Historic Mount Olive Cemetery

Wilmington, Delaware

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American Legion Marker

Veterans of every war through 1972, including the Civil War, are interred at Mount Olive.

American Legion Marker - N corner of cemetery

CIVIL WAR  *See individual entry for service notes

Anderson, Allen * U.S. Navy

Bantum, John * CPL- 4 USCT Inf Co. F

Burton, P. H. * PVT - 22 USCT Inf Co. K

DeShields, Isaac * PVT - 7 USCT Inf Co. I

Fisher, Isaac  *

3 USCT Inf Co G

Graves, Robert * CPL - 6 USCF Inf. Co E

Harris, Samuel * PVT - 9 USCT Inf Co. C

Henson, J.W. * US Navy

Hicks, James * PVT - 6 USCT Inf. Co. I

Hollis, Alexander *

CPL - 8 USCT Inf. Co. C

Hubert, James L * 1 SGT - 20 USCT Inf. Co. F

Leonard, Mitchell *


CPL - 9 USCT Inf Co. I

Loper, Henry * US Navy


McKeon, Hugh  1 Co 14th CN

Morris, William H *

PVT - 29 Conn Inf Co. I

Murray, David * PVT - 127 USCT Inf. F

Smith, Stephen * PVT - 8 USCT Inf Co. G

Ward, Jacob *

US Navy

Furrow, William * 55th Inf. Mass 

Jefferson, Enoch *  U.S. Navy

Segears, Joshua * Co. K

Watson, J. T.

24 USCT Inf Co. K (still being researched)

Smith, William A

43 U.S.C.I - Co. C

Sordon, Bayard G 25 USC Inf

Macey, John  USCT 8th


Bush, Almorine

USCT Art Inf Co. 14

Trusty, Josiah W







Garlic, William Edward

Porter, Wonnelia

Jackson, George W



Hutt, Clarence

Jenkins , Wesley

Gibbs, Thomas

Miller , Louis

Payne, Arnold F

Potts , Thomas

Williams, James

Stokes, Percy

Wright , Louis

Potts. Thomas H

Fisher, James

Hall, Lawrence

Harris, Henry

Harris, James Andrew

Primrose, Joseph Oscar

Wing, Charles

Hilton, William

Harris, William

Dickerson, Willie

Smith, Chalmers

Johnson, George

Devericks, Thomas

Gundy, Robert

Smith, Victor

Taylor, Lewis

Hutson, Joseph

Armstrong, Herman F

Palmer, Erick

Ashton, Frank Mayo

White, James M

Jones, Howard

Giles, Samuel

Ellegood, Benjamin

Gordon, Howard

Cork, Leon Hudson, DDS

Dexter, Willie

Dickerson, Willie E

Empson, Walter

Ashby, John

Gundy, Robert L

Johnson, George

Reynolds, S.W. 349 F.A -- musician

Rose, John

Williams, David

Baker, Samuel Lee

Hilton, William

Jackson, George W

Jenkins, Wesley

Laws, Walter E

Wallace, Clarence C

Lewis, John Frazier

Martin, Bradford H

White, Charles Henry

Miller, Lewis

Payne, Willliam Bruce

Harris, William

Wallace, John

Holland, Archibald

Hall, Billy

Williams, James

Lawson, Henry

Wright, Wiliam A

Powell, William

Rhodes, Alonzo

Wilson, Grason

Custus, Joseph

Truitt, Lenford

Taylor, Robert

Bailey, Charles

Banks, Janifer

 Adams, John Davis

Gordon, Harrison

Murray, Walter

Gordon, Price

Ruffin, Thomas

Tindall, Peter

Johnson, Georgie

Munce, William

Tunkins, Albert

Duckery, Ulysses

Scribner, Thomas

Ferebee, Percy

Wilkinson, Bernie

Frederick, John

Scott, Thomas

Douglas, John H

Jefferson, William C

Brown, Howard – musician

Robbins, Joseph


Johnson, Alfred

Elliott, Dempsey

Purnell, Joseph

Sheridan, John

Manuel, Ellis

Handy, Tolbert

Harris, Edward B

Jones, Thomas T

Travis, William

Boyd, Samuel James


Charles, Elmer

Pritchett, Robert

Ewing, George H

Rhoades, Albert Warren

Naudain, Perry

Marshall, William

Grant, John H

Green, Plumb

Dennis, Oliver

Smith, James W

Henderson, Howard

Toles, Theodore

Dandy, Charles

Snapp, Clyde W

Smith, Granville

Holmes, James

Leonard, John Louis











Evans, Marron

Hasty, Leroy Jr

Chambers, Lee

Dorsey, Norman

Naylor, Herbert Collwell

Clark, George

Dixon, Reese

Small, John Emerson

Congo, Bernard

Roberts, William H (Jr.)

Harrison, Charles

Scott, Roscoe

Brittingham, Norman

Baynard, Orville

Small, John Emerson

Davis, Robert

Barritt, George Jr

Green, Howard

Bantum, William

Warner, Walter

Coleman, John H

Davis, George Henry Jr

Dorsey, Norman

Gillespie, Clifford

Washington, Frank

Wright, Harry

Wells, Charles Leon

Jordan, Joseph

Peterson, Henri

Smith, Lewis

Lewis, Johnson

Webster, James

Ray, Samuel

Johnson, Fred A

Fullman, Paul

Brown, Edward






Moss, Henry Jr

Blake, Norman

Comeger, Melvin

Robinson, James

































(Veteran DOD stone but dates and / or service not visible) Unidentified Veteran

Unknown Soldier
Hubert, Elwood; Jenkins, Edward; Reed, George; Chalmers
Stokes, Percy; Woodlin, John; Fields, Charles; Bright, John
Cooper, Ishmon; Mitchell, Pedrick; Best, Rudolph; Jefferson, Florence A
Brown, Elmer Alfred; Redding, Samuel
NOTE: these are based on DOD stones and/or a Veteran designation on a death certificate. Please send corrections if needed!


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, History of Government Furnished Headstones and Markers. United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Web 10 Mar 2013

Before 1873, soldiers graves were generally marked with wooden markers. Congress authorized the use of granite or marble in 1873. The Office of the Quartermasters General handled veterans burials until 1973; when the Department of Veterans Affairs assumed responsibility. NOTE: The tombstone style will reflect the time of request and installation - not necessarily the time of service!
TIME PERIOD 1873 ff - Round top with Shield - Isaac DeShields
Union Civil War
Spanish-American War
Veterans who died before May 1925

May 1925 ff - Standard Upright - Cross - Marble or Granite (until 1947) Willie Dickerson
1937 - 1947 (marble or granite) Flat - Religious symbol - center top
1947 - 1973 (marble) - Flat - Religious symbol - center top Thomas Devericks
July 1942 - Nov 1945 - metal markers were not available due to WWII
1940 - 1973 (metal) - Flat - Plain edges - Religious symbol - center top
1973 - present (metal) - Flat - Beveled edges - Religious symbol - center bottom
1973 - present (marble) - Flat - >Religious symbol - center bottom
1994 to present (granite) - Standard upright