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Daniel Chambers 1 died unknown. He married Sarah (w/o Daniel Chambers).

Sarah (w/o Daniel Chambers) 1 died unknown. She married Daniel Chambers.

They had the following children:

  F i Louise Chambers

Jacob Miller [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3 in 1813. He died 4 in 1864. Jacob married Rosannah Watterson.

Other marriages:
Chambers, Louise

Miller. Jacob (1813-1864)
"HOUSE, 27th General Assembly, 1847-49; representing Greene, Hawkins, and Washington counties; party affiliation not shown. Born in1813, exact date and place not given; son of Captain John and Cynthia (Charles) Miller. No information available on schooling or occupation; resident of Hawkins County. Sheriff of Hawkins County, 1844-46. Married (1st) in Hawkins County on August 5, 1836, to Louise Chambers, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Chambers; children--Rachel D., Daniel, and John P. Miller. Married (2nd) to Rosannah Watterson; children--Samuel M., Jacob Eastman, and Laura Miller (Mrs. George R. Webster). Died in 1864, date and place of burial not shown. Nephew of Jacob Miller (1776-1843), sometime member Tennessee General Assembly."
from Tn General Assembly Biographies; Hawkins co, TN

Rosannah Watterson 1 died unknown. She married Jacob Miller.

They had the following children:

  M i Samuel M. Miller 1 died unknown.
  M ii Jacob Eastman Miller 1 died unknown.
  F iii Laura Miller

George R. Webster 1 died unknown. He married Laura Miller.

Laura Miller [Parents] 1 died unknown. She married George R. Webster.

Hail Snow [Parents] 1 was born 2 about 1782 in Albemarle co, VA. He died 3 on 27 Oct 1885 in Carroll co, VA.

He had the following children:

  M i John Snow 1 died unknown.

James Larkin Willis [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 4 on 20 May 1800 in TN. He died 5, 6 on 6 Oct 1858 in Hawkins co, TN from lock jaw. James married Sarah "Sally" Stapleton.

Other marriages:
Wilson, Mary

James Willis is named as one of "my heirs and legatees" in the Will of Larkin Willis;
Dated, 14 Oct 1846; Proven, 7 Feb 1859;
Hawkins county, Tennessee

"I will here mention the death of our old esteemed friend James Willis. He was driving a waggon coming down Johns lane from home his horses were going verr fast and he caught the nibbler and was baring back when he sliped and fell in before the wheel and it rolled over mashing his leg then passing in side his knees and passed through his crotch mashing his pubis or bason bone. He lived about a week and took the lockjaw and died leaving his worldly conserns in an awful fix leaving but little property and great many debts." ;
Letter: written 21 Oct 1858 by Richard H. Mitchell to brother Lewis Mitchell

Sarah "Sally" Stapleton 1 died unknown. She married James Larkin Willis.

Elijah Gillenwater 1 died unknown. He married Rebecca Snodgrass.

" -- son of Elijah and Rebecca Snodgrass Gillenwater. Joel and Margaret Looney divorced and he and his parents moved to Barren Co Ky around 1849."
from Vera Boytt

Rebecca Snodgrass 1 died unknown. She married Elijah Gillenwater.

They had the following children:

  M i Joel F. Gillenwater

Joel F. Gillenwater [Parents] 1 died unknown. He married 2 Margaret Barlow after 1849 in KY.

Other marriages:
Looney, Margaret Catherine

"Joel and Margaret Looney divorced and he and his parents moved to Barren Co Ky around 1849.
This Joel later married Margaret Barlow in KY."
from Vera Boytt

Margaret Barlow 1 died unknown. She married 2 Joel F. Gillenwater after 1849 in KY.

Stephen Johnson 1 died unknown.

