Raffety Family Tree
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Raffety Family Tree

The primary goal of this site is to share family tree research with extended family. However, I also hope to provide some valuable resources to other genealogy enthusiasts.

Genealogical research is constantly evolving. As new information comes to light, corrections are often made. For the latest tree information, visit Raffety Family Tree on www.ancestry.com.

Regarding accuracy, please keep in mind we cannot rely on documents, reports, and memories to reveal absolute truth. Memories fade, and recollection of old stories vary from person to person. However, together they provide an excellent guide as we attempt to peek into the window of our collective past — our ancestry.

Raffety Family Tree on Ancestry requires a paid subscription. Use the search feature to access all related surnames. This database includes all research compiled such as supporting documentation, records, stories, images, other media and so on. Updated frequently. Contact Me through Ancestry.com (paid subscription required).

Raffety Family Portrait 1800s Raffety Family Photo circa 1886-1899