George Raysor Bible



The George Raysor - John May Family Bible

New York,
Published by J. Emory and B. Waugh For The Methodist Episcopal Church
At the Conference Office, 14 Crosby Street
J. Collord, Printer

This is transcribed from a photocopy of the actual Bible records,
believed to be in the possession of Dr. John May.  Photocopy was contributed by John Von Lehe.
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Page 1

George Raysor was born 19 July 1808-
died 24th August 1853

Ann Sisson Stokes May, born 4 Octr 1813, died Aug 14th 1848

George Raysor and Ann Sisson Stokes were married the 25 November 1827?*

John M. Raysor was born 23 May 1812

George Raysor and Jane Caroline Walker was married the 26 May 1850 by P.A._. Williams


George Lawrence Raysor was born 11 Octr 1831*-

Caroline Eleanor Raysor was born the 28th April 1833. Died Sept. 9th, 1901

Henry Osborn Raysor was born 17 June 1835

Michael Oliver Raysor was born 13 April 1837 died 27 Jan 1864

John Christopher was born 6th June 1839 the son of Geo & A.S. Raysor

Thomas Elijah, was born on the 29 January 1841- Son of Geo and A.S. Raysor

Hannah Ann was born on the 20 July 1842, daughter of Geo and A.S. Raysor.  Died June 28th 1914


*It appears that the years have been changed for the marriage of George Raysor and Ann Sisson Stokes and the birth of their first child, George Lawrence Raysor.  The marriage year looks like 1822, but I think we can assume that they were not married when Ann was nine years old.  The birth of their first child appears to have been changed to 1831 from 1832.

Page 2 - Deaths

Died on Sunday morning Nov 29th 1857 Harriet Eleanor, daughter of Dr. Jno & Caroline E. May aged 1 year 8 months and 5 days.

Died on 15th April 1864, Janie E. May aged three days______________

Died January 17th 1872 Mamie __ May daughter of Dr. John and Caroline E May aged 6 yrs 6 mos 20 days*

Died on Saturday 2 o'clock A.M., July 22, 1893, Dr. John May in his 74th year

C.E. May died Sept 9th 1901

Died February 12th 1879 Dr. Thomas Raysor May, son of Dr. John May

Mrs. Mary Johnson, born May 10th 1874  (this is incorrect)
died ____
Mrs Martha Connor died Nov. ___ 1898
Sisters of Dr. John May Sr.

Died April 14th 1859 Geo. Lawrence Raysor- aged 27 years and six months.

Died January   1858- Capt. Thos. Raysor aged __

Michael O. Raysor died January 27th 1864

John  W. Carr  died May 3rd 1863

Thos. E. Raysor died

Charles Augustus Raysor died January 10, 1876

J. C. Raysor died August 31st 189__


*It appears that Janie and Mamie may have been twins? Dates of birth don't match, but the
names and the year of birth point in that direction.

Page 3

Departed this Transitory Life on the 23 July 1833 Mrs. Eleanor Raysor

Departed this Transitory Life on the 20th August 1837  Mr. Peter Stokes the father of Ann S. Raysor

Departed this Transitory Life on the 2nd March 1833 C. L. Stokes the eldist son of Mr. Peter Stokes

Departed this Life of the 14 August 1848 at 6 o'clock P.M. Ann Sisson Raysor aged 34 years 11 months and 10 days

Departed this life the 11 of September 1847 E.E. May consort of Dr. May and Daughter of Thomas and Hannah Raysor, aged 22 years 5 months and 3 days__

Departed this Transitory life on the 12th of November 1829- Michael Raysor

Departed this life the 8th April at half past seven o'clock 1836 Henry Osborn Raysor aged Nine Months Twelve Days

Departed this life 18 May 1848 at 6 o'clock AM, Mary Jane Raysor, aged 6 mon four days

Departed this life 20th August 1853 George Raysor at 4 o'clock AM age 45 years one month five days________

Departed this life on 1st August 1856 Dr. A.W. Raysor in 28 year of his years

Page 4 - Family Record

Charles Augustus was Born 20 July 1844 died 10th Jan 1876

Mary Jane was born the 7th Nov. 1847

Jno. May was born 19th Octr- 1819


Married on the 17th Febr. 1852 Jno May to Caroline Eleanor eldest daughter of Geo Raysor
Married 9th August 1860 Michael to Sallie Johnston___

On 5th Feb 1860 H.A.R. to J.W. Carr*
*Could be Carn

On 27th January 1863 Thos E. Raysor to Belzorah Bowyer


Anna Sisson daughter of Jno. & Caroline E. May- waS born 13th Dec. 1852- Died Sept 29th 1937

Sarah M. May daughter of Jno. & Caroline E. May was born 9th Sept 1954- Died Oct. 29th 1930

Harriet Eleanor daughter of Jno. & Caroline E. May was born the 24th March 1856 died 29 Nov 1857
Caroline Raysor May was born 16 Jan 1860, died Jan 8th 1927

Janie E. May 11th April 1864, died 15th April 1864

John May was born 1st August 1861 - Died Feb. 18th 1929

Mary Johnston May,  27th Jan 1866- daughter of Jno & CE May, died 17th June(?) 1872
Born 18th May 1862 John William, son of 
J. W. and H.A. Carn(?)
Born on 5th April 1866 Caroline Eliza daughter of T.E. and Bell Raysor

This is transcribed from a photocopy and the original record is written by several hands.  I cannot  promise that I haven't made any errors in the transcription.  If you see any errors, please let me know.  Pat Sabin

Additional notes and corrections from Dicksie Cribb  (DCribb6285 AT, April 4, 2011:

John May Sr, who died on 22 July 1893, was the brother of my ggg 
grandmother, Mary Anne May Carr Johnston.
Mary Anne May was married first to William Carr. The John W. Carr in you 
Bible, who died 3 May 1863, is her son who was married to Hannah Raysor.
She then married Captain Isaac (?) Johnston. They never had  children.
She is listed in the Bible as Mrs. Mary Johnson, born May 20th 1874, but 
this is the date she died, not was born.

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