Mt. Olive Cemetery









Seabrook, George

d 21 Mar 1918 aged 53y

Mt. Olive




Seabrooks, Leroy

D 30 May 1922 aged 29y

Mt. Olive



Seabrooks, Doris

Seabrooks, Ruth

d 8 Oct 1918 aged 18y

Mt. Olive




Seabrook, Sarah E

8 Mar 1908 - 10 Mar 1910

Mt. Olive


Seabrook,  George

Hammonds, Doris


Seabron, James

6 Sep 1900 - 30 Jul 1945

Mt. Olive


Seabron, James Sr



Seagrass, William

29 Jun – 26 Jul 1936 aged 66y

Mt. Olive


Seagers, James

Haugh, Amanda


Seal, Annie

d 11 Apr 1883 aged 7y



Seal,  Wm

Seals,  Ellen

Seals, Clarence R

25 Dec 1899 - 19 Jul 1942

Mt. Olive


Seals, Wm

Hall, Carrie

Seale, Eva

d 23 Jul 1901 aged 3m

St. Peters


Seal, John


Seals, Nathan

16 Feb 1880 – 7 Apr 1929

Mt. Olive


Seals, Wm

Harriett Ann

Seales (m)

d 9 Feb 1884 aged 3d

St. Peters


Seales,  Albert

Seales,  Maga


Serjeant, Ethel E

d 31 Jul 1903 aged 2y

St. Peters


Serjent, James



Secvears, Annie

28 Mar 1868 – 26 Jun 1944

Mt. Olive

Secvears, Charles

Barnhart, Dennis



Seeney, Agnes

7 Oct 1912 – 13 Mar 1947

Mt. Olive

Seeney, Lewis

Boardley, William


The News Journal (Wilmington DE) 15 Mar 1947

Entered into rest, Agnes Boardley Seeney on Mar 13 1947. Daughter of Mrs. Lillie Boardley.

Seeney, Anna

d 12 Dec 1916 aged 40y

Mt. Olive


Agnes, Richard

Guy, Maggie

Seeney, Annie

d 5 Dec 1901 aged 26yrs

St. Peters




Seeney, Clifford

d 17 Jul 1903 aged 3yrs

St. Peters



Annie C

Seeney, Cora

14 Jul 1877 - 12 Nov 1906

Cora Seeney

N39° 45'.468 W075° 35'.852

Mt. Olive




Seeney, David

d 4 Dec 1894 aged 3yrs

St. Peters


Seeney,  David


Seeney, Dora

d 29 Oct 1893 aged 8yrs

St. Peters


Seeney,  David

Carpenter, Elizabeth

Seeney, Edward

18 Mar 1891 -  6 Aug 1919 

Mt. Olive


Seeney,  David W


Seeney, Elizabeth

d 22 Jul 1926 aged 44 yrs

Mt. Olive


Seeny, John

Clark, Mary Ellen

Seeney, Gertrude

d 12 Apr 1922 aged 32y

Mt. Olive


Seeny, John


Seeney, Harrie E

d 13 Jan 1883 aged 2wk

Union Cemetery


Seany, Harrie

Seaney, F H

Seeney, Harry

Oct 1922 - 24 Jul 1923

Mt. Olive


Bailey, Warner

Seeney,  Elizabeth

Seeney, Henrietta

16 Jan 1886 – 15 Mar 1944

Mt. Olive

Seeney, Courtland

Wilkerson, George

Walker, Mary

Seeney, J. Harry

5 Oct 1859 - 7 May 1930

Mt. Olive


Seeny, William H

Anderson,  Hanna

Seny, Jacob Sherman

d 8 Jun 1884 aged 5 wks

AUMP Cemetery


Seny, John

Seny,  Sarah

Seeny, James H

d Oct 23, 1924 aged 70 yrs

James Seeney

N39° 45'.424 W075° 35'.820

“At Rest”

Mt. Olive


Seeny, David

Seeny,  Sarah

Seeney, Harrie E

d 13 Jan 1883 aged 2w



Seany, Harrie

Seaney, F H

Seeney, Hobard

d 4 Nov 1896 aged 9d



Seeney, Joseph H

Seeney, Annie E

Seeney, John

d 7 Jun 1925 aged 78yrs

Mt. Olive




The News Journal (Wilmington DE) 9 Jun 1925

Following an illness from general debility, John Seeney, 70 years old, coloured, a local preacher of the A.U.M.E. Church, died yesterday morning at his home, 601 Penn St. The extreme heat is believed to have hastened his death. He was born on the eastern shore of Maryland, his parents having been slaves there. For many years he worked at Smyrna for several old families there, but later he came to Wilmington and worked for several years at the Harlan and Hollingsorth shipyard.

