Historic Mount Olive Cemetery

Wilmington, Delaware

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PDF Map - 2012

PDF Map - 2012 showing 1939 landmarks

PDF Map - 2012 - photo overlay

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The numbering can be confusing. Based on burial permits; the sequential numbers shown in the map are chronological – the cemetery had numbered stones which they placed by a burial. When a headstone was placed, the numbered stone was picked up and re-used to mark another grave.


3 Oct 1929 53y Choice Trans 479 on stone

20 Oct 1929 45y trans 483 on marker

26 Oct 1929 20y Trans 484 on stone


*directions relative to standing at the gate, back to Lancaster Ave –


The baby row is near the front of the cemetery, along Lancaster Ave to the left of the gate. The Choice Transit is the mid-cemetery, front to back.

The Poor Transit is upper-left under the heavy trees, and extends to the stream.


The Sections overlap the transits –

Section C is mid-cemetery, rear right along the tree line of Section B

Section D – the very front to the right of the gate

Section B – under the trees, to the upper right

Section A – to the left of the gate


Family lots can be anywhere in the cemetery and overlap both Sections and Transits. If known, these are listed as ‘Lot Grave’ in the record.





Digital images of existing stones are available. Contact  [email protected]

Notes for GPS:

The entrance to the cemetery is: N39° 45'.379 W075° 35'.863. All stones within the cemetery are: N39° 45.xxx W075° 35'.xxx

We were able to find stones with ca. 7 ft accuracy on a clear day using a hand-held GPS. Accuracy under the trees was about 10 ft.
NOTE: Stones which were moved from St. Peters are generally in a WSW orientation. Later stones are in an EW orientation.
Additional area photos:

Unmarked graves - NW fence line

Stream - NW Fence Line

Berm and Retention Pond

Large Gates - E Corner

NOTE: The location(s) cited in burial / death records for this survey include 'St. Peters', 'Front and Union', 'Mt. Olive', 'AUMP Cemetery'. References to 'Col. Cemetery'; where other family members are buried at Mount Olive or St. Peters are included. Some persons identified by tombstones found in Mount Olive are actually listed in the death records as 'internment at Mt. Zion'.