Kay Family

Kay Family


Generation 1

Lewis Kay Farmer.
Could not read or write.
1870 property worth $200
b. 1820, Alabama
marriedSaphronia C.   b. 1836, Mississippi
d. January 28, 1905, Barron Township, Arkansas
buried Ball Cemetary, Independence County, Arkansas
James Kay
William Kay
Franklin Kay
John Kay
Benjamin Kay
Joseph Kay

Generation 2


Children of Lewis Kay and Saphronia C.

James Kay   b. February 1847, Alabama
marriedJosephine   b. July 1856, Illinois
Frank Kay
Fredrick Kay
Walter Kay
Lemuel Kay
William Kay   b. October 1854, Alabama
d. November 7, 1912
marriedMary E.   b. January 1850
d. January 12, 1906
Richard Kay
Sallie Kay
Alonzo Kay
Franklin Kay   b. 1856, Alabama
John Kay   b. 1863, Alabama
Benjamin Kay   b. 1867, Illinois
Joseph Kay Moved to Barron Twp at age 2.
Could not read or write.
b. June 1868, Illinois
m. c 1894-95
marriedEmma Burrow Born the day the census taker came; since she was not counted that year, she was born after the person left.
Lived around Barron Twp her whole life
Could read and write.
Father: George W. Burrow
Mother: Margetan Ann Duglass
b. August 11, 1870, Barron Township near Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas
d. March 12, 1931
buried: Magness, Arkansas
Rossie Kay
Jason Kay
Johnny Kay
Edward Kay
Lula Kay
Viola Kay

Generation 3


Children of James Kay and Josephine

Frank Kay 1900 living at home.  
Fredrick Kay 1900 living at home.  
Walter Kay 1900 living at home.  
Lemuel Kay 1900 living at home.  

Children of William Kay and Mary E.

Richard Kay 1900 living at home.  
Sallie Kay 1900 living at home.  
Alonzo Kay 1900 living at home.  

Children of Joseph Kay and Emma Burrow

Rossie Kay   b. October 1895, Arkansas
d. 1970s, Jackson County, Arkansas
Jason Kay Cause of Death: TB, at age 19 b. January 1898, Arkansas
d. c 1917
Johnny Kay    
Edward Kay Cause of Death: heart attack while fishing in Newport, Jackson Co, AR b. 1901, Arkansas
d. March 1965
Lula "Lulur" Kay Church of Christ.
b. December 26, 1904, Magness, Independence County, Arkansas
m. April 18, 1922
d. May 10, 1965, University Hospital, Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
buried: Markum Cemetary, Egypt, Craighead County, Arkansas
married: Robert Edward "Ed" Lawrence Lived last 9 years of life in Egypt, AR.
Cause of Death: series of strokes in Walnut Ridge hospital.
Father: Henry Melvern Lawrence
Mother: Sarah Mylinda Elizabeth Raby
b. Dec. 11, 1898, Millcreek, Izard County, Arkansas
d. August 18, 1964, Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County, Arkansas
buried: Markum Cemetary, Egypt, Craighead County, Arkansas
Viola Kay Cause of Death: Typhoid fever, shortly after 18th birthday.
Viola had a 1 year one daughter buried with her July 25, 1927
b. 1909
d. 1927

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