Raby Generation 4

Generation 4


Children of James Dolphus Raby and Minerva Jane "Minnie" George

*** (information in parenthesis obtained from Essie Lawrence Wagner mother's Bible; perhaps not very accurate) ***
William Lawson "Bill" Raby Commercial Fisherman and Farmer
1880 census Buffalo Twp, Marion County, Arkansas
Stories say he was involved in a killing on Push Mountain. He left AR c 1895, either from this killing or a woman.
1896 Hutchins-Lancaster area, farm near Trinity River, south side of Dallas Co.
After 1901, moved near Trinity River, Shepherd, San Jacinto Co.
1905 went by covered wagon to Paul's Valley, OK. Remained in a year or so.
Came back to TX on a boat that started out as being a flat boat. Before they reached Morgan City, LA, by way of the Washita, Red, and Atchafalaya Rivers, the flat boat was a houseboat. At Morgan City, they sold their houseboat, loaded their belongings onto a train and left for Liberty, TX. From Liberty, they traveled to Anahuac and on to Morgans Point.
After 1910 went to Anahuac, then Galveston, then to Orange, TX, lived there for 6 years. He raised sunken logs for a sawmill and worked in a ship building yard.
Rode out the 1915 Hurricane near Sabine Pass.
Late November 1918 moved by covered wagon to Beaumont, Baytown, Morgans Point, Alvin, Angelton to Sweeney near the San Bernard River in Brazoria Co.
Fall 1920, moved by covered wagon west by way of Bay City, Edna, Victoria, Goliad, Beeville, Oakville and Three Rivers to Simmons. Built a barn-residence five miles from Simmons. Lived there until a house was completed.
1928 reportedly drilled a water well.
Moved to Port O'Connor to live with children, stayed there for several years before entering nursing home.
Cause of Death: Instestinal hemorhage resulting from a septic ulcer.
b. October 23, 1874, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. July 6, 1954, Didear Rest Home, Yorktown, Dewitt County, Texas
buried: Seadrift Cemetery, Seadrift, Calhoun County, Texas
marriedAnice A. Padgett According to sons, she was a well-educated woman, especially in music.
After 1915 Hurrican, hospitalized for typhoid fever along with her son Joe.
FatherChesley A. Padgett
b. July 5, 1848, Alabama
d. March 18, 1899, Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas
buried: Chesley Padgett Cemetery
MotherMary Caroline Tucker
m. December 12, 1869, Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas
b. March 5, 1873, Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas
m. November 16, 1895, Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas
d. June 1, 1959, Yorktown, Dewitt County, Texas
buried: Seadrift Cemetery, Seadrift, Calhoun County, Texas
Sherman Dexter Raby
Millie Lee Raby
Shelton Kelly Raby
Owen Howard Raby
Harvey Cecil Raby
Joe Bailey Raby
Sarah Mylinda Elizabeth Raby known as Sada, Mylinda, Lindy, Lizzy, Sada Lynn, etc.
1880 census, Buffalo Twp, Marion County, AR
Changed last name to "Rabie" because she didn't want to be associated with family feuds back home.
Moved to Fresno California, in the 1930's.
Also said to be buried in an old Diaz Cemetary or in CA?
Her son William created her headstone from marble, located in Newport cemetary.
b. December 17, 1875, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. June 14, 1947, Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas
buried: Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas
married: Henry Melvern Lawrence H.J. Copeland, Minister, performed marriage ceremony.
1910 in Newburg Township, Izard County, AR
laborer in sawmill 1910
Cause of Death: seizures
Father: William Martin Lawrence
Mother: Elizabeth Alzira Clark
b. August 16,1865, Melbourne, Izard County, Arkansas
m. October 10, 1889, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. August 9, 1933, Etowah, Mississippi County, Arkansas
