & if she accepts of the same she is hereby debarred from any -------of my other lands & personal estate: I do further direct that my saw mill place be sold within 2 yrs after my decease, & that my mansion place be sold within 2 yrs after the decease of my wife, should she survive me. (to the best advantage for my legal heirs) by my Executors hereinafter named. I do hereby rest on my said Executors full power & authority to dispose of my real estate, in fee simple or for a term of yrs, or otherwise, in order to carry out & fulfil the intentions of this my last Will & Testament in as full & large a manner in every respect as I could myself do if living. Also I do direct that the whole of my personal estate (excepting the articles above bequeathed to my wife, or that she may think proper to keep for her own use, be sold by my said Executors as soon as convenient after my decease at public sales. I do also direct ( that in case my wife does survive me) that all ------- goods that she may have at her decease to be sold at public sale as aforementioned, & divided as the rest of my Estate is hereinafter directed to be divided. I now desire to mention that my son Abraham Otto worked for me between 4 & 5 yrs over age, during which time I furnished him with clothing, boarding lodging & washing & after he was m I Gave him grain & ----------- on the saw mill place besides 2 horses, 1 cow, & sundry other articles for which there is no charge against him, & was intended as in compensation for the time working he worked over age & I now consider him to have received of his portions equal to one of his sisters. My son Daniel has also worked between 2 & 3 yrs over age, during which time I furnished him the same as his bro Abraham. I have since given him money, saddle & bridle, & $100 in advance of his portions for which I hold his note w/o bearing interest so that after taking all into consideration he has received with the advantage of the $100 as advance on his future portions equal to one of his sisters, The above statements are merely made as I have not kept a book account of what I gave to my chldn & when they went for themselves I gave to one as to the other in the value to the best of my judgement & I hope as explanation -------- -------- --------- chldn. I also direct & will that my Executor hereinafter named after they have pd my just debts, funeral expenses & of my estate that they divide the receipts from time to time as soon as they can collect it among my chldn or their legal heirs & representatives of my sons Abraham & Daniel Otto, & my daug Sarah m to John Blackburn, Christianna m to Philipe Shoemaker, Margaretta m to Peter Ewalt, & Maria Ann m to William E. Schell & my gdaug Catharine Horn d/o my daug Catharine deceased m to John Whetstone, share & share alike. As to Daniel, Adam, -------- David & Mary Smoke, chldn of my daug Susannah late deceased m to Jacob Smoke owing to their conducting themselves towards me, at being anything but good dutiful overly respectful gchldn I have concluded to leave them a letter that may benefit them by leaving them nothing. To Herbert Smoke 1 other of her chldn, I bequeath the sum of $30, & to Jacob, Emanuel & Catharine Smoke 3 other of said chldn, I do will & bequeath to each of them the sum of $20 which same legacies together with $50 I hereby bequeath to Herbert Otto, s/o my son Abraham (in consideration of a promise which I made to my said son of remembering for that he not with some help in removing from VA at my suggestion & then removing in a short time back again is to be pd out of the proceeds of the mansion place when sold & in case any of my gchldn receiving legacies should not be of age at that time the said legacies are to remain in my Said Executors hands, until they arrive at their majority. I hereby make & ordain my 2 sons-in-law John Blackburn & Philipe Shoemaker Executors of this my last will & testament written on 1 sheet of paper & set my hand & Seal 2 May 1843. Herbert Otto-(-SEAL) In Witness whereof I Herbert Otto the testator have to this my last Will & Testament. Signed sealed & published by Herbert Otto in & for his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witness thereto in presence of others. Michael Reed John P. Reed Bedford Co PA Personally appeared before Deputy Register for Probate of wills for said co, Michael Reed & John P. Reed Esqrs. subscribing -------- to the foregoing instrument of writing who being sworn to according to Law do depose & say that they were present & saw the Testator Herbert Otto Sign his name to the same & heard him pronounce & declare said instrument of writing to be his last will & Testament, that he desired them to Sign their names as witnesses thereto & at the time of so doing the Said Testator was of sound mind memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge & belief. Sworn & Subscribed 3 Feb 1845 before -------- Dept. Regr. (cannot read his name)

[NI179704] 1850 Census Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA Aug 29 Thos Hughes
1 290 297 Whetstone John 42 M Farmer Pa
Whetstone Catharine 34 F Pa
Whetstone William F 14 M Pa
Whetstone Mary E 8 F Pa
Whetstone John H 6 M Pa
Whetstone Abraham 3 M Pa
Whetstone Amanda 1 F Pa
Otto Mary 75 F 3,000 Md

[NI179727] Herald of Truth Jul Vol V # 7 1868 pg 111. On 28 May, Richland Twp, Cambria Co, Pa a little s/o John S Blough, aged 10m 20d. Bur on 30th. Funeral by Samuel Blough.

[NI179754] Johnstown Trib-Demo c. 1/4/1958. HELSEL, L E, 76, Elton, d 1:10 pm Jan 3 1958, at home. B Jun 12 1881, Adams Twp, s/o Jonathan & Margaret (King) Helsel. Wife, Lydia Rhoads, d in Sep 1944. Survived by these chdn: Otis, Sidman; June w/o Dwayne Baumgardner, Johnstown, & Guy, at home; half-bro Earl, Johnstown; half-sis Mrs. Mary Logue, Johnstown; 10 gchdn & 14 ggchdn. Also preceded in death by 3 bros, & son, Greer. Friends received 7 pm Sat in Shank Funeral Home, Windber, serv 10:30 am Mon, Rev. Norman Teague & Rev. Robert C. Whitlatch. Bur Dunmire Cem.

