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Creating a Family History Website

This is the class website for "Creating a Family History Website," a multi-part course taught at the monthly meetings of the Utah Valley PAF Users Group. On this page attendees will find information about the course, copies of the slides, the class handouts, and files to help you create your website.

This website itself was built using what was taught in class each month. Thus, the website evolved month after month until it became what you see now.

Class 1: Introduction to HTML (11-February-2006)

Class 2: Your Website is Like a Book (11-March-2006)

Class 3: Images add Interest (8-April-2006)

This one is a GIF imageThis one is a JPEG imageOne of these images is a 19 KB GIF image and one is a 31 KB JPEG image. Can you tell which is which? How can you find out?

Class 4: Get Your Free RootsWeb Website (13-May-2006)

Class 5: Tables/Styles (10-June-2006)

Class 6: Show and Tell/Ask (8-July-2006)