buried: Etowah, Mississippi County, Arkansas
Magie Lee Lawrence
Minnie Lawrence
Wilburn Burch Lawrence
Jennie Lawrence
Robert Edward Lawrence
James Thomas Lawrence
Mary Ann Lawrence
Joe Luther Lawrence
William Taft Lawrence
Rachel Jeanette Raby lived in Watson, Desha County, Arkansas b. February 17, 1876/77, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. March 5, 1960, Watson, Desha County, Arkansas
buried: Kelso Cemetery, Kelso, Desha County, Arkansas
marriedMartin "Mart" Isom Beth Peck Cooper says b. on 25th.
had a bother named John that went to Oklahoma when Martin and Rachael went to Desha County from Big Flats, Arkansas.
b. January 23, 1873, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
m. January 25, 1893, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. November 18, 1936, Watson, Desha County, Arkansas
Dexter Lawson Isom
Mary Isom
Martha Isom
Floyd Isom
Ben Martin Isom
Nettie Isom
Louis Isom
Ethel Isom
Martha Jane "Mat" Raby   b. June 24, 1878, Arkansas
d. February 22, 1945, California
marriedLouis "Green" Shields   b. 1873, Arkansas
m. 1896, Arkansas
James Andrew Jackson Shields
Elick Arthur Clayton Shields
Bertha Elizabeth Shields
Earl Vester Shields
Ernest Edward Shields
Calvin Jewel Shields
Lara Alice Shields
Garland Louellen Shields
unnamed twin Shields
Ruby Mae Shields
Alic Franklin "Frank" Raby Name appears as Alic/Alec/Aleck.
Little Rock street car engineer 1918-20.
Scar on his back from a gunshot wound.
Great uncle to Hudson triplets, Joseph, Julie, and Jacob born October 24, 1945, Santa Paula, Ventura County, California
His grave is marked with a headstone.
b. February 1881, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. 1964, Marshall, Searcy County, Arkansas
buried: northeast of Marshall, on Hwy 74 going to Landis
marriedMary Ethel Yarborough FatherThomas L. Yarborough
b. 1863, Alabama
d. 1945, Conway County, Arkansas
buried: Ada Valley Cemetary, Ada Valley, Conway County, Arkansas
MotherFrancis Sharp
b. 1866, Choctaw, Mississippi
m. October 7, 1883, Morrilton, Conway County, Arkansas
d. 1933, Conway County, Arkansas
buried: Ada Valley Cemetary, Ada Valley, Conway County, Arkansas
b. May 10, 1891, Conway County, Arkansas
m. 1908, Arkansas
d. March 1932, Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas
Roy Elvis Raby
Wilma Faye Raby
Ray Thomas Raby
Velma Mae Raby
Milma Marie Raby
Mary Raby   b. October 20, 1883, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. December 11, 1970, Houston, Harris County, Texas
buried: Glendale Cemetary, Trinity County, Texas
marriedJohn Henery Kirby   b. October 10, 1872, Spartan County, Tennensee
m. December 27, 1899
d. February 8, 1958, Glendale, Trinity County, Texas
buried: Glendale Cemetary, Trinity County, Texas
William Albert Kirby
Lester Kirby
Leslie Kirby
Ollie Kirby
Louis Vester Kirby
Anna Belle Raby died in childbirth b. 1885, Arkansas
d. 1909, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
buried: father's place in Baxter or Marion County, Arkansas
marriedJohn David Huffman married 2nd: Mary Elizabeth George (cousin of Anna Belle's)
Father: Conrad "Coonrod" Huffman
b. July 28, 1811/1816, Tennessee
d. 1914, Big Flat, Baxter County, Arkansas
buried: Rock Creek Cemetary, Arkansas
Mother: Melinda Isophine Murray
b. 1842, Pennsylvania
d. 1919, near Cleveland, Arkansas
b. Arkansas
m. July 11, 1901, Salgado, Arkansas
James William Huffman
Aaron Conrad Huffman
Charles Edward Huffman
Martha Jane Louise Huffman
Sherman Dexter Raby lived around Arkansas River
"died young of mosquito infested water"
b. 1893, Arkansas
d. 1923, Petit Jean Mountain, Conway County, Arkansas
marriedJesse   b. Arkansas
m. before 1914, Arkansas
Alphia Raby
Millard Raby
Juanita Raby
Martin George "Bit" Raby "died at 16 yrs" b. 1894, Arkansas
d. c 1910