He was janitor at the New-Journal building for many years, being placed on the pension list a few years ago when his health made it impossible for him to continue his

work. He as an active worker in the church, and because of his quiet and courteous manner he had made hosts of friends among white residents of this city and Smyrna. He is survived by a daughter.

Seeney, John T

d 17 Jun 1930 aged 57yrs

Mt. Olive




Seeney, Joshua

d 23 Mar 1937 aged 39yrs (6 Jun 1897 – 23 Mar 1937)

Mt. Olive

Seeny,  Sarah

Seeney, John

Grey, Sally (Guy?)

Seeney. Leona

d 14 Jan 1903 aged 14yrs

St. Peters


Seeney, Joseph H

Seeney, Annie E

Seeney, Lewis Victor

d 21 Sep 1883 aged 3m





Seeney, Lizzie

D 1 Apr 1945 aged 78y

Born in Africa

Mt. Olive




The News Journal (Wilmington DE) 3 Apr 1935

In this city on 1 April Elizabeth Seeney, grandmother of Viola Roberts aged 79 ys. Internment at Mt. Olive Cemetery

Seeney, M. Elizabeth

d 18 Jun 1911

Melizabeth Seeney

N39° 45'.424 W075° 35'.820

Mt. Olive




Seney, Martha

d 28 Apr 1894 aged 1yr

St. Peters


Seeney,  David

Seney, Eliza

Seney, Mary

d 2 Oct 1862 aged 57y 10m 25d

not recorded

Red Lion, DE



Seeny, Mary Ellen

20 Jan - 15 May 1923 aged 48yrs

Mt. Olive

Seeney, John

Clark, Percy

Pinder, Minnie

The News Journal (Wilmington DE) 18 May 1923

The funeral of Mrs Mary Ellen Seeney, negress, wife of John Seeney, local preacher, who died yesterday will be held this afternoon from the undertaking parlors of William E Gumby. Several children survive Mrs. Seeney, her husband, John Seeney, for many years has been janitor of the News-Journal building.

Seeney, Mathilda

D 28 Jun 1894 aged 1y 3m

St. Peters




Seany, Minnie Morris

Abt 1850 – 17 Feb 1937 aged 87y

Mt. Olive

Seany, David



Seeney, Oscar

d 10 Nov 1912

Oscar Seeney

N39° 45'.424 W075° 35'.820

Mt. Olive




Seeney, Reba

10 Jan 1895 - 15 Oct 1915

Mt. Olive


Seeney, Harry

Jefferson, Annie

Seeny, Rebecca J

Dec 16, 1852 - Oct 16, 1916

Rebecca Seeney

N39° 45'.424 W075° 35'.820

Mt. Olive

Seeney, James H

Trusty, Jacob


Seeney, Sarah J

D 14 Mar 1912 (obit)

Mt. Olive




Seeney, Susie

D 31 Jan 1965

Mt. Olive




Seeney, Thomas T

9 Apr 1892 – 26 Jul 1955

Mt. Olive

Seeney, Reba

Seeney, John

Guy, Sarah

Seeney, William DeLancy

27 Aug 1897 – 14 Jan 1947

Mt. Olive

Seeney, Alberta


Seeney, Elizabeth

Seeney, William Wesley

1 Jan 1870 – 27 Mar 1934

Mt. Olive

Seeney, Susie

Seeney, William W

Seeney, Mollie

Seeney (f)

d 9 Jun 1899 aged 0d

St. Peters




Seeney (f)

d 15 Nov 1899 aged 0d

St. Peters


Seeney,  William


Seeney (f)

d 31 Dec 1899 aged 0d

St. Peters


Seeney,  William


Seeney (m)

7 Sep 1951 – 9 Sep 1951

Mt. Olive


Seeney, Thomas

Seeney, Alice

NOTE: A large family vault for the Seeny family is located on the SE side of the cemetery. It consists of a large brick vault and 4 table-sized stones, 3 of which are engraved with family member names. One table slab is blank. The slabs have been slightly offset from the vault.


