William the Conqueror's Companions

Genealogists question the validity of the several lists of companions of William, Duke of Normandy, at the Battle of Hastings 1066. The lists in question include the "Falaise Roll" and the "Battle Abbey Roll". The list below is of those proven to be at Hastings:

From The Complete Peerage, vol. XII, postscript to Appendix L (regarding the 1066 Battle of Hastings), "Companions of the Conqueror," pp. 47-48:

  1. Robert de Beaumont, later first Earl of Leicester.
  2. Eustace, Count of Boulogne.
  3. William, afterwards third Count of Evreux.
  4. Geoffrey of Mortagne, afterwards Count of Perche.
  5. William Fitz Osbern, afterwards first Earl of Hereford.
  6. Aimeri, Vicomte of Thouars.
  7. Hugh de Montfort, seigneur of Montfort-sur-Risle.
  8. Walter Giffard, seigneur of Longueville.
  9. Ralph de Toeni, seigneur of Conches.
  10. Hugh de Grandmesil, seigneur de Grandmesnil.
  11. William de Warenne, afterwards first Earl of Surrey.
  12. William Malet, seigneur of Graville.
  13. Eudes, Bishop of Bayeux, afterwards Earl of Kent.
  14. Turstin Fitz Rou.
  15. Engenulf de Laigle, seigneur of Laigle.
  16. Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of Coutances.
  17. Robert, Count of Mortain, afterwards first Earl of Cornwall.
  18. Wadard, believed follower of Bishop of Bayeux
  19. Vital, believed follower of Bishop of Bayeux.
  20. Goubert d'Auffay, seigneur of Auffay.
Notes: This information came from soc.genealogy.medieval 9/14/96.

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