Children of Jones Monroe Dolphus Raby and Mary Ivens

William Andrew Raby Raised by Wesley Ivens.
1912 Matney Twp., Baxter Co., personal property tax records
In the 1930's during the depression, William removed father from a "country home" for the elderly and took him to nursing home in Tulsa.
b. August 1882, Arkansas
d. April, 1968
married: Nancy Maude Freeman Father: Moses Freeman
Mother: Rebecca Newton
b. August 9, 1893, Baxter County, Arkansas
m. July 25, 1910, Grassville, Baxter County, Arkansas
d. 1973
Linnie Raby
Minnie Raby
Earnest Walter Raby
Verna Raby

Children of Jones Monroe Dolphus Raby and Elizabeth Bearden

Dolphus Monroe Raby 1900 Beaver Twp., Searcy Co., census.
Notes on Dolphus
d. at the lumber company that he was employed in Seminole, Oklahoma.
b. September 1885, Arkansas
d. August 20, 1929, Seminole, Oklahoma
buried: Maple Grove Cememtary, Seminole, Oklahoma
married: Cora Bell Osborn married 1st: Kelly Riley
m. 1901, Stone County, Arkansas
d. 1911
Riley was shotgunned to death by Elijah Tilley in 1911 in Tilley's front yard. Tilley claimed self defense. Riley was unarmed but Tilley claimed that Riley was throwing rocks at him. The court proceedings pertaining to this killing stated that Elijah Tilley was defending himself. The newpaper article claimed that "a woman" was involved in the cause of the killing.
b. February 18, 1886, Sylamore, Baxter County, Arkansas
m. June 22, 1912, Searcy County, Arkansas
d. October 31, 1973, Spring, Arkansas
Starling Raby
Pearl Stella Raby
Minnie Marie Raby
Elvin Raby
Winnie Lee Raby
Miburn Edward Raby
Mamie Etta Raby
Louisa Raby Twin of Lawson b. June 1887, Arkansas
Lawson Raby Twin to Louisa b. June 1887, Arkansas
Henry Anderson Raby SSN#: 361-03-1979
1900 census of Beaver Twp
had a "very violent" temper.
b. February 12, 1889-90, Arkansas
d. March 31, 1976, Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas
buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetary, Marion County, Arkansas
married: Cora Treat Father: Richard Treat
Mother: Lucy Jefferson
b. April 22, 1888, Marion County, Arkansas
m. February 22, 1913, Rea Valley, Marion County, Arkansas
d. November 1, 1943, Rea Valley, Marion County, Arkansas
buried: Hand Valley Cemetary, Marion County, Arkansas
Pauline Raby
son Raby
Mary E. Raby 1900 census in Beaver Twp, Arkansas b. August 1891
Barbery Raby moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the 1930's during the Depression b. June 1893, Arkansas
married: C. J. Deatherige    
Cecil Deatherige
Lonnie Deatherige
Alice Deatherige

Children of Jonis Raby and Elizabeth Evans

Columbus Raby   b. February 1883
Marshell Raby   b. 1886

Children of Martha Jane Raby and Thomas Joshua Petty

William Joshua Petty Mail carrier in the Buffalo area of Arkansas
carved mother's initials in a tree on Hall's Mountain at their home place, still visible
b. January 17, 1879, Marion County, Arkansas
d. June 27, 1954, California
burial: Moss Landing, California
married: Spicey Katherine Treat Father: George Treat
Mother: Mary Treat
b. September 10, 1882, Rea Valley, Marion County, Arkansas
m. August 23, 1902, VanBuren, Crawford County, Arkansas
d. December 31, 1925, Flippin, Marion County, Arkansas
Walter Junlin Petty
Nettie Elizabeth Petty

Children of Martha Jane Raby and Martin M. Ivens, Jr.

Mary E. Ivens   b. June 1887, Marion County, Arkansas
married 1st: Lee Lamb    
married 2nd: Jeff Davis "J.D." Lovell Sibling: Bell Lovell m. January 10, 1903, Rush, Arkansas
Neville Lovell
Minnie Lovell
Dorothy Lovell
Floyd Lovell
Jim Lovell
Thomas Jefferson Ivens   b. March 22, 1892, Marion County, Arkansas
married 1st: Bessie B. Smith    
unknown Ivens
Ruthie Mae Imogene Ivens
Billy Jean Ivens
Shirley Ruth Ivens
Thelma Lois Ivens
Velma Lois Ivens
married 2nd: Elsie M. Maddox   b. October 31, 1894
unknown Ivens
Ernise Christine Ivens
William Harvey Ivens
James Andrew Ivens   b. March 1894, Marion County, Arkansas
married: unknown    
Irene Ivens
Henry Howard Ivens Ran away from home at the age 12. b. January 1896, Marion County, Arkansas
married: Pearl Mae White Father: John White
Mother: Sarah Boswell
Jewel Ivens
Hershel Ivens
Janice Joann Ivens
Harold Clyde Ivens
Harlin David Ivens

Notes from Norma Casey:
"Dolphus Monroe Raby, son of Jones Monroe Dolphus Raby, was buried 21 Aug 1929 in Seminole OK., Little Cemetary, Lot 3, Block 32, Maple Grove Cememtary.
Dolphus is listed on the 1900 census of Searcy Co., Beaver Twp, living in his father's house.
On the taxes extended against personal property in Baxter Co. on 22 June 1912. Both were residents of Big Flat in Baxter Co. Cora Ausbin is 23 years old at the time of their marriage with Dolphus being 26. Cora had been married before her marriage to Dolphus. In 1901 she married Kelly Riley in Stone Co.
There is a Warranty Dee, Baxter C., that shouse Dolfus M. Raby and Cora Raby selling for the sum of $100.00, the north east one fourth of section 9, twp 16 north range 13 west. They sold to T.J. Baker and is dated 20 Jan 1915. His name is spelled Dolfus instead of Dolphus on the deed. McCraven attested to the fact of Dolphus's wife being who she said she was. Strangely, Dolphus had left AR before 1915. The storis say that he never returned to his home state.
The funeral record of Dolphus listed him as a widower. Cora was not dead at the time of his death. Dolphus died at the lumber company that he was employed at in Seminole, OK. His step-daughter, Dolly Riley Cantrell, paid for hi funeral."

I am told this is wrong. Someone please correct me.
Left Arkansas before 1915, leaving his wife and family, and showed up in Seminole. After he left, his wife sold their land. There appears to be no legal divorce between the two.

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