Sephas, Howard

20 Jul 1913 - 3 Jun 1914

Mt. Olive

Joseph Sephas

Mary Miller







Seaphas, Rudolf

d 11 Mar 1921 aged 1m 14d

Mt. Olive

Rudolph Seaphus

Ethel Dumpson


Segars, Albert

d 13 Sep 1914 aged 21y

Mt. Olive


Segars, George

Williams, Martha

Segerts, Alice

d 22 Dec 1893 aged 50y

St. Peters




Seagars, Amanda J

d 1 Feb 1918 aged 68y

Mt. Olive


Segars, Jas H

Carter, Jan

Segars, Annie

d 20 Feb 1904 aged 3m

St. Peters




Segars, Annie E

d 24 Jun 1894 aged 6m

St. Peters


Segers, Geo M


Segers, Clarence A

17 Jul 1887 - 3 Feb 1959

Mt. Olive


Segers,  Joseph


Seagers, Elwood

31 Spt 1882 - 14 Oct 1919

Mt. Olive


Seagars, James H

Carter, Manda J

Segers, George

D 24 Sep 1940 aged 79y 11m 27d

Mt. Olive

Segars, Martha

Segars, Geo


Segers, George A

D 24 Jul 1892 aged 21d

St. Peters




Segars, Geo M

d 6 Oct 1900 aged 4 wks

St. Peters


Jacob H Segars

Sarah M Segars

Segears, Geo. W.

9 Jun 1839 - 8 Oct 1912

Geo W Segears

N39° 45.425 W075° 35'.836


St. Peters 



Segars, James H

31 Oct 1953 – 20 Dec 1953

Mt. Olive


Segars, William

Russell, Blanche

Segers, Jennie D

d 7 Aug 1886 aged 35 - 40y

St. Peters




Segars, John

d 14 Jan 1900 aged 10h





Segars, Joshua

d 6 Nov 1909 aged  68 yrs

Joshua Segears

N39° 45'.445 W075° 35'.836

Civil War
Co. K

Mt. Olive

Margaret Price
(see below)


Military File, National Archives - information shared by fellow researcher. Joshua (Segar) was born in 1841, New Castle, DE.  He died 05 Nov 1909, Hundred of Christiana, New Castle, DE. He enlisted in the Colored Troops on 18 June 1864, at Wilmington, DE. He was 5'7", age 23 at time of enlistment. Military recorded him as Joshua Siggers/Segars; military record 23 pages; mustered out, 10 December 1865, at Roanoke Island, NC; performed extra duty from June-Aug 1865, at Morehead City, NC as a Carpenter. Served in 30 Rgt., 30 June 1864, Baltimore, MD. Souce: Military File, National Archives.

Segers, Lillie May

d 2 Apr 1902 aged 7m

St. Peters


Geo Segers


Segars, Margaret

d 19 Jun 1917 aged  64yrs

Mt. Olive

Joshua Segars

Robert Price

Mary Price

Segars, Mary E

D 27 May 1889 aged 27y

St. Peters


George W


Segers, Mary Eda

d 20 Jan 1890 aged 2w

St. Peters


George W Segars

Martha Williams

Seagers, Rose

25 Mar 1897 - 21 Jul 1960

Mt. Olive


Thomas Frazier

Catherine Mitchell

Seggars, Sarah M

D 28 Jul 1894 aged 8m

St. Peters




Segars, V. S.

