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Dedicated To Bravo Company
2/28 Infantry
1st Infantry Division

1965 - 1970

Ft. Riley To Lai Khe And Beyond
September 1965 Roster
The First Year from an NCO's Point of View
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1st Infantry In Nam
Pictures From '67
Bn. C.O.'s Pictures '67
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To Be A Black Lion Vet
In Memory of William Anderson
Zippo Smith's Loc Ninh Report (a MUST read!)
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Zippo Smith, POW
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VC Base Camp
Our C.O.'s 1965-1970
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Memories From 1967
Black Lion Blogspot!!
Operation Junction City
Sgt. Hare's Slide Show
How North Vietnam Won (off site)
Ernie Pyle Quote
2008 Reunion
Joe Hare's Report on the 2007 Reunion in Columbia Magazine
VC Wife (1970)
Operation Cedar Falls
Joe Hare's Report on Kokomo Reunion in Columbia Magazine
Joe's Kokomo Reunion Photos on Flickr
2009 Reunion
February 2009 Update

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." --Thomas Paine


This is dedicated to all who served in Bravo Company, 2/28 in Vietnam. Your professionalism, dedication and concern for your fellow Black Lions deserves recognition. Congratulations on a job very well done. Black Lions!


Words can hardly express the appreciation we have for those of you that have made this website possible. None the less, all of us that enjoy this website thank those of you that have shared your personal papers, pictures, knowledge and insights:

  • LTC Jim Kasik, USA (Retired)
  • LTC Fred Hill, USAR (Retired)
  • LTC Dave Berry, USA (Retired)
  • MSGT Tony Ness, USA (Retired)
  • Don Koch
  • Mike Gormley
  • Jim Stubbefield
  • Steve Fortenberry
  • Pat Salas
  • Pat Collins
  • Tom Hinger
  • Lt. Col. Joe Cardosi, USAR Retired
  • Joe Hare
  • Don Anderson
  • Ron Moreno
  • Dale Carry
  • Bravo's Leaders

    Our C.O.s

  • Dailey, George Captain 03 1965 - 1966
  • Scott, Gayno Captain 03 1966
  • Sewtelle, First Name? Captain 03 1966 - 1966
  • Turner, John Captain 03 1966 - 1967
  • Adams, Mel 1st Lt. 02 August - 1967
  • Kasik, Jim Captain 03 1967 - 1968 See Spotlight Article on Jim Kasik
  • George, Jim Captain 03 1968 See Spotlight Article on Jim George
  • Braccia, Joseph C. Captain 03 1968
  • McKinley, John J. "Jack" Captain 03 1968
  • Medonca, Thomas G.Captain 03 (April 1969 - June 1969)
  • Stewart, James Captain 03 1969
  • Best, Dennis Captain 03 1969 - 1970
  • Our X.O.s

  • Carlson, Cal 1965 - 1966
  • MacKay, Fred - 1966
  • Cordosi, Joe - 1966
  • Allen, Jerry - April - June, 1967 See Spotlight Article on Jerry Allen
  • Otto, Dave - 1968 - See Spotlight Article on Dave Otto
  • Fortenberry, Steve April - July 1968 See Spotlight Arcticle on Steve
  • Pritchett, Jerry - 1969 - See Featured Spotlight Article on Jerry Pritchett
  • Our First Sergeants

  • Dickens, David First Sergeant E-8 June - October, 1965
  • Frakes,Marvin First Sergeant E-8 October 1965 - September 1966
  • Scott, James First Sergeant E-8 1966(?) - 1967
  • Erving, Lester First Sergeant E-8 1967 - 1967
  • Gilbert, Bobby First Sergeant E-8 1967 See Featured Spotlight Article on First Sergeant Bobby Gilbert
  • Jones, Clifford Jr. First Sergeant E-8 June 1968
  • Operations and Battles

  • Operation Cocoa Beach - March 1966
    1. Battle of Lo Khe

  • Operation Danbury - September 1966
  • Operation Attleboro - November 1966
  • Operation Junction City - 22 February-14 May 1967
  • Operation Billings 12 June - 26 June, 1967 [347 VC KIA]
  • Operation Shenadoah II Sep - Dec 1967
    1. Battle of Ong Thanh 08 Oct, 1967 - 18 Oct 1967 [163 V.C. KIA]
        Cache of VC Weapons found during S&D Patrol, 11 October, 1967
        Annotated Maps For Ong Thanh By Jim Kasik
        After Action Report for Battle of Ong Thanh
        Memorial Page To Those Who Died On 17 October, 1967.
        Battle of Loc Ninh (29 Oct - 3 Nov. 1967) [~1,000 V.C. cumulative total KIA]
        Battle of Bu Dop Dec 1967
  • 1968 Tet Offensive
  • Operation Resolve To Win
    Includes information on the fight of 1 April, 1968
  • Links To Sites Of Potential Interest To Black Lions:

    Check Out This Book About The Battle of Ong Thanh

  • "50,000 Names Carved In The Wall" By George Jones [Thanks to Joe Hare for alerting us to this!]
  • The Virtual Wall. Post your rememberences for our honored dead.
  • Interview With General Weyand Great Interview! Regarding the American fighting man in Vietnam. Off Site.
  • Donut Dollies Hosted by Steve Fortenberry's wife, Patty Bright Fortenberry.
  • 28th Infantry Association
  • US Army Attack Helicopters (thanks to Butch Lottman)
  • Recon Platoon, 2/28 - 1966. Another good website, dedicated to some Brave Black Lions, some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Official Site For The Cold War Certificate. Apply For Yours
  • Sonny Gratzer Sonny Gratzer was a former Captain with 2/2 Mech in Lai Khe. His site has some really great pictures of Lai Khe. Sonny also wrote a book about his experiences in Nam.

  • Bandits 2/2 (Mech) You will enjoy this website, dedicated to our fellow Third Brigaders.

  • Operation Attleboro An on-line book, written by a soldier from the 25th Division. The First Division and the Black Lions participated in this operation.
  • General Paul Hieu Fascinating Reading About A Great ARVN General. We needed more like him.
  • 15th Field Artillery
  • Operation Cedar Falls and Junction City From the Center for Military History Books on Line Collection.

  • Don Holleder, All American

  • Arlington Cemetary Memorial Web Page To Major Hollender

  • Cedar Falls - Junction City

  • Causalties - US vs NVA/VC

  • An Loc After we left, more action. 1972.

  • Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang

  • Harold "Pinky" Durham, F.O. for Delta Company, killed at Battle of Ong Thanh, Medal of Honor Winner

  • Coach Wyatt - Check out the News You Can Use to see a Black Lion! None other than Doctor Jim Swink. (Our Thanks to Tom Hinger for sharing). You will need to scroll down the page to find the Black Lion stuff.
  • Found Dog Tags Thanks again to Tom Hinger (and General Shelton) for info on this site.
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