Thomas Raysor Land
Bamberg County, South Carolina

Last updated 01-01-2007
According to one of the current owners, this dirt road called Turkey Cut Road  once was part of the old Walterboro-Bamberg Road.  It appears that at least three families lived along this section:  Carter, Raysor and Smoak.

Turkey Cut Road (appearing on many maps as Turkey Cox Road)  is north of SC Highway 521 (Ehrhardt Road) where it junctions with Highway 362 (Hunters Chapel Road), and it circles back northeast to join with Hwy 362 again.  Here's a map.

Beginning at Highway 321, the first family must have been the Carters, as a Carter family Cemetery is on the left, tucked away in the woods.  There is a ditch around the cemetery, as the owner explained, to keep animals out.  The ground is virtually covered with vines that may be Virginia Creeper?  They have dark green, glossy leaves and blue flowers.

Although there are two Carter cemeteries in the same area listed in the Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, I don't believe this one is included.  I've photographed a few of the stones and transcribed them as best I could.  Other volunteers have added transcriptions and photos:  Carter Family Cemetery.

Not much farther along the road, on the left, is what is believed to be the Raysor homeplace.  It cannot be seen from the road.  All that exists today is the old brick well and the rubble of the brick chimney, and there is some tall underbrush, but it's obvious that the land once was magnificent.

Farther along the road, on the right corner where it meets again with Highway 362, is what the current owner says was the home of his wife's Smoak ancestors.  Only two tall brick chimneys remain.  I'm pretty certain that this was the William M. Raysor home and may also have been the original Thomas Raysor, Sr. home.

William Raysor House
William Moss Raysor

I had always understood that the farm was "outside" Branchville, but it really is about the same distance to Bamberg and Branchville, and perhaps a bit closer to Ehrhardt.  Soon, I hope to get back to South Carolina to research the deeds for all the land in this pie bordered by Highways 601 and 362 on the west and east, and Highway 321 on the south.  There is a Raysor Road north of this area, off 362, which goes west and ends in dirt roads. 

UPDATE, November 2006:  I acquired a copy of a 1940s DEED from Maud Raysor Sabin to Guy E. Sabin (brother-in-law) which refers to 1903 plat of the Thomas Raysor estate (this would have  been Rev. Dr. Thomas Raysor, son of Thomas Raysor, Sr.). 

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