d 9 Jun 1896 aged 6m

St. Peters




Segars, William Henry

d 3 Jul 1898 aged 3m

St. Peters


Jacob Henry Segars

Sarah Segars


Segarm James Henry

d 1913 almost 70y

Mt. Olive





Seins, Solomon

D 16 Sep 1922 aged 64y

Mt. Ezion





Selby, Bessie M


d 7 Jul 1890 aged 14m

St. Peters


Andrew Selby

Ella Selby

Selby, Frisby Perry

4 Jul 1910 - 15 Jun 1959

Mt. Olive


John Selby

Georgiana James

Selby, Georgeanna

D 12 Sep 1930 aged 51y

Mt. Olive




Selby, William N

23 Sep 1899 – 30 Jan 1925

Mt. Olive


Isaac Selby


Selby (m)

d 8 Mar 1904 aged 0d

St. Peters



Mary G


Seafers, Hattie Eleanor

d 24 Sep 1915 aged 4m

Mt. Olive


Seafers, Joseph

Brown, Mary


Sellers, Gussie

d 6 Dec 1942 aged 26y 8m 2d

Mt. Olive


Sellers, James

Smith, Emily

Sellers, James

16 Sep 1897 – 11 Oct 1972

Mt. Olive

Sellers, Ethel

Sellers, Ben

Sellers, Amanda


Servison, John

d 6 May 1883 aged 65y

St. Peters


J Servison

E Servison


Seth, Clarence

d 9 Nov 1927 (20 Jun 1894 - 9 Nov 1927)


N39’ 45.438 W075’ 35.883


Veteran / American Legion /Listed 1939, not found 2012

Mt. Olive


William Seth

Mary E Mulford

Seth, Ida

30 Aug 1895 - 4 Dec 1945

Ida Seth

N39’ 45.387 W075’ 35.880

Mt. Olive

Charles H Seth

James Price

Laura (Bertha)  Byrd

Seth, Mary E

d 17 Sep 1939 aged 70

Mt. Olive

William Seth

James Medford

Wilmina Sorden

Seth, William

26 Feb 1870 – 22 Apr 1926

Mt. Olive


Joseph Seth



Seward (m)

4 Aug 1956 – 6 Aug 1956

Mt. Olive


Seward, Percy

Allen, Dorothy


Sewell, Carrie B

d 18 Feb 1909 aged 23y

Mt. Olive




Sewell, Christopher

17 Mar 1868 – 6 Nov 1928

Mt. Olive




Sewell, Clara E

25 Dec 1927 – 2 Sep 1928

Mt. Olive


Sewell, Joseph

Sewell, Mary McClain

Sewell, Clarence

d 21 Jan 1895 aged 6w

St. Peters


Christofer Sewell

Mary A

Sewell, Edith J

d 25 Nov 1888 aged 48yrs

E. J. S.

only footstone located in 2012

N39° 45'.484
W075° 35'.885

St. Peters



Sewell, Emma

25 Mar 1907 - 16 Sep 1954

Mt. Olive


John Sewell


Sewell, Esther

D 16 Apr 1934 aged 77y

Mt. Olive


Wright, Charles

Wright, Charlotte

Sewell, Fannie

D 1 Jan 1929 aged 41y

Mt. Olive




Sewell, Georgiana

1891 – 6 Nov 1933 aged 42y

Mt. Olive

Sewell, Oscar

Land, George

Davis, Carrie

Sewell, Henry (Lewell)

d 10 Jan 1903 aged 68yrs

St. Peters




Sewall, Hester

d 11 Feb 1896 aged 21y

St. Peters




Sewell, Isabelle

d 24 May 1900 aged 3m

St. Peters


Geo Sewell


Sewell, James

11 Oct 1880 – 5 Jan 1924

Mt. Olive


Thomas Sewell

Lavinia Johnson

Sewell, Lottie

3 Feb 1909 – 20 Mar 1945

Mt. Olive

Sewell, Medford

Deaton, Daniel

Hooker, Mary

Sewell, Mary

d 9 Feb 1909 aged 50y

Mt. Olive




Sewell, Mary Frances

22 Mar 1905 – 26 Jun 1962

Mt. Olive


Richardson, William E

Smith, Clara E

Sewall, Oscar

d 28 Nov 1898 aged 18y 8m

St. Peters


Sewell, Henry

Sewell, Clara

Sewall, Paul

d 29 Sep 1903 aged 1d


filed under Davis

St. Peters


Penrose Davis

Mable Sewall

Sewell, Sarah

d 7 Apr 1914 aged abt 100yr

Mt. Olive




Sewell, William H

d 19 May 1917 aged 55y

Mt. Olive


David Sewell

Fheobe Carrell

Sewell, Willie

d 12 Feb 1892 aged 5m



James Sewell

Mariah Sewell








Mt. Olive Cemetery 

Wilmington, Delaware