[NI179755] Johnstown Trib Sep 20 1944. Mrs. L E Helsel of Elton Dies. ELTON - Mrs. Lydia (Rhoades) Helsel, 66, w/o L E Helsel, prominent farmer of this sect, d 6:00 am this morn at her home after an extended illness, d/o Jacob & Catherine (Kring) Rhoades, she was b Adams Twp on Jul 24 1878. In addition to husb she leaves these chdn: Otis, Sidman; June & Guy, both at home. A son, Grear, is dead. Mrs. Helsel was sis of Herbert Rhoades, Elton; Nora, w/o H A Thomas, Sidman; Ross, Dunlo; Velma, w/o George Smay, Sidman, & Carl, Salix. Also surviving are 11 gchdn & 1 ggchd. Funeral serv 2 pm Fri at Helsel home by Rev. J. Domer Hammer, pastor of Roxbury Evang Ch, Johnstown. Bur Dunmire Cem under direction of Lloyd Shank, Scalp Level mortician.

[NI179796] Herald Of Truth , Vol XXIX # 13 Jul 1 1892 pg 206, 207. BUAMGARTNER. On 20 May 1892, Richland Twp, Cambria Co, Pa, of consumption, sis Elizabeth W w/o Bro Andrew Baumgartner, aged 33y 8d. Bur 22d at Weaver' Menn MH followed to grave by many friends. She left behind a husb & 2 little chdn & many friends.

[NI179801] Gospel Herald Vol XLVII # 21 May 25 1954 pg 502, 503. Shetler, Daniel Nafziger s/o late Lewis & Lydia (Nafziger) Shetler b Jun 10 1880, Hollsopple, Pa d Apr 16 1954 at home of his dau, Ruth aged 73y 10m 6d. May 1908 he m Lucy Weaver, who preceded him in Jul 1925. Surviving are 3 chdn Clayton, Hollsopple, Pa; Ruth, at home; & Dwight, Johnstown, Pa, 1 sis Mary Shenk, Atglen, Lancaster Co, Pa, & 8 gchdn. Preceded by a dau Erma & 2 bros Jacob & William. He became memb Menn Ch in 1907 & remained faithful until the end, holding his membshp with Kaufman congregation, where he served as Sun school teacher many yrs. Funeral servs Kaufman Ch, Apr 19, in charge of Harry Y Shetler, Harry C Blough, & Irvin M Holsopple. Bur Kaufman Cem.
PA 1910 Miracode Index
Daniel N Shetler 29 W PA Somerset Head of Household
Wife Lucy 28 PA
Son Clayton W NR PA

[NI179944] Gospel Herald - Vol XXIII No 45 Feb 5 1931 pg 958, 959. Weaver, Louisa w/o Hiram Weaver with whom she lived for over 62y, b Somerset Co, PA Aug 30 1850 d after long illness Jan 11 1931 aged 80y 4m 11d. She was mother of following chdn: Levi H, deacon of Weaver congregation; David W; Emma w/o Stephen Hostetler, in whose home she d. Besides her husb & chdn, she is survived by 20 gchdn & 27 ggchdn. 6 gchdn & 4 ggchdn preceded her. She with husb united with Menn Ch over 62y ago & lived very consistant life. Servs held in home by L A Blough & S G Shetler & conducted Weaver Ch by S G Shetler, assisted by L A Blough. Bur in family plot in Weaver Cem.

[NI179945] Gospel Herald - Vol XIII # 25 Sep 16 1920 pg 495. Weaver, Anna wid/o Bro Noah Weaver who passed away yrs ago, d Sep 3 1920 aged 76y 5m 5d. Survived by 1 sis & following chdn: Cyrus, CA; Emma w/o L H Weaver; James, at whose home she d; & Josiah, Johnstown, Pa. Funeral Weaver Menn Ch, Johnstown, Pa, of which she was memb for many yrs. Bur adjoining Cem. Servs by Hiram Wingard & D S Yoder.PA
1910 Miracode Index
Annie Weaver 66 W PA Cambria Mother
Head of Household James Weaver

[NI179966] Johnstown Trib - Aug 30 1948: MANGUS, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 91, Summerhill,12:30 pm Aug 28 1948, at home of dau Mrs. Marian HESS, Summerhill. b Oct16 1856, Croyle Twp, d/o Wendell & Elizabeth (RORABAUGH) MYERS. Survived by these chdn: Mrs. Alice BULVIN, South Fork; Mrs. Elizaabeth DIEHL, Harrisburg; Howard, Cleveland, OH; William, Pitcairn; Mrs. Ada OKIN, Washington, DC; Orville, Philipsburg, & Mrs. HESS, mentioned. Sis of Isaiah MYERS, Tacoma, WA. Half-sis of John HICE, South Fork, & Ella May MAUS, Sidman, 22 gchdn & 26 ggchdn. Husb & 1 son precede her in death. Serv 2 pm Tue at home of Mrs. HESS, Rev. G. I. UHLER; bur Pringle Hill Cem. Friends received at home of Mrs. HESS. George Funeral Home, South Fork.

[NI180035] Had serv in Co D 149th Reg't Bucktails PA Vols during Civil War; was wounded at Petersburg, VA on 18 Jun 1864.

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