"-- Dr. George R. Stubblefield of Grainger Co. TN. He married Mary "Polly" d/o Stephen Johnson. Stephen left a will in Grainger that gives the above data"
from Roger Morris

He had the following children:

  F i Mary "Polly" Johnson

Abram Nott (Judge) 1, 2, 3 was born 4 in 1767 in Saybrook, CT. He died 5, 6 in 1830 in [Columbia, SC] or [Sparta, TN]. Abram married 7, 8 Angelica Mitchell in Aug 1794 in SC.

Note added to Mrs Phillips report;
"Abraham Nott was Judge of Circuit Court in South Carolina and Congressman."

" --- when Abram Nott, a young New England lawyer, came to, and located at Grindal, he boarded with, and opened a law office in (John) Chisholm's house. Several young men came to reside there and studied law under Mr. Nott. Among them was David Johnson, who was afterwards Governor of South Carolina."
(from "History of Grindal Shoals (SC)" by Rev. J.D.Bailey, 1921; pg 27)

Angelica Mitchell [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 4, 5, 6 on 22 Dec 1771 in Sandy Run, SC. She died 7, 8 on 27 Jun 1849 in SC and was buried 9, 10 in Old Fairforest Cemetery; [Union co] SC. Angelica married 11, 12 Abram Nott (Judge) in Aug 1794 in SC. She had other parents.

From the book, "History of Grindal Shoals (SC)";
"Mrs Angelica Nott, wife of Judge Nott, was a Mitchell, daughter of Joab Mitchell, who was one of the early settlers about Grindal (SC)."
"Her (Angelica Mitchell) father moved to Tennessee before the war of the Revolution, but Angelica remained with her Aunt, Mrs Adam Potter, and became her adopted daughter."
" -- he (Abram Nott) acquired the beautiful plantation just above the Shoals, previously owned by Adam Potter, his wife's foster father."

From Angelica (Mitchell) Nott's book, "Traditions of the Revolution", she writes;
"My father was one of the first settlers in the country. My mother was a Henderson, sister of Colonel William Henderson. My father moved to Tennessee before the war. I remained with my aunt, Mrs. Potter on Sandy Run. --- "

Mrs Phillips adds this note to her report;
"Angelica was courted by Andrew Jackson - rejected his proposal of marriage.";
I can neither confirm, nor deny this statement.

They had the following children:

  M i William Blackstone Nott
  M ii Henry Junius Nott 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 4 Nov 1797. He died unknown.

"Nott, Henry Junius ( - )
Henry served at an assistant surgeon in The 2nd Infantry Regiment.
Commissioned in State service, April 25, 1861; commissioned in Confederate service, May 1, 1861; reported on roster of January 17, 1862, as absent, sick; reported on muster rolls of August 31, and October 31, 1863 (the last available), as having been left with the wounded in Pennsylvania, July 4, 1863.
The obituary of his father, Dr. Josiah C. Nott below, states that Henry died at home of disease contacted in the army of the west."
(from, "Civil War in the South")
  F iii Sophia Nott
  M iv Josiah C Nott
  v Telenah or Selenah Nott 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 13 Sep 1806. Telenah died unknown.
  F vi Eliza Nott 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 4 Jan 1808. She died unknown.
  M vii James Nott 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 4 Feb 1810. He died unknown.
  M viii Rufus Nott 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 3 Oct 1812. He died unknown.
  M ix Gustavus Adolphus Nott 1, 2, 3 was born 4 on 30 Jun 1816. He died unknown.

(Note added to Mrs Phillip's report)
"In letter to her brother Angelica (Mitchell) Nott speaks of her son Adolphus, but he is not mentioned in family charts - She calls him her youngest- perhaps born after this chart made."

(from Carolyn Purdy)
"Gustavus Adolphus was my 2nd great-grandfather and Angelica and Abram Nott's youngest son." " -- he was a doctor in New Orleans in the 1850's when his wife died after giving birth to my great-grandfather."

John Mitchell [Parents] 1 was born 2 prob. mid 1800's in IA. He died unknown. John married Nancy Rice.

Nancy Rice [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3 about 1847 in MO. She died unknown. Nancy married John Mitchell.

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